Werewolves, Aliens, Super Soldiers, Implants, Chimeras, Atlantis, Milabs – Eve Lorgen

Published on Sep 15, 2013

Don’t miss this jam-packed interview with Eve Lorgen on Part 3 of Milabs & Super Soldiers on “Shattering The Matrix” Radio!

Eve Says:

“In my own Radio Show interview with Ari Kopel on Shattering the Matrix Blog Talk Radio Sept. 14, 2013, I mention the word “mycelium” that came to me in a dream. AT the time I was not aware of it consciously as it was defined in John Lash’s Nav briefing #83. It’s meaning to me is that we need an organic model of telepathic communication, an organic internet we can access, “dreaming together” in order to defeat and discern the difference between artificial “archontic” telepathy and the real deal with organic communication telepathic via shamanic methods. Mycelium is the organic model of a vast perceptive and responsive plant medicine/power/mushroom that has a living interlinking intelligent communication capacity. The internet and artificial, technological “alien and nano tech” can also mimic telepathy, and this is reflected well in the “alien interference, virtual reality and milab/super soldier lucid dream trainings and mutual experiences that abductees often have together. The problem is that their alien or military handlers can use this technology to entrain and entrap their minds and their astral body matrix to enforce and manipulate dreams and virtual reality scenarios. And they do this in order to carry out their own “alien/archontic/predatory” agenda for the most part, and will often do this to confuse the abductee with screen memories so that they do not recall their true “abduction experiences”.

One of my main messages in this radio interview is to be able to connect directly with an organic divine wisdom and learn to interconnect with this living intelligence with each other, and do so in dreaming lucidly together. This is actually best done in male/female “tantric pairs” because their connection is more powerful and naturally empathic and telepathic. In this way we can discern the difference between the Archontic/Alien/Predator mimicry and manipulation and what is authentic dreaming power. This is necessary to win this “war” of the alien parasites who have taken over much of our own shadow government, military and mind control programs.( And so much more…) Sophia can assist with this dreaming power.”

In this Radio interview, Part 3 of Milabs and Supersoldiers and Alien Abductions I discuss:
◾Alien Implants, the surgeries by Dr. Roger Leir and an article of the Before and After Effects of Implant Removal
◾Steve Colberns’ research on alien implants analysis
◾Flourescence markings on alien abductees bodies
◾The work of Dr. Corrado Malanga and the Transdimensional Alien Parasitism, alien hierarchies.
◾My annoyance with the contemporary “idolatry” of the popular UFO/ET mindset perceiving ETs as either neutral or positivist in order to sustain some popular opinion, flavor of the week ” bullshit”.
◾How trauma and memory are connected, and how important healing of trauma is for personal memory to retrieved for spiritual empowerment.
◾A discussion on the owl synchronicities, archetypes and metaphors that arise in experiencers lives. Shamanic meanings of animal powers and personal experience.
◾Reverse Speech archetypes of the owl and other metaphors in alien abduction “experiencer” conversations, and how reverse speech is a soul to soul communication if it can be discerned correctly. It can also be used as a truth versus lies detector.

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