THERE is MANY NEW VIDEOS on YOUTUBE that PROVE THAT 911 was done on purpose for many reasons. These different sources say that missiles were really used and that the planes were actually holograms to make it look like Planes entered the buildings.  This info has been circulating youtube for a while now. There was another video that showed a girl at the Pentagon later on after 911 who admitted there was no plane but a missile instead as she was there and witnessed this event. Although THIS IS OLD NEWS to THE AWAKE and AWARE JUST REMEMBER HOW SHOCKING IT WAS WHEN YOU WOKE-UP! THIS WILL BE VERY SHOCKING TO THOSE WHO ARE JUST BECOMING AWARE AND WAKING UP. IT is STILL IMPORTANT, WE LOST SO MANY PRECIOUS LIVES. WE DONATED TO THIS FUND IN CANADA ALSO AFTER IT HAPPENED. I’M SURE THAT MONEY WAS USED FOR SOMETHING BAD AS THEY DO WITH ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE.  IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT WHY IT HAPPENED AND WHAT THEY WERE TRYING SO HARD TO STOP AS WELL AS DISTURBINGLY COVER-UP.


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