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Aerosol War: The Covert Assimilation of Humanity (excerpt by Harald Kautz-Vella, co-author)

Aerosol War: The Covert Assimilation of Humanity (excerpt by Harald Kautz-Vella, co-author)

blueskiesFormerly Aerosol War: The Covert Assimilation of Humanity by Cara St.Louis and Harald Kautz-Vella. Now Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation. Pre-order in Kindle Halloween, 2014.  The following is an excerpt from Harald Kautz-Vella, Chemist, Author, Lecturer and Esoteric Researcher.

1.    Introduction – to the term geoengineering
The topic of geoengineering has three aspects that need to be first differentiated before we can look at how they are historically interwoven:

1. There has been an ongoing development of jet propellants and their additives by the US-air force and the NATO. The chemistry of the additives currently in use is classified information – some of the additives have been identified by civil-right-initiatives and private researchers as 1,2-dibrom ethan (EDB), perfluoroctane sulfon acid (PFOS), perfluor octane acid (PFOA) and lead tetraethyl. These additives contain fluorine, sulfur and brome and must be regarded as an important source of the aerosols H2SO4, HF, HBrO3, which lead to persistent contrails1. These additives are highly toxic contact poisons and are suspected to be responsible for multiple-chemical-sensitivity (MCS) and the gulf-war-syndrome (GWS).

2. There is an official line of research that mainly evaluates options of climate engineering to combat global warming. This research processes huge amounts of money but officially projects all “practical applications” into the future. It claims to conduct “small experimental programs” only. It mainly propagates sulfur oxide and reflective particles like Al2O3 flitters as possible aerosols.

3. There is a strong involvement of the US military in the development of both geo-engineering in the classical meaning and advanced military applications involving piezoelectric nano-particles ((Ba, Srx) TiO3) and mono-crystalline aluminum-oxide varieties for 3D battlefield monitoring, radar-range-enhancement and advanced defense and weapon systems, including the star wars program, as well as similar programs run by the intelligence community.
In the jet fuel development the main aim is to adopt the jet fuel to the low temperatures at high altitudes, to adjust the point of ignition to the engine technology and to lower the consumption as much as possible.
The geo-engineering idea roots back to WWII with German scientists which after the end of the war were taken over by US military to do research mainly in the framework of the Project ‘Paperclip’ that transferred about 10,000 German top scientists to the US intelligence community.
The official aim of geo-engineering is weather manipulation to protect the agriculture and civil society, although on scientific level from the very beginning ideas like melting the poles to get access to natural resources played a major role2.
The main military applications today seem to depend on nano-size piezo-crystals creating a controllable plasma background for 3D radar monitoring as well as a plasma layer for advanced applications like weather manipulation, earth quake weapons and, when combined with satellite based laser technology, the star wars program. The idea to create an artificial plasma layer very likely popped up after successful research on weather manipulation by the HAARP device in Alaska and other HAARP-like transmitters, utilizing the natural ionosphere as a controllable plasma layer. From this point the idea to create an artificial plasma layer at lower altitudes than the ionosphere was not very far out.

Featured Image -- 756

In the US the borders between governmental research, military research and applications, the activities of the intelligence community and university- and company based research and applications are difficult to define. In this financially interwoven network a growing number of whistle blowers are drawing attention to a classified project “Cloverleaf”. It is supposed to serve military-, agency- and governmental and privately-owned-company-aims by spraying large amounts of aluminum and titanium based aerosols using the infrastructure of the CIA, NSA and the US-Navy as well as civil airplanes altered for additional spraying.
However, approaching the topic from this angle at this point of this paper would lead to discussion involving belief systems. This will be discussed in greater detail in the last chapter, for now we just want to mention one of these whistle blowers, the person who is known as the inventor of the titanium-based aerosol system. Since the 1980s Jim Phelps from the Oak Ridge laboratories in the USA had researched the impact of aerosols from airplanes on nature and climate and had found out that jet-fuel-impurities and additives were responsible for the following:
1. the loss of ozone at the poles due to fluorine-compounds
2. global dimming due to persistent contrails and enhanced formation of cirrus-clouds
3. global warming, because these cirrus-clouds hold back infrared radiation from the ground and
4. growing problems with toxic flour-aluminum compounds forming in the soils.

In 1996, Phelps suggested solving 3 of these problems by adding titanium oxide, which forms less toxic compounds than aluminum, to the jet fuel. This concept was meant to prevent the ozone loss and the forming of toxic flour-aluminum compounds by binding the fluorine to titanium-oxide already in the sky, and additionally reduce global warming by seeding reflective particles, that would block even more sunlight and let through infrared from the ground.  Jim Phelps today openly accuses the US military as well as the intelligence community of an abuse of his invention, which was meant to solve jet fuel related environmental problems.

Introduction – to the damage on plants  chemtrails
There have been many reports from concerned citizens about a new type of damage occurring with plants. It is different from the known damage by acid rain in the 1970s, where large areas of spruce forests died in Germany. The symptoms observed back then were first the dying of the tiny roots of the trees after suffering from heavy metal poisoning, followed by a loss of the needles and the death of the tree. Now grass is reported to simply stop growing, trees to drop their bark and die. It has been speculated that these damages could be associated with the increasing occurrence of persistent contrails on one hand, and presumably linked to the high values of aluminum, barium, strontium and titanium found in chemical analysis of plants tissue, rainwater and soil-samples on the other hand.
During the year 2012, we were confronted with the problems of a number of Norwegian farmers who lost parts of the second harvest of hay. Additionally, the increased appearance of striped clouds was a cause for unease. These clouds appeared in the morning and eventually in the afternoon covered the normally blue summer sky with a milky haze at a high altitude. One of the farmers associated the drizzle falling later on such days to damage done to tomato-plants and lettuce. The farmers, who had taken chemical analysis of rain samples and the grass retarded in growth, asked for help interpreting their lab results.

Introduction – to our scientific approach

Our starting point was the worry that aerosols could disturb plant growth to an extent where it affects the harvests and thus the livelihood of mankind. At the same time, we were aware that the topic of geoengineering, also referred to as chemtrails, was controversial and caused heated discussions. From the information available, it was hard to get a picture of what was actually happening. In this context we felt the need to search for consistent information, and to check the theories against scientific data. This meant in detail: to find out if high atmospheric spraying is already taking place, if yes which aerosols are in use and how big the amounts actually sprayed might be. The second task would be to find out in what way these aerosols might affect plant growth to explain the damage observed.

The only anomalies showing in the results near Oslo concerned high aluminum in rainwater samples, increased barium in soil exposed to rain. Strontium and titanium were present within the countrywide average.  These are elements discussed as parts of aerosols used for military purposes. The measured amounts of the elements themselves had to be regarded as chemically non-toxic to plants. We therefor took a closer look into the patents and papers involving these methods to see if there could be some overseen mechanisms affecting plant growth. It became clear that the optical and electro-physical properties of these nano-crystals could be essential in understanding how plant growth can be severely affected by these aerosols.

A six-fold line of research has been undertaken to examine the possibility of a relationship between slowed plant growth and deposition of aerosols released by airplanes for military purposes and eventually for purposes of geoengineering:
1. Going through the patents and papers about aerosols for geoengineering, the patents of aerosols for military purposes and the normal jet-fuel and jet-fuel additive-chemistry in order to see what substances to look for, and look for research proving their safety.
2. Review research on plant communication and growth.
3. Discussing the physical properties of aerosols regarding possible mechanisms that could damage plants.
4. Analyzing samples of grass with reduced growth and of the earth underneath to define what part of the findings could have an aerial source.
5. Reviewing official data of wet and dry deposition of heavy metals.
6.  Look at the operational and political aspects of aerosol-spraying.

In the following chapters we will first summarize some scientific background knowledge about toxicology in general and discuss the additives used in Jet Propellant 8, the Jet fuel used by US army and NATO forces. Additionally we used the only available original paper on “chemtrails”, to understand the basic mechanisms of this technology and name some of the compounds that might be involved today. This paper is the course material for a course in chemtrail-chemistry at the US Air Force Academy dating back to the year 1990.
As a second topic we will summarize some background information about bio-photon-research and the non-linear optical properties of (Ba, Srx) TiO3 nano-crystals. Against this background we will discuss possible mechanisms of damage that (Ba, Srx) TiO3 nano-crystals cause to nature. These effects will be discussed regarding plant growth, marine life and possible effects on mammals and humans. Following this theoretical part we will review the data available of barium, strontium, and titanium depositions in Germany and Norway over the period of the last 15 years and try to distinguish between industrial pollution, natural deposits and other aerosol deposits. To backup the scientific finding we will then again look at historical and political aspects to evaluate the probability of our data.

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  1. I was upset that this just ended without a source but i found where it is from..a book
    Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation for anyone that is interested..offered on amazon
    there are also radio is part 2 of one but I haven’t found part one yet
    Sage of Quay Radio – Cara St.Louis & Harald Kautz-Vella – Part 2: Dangerous Imagination (Jan 2015);_ylt=A2KIo.AYnh9VvWUAEB8snIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWc0dGJtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMQ–?p=Dangerous+Imagination%2C+Silent+assimilation&vid=7d891516edb91f1b4e95b40b2a3fb0a3&l=54%3A16&


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