NWT chapter presents “Stephen Harper: The Musical” on February 14


NWT chapter presents “Stephen Harper: The Musical” on February 14


The Council of Canadians Northwest Territories chapter will be presenting “Stephen Harper: The Musical, How to Survive and Thrive in the Dying Days of the Empire of Oil” in Yellowknife on February 14.

The chapter notes, “The one-man show is the production of James Gordon, a singer-songwriter with 40 albums to his credit over a thirty-year international career. James’ puppeteering and humourous lyrics mock everything from the Senate scandal and the Tories’ non-debated omnibus bills, to public service cuts, unemployment, climate change, our overpriced fighter jets, Canada’s economic decline, and Harper’s sketchy deals with China. It’s a theatrical indictment of the government that progressive Canadians love to hate, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Coming up to an election, it’s a memorable.”

Gordon says, “If we’re looking at Harper’s record, it’s one thing to say that I agree or disagree but it’s another to shine a light on it because we have very short political memories in this country. It’s easy to forget what happened a year ago; things are happening pretty fast.”

Our Prince Albert chapter is also sponsoring a presentation of this play on February 10, while the Red Deer and Area chapter is organizing a performance on February 12. Information on those shows can be found here (for Prince Albert) and here (for Red Deer).

For more on the February 14 show in Yellowknife, please see the NWT chapter website here.

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