Twin Flames-Rising above the Chaos & Healing the Angelics -Time is NOT Lost

Published on Apr 24, 2015

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Hello Twin Flames! Time is NOT Lost! Its time now for Healing that part of you that is the ANGELIC.

Many Twin FLames will continue to have those EMOTIONAL HANGOVERS from the rapidly departing “Old” Mental-Emotional Body, Still Releasing while reconnecting the NEW COSMIC CONNECTIONS. You are still in Time for addressing all of the Psyche Issues, Addictions, Sexual Occurrences & Distorted patterns of behavior, and BAD Guidance.
Realize you had this Lifetime- or you can choose to return and take other lifetimes to heal this from the 3Rd Density on Up, its a Choice.
There is a GRADUAL improvement effect rather than a “flipping” into 5D, so getting good at HEART Communication, rather than texts and emails and gaining your footholds and grounding in each one is extremely important.
Your ANGELIC Light Body will continue to emerge, meld and re-connect – be sure that your human body is well and maintained- The Medical community knows the human part of you. It is the Twin Flames, especially the BLUE RAYS, who know the other parts of your, your newly emerging areas and attributes as well as what may continue need releasing.
Time will take on a different aspect as you reconnect from the Cosmic level on down and may seem to be very rapid as well as holding still, and this is also valid.

On My Website I have several educational Webinars on these subjects and please try them!

My best wishes to everyone to who will soon be coming together in this TIMELINE!

Patricia McNeilly
Illumined Twin Flame

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