Foreclosure on the United Nations, IMF and Federal Reserve!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Foreclosure on the United Nations, IMF and Federal Reserve!

We The People, Sheriffs, and Larry Klayman,Foreclosure on the United Nations, IMF and Federal Reserve!How to STOP WWIII?  How to STOP Jade Helm?  How to STOP Unconstitutional military engagements in Foreign Countries?  How to STOP Gun Control in the 50 States via any UNITED NATIONS Treaty?  How to bring our Troops home?  How to STOP Obamacare from being enforced by seizing funds from the people?  How to STOP the Executive Order Powers of the President?  How to STOP unruly Police and the wishful rioting people?  How to STOP the Courts from making a Profit on the incarceration of prisoners here in America with them Ordering the defendant to sign their name on a contract for it?  How to STOP the Martial Law from 1861?  How was it that THE UNITED STATES, INC. failed to pay some of its bills on March 31, 2015 and became bankrupt again or continued to be so when We The People are the collateral?

Now here is what one of the We The People of America did and I am giving instructions for you to follow through on this to bring back America and Remove THE UNITED STATES, INC. from being our corrupt Government which is in direct violation of the 1789 Constitution and has been since at least 1861 when Lincoln declared Martial Law and it has been approved of every 20 years to continue.

You can push to try and get CINDY K CURRIER issued an arrest warrant for treasonous activities, but let a Judge try and keep all actions behind closed doors to keep We The People out of the picture, or have Obama use the NDAA according to his Dictatorial Powers that he has with it.

Judicial Watch should also file a lawsuit on this to get this moving by word of the feds and then have elections for those that do not want to make the changes to return back to the Republic.

CSPOA with Sheriff Richard Mack should inform his sheriffs and members to follow thru on taking action or else those sheriffs will be on the arrest list as specified in these notices listed below.

Here is the list of all American Law of the Land documents and the comments:
Here are the three primary notices which were all sent to the three corporations listed:
Notice of Fault and Declaration of Facts
Federal Reserve Board
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
United Nations (UN)Public Notice
So declared and ordered by We the People / Heirs of Creation State Superior Court this fourth day of April 2015.Foreclosure Order – United Nations, IMF, Fed. Reserve
Ordered by the court this twenty-sixth day of April 2015.

Writ of Replevin – UN, IMF, Federal Reserve
Date Issued: April 26 2015

Now for you to question this then you might as well start going through the Acts and Resolutions of Congress to find out which are Frivolous and which any government entity has ignored to make a profit for that corporation and those employees have not served the people as required.

If you are a government employee then you are to take the responsibility to follow through on the Foreclosure of every government entity just as the banks do with personal property foreclosures or else you will be on the arrest list.

THE UNITED STATES, INC. became bankrupt in March of 1933 and since they were totally out of money they then had Congress pass the House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933 which made every American a United States citizen and the collateral for this corporation for which in due time the Birth Certificate was used as the basis to make each of us a sub corporation and that is why we have our names in all capital letters on our documents and when we go to the courts with only having privileges and not rights.

You can find the Complete Collection of United States Statutes at Large here as these are the Congressional Records or they do NOT exist:

Other primary Acts of Congress that join in with this and must be corrected are:
“Organic Act of 1871”
“Trading with the enemy Act” of 1917
“Bank Conservation Act” of 1933
“Social Security Act” of 1935
“Alien Registration Act” of 1940
“War Powers Act” of 1941
“International Organizations Immunities Act” of 1945

The House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933 is also posted at the Statutes at Large and declares you are the collateral for THE UNITED STATES, INC. and the Federal Reserve Note is not Constitutional money and therefore they must pay your Debts!

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), not the budget, is in every government entity as required by law, so all funds must be brought back to that entity and not be out on a foreign investment, but to provide for the services of the people.

It has been reported that to be the collateral for THE UNITED STATES, INC. each of the states for where you were born would receive $1 Million every year to be put in the Treasury Direct Account trust to provide for that person, so those funds should be available today to clear ALL the debt that person has and have no more debt to deal with.

If a city has 10,000 residents then that city should demand of that state to hand over in a federal grant $18 million for each resident as that is the age of maturity and therefore the city would receive $180 billion in funds, and Los Angeles county would receive $180 Trillion.

All Cities, Counties, and States are to inform their employers to halt ALL withholding of taxes on the employee, yet report those minor taxes to the States to be taken out of the Treasury Direct Account if those taxes are constitutional, and completely Halt the Income Tax.

The IRS and State’s taxing agencies would no longer be required, but they should still work to provide refunds for all back taxes to be refunded and then to keep track of any taxes that are to be reported to the People’s accounts and to then shut their doors if and when complete.

All banks are to cease the loans and debts of the people and start reporting them to the Counties and States for reimbursement to them as the Signature is the contractual affirmation that the debt has been paid, even on a mortgage, so therefore banks are not the crooks except for the selling of the people’s Signature over and over again.

If those people that do have authority to take action to get this rolling to fix the problem then they should follow through or else they themselves would be finally arrested for not complying with their Oath of Office.

Other groups that are taking action with the Common Law and pushing for the Judges to comply with the Administrative laws that they are to comply with are:
National Liberty Alliance with the Unified Common Law Grand Jury
Quo Warranto was sent to ALL Federal Judges
International Tribunal for Natural Justice

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