NEIL KEENAN UPDATE – Asian Invasion Begins – April 19, 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015



                 Asian Invasion Begins

How long have we spoken of how the East has to separate itself from the West?  Finally they begin to do just that.
We have been right on the money for years regarding such a separation, but one always has to keep a close eye on their own people and nations.  The West knows we have to keep our eyes wide open on those who have previously invaded and temporarily taken our nation from us.
The Western Hemisphere is in a free-fall.  The secret societies are exposed and they realize they must get out of Dodge before it is too late.
They are falling apart little by little, and the Global Elite are leaving America as fast as they can.
More and more people are moving to places like Costa Rica and New Zealand, but I believe that there is no place remote enough to evade our “long arms.”  They are relocating simply because they are being soundly beat.  Yes, they still have the wherewithal of causing much damage, but this was to be expected from the very beginning.
To believe that a jubilee is possible with the Cabal still making decisions on how the world will be run, who owns assets and who doesn’t, is ridiculous! Why don’t we all just split up the assets belonging to China and Russia and say that this is all grand?

The Cabal/Global Elite are losing, folks.  They are moving around looking for new places to hang their hats.  Most recently the “World Economic Forum” (aka Davos) set up an Asian Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Yes, they said they would bring their international investments with them.
Of course this means that Indonesia will soon be subject to take-over, as has happened to every country that they have ever invaded.

But don’t count on it quite yet.  We understand we must rid ourselves of them once and for all.  As they planned for us, we now must plan for them.
We no longer need them on our planet.  This is not their planet!  This is our planet!  We must stop them from changing locations because they will always remain a threat. We must finish this Now!

Indonesia does not warrant this, but there are a few who can be bought, and one major corrupt company is the Lippos Group.  They will soon have Monsanto and tainted pharmaceuticals.
Add to this the alarming acceleration of burning large areas of Indonesian forests to make way for illegal palm-oil tree plantations.  Indonesia is being decimated on every front in these psychopaths’ agenda to achieve worldwide depopulation.
In other words, the people of Indonesia are doomed and this is just the beginning.
They have many disguises and many names but let’s just use this one:
The World Economic Forum (WEF) – they are the Bilderbergs, Committee of 300, Club of Rome, Hidden Hand, etc. There is no other way to put it: they are evil personified!
A strong critic of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is Noam Chomsky who reminds us that the WEF came up with the term “globalization” as a propaganda cover for favoring the interests of central bankers and investors over the needs of humanity.
Professor Emeritus at MIT, Noam Chomsky is an American linguist and outspoken intellectual who points out “globalization” as it is used in connection with WEF’s trade policies:
“The dominant propaganda systems have appropriated the term ‘globalization’ to refer to the specific version of international economic integration that they favor, which privileges the rights of investors and lenders, those of people being incidental.
In accord with this usage, those who favor a different form of international integration, which privileges the rights of human beings, become ‘anti-globalist.’
This is simply vulgar propaganda, like the term ‘anti-Soviet’ used by the most disgusting commissars to refer to dissidents. It is not only vulgar, but idiotic. Take the World Social Forum, called ‘anti-globalization’ in the propaganda system—which happens to include the media, the educated classes, etc., with rare exceptions.
The WSF is a paradigm example of globalization. It is a gathering of huge numbers of people from all over the world, from just about every corner of life one can think of, apart from the extremely narrow highly privileged elites who meet at the competing World Economic Forum, and are called ‘pro-globalization’ by the propaganda system.
An observer watching this farce from Mars would collapse in hysterical laughter at the antics of the educated classes.”
We are pushing them out of our hemisphere and now we need to keep them out of Asia.  We must eradicate them once and for all.
This is our job – to rid the world of these insane creatures who believe they are elite, who believe that they deserve to control the planet and who believe that there is no place for the common man except as a slave.
WE must take back our planet.
[Please see additional comment below videos]

Please be aware that I have not been able to fly to Indonesia with my team for the interview.
Unbeknownst to me our usual airline flights have been cancelled on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays; thereby requiring the Interview to be re-scheduled for my arrival in the very near future.
I hate like hell to miss out on this opportunity to confront the World Economic Forum (WEF) on what I consider to be home turf but after discussing the problem with many Family members we all came to the same conclusion, that being; let the WEF continue with their conference, let them talk and let them make mistakes – and then attack them with their own mistakes.
I have also been advised to send the video statement above to President Jokowi of Indonesia, Television Network Metro in Indonesia and The Jakarta Globe – so they also may pursue this matter before I arrive.
My interview will be arranged upon my arrival but I will have an opportunity to listen to the WEF and what was said at their conferences.
All the best and do not despair; many of them will still be there upon my arrival and will feel our wrath.

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One Response to NEIL KEENAN UPDATE – Asian Invasion Begins – April 19, 2015

  1. Richard Einstein says:

    The Russian Federation has plans to give the Zionist Khazar Cockroaches what they have coming. The Russians are keeping close tabs on their movements and where they have built their armored palaces and deep underground bunkers.

    The Khazar (jewish) House of Rothschild and House of Windsor are responsible for robbing every western nation blind. They slaughtered the Russian Tzar and his entire family to install their jewish (Khazar) controlled communist regime who enslaved Russians for 80 years. The jew controlled Soviet Union murdered 60 million including the brightest and most intelligent Russian Christians to prevent any organized overthrow the evil communist dictatorship. After 80 years, the jews lost control over the police and military who were their only means of enslavement. The jew tyrants who had robbed, raped and murdered millions for decades, stole whatever they could before and after the fall of the Soviet empire. Finally the Russian people were able to hold real elections to establish a Christian democratic government and a free capitalistic society.

    During the past 25 years Russians have built a thriving modern free society that is growing at an incredible pace. Russia has become a beacon of freedom during the same time America has become the evil empire. Since the Israeli false flag of 9/11/2001, American military has been used by the Khazar Cabal to attack nation after nation as called for in their plan to create a Greater Israel .

    The same Khazar (jew) Cabal who robbed, raped and enslaved Russians has hijacked and in total control of the US government and military. Their plan to destroy America from within is nearly complete. They have successfully shut down 95% of US industry, while taking control of major corporations, media, healthcare, military and local law enforcement. On the back of the Israeli 9/11 false flag they have created a massive police state designed to commit mass genocide throughout North America that will overshadow by fivefold the 60 million slaughtered in Russia.

    Militarized local police, a Homeland DHS Army with 3+ billion rounds of ammunition. Now nationwide military exercises lasting for months and most Americans don’t understand a thing. Arial spraying of the population with poisonous chemicals almost daily and most don’t see it. Geo-engineering to create droughts in major food production areas, designed reduce food production and bankrupt farmers. This allows the Khazar Cabal to steal their land using the Cabal’s fraudulent digital trillions created from nothing.

    Using endless free trillions and executive created regulations, the Cabal now totally controls all water, food and energy production, which they are about to drastically cut to create starvation, disease , isolation, division and chaos. History repeats and Americans are about to experience what the Cabal did to Ukraine in their 1932-33 genocide. Seven million Ukrainians were murdered by starvation and two million more were worked to death in Soviet zionist concentration camps. Soon after mass genocide by well fed DHS execution teams will follow, just as this same cabal did in their Soviet Republic.

    Jews are now banned from Russian government at all levels, making it nearly impossible for the zionist jews to hijack Russian government again. Russians learned a lesson about jews which will never be forgotten. Jews will not be writing the history books in Russia as they do in America to brainwash the clueless masses. This is the reason zionist occupied governments in America, and Europe with Israel stage false flag events to blame Russia.

    Jews now totally control American and European nations whose economies are being deliberately collapsed to manufacture support for a final world war against Russia. Jews plan to hide in luxury deep underground cities and military bases stocked with 20 years of supplies and food. Arctic seed and DNA vaults have been stocked to start over after they have exterminated life on the surface. Only Goyim (non-jews) needed as slaves and children required by jew men for rape and for sacrifice to the Synagogue of Satan will be allowed to live.

    It is all exposed in their blueprint to rule the planet. Written about 1895, the “Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion ” reads like a 1900 to present history book. You will learn everything in the last 120 years was planned in the Protocols. Only a few protocols have not been completed, so we don’t have much time to stop them. You must read the Protocols to know the truth and who are the true enemy.
    Click here NOW to read —->

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