May 10, 2015  –  Mother’s Day


I am now settling in to the fireside chat that you always have on Sunday’s.  Here is the latest.  These sessions will be ending soon.  The need for them will no longer be — all will be known and all goods delivered and those who have moved or died will have to do some sleuthing but that too can be done.

If family members remember and produce the information they have, it still most certainly be reviewed.  There was never an intention to not have all participants receive who followed the “Yellow Brick Road”.  And that is exactly what it was.

Pay attention to how it even is that today : the” Yellow Brick Road.”  Kudos to you — you did it;  how many of your friends would have gone where you have gone?  Not to many!!  No, not so many.  You did it on a nebulous faith but you knew somewhere in your soul that it was the right thing to do.

Are we there yet.?  Always the same question.  Yes!  You are there.

But here is not here.  Here is where you are today; and here is a good place to be.  There will be a manifestation and that will seem so surreal compared to all the long years of waiting.   Just realize that the wait has been worth it.  The cogs in the many tiny pieces and the machinations of many personalized issues are the obstacle that you can’t quite see.  If you could you would have never been so intensely shouting about having it now!  Better to have the conservative moves than rash ones.

You can continue to build a feeling of satisfaction, of wise decisions made years ago and very soon begin implementing whatever plans you have made for yourself.  That is a given!  You ask, or wonder, “But is it?”  Yes it is a given.  Many ways the ruling forces could derail you; if you knew the ways you would not be sarcastic nor rude nor uncivil.  If you think, you already know those but you don’t want to hear them well make it your business to just be ready when the other shoe drops.  For drop —it will!!  With humble appreciation to all of you….P….

























Dear Zap and Susan, I was sad to hear the news of your friends suffering with Cancer, so I want to share information I have learned over the years on how to get rid of this. First of all Cancer cannot survive in an Alkaline environment also high vibrations, so a vegetarian diet is key, certain fruits also this is what I have learned. According to some great doctors foods like Lemongrass kill cancer cells mature cells and in vitro. Brussels sprouts, cabbage, green veggies, carrots, garlic, onions, ginger, tomatoes, lemons, limes, cauliflower, green leafy plants. Spices, Turmeric, Curry basically. Pineapple excellent, grapefruit.

Things to not eat, are all animal meats should never be eaten when sick. Dairy, sugar, soy products. Chemotherapy kills people.!! Someone said chemo was created as a biological chemical weapon to kill!!! My friends Doctor said it can create Leukemia! Can you see how they bleed us dry making us sick then getting rid of us by killing us!!

Many plants in our rain forests kill cancer also.

And at last chanting creates a high vibration in the body that shakes the cells and destroys cancer also. Chant in Sanskrit it works I’ve done it. God Bless all of you and I hope your friends recover from this night mare we all live in. Blessings T










May 10, 2015
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MAY 8 2015


TNT Call notes 8-May-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

The radio is up, DC is here… Here we go!   Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, May 8, 2015, and boy I never, ever thought I would ever be on this call today!   Today is super-fantastic, and we have nothing but good information, and nothing but good callers. If you are negative or think about being negative, hang up or put your hand down, because if you are negative today after all our good news, I’ll put your hand down myself.

People are going crazy, the news is out of this world, and you haven’t said a word, yet…

DC:  Everything looks phenomenally good and we hope to see a conclusion really quickly.

Tony:  I’m going to interrupt you several time.  We gave people good news on Monday and Wednesday, saying people were exchanging, and it seems people have caught up with us last night.

DC:  Everyone things we are nuts and stupid and slander us, and then two days later they say, “Oh, they were right.”  In Iraq, things look very good. Pam keeps us educated in DinarLand, and they have been saying that they RVed in Iraq yesterday.  Yes and no.  Some larger groups in Iraq were allowed to go en masse, and some merchants as well.  There are celebrations going on, but it is not throughout the entire country and there has not been a formal announcement.  They let another big group go on Monday to slow this down and have the least impact possible. Also there were some international issues that we have described before.  It is Iraq’s currency and their deal and we are riding on their coattails.  In the mosques, they said that many have now exchanged and have their blessings, which means that they are dealing with the currency.  They have asked for continued patience and also counseled wisdom on purchase, because they are not used to this level of prosperity and also merchants don’t always put out the correct prices.  They are saying this in the mosques because this process is already going on now, although we hear that 350,000 cards are not yet able to use their cards yet. However we know they will get their cards activated. It does take a while to get a nomadic culture unaccustomed to using banks and bank cards to get up to speed.  We should not underestimate what is happening.
In the mosques, people have had meetings and are excited about what’s going on. Everyone is prepared for the next few days. CBI has sent out notifications world-wide with another minor change in rates, pushing them up a tad.  They have been trained and they are quite pleased with how this is running. ISIL continues to be pushed back;  the Mosul plan is going quite well and the resistance is definitely melting away.  It’s been a hard slog, but nothing that cannot be overcome.

Tony:  They are excited, throwing money in the air, having parties, quitting their jobs.  Everything has been going through the system since yesterday.  Other countries have the rates, and I don’t know how much longer this can be hidden from the world.

DC:  The USA… the banks started yesterday to update their rates and reloaded yesterday evening. Everything is being received in different states and throughout the nation the banks have had meetings about this going through.  Some have sent out notifications letting their people know we will be exchanging currency.  They are happy this is happening, and other countries are ramping up as well.

At two different banks, there have been memos saying they are to make the rate available and “viewed by the general public.”  They don’t have the transaction codes to do the actual exchanges;  we don’t know when that will happen, but our educated guess (supported by those directly involved in the process) is that we need to get our s**t together and not f**k it up. They want to make sure we don’t act or sound like morons just before this pops.  We run a loose ship, but we can tighten up when necessary.

Tony:  WE HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS CLOSE because of the memo and information and direction we have been given, we know we have never been this close. We are not calling it for today, tomorrow or the next day, but we are very, very close.  We’ll go to our callers starting with 404…

404 caller:  I’m honored.  I do have a couple of questions.  All the reports of the RI/RV being reported on Wednesday – was that enough to trigger a ten-day treaty to announce this?  Do they even have that now?

DC:  They can wait ten days, sure.  Do they have an obligation to wait ten days?  No.  Even the guys involved are surprised it has been kept so quiet.  There are events that started last week that have moved the ball forward a position where it’s very difficult to deny what’s going on.  It would be very difficult to say “No, we’ll pause for another month or two”.  It’s a nice forcing function, but my understanding is that it was done by coordination rather than by force.

Tony:  The actual event you were waiting for took place last month.  From that day, the slow rollout process has been underway.  It started at the top and it is now down to the street level.  You can only see it when it gets to your level, so we think they are doing it now when it’s already been done, with the bank agreements and such.  It was done ten days ago but now it’s down to the level we can see it.  Larger groups are being paid now so we can see it more easily.

Caller; So what was the actual event that took place?

DC:  The main event was on April 22, and then some international agreements were negotiated and completed, and it has dragged on a bit more than they expected. Over the past week, they have exchanged much larger chunks of people (this week) and over larger areas.  I’m actually taken aback by what they did in the ISIL areas.

Tony:  They did it from the outside in, to stop people from going over and letting them know it was done.

Caller:  How much risk is there that those who stalled the process in the past can still do so again?

DC: I think the risk is lower.  The process is not done until we can buy groceries with our money.  I am hopeful that other issues that could cause delays… I think more than a 24-hour delay is unlikely.  One of the highest level contacts are saying that they will keep on doing this, and if the US chooses to keep this quiet, that is their choice.

The access to the rates is through the Fed, which is our central bank with connections to the IMF and BIF.  The notification has come through with their letterhead.

We are still supposed to have 15 minutes to announce this. They checked with us just this morning, and of course we are willing to help.  My bags are still packed and at the door.  My wife got mad at me this morning and asked, “How long are you going to keep living out of a suitcase?”  I said, “As long as it takes, honey.”

Tony:  My bags are NOT packed, even though DC has been telling me to pack for years.  I’m not packing until I get the phone call. They will just have to wait!  I just got a text, “If 404 is single, I have a marriage proposal!”  [Caller:  He’s listening now!]  As long as when we meet at Vegas, you don’t wear a badge that says “I’m 404!”  If anyone wants to get mad about that, the Tyrant told us hours ago to pick up 404 first!

707 caller:  I conduct wedding ceremonies!  Is the dong still in play?  What rate?

DC: We heard 80 cents, $1.57, and $2.67 on the dong.  That’s what we have heard in the last 36 hours.  They are street rates, but I suspect they will be the contract rates as well.

Caller:  In DinarUpdates, there was a long blog about the IMF moving to China and the yuan becoming a reserve currency.

DC:  I haven’t read the post, but the Asian Investment Bank is obviously going to focus on Asia.  It will be another powerful international banking organization, like the IMF. The IMF still has the US veto which makes a lot of people mad, but they are getting over it.  China does want to be a reserve currency, but China is still pegged to the US dollar, so that’s a bit ironic. It is in the SDR basket – Special Drawing Rights, which the BRICS countries wants to move towards.  It’s a basket of major currencies that values can be matched against.  That is not especially good for the US;  being the major reserve country is important for us, and we get a pass on many things because of that. I am a pro-dollar guy, in that sense.  From a practical point of view, as long as your main energy sources (oil and gas) are valued in US dollars, the dollar will stay a kingpin to the world economy.  Russia and China would like to change that, but oil is still priced in dollars, so…
Caller:  It sounded like a well-researched article, but still felt like a sale pitch at the end.
860 caller:  [Appreciation]  Just waiting for our blessings.
Tony: The tweet is coming!
DC: You sound exactly like my assistant Connie!  [chitchat]
562 caller:  I’m super-fantastic! Everybody appreciates the info you put out there.  I live in southern California, and as I went into CostCo, they said they were not taking any debit sales – that the debit system was down globally. I called someone back East, and they said some people are having problems with credit cards.  Is that related to the RV?
Tony:  I don’t see any relationship.  This is the first I’ve heard about it, and our currency is not being revalued.
Caller:  You say that the RV happened last month – is that a 30-day rollout or what?
DC: They did not anticipate taking this long at all. They are all amazed themselves.
Tony:  So we do not think it will be a 30-day process, especially with where we are now.
828 caller: Thanks for all the good news!   It’s good to hear they are paying more people in Iraq.  Why haven’t they  made the announcement?
DC:  They will announce it afterwards.  Let’s say it’s at 4pm today around the world. They turn it on, they start calling in people and all the rest.  Because of time differences, they will not mention a thing at midnight or 1am in Iraq.  They don’t want there to be a fuss in the markets, so we may not get an announcement until you have already exchanged and moved on. If it’s running smoothly and they announce it, that’s no big deal.  If there are glitches and they don’t announce it, also better for them.
Tony:  They cannot shut down their country to do this.  They are educating their people and putting lower denominations in their hands. If we look at hit that way, it makes sense.
Caller: So what are we waiting to here in the US?
Tony:  Waiting for DC to say “it’s here!”
DC:  We are waiting for the transactions codes.
Caller:  You’ve said before that there is a 4-5 day window and now you say we are closer than we have ever been before…
DC: It appears that we are in a process of going through and the ball is rolling down the hill to the point of ‘unstoppable’.  Do not buy dinars off that, but that is my view.  With the number of people exchanging and the actions that have been taken, it seems they are in coordination mode.  I think our chances of having this kind of call on Monday are slim.
713 caller:  There is a place for DC and Tony in heaven.  [Appreciation]
DC: Are we in purgatory right now?  <laughter>
Caller:  People, do what you can for the TNT site because people who go beyond the call of duty should be honored.  The same is true for the transcribers, by the way.  If we are downhill and rolling, and the US has put the brake son several time,  If they are in agreement, why would the Iraqis not take advantage of the green light?
DC:  I think they did take advantage of it.  They heard “Yeah…” and they hit the button.
Caller:  In the final analysis, the US banks and those we will be competitive with, it would be great if they would be open and concise. Are those time frames still in place?
DC:  yes, the contract rates will only be available for 2-7 days. The banks have discretion on who they do business with.
Caller:  If I go to Chase and she goes to Wells Fargo, if we both exchange into the same entity, will there be problems?
DC: I’ve been told the caps apply per SS number or EIN number (for an entity).  You give them the number, and the 20 million dinar or dong cap will apply.  If you have another trust or entity, and you give them a new EIN, then the cap  starts again.
Caller; I guess I’ll have to get this second trust in place, then.  DC, what would you ask Tony?  Tony, what would you ask DC that would make people smile until Monday?
Tony: We have already answered all the questions as to what is happening, the memos at the banks, and all the rest.  The only thing we don’t know is exactly when this will be released.  They have not given us the time.
Caller:  Those idiots that are trying to push the dates in June and July, who say that the HCL isn’t completed… what’s up with those guys?
Tony/DC:  I don’t read that stuff unless Pam tells me there are a lot of question about that.  Re:  June and July, I think that a lot of people are getting confused with the oil revenue money that you get as a citizen of Iraq.  They are getting distributions of that oil money, just like in Alaska.  Those will be released in June and July, as we hear.
Tony: The other sites tell you June, July, 2016… we get all that.  It’s not justified, but we get it.  I ask in return, “What would make it go that long?”  I got an email yesterday saying that it’s going to be float and all the rest.  When this happens and the rate is over $4, and it goes up to 15-16 in the markets and then back down again, are you going back to that guru  for their apology?  I hope they will be man enough to come back and say they were wrong all the time they bitched and persecuted me and DC over the years. Are they going to be big enough to apologize for being the idiots that they were?
423 caller:  Caller 404 did take the thunder, but I do want to make a comment.  There are still articles claiming this is a scam;  if so, wouldn’t the Attorney General investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of said scam?
Tony:  As many times as we have said we got X and Y from three-letter agencies and such… if this were not true, wouldn’t they have come knocking on my door?   They are not going to let me and DC talk to hundreds of thousands of listeners three times per week.  They don’t let you do that in public or on the radio, putting this out to thousands of listeners.  WE have been doing this for years, and if this was really a scam, some AG would have said, “Shut  these sites down right now.”  It no longer matters, of course, because soon the truth will be told.
DC: There will be some investigations.  Some of us are asked to be quiet, and we are willing to go along with that.  A lot of this will be quiet for 15 years.  There are a lot of people who call BS on everything major event in the last 500 years, with all the critics saying “No way this will ever happen”.  That’s what happens, and I know that from years of working for the government.  “You think I cannot do this?  Watch me!”  Remember the headlines that went off early about Dewey beating Truman.  I will show that to my kids and send it out to those who are convinced we are all wrong.
Tony: The BBC did this whole article about how Tony is running this dinar scam.  I’m doing this?  All by myself?  Two days later, there was an article in an Iraqi paper. These will both be in our RV museum.
DC:  Pam, will you read my email on Einstein?  He’s one of my heroes;  I have a bust of him in my office.
“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
410 caller:  Great news today!  [Appreciation]  The banks are asking a lot of their people, to be standby, etc.  Will there be challenges because Sunday is Mother’s Day?
Tony:  No, they will simply ask if  you want to give your mother a lot of money…
Caller:  As soon as this happens, we will rethink what we want to do with the money.  What time of night will you be sending out the tweet?  I don’t need to know the day.  Like everyone else in this, we are waking up every couple of hours, in hope.
DC:  I have to change my sleep patterns.  At one point, we thought it would be when the markets close on the East Coast.  Now it could be at any hour.  As for when we send that tweet after we get the notification, it depends on two people.  It could be an hour or up to 12 hours. We will do what we are asked to do.
636 caller:  I am super-spectacular!  This is exciting!  [chitchat]  You were discussing the caps, and my wife and I decided to give some zim to our son.  I sent him an email, but I hesitate to send it by mail.  What is the best way to get that to him.
DC:  If they call and say ‘come in right away’, then you might want to put it in a safety deposit box, but most people will have a day so you can run on over to your son’s town.
540 caller:  [chitchat]  I was at my sister-in-law’s house, and my niece came in.  She is a teller at a bank, and there was a bank in Virginia that lost six tellers in one day.  They went to lunch and never came back.  DC, I’ll text  you the exact bank and location.  Someone else I know went to the food bank, and the lady there told him to invest in dinar!
Tony:  Let me tell you, this bank has had all this training and put people on alert. Then they have a visit from a higher-up in the bank, saying this is a scam and we are not dealing with these foreign currencies.  These same employees attended a meeting the day before and a conference call this morning telling them to prepare.  They walked out thinking “Who is this idiot?”  It’s definitely a concern for them.  Many of the things we don’t understand seem justified to them as business-owners.  They don’t want to lose their experienced people, including our wealth managers when we exchange.  If they have just been promoted, do we want them handling our money??
Caller:  If these idiots only knew!
DC:  Everyone has their own perspective.  If folks don’t care for us, just move on.  I find it breathtakingly stupid when some folks just like to trash talk to feel better about their miserable lives.  It’s stupid to keep listening to us just to trash us.
Caller: they knew from the start that this would not be an overnight thing – and the rates have gone up from $2.22 to $4+.  [Appreciation]
503 caller:  What that allergy stuff the gal mentioned a few weeks ago? [It’s Bromelain.] What is the purpose of the rates showing live on the screens with no codes?
DC: They can control the rates in different places and levels.  Let’s say they send out the rates to nine places in Atlanta – it can show a hold, administrative hold, live, or active.  If you cannot pull up a transaction code, the exchange still won’t go through.  Each transaction has to have a transaction code so that they can track each transaction in terms of amounts, destinations, etc.
Caller:  Is the memo at the teller level?
DC:  Yes.  My understanding is that London is in the same position, also in Israel and in the UAE.  The intent is to roll it out and then do a 90-second blast to activate it around the world.  They have done the tests and are now waiting for release.
Most of the banks are scheduled to work seven days per week at least for the first week or two;  other banks have said they will only operate during normal banking hours.
Tony:  Iraq just did theirs, and they were open 17 hours per day for about ten days in a row, including the Friday  when we told you the banks were open – an historic moment.  A while back, they said the banks here would be open 7am to 11pm, but now each bank can choose its own hours.  So we won’t know until it happens.
405 caller:  Is it true the US asked for another delay?
DC: There have been rumors, but that is misinformation. They are looking forward to getting this done.  The US is ready and supporting this now.  Normally they haven’t let it get to this point, ever.
303 caller:  I’m excited to be on the call!
Tony:  Did you see how all those Secret Service guys charged personal stuff to their cards?  I’m just messing with you.
Caller:  What happens to the structured exchanges if the banks go under?  Would Lloyds be able to cover that contingency?
DC:  We don’t know all the details, but there has to be a plan B in case that particular bank goes under.  I wouldn’t do it unless there are guarantees.  Lloyds is always very creative, but my money is that a more practical solution we’ll be presented with.
Caller:  Is there an update for the limits you can wire money?
DC:  So long as they know you are doing something legit like buying a house or car, I can’t see them putting a limit on that money.
Tony:  What they have been told in the training is that you can ask for a cashier’s check or use the card they issue you.  If it is a wire transfer over $500,000, then they will be investigated by Homeland, probably and it may take longer than usual because we expect that international wires will go through the roof.
303 caller:  [chitchat about chocolate macadamia nuts]  A couple of calls ago, DC mentioned that the dealers will stop selling currencies, or at least adjust the rates.
DC:  That is correct.
Caller:  I have some reserves, and have 5-6 months to go before I can claim long term capital gains.  What’s a strategy to preserve them until that time is up?  If I put my currency into an MCA, then it doesn’t count as an exchange, right?
DC:  It depends on the tax situation.  I have heard that the contract rate is fixed regardless of the time help.  Talk to your Wealth Manger about the best strategy. I would hint about 1031s and other moves into a tax-deferred situation. I am not a tax attorney but am looking at the same problem.  As for MCAs, some are set up so that you  exchange into US dollars and then back into the other currencies, so make sure you consult with your professionals to make sure it is set up the way you want it to work.
Caller:  I’m sure you don’t share all of your information with us, I would love for you to tell us when it might happen, in your opinion.  We know it’s not ‘if’ but when.
I distill your information down to events rather than dates.  The way you provide intel is on a macro vs. micro level…
DC:  I would put it in terms of depth and richness of information.  There are many sources out there who have moved on so they had great information and now they have moved away from those sources.  Where we are different is that when I joined the team, he already had good breadth while I had different sources in the agencies and in Iraq.  They have seen that we are trying to help this situation out, with no money involved, and as a result  we got further involved and our depth of information got deeper on all levels.  We now talk to the heads of agencies, Iraqi ministries, and so on.  So if we lose one source in the Ministry of Finance, we have others in that Ministry and others.  We have tremendous depth and access in many areas at a high level.  Just like they do with the press, they press their influence in this situation, too.  Any politician wants direct access to the press to give out their side of the story. That has built on itself and now we are communicating with a vast array  of sources and details.  We often do this through cutouts, which means having a friendly source who may know who they are talking to, but not directly.  It will usually be a tangential friend so they can honestly deny they are talking to us.
Caller: DC, you do k now that Einstein is not from Texas, right?
DC:  I have a lot of busts in my office, and I especially value Einstein, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington, and of course Churchill.
559 caller:  I am super-fantastic and blessed going in and out.  Our Wednesday call was a bit frustrating for everyone.  I used to work with engineering firms, and we had some things that were ‘close enough for government work’.  When we talked about ‘Mickey Mouse operations’, one engineer told me, “Don’t insult the mouse”.  I appreciate that you give us the Reader’s Digest version of all the intel you must have.  Has anything changed on the tax situation?  Is there clarification on the bank fees?  Will they be open to negotiation?  And will there be places to exchange in Fresno?
DC:  Yes, there are several places in Fresno.  If the bank says which branches handle foreign currency, they will typically exchange this.  The exchange process will be very straightforward, not very different in the various locations.
Tony:  I think the rates and fees will be negotiable right up to the minute you exchange. Some of those who have already exchanged haven’t paid any taxes yet at all!   People involve din a group have already had their tax identified or already paid the tax.  Those are the only ones who have paid tax so far because they agreed to that rate before being paid their money.  The others haven’t paid tax yet because they don’t know what the tax is as yet.
DC: The smaller places may take a little longer to ramp up, so be patient with them.
310 caller:  What is the screen – can it be seen by the tellers?
DC: Yes, the tellers can see the five main currencies on the screen.  Yes, they can RV over the weekend when the market is closed.  They would like to do this when the main banks and markets are closed – that is when the banks do their thinking.  That’s the least disruptive time in the process.  We are looking for this when its slow.
Tony:  We are looking for this after we hang up this call, so let’s do that.
DC:  Iraq has moved another big chunk of people but not throughout the country yet.  They expect this to be done very quickly.  We are not going to go crazy or buy dinar because it has been paused before.  Everyone expects this will happen soon.  We are really close here in the USA.  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.
Take a step back and realize that this has evolved from a bunch of volunteers and betting things together from low to high people.  My second best source is a janitor in Iraq, and we also talk to those involved at the highest level. They are doing this to be helpful to others across the world, educating them on what is going on.  They do it not to benefit themselves, but  doing it to help mankind.  These people didn’t want to have this much involvement in this process, but they are and we are grateful.
Tony:  “I don’t know how they are going to hide it after Friday morning, especially Friday through Sunday.”  That gives you a time frame.
Pam:  DC, I remember when you said this the largest financial transaction in the world.  That really brought it home to me.  It’s amazing what Iraq has accomplished so quickly.  Thanks to our friends here and there.  [Tony: How come you didn’t realize that when I said it?]
Ray:  It’s Financially Fulfilled Friday – if you don’t feel that way, just watch.
Tony:  It’s all good news.  We told you as much as we can tell you.  DC gave an update of what we are looking for.  I’m glad others have caught up to what is actually happening.  AS soon as we hang up, there will be a bunch of posts giving the same intel.  I don’t know what they will do after Friday morning and especially after Sunday.  Other countries have this and they are waiting on the US to let it go.  We are waiting for the witching hour.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  If there is something critical that we can confirm and that will change your lives, we will tweet it out.  That’s when you know it’s on the way.  Don’t spend the day looking at your phone – it will come.  Enjoy your weekend

MAY 6 2015



Stage3Alpha:D D.  May 6, 2015 at 12:54am Dear S3 members, I am writing this POST because I want to say that “ALL is not DELAYED”. I am speaking up because WE KNOW a different situation, and I’m STANDING UP for you the members on S3 to tell you the information we are receiving from more than 10 different high level sources is ALL SYSTEMS are not GO but GOING. This is important, and please do not let people ruin your dreams. This is why I am posting. I too have waited years for this MIRACLE to occur. NO it is not the galactics, and woowoo but it is a major change with HOW countries around the world will change their economies.NO DELAY….we are underway and it is SOON. ….D.D. >  May 6, 2015 at 1:20am Dear S3 members, I am following up on my previous post to also advise, “THERE IS NO DETOUR”.Here is the thing, we are in a planned roll-out and this is occurring RIGHT NOW.There is NO detour we are full steam ahead. However, many people have been mis-informed that there is JUST a button to push.There is NO BUTTON, there is however a very well organized plan and system.This systematic rollout is started, and we are WELL beyond a point of a DETOUR.Rest well, and I am just trying to STOP the mis-information that is flying and tell people, please know we are CLOSE. **********

TNT Call notes 6-May-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, May 6, 2015.  This call should be super-super-fantastic – the sun is shining and we’ll see what it does.  I have NO Public Service Announcements for you today, so we can get right down to it.  Those who want to know are about to know – we have no restrictions today.  We will let the cat out of the bag.

DC:  Iraq continues to march towards the RV – another large segment of the public have exchanged and/or their cards have been activated.  Banks have been open extra hours to get everyone on board and ready. They are preparing for the RV.  More have exchanged for lower denominations and more have retired.  Everything is progressing in a positive way for Irag.  They are doing classes on the television, in the mosques and in banks.  That’s the main point in Iraq right now.

Tony:  Monday we told you that there were lines in the bank, and they were still there at midnight on Sunday night.  They have been doing that for the last ten days, long hours at the bank to make sure everyone gets their smart cards, and at a much higher rate than the 1166. They are ecstatic over there with more money than they’ve seen in the last 10-12 years.  Even those who had raises of up to $200 or more, once they got their cards they quit their jobs because the cards have more money than their salaries.  It’s still not the official RV we’re waiting for, but they are jumping for joy.  This has stopped the riots, because they have money in hand and they’re spending it.  Secondly, it puts pressure on everyone else. They tried to release it again on Sunday and it was stopped.  But all this is helping.  Yesterday they announced that the banks are now cleared to buy and sell foreign currency and do outside transactions. Do we need to explain that?

DC: Why would they want to exchange foreign currency and do international business?  Because they can, and this also means there must be a realistic rate.
That’s Iraq, and it’s pretty straightforward:  they are trying to push this through with resistance from the US.  Recently the US has decided they are comfortable with where they are and ready to join the team.  The US has recently asked for the international deal to be stopped and that was granted.  Iraq has had to release this in-country, and my understanding is that the US is finally ready to back off and let this be released.  Banks are just waiting for when the US says it’s okay;  they are aware of what’s going on in Iraq and everything else is steadily progressing.  We’ll have to see if the US really lets it go in the next few days;  if not, we will keep pushing.  The US can be got around, but it’s painful and we hope nobody has to do that.

Tony read a text saying that Internet is down in Iraq so they are not able to listen to this call.

DC:  I believe it went down on Monday evening and has been down since.  It’s damn near impossible to shut off all communication – obviously we are talking to our contacts in Iraq.  I don’t know if that was an orchestrated event, could go either way.

Tony:  We have a guy thought it was just communications that were down.  We know it’s hit or miss, because we are talking to some contacts.

DC:  Some of this is because of issues, and it’s partly a precautionary safety thing.

Tony:  I think they don’t want all this information to get out at one time.

DC:  ON the US side, it seem like we are finally getting on board with releasing this.  They have clearly been stopping this in the last couple of days, but now they are telling the banks to ramp  up.

Tony:  An agreement was made and a whole lot of money moved yesterday. If that agreement holds up, this is the week we’ve been waiting for.  We cannot give you details of the meeting, but we understand that blessing has been given at the highest level.

Pam went into the forum and asked for ‘intelligent questions only’… what does that say about the rest of our questions?

Q:  We’ve heard about first mouse, second mouse with the dinar. Do you think dong will go up in the same way?

DC:  If it comes out at the rate we see on the screens — $2.27 – I would take the money and run.  My God, that’s amazing.  Even 47 cents is incredible.

Q:  Is the US Treasury waiting to replenish the gold supply?

DC:  Do you mean the gold-supply conspiracy folks or the gold supply folks?  No to both.  Our reserve balance sheets are already comfortable.  Those who are waiting on an asset-backed currency, well, that ‘s not going to happen. And the existing value of the currency is quite high at the moment.

Q:  Abadi has asked Iraqi people to be patient until June, so this might take longer than we expect.  Parliament is still passing laws and we are waiting on the bonds.  Does this mean the RV will be released after that?

DC:  The bonds are not really part of the RV, although they do have gold-backed values.  There is pressure to release these historical bonds but it doesn’t relate to the RV.  People are not translating Abadi’s remarks correctly.  He is referring to the royalty checks to get a percentage of the oil revenues, like in Alaska.  If oil is doing well, you get more.  Iraqi citizens get a percentage of those revenues, and that is what Abadi is referring to – that those checks will be issued in June and July, and citizens will get a certain amount depending on their circumstances.  This is NOT about the RV.

Tony:  And they will start regularly in July. The next questions are about why this is being held up and by whom, and what gives the assurance this will happen.

DC: There is no assurance, but we are being told that the group that is reluctant is finally willing to let this go, and we’ll just have to see if that continues to be active.

Q:  What is going on in Mosul?

DC: They are softening the beaches and also a lot of planning. That’s important, and they need to get people and equipment in place.  They are active but not fully engaged.  The full information is confidential for security reasons.  Mosul is crumbling and we’ll let that go on a longer so that it’s a softer target.  The army people would love to see the RV come sooner so that people will switch to construction or other jobs than fighting for ISIL.  Most are doing it because that’s the only way they can see themselves and their families.  When you’re that poor, you’ll put up with a lot of crap just to eat. There are some religious fanatics, but they will fade away quickly, I think.

Q:  Even though ‘we are the people’ and protested that some were being paid, at that time they didn’t know we weren’t getting paid.  Now the Iraqi people are being paid, and we are supposed to be next.  How come I’m not getting paid?

DC:  The larger groups have access, but the entire country doesn’t yet have access to it.

Tony:  Now DC is digging a hole.  We have 80 or 90% percent lining up, but they need to make a public announcement.

DC: They have to make that announcement with the IMF, etc., and just for ease of logistics they are allowing more of the public to exchange or fill their smart cards.  The sheer logistical problem is tremendous, and the outside influence slowing the process makes it even more difficult.  They are easing that by getting people switched over.  Some contacts say t hat everyone they know is now being switched over.  The CBI says it’s being done ‘en masse,’ but don’t give us any percentages.

Tony: They could have an instant economic boom in Iraq, but many have never had this kind of money before. Iraq is giving some money to a lot of people so they can get used to using banks, etc.  Let me tell you this from experience:  you can get tired of spending money.  I’d rather you learn that with $100,000 than with millions. That’s what they have been doing in the mosques and banks.  When the actual RV happens, they will have people who know how to spend money wisely.  The US did the same thing:  they let a few  people exchange and watched how they react with the money to project how the masses will react.  If you are a businessman or running the country, that makes sense, to add in so many people first before the explosion. Although I’m highly frustrated that I was not in the test group, it still makes sense.  Also Iraq is using this to apply pressure and move on.

Q:  Pleased ask for clarification of what Tony said on Monday about the dinar/dong caps.

DC:  There has been a lot of debate, and the conclusion is that over half a billion dollars’ worth of zim, the rest will be paid out over 50 years, as a structured payout.

Q: If so, what happens if the bank goes bankrupt?

Tony:  We don’t know, we’re just telling you what they are setting up.

DC:  I don’t know either. Those are fairly straightforward questions that have to be answered before we sign any agreements.  Otherwise no one will agree to that.

Q:  Who is Iraq requesting permission from?  The IMF and the US, and now the US seems to be on board so we’ll see what happens!

352 caller:  On Monday you said you couldn’t’ tell us who was blocking this thing, and this morning you said the US has backed off…

Tony:  On Monday I was on the phone and I couldn’t’ tell you, but now DC is on the phone and in the first part of the call, he said it was the US.  People were on edge on Monday, but today everyone is agreeing to go, and so they don’t care if we say so.

Caller:  Tony, there is a lot of talk about the breakdown in the family.  We know that you are exceptional in your patience and good humor.  What was your mother’s biggest contribution to your being that way?

Tony:  She was so accepting of all people.  I was very, very fortunate that my parents were never prejudiced, which they clearly had the option to be, coming from North Carolina.  They brought us up in middle-class neighborhoods. My father was very impatient, but my mother was very patient and accepting, looking at the other person’s point of view.  I always try to see the other’s point  of view, and my mother taught me that.

Ray, is Dad listening to this call?  <laughter>

617 caller:   I’m a little confused about the bank fee – is that negotiable?

DC:  They are trying to say it’s 2% like any other bank fee, but everything is negotiable.  A lot of bankers have said that if you try to negotiate, they will put you in the back of the line.  If many people are waiting, they would prefer to move on.

Tony:  I know some who have negotiated, but you have the money and they want it.

Caller; Should we be negotiating at the first meeting or the second one?

Tony:  I would negotiate at every meeting!

Caller:  Is it possible this will go today?  It would make a great anniversary present – 48 years. [Appreciation]

Tony:  Congratulations!  I’ve been married for 33 years, and people look at me like I’m doing something strange, being with the same person all that time!

DC:  And my grandparents were married for 64 years!

425 caller:  You’ve done a great job educating people about the banking system, including its sinister or darker side of what governments  can do.  After a while, it’s no longer about money but greed, power, and the ability to control the world.  I’m sure that’s not limited to the US, either, for example to Leo Wanta.  I heard him on a talk show and it revealed a lot that had been done to discredit Wanta.  He’s the one who  collected the billions belonging to the American people and the major bank that seized it when he tried to give it back.  [And so on and so forth – too fast for me to get the details.]

In the past, you’ve said that you’ve been able to document all those who have exchanged.  The way scandals are dispelled is by getting involved in more and more of them.  My question is this:  Do you have enough documentation so that if this thing continues to drag on, they won’t be able to simply say the RV is a scam, and all those who are reported to have exchanged, well, that is really a conspiracy, etc.?

Tony:  A couple of calls back, we tried to simply have a good call because everyone was in a touchy mood.  You wouldn’t have been able to say all that then.  A lot of what you are saying is true, and we’ve been doing this for five years:  letting people know how things really work, with who, what and why.  Some people just want to get their money, and they don’t want to know what it takes to protect our country, the dollar, or things that have to be done so that you can sleep soundly at night and walk around the streets.  Yes, there are corrupt politicians in every country, and a few other corrupt people – and that doesn’t mean we should tar everyone with that brush.  Some politicians are greedy  for money and power, while others are just trying to protect our way of life.  It’s not about 200 years in the future, and they want to protect their legacy.  I’ve been asked to expose people, show the documents, and to burn the house down (on both sides).  And when you have that kind of information, we know that the opposition then engages in character assassination and other nasty tricks.  Some people say “Give me the information and I’ll do it” but you don’t know what you’re talking about because you don’t get pictures of your family, or threats.  We have the information and the people, but will they come running to my rescue if there is a problem?  No!  You don’t want to go down that road;  you don’t want to see people following your car or asking about you.  I’ve got the information and we could stand in front of Congress, as we have been asked, but the real question is:  “Will you be there when this goes down?”  Because I know how they work.

Caller:  They can assassinate your character so long as they don’t assassinate your body.  Those sitting here with the currency are not trying to take over and control the country;  most just want to exchange and benefit themselves and others around them.

Tony:  If I felt – if we felt – there was any plan to stop us from exchanging, we would do whatever was required.  We have already done that, and that has called on a whole new level of pressure.

DC:  Most people cannot take that.  Do you want to explain to your wife why so many people are listening to your phone calls?  This stuff makes really good movies, but often people doing get the rest of the picture, that essentially decent people need to make crappy choices.  Do they always do that from the highest of motives?  Hell, no.  But the difficulty about conspiracy theories is that we are just not good enough to pull off this level of scam.  We cannot have this level of people giving us this information and saying they have our back.  They can shut us down, and they have tried.  If something goes wrong and we have to do another Twitter campaign, the level of people behind us would make your head spin.  The system is generally not corrupt, although when there is this much money there will always be some corruption.  We have people on both sides of the aisle supporting us.  Tony and I could have gone through, but we are a public venue and we stay in place to help all of you.  A lot of people get into this conspiracy nonsense, and it’s NOT like television or the movies – sometimes people just screw with you because they can.  I’ve been in this for a long time, we know who is in our corner, and even the ones who are stopping the transaction for good reasons are still on our side. Take a step back from the conspiracy sites, and realize that people are dealing with something massive, complicated and unruly, and crappy decisions have to be made.  Maliki seemed like a good guy when he became PM, and then turned into another Saddam Hussein.  People like to shoot the messenger, but this is so much more complicated than people realize and some crappy decisions have to made to get this done.

Tony:  “We are the people,” not the government;  we have been told by powerful people that we have earned our place at the table.  All the things we fought for – being able to exchange at a decent rate, and access to part of the contract rate – we earned that.  If at any point we think that we will not get that, we’ll do what we have to do.  There is no reason NOT to do so because we are already exposed.  So when you ask those questions, then Yes, we can do that, but we have been assured we won’t have to.

Caller:  Those who are in the know with currency, there are hardly any who aspire to change the world in this sinister way.  They want to effect change in a good way.  Politicians don’t have to fear a new class of wealthy people;  it will just allow more good things to be done, and dilute the ones doing bad things.

Tony:  Old money never fears new money because the new ones don’t know what to do with it anyone. The next caller is from Texas, which is being taken over by the Army, right?  Do you see any parachutes coming out of the sky, do you?

DC:  There has been a kerfuffle that the National Guard has been put on military exercises.  I have been involved with those exercises, and there is nothing untoward going on but a political stunt.  We just walked right into this one.

Tony:  It was on CNN yesterday that Texas is prepared for the US takeover, with yellow buses at every border.

Austin caller:  I know there has been a lot of discussion about the international rates;  are they still available?  Do you know the latest rates?

DC:  Now, those are great questions from Austin, the heart of Texas.  There is a fabulous description of Texas in Burning, a Jack Black movie a few years ago about the seven parts of Texas that nails it.  We have been told the contract rates ARE available for the dong and dinar, two to seven days.  There have been very few payouts in the last few weeks.

Caller:  Another guru says that there might not be a contract rate for the dong now… that person said the contract might be $3.  What about dinar?

DC:  If it’s at $2.27, which I find breathtaking, then I suspect the contract rate for dong being subsumed into the international rate.  As for the dinar, anything over $20 would be almost inconceivable.  [Tony:  Which means it won’t happen.]

508 caller:  [Appreciation for military service]  I want to serve in some other significant way – locally, in my community, because that’s what builds and sustains our country.  I think you are serving by what you are doing right now.

Tony:  Thanks.  We talk to a lot of government agencies.  We talk on the phone to all our sources, and then talk to government people, and they ask how we get the information before they do!  That’s a good intel team.

DC:  I call our team “The Wrong Stuff”.  <laughter>

Caller:   “We are the people,” and I wonder if other countries know that we are “a government of the people, by the people, for the people.”  That means the government is synonymous with the people.  What if they substituted ‘the US people’ when the newscasters report a story, such as “the US people are spying on US citizens.”  [and more]

I’m going to do what I can to pay it forward and do my civic duty.  Also, I have a few apps that report on Iraq, and they are all still working without blackouts.  Most are in Arabic, which I don’t understand, but I do get the pictures like a computer with a lock and chains.

Tony:  Iraq can shut down Internet in the country and still have it out of the country.  We have one guy who watches Iraqi television here, and when he talks to his father, the television is different.  We have sources high in the Iraqi government saying that there are communication issues, so I have to believe him.

Caller:  I’ve been in this for just over a year.  In the past I’ve always had good jobs as an engineer, a single mom with three kids, and now I’m on food stamps. I owe money to the power company and elsewhere because I have to look after my kids.  I intend to pay back every penny.  My suggested book title isUnwitting.  Whether or not the RV happens, you have done something personally for me.  My father and brother are veterans, and they have PTSD so I couldn’t even talk about those countries with them.  I have invested my money in those countries and pray that good comes to those countries.  I have educated my children about those countries and it’s exciting to see their progress.  Recently a woman became the mayor of Baghdad, and they have reserved 20% of Parliamentary seats for women.  Embrace that diversity!

I do have a question:  DC, you mentioned that military bases will participate in exchanges. I’m a civilian;  how do I get on the base to exchange?

DC:  There are banks on the base and also in the towns that are close to bases.  So you don’t have to go on the base itself, probably.  Normally you have to have reasons to be on an international base;  just walking on the base won’t cut  it.

Tony:  I have another suggestion for the book is Blabbermouth.  <laughter>

520 caller:  I didn’t think I’d ever be called!  This thing has been stopped and started so many times;  are you as tired as I am of being told to ride in the back of the bus?  People have been paid out since October 2013, and I gather there is nothing we can do about that.

Tony:  I’m going to tell you the truth, so pay attention and understand this.  We could have an influence on this situation by causing such a ruckus that someone would do something just to shut us down. That is not our place or position;  this is a global situation between governments.  We know who was paid, where, when and how much. It’s not our position to interfere with what the government is doing; that is outside our situation. It’s not about money –they have money.  It’s about the future of countries, and negotiating what will happen ten, twenty or fifty years from now.  When it was about shutting us out, then we make a fuss and got brought back in.  I would love to get the contract rate, but I’m not worried about that because the international rate is so much better than I expected. This is not about us;  it’s to ensure that Iraq is protected and safe for the future – so that they won’t have to continue to live as they are, and never go back to living that way again. If you didn’t know about this, you wouldn’t be fretting, you’d be getting on with your life.  It’s only because you know about this that you are asking all these questions about who is doing what and why.  Sometimes the things we can say on the call and some things we can’t but sometimes the price that will have to be paid is not worth it.  They are doing it for a reason and although we might not agree with that reason…

Caller:  [Same rant again]  You say, “That’s what way it is with privileged people”, but it’s not fair.

Tony:  No, it’s not fair, but we have explained how it happened.  I also know what they are trying to accomplish.  Of course I wish they all paid us at the same time, and that they paid us last week.  But they are negotiating past me and you, so that this doesn’t revert back.  I’m upset and disappointed not to get paid, but I have a bigger picture.  Do I wish I had never started these calls?  Yes.  I’m not on that early list because I am here, and have a commitment to these calls and educating you.  There is nothing I can do about not being paid until it looks like we will never be paid.  Then I can do something.  I understand you are frustrated, but that is the consequence of giving you too much information and detail in the moment.  People want that information, even though they cannot do anything about it.  Do you not want me to tell you when it happens?

DC:  It has stopped and started 137 times, minimum.  We are simply saying ‘this is what’s going on’.  Most times we don’t even want to be on this call.  If you don’t’ want to know what’s going on, don’t listen.  Just got out and live your life.

Tony:  I know there are others who feel that way, but this is a big boy’s deal.  We just have to go with it.  We are still in the game and we’re going to get it;  there is nothing we can do about who has already been paid out.

DC:  I absolutely understand why everyone is frustrated .  There are many times I wake up and my first word is not a good one.  We are simply informing people about a situation.  You have to be responsible for your own life.  Some people become so obsessed with this that they have to step back and realize they cannot take that crap. There are things I cannot take and I’m nearly bullet-proof.  We’re giving you live up-to-date information;  if you don’t want it, just turn the dang thing off.  No one is putting a gun to your head.

No, it’s not fun when people stop and start this, but have some perspective about what’s going on.  We have an opportunity that not many people even know about.  Even our sources are incredibly frustrated.  Guys, get it together and soldier up. If you don’t believe it, get out.

Tony:  I know some people are frustrated, but these calls are about more than just dinar:  they are about education, how to use your money afterwards, and all the rest. For many of us in this, it means heaven on earth, being able to do what we want.  We will be able to help others, but there is a price to pay.

404 caller:  May this be the day!  For those controlling what happens after the RV… Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I believe you said Abadi has said that this will go international on Thursday, which is tomorrow?

DC: Yes, that is what he said.

Caller:  When is the newly declared holiday – when is that taking place?

Tony:  It’s four days next week, Monday through Thursday, something is going on and there should be no movement of vehicles.  So It’s probably next week.

Caller:  So will the RV have occurred before then?  Or is there no correlation?

DC:  I believe that there is little to no correlation to the RV.

Caller:  Barzani is in the US;  is that having any impact on this?  He has been actively tweeting today and my blood pressure was going sky-high.  Some of the things he has said have been provoking.

DC:  No, I don’t think there is any effect.  We do follow Barzani and mostly think he is doing a wonderful job.  He and his uncle are thoughtful men and play on many levels. Maybe they are playing ‘good cop, bad cop’.  Many are pushing to get this through.

Caller:  I like your answer that this could possibly happen today!

719 caller:  I need an RV to replace my phones!  Burning movie was pretty funny.  It nails east Texas to a T.

Tony:  Are you  familiar with caller 404?  Do you know her personally? There is a running thing in the chat  room saying that you and 404 are sisters.

Caller:  I have a sister in area code 719, who sounds like me, and she has called in before.  We are all from Austin;  I picked up my husband in a bar there, 38 years ago.  But I don’t know her.  That 404 caller is from Atlanta GA; I know area codes because I call a lot of people, but I don’t know her.

Tony:  Would anyone outside Texas be interested in that movie Burning?  [chitchat]

Caller:  When I worked for the government, I  was collecting taxes in Texas and we had a bet going about who could find the first client with teeth AND a back account.  Do you think RayRen could schedule some of his seminars at the four meetings?  If he can do it, I’d love to see that.

Tony:  He was going to do that over the four days, 500 per seminar, and we thought we’d also give the banks the first shot every morning.  A guy in Canada talked to the banks and they wanted to do it, but I don’t know where we are at the moment.
Caller:  “Cabrelito del Montana”… [Mtn Goat]
Tony:  Let me say this first.  There are two things I laugh at – after we do our call, then everyone else puts out there calls, puts out postings or newsletters.  They all say how crazy we are and how we don’t know anything, and then they repeat what we’ve been saying.  They say it’s never going to happen until June, and they say, “they stopped it Friday and Saturday”.  I mean, really…!
Caller:  Those in that camp say they agree with you, but also some say that there are things that Iraq still has to do like the REAL HCL rather than the fake HCL, and it pisses me off because it leads to confusion.  By the way, if you find out it’s not going to happen, it would be better to have a tweet saying that so that we can go relax or whatever.
DC:  What happens is that they try it and it stops, but they are trying again in six hours…
Caller:  Without you, we’d be up the creek without a paddle because you have the best information.  However, then we read somewhere that it’s not going to happen until June or July.  We are depending on this so that we can move forward.  You said that everyone was there, singing Kumbayah, and then they stopped it.  What’s that about?
DC:  Sometimes it’s coordinated, sometimes they are still waiting for one more thing and that’s not a consistent thing…
Caller:  Mtn Goat is suggesting that the US is still telling Iraq they have to X, Y and Z.
DC:  No, because the US says they are good with it.  So Iraq says, “We want to do it now” and the US says “We’re good with that”, and then at the last minute, “Oh, but…”
Caller:  I get it, they want to keep you on the treadmill.  So to my half-sister in Atlanta…
DC:  Iraq has made another major step forward.  The US has been the reason it has stopped the last few times, but I understand that the US is now ready and willing to have this released.  We understand the frustration, but you need to have some perspective.  It doesn’t excuse it, but have that larger perspective as this moves forward.
Pam:  Wow, what a call.  I’m going to just say something very simple:  If you’re not thinking about something negative, you will natural go to your positive thoughts.  You can only influence how you react to things, so keep it positive.
Ray:  Everything has been said.  You’ll see this when it shows up!
Tony:  We don’t control this.  Everything we are hearing, we are anticipating again. Everything is in Go mode. Everything at street level is good;  banks have been open up to 17  hours per day, exchanging people.  We know people who have had raises, then their cards got activated and that was so good they then went and quit their jobs.  Iraq is ready and trying to push it through this week.  They announced to their banks yesterday that they can now buy and sell foreign currency and do transactions outside the country.  They can only do that if there is an international exchange rate.  We haven’t gone yet;  we are waiting for that international announcement. There were meetings last night and every bank seems to be good to go.  We are just that close to this happen, as we were on Friday and Saturday. They seem to be saying ‘enough is enough’;  this is happening, and I am happy.  I am looking for it.  I am ecstatic waiting for it to come;  there is an open window and opportunity   Let’s get this done and have a plan or strategy for your life to go forward. If something dramatic happens, I’ll let you know. I hope we will do a call tomorrow.  Bye everybody;  enjoy your day!

MAY 4 2015


TNT Call notes 4-May-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, May 4, 2015.  DC is sick again, today, so he won’t be with us… plus when I have this much information he gets scared and doesn’t want to be on the call!  I clearly said that if they don’t say anything to us, I’ll talk about the news as I understand it.  But DC won’t be here today; if you  are waiting for him, you can go away!  Let me check the numbers, see how many have gone away.

First, I have a Public Service Announcement.  There are two  things, really.  When I was in the military, as an airman, there are various ranks.  Most people didn’t get to be a sergeant until they had been in for 3-4 years, and then you can be a sergeant for 15 years.  When you get those stripes and walk around the base, they don’t know you  just got them two days ago.  You are an NCO, and you have to be responsible.  There is a world of difference between being an airman and an NCO.  So the minute this happens, people you don’t know will give you so much more respect because you have money, drive a better car, live in a better house, etc.  Money doesn’t make you smart, it makes you a rich dummy – but you will get more respect, and that makes a difference to how you will influence others. Even when you don’t realize it, people will make life decisions based on what YOU say and do.  People will duplicate what you do and say, so you have to measure your words.  Everyone you told this to, who thought you were crazy, will now think you’re a genius, so be very, very careful.

I’m talking about influence here.  When we look at police officers and such in our community, some of my best friends are in law enforcement.  These are guys I eat, drink and smoke with;  they are my friends.  Just here in California, 14 police officers lost their lives and I went to their memorial.  They have wives and children, just like you.  Not all police officers are good, but every profession has bad people, like politicians, doctors, etc.  We don’t label those other professions as ‘bad’ because of those few.  You will have influence in your community, so be careful what you say and what message you convey.

As for RV news, Iraq is great.  Our window was five days  last week, that ends today.  Things were great in Iraq on Friday, and some things did happen there.  After the call we got more calls saying they were lined up outside the banks in Iraq, waiting for the banks to open up at 10am.  We were told that people were exchanged.  They tried to go international on Friday, on Saturday, and it was stopped each time. It is scheduled for this week, again, and we’ll see.
Information we’ve got from people say that they are ecstatic over there because some government people got raises of hundreds of dollars.  That happened on Friday morning, and on Sunday something else happened and they quit their jobs because they didn’t need them any more!  A lot of people are working to get things done. Everyone in Iraq says they are happy and excited.  Everyone didn’t go through because they put a stop to it, but they see it going through this week.

On the US side, nothing happened. Nobody got called into the banks, and the screens are blank.  I don’t know how much longer they will be that way, but everyone is still on high alert, and what happened on Friday is being discussed in terms with how we go from here.  If DC were here, he could explain it all and take the heat.  We are still in a super-fantastic position, and the world is waiting for this to be revealed.  Iraq is experiencing it right now, with very happy people. Whenever top government people walk off the job because they don’t need it any more, then you know something is happening.  So I’m going to take some calls now…

530 caller:  I’m trying to tie together a few loose ends.  The 1% interest over five years on the IMF loan, that tells me there has to be some kind of RI in-country for them to get those terms.  We don’t see any confirmation that I can see, but my common sense says that has to be.

Tony:  The IMF said they wouldn’t loan them any more money until the RV, and they are keeping that under wraps until it’s announced, so you won’t find anything on that until the RV is actually released.

Caller: There is a report saying that the IMF will announce in October that the country’s reserve currency will change.  What effect will that have on us?  To me, I think money will be sold right and left, and that has to affect the value of the dollar.  How huge an issue will that be for us?

Tony:  It won’t be an issue for us at all, because we will have enough currency and will be stimulating the economy by spending our money.  Others might see a slight dip.  That will be a great time to buy another currency and wait until it goes back up.  I still think it will be within six months, then back to normal.  This is a short call, so I’ll move on.

828:  Happy to hear we have an extension on the window.  You said they tried to do this May 1st and May 2nd;  who stopped it, why did they stop it, and what is in place so that it won’t be stopped next time?

Tony:  I know who stopped it;  I don’t know why, but from what we hear it was resolved on Sunday or possibility today, and we should see it later this week.
Yes, I know who stopped it and a lot of people know, but I don’t want to say it and start something.  I know because the people involved said who did it.  However, I don’t really  know why.  I think everything that has continued to happen, well, they are saying they won’t stop it, but they have said that before!

425 caller:  I listened a different call for the first time on Sunday afternoon.  This person from Dinar Updates was talking about the exchange.  He said the banks could charge up to 20%, but some will only charge 3%.  He suggested people exchange one note and see where the best rates are.  What do you think about that?  And if we exchange at Sterling, will there be 2% added, like with the banks?

Tony:  Any banks that tries to charge me 20% will not get my business.  The banks say they are going to be competitive, and they do NOT want you to walk out, so you can negotiate those fees, probably.  I know Sterling will charge something, but nothing like 20%.  I know people who have paid 2% or 1% already, but I don’t know anyone who has paid 20%.

347 caller:  You said that they stopped it on Friday and Saturday, but not why, is that correct?

Tony:  I don’t know why they stopped it, but they seem to have extended the window by a little bit.  Iraq has requested to go international by Thursday.  It could be tonight!

Caller:  How can they get a loan from the IMF if they don’t have a revalued currency?

Tony:  The revaluation has already taken place in the back room, and they are just deciding when to announce it;  otherwise they have no way of paying it back.   You guys are looking for something black and white, in front of your face, but international banks don’t work that way.  We are not supposed to be involved in this, or questioning it every day. Things are changing and being done. The average American will know about this when it is announced.  We only know more details because people call us and tell us what is happening in meetings.  Most people don’t know about this.

Caller:  So why are the Iraqis waiting at the banks?

Tony:  They are exchanging three-zero notes, exchanging for lower denominations and fils, activating their Qi cards, etc.  We had multiple people call us and tell us they were in lines waiting for the banks to open.  Things are happening that you won’t see on CNN, but you will know if you  have the resources.  I didn’t announce that because I was hoping WE would be at the banks.

703 caller:  On Friday, DC said he was at 90%.  Before I knew what I found out today, I would have said I was at 99%.  That 1-2% can make a difference.  It could go today, but banks are not calling in their people and they won’t do that until after this goes.  We cannot use that as a sign.  But having people call and tell us that it’s over and done, that they have walked off their jobs, and that they are getting their exchanges, well, we knew we wouldn’t’ go until they went.  Not everyone exchanged in Iraq, and we don’t know if that was because of events on Friday or Saturday, but some people have gone through and that is a good sign.

Caller:  Is there anything stopping those people from blocking this again?  Why doesn’t Iraq just go forward by itself?

Tony:  There are a lot of factors involved when they offering you more than money:  military might, security, protection, for instance.  Those are things that money cannot buy.

Caller:  What is to stop the Iraqi people from rioting in that case?

Tony:  There have been small groups rioting, but that is why they have been told this is happening, banks were opened on Friday, they have their cards in their hands and they only have to wait for it to be turned on – and for many it was turned on over the weekend. As long as they see something going on, that makes a big difference.

423 caller:  What we want to do with our funds is to help those in children’s homes and provide family for these kids to come home to.  Even if they go to college, they have no place to go back to.  Another thing is that we heard that some are not happy people in the US will be getting this blessing, but a lot of people intend to invest back into the Iraqi economy.  We won’t just be taking, but giving back, so they will be blessed again.

Tony:  Yes, they  will benefit, and a lot of Middle Eastern countries will benefit as well.

Caller: Do we need to help you pay the bills?

Tony:  I hope we can stretch it out until maybe Thursday, when this nightmare should be over.

Okay, guys, let me just say that the person who got the $200 raise, that is the equivalent in dollars.  If they got it at the old rate, that’s a lot of dinar.  If it’s at the new rate, not so much.  I know this person, and what level they are at;  I heard about the raise on Friday and then on Sunday they were even more excited and blessed to walk away from their job altogether. That’s all I can say at this point, but that’s what is coming out of Iraq now.

713 caller:  This is mind-boggling.  Did they RI over the weekend?  And how long before it goes out internationally?

Tony:  They tried to make the RV international over the weekend but were stopped. Definitely something happened in-country.  At one point, they were allowing ten days for Iraq to enjoy it, then 72 hours, but so much has changed, I don’t know the timing.

Caller:  Whoever is holding this up, do they really intend for us to go through like the Iraqi public?

Tony:  In Iraq, it was the general public in chairs and in lines outside the bank.  The government workers and such are not going to stand around in public any more than they would here.  The change applies to every one of them.  As for us, I have heard NOTHING about anyone trying to stop us exchanging, not for a long time.  They have set up a process, international and contract rates, and all the rest.  Why would they set that up if they don’t intend for us to exchange?  I heard on Friday they were waiting for the banks to open in Iraq – and that is all I’ve been told.  A lot of people have gone silent, and said goodbye in the last 24 hours, and told us that we are about to be blessed as they are.

Caller:  What I hear in what you are saying is that they are standing in line in Iraq, and we will get the bank once this is announced.

Tony: That is what I heard on Friday, and I simply don’t know if that happened on Saturday or Sunday.  Some other people have told me that Iraq has requested to go international, and they think that might be on Thursday – but they haven’t told me that.

Caller:  [Restated]  What percentage do you think it’s likely this will happen in action?

Tony:  I already  answered that question.  We’ve been here before and they said before that they wouldn’t block it, but it was stopped Friday and Saturday when they actually tried to do it.  I can’t give you any more than I am getting in real time.

Caller:  Could you possibly talk to those who helped with the Twitter campaign?

Tony:  They tell me when they want me to do something.  I sent out a message an hour before the call asking if anything was off-limits, and didn’t get any message in return, so I think it’s okay for me to talk about the info I’m getting.  I’m not the only person in the USA who knows what happened over the weekend.

Caller:  What happened about the early exchanges at 14,000 per day?

Tony:  They had permission, but for some reason it didn’t happen.  You have no idea how many times a day we get that they are ready to go  and then it doesn’t happen.  The banks are waiting on the full-fledged RV.

701 caller:  Do you know of anywhere to exchange in South Dakota or Montana vs the higher tax rates in Minnesota?

Tony:  I don’t know – that is DC’s department.

408 caller:  [Appreciation]  Do  you think it’s better to call the banks or go in personally to get competitive quotes?

Tony:  I don’t know what the procedures will be because we don’t’ have the package. I thought it was a great idea when there was one 800 number and every bank would have the same rates.  If they are going to be competitive, the only thing you can do is to call and if they  don’t give you the rate, set up an appointment at each location.

574 caller:  Please could people donate to TNT;  now is a good time because it’s pay day for many people.  Donate now while you still have money!  I want to make a small donation because we are scraping by like everyone else.

Tony:  I am trying to stretch it out, but I do appreciate all you give.

Caller:  My husband and I have a lot of experience with first responders and law enforcement because  we are in tornado country. They do put their lives on the line for the public every day.  Obviously people are desperate and there are troubles, but mostly these people are serving the public.

Tony:  Sure there are a few bad apples, but they are mostly good guys.

Caller:  If people want to make a difference, vote in better people who give the orders.  If you want to make a difference, run for office.

Tony:  You will have a tremendous  amount of influence as you give to your community and create local jobs and projects.  If change is what you are looking for, BE the change.  You will have the opportunity to do that.  You can take the action steps to support those who you think will make the changes you want.  I cannot say more than that because my NDA forbids my being in politics, which I don’t want to be in anyway.

423 caller:  On the cap of 20 million dong, do you have to trade the rest in?

Tony:  Up to 20 million you get at the contract rate and you can exchange the rest at the international rate, which is still fantastic.  You can hold onto the rest, but I don’t see why you would.  The dong is not in a long-term payout, nor the rupiah;  only the dinar and zim are in long-term payouts if you go over the limit.

I’m just going to do a short call because DC abandoned me. I think he just wanted to let me get in trouble by myself!  I am just joking.  I hope we’ll do another call later today or tomorrow, or failing that Wednesday or Thursday.  Pam?  Ray?

Okay, guys, all I can tell you is that there was a lot of action in Iraq over the weekend.  There was an attempt on Friday and on Saturday that didn’t go through.  We know who stopped it, but not why.  Many people are excited and happy in Iraq.  Some government people got raises on Friday, and then quit their jobs on Sunday, so you know something did happen and no one can hide it.  We wait, again, but we are still within our window.  We might go to Thursday but hope it happens before them.  Everything that needs to be done has been done and now it’s a matter of our turn.  If anything happens, you will get the tweet and we’ll be back to do this again.  Enjoy your day!

MAY 1 2015


TNT Call notes 1-May-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Before we record this, I want to say something first.  Do we have any special guests?

DC:  Just assume they are on.

Tony:  When you were younger, if you knew things then that you know today?  Is that what you were talking about?  No?  Oh.  I was going to tell you something about that…

Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, May 1, 2015.  Happy May Day!  Ray’s birthday is 18 days from now, and I hope and pray to God we are not here to say Happy Birthday!  We’ll just say Happy Birthday right now.  It’s a great day and I still feel superfantastic. Things haven’t changed much since Wednesday but they have changed.

DC:  Hope everyone’s having a good day;  I sure am!  If you’re not happy, you should be. Live is very good, and otherwise it’s more of the same. For those who want details, preparations continue in Iraq with more lower denominations and fils being distributed and more training.  A few more exchanges have gone on in-country to get ready for the new denominations and values.  In the  mosques today, they said “Please keep calm;  this is  coming and we want it to go through quickly.  We are waiting for our abundance and the world is awaiting the financial strength of our country.”  I got something similar from another friend as well.  The summary is that they told them to get ready, keep calm, and be ready for this to go through at any time. The world is awaiting this as well, with the proper stamina and improvement of the world economy.

Newspapers and television in Iraq are running that economic reform is closing ‘soonest’ with economic abundance coming soon.  There are loyalty checks or revenue sharing, the citizens’ share of the oil (HCL).  The Middle East is similar to Alaska in that part of the revenue from the state oil revenue comes to you.  In Alaska they get a proportion of the revenue, and they are saying that in Iraq those will start in June or July, depending on the price of oil. That takes time and oil flow in the country. That’s about the oil revenue, not the RV.  Parliament had good meetings to tighten up a few things that are not required but nice to have. They are not waiting on those at all, but they are just getting them done.  Abadi has cancelled leave/vacation for Parliament so that they can get a lot of these done before Ramadan.  These laws are not for the RV, more about ISIL and other things that need to get finished after 4-5 years.

The banks are prepped, the Interior and Finance Ministries, CBI, etc., have all been briefed and they are all happy with what’s going on.

Tony:  In the mosques, they are still saying “it’s done” or nearly here.  “The whole world is watching us and abundance is in your future.”  They are now picking merchants and companies that do business with the citizens, and then the citizens are next.  The fils (coins) are coming out in more regions.  Everybody’s good in Iraq.  They extended Parliament for 30 days.  We were told that the laws were all passed, so this extension is for a different purpose.  We are sitting pretty and our window is still our window.  I‘m still looking at that same window.

DC:  IN the USA, they are still waiting on the agreed timelines. Everyone is on call, in place, locked down, very ready  for this thing to go.  A lot of bankers have been making early appointments.  A few calls are still “I’ll believe it when I see it,” and will call in people once it’s announced. Everyone else is expecting it to go through very quickly.

Tony:   Some banks set up appointments for this week, and their people are sitting there waiting for this to come live on their screens.  Last night the rates appeared for a while, then went back on hold, but at great rates.  The WM are beginning to call people saying that this is about to happen, with direct contact from WM who are able to see the rates.  I understand that more low-level people are being made aware of what will happen after the announcement.  This means the banks have confidence in those people and that this is about to go – otherwise they wouldn’t be telling those lower level people.  They are telling them what to look for, the rates, and how far it might go up and down.  That is very good for us.

707 caller:  I wonder about the window – are we still in that five-day window from last Wednesday, which would mean an actual RV by Monday..?

Tony:  What is your name?  You said that you listened to my opening statement, and I said that we are still in that five-day window, and DC agreed. We believe we are still in that same window, that started on Wednesday. We believe it can happen within that time frame.

Caller:  What about these laws that keep popping up?

DC:  Which laws are you referring to?

Caller:  I don’t look at them all because it seems like every day they are passing laws, but do they all have to be passed before the RV?  A lot of gurus seem to say that.

DC: The laws are on the agenda to be hammered out, and they are important.  They have needed to work them out for a long time, but they are not necessary to the RV.  However, Abadi is saying “Nobody is going anywhere until these laws are done.” That is keeping them motivated, and is great leadership, but they don’t need to be done prior to the RV.

650 caller:  You’ve said that when the people in Baghdad get paid, we are next in line.

Tony: When it’s PUBLIC in Iraq, when the everyday guy is able to exchange, we come after that.

Caller:  Have you seen the new currency and/or fils?  Can you post pictures?

DC:  Yes, we have seen them for years.  You can see them online.

Caller: Someone made a comment that prior to Kuwait revaluing, there was an IMF loan made to Kuwait.  What information do you have about that?  Is that connected?

DC:  Is history repeating itself?  Yes, it sets a precedent, but… they discussed that. The loan will definitely be used, but it’s not in the general coffers, it’s for a specific purpose. It doesn’t speed up M2 (the speed money turns over).  The economic reforms… the RV is really the start of the process, not the conclusion.  When the citizens start paying taxes, employing people, buying things, that starts the economy again. The loan is for specific purposes, not to blow money on whatever we want to. A lot of us will have money and just go out and buy a car if we want to. That’s a different situation.  They have to follow the Budget and the rules.

Caller:  This loan is from the SDR;  any changes to those calculations?

DC:  The SDR is Special Drawing Rights based on a basket of currencies.  The SDR of a dollar is different from other currencies. It fluctuates depending on what’s going on and the value depends on the particular moment you are asking.  The value changes as the world currencies change.

Caller:  Surely that would have to be updated if there is a change in dinar value. That would be a key indicator.

DC:  You won’t see that until after the RV.

Caller:  Do you know what yesterday’s celebrations were about in Baghdad?

DC:  I don’t know which you were referring to. There were some celebrations but not about the RV.

Caller:  What laws were passed this week?

Tony:  They were talking about coming out of meetings with agreements in place;  everybody was happy, and many will see bright sun for a long time. Nothing is guaranteed but everything is looking really great at this moment.  Everyone was agreeing with what will be said in the mosques this morning, that is it here and done.

Caller:  Last Friday you said actions had been taken and this is happening?

Tony: We told you last Monday – the banks were open on Friday for the first time, which had never happened before.  They were excited to see that happen, and it could have happened last weekend like it was supposed to go, and it could happen this weekend.  That’s why I was superfantastic then and I’m still superfantastic now.

DC:  I think the fils are on the CBI website.

860 caller:  Do you have the rates showing on the board right now?  And can we exchange here on Long Island?  [Appreciation]  See you in Vegas!

DC:  The current rates are:
Dinar = $4.67
Dong = $2.27
Zim = .17 minus six zeroes
Rupiah = $1.08
There are a tremendous number of exchange centers on Long Island.

732 caller:  [Appreciation]  DC, still waiting for your phone call so we can have that drink!

405 caller:  If it doesn’t go by this weekend, can you tell us why it’s been held up?

Tony/DC:  If it’s not sensitive, we will continue to do so.  We are having this call to tell you things, not to keep them secret.  We always tell you after the fact when it is no longer sensitive.  We always try to tell people what we are excited about!

410 caller:  I picked up something that might not be true – at some point, Wells Fargo who continue to deny that they handle dinar, they have put out a memo that they would have the information, that they have changed their process and will now handle dinar.  Is that true?

DC:  Memos did go out to certain people, not everyone, mainly the select WMs who were part of the new process.  The WMs then said, “Are you crazy?  So all these whacko people were right after all, that we are doing this??”

Tony:  This is only a few wealth managers in several states.  Phone calls to our members have definitely increased, getting their accounts ready, and telling our members to call them as soon as this is released.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  If this hadn’t developed as it did, we wouldn’t have had time to buy more, so thanks!  And we hope to see you in Austin, Austin, Austin!

636 caller:  Austin, Austin, Austin – the BBQ is better down there than in Dallas!  When you were on the call months back, you said that there would be a subsequent basket, down the road, and we could make more on those currencies.  When?

Tony:  We know that there is on schedule that eleven currencies are scheduled for the next basket and the one after that.  I cannot give you more details because it would cause problems, because we weren’t supposed to be here.  We were asked not to give out that information, and after this first basket, the NDA will block my telling you then. So that is why I said you need to pay attention, do some homework, and listen to global news, not local news.  Global events will send you to the right places, but you have to pay attention.  When you get your WM, tell them what opportunities you are looking for. “Do you know how to work in that segment, because I know there is a future there?” You have to go in there with that as part of your plan.

DC:  We will not be able to say anything, and besides Tony and I are both tired.  It won’t be public, and it’s highly speculative.  They are not fond of six million people doing this, so I guess that it will be highly restrictive, and not for a long time.  It will be 20-30 years, once history slows down and everyone has forgotten this.  Also it will be controlled in a different way.  I wouldn’t spend a lot of time worrying about it.

Tony: They are changing the procedure, and changing the amount of sophisticated investors from one million to ten million.  You’ll have to qualify for the amount and show you know what you’re doing to qualify for this next opportunity.  We discussed on the site how people can become qualified;  ‘teamwork makes the dream work’, that’s all I’m going to say.

Caller:  What are your thoughts about donating to charitable foundations after the RV, and taking the tax deduction at the new valuation?  Or is that just out in left field?

DC:  That is what I’m doing!  I’m in left field with you!

202 caller:  The currency rates you just gave out, is that international/market/street rate?

DC:  Everything but the dong was the international rate;  the dong was the contract rate, I believe.  The street rate for the dong was .47 last I saw.

775 caller:  I have a question about the rate for the dong, which is all I have invested.  DC, in the past there was mention of $2.27, and even up to $4 for the dong.

DC:  There is a probability of it being higher, but the ordinary rates are pretty darn good.  You can always ask for higher;  all they can say is No, and they might say Yes.

303 caller:  Are there any traps we need to watch out for at the banks?

DC:  The biggest deal we know of is to use the word EXCHANGE;  that is super-important.  Otherwise, just look respectful. Some banks only offer contract rates to the people they want to do business with. A lot of the people in the exchange process do NOT have dinar and may be annoyed about that, so be respectful.

Caller: What questions would you guys ask each other?

Tony:  DC, our window is still open, but what percent do you  believe in that window?

DC:  I feel in the 90 percentile, because our sources are humbling.  These are the people doing it, and that is what they say, so it’s pretty to see what they said together with the actions by bankers and world leaders. So it’s not just what they have told us but the actions following it, that’s why I’m so excited.

Tony, I don’t know what else we can say, so I’ll ask a personal question. What will your first month be like after the RV?

Tony:  I’ve got a better question:  have you packed your suitcase yet?

DC: We are going to the same location to exchange and sign some agreements (the NDAs), so smart people like Pam and I have packed and are ready.  But Tony refused to pack. Fine, I will be early and you will be late.

Tony: And afterwards I will move to Missouri because that is the ‘show me’ state.  I’m not packing until they call!

Caller:  For those who are not in the forum, you said that someone was trying to sell the collected information and you offered that for free.  Where?

Pam:  Transcripts and call information (links, numbers, etc.) are atwww.tntdinar.com.  If you are looking for the Top Ten list, which costs Tony every time you click on it, that is at the Forum.  Go to www.tntdinar.com, click on FORUM, and there is information there such as the Ten Things List, the day DC came out of the closet, and the link to My Big, Fat, Wonderfully Wealthy Life, and so on.  You will also find the current tweet on that page.  So go towww.tntdinar.com, then FORUM, then Tony Blast section for tweets and other information.  Oh, and you can donate there, too.

Caller:  I haven’t heard any earthly words from Winston, there…

DC:  I have been told to cut it down by some of the high-level listeners.  I’m trying to tone down my language, although there are times when the other words keep people’s attention on their toes.  I am from Texas, so…

Tony:  I didn’t know they did that.  Yesterday I was telling Pam and DC about a guy who was out from Chicago and met me at the smoke shop. He was amazed when I told him I have never met Pam in person. She is my work wife, wife #3, but I’ve never met her, nor Winston, nor any of the Mods.  They are all good people, we came together to do the right thing, and they all do the best they can to help other people.  That’s why it works.  I didn’t even know someone copied the tweets and put them on the public page.  That is what makes us one team.  We are the people. There are people who have done things for the forum and in the chat room.  They are all good people, and I thank you!

DC:  I do, too.  It’s amazing how many people, top to bottom, have shared information to help you all out.  They get nothing out of it but being annoyed by our constant phone calls.  I do appreciate them all, and Pam and DC are definitely buying me drinks!

503 caller:  I’m the one who was ready to turn in rupiah two weeks ago.  I haven’t!  I live in the capital city of our state where there is a huge WF branch and a loan center. Will the exchange be at one or both, do you think?

DC:  Most the exchange centers are not at public branches because of security issues.

Caller:  I’ve been going into the downtown branch to build rapport, and then I realized it might not help any.  I heard the rates;  do you think rupiah will also go up in 2-3 weeks? And what about the dong?

DC:  I don’t know much about the rupiah;  it seems pretty stable.  I’m happy with the dong rate;  you’re making a tremendous sum at that rate, so don’t do anything stupid.  I don’t see the dong going up much more.

I’ve been meaning to say for a while that Pam and I were talking a little while ago, some choices she was making about possible reserves, and I passed on a piece of advice someone gave me when I was starting out in business.  She was thinking about if she should invest more money now and then have an issue later when needing money later. You have to make your decisions now.  Remember Willy Nelson sold the rights to his most famous song for $50, and it went on to make millions.  He needed $50 more then than 100 million in the future.  You have to make your decisions now.

He also said, that when his lawyer told him he owed the government 23 million dollars, “Ain’t that like the government – they let a guitar picker get into them for 23 million!”

909 caller:  I’m a Vietnam vet, and I want to use a lot of what I get to set up places for these vets coming back to rest and recover and get some help. Take my number down for others who want to get together to do that.  [Appreciation]  With you guys and your NDAs, and going to the bank together, does that mean you have an appointment? Anyway we can get an appointment, too?

Tony:  It’s right after yours!  We know people have been paid in the last two years, and we are trying to get paid, and we have been told that we’ll get exchanged after you do!

Caller:  Is that smoke shop in Folsom?  I grew up in Orange County and maybe when this is over, I’ll get up there and we can have a drink together.

Tony:  Some guy went to every smoke shop in the area, and he waited for me;  we had a nice evening together.   He was determined to find me, and he did!

562 caller:  [Appreciation]  It doesn’t seem important what codes we use, right, like IQD vs IQN?  It’s just important that we say ‘exchange’?

DC: It should be fine if you say dinar or dong, so long as it’s an exchange.

Tony:  A few months ago, the codes were important, but the folks who have exchanged have just said, “I have dinar/dong to exchange” and they were fine.

Caller:  A lot of organizations will benefit from this.  Just find out what percentage goes to administration. Know where you are giving to!

Tony:  Yesl  If you give locally, you can watch that project being completed.  You can give chunks as it is being done, and that always makes you feel better.  I have a bunch of local projects, people and orphanages that I can put together a gym, a park, or what they need, and I think I’ll get more out of seeing that come together. Help your own community, and then you can be directly involved and see what the money is being used for rather than some guy buying a new Bentley because you gave five million.

Caller:  Is that address still right for us to sending things to?  I have something to send to you from Cuba that I think you’ll like.

DC:  He won’t share it with us, you know!

Tony:  Not if it’s perishable.  I will tell them you sent something but I won’t share it!

509 caller:  Do you know anything about the Delta program or Omega Trust?

Tony: When they were getting ready to send out packages last year, we got the list and notification from the Omega Group, I think. However, since the RV didn’t happen, the packages didn’t go out.  The latest I’ve heard is that it will happen 30 days after the RV.  We do understand the bonds were paid out but the paymasters accounts were put on hold.  We hear they will be paid out next week, but we’ll see what happens.  There really isn’t anywhere to check on those prosperity packages;  it was never supposed to happen, just like this RV.  That was supposed to be a government program, completely free.  I do know some people who suddenly had their mortgages paid off.

Caller:  I know some people involved in that back in 1996.  Some have died since then;  I guess we will see how that shakes out.

601 caller: What percentage of the TNT bills are the donations able to cover?

Tony:  It wasn’t as much as it has been, and hopefully we won’t need any more in the next five days.  What we try to do (and Pam as well) is to get by with whatever we can before the RV happens.  I say we’ll try to drag it out as far as we can before I get the final bill.  I hope we can drag it out until Monday and we can exchange.

Caller:  I’ll hold off until next week, then.  Winston, last week we had some special visitors on the call;  did you get any special comments afterwards?

DC: We do get critiques on every call, and the special ones listening didn’t appreciate the older person’s fornication issues.  I didn’t appreciate that either – they should have cleaned it up a little bit.  They do know we are all volunteers here, and you can only push volunteers too hard.  I can get into trouble easily by myself, but that one I do not own at all.

Tony:  A huge portion of those on the call are 60+. Evidently this is an issue in the US, and that was my public service announcement for the day.  Apparently a senior citizen was actually prosecuted… it was on CNN!  Pam was glad I brought that up!

Caller:  [Appreciation]

337 caller:  [Appreciation]  in this area code, SW Louisiana — any exchange locations?  We have Chase and Capital One.  We have no currency dealers here.

DC:  Lake Charles, I think will have one, otherwise you’ll have to go to Beaumont.  I don’t think Fort Polk is big enough to have a nonmilitary exchange facility.  You should be fine with Chase.  Casinos in Lake Charles will help with high dollar issues.

A lot of my is nuts about fly-fishing, especially for red fish out on the bayou. They fight for a long time. I was doing some business at Lake Charles, and they invited me to fish with them.  They said it would be a ‘3-4 knife day’, meaning he would burn out 3-4 electric knives in one day.  This was 15 years ago.  The guy started throwing sticks of dynamite in the lake… hence the big haul.  That’s my Lake Charles story.

541:  It’s beautiful here in southern Oregon.  You talked about the graduated payouts for larger dinar holders.  What if you have a large amount of reserves with a dealer?  How will that work?

DC:  The reserves at some of the dealers – and you can do the research to figure out which they are – have the actual notes in their vaults and can physically give you the dinar if you choose. They can also turn it in to the UST and have liquidity there. Some also have options or insurance on their dinar.  Those doing insurance will have problems, because how will you go after some dealer in Dubai? We have raised this issue in the past so you know who you do business with.

All the banks will have liquidity problems, with the dealers AND in the banks.  The simple fact is that you have an enormous amount of assets, and it may take a while to get the cash to exchange for your dinar, no matter where it is.  It takes a while to turn over that amount of cash that quickly.

Caller:  The biggest company does layaways and that is a big question.

DC: There are four dealers who have the actual currency in their vaults and can give it to you. The others don’t have the cash, and you will have to wait for them to send it to you.  There are exchange locations in southern Oregon, such as Medford.  I remember an exchange location in Redding, too.

Tony:  Let’s call it a day.  DC?

DC:  Hope everyone has a great evening and weekend. Things still look phenomenally good, and if it continues on this path, we’ll be done.  We are happy to do the 15-minute call, and any other way we can help the process.  We pray that this is it!

Pam:  Make sure you build a strong foundation, take care of yourself and your family.  Make sure your money makes money and only give it away from income, not capital.  As that book I told you about says, “Grow your money, don’t blow your money.”

Tony:  We haven’t heard anything about next month or next year;  they are saying it’s here and Iraq is being told that this is here, now. They are excited in Iraq, and being told how it will work.  They are looking for it and so are we.  They are letting out information  in Iraq because they think this is done.  I don’t know how long the TNT site will stay up after the announcement, so anything you need from the forum, get it now.  They may let us post the numbers there, but we don’t know. Be ready, be excited, have a plan to deal with the dinar, dong, rupiah and zim.
Don’t go out and buy more – that’s not why we give you this information.  Some of you will exchange right away, some will wait for ‘greater, later’, and there are opportunities to gain on either end.  We know that as soon as we hang up, other sites will relay this same information.  Enjoy your weekend!  The opportunity is there for us. Enjoy the rest of your day!

APRIL 29 2015


TNT Call notes 29-Apr-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, April 29, 2015.  If you didn’t know this, I am super-fantastic today – good, good news!  DC might just give you the details and forget the overview.  Let me talk about Okie for a minute.  He doesn’t do phone calls or give out much information any more, although he’s been in this since the beginning.  At first he thought like many did that it would be over quickly.  It’s always been about “this is about to happen, one more thing and it will go”.  We’ve never had the picture, so we have always assumed that this would be the last piece and this would be over.  Okie is 73 years old;  he lost his wife, his dog, his daughter-in-law is in the hospital, and he is trying to get through shingles and some other conditions.  He was still trying to do the best he can, and I’m bringing this up because there are still some idiots out there still calling his number looking for the 800 number or connecting to the banks.  You are NOT going to dial a local number for a national situation.  I don’t care if people give out my number because I don’t answer anyway.  But people are calling his 580 number at 2 am, hoping they will connect him with the banks!  Okie is too old for this, and he has tried for so long to help you all with this.  Okie does have connections, and he has introduced me to some of them. This is a legit guy, but he’s older and he shouldn’t have to go through.  Common sense should tell you that you don’t dial a local number to get an 800 number for a global event.  The fact that Okie had to call me and ask me to talk to you about this really irritates me;  he shouldn’t be put through this when he doesn’t even do calls anymore.

Other than that, it’s a super-super-fantastic day.  One more thing:  I got a letter from a guy who is really, really upset, and he’s cussing us up and down, saying we are liars, etc. The funny part is that he is still in the forum because he came in under four different names.  He says, “You think I am not on the calls, but I listen three times a week!”  Why would he put himself through that?  If he absolutely hates us, why listen?

DC:  I wish my right-hand lady’s family the best because her father passed away last night.  The bottom line in Iraq is that I am VERY excited.  In this call we will be nice to everyone, and if you need to gripe about any politicians, I am going to cut you off.  We are in a very good place, and I’m pleased and happy with the situation.  Despite the challenges this morning, it is a dang good day regardless.  I don’t know what we can say without revealing too much of the process and plan, so we will stay generic, and if you don’t like that, get off the line.  Iraq is prepared, with actions in the banks, CBI, all the ministries, Abadi’s office, the Council of Ministers, Federation Council, etc., and we are just  pumped about their actions. I will not give details because it’s not the right thing to do.  I’m excited!

Tony:  On Friday morning, because of everything we thought was about to happen, they told the people “what you are waiting for is here.”.  So what does ‘here’ mean?  I’m feeling that here means OUR interpretation of here, say, within five days.  I want you to be excited because we are excited.  Finally here means HERE.

DC:  We are really excited about what actions have happened, what’s taking place, and we’re happy to be a part of it.  In the USA, they have been preparing for the last 3-4 days, with bankers on call and in place for self-evident reasons.  It’s frustrating for the bankers, but it’s worth it to be there.  Everybody is prepared for this throughout the world, bankers, security staff and all the rest.  Don’t go nuts over this, because it could take another five days, so we’ll wait and see how it turns out.  The actions taken are hard to refute, and we have had some stellar sources who have helped us get here.

Tony:  I know they are listening, and I say “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  I’m excited and I haven’t been for a while.

DC:  The boss lady says it’s One-Question Wednesday, and please keep it positive.

Hawaii caller:  On behalf of my friend, if the dinar will be a recognized currency why do we need receipts?

DC:  You don’t need receipts to exchange, but when the tax man cometh, it matters when you bought the currency.  Some banks may be asking for receipts so that they know where the currency came from.

Tony: They are going to question some people about where the currency came from and how they got these high amounts.  Some banks have been investigating people for that.

Caller:  I think he was given some, without gifting letters.  [Appreciation]

Tony:  That was the Tyrant who determined that it’s One-Question Wednesday, and that lady waited for 500 minutes for one question.

530 caller:  My question is about Shabibi.  I’ve been following this for years, and I always through that once Shabibi  returned, a quick release would take place.  I know the economic leaders of the world have faith in Shabibi. So he is back and I get the impression that he has been given the green light, but now he is running scared.  Maybe he has cold feet;  any thoughts on that?

DC:  Once they realized Shabibi is independent, they recovered their faith in him.  He’s been on task and active in the process for quite some time.  He never really left the process, he was orchestrating it from abroad.  Yes, he wants everything to be right, but I think he is reasonable and there are a lot of tough calls he needs to make about whether the economy and the government can stand this process. That’s a large part of his reticence, and also he is in charge of herding cats into alignment.  He’s been highly involved for more than a decade, he’s doing a good job, and he’s not going to back off.

Caller:  So you are excited?

Tony/DC:  Yes, we are.

617 caller:  Will we know from you what the limits are, or do we wait until the exchange?

DC:  Those limits are what we said – 20 million each dinar and dong, US$500 million for zim.  As for the actual rates, we will not know for sure until it’s released, but all banks are supposed to be the same.

Caller:  Did you get the packages I sent?

Tony/DC:  Yes, we did!  Thank you!

636 caller:  Are there any pitfalls in the exchange process that you can talk to us about?

DC:  We can talk about that a little bit.  The biggest thing is to use the word EXCHANGE, because other words like ‘cash in’ or ‘investment’ trigger other venues.  We hear the exchange process is very straightforward.  People who want contract rates have to sign NDAs, but those seem to be very simple.  The spouse has to sign as well. The actual exchange process involves the bank agreeing the rate, they count your currency or run it through a DelaRue machine to verify it.  If they have to send it off to their currency place, they will bundle it up with witnesses, and send it off, and give you a receipt.

Tony:  The banks are doing their own thing, and they will be competitive.  Even pennies can make a difference.  Make sure to have your plan ready, not just running out with a lot of money in your hand.  Remember about the perks and each bank’s capabilities.

Caller:  I resemble Okie, and I just want to say “We are not done yet.”

Tony:  Okie is not done, he just shouldn’t have to go through all that.

347 caller:  DC said on Monday that actions were taken to get this RV process in motion;  how does that affect the five-day window?

DC:  The actions I believe we needed to take were taken, and we are just giving a general idea of the window.  We are not calling it, but we know what they are working under.  That five days would be from now, and those actions did occur.

Caller:  Any update on the zim?

DC:  So far as we know, it’s 15 cents and six zeroes, and it goes at the same time as the Iraqi dinar, [in the first basket].
559 caller:  I am just super-fantastic, blessed on top, can’t be stopped!   [Appreciation]  Tony, I took your advice and spoke with a Wealth Manager (WM);  I told him some of the information in general, and he said he would investigate and get back to you on that.  I nicely told him I would rather stay there, but I understand there might be competition.  I gather that Vegas may or may not happen.  Would there be any problem if we threw you a birthday party in Vegas for a few thousand of your closest friends?
Tony:  We’ll see what happens.  We don’t want to talk about dinar or future investments, we just want to have a celebration, although the banks can show up and do their thing if they want.  It’s not about dinar as such, but more “we’ve been through the fire and come out the other side” celebration.  I don’t want to say too much and give them ideas of other things to ban!
Caller:  I feel for the  people of Iraq.  I’ve been in this eleven years, and three years into it, my husband and I were in a road accident.  We lost our health, business and everything.  We are too close now to give up.  But as you say, “you  can’t fix stupid!”  [Appreciation]
Tony:  Let me say this real quick:  I need to know the guys who did the TNT shirts a while ago.  If you know who that is, send the info to Pam or to me because I really want to do that.  Also, there was a shirt with my face on it, and I’d like one of those.  (I’m shocked you guys put that out without checking with us first, actually.)  I had nothing to do with producing that, and I won’t be allowed to either, but I’d like one as a souvenir.
770 caller:  [chitchat]  [Appreciation]  Re:  the exchange moment, which I know will be very soon, when they say  they will do a background check… how does that relate to the person who is going to exchange?
DC:  In essence, they will run a quick background check to make sure this isn’t going to bad people.  If you have a LOT of money, you have to show where  you got the money to  invest – savings, inheritance, whatever.  They want to follow the money to make sure  it’s all legit and make sure you aren’t helping another bad guy.  Everyone’s family has a skeleton or two in the closet, and they are not looking for minor stuff, just connections to organized crime or terrorist groups.  All families have issues, and if there are outstanding warrants, they will look more deeply. As long as the money is legitimate and is going to a legit direction, you should be okay.
Tony:  if your siblings or in-laws have warrants out, you should still be okay so long as your currency money didn’t come form them.
951 caller: You think this is happening within five days?  Really?
Tony:  This is not a guarantee, of course, but we think it is probable.  We can only tell you that this is what we are hearing and this is what we think.
DC:  I think we are in very good shape.  We’ve been very close before and things didn’t work out.   But we do have a timeline.  Nobody should go out and buy more dinar;  we are just reporting what we are getting.  Everyone is eager to get this done, and the actions  taken are pretty permanent.
Tony:  If it doesn’t happen, it will be worse on us, but it is really, really good.
410 caller:  I’m so happy that this is happening;  I have this amazing energy today, so it must be real!  What kind of advance notice do they give Sterling to stop selling dinar?  There have been riots in this area, like there might be in Iraq.  Also, when are they planning their celebration?  I hope they can feel it will happen this time.  We want to be careful for older people, because stress causes shingles…
DC:  The UST licenses dealers who are then on a call list or update list. They typically get 24 hours’ notice, or high-alert message.  They will be called when or just after it happens, and the dealers can shut down whenever they want to.  Sterling and other dealers have prepared for this many times in the last 18 months, so they have done this drill until it’s old hat for them.
Tony:  In the mosques last Friday they said “It is here” because they felt the Iraqi people were about to hit the streets and they didn’t want that to happen. Today we here that the people in the streets are happy and excited because they believe it IS here.  They go up and down just like we do, and they cannot play with the people’s emotions there.  If they are setting this up for this weekend, that’s 180 degrees from the end of this week, so that gives us more confidence in what is happening.  They are excited like we are.
I’m looking for the TNT Super-Fantastic t-shirt with my face on it – they were selling those for $185, which I think is ludicrous.  But I’d like one as a souvenir.
803 caller:  I had to take off my oxygen so you could hear me today! I woke up early this morning feeling super-super-fantastic, so you guys are carrying on the feeling.  I have a question about the Multi Currency Account (MCA).  Is there any way we can use that account as a tool for holding funds?
DC: Sure.  The MCA is an account where you put money in and have access to many different currencies at the same time.  It’s usually for international businesses that don’t want to change money back and forth all the time. It’s rarely used for investment, more often for foreign companies and sometimes for traveling.  Each bank has a different set of rules to follow.  However, you can set on up.
Tony:  We understand that some banks will be opening those up for individuals as well as businesses.
DC:  You can set up an LLC just to run that account;  it doesn’t cost much.
Caller:  Don’t your foundations or trusts count as businesses?
Tony:  It’s mainly for businesses overseas.
DC:  If my company has a branch in London, say, I might want to accept pounds sterling and keep them in that currency.  It depends on how your company is structured.  You need to have a purpose to have an MCA because it’s complicated and expensive to run.
Caller:  I know you like barbeque, and I do a wonderful Louisiana low-country boil;  when I make it, people stand at my door with their own containers.  You guys need to come to South Carolina, and if you give me two days’ notice, I will make you some.  I have a crew to help.  Some people call this ‘gumbo’.  I have two partners that would come by any time I make gumbo and they would bring their own containers because they enjoy it so!  Also, I pray for you every day.
Tony/DC:  I love gumbo!  And we need all the prayers we can get!
732 caller:  [chitchat]  [Appreciation]  Once this finally comes through, I am inviting you all to my wedding, so I wanted to make sure you still have my number.  [more chitchat]
Tony:  Yes, we got the invitation, and you’ll need to send us another one when this comes through.  I’ve love to come.
770 caller:  My questions got answered.  Are we going to survive until Monday?
Tony:  That is five days from today.  I don’t know… my window is somewhere in next five days.  I don’t know that it will take five days, but somewhere in there, we should see this.
941 caller:  Looks like it’s almost here!  My question has been answered.
Tony:  We’re going to call it a day, hopefully a short day.  Pam?
Pam:  We’ve said it all, including thanks to everyone including our members who are able to help.
Ray:  We moved to When-are-we-going-to-see-it Wednesday!
Tony: We have received nothing but good information in the last 24 hours. Iraq has told their people that it’s here, and we’ve been told that it’s here, using our definition of ‘here’. Everyone is cautious, excited and touchy, so we didn’t go into details but they are great.  Some people are saying we need to wait for certain things, and they are being done, and some things are still being worked on to make this even better.  You’re  not at the bank yet, but there is reason to be happy.  We are at another level of ‘never happened before’ including multiple countries.  We are still here – they didn’t make the announcement today – but that is not because they couldn’t have.  They chose not to, although another few days won’t hurt us.  I hope we don’t have a call on Friday, but I will send out a tweet, hopefully something super-fantastic.  Enjoy your day!  Thanks, everybody…

APRIL 27 2015


TNT Call notes 27-Apr-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, April 27, 2015.  We are here once again.  I have a challenging situation every day.  DC took a deep breath.  I will see how much I can get away with and how  many calls DC gets afterwards!
I’m not going to clear up the last call if people don’t understand. Women have made great strides in this world.  I tell people a lot that women are stronger than guys, and I respect and acknowledge the things they go through as mothers, wives, girlfriends and the rest.  Today we have a female Attorney General for the first time;  congratulations to her and to all women who are making great strides in history.  They are shattering the glass ceiling in all directions, with one more to go.

On OpenMike, they had a conversation today that was out of this world.  DC?

DC:  Hope everyone is doing well. It’s a very simple day today;  little has changed apart from a few positive, supportive moves in the direction of preparation.  Fro those who care about details, they have been preparing for this in Iraq at the banks and with notifications going out.  The mosques are telling everyone to stay calm, that this is upon us, and everything is going to be great.  That has been the deal all this weekend, with some actions that have taken place that look phenomenal.  Frankly, there is not much to say in Iraq;  it’s just great!

Tony:  I don’t have much to say until we see what happens. We heard they are excited and anticipating something.  Everything is so good there is nothing to discuss unless it DOESN’T happen.  All Friday, they were hearing “it’s here, it’s here, it’s here,” although I don’t know what ‘here’ means over there.  Our information says that they are happy.

DC:  In the US, everyone is where they need to be, preparing all weekend. The expectation is still the same.  Actions have been taken that are wonderful, with more and more supportive information.  There’s not a lot to expound upon;  everyone is lined up in the belief that this is going down.  We can go home now!

Tony:  We are ever so close. The discussion is winding down, and they are not restricting this on any level.  It can be announced at any point they want it to be.

Q:  What are you hearing about the new notes?

DC:  There are two different series of new notes:  the 50 dinar notes, and the 50K, 100K and 250K notes.  Iraq is a cash-based culture, so they will still use those notes, although they will not print very many and they will be heavily guarded. It won’t be easy to get one.  This will also fix a few mistakes, like the Kurdish language.   The 50 dinar notes are invalid after 30. April, so they will need new notes for that.

Tony:  Years ago, they were talking about a new currency and everyone got scared because we just got the new currency.  Everyone got afraid we would get cut out of the picture.  So they are redoing the 50 dinar notes because they are getting worn out, and they are improving the higher notes.  We know those notes were printed in January.

DC: They are talking about printing costs and security features, so that is just the regular allocation for that purpose.

Tony:  This is nothing new, it’s just another article.  As an example, Mayweather said during the last season that he wanted two million, and they paid him in 100K notes.  People were saying there weren’t any higher notes than $100, but it’s just that they are no longer prevalent.  In Iraq, it will take awhile to get those new notes out, and until that time, there needs to be something to pay for those cars, trains, boats and planes.

What else?  Everything is just in place.

DC:  Pam asked for us to talk about some family issues relating to money.  We can hit a few high points that we have talked about.

Tony: Banks and personnel are still on alert.  They were looking for something this morning and that part didn’t’ happen.  But that is how close we are to it happening at any point in time.  Some think it will happen on Thursday because that is the end of the month, and the 50 dinar notes run out.  But that is nothing to do with the RV.

DC: That’s not enough to do anything;  not enough for anyone to smuggle it in or whatever. That is not an excuse for this RV not to happen.

Pam told us a few things that we need to talk about today, and we listen to the Boss lady.  There are a few things to provoke thought/research for what to do afterwards.  What happens when you get it?  A lot of folks will be like the dog who caught the car. Tony, Pam and I are all worried that people won’t know what to do when they catch the car (or bus). Before you spend a dime, have it invested in earning money.  We have given that information many times, and talked about people who were rolling in it at one point and now have little left.  Tony’s friend who was in the NFL for 11 years is down to doing menial work because he didn’t’ save or invest his earnings.

There are lots of great books about family wealth, and good articles and seminars, depending on your age.

  1. Get over a little retail therapy and get used to the weight of money on your shoulders.
  2. How does each spouse treat money – it’s often very different, based on how they were raised, their expectations, experience with money before, etc.  Figure that out ahead of time, with as much patience as possible.
  3. Many are worried about how their kids will take it, and there are many wonderful books about how to deal with people who have never been around real wealth. 
  4. Once you are in the game, take things slowly and walk through all the family issues, because it will control your life, your family’s life, and the other family members who may be dependent on you.
  5. Think it through in terms of money that you plan to give, and what happens when they come back for more.  Let’s say you buy a Mercedes, and a relative comes and wants one, too?
  6. In the family realm, they say “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”  That is, the first generation makes the money, the second generation knows how you made the  money and is cautious with it. The third generation blows the money.
  7. Think through the effect you want this money to have on them, especially your kids.  Don’t make rash decisions, and consider how much you want to support your kids.  Your views about it will change dramatically.  My kids are 2 and 4, and we will be sheltering and providing for them for a long time. If your kids are 40 and already successful, then a little more won’t change them much.  It’s the teenage kids who create the most ripples.

Tony:  Put away at least 50% for taxes, and that way most of you will be ahead of the game.  If you have at least 25% working for you, making some kind of income to give you long-standing life, then you can take the other 25% and make life easy for yourself.  Know you are only working with 25% though.  A year from now, the taxes will be paid, and you can put the remainder to work.  Live off the INCOME, not the capital.  If you have 50K, put it to work and you will have $1,000 per month for the rest of your life.  The average person has 100K dinar, and that will be about $400,000.  Now there are many more dinarians, and the average person has been given 25K.  Statistics suggest that of those people, most will be broke again in 2-3 years.  So those who are paying attention and learning here need to help them out, and create a plan so that it helps their lives rather than ruining their lives.  I know you just wanted to give them the money, but that might not be the best thing unless you help them plan how to use it as well.

I have a responsibility to all of you, and you have a responsibility to those you are helping and advising.  If you didn’t get them on the call or hand them the books we suggested, then you have a responsibility.  Give them the information on how to change their lives and futures, not just for two years but for the rest of their lives.  We can all think “If I had just had that money when I left home, my life would be different.”  Well, we can catch up on that idea now, because this is the best opportunity most of us will ever have.

914 caller:  This is Marko, in NY.  I’m hanging on like everyone else.

Tony:  We are all doing that, hoping that it’s over.

914 caller:  How much longer can they drag this out?

DC:  I don’t believe they have much more room to maneuver;  that’s what they are telling us, and besides, they don’t want to.  They strongly desire to get this over with, as much or more than we do.

Tony:  We’ve talked about this before, with all the announcements in the paper and on television, and Abadi putting himself out there, to make himself different from Maliki.  There are rumblings, and the fact that they acknowledged those people in the mosques on Friday, saying “What you want is really here.”  The rumbling is spreading and it’s already April.  They cannot afford for something like that to happen because it would ruin the world economy.  They understand that, they know that people are at their breaking point, and so are they! Both sides are saying “now or never,” and it’s time for now.  It will be very public when it happens.

I want us to do the events.  We won’t be talking about dinar, just a celebration and helping you guys to plan for the future.  I still want to do them, but I don’t have the NDA, and DC says that it doesn’t look good.

DC:  I would like to do them, too, but we can’t violate what they are telling us.  I think the chances of the events are not high, but they haven’t been forbidden yet either.

828 caller:  I appreciate what you are sharing, that we are still ‘right there.’  All this time, whenever we get ‘right there,’ who is saying ‘not yet,’ and why does everyone go along with that?

DC: There are many different reasons that we have gone over many times in the past.  Right now, Dr Shabibi and Dr Abadi are consulting.  This is a world event, and they have to make dang sure everyone has their stuff straight.  That’s why it’s so important that everything is lined up.  We pray to God that this is it.  No one is maneuvering to stop this that we know of.

425 caller:  [Appreciation]  I’m sure you’ve done many things that cannot be spoken of.  It seems like all last year everything was imminent, regardless of Maliki or Abadi being in office.  Then there was the election, and laws had to be put in place, and Abadi was doing his best for the Iraqi people.  Then we had an election season, and neither party wanted the new wealth to affect that in 2014.  Now we are in 2015, with the Democrats only retaining the White House. Now we are going into the primaries, and we will not see the end of the voting process for another 18 months.  Will we have to wait until November 2016?  The Republicans got what they wanted, so why are the people not being looked after now?

Tony:  You are making this all about the US elections. If so, that will make this go on forever, because there are always elections.  We cannot base the RV on election cycles. In the last 3-4 years, there have been attempts to do this, but someone stopped it every time. They are fighting both sides, those who want it to go and those who want to stop it.  Then they had to get Iraqi society ready, and protections to put in place.  One side says that they will fix things later, and others saying, “No you have to fix this first.”  Most people want to do this the right way, not just for today but in terms of the next 20 years.  To get the money today without paying attention to the next 20 years and the global economy is bad business and bad government.

I want to get  paid more than anyone else!  But there are things that protect everyone else in society;  what kind of person would say “I don’t care about society, give me my money?”  They don’t want the terrorists to get this money too.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it has to be done right.  They keep telling us this time, then that time, and we have to go over another window, and we are upset all the time. Last Thursday, they said all the laws are being passed, but we are not waiting for the laws, we want the RV.
Caller:  It’s unfortunate for Iraq and other nations to suffer as we wait, and we watch all the maneuvers around the BRICS nations and the Asian bank. I wonder if some of the reasons behind this are not political.  How long do we wait before the reasons start repeating themselves.  You documented the politicos exchanging 18 months ago!  It’s hard to see how these windfalls would NOT benefit the country!
Tony:  This is not about us, it’s about the Iraqi people after what they have gone through all these years.  This has to be set up so that it rebuilds their country and assures their future, and that brings peace around the world.  We were not supposed to be here to start with, so what we see in the news is just Standard Operating Procedures.  This was never supposed to benefit us, and most of the public doesn’t even know it’s happening, they are just living life.  This is about President Bush saying that the war would pay for itself.  The big plan is for the deficit to come down, and yes, some people in the know benefitted personally from what happened in Kuwait.  The people who did get paid assumed that everyone else would be at the bank the next week or the next month. They felt guilty and started giving us information because they found out that the public was not part of the plan, and they felt that was not right.
We ARE still in this, and we have the earlier exchanges well documented, in case.  We cannot MAKE them pay us today or this week.  We cannot force Iraq to RV;  the Iraqi people can do something because it’s their country.  Asking ‘why, why, why” doesn’t help because it’s not our position. We know the banks have agreed to pay out 14,000 per day, it just hasn’t started yet.
Caller: Is there a parallel with after WWII, when they were rebuilding Germany and Japan? The wealthy came forward and they got repaid first, and everyone else benefited from the rebuilding. That happened very quickly in those countries, and Iraq seems to be taking a lot longer, not a whole country.
Tony:  Originally it was supposed to be one country, and then a bunch of other countries got involved.  Yes, after WWII, the rich got richer and we will be the new rich when the RV happens.
DC:  This is not driven by the US political system. Yes, the administration has influence and they have asked for things to be added in at the last minute.  Now they are antsy and saying “come on, already!”  We are not the ones holding up the train.  Also, when they added in the other currencies, it become more complicated and less manageable, because this is now a venue to poke the other guys and one-up each other. That’s why it has dragged on so long. This is no different from Germany and Kuwait, and it could have happened two years ago, but now it’s so much more complicated. It could happen in the next 30 seconds!  But also more things could easily come up to block it, too.  We just don’t know where Shabibi’s head is at right now.
Caller:  I appreciate that you bring up things that don’t get brought in by our mainstream media.  It gives a much more sophisticated picture of what is happening in Iraq, and people can develop their own opinions, politically and economically.
Tony:  I hope people do follow that and understand that this is about the whole world, not just about us.
Caller:  Iraq was the center of civilization 2,000 years ago.  Our country is only  200 years old, but has become a military and economic power.
Tony: Every great nation every has risen and then fallen.  I hope we will be on top as long as I’m alive, but the world  is changing with these conditions, including new technologies that allow us to have this call, educating people for further changes.
DC:  Everyone we know is eager to get this done.
627 caller:  Has there been any attempt to do this over the weekend?
DC:  They have been preparing minute details. They are taking it slow, but it’s more about being methodical rather than taking a shot and being denied.
Tony:  You guys keep saying ‘Vegas’;  maybe they will get the idea.
404 caller:  [Appreciation]
Tony:  You know I’m married, right?  I have two wives here, and then there is Pam, and two others who tell me what to do.  Pam would be my work wife, and in the chat room, they are saying YOU are DC’s work wife.  Did you know that?
Caller:  Okay.  My spouse is listening elsewhere, so we will discuss this at dinner.  On the last call, DC said that you thought it might be 85% ready to go.  Now?
DC:  I am a little higher now. But we have been super-close before and so we will not go crazy.   But everything looks so good.
Caller: With the early exchanges, what is the status of the contract rates?
DC:  Most of the pool is still there, accounted for and being held for us by special people. Realistically, you’re looking for 2-5 days for the contract rates to be available. That is their estimate by the bankers, for both dinar and done.
Caller: What percent of the Iraqi people has been paid using the Qi cards?
DC:  Those showing that  in their accounts as pending are pretty high, but those actually using it as cash is relatively low.  Those with pending payments from the local or national government are relatively few, because they are doing a bit, then pausing, then a bit more, then pausing.  So we don’t have solid numbers on that.
Tony: What happened to your husband?  You used to call in together.
Caller:  He is on a work assignment, but we develop the question together.
636 caller:  Sorry I was incoherent on Wednesday.  Tony, what question do you hope someone would ask you today?
Tony:  I was hoping they wouldn’t ask me any, just ask DC! There is not a lot to go on right now.  Unfortunately, I didn’t expect anything over the weekend.  A lot of people got excited, but I just went about my business. I didn’t expect anything until this morning or tomorrow morning. The banks were told to be ready this morning.  I hear this, it’s back down to that level, and I wonder if they can really do it to the banks yet again.  I hear him similar things at all hours, but to bring people in at 5am and not let them go until 7-8pm. IN the military we sit on alert for 24 hours, but these are civilians who don’t really understand the process.  Many are tired and ready to quit.  But I am happy because we hear that it’s happening and we see things on the screens. We just want to know when it will go live.
Caller:  I hear you, and I feel my job is to be patient.  I pass on what you say to my small group by email.  I can’t make them read it… but you guys are men of valor.
Tony: When it talk to my sources in the agencies, we agree that we are just not that good.  There is a bunch of stuff on the internet that blames us, and we are just not that good.  There is no way in the world we could come up with all this!  If we could, I’d be a millionaire by now.
Caller:  I don’t want to go to Vegas:  Dallas, Dallas, Dallas!
347 caller:  DC said that this should be done any minute. Are you expecting to do a call on Wednesday?
DC:  No, I’m not.
719 caller:  Someone posted on Recaps that it was stopped on Saturday night, and that was really frustrating.
DC:  I think it’s being very methodical and they are doing a very slow rollout.
Caller:  Let’s ay it was stopped last Monday;  why does it take so long to restart it?
DC: The system used to be on a 48-hour process because it was so complicated.  It would take 48 hours to get the procedures lined up again.  That’s not the case now.  If they hit it at 2.01, they can start it again at 2.05. So that tells us that any pauses are political, not technical or procedural.  This is major stuff, so Shabibi consults with everyone and says, “When I hit this button, you’d better not have any complaints!” So they bring up this, that and the other before it happens.
Tony: They basically have to start at the bottom and check with everyone again.
DC: Lets say Shabibi hits the button, and the system didn’t load correctly in China. They don’t have to stop for 24 hours every time, but they would have to call China, fix the issue, and then start up again.  Most issues in the last 18 months have been political so they have to talk the issue through.  Technically, they can start it up again immediately.
Caller:  We have friends in Puerto Rico, and they are in network marketing;  they say “you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him lay down by the lake.”
There are many people who are fortunately part of the forum, and don’t listen.  They ask questions that have been discussed a thousand times.  You can go search on any topic and pull up all the articles about that.  Those on the forum need to do their own research, and that will make it deeper into your brain than asking someone else. Use the forum for your education!
Q:  If you didn’t think it would happen this weekend, why did you lead us on?  I don’t lead you on, I give you the information. We were told it would happen, it was planned to happen, and there was a window from Friday to Monday.  I always assume the back of the window.  So I said MY window is today and here we are.  We get it, but every time it’s over a few days, I do to the end of the window.
301 caller:  I think 404 missed an opportunity to ask DC for her dowry. You guys could meet in Vegas!  What about the Indian rupee?  How is that developing?  You talked about another currency in the first basket.
DC:  I am a fan of their new PM, and I have friends with businesses in India.  They will continue to increase economic output for a while to come.  They are not in the basket that I know of.
Caller:  I heard that money being loaned to Iraq is going to the CBI, not the government.
DC:  There are a number of loans, most related to ISIL or for economic development.  Most of the latter go through the CBI in terms of governance.  The loans are not made to the CBI itself.
Caller:  Who actually profits from all this chaos?  Are the banks making money?
DC:  It depends.  In the past, it might be X getting this, and then the next time they lost out.  Every issue has a beneficiary, but it’s mainly about power, not money.
Caller:  I keep hearing from brokers that they got this deal or that deal, and I wondered if somehow that is driving these delays.
Tony:  Yes, there are deals, but at those rates, mot much. Most are just paying people in advance, and each one is structured differently.
405 caller:  You all said that on Friday the man cried wolf;  it’s still being stopped.  The US still has control at the IMF, so what’s to stop them nitpicking?  I won’t see our currency, but it’s getting old that we keep getting this close without the RV happening.
DC:  My sources say that the US has not been blocking this.
Tony:  My point is that Shabibi tried to release this and because he had tried to do so many times in the past, no one believed him (like the boy who cried wolf.)  I didn’t say that I suspected it would not go at the weekend because the guy who cried wolf is at such a high level that I wanted to believe him.  It could happen, but I felt/feel there was more chance of it happening today.  Not only those crying wolf, plus those on the other end said to could happen, but in my own mind, I didn’t think it would happen until today.
Friday’s deal had nothing to do with the US, and that is not who we are talking about as the boy who cried wolf.  That was all Iraq.  It’s like when the banks opened on Friday, which his something that had never happened before.  It’s a whole different level and we don’t have anything to compare it to.
716 caller:  Tony, going back 4-5 years ago, remember that baby that was being born?
Tony: That’s why I let DC answer the questions.  I think that baby went back in and was born another way (or not).  DC doesn’t know about that baby.  Five years ago, they were pinging the system, and we thought sure it was happening then!  But the banking system and country and banking laws needed to be put in place first, and we didn’t know that.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  You tell us to BE ready rather than getting ready.
Tony:  The best negotiator in the world  will get you an inch away from signing and then will say, “Before we do this, can you just do this other thing?” We have seen that happen over and over again, and it’s part of negotiating.  It’s part of the process.  Whatever they have on that hidden list, if they asked for all of it in a lump it would never happen.  IF they bring it out one issue at a time, 49 out of 50 will get done.
Once again, I want to say that I don’t want to be me, especially when DC tells me about all the people who have already exchanges and I have not.
281 caller:  I have a serious bone to pick with you two.  As I have listened to all this, you have proved how stupid I am about this whole situation.  Then RayRen came to town yesterday and he even heightened my stupidity.  Really, I appreciate all your information that has enlightened our lives.  [Appreciation]  I think you said that zim will have a cap of half a million US dollars?  Is that just for the zim or others as well?
DC: That is just for the zim.
Caller:  My wife has currency and the caps apply to her separately, I believe.  I have tow children over 18; can they participate as well?  Is there anything particular we need to have in place for them to exchange?  Can the funds then be commingled?
DC:  Each person needs two forms of ID, just as drivers license and passport.  Some bankers may want more documentation, and also they may have ideas of where they want to place your money like a MoneyMaker account.  Otherwise, it should be simple, straightforward and quick.  My understanding is that initially, whomever brings the ID is the name it will be registered under.  So your son will have an account, and his own tax liability.  You can move the money around later.
Tony:  Is there a concern that they might have too much money?  Or just having your money?  Either way, you create a trust and be a trustee or move money to a foundation and get on the board.   They will have to trust you.  There is no way I want my children to have this amount of money at their current age.  There are restrictions, and they will get more money later.  It’s your relationship with your child that will determine which of those options you will choose.  And if you give your kids currency, write up a gift letter and have it notarized.
410 caller: I am not in the forum, and I would love it if you could post or tweet out the Ten Things list, if possible.  What impact do you think this will have on society as a whole?
Tony:  The Ten Things… if you go to www.tntdinar.com, got to the Tony Blast area.  You don’t have to be a member to get that.  Ray said that parts are outdated and he will fix that.  Pam will tell you the title before we say goodbye.
DC: The banks just want to get this moving on.  In terms of economic input, everyone is ready for that, although Iraqis are 100 times more ready than we are. This si the real start of their economic boom, and that doesn’t begin until this gets going.  People need to create businesses, get the infrastructure going, and build up the economy in a major way.  Everyone I talk to is so eager for this to start.  It won’t be that well-known relating to the RV;  it will be more about the economy kicking up and taking off.
Tony:  You will know that is about the RV;  others won’t have a clue.
Caller:  I don’t know if I can keep this up, getting a shower every weekend. <laughter> You can feel this being on the brink.  I hope it happens really soon.  I was on twitter, and it was like a travelogue about all the wonderful places to visit in Iraq instead of the war scenes.  It’s now on my travel list.  Instead of Dallas… Austin, Austin, Austin.
DC:  The window times continues to be the same. Everything looks really, really good and I’m very excited for all of us.  Just be sure to think through what to do when you ‘catch the car’.  Have a wonderful 24 hours!
Pam:  The Ten Things is back in the Tony Blast area, and TNT pays for every time you click on that, so… Somebody came into chat over the weekend and said we should all read the book New Money, Staying Rich by Phillip Buchanan from the Oakland Raiders.  This book will help you understand when you are being an enabler.  A new millionaire has underdeveloped instincts on how to assess how a person is interested in them.  They are not ready for shark attacks.  The book says, “New money is like a newborn baby.  It doesn’t come with an instruction manual.”  And yes, your family and friends will consider you as an unending source of help.  So read this book!
Ray:  Enjoy Magnificent Monday!
Tony:  Today’s main message is to be prepared with a long-term plan for your family, future and legacy.  I’ve got guys from the NFL who I sit down with a few times per week. They never expected to be poor again and they have dinar because they need more money now. They got it too fast, too young, and thought it would last forever.  If these got through 50 million dollars, thought it would last forever, and now they are sitting next to me, that should tell you money don’t last forever unless you  put  it to work. You have to plan to keep money, to do something with your money.  Spending it is not part of the plan.  Buying luxury cars and houses is not part of the plan if you haven’t planned for how to reproduce that money.  We have spent five years beating that statistic down, that 90% will be broke again in two years.  Can we do our share in bringing information, understanding and guidance to take that number down?  I hope you  are doing your share to the people around you, too.  Don’t hand your kids or relatives 100K without showing them where to put it so there can be an income check coming through.  You need to do that for their future and because they will come back to you when they’ve spent it all.
I hope this is our last call. I think they want me to do a recorded call because they don’t want me to say certain things…<laughter>  Go through the forum and get what you need, because after the announcement, you will be at the bank AND we may only be up for 24 hours anyway.  Have a great day!  I hope this is our last call, and if something happens we will definitely tweet it out for you. Enjoy your day!

APRIL 24 2015


TNT Call 24 April 2015 –

Verbatim transcript by ZebraGirl

T:  Okay.  Goooood morning, TNT!  Today is April the 24th, 2015, and once again no we didn’t think we would make it this far.  Well we hoped we didn’t make it this far this week.  There was a possibility, ‘cause DC only gave today 75% chance, but over the weekend he raised it up to 85, so don’t you guys forget that!  So, it’s sounding really good, might be on target, but I want to talk to you guys about something else before we get started, because again, and DC has some really good information, I think.  I can’t wait to see, hear what he gonna say though, but anyway.  We try and do a bunch of different things on our call and help people out, life, and I just want to pass this thing on to you guys real quick ‘cause I know, I get letters from a lot of older people, I get letters from people talkin’ about how their parents are involved in this, got ‘em involved in this, gone away and, and a lot of you guys are, you know, older, whether you wanna be or not, and I know you are.  It’s not like we have a bunch of young kids here today, but I saw something that was so ridiculous on television, to me, I mean just so ridiculous, I want to make sure everybody is, in fact, aware of it.  And that was, you know, this guy they had on trial for having sex with his wife because she was in a, a home, and they were gonna say he abused her or, or whatever, I mean.  And now, I mean, the caution is if you think you’re going crazy, if you think you’re goin’ into dementia, if you think you’re gonna be in, incapacitated in any way, I mean, you need to have in writing that it’s okay for you and your spouse to still have sex.  And I just thought it was the most ridiculous thing he, he was found not guilty today.  I mean, the, these are older people, it’s his wife, it’s just, it was just the most ridiculous thing to me, and now that the trial is over everybody says there never should’ve been a trial.  Well, why didn’t they say that before they made, you know, this big national thing out of it?  Anyway, it was just one of my things that, that I noticed, and I know that goes for both spouses, ‘cause you never know, when things happen and your spouse still loves you one way or the other and just, just be aware.  It’s, it’s some crazy people out there, and I don’t mean the, I mean the prosecutor who brought this up, who everybody says now should’ve never even brought it up, nobody even wanted the charge it, but.  Sorry, I just had to go off on that this morning.  Okay, DC, I know you don’t have to worry about that for a few more years, but.

DC:  Good Lord!  Oh, my God.  Just got jogged off, okay!

T:  All right.

DC:  All right!  Okay!  Onward to Iraqi revaluation, and away from that topic.  Okay.  Here we go.

T:  It was just crazy!  I said that was crazy!  But anyway, go ahead.

DC:  It is, but a lot of, change subjects, please.  Okay.  Onward and upward.  Let’s, I hope everybody’s doing well today, hope everybody is enjoying their, or soon to be enjoying their weekend.  Bottom line we’ll hit good old East Coast, or excuse me, east to west like we normally do, and it’s, for those who don’t care of the details bottom line not much has changed since Wednesday on either side of the pond, and so we’ll go into those details now.  So the past basically 48 hours or so Abadi, a lot of his, a lot of his Council of Minister friends, and a lot of his staff members have urged especially political leaders as well as some civic leaders to keep things calm and to do, you know, dissuade any riots that may occur that were frankly in planning.  I understand there were a few, but they were very minimal because they basically urged them to be calm, urged them that hey, we’re listening, we’re listening, you just have to be patient with us, etc.  And so everything else, you know, they’ve spent a lot of time dealing with that because of 1) chaos is not what Iraq needs, it’s had enough chaos, it needs to slow down, as well as to let people know that hey, we are going to do what you expect, etc.  So at the mosques today and some other civil meetings, civil leader meetings over on Thursday and some today they have encouraged again calm, and yes things are gonna come through, yes things are gonna, you know, arrive, this is getting through, this is really complicated, bear with us, it’s all gonna be squared away.  They’ve spent a lot of time dealing with that, because riots are not what, what they did.  They were largely successful, a few riots but not too many on there.  Did they get a whole lot of time off of, off that?  No.  I mean a couple days.  A few of ‘em said, “We’ll give you a day or two.”  Some of ‘em said, “Okay, you know, we’ll give you just a few more days but, you know, we need to see some action here.”  So that’s going on.

Other front-story stuff for the revaluation, all the banks were called, all the central banks, excuse me, the Central Bank and the Finance Ministers called all the U, or excuse me, all the Iraqi banks again all over saying, “Hey, we’re gonna do this, get prepared, be prepared to work on, over this weekend, be prepared to work as early as Friday night, be prepared, be prepared, be prepared, and we’ll let you know as this goes on.”  Obviously a lot of folks kinda rolled their eyes, but with the level of intimate involveness [sic] that they’ve had, it has, you know, definitely made people pay a little more attention, so we’ll see.  The situation on the news, basically it’s more of the same, a lot of stuff talking about those who are running information, or those who are running news, traditional like, you know, just Iraqi news, but a few clips about “the Iraqi economic reform will end very soon,” all those, those same things have been mentioned on both the TV, the radio, and the newspapers.  So bottom line is a large part of the same, same effort on that front.  Anything else about Iraq we need to mention, Tony?

T:  Um…let me think.  So let me go over it real quick ‘cause, and…hold on I wanna, I wanna change somethin’, just, yeah let me go over it real quick, then I’ll send you some stuff.

DC:  Oh, good.  Okay.

T:  So Iraq, in the mosque, pleaded for people to be calm, said, “Let’s unite regardless of religion, sector, whatever, let’s not riot.”  And their biggest thing they were sayin’ in the mosque and not in the article is “What you’re waiting for is here,” right?

DC:  Indeed!

T:  Got that part right, okay.

DC:  Yes, sir.

T:  So, so it in fact said that.  I don’t know if you gave the name, Abadi and Shabibi called everybody.

DC: Yes.

T:  I know you said the banks in Iraq.  Did you say anybody else?

DC:  Well as I mentioned, they did call everybody, most of the majors, most of the major banks and most of the central bankers, the major central bankers themselves all, the latter part of this week, so Wednesday evening and a lot Thursday, etc.

T:  Okay.  All right.  And starting this evening through Monday is your 85%.  Is it any higher than 85%?

DC:  No, I, I’d keep it about that level.  I think we’re all, you know, naturally, you know, gone up and down, and I don’t want anybody to buy any dinar off of this.  This is not to pump people up, this is just to say that things look really, really nicely.  We’ve been to places where it looked really nicely before, so let’s just, you know, smile and let’s look at this as optimistically as we can.

T:  Okay.  All right!  In that case, we’re lookin’ good!

DC:  Indeed.  All right!  US, bottom line, we’ve just said most of it is they were called by everybody and told to be on alert.  Everybody is on alert, locked down, all that kinda stuff.  Everybody’s there, bankers are prepared, money is moved around and prepared.  Security is prepared for it, everybody else is ready for this to go through.  Are we waiting on a specific timeline or windows of time?  No.  Specifically know they’re not gonna wait for, you know, down times, etc.  They may wait for the public announcement ‘til, you know, an ideal public time, but for the actual changing of the currency value, it’s truly 24/7, we don’t care.  And so everybody’s prepared across the world for that, so, that simple, it, it’s pretty straightforward.

T:  All right, yep, that’s it!  So before we get a hundred questions and I get a hundred texts, any rate changes that you know of?

DC:  So the rate changes that we know of, they have–pardon me–they have changed a little bit up and down on the dinar and a little bit on the Zimbabwe, and I guess a week ago or maybe ten days ago the, the dong changed a little bit, but that’s not it, not much.

T:  Okay.  Guys, IMF put out a article about the Zim for those who were curious, which was very positive, which in January we didn’t expect to see until June or July, and they actually put it out two days ago so that, that was great, kinda gives us confidence there and, shoot, we’re just waitin’, huh?

DC:  That’s, that’s all we can do!

T:  All right.  Guys, as you can tell, Winston’s voice isn’t all the way back yet.  My sinuses are absolutely killin’ me right now but we’re, we’re gonna go through this, so we’re gonna talk to a couple people, and we’re probably not gonna do two hours, just so you guys are ahead, aware of that, but we’re gonna do what we can do.  Okay, so 281, good morning.  281?

DC:  Houston.

T:  I’m sayin’, that’s 405 minutes down the drain.

DC:  Oooo, ouch.

T:  Okay!  All right.  I mean 405 minutes.  404, good morning.

C:  Good morning and good afternoon.  Appreciate the, the call information here.  I have just a couple of items for you, please.

DC:  Yes, ma’am.

C:  What sort of timeframe are you anticipating for us to be getting from the 85% level to  100%?

DC:  She always has good questions, very pointed ones.  Ones I like to avoid sometimes.

T:  Ooooo!

C:  Do I need to retract that and ask my next question?

DC:  No, no, no, no, no, you’re fine, you’re fine.  It, it’s a good question.  No, no, no, it’s a good question, I’m just, just adding a little levity here.  So bottom line is given as up and down as this has gone down, it’s very hard for me to get past really 85 considering everything’s gone there, until actually we’re in the bank just because it has become so bloody close, like Monday night the darn thing should’ve gone.  I mean it absolutely should’ve gone, and it didn’t, and it was just kinda, all of us were, were, even as cynical as you can naturally become, still a little taken aback, like, “Seriously?!  We were that close?!  Good Lord!”  So, you know, it’s, it’s hard for me to get above that way.  I would argue that we are very, very close again, and we are, are just sitting here right on the edge.  A lot of promises have been made for the next four days, so we’ll just wait and see where we’re at.  Again, super good, super close, so I, I’m just gonna have a hard time gettin’ over that until it goes through.

C:  ‘Cause to, to me it’s the word “here”, ‘cause you were, you’ve answered most of my questions that I had on here of, but you’re saying that, that it’s here.  And so now it’s sort of like what is the Iraqi definition for the word “here”?  You know, but we know “soon” and “imminent” and that sort of thing, and now “here”….

DC:  Imminent is a better word.  Exactly.

C:  Just adding a, become another four-letter word.

DC:  Exactly.

C:  The, the other quest…go ahead.

DC:  So good…call.  Good call on the “here” thing.  Yeah, it’s gotten like imminent, it should be banned on all our vocabularies from now on because we’ve heard that so many times, so.  Bottom line is there’s just nothing that we know of that has to be done except Shabibi sending the, the, the deal to the IMF and BIS.  There’s just nothing.

C:  Okay.  What, what currencies are you hearing are supposed to be in the first basket, ‘cause there was one rumor that seemed to be going around that one of the, the reasons for the continued delay had been that there had been a request put forth for another four or five currencies to be going into the first basket.  What are your sources saying on that one?

DC:  Sure!  So the ones that we know of are still in the, the five that we talked about and that’s about it.  It’s just not much, they’ve talked about adding others in there, but frankly they’re not prepared and even, frankly, the fourth and fifth on the currency or on the ones that are going in this basket are a, a pretty good stretch anyway, so stretching much beyond that is gonna be difficult to do.

C:  Okay.  So that particular request is…

DC:  ‘Cause we’d be, right.

C:  …turned down.

DC:  Right.

C:  Okay.

DC:  Right.  Could we be surprised?  Sure.  Absolutely.  Are all currencies going to adjust some?  Yes.  Most of ‘em will be so minor that nobody will notice, but we’re still calling it a GCR, but I mean it’s just, most of ‘em like the US Dollar’s gonna go almost nowhere, Euro will go almost nowhere, yuan will be very little, you know, those, the huge currencies are just not gonna move.

C:  Okay.  Well again, I appreciate your information and insight on, on this, and hopefully this will be the last call, period, and the next one will be the 800 numbers.  Look forward to that one as well, so.

DC:  Great!

T:  All right, thank you.

C:  Appreciate it.

DC:  Well thank you.

C:  Thank you very much.  Have a great weekend.

DC:  Thank you, Miss 404.  Okay, bye.

C:  Thank you, sir.  Bye-bye.

T:  Okay.  775, good morning.

C:  Hi, guys!

T:  Hi, how are you?

DC:  Hi!

C:  Good, thanks.  Hey, Tony, I know that last time on the call you were talking of, or maybe it was the call before, you had mentioned that some people have tried to pay off their layaway orders with Sterling, and hopefully we don’t have to have any more layaway orders, but just wondering, if we’re gonna use an e-check to make our layaway payments in the meantime, would we risk the same freezing of our account, you think?

T:  Okay.  So first of all, guys, I, I shouldn’t have said any company, ‘cause it is with every one of ‘em, every one of ‘em it was actually, so not any one in particular, first of all.  The whole thing behind that, ‘cause some a-hole, well, was tryin’ to start somethin’, called Sterling and said, you know, “Hey, he said this about you guys,” which I didn’t.  I was talkin’ about the banks and the bank procedure, had nothing to do with Sterling at all.  Plenty of people are doing e-checks, payin’ on their, their reserves, payin’ their reserves off and everything else, had nothin’ to do with it.  What really happened and that whole thing was about, if you went in to do a wire, I don’t care who you were doing it to, doesn’t matter, any company, and it mentioned dinar or had anything to do with the dinar, then the bank people were contacting the fraud department at that bank through your local bank if you went and did it, and they were shuttin’ accounts down because now it was brought to their attention, now somebody had filed it, now they were doin’ what they were supposed to do, shut those accounts down, we don’t do business like that, you know.  I got a letter that said, “Hey, you’re doin’ risky business, and we don’t wanna do that.”  That was all about the banks, and it was all about explaining how the banks were keepin’ in line so their employees would say, “Hey, this is fraud, it’s a scam, whatever, and the bank doesn’t wanna be involved in it,” and keeping with the memos and things they were tellin’ their employees so they wouldn’t go out and buy it.  That’s what that whole explanation was about, had nothing to do with any of the dinar companies at all.

C:  Well, I didn’t mean to present in particular, I was just concerned that the layaway payments might fall into that same category.  But maybe because there’s not a human directly involved in that process, it’s more automated, maybe that’s why they’re not, you know.

T:  That, that’s right, ‘cause I go online and I look at mine, and I even did then, and it has the name right there on the checks, but because…

C:  Right.

T:  …nobody called the Fraud Department, nobody did that, so a wire was being handled totally different, and that person went through it and sent me the letter, and I was just tellin’ you guys what happened to me twice, so I know it does happen, but that could be any particular dinar company, not just one.

C:  Right.

T:  Okay?

C:  Okay.  And I have a tiny, tiny bank story.  Like some of the others that you’re seeing on the, on the posts and so forth, I was just in, do my banking, regular business, and as an afterthought I said, “Oh, by the way, do you exchange foreign currencies here?”   ‘Cause it’s such a tiny, tiny branch in a small strip center with the tiniest of storefronts.  And they said, “Oh, sure we do!  Which currencies are you talking?”  Well they actually thought I wanted to buy some, but I’m, “No, no, I’ve got some to exchange.”  “Well which ones?”  You know, and, so when I said the, the dinar, of course, I got the, “Oh, no, we don’t do that,” and I said, “I also have dong.”  “Oh sure, we’re doing that!”  No sooner did they say that that of course she couldn’t locate the rate on her, on her terminal anymore, but that was pretty funny.  And also…

DC:  That is funny.

C:  …so for those people who were kinda worried about being in this investment for so long and others being in for a shorter period of time, I would, I would add that they should remember what Jesus said, that many who are first will be last and many who are last will be first.  So there’s no hierarchy in heaven or dinarland!

T:  There you go!  That’s right.

C:  And, and, and DC, if you, if you want to just stand on my back porch here, you can take all the quail you need, and I wish you would because they keep eating all my chickens’ food.

DC:  Oh, you got it!

C:  I’ve got quail all…

DC:  I’m good for those kinda things.

C:  …over my property.

DC:  I, I am good for that, I am a very good quail remover.

T:  Okay.

C:  Thank you for taking my call as usual, and I just don’t know where we’d be without you guys.  Thank you so much.

T:  All right, thank you.

DC:  Well thank you.  Appreciate it.

C:  All right, bye-bye.

T:  All right.  A’ight.  Okay, 410, good morning.

C:  Good morning.  Boy, it sounds like everybody…

T:  How are you?
C:  …light spirit, oh we’re great here.

DC:  Great!

C:  Just sitting and waiting, right?  I was going to ask about any early exchanges you might know about, that was one thing, and….

DC:  Very few, sure.

T:  You know what?  I actually wanted to ask him about that, too.  DC, let me see, some people were scheduled for Thursday, some people were scheduled for Friday, their banks are doin’ that.

DC:  People are scheduled for tomorrow!

T:  So, you know, but, so what’s up with that?

DC:  Sure.  So a few actually were able to go through, the vast majority were not.  Why is that?  Simply because, again, we’ve talked about comfort level and everything else, and given the high state of readiness, a lot of banks choose–it’s a bank-by-bank choice from what we understand–is to just pause it right before it’s supposed to go.  And they’ve been on super duper fancy alert since Monday, well really Sunday, but really fancy alert since Monday night.  So, you know, they were like, “Well it’s about to go through, then why, you know, why go through the pain of any kind of liability and to, by doing exchanges, why screw with that when it’s about to go through anyway.”  So they’ve been, a lot of, a lot of those kind of discussions have been going on and arguments going the entire, in, in the banks.  Now some bankers have allowed that to go through but ver–, but not in great mass.

T:  Okay.  So last weekend, ‘cause it’s Friday, last Saturday people were sittin’ around doing the early exchanges, waitin’ to do ‘em, were all sent home.  “Go home, we’re done with that.”  On Tuesday the bank brought all their people in, you know, five o’clock in the morning, said, “This is gettin’ ready to be the full deal, not early exchanges, we’re gonna do the full deal.”  On Wednesday it was, “Okay, so it didn’t go through Monday night like we all thought it was and it almost did, so Thursday or Friday we’re gonna do a few early exchanges or we’re actually gonna be doin’ it, but get ready for either one of ‘em, ‘cause one of those is supposed to happen.”  And yet because of all the phone calls that were made Wednesday, again were sayin’, “Well we don’t need to do that ‘cause it’s gettin’ ready to go live, and now here we are, right?

C:  Yeah.  Anticipation.

T:  Did I get that right?  I get that right, DC?

DC:  Absolutely.  You nailed it.

T:  Okay.  So every understand, I mean that’s what we went through this week, and here we are, so we’ll see what happens.  Okay?

C:  Yeah.  Well, yeah, one more question, because I don’t think I’ve heard it explained lately when I wasn’t interrupted, that I know there, there is this big party that’s gonna, one’s gonna be in Texas and one’s gonna be in Vegas and, how soon will we get our invitations?

T:  Well look, DC’s not gonna like this part, so I’m just gonna tell you here.  If, if, if you don’t get a invitation from me, then I need to get a invitation from somebody, but anyway, just so we know.

DC:  Bottom line is we would love to do something.  The question is what are the NDAs gonna allow, and we’ll just have to abide by that.  I mean I think all of us would love to do it, yeah.

T:  Yep.

C:  We all know what they think about you anyway, so I don’t know what the big deal is.

T:  That’s right!  I don’t know what the big deal is either, so.

DC:  I’m just a normal guy.  Indeed.

T:  Yeah.

C:  All right, well thank you guys, and we appreciate you, and I hope this is the last time I get to say that until we see each other.

T:  Me, too.  Pam said we should do a short call today ‘cause she’s expecting to do another one.

C:  Oh, good, good, ‘cause remember I, my name is Pam, too.  We, we think alike.

T:  Well I’m not sure you wanted to admit that, but okay!  Anyway!  Okay.

C:  Oh, you, we have the…name wise.

T:  Yeah, thank you.

C:  Right.

T:  All right, bye.

C:  Thanks.

T:  You guys know I, I love my Pam though, that’s all I can say to that.  All right, 530, good morning.

C:  Well good mornin’.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

DC:  Good mornin’!

C:  I’m doin’ great.  Listen, I’m going back into my memory several years ago where when I was doin’ research on how things were supposed to flow when this revaluing happened.  As I recall, a Letter of Intent needed to be sent from a country that was gonna revalue to the IMF, they would approve or disapprove of the amount of the rate, but that Letter of Intent was only good for about thirty days if I remember correctly.  I haven’t seen or heard of anything concerning a Letter of Intent except one (inaudible) that a letter of intent was sent somewhere around the first, first week in March.  Well that would’ve already been gone.  So have you guys heard of anything on the Letter of Intent, or is that, have already been changed and done away with?

DC:  Sure.  So all, the Letter of Intent, there’s also a lot of other filings and, and legal work that’s gone back and forth that has all basically been kinda held in suspense until this goes forward.  They’ve been able to continue to, continue where they’re at for a period of time just kinda hanging on the edge because of the impending RV, so they’re just waiting on that.  There has not been like a, you know, a reissuing of, of documentation, a reissuing of a lot of things, ‘cause it, frankly, we’re here right on the edge and everybody just keeps waiting, waiting for it and playing this nearly daily just like the rest of us.

C:  So did you also hear that a Letter of Intent was issued in March?

DC:  Well yes, that was one of the documents, or one of the things there mentioned about, “Hey, we’re going to revalue our currency.”  All that documentation has been done, and frankly has been done many times in the past.

C:  Okay.  And Tony, have you, have you heard from Okie whether or not his, that situation he, was bringin’ him great pain, had been, had been resolved?

T:  He didn’t, but he did call me after the call on Wednesday.  He sounded good!  I mean, we talked about a couple things and he didn’t sound like he was in any pain anymore, anything, but, I mean, I’m sure he’s listening right now ‘cause he listens to the call, and he’ll probably call me afterwards and say, “Tell him this,” or somethin’, and I’ll pass along to Pam, she’ll put it in the chat room, but I think he’s okay.

C:  Well, Okie, just in case that that still lingers on, in Oklahoma when I was there, I had the same, same issue with the shingles, and I mean it was bad, and I found a doctor in Oklahoma that actually does, has a machine, ultraviolet machine type thing, he’s the only one I know that’s got one, and they take and transfer your blood in and purify it and, and bring it back in.  And I’ll tell you, within a few hours my symptoms were all gone, so there is, if you’re still havin’ issues with it call Tony, and Tony’s got my number and can call me and I’ll hook you up with that doctor.  Okay?

T:  Okay.  In that case, I better write your number down in case he asks me that, so let me see.

C:  Yeah, okay.

T:  All right.

C:  All right, guys.  I really appreciate all what you do, and I’m still waitin’.  And Tony, I am your old, old neighbor from Newcastle.

T:  Yeah, I see your number here, so, but I’m, okay, I wrote it down, I wrote your name down so I am going to, I’ll pass it to him if he calls me.  All right, thanks.

C:  All right.  Bye.

DC:  Thank you!

T:  Okay, 562, good morning.

C:  It looks like a his-and-hers closet.  Good morning!

T:  Good morning.

DC:  Good morning!

C:  Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.

DC:  No worries.

T:  Yep.

C:  Okay, couple of quick questions.  Is, in reference to the holdups, and I realize that’s a loaded question…

DC:  Sure.

C:  …has anything to do with the Federal Reserve and/or Maliki?

DC:  Not that I know of.  The Federal, I’ll say the majority of the reasons, not that I’ve heard.  In terms of, the Federal Reserve were one of the folks who said, “Oh, you’re really going this time?  Oh, crap!” on Monday, and so they were, they’ve basically been ramped up then for at least since Tuesday afternoon on that I know of and, and prepared and ready, so everyone has been ready for.  In terms of good old Nouri al-Maliki is he, he’s basically been in the retirement mode, and that’s kinda where he sits primarily.

C:  Okay, so he has really no effect at this stage of the game, and, and….

DC:  I wouldn’t say that.  I would never, you know, frankly it’s not unlike any other Prime Minister or President, former President, former Prime Minister to a country, they’re always gonna have influence, they’re always gonna have an audience, they’re always gonna be there.  And so he definitely has people that listen to him.  He definitely is absolutely involved with the Dawa Party, etc.  Unfor–, because of some of, actions by his cohorts, his reputation has definitely taken a pretty bad beating, but he still definitely has influence.

C:  Okay.  And in reference to Monday’s delay, can you kind of give a little better idea of what could’ve or maybe delayed Monday’s situation?

DC:  So…sure, so Monday, we explained a little more on Wednesday and just had more confirmations of that on, since then, and that is everybody…didn’t believe it.  Simply they were like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, right,” and then they came so close and nobody was–or not nobody–but there are quite a banks, quite a few count–, er, central banks, quite a few major banks weren’t prepared because they just didn’t believe the darn thing because as we called it last, it was a bit of boy who cries wolf because you get so many, so close, you get so many people ramped up so closely, you know, what, is it the 137th time or the 139th time you’re gonna do it?  You know, so it is, you can, I think all sides are understandable in terms of, “Okay, we’re ready, go.”  And then we were going, “Seriously?!  So this is the time we’re doing it?  Okay.”  So a large part of that has to do with it.  That’s what we, we ended up getting more and more information from.

T:  All right!  Thank you, sir.

C:  Thank you very much.

T:  All right.

DC:  Thank you.

T:  Okay, so DC we gotta talk about this for a minute, before the next call.

DC:  Talk about what?  Okay.

T:  All right.  So we went through cryin’ wolf…

DC:  Sure.

T:  …and nobody, not believe it.  We went through the, the Ministers, everybody.  We went through the TV, “In the coming days, next couple of days, we’re imminent.”  We finally went through Abadi himself saying, you know, “This week this is gonna happen, this week,” publicly on television and we went through him sayin’ he’s taking charge of the situation and all of that.  We went through it not goin’ on Monday.  We went through planned riots on Thursday and Friday.  Now we’ve gone from the Prime Minister sayin’ this week to in the mosque they have the religious leaders saying, “What you’re lookin’ for is here,” and we just need to get a definition of “here,” it’s not here, but, so…as we said, how many more times could that go through?  How many more times or, at some point it’s already embarrassing for, you know, the country.

DC:  Oh, yeah.


April 22, 2015

























21. ARE YOU READY!!!!!!!!!



APRIL 22 2015


TNT Call notes 22-Apr-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, April 22, 2015.  We’re here, feeling good about ourselves, and I’ll see what I can squeeze out of DC today.  I did give him a little warning to mind his Ps and Qs.  Meanwhile, we appreciate everyone here, members and nonmembers.  Pam was reading off all these stats to me this morning.  We have had 381K people visit the front page, and we average that many per month to that front page – not including all those on the forum or listening to the recordings afterwards.  I’ve never looked at the number before.  That puts us over one to two million per month who pick up our information.  We know we are doing the right thing, the right way, for the majority of the people.  This morning I told Pam and DC that I would go look at the questions today, and Pam said “Don’t do it!” because it was a bunch of people complaining that we are not protesting or whatever.  I’ve been giving out this information for five years;  we have had mods and resources come and go, and they keep coming because they see we are doing things the right way.  I think I know what I’m doing, keeping us involved and keeping you informed with the correct information.  That changes every day, but the pieces and the education are still coming to you as we get them.  We are in a good position;  I will let DC explain it.  Remember “the boy who cried wolf”… DC?  The reason we are having this call today is because the people didn’t believe the boy who cried wolf.

DC:  Hope you’re doing well today.  My voice is still a little crackly, so bear with us.  For the new folks, welcome back again – we understand there are a few special people.  Starting in Iraq, because it’s their country… Parliament has been passing more laws; they are not necessary but nice to have.  We understand all actions needed have been taken, even the adjustments in the last couple of weeks. Dr. Abadi continues to get people ready for what is going on.  There is an article saying he is taking a more aggressive stance about electricity and the monetary reforms, so that is a wonderful thing for Iraq.  Dr. Shabibi and Dr. Abadi have been in constant communication about the RI/RV, trying to get everyone up to a place where they can handle this. They started 36 hours ago and the rest of the world said, “Yeah, sure” with eyes rolling.  So they have been spending time on international phone calls getting everyone ramped up.

Everyone in Iraq ran through procedures again concerning lower currencies, and such.  Those have gone out.  In the newspapers and on television, there is more of the same:  monetary reform will be done in the next few days, quoting CBI, Finance Ministry, etc., and saying that it will be completed in the next week.  With respect to ISIL, there is more softening of the battlefrield around Mosul, and that is somewhat important for the RV, but there are sensitive points so we will stay away from that.  The important thing is that Abadi and Shabibi are getting the world ready for the RV, with Parliament completing a few items somewhat related but not essential, while ISIL continues to be a bad place to be.

Tony:  All laws pending are being passed today, both the necessary and unnecessary laws.  Abadi has been on television with statements running and also in print that he has taken over the economic reform (and electricity).  He is assuming responsibility for everything in the public eye. The announcements have been made, “this time we’re not joking,” and so on. The boy who cried wolf did it so many times nobody believed him, and now the wolf is here. The banks sent their people home on Saturday and didn’t bring them back yesterday because they didn’t believe the announcement.  One bank is bringing their people in at 5am every morning… that’s a factor we are still here today.

DC:  In the USA, a lot of the banks are frustrated, eyes rolling and all the rest.  In order to be prepared, it’s important to have banks and security in place, so when people call and say “let’s do this,” they rolled their eyes and said no.  So Abadi and Shabibi have been calling people personally to get them ramped up, and a lot are playing catch-up right now in the US and in other countries.  Why is that important?  We’ve been ready so many times, and then it’s been canceled at the last minute that they didn’t really believe it is actually happening this time. So they have to get everyone back on board, convincing everyone that this is legitimate, everything has been passed, and everyone agreed to it including the IMF and BIS.  That’s gone out through the entire world.  Some banks are bringing people in early, some have them on 15 minute call, some are keeping them in 24 hours, and some are resigned to missing the first day.  Bank security, law enforcement and intelligence guys are ramping up as we speak, like the banks.  The US and the rest of the world banks are being prepped now.

Tony:  We know people have been paid this week. We’ve gotten more explanations on the payouts and they are totally different, with differing rates and terms.  Nothing is set in stone.  Contracts are being paid at a lower rate but they are being paid. Some people have been contacted by banks and scheduled for exchanges this week.  We have some being told they can come in for an early exchange, and others are told they will have the full exchange at this time.  People did get the bond money and had access to it yesterday;  they are buying planes, cars and houses!  We even had a few people say ‘goodbye’ in chat because they did their exchange or expect to this week. The more we see of that, the closer it comes to our exchanges as well. The more public, the better it is for us.

DC:  Everything is good; we are just waiting and hoping to help the process along.

Tony:  In Dinarland, someone is saying this will never happen until all the laws are passed.  Also, some think HCL is still not done…

DC:  They have been passed a long time ago. They can continue to add laws, but this is also deliberation misinformation to keep speculators from going crazy.  The HydroCarbon Law (HCL) is about how the oil income gets divvied up, who gets what, production levels, etc.  That’s also where the loyalty checks for the citizens come from.  They have been working on that for at least five years.  They have passed many iterations, and it’s always going to be tweaked as a living, breathing document.  In the US, laws are always being changed;  yes, you may have a law that says the speed limit is 50mph, but they can change that any day.  HCL is no different. The major framework is unlikely to change, but they will constantly adjust that with the fluctuating oil prices, tribal areas, and so on.  Also, there are new fields coming online, now that there is more exploration for the first time in a while.  That changes which areas are getting what.  Right now, Kurdistan is getting 17%;  if new fields come online, they will adjust the overall percentage if Kurdistan gets more from the Basra fields.  In 20 years, it will all look different.

Tony:  You ready for some live callers?

860 caller:  Wow, first time caller!  Are there exchange sites in CT?  What about the availability of the contract rate… will that be available to early exchangers?

DC:  We understand it will be available to early exchanges, but different banks have different estimates about how long it will be available – two to seven days, mostly with tier 1 banks.  CT will have access through the Big Four banks, and we’ve talked about different strategies for those contract rates.

Tony:  If you get a contract rate, you will get an NDA and you shouldn’t tell anyone. But if the international rate is $4.00, then a contract rate could be anywhere from $4.80 to $20 so that they can spread those contract rates around.

Caller:  I don’t have existing contacts in banks… will the early exchangers take up all the contract rates?  Or what?

DC:  Different banks will handle the contract rates in different ways.  Some will throw anyone into contracts;  others will be more selective.  If you are paying attention to the calls and tweets, we believe most will have some chance of the contract rate.  If you are not paying attention, there will be no chance.  I understand that the people listening right now have stopped a lot of that so that the general public has a fighting chance.

Caller:  I originally bought currency from a tier 1 bank, and they limited what I could buy, so I asked my family and friends to buy me some when they were coming from the Middle East.  They got this from a dealer, and there are no receipts for those.  Is that a problem?

DC:  They will run it through the counterfeit machines to make sure the currency has all the right security measures, and you should be alright. For tax purposes, you should to talk to a tax attorney about how you prove that to the IRS for long-term and short-term capital gains.  Where are you from in the Middle East?

Caller:  I’m Lebanese;  my sister lives in Kuwait and didn’t understand why I wanted it but brought it over all the same.  I will split it with her.

808 caller:  [Appreciation]  We don’t have tier 1 banks in Hawaii;  will we have to go to the mainland to do exchanges?  We are in Honolulu.

DC:  Honolulu has quite a few exchange locations because of military/government facilities.  I understand the contract rate will be available as well.  I don’t know how it will be handled, but I’m assured locals can be exchanged… or fly to CA for contract rates.

Caller:  Tony, I sent in a very pitiful donation by check, and didn’t fill in who should cash it.  I will send in more when I can… and Macadamia nuts as well.

Tony: Was it in purple writing?  I did get it, thank you.  I remember it because I only got ten checks, and we appreciate every bit!

DC:  He’s not passing them along, by the way!

Tony:  I do tell them what’s in every box I get, just so they know!  Nuts, cookies, rum… Because she said what she just said, and because some people are listening on the call, I want you to know that one of our guys was complaining on yesterday’s intel call because he keeps having to explain what’s going on and all the rest.  I said, “Do you  know how many emails and calls I get on this?”  I cannot complain because I know what Abadi and President Obama is going through every day this doesn’t happen, and what President Bush went through setting this up. Their families go through this every day. Even though I want to complain, I don’t know who to complain to!   Not to them, that’s for sure.  It has taken a toll on me, Ray, Pam, DC and the rest of the team. We appreciate all the help and support from those who make it easier, and I just want to say thank you.  On every level, there is pressure.  I get 100 x what the listeners have, and you guys get 1000 x that same pressure.  But there IS a reward at the end of it all…

Skype caller:  Three yes/no question… I bank with Wells Fargo;  does my branch have to be one of the active exchange centers to exchange people early?

DC:  No. Different banks have different requirements.

Caller:  Do you know anyone who has exchanged in Richmond VA?  I can’t get any information here…

DC: Yes, I do know some, and the banks… that is because they don’t know.  Getting through the early exchange process should be possible there because quite a few banks are prepared in the Richmond area for early exchange and contract exchanges.

Caller: Do you know if Capital One might be among them?

DC:  I do believe so, that some of them have been trained in the Bank of Ireland system.

Caller: What can I do to get on a list to get exchanged earlier?

DC:  We have some information from bankers about how they are choosing, but it is specific to the bank. They have a list and they are ready, but haven’t done anything yet.

Tony:  Right now I’m going to make a shameless plea.  If you knew the number of people that we know who have already exchanged, and who have violated their NDAs to tell us what they exchanged for, the amounts and rates;  to know people who have already exchanged and NOT be able to exchange ourselves, that is so frustrating. So we know.  We have done our good deeds, so when does the punishment end??  I am ready!

404 caller:  I’m frustrated as well.  My question is about the reports floating around that there are to be demonstrations in Iraq tomorrow.  Why doesn’t the government appear to be doing anything about this?  Of course, we hope they will announce the RI/RV, which would make it into a celebration rather than demonstrations.

DC: That is why Abadi is taking control much more openly, because they are thinking the same way. We don’t know if that will satisfy folks, but it is adding to the pressure to get this done before those demonstrations start.

Tony: We said on Monday’s call that we heard there would be something at the end of the week.

DC:  We understand different areas have different plans, depending on various mosques and such, and the government is trying to keep them calmed down.  I believe there are some plans out there but they are so fluid, it just depends on conversations tonight.

Caller:  I have signed up for Adabi’s tweets, and in the last hour he tweeted he is meeting with telecommunications people, and I hope he is instructing them to release information.

DC: Everyone in this has to be an optimist. The communications have been planned for years, and they are quite ready to spread the word.

Caller: You said something about contract rates at earlier exchanges…?

Tony:  If you heard that, you should have heard DC cut me off!

DC:  Some are high, some are average, some are just the international rate.
Tony:  The majority of the groups we know have been below the international rate, because that was their deal to go first;  also some are personal contracts, so they are not using up the contract rates.  Some were above the international rate.
Caller:  [Appreciation]
636 caller:  This is the first time I’ve been on.  DC, my wife and I know your uncle from your home town, Fort Stockton in West Texas.  [chitchat]   If we put a percentage into our private family foundation, and then calculate the 50% to transfer to the tax escrow account, does that make sense?
DC:  If you still control that foundation, you need to consult a tax and foundation attorney because there will be complications about what you can take out and when,
Caller:  I have them lined up and have set up the foundation with an EIN;  I don’t have the 501c3 approval yet, so can I still put some of the funding into the foundation’s account?
DC:  My understanding is that you can fund that account now as going to a charity, because that exists in the state of Texas and the eyes of the IRS.  You may need an attorney to let you know what you can do with the charitable foundation afterwards.
Caller:  Is there any reason I cannot have the dealer exchange for me and wire it to my bank account? Any new information on taxes and caps?  How quickly do we need to exchange the zim?
DC:  Yes, you can have the dealer do that.  No new information taxes.  The caps are just what we said in the last call:  20 million each dinar and dong, 500 million dollars’ worth on zim, could go up to one billion dollars.  They want you to exchange zim within 90 days.
Caller:  Dollars:  what kind of hedge instruments should we ask our WM to look into?
DC:  The US is like a super-tanker, and this will not affect us that much.  However, you can look at commodities, gold, palladium, or other hard assets that hedge against inflation.  There are also hedge funds that are designed to protect against inflation.
601 caller:  [chitchat about quail hunting]  When we bought dinar, I was married and we split it up between us. The receipt has her name and my name on it, and we each have a copy. Do we need to do something else, or will that be good enough?
DC: I did the same thing with a friend, and I was told that was good enough.
Tony:  I’ve been married for 33 years, and don’t know about being divorced.  I’ve been told there is nothing worse than a woman scorned.  I would get it in writing that you agreed to split your currency, just so it’s super-clear.  You can do it yourself or have an attorney write it up, but definitely have it notarized.  Better safe than sorry!  Ladies, don’t get mad — guys or gals, it goes both ways…
662 caller:  How long before the 50 dinar are no good? I’m in Greenwood MS.
DC:  In Iraq, on the 30th of April;  in the US, they have to already be exchanged.  The closest exchange will probably be in Jackson.  All of the Big Four have branches in MS, and there are several tier 2 banks as well with exchange locations.  Look at their websites and find out if it has foreign currency departments;  if so, they will probably exchange dinar.
Caller:  What makes an exchange long-term or short-term?
DC:  If you have owned the currency more than a year, it’s long-term capital gains;  if you’ve had it less than a year, it’s short-term, and that is taxed as earned income.
410 caller:  Hopefully we will have a happy weekend!  I understand why Abadi is talking directly to his people and to the banks around the world.  All these things will take time for people to get ramped back up — how long, do you think?
DC:  It could take as little as a day or as long as 2-3 days.  If there is no mess-up, it should be this weekend.  Everything looks really, really good.
Caller:  I was glad you said the contract rates would be less because that means it will be shared amongst more people  [Appreciation]  Can’t wait to meet and party with you!
559 caller:  I agree with you 100%, Tony – I’ve been in this close to 11 years, and I can’t believe when they say they’ve only been in for a few months…  [Appreciation + laughter]  I take shorthand and dictation if Pam needs another transcriber;  I’d love to help, because I do know how hard it is.  You said that 14,000 per day might be going through as early exchanges;  if they only allow that many through per day, how long will it take for the contract rates to be used up?  I have been in contact with a WM, and he’s been calling me to set up an appointment – should I set that up and see what he’s got to say?
Tony:  I would.  Someone called one of our people this morning and said that he should come back to that state TODAY so that the WM can help the client out.  By all means, find out what that wealth manager can do for you.  You don’t have to do anything at that appointment, but you cannot do anything if you don’t go.  The early exchanges are only supposed to happened if the RV doesn’t happen first. They could have done it three days ago, but the confidence wasn’t there.  One bank sent their people home on Saturday, while another one their people on call, and another said they are setting appointments up for Thursday and Friday.  Nobody really knows what to do;  nothing is set in stone. As DC said, they were told to go, but nobody believed them so they didn’t take action.
Caller:  Close enough for government work, eh?  [Appreciation]  Looking forward to Vegas.
Tony:  Lots of people are saying that – this must have already been approved and I just haven’t heard yet.  [chitchat]  We try to be on time because people schedule their lives around these calls, and they get annoyed when the calls change.  We have actually got calls from people at a funeral with our call on their Bluetooth!
713 caller:  I love the enthusiasm!  At this moment, they say they are doing to protest tomorrow – is that still on the agenda?  And do you truly feel this is the end? [more of same]
DC:  Yes.  Nobody knows who will protest tomorrow or Friday;  normally it’s after the mosque.  Almost all the US fight has gone away and acquiesce that this is going down. In my heart of hearts? You cannot get super-high or super-low in this process;  they can pause it, like they did 36 hours ago, turn it back on again, etc.,  I wouldn’t be surprised to get a call in the next two hours saying GO, this is done.  I cannot think of any issue that has not been dealt with already.  There is nothing left to do.
Caller: Before when you said you thought it would go on a Friday, did you get packages prior to that?  We all want to help the planet, so I hope this does go through.
DC:  No.  We will not get the package until this goes.
503 caller:  [Appreciation]  I am hanging on by the last tooth, so to speak.  From what you are saying, ti sounds like some of the banks have decided to make early exchanges?
DC:  Some banks have done a few exchanges, but most have not. A lot have prepared to or would like to, but will not until their liability is totally covered.  It’s not that they think it won’t happen, it’s more that it’s close enough that they don’t want to take a lot of risk just to bring in a few thousand more clients. There are some mechanisms between IMF, BIS and banks that are only allowed at certain times, and those have not been turned out fully, so they have not turned this on completely either.  The UN?  Everyone is applying pressure from every generation, including us.
Caller: What are the chances of our getting the green light by Friday and in the banks by Monday?
DC:  I’d say 75% chance by Saturday midday, 85% by Monday.  I cannot think of a reason why we wouldn’t be there by Monday.
Tony:  My thoughts are that, by answering this question, we are pumping you up for the weekend again, and we aren’t.  We do this call three times per week, and every day we get an update on the schedule or window, or what happened (or not).  Based on what we heard took place yesterday and what we hear is going on today, I’ll go with DC’s numbers;  I feel good about this going this weekend or before this weekend.  Three or four banks have info going out today, tomorrow, Friday, such as memos and actions.  In order for that to be mentioned, that notification was the real, live thing, but nobody paid attention to it.  So send it out again today! Anything can happen, because I’ve been through it 100 times, and five times yesterday alone.  The calls we got yesterday, with them telling us to get ready for this and that, and here we are again on this regular call today.  How much more punishment do we need to have, when we know that some people have already exchanged.  We have gone through so much, and they get to spend money?!  There is a lot of stuff going on, and some people saying it’s not happening — that is why we mentioned that the laws and HCL have been passed, and the budget as well.  They didn’t plan on Da’ash and all the military spending, and Iraq asked for help and received it, so that is now there.  They are running out of excuses here.  There are people who are being paid 5,000 dinar, and you know that has to be at the new rate.
Caller:  I was able to get extensions last week, but I really need this to go, just like everyone else.  I may have to exchange rupiah, and that will flag the bank that I have currency and maybe get me on a list.  If I exchange now and it changes in a day or so, I would hope the bank would be decent enough to give me the higher rate…
Tony:  That’s not going to happen.  Business is business.  If you can raise money some other way, you really should hang onto your currency if at all possible.  I’m sorry you are in that situation.  Have a plan for you money to make money if you  have to use some of it.  Don’t do something you’ll regret afterwards.
610 caller:  [Appreciation]  I know the conference line bill is due.  To all the listeners out there, you’ve been on this call, sometimes for years, and Tony continues to pay for these calls out of his pocket.  Be responsible:  got towww.tntdinar.com, click on the donate button, and make the most generous donation you can to pay for these calls.  We the people need to pay the bill rather than Tony.  The whole team including transcribers are all here for us and they don’t get paid.
The only question I have is with regard to setting up a bank account.  On Friday and Monday you said that banks are looking for accounts to be already opened…
Tony:  I said that I wouldn’t tell you which banks – just go wherever you want.  As they choose their clients, banks are looking for current clients for 24-48 hours.  One banker told me they would critiqued on who they exchange.  If they weren’t already clients with 1-2,000 in that account, that bank doesn’t want them.  There is only bank that has to take everyone, and they only have to take you for 30-60 days if they are spending their money every day.  Go in with a plan, willing to be part of a team, and using your money for investments with that bank, so you fit the criteria they are looking for.
707 caller:  I got on the call late because I was setting up trusts with my attorney. I got the impression there may be early exchanges with those of us on these calls.
DC: We don’t know. They called and told the banks to be ready;  the banks didn’t believe them, and they just ramping up now.
Caller:  DinarRecaps seems to be concerned about security re:  ISIL and Da’ash.
DC:  I don’t know what they are referring to.  I don’t think that causes a concern now.  Everything looks very, very good.
Caller:  I couldn’t get my PayPal to work, so I sent a donation by money order.
Tony:  We are done for the day!
DC:  Hope everyone learned something. Iraq is prepared and getting everyone ready for the RV.  We expect to see this in the next few days.  We hope this is the final deal. Everything looks really, really good, and we hope everyone is paying attention.
Pam:  Thanks for listening.  Transcripts will be up as soon as ZebraGirl types them up.  That a huge reason we have so many people checking the TNT site.  Go to www.tntdinar.com and check out the verbatim transcripts… and donate, too!
Ray:  Thanks for the acknowledgements and for hanging out with us.
Tony:  I like the numbers Pam gave us this morning. It’s our goal to inform as many  people as we can – the process, how to exchange, and how to make this a lasting endeavor for the rest of your life, not just a year or two.  If TNT can leave any legacy, it’s not that we are the first to call the RV;  our goal/legacy is helping you understand government, world politics, how the banks work, and how to plan for future generations. That is what I hope we have achieved;  if we did that, we have done our job.
We assumed this responsibility, voluntarily, because we were aware that some things were being done wrong, with people being taken advantage of because others were eager to get hold of their money.   We couldn’t let that pass, and our purpose evolved to helping many more participate in this process.  Some great people and groups came to our aid. We could have raised hell and caused a public mess, but people came to our aid. These calls have put targets on the backs of the TNT team and our families.  We went through that for the greater good.  I’m not saying goodbye;  we tried that three times and it didn’t work!  I’m saying that if our sacrifices and what we went through to get you here inspire YOU to make a difference to others, then that will be a big part of our legacy, too.  I hope I don’t have to do a call Friday.  We are still at the 15-minute (goodbye) call.  I do think we are close.  Every agency and sources in different countries are telling us that we are super-close.
Enjoy the rest of your day!  I’m happy to do a tweet or call as soon as they let us.  Otherwise, we’ll talk on Friday.

APRIL 20 2015


TNT Call Notes 20-Apr-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, April 20, 2015, and I figured that out all by myself.  Winston can barely talk this morning.  I would ask that you have some good short questions, so that we don’t strain him too much.
We had a super-fantastic weekend, whether you know it or not.  We are late because Pam wants to do questions out of the forum today.  You know how she asks so politely, so we will go through some of those, and then take some live calls.

DC:  Everything is looking well.  Sorry about my voice… In Iraq, everything is looking very good, with everything promised to happen very quickly.  IN the US, everyone is ready, too.

Tony:  You might want to hear the details today.

DC:  I understand we have many new people listening today in various offices. This is extremely informal, off the cuff, not rehearsed, and you’ll get that quickly.  In good old Iraq, remember that last week Abadi and his team were at the White House, State Dept, and IMF and all those meetings were very successful.  It’s great to be on the winning team.  Those meetings secured financial and military  help, with a few meetings about the RI/RV.  Some concrete things have started in Iraq and we’ll spend more time on that.

What Tony and I were excited about on Friday, Saturday and today, there is a plan to open up the banks on Friday, which is unusual for the Sabbath In the Middle East. That had to be a super-special occasion.  A lot of merchants changed their currency to the lower denominations, including fils.  Most of those coins are barely worth scrap metal, pre-RV, so why would they pass them out.  There has been training, again on a Friday and Saturday, on the use of the lower notes and coins, for retailers.  That is very unusual for the holy day, and it hit things in gear for moving forward. They are continuing today.

Not every bank was open, but quite a few were in different areas, and they pulled people in. They are distributing notes and fil coins, and the only way for that to make sense is in terms of an RV.  On Saturday, Abadi gave a speech/statement about several things.  He spent most of Saturday talking to the Council of Ministers and Federation Council as well as his reps and more folks.  He gave a speech about how last week went in the IMF, World Bank and the US, and why this was such an important visit.  His speech is quoted in the newspaper, in many different websites, etc.  Basically, the deficit of 25 million dollars plus the spending in ISIL are supported by the international community.  They also mentioned that ‘monetary reform will occur ‘in the coming days’, some say it is completed and the final phase is in the next few days, and another said it will happen very quickly.

It’s important to see that they are in basic agreement and we need to understand what they are doing.  Cynics say that Iraqis have seen ‘coming days’ on their television for a month.  Well, this is now being said by the leader who has been fighting the natural assumption (from past history) that promises have been made without delivery, especially after Saddam Hussein and the next set of leaders.  So it means a lot that Abadi is saying that in public, with the Finance and Interior Ministry officials and the CBI.  It’s important that they put the pressure on.

IN the rest of Iraq, we have talked about frustration levels building in the last six levels;  that is coming to a strong peak right now, and many intelligence agencies are worried that they are taking too damn long to perfect this process.  They wait too long to be perfect and now that is creating problems in itself. That’s causing a lot of worry and concern, because Iraq has waited for so long and ‘good ideas’ continue to slow down this process.  You cannot keep the lid on for much long, and that is actually good because they have all seen the Arab Spring plus ISIL to deal with. There is tremendous pressure to get this done.  ISIL is being contained, but everyone is so pissed off at how long this is taking. The good news is that this is solved very quickly with an RI and/or RV.  People are happy that the banks and merchants are getting ready, but the people are still concerned because they don’t have jobs or contracts aren’t being filled.
Internationally, they are letting Iraq know on a daily basis that there are hotheads and they need to get this done.

Tony:  Friday was all about what we heard, which his that the Iraqi banks were open and doing early exchanges, right up to 6pm on Friday.  Iraqis were excited because their banks had never been open on the holy day.  They were hearing the process had started and we were told it was actually going through this time. Many people went to the bank and people got their lower denominations and fils and everyone was excited.  On Sunday, PM Abadi told everyone about his trip, what happened, the money he got for the loans for the budget, and assistance to complete the economic reforms, including 25 million dollar deficit in their budget do to reduction in oil prices and the problems with ISIL.  On the US television, they showed Abadi announcing that this week is the end of the economic strategy.  They were reiterating his speech and you can find all that online.  He was saying that this would end in the coming days – but we have been hearing this for three months now!  Now that Abadi has said this, though, it should be in the next couple of days.  Our sources in Iraq have told us that riots are scheduled for this week if it doesn’t happen;  they are tired are hearing this, and people know riots are coming if it is not resolved.  They know what riots mean, and they don’t want that to happen.  We did hear that it would be released yesterday and we would be in the banks today.  Obviously we are having this call, but in Iraq they are expecting this today, and if it doesn’t happen, there will be trouble.  Nobody wants to see another Arab Spring, so we are in a pretty good spot.  Abadi has said it and now he has to stand up to it.

DC:  In the US, banks have been on lockdown, and law enforcement/security are on alert as well.  They are all asking if it is real this time. We talked about early exchanges, and I understand that those are supposed to begin, and they are still planning that but it’s going very slowly because the banks are frustrated and unsure.  They sent everyone home and said they would call them back in when it’s public in the newspapers.  Some are letting people in, and some are just disgusted – which we can all understand.  Everyone is prepared for this to go through and we are ready to help then when we can. Tony and I have volunteered to educate as many people as we can with these calls and with early exchanges.  We will do whatever we can to help this process along.  We are still happy to help, and understand that plans may be changed according to how this changes in DC.  We just want everyone to go through as calmly and quickly as possible.
Tony:  I want to talk about the banks a little bit. They will like me today!  The banks are hearing just what we are hearing. They’ve had people on standby for 2-3 weeks, just waiting to do this.  Friday they told the mall to go home, they just got made.  On Sunday, another bank sent out memos telling their people to get ready to come in!  we understand both sides of that.  Over the weekend, certain people got their accounts shut down at certain banks – including my account.  They were people who sent wire transfers to Sterling to pay off their reserves.  They are directed to notify the fraud department for anything to do with dinar – they have been told that dinar is a scam, it’s never going to happen, and so they shut down the accounts.  They have to do that keep their employees who might otherwise get that this is real.  I understand that.  If they let this go through, their employees will know it’s real and they will get upset.  I know this is upsetting for all of you, but look at the bigger picture.  When this happens, they will want your money and it will be greater, later.

We are so close to this.  It’s being processed.  I don’t know when it will happen, but I do know what the next 4-5 window is now. Every day or weekend we hear this, they are doing more and more things in public that will make it happen, so we are closer and closer to the RV.  A few months ago, one of the other ‘gurus’ sent a question that I want to read from the questions on the forum.  Hang on…
“How much longer may Iraq endure the building pressure of a delayed RV without a melt-down?  How much longer will we have to endure this?  When do you think enough is enough?”  We are part of the process!  People are getting paid!  Someone is trying to start a protest again, and this is NOT the time to do that.  When there comes a time to do that, when there is a possibility that we will be excluded or mistreated, I’ll be the first to jump in. That is not happening. We cannot do something that Iraqi citizens aren’t doing:  demand that they release the RV!  If they are not doing it, how can we ask another country to do something to benefit us?  There are other things that need to be in place for this to happen, and they are getting done.  In the US, they have to look at the bigger picture for the rest of the citizens.  It’s not for us to agitate just because we want it today.  I wanted this two years ago!  We are part of the process, and that is what we need to appreciate.  If anyone gets agitated, it has to be the citizens of Iraq, and they are planning to do that.  We need to have a plan for when this happens, and the moment after it happens.  We cannot DEMAND they do anything!  There is nothing to be started, not this late in the game.  We are part of the process, this is absolutely happening, but it’s government business, not our business (in terms of timing).  People are asking to be put on a list we don’t even have yet.  If they ask us, we will give them information to be put on a list.  We do know people who have exchanged, what they were paid, what the structure is… we just don’t know what OUR structure is.  The thing is, people got paid this weekend, and this morning they got paid on historical bonds.  We know people are going to get money in their accounts tomorrow.  That means that the public RV is right here, right now.  Over a trillion dollars were transferred over the weekend, and that means our turn is that much closer.

Q:  Now that it seems security has improved, what else needs to happen for the RV to happen completely?

DC: Very little:  tweaks to military information re:  ISIL and Mosul.  Those have been transferred.  They have asked for a few other minor tweaks, and they just need the Council of Ministers to give the nod.  Most folks just need a nod, and those occurred after they came back.  Everything is on track for this to go.

Q:  Are we over-emphasizing Iraq’s need for the RV?  [Tony/DC:  NO.]

Q:  How can US not have a voice in how this RV goes out?  [Too fast for me to write.]

DC:  Bottom line, yes the US plays a part in this, but in the past they had more control. They have turned over most of that control, although they are still influencing things long-term in the Middle East.  We will always be in each other’s business, like family. They will always have some involvement.  However, the decision on timing fluctuates on how bad ISIL turns out, how well the PM is doing, and all kinds of other things.  Right now, we are told there are few items they want to have polished up a little bit that came from the IMF.  The US had some involvement with that list, but not a veto on this happening without.  It’s not a big Machiavellian situation;  they just want to get this darn thing done. The pressure to get this done is immense in the US, China, and the IMF as well as Iraq – on a short timeline, too.

Tony: Everything they have planned in the last ten years have been like me and my wife – the only way we will be separated is if I die. There is too much importance from them to us and from us to them for this to fall apart. Every country we have been at war with has turned into an ally and we support them, too, afterwards.

Tony:  Will husband and wife with separate currency have one appointment?

DC:  You can do it separately or together, your choice.

Q: Will this go into June?

DC:  Highly, highly unlikely.

Q:  The IMF wants reduction in US voting rights, and also they want to rebalance other currencies.  Is the US withdrawing their permission until their voting rights are maintained?  Is the rest of the world circumventing this issue through the IAAB?  [Tony is reading the questions too quickly;  I cannot keep up!]  Could the US withhold the RV until the voting rights issue is settled?  Is that causing the delays?

DC:  [Didn’t follow his answer]  The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has asked for the US to lower their veto-proof 17%. This has been going on for a long time;  the US keeps saying No.  Is the IMF or other countries holding the RV hostage to these voting rights?  No, because it’s not that important a piece.  Is the start of the AIIB a way to circumvent the US?  Yes, but it’s also to help the Asian economies and trade grow.  The US has a lot of problems with it due to loss of influence and transparency.  A lot of countries feel they have to play ball with China, who  was the starting force here, and it was a little jab at the US as well.  There is almost no relationship with the RV;  it is a separate deal, and although China has a little influence on the RV, it’s not like the high US influence.  It’s highly unlikely the US will agree to lowering the 17% and everyone knows that.  Even the most anti-imperialist types on the left will not agree to that.  So is the AIIB involved in the RV?  Yes, a little, but not enough to worry about.  No one is holding that over Iraq’s head as an ultimatum.  It’s as unrelated as it can be in the same organization.

Q:  Many are asking for the Ten Things List – it’s under Tony Blast section of the forum, available to members and nonmembers.  The transcripts are on
www.tntdinar.com.  This is only about the Ten Things YOU will do first when the RV is released, so it’s individual to each person.

Q:  Are structured payouts still in play in Texas and Georgia?  There was a concern that the states who have the largest numbers of dinars/dinarians, and so that banks intend to limit the amount of money people will have access to imeediately and structre the rest.  If you have over $500 million dollars worth of zim, you will have a 50-year payout. The rest is okay.

Q: Why the secrecy about which banks will do early payouts?  We have information we are not supposed to have.  We cannot reveal our sources or their banks.  That would not be fair.  We are letting you know in advance what the requirements may be, so that if there is a particular bank you want to work with, get your accounts open early if you can.  I am not going to expose them more than that, because that may  cause further delays as we broadcast to 300,000 people.

Q:  If there is slow rollout in Iraq for a month, how are the currency dealers still selling dinar?  The average citizen still has dinar at the 1166 official rate, while some groups have been converted to the $4 rate.  Why is the currency is still available? Some folks can still order.  Some dealers buy through Jordan or Dubai, but it has been restricted quite a bit, and it’s not as easy or cheap as it used to be. Speculators buying dinar have always  been part of the process because of oil credits, reserves, and to raise money for Iraq.  That provides economic stimulus for Iraq.  The CBI and IMF already know what dinars are in the US, the UK, Germany, Australia, etc.  In the US, they know who knows exactly what currency, by serial numbers.  Any registered dealer tells the UST who has bought which notes.  Those checks have already been written by Iraq.  When the RV starts en masse, the dealers will stop exchanging, and that will tell us this is upon us.

Tony:  I have received a couple of comments.  DC called me and said, “You ordered X, Y and Z, because it just came up in last night’s meeting!”  That’s not fair!  People want to know when they can start exchanging one note, and that’s not going to be until they  announce the formal RV – otherwise, it’s the same as saying the RV is happening.

Q:  When do you personally thing this is going to happen?

DC:  I am supremely frustrated, because this has been in a ‘good enough’ position umpteen times and it hasn’t gone through.  I understand why it hasn’t gone through, but my personal opinion is that a bunch of perfectionists who are trying to nail this so tight… and I get that… but I think you get this close enough and move along.  You prepare as much as you can, you go into battle, and figure out the problems as you go along.  It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback on this, but my personal opinion is that we are all very ready for this to move on.  I’m also excited for the world with regard to what rates are going to be and how the GDP will grow in the US and the rest of the world.
Q:  Can you go back over the explanation of the caps, with currency amounts and USD?
DC: About three weeks ago, there was a lot of talk and consternation about the amounts of currency available.  Bank staff told their contacts that this is real (in Georgia) and they realized some locations have more than that banks can handle.  Most will be managed by the banks by putting people in different cities.  For zim only, they are imposing a limit of $500 million, that over that large amount, the rest will be exchanged at the same rate but  with a 50 year structured payout. They only expected at most 2,000 would have zim, but Tony opened his mouth and more people bought them – maybe ten thousand or more rather than one thousand.  For the rest of the currencies, it’s hard to get up to that number, so they are not worried about those thousand or so people who have more than that amount in each currency.  With zim, quite a few people have more than that, so they will pay up to $500,000,000 upfront, and then put the rest on a payout over 50 years.  That will be inheritable, and yes, it would be good to put it into an entity.  Consult with an estate attorney on that.  Like any stream of income, you can divide it up however you want, give it to charities, etc.  You need good financial and legal advice to deal with that amount correctly;  you can change it as you see fit. Also, that could go up to a billion.
Tony: What about the limits on contract rates.
DC:  The latest we have is 20 million dong and 20 million dinar, so that more people have access to the contract funds, and a few wealthy currency holders cannot scoop the pool.  You can do one note and be just fine, or you could have a million.  If you are one of the few with over 20 million dinar and/or dong, then beyond that you have many options such as creating other entities, giving it to charities, or taking international rates for the rest.
Those with reserves are unlikely to get access to contract rates, because it will probably take two weeks to get your reserves to the bank, and the contract pool will probably run out in 2-3 days.  So do have a realistic expectation:  you may have five million in hand and 30 million in reserves, and that is still very good.  You’ll probably get your reserves exchanged at the international rate, and that is still phenomenal.
Tony:  And then the first mouse, second mouse, third mouse comes into play.  I’d be ecstatic if I were you.
310 caller:  Where do the US currency dealers get their dinar from?
DC:  Most comes out of Jordan or Dubai, from currency dealers;  some comes from Baghdad.  They are licensed and actively audited by the US Treasury.  I only bought my dinar from dealers licensed by the UST;  this means they are watching for fraud and other bad things.  They account for every bill by serial number and then it’s shipped to buyers.
Caller:  There are 36+ million citizens of Iraq;  what do they use at the grocery store?
DC:  Some of them are using debit cards at the new rates, but most are using old worn out bills that are hard to use.  There isn’t much currency left and it’s getting worn out.  There is very little paper currency left on the streets.
Caller:  Will you personally exchange your currency in your legal name or use entities?
DC:  I will exchange through entities, various ones set up in different ways.  You can also do that after the fact, but I did it ahead of time.
Tony:  Pam says we have to pay for forum access – I heard her say that myself!  How do we do that?  We are joking, guys.  Nobody pays for forum access. It’s absolutely free, and Pam cut it off two years ago.  Folks are going crazy – it’s a joke, people!
479 caller:  Are their banks set up to exchange in Arkansas?  With contract rates?
DC: Yes.  Tier 2 banks will be there, and the closest of the big banks will be Tulsa OK or Memphis TN.  My impression is that most tier 2 banks will NOT have contract rates because they are not trained and they are slower ramping up.
Caller:  If we have a WF mortgage department here – will they have contract rates?
DC: Possibly.  You will have to ask WF where the nearest exchange center is.  They may will be using their other departments as exchange locations.
Caller:  If I call from AK, will they give me A number or a clutch of numbers?
DC: You call the 800 number, and give them your details, and they will tell you the nearest place where they are trained to do exchanges.
Tony: We haven’t got the package yet.  A while back, we were told there would be one 800 number for ALL the banks, and you would give them the information and they would tell you where to go. We don’t know if each bank will have an 800 number…
DC: The latest information we have is that you will call each bank directly and ask to make an appointment for your currency, and they will direct you towards the closest bank. That is subject to change, so have a flexible mind in this process or you will lose.
702 caller:  Since the bonds have started, I hear they are cherry-picking, not flowing.  If that is true, wouldn’t the RV have had to happen?
DC:  We don’t hear cherry-picking;  we hear they are flowing.
Tony: The first of the bonds were paid Friday before last, but there was a complication.  That was resolved last Friday, and we hear that money is being deposited today and tomorrow.  We have had confirmation that some have received money already today.
Caller:  Would that push through the groups and packages?
Tony:  We would hope so.  However, we are not going until the Iraqi people go. The formal announcement has not been made yet.  DC explained that at the start of the call…
DC: I am not online much.  Abadi did talk to many folks on Saturday, and said the monetary reform will come in the next few days, and this was repeated in the different papers and from the CBI and Finance Ministry.  I think that is all Abadi or Shabibi will say and the rest we will find out afterwards.
Tony:  They said a couple of different things such as ‘in the coming days’, ‘economic strategy will end this week’, and so on.  The latter scrolling on the television right now.
404 caller:  Most of my questions have been answered.  This soft announcement that Abadi was making to various groups, did they make that into the formal announcement.  Just as this call started, I was watching Iraqi television. Abadi was being interviewed for 20 minutes, very smiling and informal, and then switched over to parliament.  Are those two partnered together as the soft announcement?
DC:  I believe that Saturday’s announcement will be as much as we get.  Parliament is meeting, but I think what needs to be solved has already been sorted out by the Council of Ministers and Federation Council.
719 caller:  [chitchat]  We talk about the ‘early exchange’ but you also said that until the people in Iraq go, we don’t go.
Tony: The early exchange is something separate.  The public won’t go until Iraq goes.
Caller:  What is the difference, given that the banks called in their friends and family?
DC:  In the banks favor, there is a lot less risk with friends and family than with the general public. They are controllable, easier to deal with, and will keep their money in that bank for a long time. Joe Public is a lot less comfortable, so they haven’t got to the comfort level required for the early exchanges or the 14,000.
Caller: This is getting way drawn out for the Iraqi people – this is just ridiculous.  So the new position for the zim is that if you have over 500 million dollars’ worth of zim, after that the structured payout kicks in.
Tony:  Yes, but that could change;  it could go to a billion.  We were asked not to say 500 million, that’s why we said ‘north of 100 million in dollars’.  For contract rates, it’s over 20 million dinar and/or dong that you have in hand – not the US dollar value.  Above that, you will have to exchange at international rates.
DC:  The boss said this call is over.  I want to tell a quick funny story about precision in words. In my former life, I helped upload stuff from drones, and it was hard to work out how to make a surveillance drone into a targeted weapon.  Anyway, the munitions guys (who love explosives) have nicknames like Boom-boom as distinct from the MIT guys who are all about kinetic energy, etc.  There are a lot of safety concerns, especially the MIT engineers who have never been outdoors in their lives.  So there we all were out in the NV desert, and I had to translate the MIT technicalities into bomb-speak for the munitions guys and vice versa.
Iraq is ready to go;  the announcements this weekend were preliminary, and there are internal pressures in Iraq and everyone is helping them get this moving.  People are frustrated all over the world, and they are pushing this through.  Positive actions have taken place like the bonds, and they are tied to getting this process moving.
Tony:  Pam says she has said too much already!
Ray:  I am kinetically charged!  Continue to enjoy Marvelous, Magnificent Monday.
TC:  Pam had to leave a little early, so that’s why it’s time to hang up now.  It was a great weekend.  Friday was historic for them in Iraq, and Abadi made several speeches that make us think we are finally there.  It’s different from hearing it from MPs, Ministers and all the rest. Their government is aware that there are riots planned for later in the week, and they want this to be released before then.  Banking people in the US are very frustrated, having called people in, and they hope this happens.  It’s all great news;  we are in a great place, more public than ever.  If anything is holding this up, they have already been agreed in the meetings.  Our window definitely opens tomorrow;  I don’ t know when it will close.  So I don’t look for it today, although they could shock us and the world.  I am anticipating a call any time this week.  Hopefully we will get the package and help any way we can.  Thank you to everyone, and I hope the next call will be THE call. Enjoy the rest of your day!

APRIL 17 2015


TNT Call notes 17-Apr-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

[Song playing:  I Want to Be a Billionaire… followed by I Want Money.]

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, April 17, 2015.  Yes, I do want to be rich, and I do want to be a billionaire.  I’ve been on for the last two songs, enjoying the music like the rest of you.  Then I brought DC on and he starting talking about Texas.  We have really good news, it’s a really good day and weekend, and Monday will change your world.  But before then, Pam was telling me and DC about the adventures of life in Texas.  Pam wanted to tell us about an overnight package leaving Texas that took a week…

Pam:  One of the wonderful members here sent me a package on the 11th, from a city outside of Houston, and it arrived yesterday.

DC:  This happens very infrequently. This should have taken two days to get to northern Michigan, and it ended up going through four other cities in south Texas before it got up north.  They have been having a great time at my expense.

Tony:  I love those Texas stories.  DC, I have an email – someone wants to take you to a particular barbeque in Texas, and of course I am allergic to Texas…
There is superfantastic news this morning.

DC:  Let’s hit it, east to west.  We do it that way because the main part of the RV is in Iraq, and in deference to that we start in Iraq and then go west.  Iraq is having a really good day. They had a very successful week in Washington DC, and when it comes to ISIL, budget funding, and the few meetings relating to the RI/RV.  Most everyone is home in Iraq.  On television there, they are announcing the economic reforms  are now ending and they are soon to be the richest country in the world.  We have had four confirmations of that process coming to an end.  I’m amazed that has not been announced in public yet, but it will be.

They are keeping to the original timelines from over a decade ago. Iraq is very much in the process now, and very excited but keeping thing under wraps. Tony and I were both asked to be quiet, not say anything and not screw this up.  We have been told to keep quiet separately, and we have not violated anyone’s trust even in telling ach other.  This is something new and unique and we pray to God it continues.  Do not buy any ore dinars, just wait it out  and see  what happens.

Over the  last few months, the mosques have announced that this is coming through, and to pay attention to these radio stations, television, and price changes. They are starting those again for obvious reasons.  Iraq is prepared to go through and has started something it would be hard to come back from.

Tony:  If you are not ready, you’d better get ready.  We’ve said it before but not like we’re saying it today.  If you don’t have your Ten Things to do first, spend your weekend doing that.  Get your paperwork and documentation together and know what you want to do.

DC:  In the US, there are even more in lockdown, and they have agreed to early exchanges at 14,000 per day.  That gets the process started and is a good way to get people moving through smoothly.  It will help many who need it, and also help cash flow and managing the impact on the economy. Early exchanges can start any time now, and announcements have gone out to everyone we know of. Everyone is sitting on the starting line!

Tony:  I fully expect to be doing some tweets over the weekend, and probably one call, maybe two.  Let’s just do a short call today and then let’s see what happens.  It’s a great day, a lot of excited people, and I anticipate more calls over the weekend.

DC: Before we go to callers, I would like to go over one or two things.  For new listeners, Tony gave a talk on Monday about some people saying he knows nothing and some thinking he gets everything, and everything in between.  We are humbled by the people who are talking to us in this process, and most will not be recognized for what they are doing to help you all. Tony and I are just here to help.  Some folks do like to distract us.  There are four basic strands of information:

  1. Straightforward, black and white truth from someone in charge of a bank, government, central bank, agency, or whatever.  That is not definitive – it’s their angle on their part of the world.  That doesn’t mean a central banker in Iraq will tell us the same thing as a banker in Dallas or DC.  CBI might not have told their people, and the US bankers might see it on his/her screens. They are both true in their circle.
  2. Some people give us half-truths, misdirecting by accident or on purpose. You have to pay attention, see what makes sense, and where that person is coming from.  We have to put it in context to figure it out.
  3. Some guys are really bad at putting their opinion forward as fact.  Some of these people are really bright and they believe they have figured out something and then think it’s the whole truth. We get a lot of interpretation by different folks who are trying to help or influence the situation.
  4. Some people are just pulling intel out of their backsides just to be part of the group, to misdirect, or just to lie.  As well as misdirection, that aspect is on there.

All four pieces are important.  If someone is lying to me when we know enough to grasp how and understand why they are using us.  We are being lied to a daily basis by many people, and the important part is to grasp the context and understand the context.  We do understand we are being manipulated sometimes, and we are grateful because we can work out what they are trying to say.

Tony:  For instance, on Monday, we were told that three false things would be put out in the course of the week and what agencies would be saying it.  They already told us they would tell our sources that.  The bad part is when people get information, don’t understand what they have been told, and then we have to go through the conversation where they tell us EXACTLY what their sources say, so that we can fit it into the puzzle with the other pieces.   We go through that and it has been interesting this week. Then today has turned out exactly the way we were told it would be at the beginning of the week.  It’s a great day to be a dinarian.  Wait, Pam just sent me something and I have to laugh – man, if you don’t laugh, you would cry.

I just got this funny story.  We used to talk to some people who gave us information a while back, on a daily basis. This person was all upset and pissed off and told me that DC and I had already been paid without telling anyone.  I didn’t appreciate being accused of being secretive.  The next day, that person found out that they had been misinformed.  If I had been paid, I would have known – and my wife would definitely have known.  Now someone is putting out an email saying that DC and I have been paid, we are under an NDA, and now we are just being paid by the government to keep everyone calm and quiet. We are back to people using our names to further their cause, which is ridiculous at this point. If I had been paid, you would know because I would be gone.  At the moment we have 15 minutes, and if they give us four days, then after those four days, we’ll be over.  We have been told specifically that we are not paid because we are too high profile.  We are actively trying to exchange, but have not been able to. We will still do the right thing and continue to help everyone, NDA or no NDA, even if we have exchanged.

239 caller:  I’ve got three easy questions, yes or no.  Do you think there will be a dinar floating rate, starting at a dollar?

DC: It will start above $3 as we have said for a while, and be fixed for a time and then float but I don’t know by how much.

Caller: What about the zim – how many zeroes are coming off?

DC:  Six is the latest number we have heard.

Caller: Are you interested in China’s currency?

DC:  I’m always interested in currencies, but big currencies will not move quickly. They can rock back and forth but not make big moves  It’s like a super-tanker, and it takes a lot to make any changes. So you should be looking at smaller countries…

310 caller:  I researched and invested in currencies about two years ago. The only real information is on the internet, not the banks.  When you all first go into this, what made you jump in, and what has kept you in it?  What intel did you have?

Tony:  I was doing another business on the internet, and this guy showed me how he was making 3-4,000 per day.  I was doing MLM, and it took a few months to convince me. The first day I made $3,000!  So when a guy called me about this, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, but he stayed on me for three months, and finally I decided to do it.  Then he said, “Let’s get on this site, we’ll explain it to others, and in a week we’ll be done!”  That was five years ago…

DC:  I was involved in the Afghan-Iraqi war from the beginning, and also I had some cargo drivers (Air Force guys) in the Kuwait war.  They popped through Kuwait a few times and ended up with some money in their pockets, and they ended up making thousands of dollars.  When I was in the war-planning stuff, this was mentioned then, and later on, as the plan was adjusted, I was helping out again (in a tiny way).  In fact, they didn’t know that I could figure out what was going on.  I didn’t tell them because I didn’t want to get into trouble or get them into trouble, because these top-secret things are usually compartmentalized. So I was aware from Kuwait and from the planning stages over a decade ago.  I just sat there and thought then went it got past a certain time, I would invest in some.  A very good friend also said, “What do you know about the Iraqi dinar?” and I said, “Quite a bit.”  So that reminded me, and when I got past the time-frame when it was prohibited, I invested in some and expanded later.  When we came to this process we had a few sources each, and by now we have a humbling amount of intel form the leaders actually doing it, and of course that made our belief shoot up. Also, several friends and acquaintances have exchanged now, so…

Tony:  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

209 caller: This is me from the smoke shop.  I have one quick question.  Is there indication that the zim will increase beyond the initial RV?

DC:  They will use this to get rid of the AA series and then reissue their currency.  Others believe it will rise up over the period of a year, but I don’t’ have a tremendous amount of confidence in that.

Caller:  They say you have exchanged but are saying you’re still here to keep us quiet, but we’re all frustrated, so it’s not working!  And what’s especially frustrating is that the banks have been authorized to do early exchanges, and they haven’t called us!  If they are in competition, the first one to jump in will definitely gain because there is a lot of business to be had that they are leaving on the shelf here.  I am mainly talking to the bank people here!  If nothing else, give us loans backed by our currency – get the ball rolling at least.  To have them not jump on this early exchange process is very frustrating to me.

DC:  Yes, but I see the other side as well.  They have to feel comfortable with the  process and it’s not locked tight yet.  They have been in this insanely high state of readiness for 2-3 weeks, but they have to feel comfortable before handing out millions and billions of dollars.

Caller:  Surely it’s a better idea not to get us, the people with money, pissed off at them.

Tony:  They have been jerked around just like we have, and the trust factor is not high right now. They have been called in over and over again. The banks are having meetings this morning, and even if they do the early exchanges, they are still assuming the risk until this has been officially announced.  That’s different with exchanging government officials who they can get the money back from or else the banks will go public.  I understand what you would like to do, but realistically that is not feasible.  They have figured out they are going to wait.

Caller:  I got in a little after you did the Twitter campaign, so I understand that I am still involved because you did all that.  [Appreciation]

347 caller:  Quick question – a few weeks ago a fellow came on who had been talking to his bank manager who said for him to look for this on the 20th – close to accurate?  Also, why would they do early exchanges if they are looking for the complete RI/RV over the weekend?

DC:  Hindsight is 20/20.  And they might do the early exchanges to get people in, make a ton of money, make sure it ramps up well, and help with security.  It is very beneficial for them to do that, even if it’s just a day or two.

Tony:  The banks have the option to do this or not do this, to use their own lists, etc.  They know there will be competition once this is out in public.  Right now, they can take advantage of this and retain their customers, rather than have their customers shop around and get back to them. I wouldn’t do it as a businessperson unless the things I’ve been seeing for the last few days are signed, sealed and delivered.  It’s a different risk value today than it was last week.

Caller:  There have been gurus running rumors about Jack Lew’s interpretation of the exchange rate, which I think is hilarious.

DC:  I don’t’ have the time to look at the internet. Jack Lew has given interviews indicating that there will be changes in currency values.  Most have interpreted that as the Euro against the US dollar;  the interviews yesterday took that further.  When people say “Why weren’t we notified?”  Lew and LeGarde will be able to say “We did give some intentional hints.”  I think that is what’s been stated.  I feel comfortable with this weekend, although we have been very, very close before.  Something could happen to screw this up, but it does have to go through eventually. It looks like they have taken some concrete steps to push this through to a new level, with a lot of back-slapping and attaboys and Yay for us!

574 caller:  Just one question for you guys… what is the best way to give to charities and still get the tax deduction?

DC:  Estate attorney’s are the best to advise you on this.  I have given anonymously through a friend or through an attorney’s office. There’s a million ways to skin that…

404 caller:  Lot of interesting news over the last 24 hours;  how many is true?  There were reports that the US Fed asked for two weeks’ delay and this was denied.  China wanted the yuan as part of this, and that was refused.  New members were expedited to the AIIB.  In TNT chat  yesterday, there were four global banks that met to agree the release of Chinese bonds.  How much is true, imagination, or a mix?

DC: Going to Asia first, the AIIB is NOT part of the RV.  The AIIB is like the Asian IMF with more focus on commerce. There has been tension with the US and our leadership (and majority vote) of the IMF.  Some of the criticism from China is deserved and some is not.  In terms of the Fed, UST or administration, well, the Fed is separate from the administration with strong, legally enforced walls between them.  However, all of them are saying “let’s go!” on the RV.  In terms of the other aspects of the currency systems, we believe that everyone who is listening to us with RV-colored glasses.

In terms of the international banks and the Chinese bonds, there is partial truth and partial RV-colored glasses.  There were meetings yesterday and they all said GO!  Some of those folks you mention were involved, some were not. They had the Go signal to start doing it themselves after a certain time.

Caller:  So the ‘good idea fairies’ have been contained for now.  [Appreciation]
Tony:  I think we are done because I think we’ll be doing something else this weekend.

DC:  We think some processes have been started that have not been there before.  It doesn’t mean this is going down for sure, but something has started that would be hard to stop.  Tony and I both believe things look very good for the early exchanges as well as the official RV. It looks phenomenal and likely to have a great weekend.

Pam:  I want to share something DavidM wrote in the forum in response to another member:  “It has been my extreme pleasure to serve, even in a small way, TNT Dinar and its members.  No one could EVER have imagined that we would be still here with a positive expectancy of the RV for as long as we have.  It has only been through sticking TOGETHER, being supportive, remaining in faith of what is to come, that we have been able to endure our journey.

I believe that it has been the special synergy of the collective; the AWESOME TNT Dinar Members, that has inspired each and every one of us the MODS and the entire TNT Team, to continue to rise to the occasion and serve as best we can.  We are only like you; human, flawed, and imperfect.  BUT, like you, we strive to do our best, and to inspire all of those in whom we come in contact with.
Thank you, and each and every TNT Dinar Member, for being part of the solution!”

That’s from DavidM and all of us.  We wouldn’t have missed this ride for anything.

Tony: There were some things that we were asked not to talk to you about, and we succeeded with that, but it’s really good news.  I do believe we will have a call over the weekend, possibly with the RV itself.  Failing that, there will probably be tweets.  If this has not come to pass over the weekend, if we are here on Monday, I will tell you what we found out and you will come to the same conclusion. If you are not ready, GET READY.  Have your  list of Ten Things to do first, get all your documents in order.  If they start with early exchanges, you won’t have time to pull it together. They will be wanting you to come in within a few hours or a day at most.

Do NOT buy any more currency of any kind based on this information. Do NOT get any more reserved.  Be prepared, and be excited.  We do not control this;  we give you the information in the moment.  I fully expect to be talking to you over the weekend.  Enjoy your day!

APRIL 15 2015


TNT Call notes 15-Apr-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

[Pam read Appaloosa’s post in the chat room:  I just want to be one of the first to congratulate all of you – you are some of the smartest people in the United States and beyond.  You made a very smart investment option when many turned it down flat. Congratulations!]

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  It’s going to be a different kind of day, going over some excellent news that will make a whole lot of people happy, I think.  First, we are going to do a short call because DC has something else to do and I don’t feel good.  I want to put out some information you can understand so that you know what’s going on.  The bottom line is… we are looking better than we have ever looked, this week.

But first… You  know that we’ve always been here to help.  I did get a few letters that I want to read to you.  I have looked at Twitter so we know where we are, and I also got some emails, and see how you feel about it.  I want the PTB to hear this and know what we are going through.

“Good morning.  It’s Wind-them-up Wednesday.  Are you starting to see a pattern?  Why in the world would a country of Iraq have the switch to start the RV, and they don’t?  What is the next window?  Is it in your home or 1. May?  How much BS do they feed you and you keep gobbling?  There is a plan and you are a pawn.”  We get those a lot…

“Mr. Renfrow, one of these days you will have to admit what the Congress, administration, the President and others have done to the world with their lies, deceit, etc.  Great people have been lost forever because of their issues. Please copy the part of the Constitution that states the elite are better than the man or lady on the street who has lost everything forever. Please never tell us again that everyday hard-working Americans are luck for what they have completed or accomplished.  You have insulted me as an American and everyone who pays taxes.  THEY have been teaching Iraq how to play the game, hurt their own people and take advantage of power.”  I get a lot of that.

DC: We get hundreds of those per day – an insane amount.

Tony:  That’s on the one hand, and we get a whole lot of it.  On the other…
“OMG, Tony, I just saw this email address on paypal, and if you reply that will be almost as good as that BIG tweet.  I must tell you what a miracle you are, in your soul’s purpose. There is never a way to thank you and your team for all you do.  I’m also grateful to the source of all that is giving in the universe, keeping you safe from those who don’t appreciate.  I look forward to seeing you in Vegas.  Your work is changing the world.  You are all divine and will truly change the world through your willingness to be on the front line.”

We aren’t trying to pat ourselves on the back, just to show you that some get what we are doing and some do not.  We get it all, the good and the bad.  We get that people say the government is using us – that’s right, they are using us to give you the information you need to have, to use this not just as a payday but as a change in your life. We do get stuff from our government, and from the Iraqi government and Kurdistan.  You would not believe the level of where we get information from:  high levels at the banks, governments and other places.  We give you the best we can, and when we don’t agree, we tell you that as well.  We are here to be an advocate for the people.

Last week, just before our call, DC got a call asking him to help explain the early exchange procedures they were setting up.

DC:  Happy to help!  Anything that will help the people and make this smoother, we are happy to help with.  In the course of that, (and I really hate this, in the five years I’ve been doing this) all I’ve ever done is trying to do what is right for you guys.  In the course of that, I’ve been attacked and abused by those who then come back and use Tony.  People say that I’m part of this group or that group.  One lady set up a site saying she was my mother, and she made $30,000 in a single day through signups on that site.  People say we’re full of crap, and then claim that we endorse them.

JCR, who used to be a Mod on TNT, did a call with Topshelf, and all they talked about is Tony.  We got a copy of this call.  They sent out an email saying that if you are not part of their group, you will not get paid.  They say that TONY will say in the coming days that you will all have to sign up for their group to get paid.

DC:  After four months of calling all of us every name under the sun, now we are supposed to part of bringing people into their group?  I think that is hilarious!

Tony:  Yes, but the people who sent this to us are concerned that they will sign up because “Tony says so”.  The people who asked us to help with early exchanges, well, I don’t mind doing that, but I do mind someone saying that I am directing you to sign up for their groups.  If I am asked to direct you to the banks or wherever, I will do it upfront, on this call, not someone else saying “Tony says…”

DC:  Hope everyone heard that in terms of watching out for what you are doing, and taking responsibility for your own actions.  If you want to be in a group, well, we have talked about the pros and cons, you are your own person and have to make your own decision.  I think we have empowered you enough to do that.

In Iraq, they are saying that there are many television mantras like “in the next few days, the completion of the economic reform will conclude”, the “economic crisis will be finished in the coming days”, and also “be prepared for the finality of the economic reform.”  There is restricted communication between various places, because of things CBI is preparing for.  Everything is ready there.  In the mosques, they are still saying “it’s coming, it’s coming – it’s for real this time!”  They are not keeping people at this high readiness so that it will come out in a few months, but because it is very close upon them.

Parliament is meeting as usual, pushing through as any mature parliament does.  The ministries of Finance, Interior, Defense and DBI have had many meetings about what the RV does for their different departments.  The lack of auctions means a real lack of funding for them.  Planning for Mosul is still in place, with softening of targets;  this is all in public.  Everyone is prepared, with updates on who PM Abadi is talking to, and about ending the economic crisis, pushing that front rather than the ISIL front. That is good PR, more positive and also relevant to more people in Iraq.

Tony:  A television blackout in Iraq continued this morning, and they are excited about seeing something in the next two days, about a currency change.  Iraq is happy and sitting on edge.  I like hearing this, because on Monday the banks said that they were not expecting anything until Thursday.  That is why we were expecting to have this call today, but DC will explain more…

DC:  In the USA, you can see who PM Abadi is meeting.  He had extremely successful meetings with the President and VP, and his entire team had great meetings with their counterparts as well.  Abadi is now meeting with bankers in the US and Europe, at the IMF and the World Bank.  We’re still waiting on more meetings to go through. Tony and I believe that it is unlikely that they will do the RI/RV while he is out of country.  There is also a very strong argument in favor of Abadi being out of country for security reasons while this goes through – that would be politically acceptable in Iraq, although my money is still on his being in-country.  If the IMF does that, though, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Now, Iraq has asked the US, IMF, UN and World Bank for money – why?  Won’t they be swimming in money?  Because they pull the trigger, that doesn’t mean that they will have unlimited amount to spend immediately.  There is a deficit in the 2015 budget when it comes to fighting ISIL.  The money they are talking about is almost all about fighting ISIL and related groups.  So they are asking for cash and also weapons systems so that they can keep fighting.  Regardless of the RV, they have to fight ISIL and that is not part of their budget.  Their IDF cannot support spending hundreds of millions of dollars, plus there are humanitarian programs to fund.

There is also a question of timing.  When do they want the money?  These meetings are prepped by the State Dept, so they knew well in advance.  Iraq doesn’t have lots of spare cash.  It’s not like CBI can open its doors and invite the government to spend what it likes. It’s not like Congress can just go to the Fed and ask for another 80 billion dollars because they are short for this month.  They have to get in tax revenue, etc., prior to the RV.  They need that cash money yesterday and it takes a while to bring in taxes, release some bonds, etc.  It’s also a backup.  They  know how close we have come to the RI/RV and then everything falls apart.  As a country trying to save itself from annihilation by whacko terrorist, Iraq has a backup plan in order to get things done, just in case things go poorly.  It has the added effect of throwing off bigtime money people off, almost like a smoke screen.  They are giving out some information but not giving the full picture, and it’s in part to keep things obscure.

So part of this is about timing, part is about ISIL, part is about having a backup plan, and also about keeping everyone on edge about when this is going through.

Tony;  Some of you will experience this in real life.  You’ve just won the lottery, and it’s 100 million dollars, and we will pay you out 10 million per year for ten years.  If you have already spent that ten million, and a crisis comes up, then you might have to go to other buys with money to ask for more.  They know you have money but you want them to loan them some until the next pay day.  Iraq is the richest country in the world, but the oil, gas and gold are all still in the ground.  The lenders want Iraq to be in debt to them.  Iraq will always want to borrow money in a cash flow sense. The US borrows money and then we loan money out to everyone else.  That’s how the global economy works.  So those who are worried about Iraq borrowing money – it’s just to get things done today that was not covered by their budget, and also some misdirection.

In the US and in Europe, all the bankers are still in lockdown. I feel bad for them because they are sitting there waiting.  No early exchanges have taken place.  We are supportive of that happening as soon as possible.  Abadi doesn’t have to be home for that to begin.  Everyone is ready for things to get moving on that front.  Not much has really changed since Monday.  Iraq is ready, both people and ministries, and they continue to do well with ISIL.  The US has hosted meetings with the Iraqi team, and those have gone very well.  It’s looking very good, very positive actions including funding against ISIL.

Tony:  Only one question per person, please, as we don’t have much time this morning.

617 caller:  On the last call, you said that the early groups have gone through and know what their taxes are.

DC:  Some have gone through but we don’t know the details.  Some groups have made groups with China, and the details have been agreed to.  Some are going to the US, and they are just letting it lie;  other groups have 44% in escrow.  All the groups are different.

650 caller:  I am still confused as to what has to be done, specifically, to get this done.

DC:  It is rarely one fixed checklist, that by the time I hit Z, I’m done.  This group continues to add Z-1, Z-2, etc.  This weekend, everyone was briefed and ready to get this done, and they added one more GD thing to the list. We now believe that the meetings in the US had to be successful, and then they also had to get some pledges for military spending against ISIL.  That didn’t have to be done before the RV, they just added those at the last minute. Now they are just waiting for the boss to get home. They could still add more, and we would all be cussing, but it could happen.  Right now, everything is fine and they plan to roll this out.

Tony: Security was a big issue over the last 48  hours, proving to the banks and oil companies that they are stable enough and have plans in place to protect the oil, etc.  Don’t text me on this!  We tell you what we hear, what we understand the future plan is for the banks, our government, in Kurdistan and Baghdad.  That is the plan right now!  That’s what we go with!  We think the plan is right now;  there is window open for the early exchanges and the banks chose not to do that just yet.  The opportunity is there, the people are there, and it could happen in this timeframe.  In Iraq, they are expecting this today or tomorrow – that is the plan.  My other option is not to tell you anything.  You have the option of getting up to day information or not.  All we can do is to tell you “this is what we think is happening, and this is why”.  They won’t let Tony or DC activate the RV!

DC:  We give you information about what is going on, as best we get it, and we have to go on certain assumptions.  You are adults and can make up your own minds.  We are both volunteers, feeling responsible for helping others.  We can only say “this is what is going on”.  It has been approved to go 170 times in the last year.  Others can say that we are liars, but that is like giving the weatherman a hard time when he says 60% chance of rain, and then it doesn’t.  This is enormously complex, and anything can go wrong.  Our sources across the world are the ones who are actually doing this, and a year and a half ago he said “Winston, we are getting this done this week!”  Our sources are telling us the best they know and we pass it on to you.  President Obama is not calling us with updates, and anyway, he doesn’t control this.  It’s a committee group thing that controls the timing.  Everyone wants to shoot us when we are just passing the message along.

Another mentality says “You shouldn’t say anything.”  Well, if you think that, hang up.  Listen to the news and then get off the line.

Tony: We have some contacts I could never have imagined talking to!  DC is used to his name being mentioned around the world, but I never expected my name to be heard in DC or around the world.  Sometimes they want us to get a message to someone else that they cannot reach directly, or they need us to say something that people need to get, for things they need to be prepared for.  I don’t mind being here to help you.  Regardless of whether the RV happens today tomorrow or next week, there are things we are trying to help you understand for your future.
703 caller:  I feel bad for what you guys go through.  It’s like they are shooting the messenger.  I feel tremendous gratitude for what you do.  [Appreciation]  I read something this morning over on Recaps, saying that the Fed was blocking SWIFT codes??
DC:  I’m not sure what you are getting at.
Caller:  It said the Fed is blocking transfer of funds.  It was clear as mud.
DC:  To me as well.  I don’t understand if or what that is about.
Tony:  We were told the bonds were happening and people would have money in their accounts on Tuesday. We know there is an issue and so they haven’t been completed yet, and maybe that is what they are hinting at?  We know they are waiting for the announcement of the RV.
618 caller:  I don’t have a question, but did want to mention a project that I’m going to help out.
DC:  Almost all our members are going to be taking steps beyond themselves, helping humanity on a local or larger level, so we like hearing about these projects.
Caller:  Have you heard of adverse drug reactions?  When a doctor prescribes medicine and there are bad reactions – over two million per year. There is now a DNA test to help them ascertain beforehand if a person is likely to have adverse reactions.  The website is www.usmedrep.com.  I hope this will save lives.
Tony:  It’s a great thing because a lot of people have reactions to drugs, but are you creating a medical DNA database so the next doctor or hospital knows further down the line?  I don’t mean to be controversial, but many will ask that question.
405 caller:  Last Friday, you stated that Baghdad was in the dark, that there hadn’t been an RV there.  I bought a car and the dealer was Iraqi.  An imam wanted to buy a car, too, and he called Baghdad and his contacts said that nothing was happening in Baghdad.  I would like to sell my dinar to an imam from Iraq – can you expedite that?
DC:  I don’t believe US citizens can do that, legally.  That will trigger law enforcement guys as well.  You can still get currency on the streets in Iraq, so they can do their deal without you.  Not every citizen knows about this and they are told to keep quiet.  If you want to sell it, you can sell to the bank or dealer where you bought it.  Until it’s changed value  internationally, I don’t think an Iraqi citizen will buy it for more than the 1166 rate.
Tony:  Most Iraqi citizens don’t want you to have this!  It’s come about from their blood, their families, etc.  Most I’ve talked to here won’t discuss this at all, even if they are getting called back home.  In my five years of doing this, any private person selling dinar are ending up in court.
Caller:  I thought you said that some cities in Iraq have been revalued…?
DC:  Some citizens have been repaid for past debts, pensions, etc., in different areas.  Most people in Basra have gone over to the $3.91, but many other citizens are still being paid at 1166.  The entire country has NOT converted to the new rate.
Tony:  We know that people here were being paid – we know the people who got paid, those paying them, the rates and all the rest.  People posted in the forum that friends got exchanged, or they got their own appointment.  If someone new came on the forum, what would you tell them?  You cannot tell them a bank to exchange, and they would think this is not happening.  Your guy called one person who has not been paid, but we talk to people all the time in Iraq who have been paid.  And they could be 100 meters away!
Caller:  You’ve probably saved my life from going to jail, so thank you.
DC:  Basra and Tikrit have had the most people paid.
Tony:  Pam wants me to talk about foundations and such, and if we have another call I will try to discuss that for a bit.  We did talk to a bank person at X bank, and their plan is only to exchange their customers. If there is a bank you want to go to, it’s a good idea to have your account open for at least 24 hours and with at least $1,000 in that account.  It might be a good idea to get that account open now;  this bank has been cautioned against opening accounts just for this purpose.
DC:  I think we have summarized it at the start. Everyone is ready.  I don’t believe we have to wait for Abadi to get home before early exchanges start.  Everything is on board, and I hope you come home very wealthy people.
Pam:  DavidM says:  “There are 20,000 TNT members, but only one DC and Tony. They are not divine, not rocks starts, not to be put on a pedestal, but they keep your future in mind as we get to the finish line.”
Ray:  Continue to enjoy this Where-is-it Wednesday…
Tony:  Thank you.  Our conversation today was not about giving ourselves praise.  We do understand both sides.  We know everyone doesn’t have the same info. We love and support  you.  This is what we got through this every day. There are governments and banks that go through the same thing – yea and nay.  Even though they have approval for early releases, but we understand why they hesitate.  They have their plan, we just need to know wha tit is so that your transactions can go smoothly and you can survive for more than 2-3 years.  Anything we can do to help that along, we are happy to do.  We have been asked by both sides, and we have done it.  At time we have been asked to give you information we think you need, and other times we’ve been asked to refrain from saying certain things.  On Monday, we were told the banks should be exchanging on Thursday, and in Baghdad they are saying over the next few days.  It could go as long as the weekend.  I hope we have a call before Friday.  As for the early releases, I hope the banks call us and let us help them through.  If something really super happens, we will tweet it out and we will have another call.  Enjoy your day!

APRIL 13 2015


TNT Call notes 13-Apr-2015

Dr Kyree Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, April 13, 2015.  We are here once again where we shouldn’t be.  We’ll let DC do a lot of the talking, as usual. There is great information, though – we are still ready, and I asked them to have good questions today.

DC:  I hope everyone had a good weekend. We are still where we were on Friday, everyone is on call, and we are set up before Wednesday. Everyone is still on lockdown.  Iraq is very ready, preparing things.  They have done more adjustments in Parliament, more updates, that’s all the same. Abadi is in the US right now, but the Iraqi television is still expecting monetary reform in the next few days, Iraq is the strongest country in the world, etc.  They have had one announcement or training to make sure people are aware of the changes.  One thing is that Pam pointed out that the Budget was published in hard copy.  That is another pressing deal.  ISIL is still being prepped for taking back Mosul.  Abadi is talking to different folks in the US re:  Mosul planning.  Not much has changed in Iraq;  they are on the highest of alerts.

Tony: Abadi and his entourage are in the US right now, and they are scheduled to have an appointment with President tomorrow, plus many meetings over the next three days while they are here.  The news on television is still saying the final phase is coming to an end in the coming days… even though that has been seven days now.  Announcements have been made in the mosques, too.

DC:  In Iraq, they strongly believe this is the final week. They are just as frustrated and perturbed as we are.  The finance guys have said “now until the 15th, and it’s not the 15th yet”.  Why are they waiting?  The ‘good idea fairies’ have sprinkled fairy dust on the process this weekend, but most have been dealt with.

Tony:  Let’s talk about the June issues that people are complaining about.  The first one is Mosul, even though they have said that they changed the plan and they are here to discuss.  Then because the Iran agreement wasn’t resolved by 31. March, they are now saying that this RV cannot go until that is settled, which will be in June.

DC:  Regarding Mosul, the actions have already started to occur, with softening of the target for a while now. That is part of the process.  Also, they were going to use the RV as part of the demoralization plan as well. Some folks in the US have tried to get Mosul first, but everyone else is saying “we’re good enough” plus the RV is part of the military campaign.  It’s stupid for the soldiers to fight on when they will get killed and they could just go  for the RV and be rich instead.  They are talking about it, but the attacks are already going on. The military planners want this cleaned up.  Many folks are saying you need to get rid of ISIL, but that is not essential to get this going.  They are not prepping for the RV to be months away but to go through now, by the 15th.  Can things change?  Sure.  But it has been constant for 10-11 days now so we’ll keep with that.
In terms of Iran, that deal is not even half-baked. They are trying to get a framework together, and now that framework has been agreed to by Iran and the P-5+1, on how Iran can rid of their sanctions by avoiding nuclear bombs.  It’s controversial but highly publicized and we’ll have to see how that goes through.  They’re not banking on that because the timeline is to be completed by June 30th.  It affects Iraq because Iran is a major neighbor and we’ve known for a long time that Iran has nuclear ambitions.  We don’t think that is going to be put in the mix according to my sources in the US or in the world at large.  The chances of it being implemented by the end of June are highly unlikely at this point, so it will not affect the RV, as I understand it.

In the USA, everyone in the administration went down south and that was a success – that was nothing to do with the RV, but about the Americas, normalization with Cuba and security issues.  There was an historic meeting between the President and Castro, but that has nothing to do with the RV.  Abadi and his team are in NY today, DC tomorrow, talking about what to do with Mosul and about the RV.  Many are disappointed it was not a victory lap, but banks and law enforcement are still on high alert.  Everyone is very antsy, waiting, on call.  The trillion dollar question is this:  will they do it with the PM out of country.  I personally think they will wait for him to go back, and I think it could be very quick after he goes back. Some who are much more intelligent and connected than I am say that is not necessarily true, and he can fly back very quickly.

Tony:   Last Thursday and Friday, things were going along.  You say people were very disappointed this is not a victory lap because that is what we were told.  The people of Iraq were told this was going on Sunday.  Banks told their people to be prepared for a huge crowd on Tuesday morning. That was the plan as of last Sunday, so people were very exciting.  It didn’t happen Sunday or today, but there is another projection.

DC:  Banks are on lockdown for staff, managers and exchange people;  they’ve had their phones restricted, etc.  They are keeping it at that high level and also say ‘early exchanges’ will start very soon.  We have been told that worldwide, they will process 9-14, 000 per day.  That hasn’t begun and we don’t know why.  I don’t believe Abadi needs to be in-country for that.  Everything is prepared and ready for that, and we were asked if we could be ready to help and of course we volunteered to help if we can

Dems and Republicans are still ready to go.

Tony:  I didn’t know about that phone call, but that is what we do. We bring you what we get when we get it.  It’s right in the minute.  We got the information yesterday and today that there will be new exchange locations that people we are in close contact with will be involved in the exchange process, and the procedures will be updated today and tomorrow.  So you can thinking about what you will do in each of these situations.  You can have a plan percolating and we can help you plan.  That’s why we do what we are doing – to help you make plans.

DC:  on the early exchanges, they are still planning 9-14,000 worldwide, NOT per bank.  People are still on lockdown and everything else is prepared for that.  That is wonderful because that gives us a fighting chance of getting through.

Tony:  There is an opportunity this week.  We are not at the end of the month.  Even though the Iraqis are here today, the early exchanges should get cranked up.

DC:  Everything is highly subject to change.  They were supposed to go through last Thursday, last Friday, and on Sunday.  So…

Tony:  Thank you for all the packages of macadamia nuts from amazon.com.  The ones from Hawaii, though, those are different!

716 caller:  Hi!  I’ve been listening for almost five years.  It seems like every time it gets to a head, it drops off for one reason or another.  Is it ever going to come to fruition?

DC:  It seems that way to everyone, including me;  it gets up to the point then someone has a ‘good idea’, but sometime they will have to stop and let it go.  They have to stop this constant pain-in-the-ass situation and let it go. Everyone is so tired of these ‘good ideas’, between ISIL, and all the rest.  The pressure is immense to stop that process.  They have given themselves leeway until the 15th, that’s what they have been talking about for the last 11 days, and they are using this as a forcing function now.

Tony:  Let’s look at the bigger picture.  The people of Iraq have come so close to rioting in the streets, and every time they have to reward them with a new card, a new rate, an they have run out of things to reward them with.  Even with them, whatever ‘a few days’ has to run out, and there is nothing to stop them hitting the streets this time. They are looking for that golden future, and they keep being told ‘phase four is coming to an end’. They know this has come to end and “where’s my money?”  Now it’s two weeks since Kurdistan has been paid and when is Baghdad’s turn?  People were brought into the banks in the US over Easter weekend, and this last weekend as well. All that is building and at some point it has to come to an end.  The banks have been authorized to start early releases, but now the banks don’t have confidence in it either.  Or why exchange early when the whole thing will be released very soon?  The bonds were paid last week;  we know that Friday they got their money in their accounts.  They called people and told them that money is sent to their accounts tomorrow. Things are so close, we can’t see this being dragged out much longer.

Caller:  It seems they are looking for perfection before this happens, and that will never be.  I’m confused and dismayed, but I’m still hanging in there.  [Appreciation]

617 caller:  I read in DinarRecaps that the private groups will go before the RV. Do they mean the people the banks are picking?  Or people like us?

DC:  It’s supposed to be both.  That’s what the early exchange process is about, to lessen the economic impact.  They will take the groups first and also early exchanges, but no one knows when.

Tony:  Most of the early groups have gone through or at least done their final paperwork.  They  know what their taxes and deposits are, and they  can see their deposits in their accounts.  The banks know who their own customers are, and they can contact them.  The WMs have lists of people who they have talked to over the years.  That is where the lists will come from, and I can give them 40,000 additional people!  It won’t take long once it starts;  we’re just waiting for it to start.

DC:  In smaller towns, the tellers who are already trained have signed NDAs and they cannot even tell their bosses or managers.  One gal I know was trained 4+ years ago, and has been through further training,  and she was specifically trained NOT to tell her boss.  Most of them have been trained specifically in the dinar, dong, zim and rupiah.  We have to wait for 800 numbers or for the banks to call us.

404 caller:  You said this was expected to go on Sunday;  who put the stop on that?

DC:  IMF, CBI and BIS… I don’t fully understand why.  The initial information so far, highly subject to change, is that it was primarily dictated by the CBI and BIS.

Caller:  There is a rumor that has to do with the Fed and the UST.

DC: The lines between those two are pretty strictly enforced.  They are sticklers for keeping everything separate, so that there is no political influence on those two.  I think Janet Yellen is doing a fine job and not allowing a lot of game-playing. So I don’t think the Fed and UST are fighting over policy stuff.  They do coordinate and communicate every day, and they should.  The Fed is our central bank, and they will be handling a lot of the currency changes.  That’s where the bank feeds come from, so the Fed is a player in this game.

Caller:  I’m intrigued when you use the concept ‘good idea fairies’…

DC: They are international;  the latest came from the BIS and IMF, with help from mid and high level CBI guys.  I don’t know if any other good idea fairies are involved.  It is exhausting for everyone involved.  In the oil business, they say “nothing is more expensive than a good log”.  The same is true for the RV process;  a lot of the ideas are actually good, but come on already – we’re close enough, let’s go!

Caller:  With some of this coming from the CBI so close to Abadi’s visit to the US;  what’s his response?

DC:  They are all just pissed off, frustrated, agitated and tired. Abadi is no different.

Caller:  What will be involved in the updated procedures?

Tony:  They are still doing it today and tomorrow, which should tell you something.  We should be able to tell you something later in the week.

Caller:  I hope it happens by the 15th;  I hope this is the last call!

423 caller:  I’ve been on this thing four years, listening to every call.  If I consider this a job, shouldn’t it be on my taxes?

Tony:  I don’t know – have you been paid for it?  <laughter>

650 caller:  There was an article published about a four-phase process.  What about the stabilizing the value prior to doing this?

DC:  Stabilitization of the US dollar is important but challenging since 2004 on;  they have done a tremendous job with that.  The plan demands stability in the country, the currency and the markets.  They have got rid of the political problems for the most part, so that is stabilizing the markets.  The price of the US dollar has gone up dramatically because most of the world economies are in the crapper, with sanctions in Russia and Iran, and with the Eurozone down in the dumps.  We have 2.4% GDP, which is not great but at least we are not dying. People are doing for safety, and that means that the US dollar and US Treasury bills are going up, making it more expensive for other countries and their currencies.  The auctions also cause tension and on the streets they are having issues.  Iraq also has a physical money problem and what they do have are worn out, so that is forcing them to use US dollars even though they don’t want to.  The  dinar notes are just worn out.  There is only one way out, and that is to RI or RV, but it’s leaking out in an enormous fashion in Iraq.  It’s messing with the flow of money and that is causing hell trying to keep the dinar stable.  They are having trouble keeping it on board.  Shabibi has done a superb job, but the only way through is to RI.
Caller:  If this is in the IMF’s hands, is that the reason they cannot do it at this time, until they can re-establish control?
DC: It’s not good, but it’s not like the world is coming to an end.  They can cope.
Caller:  If there is a dual-rate system in Iraq, how can they use their cards today?
DC:  Some cannot use their cards at all, although it shows money in their accounts.  Some can use the cards using their rate, although the government is paying them in different rates.  It’s a big giant mess.  Most businesses and the government have stopped the exchanges going on at all, and that has slowed down the economy a lot.
Tony:  On Friday and Saturday, they were adjusting those rates again and this was supposed to go on Sunday, but it didn’t.
Caller:  So if they cannot use their cards or get cash, what is the point?
Tony:  That is the same thing here:  some people have money in their accounts, but they cannot use  it.
DC: The lower denominations are being circulated apart from the fil coins.
719 caller:  Someone’s sister went to the bank in Houston, and they said that they would exchange on 20th April, and we didn’t believe it then.  It’s not about us but about Iraq;  if they had been paid, we would wonder what was holding this up.  Is any of the delay through the IMF?
DC:  The US has been very hands-off for the past five months or so now.  They have been staying out of it, although they’ve been making their opinions known.  They have not been actively blocking things that we know of. This everyone trying to get perfect.
Caller:  Can you tell us any of the ‘good ideas’?  Do they have to go along with those?
DC:  Abadi and Shabibi are pretty good at killing them, but sometimes those ideas have already taken hold before they get to their desks. This is very fluid and no one has absolute authority.  Shabibi has the authority to pull the trigger, but he has to herd 1,000 cats to get this lined up.
Caller:  What are we looking at this week?
DC:  I can give you my opinion, for what it’s worth.  ABadi and his team are here to work on ISIL issues, Mosul and military hardware.  He is scheduled to go back to Iraq by the middle of the week and then he is free and clear.  The early exchanges can happen whether Abadi is here or in Iraq.  I don’t believe the 15this the final date.
Caller:  Do you think it will happen this week, by the 15th or when?
Tony: The banks have been authorized to do the early exchanges today, but for some reason they are not doing them.  I understand they will start toing them this week.  I don’t give a date because they will change it.  We know it’s here, we know they can do it, and it doesn’t make sense for a standing PM to announce a major change for his country while he is in another country.  There is a plan and a timeframe for the early release and for a public release.  I don’t understand why the banks haven’t done this.
Caller:  If they were authorized last week, they could get a lot of people out of the way! Also, you said that the historic bonds cannot be paid without an RV.
Tony:  They have been paid, they have transferred money all around the world because the RV has happened, it just hasn’t been announced publicly yet.  However, the more people they pay that we know about – and we know the locations, people, tax rates and fees – the more confidence we have that this will go and we will get it.
Caller:  I don’t know if people know how hard weekends are on people.  They don’t have the money to go out and do stuff, and it’s tough to stay positive.  Any kind of update sure would be appreciated.
Tony:  Unless there is something really, really happening that will affect this, we don’t do that.  I haven’t seen anything to that effect yet.  It’s hard on you and on all of us, especially when they tell us that it’s happening on Sunday, then it doesn’t.
DC:  And these are the people doing it!  We have the same questions for them that you have for us:  How can you not know what’s going on?  Or why it has changed?  There are so many moving parts that it’s hard to get this synchronized…
425 caller:  You have an interesting article about bank perks, and one of them says something about parking your funds in overnight funds that guarantee 1%  per month, which is 12-15% per year.  Is that real?
Tony: That is possible, but not for the average person who has only a few thousand dollars.  If you have millions of dollars, you can work out something totally different.  Also, there are other places to get that, beside the bank.  You have to negotiate with the bank, and other places to get that level – investment places overseas, annuity accounts here, and many other investment vehicles that pay you that level.  They are high-risk, high-reward.
Caller:  They start to do the early appointments, will those be international or contract rates?
DC:  We have been told that will be 9-14,000 per day, and both rates are available.
Caller:  When people bring up security problems in Iraq, you say that’s not an issue.  As I watch the news and read, that seems like a big deal, so why do you say otherwise?
DC:  Yes, it’s an issue, but they have known it’s going on for 2-3 years, and that has not impeded the RV well over 130 times. We are talking to people doing  the RV, and although they don’t want to announce it on a bad bomb day, but otherwise it’s not an issue on holding up the RV itself.  Yes, ISIL is a bad group and they will be punished.  They did hold the RV up for the first day of Tikrit.  They do want the details to be perfect, but dealing with ISIL and the other issues is part of the game.
Tony:  The RV itself, the currency, is being used as a weapon against ISIL, so that people will drop their arms and buy consumer goods instead.  Any time there is a major event, you can’t have half the country crying, the other half celebrating on the same day.
208 caller:  Sometimes I’m in Seattle and sometimes in Idaho;  where is better to exchange?
DC: The bigger cities will have more options, more places.  More significant will be the situation with the income tax.  In some states I have to pay taxes on profit made there, so that is the issue.  The state that has that much money flowing through it, they will want to see some of that in taxes.  It’s wise to plan with that in mind.
Tony:  They can wipe out all the state tax, and the feds will get so much money they will send some of it to the states through programs, so the states will still get some money.
Caller:  This has been going on so long… can you update us on the rates?  You said we would be happy and some of the rates went up?
Tony: The most recent rates I’ve heard are  4.20 for dinar, 1.27 international / 2.27 contract for the dong, 1.05 steady for rupiah, zim from .15 up to .22 and the other one we’re not talking about.  It’s all still good guys – it’s not new, it’s done!  The only thing exciting will be ‘here is the 800 number, let’s go to the bank!’
410 caller:  It’s beautiful here, in the middle of the afternoon.  You said something about new procedures;  these people who have been training, maybe there are getting new instructions?  If they had to be trained for years, how do you change that quickly?
Tony: We don’t know who the changes apply to – just the banks, or us as well?  The good thing is that more people are being trained at a lower level, because this is about to happen.  It involved more people in the banking system.
Caller:  I heard that other new banks are participating… I heard SunTrust might be involved?  How is the spirit in the banks these days?
DC:  A large number of the tier 2 and 3 banks will be handling this just like other foreign exchange procedures;  they have been retrained and recertified in the WF process.  A few will also offer contract rates, but at tier 2 and 3 it will be mainly international rates.  They will be ramped up more slowly as well and will have a hard time catching up.  The banks are starting to have major issues with people getting frustrated and leaving.  The banks say their staff cannot buy currency but they just go buy it elsewhere.  Some are calling their relatives and telling them to buy currencies. That banks are highly worried about what’s going on. They have internal security and regulators updating them on estimated dinarians working for their banks, and the number is climbing rapidly.  All the banks we are talking to are in a bad position because their staff are getting pissed.  The employees either have currency and will retire, or will quit through sheer frustration.
Caller:  Are the tier 2 banks doing early exchanges?  [Appreciation]
DC:  Not that we have heard so far.  Remember, we only get 60% of the information.
Tony:  We do have a huge team who look at the numbers and the information, and they support us in these calls.
DC:  Some people gripe that we tell you too much information.  I thought it was evident that we are more involved in this process than just leaking intel.  If someone is a high-level person in the CBI, UST, Fed, administration, Congress and so on, they never expected many people to find out about this.  They thought that dinarians were just dinarians and conspiracy theorists, but then there are people like Tony who are just trying to educate as many people as possible.  So part of that job is to have a voice in there, to have someone whispering to those influential people and having our points heard in a meeting or two.  Now the people in the process now accept the economic impact this will have in the world, and they are proud of that influence.  That’s where I volunteered my own services to this call, and ‘voluntold’ my sources and contacts to that end.
Caller:  This is an internet community that feels they can trust what you say and this is a huge education for the entire world.
Tony:  When we started, that is what set us apart from everyone else.  The other sites talked about dinar and they always wanted to recruit you into some package, etc.  It wasn’t really about helping you understand the currencies AND your future.  We are trying to tell you how to protect yourself, how to use that money five years down the road, and the whole mindset of being rich.  I think that’s how we are less full of s**t than the other sites.  People recognized that and this is why DC is here today.
775 caller:  [Appreciation]  I’m looking out for an 89-year-old woman who inherited this currency when her son died, and now her husband has died, too.  She is on her own. You mentioned about changing your phone number. What are the five most important things I can do to help keep her secure, without scaring her?
DC: This is what I will do: 

  1. Change my phone number for business calls.  It depends on how exposed she is.  I am very exposed especially after these calls.  It’s not hard to figure out my number.  But for those who are not as public, it’s about what you have done out there.
  2. Change your address.  For instance, use a PO Box, and you can forward that to another PO Box or another address (like your attorney) so they cannot reverse-address it.
  3. Talk to an estate attorney so your wishes are well-known.
  4. Go slowly; you cannot spend money too slowly.
  5. You can pay for accommodation and medical needs ahead of time.  There are wonderful high-end secure retirement homes run by terrific people.
  6. Change your email address.

It’s really about hiding in plain side.  Don’t buy flashy cars or jewelry.  If you have normal cars, clothes and such, no one will notice.  It’s great you are caring for her.
Tony:  At 89 years old, she should have someone go in with her.  She needs to restrict access through her wealth manager ONLY, so she is not called by people who want to sell her things. She should set up a main account with NO credit card, and a daily-use account with a low limit on her debit card.  My mother-in-law buys from anyone who calls her, and some older people are like that, so you need to look out for that.  The banker will not let them if it goes through him.  Also, the personal banker will come to her.  The main thing is to keep her personal information security.
615 caller:  I have some guys in the UST, and I’m trying to understand the exchange process.  We take currency to the bank, the bank gives us dollars, and send the dinar to the UST, who gives them the money.  Why wouldn’t the banks want to exchange?
DC: That is the million-dollar question.
Caller:  How will Iraq’s liquidity problem change with the RV?
DC: There is money set aside for reconstruction built into this plan, well over 100m dinar.  All the steps involved economic activities which will expand the economy. There will be tax revenue coming in as well.  Everyone says this has to be perfect, but this is a step to perfection.  There will be stimulus, but that will take a little time in Iraq.
Tony:  Let’s say you are a bank. This was supposed to go ten years ago. They started to pay out people two years ago.  They are doing this based on somebody saying “we are doing this and today is the today – no, it’s today, or today.”  They are exposed when they exchange before the formal public RV. What is the benefit to them doing it earlier rather than later, when they are going to get it all eventually?  Rather than eating it?
Caller:  If the UST gave them the go-ahead, won’t the UST cover that?
DC: The CBI is giving the credit for the long-term oil subsidies.  That process will continue, and that’s where the money comes from, ultimately.  But the banks have learned a painful lesson from 2008 that just because the government says it’s okay, that doesn’t mean they won’t get screwed five years down the line when the companies they took over have bigger losses than expected.  The government is saying that they are free and clear, but they don’t want to expose themselves any more than necessary.
Caller:  How will there be enough cash in the world to revalue dinar, dong, zim and rupiah?
DC: The base currency is the dinar, and that will be the new reserve currency instead of gold or US dollars.  That is based on the new VALUE of the dinar, and countries can use dinar as a reserve currency as well. That increases the value of the reserves in that country, just as Iraq backs its currency with their oil, gas and gold reserves.
Tony:  We could give back all the dinar right now.  The US puts dollars in our bank accounts, but that is just numbers on the screen – we cannot use it.  Iraq only has to pay for those dinar over the next 30 years.  So the US says that they will pay out the dollars over 20 or 50 years, by which time they have made enough in interest to pay  it out.  The numbers are larger than people think, and it’s over time.  Those are numbers on the screen, and people can spend it using credit cards and such. They don’t need cash.
Caller:  Let’s say I have $150 million – I can’t take that out?  I have projects I can put it in.
Tony:  What will you do with it?  It will still be in the banking system somewhere…
Caller:  I just don’t get why they haven’t pushed this through.
DC:  It’s not a money issue or an accountability issue.  It was not designed to be such a huge thing.  Because it is now so massive with so many moving parts, if one of those parts is rattling, they have to address that.  They are now in a state where they can implement those early exchanges in a minute. We think that is a wonderful way to get people threw at that level.  We believe in early exchanges.  They should do that to lessen the impact on the economy, resources, and the PR problems.
Caller:  So if they process 9-14,000 per day, how do you get on a list??
DC:  If they get going, I’ve been told that (roughly speaking) there are people on existing lists, and that will take up half a day worldwide.  They will have to come up with more people to go through.  We have a list and we talk to people on the phone, like you, that are educated and can go through the system quickly and cleanly.  We can post a phone call that educates more people on how to get into the system, with the info they need all ready.  That 9-14,000 is individual exchanges, as well as the groups.
Summary:  We are all frustrated, everyone in this entire process. Everybody is prepared for this to go through, but apart from early exchanges, we believe they will wait for Dr. Abadi to get back to Iraq on Wednesday.  There is no restriction on early exchanges;  let’s hope and pray this goes across the finish line.
Pam:  I am ready, I am waiting and it’s worth the wait.
Ray:  Continue to enjoy Marvelous Monday and we’ll see what happens on the 15th.  I’m excited and you should be too.
Tony:  We can always tell you what is going on after the fact.  It should have gone on Sunday, so everyone is ready for this to happen.  I don’t imagine it will happen while PM Abadi is here in terms of the official public announcement.  We do know some things happened last week with bonds and paymasters saying they are sending money on Tuesday (tomorrow).  We are not waiting for Mosul or Iran, and I don’t see that they can drag it out for two months without people going crazy.  It’s time for the Iraqi people to be paid and start enjoying their blessings. The banks are making changes to the payout procedures, and we won’t know what those are until they are released.  I do think we will have to have a Wednesday call before this is announced.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

APRIL 10 2015


TNT Call notes 10-Apr-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good evening, TNT!  Today is Friday, April 10, 2015.  DC has a whole lot of information to tell you about.  It’s a great day and we’re all excited, having fun. Two things have to happen before you get this information :  Pam wants to tell you something first…

Pam:  Tony and DC, please take your time today because we have a new transcriber doing this Verbatim.  If you slow down, maybe we can retain her services. Thanks for doing this and giving Zebragirl a break. The transcripts are on www.tntdinar.com;  you don’t have to be a member to read them there.  The call info is there as well.

Tony:  I will slow down some more;  that other guy, I don’t know about.

DC:  I don’t’ do that well, but I’ll try!

Tony:  We have really good updates, DC will explain it and we’ll go into as much detail as we can.  I want to say a couple of things first.  This may be the last call before THE call, we might have one more call and there are things I need to tell you.  For all our friends and frenemies that are listening, I talked to Okie.  He has shingles and allergies and he’s 74, but he’s upbeat and preparing to go to the bank.  On our last call, I mentioned something about Poppy3.  I talked to him years ago, and Pam connected with him.  We were just trying to do a good thing, telling you he is going through a situation, for those who care about him.  Somehow, fidiots got upset with that, that we were putting out any information.  No good deed goes unpunished;  we were trying to do the right thing, hoping he is okay.

This IS about to happen. There are people out there who have consistently tried to get you to do the wrong thing, tried to get hold of our currency, and tried to tell you they know everything or the wrong thing.  I have to address this because of what we’ve been doing for the last 4-5 years. Some have only been here for 4-5 months, but my twitter numbers are going up.  This guy Mark Mearson used to be called PayItForward, now called Topshelf, and he is putting out emails saying only his group will be paid, that DC and I have been lying to you for the last five years, and the banks will turn you away if you  are not in his group.  The banks will turn you away because you are not following the correct protocols.  His email says DC and I are lying and should sue them. I agree – when you find someone has lied to you, then you should sue them. Anyone who told you that if you join this group you are the only one who will be paid, that everyone else will wait for two years and all that BS like paymasters and such.  Now that you have money, you SHOULD sue them when they don’t live up to what they told you.

I have a problem when someone has to change their name 2-3 times and then sends you all this BS about their family setting up this bank, and telling you that if you  are not part of his group you wont’ be paid.  He came to the TNT core group last year, wanting us to be part, and he would give us a percentage and take us to Vegas, and all that.  This guy is full of **it, trying to get  you to put your money into an investment out the country where you will NOT have control over it.  Why would someone do that?  Try to circumvent the very country giving you the opportunity to do this, in the very economy that has worked so hard to get this to work out – and you should sue me and DC? What happens when you do exchange at $4 per dinar, and your friends in that group are waiting weeks from now? What happens when he gave  you a rate, and you look on the internet or in the bank, and that rate is higher than what he gave you?  Who should you be suing then? There are quite a few out there, they have your name and number, and they will try to get your currency and get you to invest overseas, and they will meet you in Belize, or some other country? Remember that?

This is absolutely ridiculous, and they have two-hour calls and people absolutely believe him… amazing.  They know nothing about investment or currency, and he is not the only one.  And he is telling you to sue US?!  We have not promised you anything, signed any contracts, asked for your currency or anything else.  We just give you information. There are some legitimate groups out there, but this is a con job.

DC:  It will be interesting to see what happens to those people.  I understand there are detailed plans, but I’m not law enforcement.  I will say this:  if you hit me, I hit back;  I’m not going to just take it, and much harder than anyone can hit me. That is a warning to anyone who tries to do things to us, to me or my family.  Let’ see who wins.

East to West:  In Iraq, they have been proceeding at a nice pace with meetings between CBI, Abadi, Defense, etc., plus Council of Ministers and Federation. They are doing that for the RV to go through at all levels, and they are in position to do this at any time.  Yesterday a lot of authorization and notifications were given out, in the US and other countries, and in Congress.  Rates have appeared where they haven’t appeared in a while, and banks have called in reps all around the world.  Instructions were issued from those meetings, and they say to let early exchanges to go through.  They have adjusted some more goods and prices in Iraq, and they are supposed to start exchanging groups in the Baghdad area, with cards, reparation payments and police salaries, etc., at the city and province levels. They are cranking that up today through Sunday.  They announced that in the news and in the mosques this morning.  Friends in Iraq say that they have a lot of frustration there, between those who have not been adjusted but they know people who have.  That frustration should be easing over the next few days.

There are so many things going on Iraqi television;  some are saying “economic reform is completed in the next few day” and some “in the next DAY”, and that Iraq will be the wealthiest country in the region. “The economic reform will conclude in a major economic rebirith for Iraq in the next come days” meaning three days or less. There is a lot of eye-rolling in the mosques, naturally, but they are very ready for this to go through. Everything else is onboard with the entire system getting ramped up in Iraq.  My understanding is that Abadi and Shabibi are coming to the US for the 13-14th, or maybe even later next week.  On the ISIL front, everyone is ramping up for Mosul and other areas to be retaken.

Tony:  Now let’s do the slow-down version… [DC: Hard to be coherent when I’m talking slowly]  We heard the cards are all being adjusted to the new rates, and they are planning to load up from the provinces into the center and Baghdad will be blessed.  Yesterday afternoon, everyone was re-authorized for this to happen and were given some flexibility on what they are able to do.  Everyone is re-energized and excited about that happening.  On the television, they are saying that ‘phase four’ is to be concluded in the next couple of days.

DC:  The USA will see a visit next week.  The banks are very much on board, and the information flow that we talked about earlier in the week to the Congress people had been diminished, but is now being updated again. They were trying to keep it quiet because they didn’t want any more ‘good ideas’ interjected into the mix.  Onward to the banks and early payouts/exchanges.  They have been given authorization to start at a certain time. That is not coordinated with the CBI or IMF.  Each bank can choose to start after time X.  As for the pros and cons of the early exchanges, it is the same as they were doing in Basra, etc.:  to lessen the impact of the currency exchanges.  They will start out at a good rate of 14-15 thousand through to get people comfortable doing this. The general release should be by the 15th. We don’t know how the lists are created, but it is NOT by  calling in, so do not call the banks.  The banks are prepped and ready to go, they have been trained and on call, and frustrated like we are.  Every person is either in place or on call, and many appointments have been made.  We have received private messages about exchanges, and I’m happy for them and jealous!  If they are going through at a good rate, a lot of us will be exchanged in this round.

Tony: What we have noticed since Wednesday is that there have been a lot more calls about appointments and/or exchanges.  More information is coming out and people are being put on standby.  People are given appointments “if everything works;”  we are getting more calls and emails and texts, and that tells me our time is coming.  The more visible we see it, the happier we get because you know it’s happening.  Of course, I want to get my phone call, too!!  But we are happy for them.

DC:  Bottom line, everyone is geared up, starting to ramp up from Thursday, and they are preparing banks to do early exchanges or a slow roll out for the US.

707 caller:  [Appreciation]  I’m a newbie since July, but faithful to every call.

Tony:  You’ve only been here since July?  You shouldn’t even be on this call!!

Caller:  I would have thought that the reading on the Internet should be more intense.

DC: I  don’t go on the internet much, nor on the TNT site unless there are rumblings.  I do know there are a lot of articles about deletion of the three zeros, which is part of the RV.  You can Google those. They are deleting the worn out 25K notes down to 1,000 dinar notes, because it is not practical to use them for business post-RV. There are clear explanations quoting  Dr. Shabibi, et al.  You can go to YouTube as well to listen to speeches by Dr. Shabibi saying the dinar can support up to a $16 rate.  Someone asks if they are revaluing the currency;  Shabibi smiled and changed the subject.  You can research what they did in Kuwait;  there is a wonderful article in the NY Times from 1991, and I think the title is something like, “The lights aren’t on but they’re changing the banks.”  There are also historical articles about RVs in Germany and Japan.  You can easily find out the value of the dinar in the 1970s.  Part of the way people fight wars is to destabilize the currency of their opponents:  the Greeks, Romans, and all the rest in the ancient world followed this policy, and it’s easy to find information on that strategy.

Caller:  Tony, you mentioned you have access to Iraqi television…?

Tony:  There are Iraqis here in the US who get the television feed, and they tell us  what they see. It’s usually two days behind what they see in Iraq.  So we have them tell us what is on our television and also have them check in with their relatives in Baghdad and Kurdistan.  We compare all three television screens and see what comes up.  We do the same in the mosques in different areas, and we check that against what the officials are saying. We have people on our site who investigate all the articles out there and send them to us;  we read them and figure out what is going on.  Often al-Jazeera news will broadcast what is going on in Iraq and in the Parliament as it happens.

Caller:  These people who are exchanging by the thousands;  they are contacting people now, but what about those who are not being contacted beforehand. Do you have to wait to be contacted or until it becomes public and official?

DC:  Some banks are not taking part;  some are cranking it up. Each bank has its own choice or process and also which customers they want to exchange first. They may know who has currency because there is an existing relationship with a wealth manager or bank manager.  When it is announced officially, we will point you towards the banks and other institutions that will do exchanges.  If you are paying attention, you will get in promptly.  Right now, the general estimate is who they have on tap right now will last half a day – so who will they call next? They will have to go through different websites to funnel that early exchange process.  If so, we will be involved somehow, and give them numbers or emails that we have. Once they let it rip and go, then that is straightforward;  we will make a call.  If there is going to be an early exchange process, we will be involved with that.  We will tweet out the info just like a call, and if you are paying attention, you will know this first.

Caller: Why don’t you invite someone who has exchanged onto this call?  It would help.

Tony:  Most are saying “my brother/sister/friend just got an appointment”.   I did bring one guy on the call, but I don’t want to give out their location or bank, because then that bank will get mobbed with a line five blocks down the street.  The people who have exchanged have put it out on our chat room or tweeting it, or texting Pam to death.

Caller:  Personal plea to Pam… please can I get on the forum?  Give her my number?  The gal who got me in won’t even let me use her access code.

Tony:  I’ll give her your number.

DC:  Everyone that I’ve known who has gone through has had to sign an NDA before exchanging.  However, they will mention it to a friend and ask them to send the message to us.  It’s irresponsible to ask someone to risk what they have just done by getting them on the phone.  However, we do get messages that friends have gone through and now they are driving a Jaguar or Bentley when they didn’t have that money before.  That at least lets us get excited because this IS happening.

Pam has the names of those who won the ‘Rich as Croesus contest’.  Congratulations, and I hope every person understands the message behind it.

617 caller:  Why don’t they let you use your list, Tony?

Tony:  It’s available if they ask for it.  I don’t have a group;  we were offered to put one together a year ago, but if they need names, I can give them a list really quickly.

Caller:  I found the chocolate macadamia nuts and you can expect them today.

DC, you can have some too, if you like…  Take my number and tell me where to send them.

DC:  I’m allergic to chocolate, but my wife loves those.

347 caller:  You were saying ‘between today and the 15th’’…

DC: They are saying that from last Monday to the 15th, they have everyone on call and ready to do early exchange and the full RV.  They told the US banks to be ready for both of those;  they are authorized and free to do what they want (early exchanges).

Caller:  So they may be doing this while Abadi and Shabibi are over there in the US??

DC:  My guys are saying that this US visit should be a victory run.  But it can change, and it may end up being a preparatory visit.

Caller:  Are there groups in Baghdad that have got paid?

DC: That’s right, certain groups have started to be paid.  Some it’s for reparations, some salaries and pensions.  They restarted that on Thursday and are cranking up over the weekend.

Tony:  They got paid on the Qi cards like everyone else, since January.  They didn’t have access to those funds, but they could see them on the cards.  Starting on Thursday, those rates were being adjusted to the new rates.  At first they paid them to keep people calm, then they started adjusting to the new rates.  I don’t think they will wait another two months for that to be public.  That was only for special government groups, and when this gets to the public, they will do a public announcement.

DC:  Concrete actions are pointing to this being DONE by the 15th.  We cannot say for sure, but that is what it looks like.  They have removed 97% of the older currency;  you can find that on the CBI website. They also give information when the older notes will be retired, such as the 50 dinar notes by the end of April, and the three zero notes by November 2016.

Tony:  People are seeing the titles of the articles and getting scared, but this is because the new rates will make the old currency unusable.  The people who had appointments still have appointments lined up for today.  We saw the rates were faded out for a while, but they are now back on the bank screens.  That’s why we think that this time it will go.  That’s why the banks are saying “don’t go anywhere;  we’ll get this done.”

Caller:  When you say things are on lockdown, what’s your interpretation of that?

DC: That can mean many different levels.  If the CBI is locked down, that means guards at the doors, only a new techs can get in, and there is someone in the building at all times, but with restricted communications.  In the US, at an exchange in (say) Dallas or Atlanta where there is a lot of currency holders, those who will handle the exchanges themselves, the actual person who has been trained to do these exchanges, those people are then in a secure location without phones or internet use.  Some are actually sleeping on the premises.  They have done that at law enforcement agencies assigned to these duties, folks at the UST, the Fed, IMF and BIS.  In that case, they have locked them in and they can only move with an escort.  What amazes me is how many bankers and how long they have put these folks in those conditions.  In the armed forces, you expect this kind of things, but bankers do not.  You go into banking because you like the pay, the hours and the  lifestyle, so being locked down by the military/police is not what you signed up for.  Bankers are being compensated, but it’s not standard operating procedure for bankers.

Tony:  You know it’s driving them and their families crazy!

Caller:  So are we expecting another lockdown over the weekend?

DC:  The ones that choose to take part are already in lockdown… the people who are involved in the exchange process, and that’s a bank-by-bank decision.

323 caller:  It’s wonderful news today.  I have always thought that is Forex doesn’t show the rate, how does the bank quote your exchange and give access to the funds?

Tony:  They put the rate on the bank screens and they go by that rate.

DC:  Those rates are direct from the CBI to the Fed.  Forex is a different system.  Those who have made direct contracts with China, say, will get those rates directly.

Caller:  So these early exchanges, are they for dinar only or for other currencies?  So these other countries are contacting the US bank??

Tony:  Let’s say the CBI rate starts at $4.  That came from the CBI to the banks directly, and it stays there. Eventually it shows on Forex, and it’s public.  The rate might go up to $5 because that is the market demand.  They then adjust the bank rates according to how that bank operates – once a day, three times a day or whatever.

DC:  It will probably go on Forex within 48 hours, but it will be fixed rate for a while, probably.  It will be a pegged rate, and the question is when/if they allow it to be unpegged, and then it will fluctuate as a free-floating market rate.

Caller:  Have you verified for yourselves what the first basket is?

Tony/DC:  Yes, we know what’s in the first basket.  I don’t know everything about anything, but we do know what our sources are feeding us and what we are able to confirm.  We know what’s in there, the rates on the screens and their plans for the next couple of days.  We also have a sense of what will happen to those currencies after all this.

Tony:  There are four currencies that we have always anticipated, and two of those rates have gone up. There is a fifth currency that we don’t want to talk about because we don’t want it to go like the zim.  It will be good for that country, though.

DC: I  think there is a misunderstanding about the Global Currency Revaluation (GCR).  It is not totally changing the financial market in a single day.  That would been too upsetting for the markets.  We are simply talking about adjustments to the currencies following the RI/RI of the Iraqi dinar and the other 3-4 currencies and those they do the most business with.  It will be a huge change for those currencies, but a minor blip for the US dollar, euro, etc.  The Iraqi dinar is like a canoe being thrown about by a 5’ swell. The US dollar is like a super-tanker, and that 5’ swell will barely be felt.
Tony:  One other thing this will affect is the bond market.  There is great news today about the bond market;  Iraq will issue some bonds right after this, global bonds we have been hearing about for years, and we have a schedule on Monday for bonds on levels 1-4, and the rates, and we have been notified;  we have confirmations that they are being paid out and following that schedule.
252 caller:  In 1938, Orson Welles broadcast The War of the Worlds and many people were listening and believed it, or asked if it was really information.
DC:  They didn’t have television, so after the radio show, people were getting out their guns, hiding in basements, calling the local police, etc.  Then they got angry when it turned out to be fiction.
Caller:  You said that the rate went up…?
DC:  I think everyone will be happy with all the rates;  if not, you have a gratitude issue.
Caller:  People seem to get upset about people exchanging, and I get that, but I wonder what legal accommodations have been made to protect banks and early exchanges.
DC:  The bankers have the raw end of the PR deal on this, deserved or not.  I get all that.  The banks have scrutinized this and have decided to stay out of this because they don’t want to take the risk.  Some have stayed onboard after discussion of the risks. The banks have required some guarantees, and those have been reasonable requests.  The banks have to cover their own backsides, obviously.
Caller:  When these windows have passed, I’m sure you discuss the situation in the TNT intel team.  What are the top 2-3 things preventing this reaching the common man?
DC: We have that conversation with our intel group, with nearly every source and family members and friends.  Sometimes it’s understandable, and sometimes it shocks the hell out of us.  For example, what happened in Tikrit, that really shocked all of us.  So there are a lot of times when those reasons come up.  Also, these are all humans, each with their own style, and they are tired of being criticized, plus there is tremendous scrutiny so they want every I to be dotted.  There have been negative and subversive issues, but there has been over-cautiousness as well because they want this to be perfect.
Caller:  There was a speech yesterday about Iraq being a sovereign nation…
DC:  It IS a sovereign nation and they can do what they want to do, but on some issues they have to coordinate with a lot of other countries and conditions.
219 caller:  I’m a first-time caller.  How will dong be accepted, 500K, 100K, and 100K?  Will they still be valid a year from now?
Tony:  We have heard nothing coming out Vietnam, even less than about Zimbabwe.  We used to talk to some people who are connected there, and that’s how they were getting the information out.  They were only giving it to the wealthy, not telling their general public. We’ve wondered for years who they are going to do this, new coins or notes or whatever.  I’m seeing the rates and I know people have exchanged.  Five years ago, the rate was five cents, and now it’s over a dollar.  I love it!
DC: With the dong as with the zim, they had a general plan that included rebuilding the infrastructure, like in Iraq.  Now, Iraq is now running 7-8 years late in this process, and they have to go first, but they have bumped into dong and zim on the way.  They really didn’t anticipate as many people finding out about this revaluation, especially for dong and zim, and that really changes the complexity and system of what they are doing.  That ‘s why we don’t detailed reports from those countries, because their whole system has been rushed and adjusted.  I would not hold onto your denominations for a year.  You might want to talk to tax accountant about holding onto your currency to get it past the one-year mark for long-term capital gains.  You might be able to get it into an MCA and keep the same denominated value.  Those are attorney questions.
310 caller:  Some people are saying they can exchange faster in private group…
DC: They will all go at the same time.  I believe most people who are paying attention will get through in 24 hours or less, maybe 2-3 days in Atlanta or Dallas.  The groups will probably take longer.  The Iraqi dinar is the foundation for all of this, and the bond follow the revaluation.  The RV has to happen first, and we know that those bonds are being paid this week.
Caller: If you exchange in a private group, will you use a paymaster?
DC:  It depends on how your group is set up.
Tony:  I don’t like groups because of the people who are in charge and the fact that they were using fear tactics to get people to sign up, plus they were getting overrides on all that money.  I know the paymaster of a group, and he’s said he is not giving anyone more than 15 million.  I don’t like groups telling people they will move money overseas, or they are paying people over five years so that they can use the interest for other purposes.  Some told their people they will give them $8 or $20, five years ago.  I do know a group that did get $20, and if you like it, I love it.  But there are reasons I do like groups, although we know that there are legitimate groups.  I’m not talking about any particular groups, but there are negative things out there.  If a guy changes his name 2-3 times, using fear tactics, saying if you don’t sign up with that group you won’t get paid, or not for two years… that is all BS, and that’s why I don’t like groups.
281 caller:  It’s the man from Texas.  [chitchat]  One of my really close friends is tied to the bond things you are talking about, and confirmed that information, that they should be paid next Monday.  [Appreciation]
574 caller:  [chitchat]  I have one question.  Last night we had a cell phone issue and we couldn’t do our taxes.  Will I have time to do my taxes before the RV?
DC:  It depends on how complicated your taxes are.  The timeline is until the 15th, and everyone is on lockdown.  We have been here before, but owing to the sincerity of our sources, I do think it will work out this time.
Caller:  I may have to file an extension, but I’m getting a little worried here.
DC:  Bottom line is that we expect this to happen before the 15th. We told you about the actions taking place all week, which we are grateful for.  Hopefully this will happen this weekend or at the latest by Wednesday.  Please do NOT buy  currency.  All the rates are wonderful and we expect great things.
The contest we had last call about ‘rich as Croesus’;  the lesson is that for a few lucky folks, Croesus passing out these gold coins was great, but then they paid too much for houses, dinners, etc., and it led to hyperinflation.  A small percentage turned that into fortunes that lasted for generations.  So think about that, be conservative about this, and be an adult going through this.  Have a great weekend!
Pam:  I want to read that message from Golden Girl again, offering love and gratitude.  We all feel the same way, and I think her for writing that so eloquently.
Ray:  This is Find my Funds Friday;  sit back, and we are on the way.
Tony:  I’m sorry you had to get the negative part today.  I don’t know why they think they can say things and we won’t find out, or maybe they wanted 15 minutes of fame on our call.  Pay attention to the details.  If it doesn’t make sense or you don’t understand the details, if it sounds crazy like giving someone on the internet your currency, then don’t.  If in doubt, don’t.  Information from all directions are super-positive, will cards being loaded and banks authorized to exchange starting at a certain time today. That tells us we are closer than ever.  DO NOT buy any more currency of any kind!  You have what you have.  We are not giving you information to hype you up for the weekend – this is the information that is up right now, not a guarantee but the plan as we know it.  It’s a good plan and many are excited about it.  Enjoy the rest of your day and weekend, and I would like nothing better than to do this call tomorrow!

APRIL 8 2015


TNT Call Notes 8-Apr-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good evening, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

People are already putting out that we didn’t think we would be here, but here we are.  On Monday’s call – and I hate doing calls in the evening, because I get up at 4.30am – I hear a lot of you think I was depressed.  Actually I feel really, really good because things are happening. Then some said they were glad DC wasn’t there, that he got fired or ran away. They don’t fire people like DC, they retire them.  [DC laughed.]

Monday and Friday DC was at meetings and briefings, and everybody wanted to know what happened to DC, that he ran away because Tony was telling lies, or he got fired…

DC: “The stories of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”  Thanks for the very kind and articulate birthday wishes last week.  Have read some, will read the rest, and some of them are very touching and articulate.  On Friday, well… if you  get between me and barbecue, you are asking for trouble. I got invited for a birthday BBQ, and otherwise I was just working, that’s all.

Tony:  Have you read the ‘one word to describe Tony and DC’ post?

DC: Thanks for that, I will read that in the next day or two.
Tony: There is a lot of information out there about Okie, who is not feeling well.  I was planning to bring him on the call but haven’t talked to him yet.  If it’s true that he is sick, I will tweet it out to everyone.  Also, Poppy3 had another stroke but is now conscious.  They are doing the best they can with what they have.

DC: We are all volunteers in this game.  In Iraq, there are politics – they are dealing with a herding cats mentality.  Some politicians are demanding this to be done, and others are upset thinking the Americans are making too much money because they don’t understand that it’s not coming out of their budget.  The IMF and CBI are talking to their banks that are stuck in a precarious situation.  Part of Iraq has been paid for three weeks now, and that is causing a big problem.  It’s causing frustration and anger, and many politicians are keeping people calm and ready to go.  All the people and politicians are frustrated, and Abadi is take a lot of phone calls from everyone;  so is Shabibi.  The people are reaching a level of discontent because some people have been paid and they have not – are we in Maliki’s territory again?  There is a lot of frustration in Iraq.  In the Army, they are putting up good ideas, but at some point you have to kill the ‘good ideas theory’ and move on.  That is causing a major issue that is not good for the politicians and the people, but good in the sense that pressure is now insanely high.
The battles for Tikrit and Mosul are going well. The rest of Iraq has a lot of contracts that are supposed be done, with contractors waiting for this to go through so they can get started.  Contracting officers targeted 1. April or 10.April, assuming Iraq would have money to pay them, and obviously they don’t yet.
A lot of HCL is getting motivated and the revenue portions are moving on. We are only waiting for Abadi, Shabibi, IMF and BIS to agree on a time to move forward.  In the mosque they are still saying the economic reform is about to be completed in the next day  or few days.

Tony:  Some are saying the HCL has not been completed.  Kurdistan has just published what they are paying their citizens according to the HCL, and they could not do that unless that had already been agreed with Iraq. They would have no basis to work it off of.  Their payments cannot happen without the HCL agreement having happened.  It’s good to see Kurdistan doing that, because it shows that their agreement with Baghdad in place and operational, or they wouldn’t have received the latest payment.

Tony:  Okay… meetings, Abadi going throughout Iraq and also meeting with Obama… IN the vote in Parliament yesterday, ALL the agreements are now law and we should see that in the next 48 hours.

DC:  There Is an issue with Yemen, if that goes bad it’s a proxy war between Sunnis and Shi’a.  That is something to watch but not lose sleep over.

In the USA. Abadi is coming to meet Obama and State and Defense guys, plus the UN and some financial guys on Friday.  The meeting with the President is on the 13th. The US system is not involved at all anymore, just waiting on the sidelines for the IMF and CBI to finish it. They are also highly frustrated this is not done yet.  The House and Senate are amazed this has not gone through, especially if they are relevant committees. They are getting tired of it like all of us.

The banks have pulled in a lot of people on lock down and also making exchanges.  That didn’t sit well with anyone that they pulled in people over Easter weekend. The bottom line is that they are getting memos and emails telling them to keep people in, on high alert.  The number of staff having currency or their families with currency is growing rapidly, and that is a major issue for bankers because their staff will walk out.  They all want to move on with it, as do we all.

Tony:  Before you do the plan, I want to talk about the banks for a minute.  When I sent out the tweet saying this would be interesting, this is not about paying the bills – that is what your job is for.  This is bigger than that.  In the banking industry, every day this goes on the banking staff find out this is real. The banks knew this would happen but thought it would happen overnight, not dragging on for weeks and building up steam. They had meetings over the weekend saying they expected a flood of customers on Monday.  I also have a memo from a wealth manager yesterday saying this is a complete fraud, that the bank is never going to do this, etc.  This is the same bank where they have exchanged X people. They are suggesting that the person sell their dinar!  This has to be hard for any human being to keep putting this out, saying it’s a scam, etc.  If this happens tomorrow, their whole world is going to change. They are protecting themselves, and I get that.  They don’t want their employees to walk out the door.  They are being very careful with their wording, but people are going to believe it, and that is not right.  They have the opportunity to change their lives, and now they are paying attention to this wealth manager who is being told to say this.
They have a lot of people on standby, told not to go more than 30 minutes from home. They are getting frustrated as well, because they keep being told it will go at X time and day.  Even though we are still waiting, on Twitter we were at 240K, we dropped down for a bit, and now we are up to 257K again and growing because more and more people are finding out and purchasing. The banks are worried their employees are taking action because they are watching us buying more currency.  In one way, that is encouraging.

DC:  There has been a lot fo meetings and discussions, although I don’t hear that any formal decisions have been made. They are talking about doing an early exchange for dinar now.  Does this mean more connected people are being exchanged?  No. They are talking about cranking this up to 14,000 or so per day worldwide, which is a lot, and getting ahead of the game. The banks are incensed at dragging in their people with no action. That will also lessen the impact of the dinar when it comes through. How can they minimize the jolt to the system?  That is why they are doing stuff in Basra and Kurdistan to ease the impact.   This is the adapted slow rollout plan.  In my opinion, that would make a concerted effort to get through.  How will they select the people who go through?  Each bank has its own criteria:   influence, money levels, etc.  If they crank it up to that level, all those waiting on the final list will go through pretty quickly, in a day, and then they will start to pull in other people like you and me.  It’s because we are paying attention, and they will get people to exchange in a few days, both here and in Iraq where they had put that on a pause.  They want to crank up people across the world to lessen that impact.   That means we can all get in line and go forward.

We are happy to help, as always, and spread the information an a methodical way because that will get everyone going.

Tony: It was supposed to go into effect this afternoon.  I know some people who already have appointments for tomorrow and it might get moving by this evening.  My suggestion is to get all the TNT people through in two day!  I can submit the names to you, they can get through in two days, and that will end your problems with these calls!  It think it’s good that they are talking about those numbers. They could go through that in a couple of days… maybe not all at 15K per day, but it would still be a good group.  They would certainly  get through all TNT members.  Pam could come up with a list, easily, to get us through.  We already have those people if they want to do that, if they are looking for a list other than what the bank has.

I will tell you that Pam had an excellent idea to get you all on the list, but I wanted DC to be here to take the blame or responsibility.  [DC:  No way!]  Maybe we won’t need that.  Maybe you will start getting calls and emails you weren’t expecting.  This is not to get you hyped up;  we know the banks are prepared and want to get this done. They have the rates and the process;  more of their employees are exposed every day, and that is not what they wanted to do. We have 4-5 banks that listen to our calls, with everyone listening to the call over their lunch breaks.  Also, memos are going out saying ‘this is the update from Tony and TNT’, and they receive the notes for their executives on the dinar team.  That’s kind of funny, that they are getting the information from us!

Everything is good to go, some people will start exchanging, and we believe they have been authorized to do this now. They are as frustrated as you are.

DC:  They are in serious talks, and we don’t know if they are jumping the gun or if they have actually been authorized.

Tony:  Don’t call Pam about the list or about her idea because her handler said she cannot discuss it.  There is something else about the banks… They are ready to go, eager to get this done.

954 caller:  Where are we in terms of baseball?  Where are we?

DC:  We are in the final, final, 9th inning, bases are loaded, and we need just one person to hit a single.  We’re down to the last scrawny pitcher in the bullpen. There were minor issues brought up over the weekend, but most of the US-based guys don’t know about that.  It was between Iraq and the IMF-BIS. They are talking about Thursday in Iraq.  We are right at the end of this thing and we’re ahead.

Tony:  Is that tomorrow Thursday?

DC:  Yes.  Don’t go buy dinar, but we know that everyone is ramped up as early as tomorrow for the public.  So that is the discussion point:  do you do early exchanges going  if it goes tomorrow? They’ve heard that before, so let’s just get these early exchanges moving.  I heard something else:  they didn’t plan to crank up more than 14-15K per day until they have ramped it up a few days.  It would take them a while to get them to exchange more than15K per day.

Tony:  Do NOT text or email me for what to say on the call.  Also, do not ask me to put  you on the list because we don’t have one, although we can create one easily.  We do have 20K TNT members and can quickly get a list together right away.  We have emails of members and non-members and I will add everyone whose emails I have now because we know they have dinar.  “Please refrain from sending requests and/or personal information.”

DC: About reserves, we think it very unlikely that you will be able to get contract rates on those reserves. The contract rates will go much faster than you can get hold of your reserves.

Tony:  That is NOT meant so you will buy more currency today. Some of you have huge amounts based on those reserves, but it probably won’t happen.  You  will most likely get contract rates on what you have in hand, and international rates on the rest.

352 caller:  I wouldn’t’ have your job for anything.

Tony:  If they paid me, I would!

Caller:  I was reading a blog, and I want to ask you if there is any validity in what that blog says, that the RV will not come to pass because they are waiting for two years for the value  of the dinar to increase??

Tony:  They have people sitting in banks right now who are trained to do this. They are on standby for a rate change today.  Abadi saying the Iraqis will have this in a few days, and their television is saying that as well.  People are waiting on pins and needles, and it doesn’t make sense that they are waiting for two years.  They have no currency in Iraq – they de-dollarized, but people are still using dollars because there are no dinar.  So it doesn’t make sense to me that they will wait for two years.

DC: They have made promises for payment that they cannot withdraw. There is a major disinformation campaign to slow things down, some in the US and some in Iraq. They  know people are leaking information, and if you handle that information a certain way, you can throw out any old crap.

Tony:  So the misinformation is out there, and do we say ‘beware’?

DC:  We don’t’ want to cause an issue and screw things up, just say that there is dis-information. They read everyone the Riot Act last Friday and that has made things quieter;  they have also thrown out some half-truths, and they have let that go on to slow things down, especially when it comes through an MP or Cabinet office.

Tony:  We are not going to discuss specifics so that we don’t get people in trouble.

Caller:  So all we have to concern ourselves with is the ‘good idea theory’, right?  [DC:  Yes.]  I’ve been listening three times per week for two years, and that makes about 600 hours.  I would suggest people get some perspective, and offer a penny an hour, which makes $6 x 25K = $150,000.  Go towww.tntdinar.com and donate $6, and then they will be rich!

Tony:  We have 30K or more per call, and 1.3 million within 24 hours, and it’s still the same thousand people supporting the TNT site.  We have this person in Sacramento at the Kings games who shows up with all these great signs. The good question lady is here now.

404 caller:  On the last call, there was discussion of exchanges scheduled over the weekend. Who requested and granted the administrative hold?  How long for?  What impact does this have on Iraq itself and its liquidity?

DC:  These questions answer thousands of people’s questions.  Bottom line, it was held off by the IMF+BIS in conjunction with Abadi and Shabibi.  Other ministers were not notified and it caused a lot of surprise and frustration worldwide.  The Iraqis were told it would be this weekend, their friends and family have received money, and they are very very frustrated.   The Iraqi banks had some issues and they are back on board to get this done with coordination with the CBI, BIS and IMF.

I have a fun question to ask those history buffs, and I will buy dinner for the first who asks it by phone or email.  This is something we are all going to need to watch for.  In Egypt, there was a king who passed out gold coins and upset the Egyptian economy for ten years.  What country was he from and where was he going to.

703 caller:  The King of Persia?

DC:  He was coming from Africa going towards the Middle East.

Tony:  Was it Ptolemy?  Someone texted that to me;  is that person the first?

DC:  Yes, that’s it.

Caller:  There is news all over, and some of it doesn’t make sense to me.  Shabibi was apparently in Kuwait meeting the IMF.  Is there any truth to Iraq being part of the SDR?

DC:  Yes, but we don’t know how much. SDR are Special Drawing Rates, which would be a weighted average of the  major currencies, in order to reduce volatility.  The US dollar is included in that.  There is a pull to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The US economy has a natural advantage because people talk in dollars, just like English a natural language in business.  Some of our Fed and governmental policies on how to handle money has been upsetting to many investors, especially in 2008.  They don’t want that to happen again, so they are using this as a club.

Caller:  Is that the reason it didn’t go at the weekend?

DC:  No.  There is already an SDR out there, it’s just a matter of how much play it gets.  Some people want oil to be priced in SDR;  so long as oil is traded in dollars, there will continue to be issues.  Some want to price oil in their own currency, but right now it is still indexed in dollars.  I am squarely in that camp.  Until you replace oil, it will still be in dollars, like it or not.

Caller:  You said Abadi be here in the US on Friday;  will the RV be announced if Abadi is out of the country??

DC:  I heard it would be early next week.

Tony:  Persian to Macedonia?

DC:  That was a different financial deal.  The King’s name starts with a C.  Ptolemy did affect Egypt, but this guy was going through Egypt towards Mecca, and he caused hyper-inflation and massive disruption.  His example was used in GCR discussions.

Tony:  Does it make sense that Iraq will do this before the 50 dinar note runs out on 15th April in the US?

DC: They would like to do it before then but it’s not that big of a concern.  It’s not a crisis point in the deal, they are simply retired a note that lacks security and is easily forged.  They have removed almost all of them already.  It’s not a big deal in Iraq.

Tony:  It’s not a big deal here, either, just you might want to exchange them for valid notes before the 15th.

405 caller:  So what is holding this up?

DC:  It’s a matter of coordinating between the IMF, BIS and the CBI, and Dr. Abadi.

719 caller:  Tony, I’m glad to know you were just missing DC, whining and crying…

Tony:  I had no one to pick on!  Pam and Ray won’t talk to me!

Caller:  Interesting they are considering early exchanges, and your list includes TNT members and those who have donated… so people need to get donating!

Tony:  That is not the purpose of that list.  I was saying that I know where they can get 14-15K per day really quickly!  [DC:  And I told him not to say that.[  Some idiot out there is twisting it into something else.

Caller:  So if Abadi is telling everyone this is about to happen, to calm this down, then who got them to delay it?

DC:  Dr Shabibi.

Caller: So if they intend to do it by the weekend, why do early exchanges?

DC:  to lessen the fiscal impact, because everyone is frustrated, and they don’t know for sure when it will be released.  They are on alert until the 15th.  They have locked every-body in gear, so why not start this process ahead, like in certain areas of Iraq?  That would also ease certain issues in Iraq.

Caller: Those paying attention are prepared, and the banks can get them through quickly.

DC:  Yes, and they always intended to start slowly and then crank it up through internet sources like us.  It’s not like they are gong to announce it on CNN…

Caller:  I know it’s not anyone’s fault, but can you imagine how frustrated the Iraqis are;  why haven’t they  been rioting?  Shame on the IMF and BIS for making Abadi look bad.

DC:  There has been some of that but we’re not supposed to talk about it.  It’s not all on the IMF and BIS.  They could have forced it through, lots of blame to go around.

Caller:  If everyone could donate one dollar, that would be such a help.  [Appreciation]

Tony:  Introduce the Kuguran?

DC:  Yes, but they didn’t go through Egypt.  They had similar issues, but…

Tony:  Whoever sent me the chocolate macadamia nuts from Hawaii, I need more

281 caller:  Does the IMF budget thing have anything to do with this?

DC:  No.

732 caller:  Is this about Caesarian, the king of kings?

DC: There is a famous saying that is close to that, and that is good enough for a drink. [King Croesus 595 – 546 BC of Lydia, dispensed gold coins throughout Egypt on his way to Persia.]

Caller:  Hopefully we will be celebrating on Friday – I’ll take you guys out to dinner.

310 caller:  When this happens, will you go to a private banker or go to the bank yourself?

DC:  I will do both.  I’ll get in line as quickly as possible to get the contract rates, then shop it around really quickly.  We will have to sign NDAs to make sure everyone is comfortable with Tony and me. We’ll exchange as quickly as possible at the highest rate possible.

Tony:  We will be restricted by the NDA, but the banks say they want competition, so oblige them by interviewing them like they would interview you.  Give them a chance!

Caller:  They will be removing three zeroes from the 25K notes?

DC: They have already removed most of those notes, so there are not much left. They will remove them after the RV, because one 25K will be worth around $100,000, not much use in daily commerce.  In 2016, they will retire those notes altogether.

617 caller:  If someone received a 50 dinar note as a gift, how would they exchange that?

DC:  Talk to whomever gave it to you, that dealer or bank, and see if they will take it back and exchange it for other notes.

Caller:  You said they might start early releases today?

DC:  They would like to.

Caller:  If I find those chocolate macadamia nuts, where do I send them?

Tony:   9580 Oak Ave Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630.

DC:  Do NOT call the banks!  They do not have the list yet, nor the Go signal, nor the authorization to do this yet.  If a lot of people call, there will be issues. It’s important to let this play out.  If we are allowed to do this, we will let you know.

Tony:  If their list opens up to us, we will have a call and let you know.  We are just letting you know that they are trying to get more people through, and they have pretty much run out of VIPs.  All of Dinarland is only 250,000 people.  If they do 14K per day, it has to include some of us.

301 caller:  At what point do we change our numbers?  And will the dong still be alive?

DC:  If you have any personal information online, change that. Be security conscious.

Tony:  What??  There is no problem with the dinar, dong, zim or rupiah.  No problems.

972 caller:  About contract rates…  what are the steps to get those, including the minimum currency to get an appointment and/or meet with a wealth manager?  Are the contract rates set at the exchange appointment or the one with the wealth manager?

DC:  We know there is a pool reserved for the general public. We don’t know how quickly we will go through that pool – we estimate 2-5 day maximum time for those contract rates to be out there.  Each bank has a different policy for contract rates.  Some have ‘first come, first served’, whatever amount.  However, there is a cap of 20 million dinar, and after that you will exchange at international rates.  Some banks will only offer contract rates to those with a long relationship, or those who have been educated as to what to look for.  They are looking for those who are dressed and speak appropriately, people they can work with, not those who will spend, spend, spend.  Yet another bank will only handle contract rates at a few locations, so they can control it.  It will only last a few days.  So the appointment depends on which bank you’re at.  Also at one bank there IS not minimum – it’s first come, first served up to 20 million dinar.  The other banks are trying to figure this out;  I’ve heard 500K, one million and five million dinar. The other banks we just don’t know.

Caller: So we might not have to wait for the wealth manager at some banks.  [DC:  Yes.]

410 caller:  I’m a little confused with the early exchange process you are talking about;  will they stop that or just let it go on.

DC:  It’s not really a time limit, it’s an amount they want to get some done while we are waiting, using their staff and reducing the impact.

301 caller:  Are the caps still in place?  Have the rates been adjusted upwards?

DC: The rates are more or less the same as before, and so are the caps.
Okay.  We have at least four people who answered that question and got it right.
Pam: I agree with Tony – you should take them all!

DC:  It was King Croesus, as in ‘rich as Croesus’;  he was on his way to Persia and stopped in Egypt on the way.  It shows how disruptive dinar can be.  Many have been worried, and they have been discussing if that will cause inflation or hyperinflation. This king just threw out thousands of gold coins, more than many people earned in a lifetime. It disrupted the economy, family lives, and caused other social issues.  It’s the same mentality today.  Human nature hasn’t changed, and you have to handle this with care.  Just because someone is paying millions for a house doesn’t mean you should as well. Be cautious with your money because it can disrupt a lot of lives if you don’t.

They are getting ready to release this in Iraq tomorrow after a pause. The US banking system is highly frustrated, and they may allow through some early exchanges. DO NOT CALL THE BANK.  If they do let through 14-15K people per day, I support that because it will include a lot of us.  That will also lessen the impact on the economy.

Tony: Someone sent me that name and the saying. They put it on Twitter, so we may need to go to two dinners!

Pam:  I have a few others who got this, and we should notice the time people sent them in.  We have this covered.  Please do NOT send me emails with your email address or phone numbers. We already have the email addresses of those who have donated.  If Tony wants that information, he will ask for it.

DavidM said that there are frontmen and roadies, and both are important.  Daz said that it’s the roadies that run the show.  Thanks to Sunnygal and all our transcribers, and IdahoUSA who handles our banners.  Thanks also to Zebragirl who does the Verbatim transcription that is available to members and nonmembers.  Thanks to Daz and our other Mods and guest mods.  One of our longtime members Dakotaman lost his mother recently, and our prayers are with him.

Ray:  So this is Wealth-of-Information Wednesday.  DC, next time you want to run a contest, tell them how to contact you directly!

Tony:  Thank you, it’s a great day with great information.  We did not call and give you the 800 number, but when they issue those, we will. Things are moving.  Someone on Twitter just posted that the bank contacted them and they have an appointment for tomorrow.  This is getting more visible for everyone to see.  Not everyone is under the NDA, and you’re going to get excited.  DO NOT text, email or call the banks;  they have their own system, so let them operate it.  If you have an early appointment, more power to you, and we will follow you that much sooner. In Iraq, they were supposed to get approval at noon today and we don’t know yet if they have that.  We are here to support them and you, and to make it as easy as we can for you so you know what is going on.  If we have to make another call, we will.  If something look crazy to you, remember about the first mouse.  Have a great day and I hope we will be able to tweet something out later.

APRIL 6 2015


TNT Call notes 6-Apr2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good evening, TNT!  Today is Monday, April 6, 2015 at 3.30 Central time. For those who need to know, DC is not here.  He’s been tied up in meetings.  Whatever he’s doing has to be important.

This will be a brief call to clear up the nonsense.  Everybody, all around the world, was expecting this to go on Sunday. A bunch of people are highly upset after bank briefings over the weekend, on Easter, expecting something to happen. There are bank personnel at work right now, trying to figure out when this didn’t happen.  Iraqi television is still saying that stage four will come to an end in the next few days.  People we are talking to in Baghdad still have not received their money, but they have relatives in other parts of the country who have received theirs. Baghdad will be last to receive, and then it will be announced.

We are on the doorstep and someone needs to kick in the door.  Nobody knows why they keep ramping this up and it doesn’t go.  I don’t know what the actual reason is.  Things are getting tighter and tighter as people are being threatened with their job security.  Someone is now saying this will go to June, it’s another couple of months before we see this. They are trying to tie this in with the Iran deal.  It could be a coincidence that it was supposed to go 31. March, the same day as the Iran deal… I don’t know.

More and more people are finding out about this, including bank managers, with articles and all the rest, all the banking laws that makes it transparent, that they can wait another two months??  IN the outskirts of Iraq they have given money and they keep saying it will end in another few months?  I don’t see how that can happen. I  don’t see how they could come right to the brink and then say it will take another two months.  A lot of things would have to change, and I think we would hear about it.  We have people with appointments over the weekend, and throughout this week;  unless they shut them all down again, this thing is getting closer, and that is what we want:  for it to continue to go and more people getting paid.

I’m not going to drag you through a whole lot of stuff. We are at the 1” line, we are banging on the door.  We are one thing away from this happening.  I did get another window of time from Iraq.  They are highly upset about this weekend because most thought this was going.  Everyone is just waiting.  Typically, we try to get information for Monday, and get a flood after the call.  If we find out for a fact that it will be two more months, we will tell you so.  I do know that Iran has a lot of dinar – it was smuggled in one way and another.  The US knows that, everyone knows that, and that it is why a lot of laws were put in place to prevent that money being smuggled back into Iraq.  There is nothing that says we have to make a deal with Iran.  Is Iraq not going to do it if there is not a deal?

The actual RV has already been done for some weeks;  we are  just waiting for an announcement.  There is no bad news apart from the fact it didn’t happen on Sunday like we expected.  A lot of good people were at work and it didn’t happen. If it takes another day or week, we’ll live with that. But there is an end point.  I met with some TNT people over the weekend, and I told them what I tell everyone else:  I don’t care what happens in your life at this point.  Fifteen minutes I talked to someone who had their car repossessed;  another person’s house is up for sale on the 15th, and someone else lost their job.  Bad things happen in life, but do NOT get rid of your currency.  Dinar is your saving grace at this point, and you would not be able to get it back.  I would sit in my house with no lights or running water, but wouldn’t sell my dinar, because that is my only way back.

On Iraqi television, they are saying that the end of their economic crisis is coming in the next few  days.  I know that there are only four phases, not phases 5, 6 or 7, so we are coming to the end of this process.

I did say that I would tell you how to get on the early list.  Pam had a great idea, and DC agrees, but… we will try to see if we can make it just a little while longer before we upset the apple cart.  I’m not sure it would actually get you on the list, but it would make sure a lot of people know you exist, at least until DC is on the call.

There is a question about the 50 dinar notes, which expire on the 15th.  That is just a week from now.

Pam:  Someone asked about 25K notes, and those coincide with the 25 dinar notes, when they take out the three zeroes. There is no issue with the 25K notes.  If you have 50 dinar notes, see if the dealers will exchange them for other notes, because after the 15th they will be worthless.

585, did I answer all your questions?  No 585?  Okay.

954 caller:  Have the rates changed, particularly the dong?

Tony: The rates have not changed;  the viewing of the rates has changed.  The rates were live and all were showing, then they reduced it down to one. Some people cannot see them because adjustments are being made – not higher/lower, but live or not live.

707 caller:  Can I use a currency dealer to exchange rather than the banks?

Tony:  It sounds like you have another option most people don’t have.  If they can give you the same rate or a better rate, great!

Caller: I don’t know what his rate or fees will be because he doesn’t know what the criteria will be.

Tony:  I have no idea how this dealer will work.  Your concern should be how competitive he is to banks, what he can offer you.  Can he help you with perks, business opportunities?  You have to look at that.

Caller:  He seems to have unlimited resources?

Tony:  His money will have to come from some bank or treasury or Federal Reserve somewhere.  IF the banks are saying they don’t have enough money to do this, where is his money coming from?  You need to have him show you how it works.  If the main five banks say that they cannot handle it.  If he can, I’d love to know how.  If they cannot do it, I don’t see how he can do it, not with cash.  I would want to fully understand that before I got with him, especially if that means you lose out on the banking perks.

281 caller:  Can you clarify about the notes you talked about?
Tony:  We were talking about the 50 dinar note that expires on April 15, and also the 25K dinar note, that there is not an issue with at this time.  They are supposed to run for two years, but they will not last that long because everyone will exchange them well before that two years runs out.
410 caller:  You mentioned a new timeline;  does that start immediately?
Tony:  Yes, it starts immediately and it can go at any moment.  The 50 dinar note expires on the 15th, but we don’t have to wait that long.  It doesn’t make sense to me that they would wait for two months to see if Iran lives up to what they said.
Caller:  You say that these are very smart people, and they have always  known that the 50 dinar note expires on the 15th, so I cannot see why they would pin it on that, especially with Abadi explaining this to the people of Iraq.
Tony: The Iraqi people know it’s right there, and they are getting antsy.  Iraqi television in the US has been announcing it, too.  The people there are getting frustrated, and so Abadi has already been through all the  promises.  At some point, they are going to say ‘enough is enough’, and nobody wants to get to that point.  It upsets everything they have accomplished in the last 8-9 months. They are kicking on the door, and they have got to be saying “Someone has to let this go!”  When it didn’t happen over the weekend, Abadi has to face his people on Monday morning, just like us.
Caller:  I believe and agree with what you are saying.  We have to be a little confused for a while, and then it won’t matter anyway.
Tony:  On the 15th of April, the 50 dinar note will expire, so make sure you take care of that.
972 caller:  People who are getting appointments for tomorrow, is there any common thread or pattern about who is getting them or not?
Tony:  The only thing I can tell you about that, is that they have to know who you are and how much you have, which means you have submitted through one of the groups, or you bought dinar through one of the banks so that they know you have it.  That’s the only thing we have seen so far.
I said the 50 dinar note expires on 15th April.
Caller:  You’re saying everyone is frustrated or mad.  I understand why we poor folks are frustrated, but why would the countries be mad?
Tony:  Let’s say you are a county eating rice and drinking muddy water 12 times a week, and let’s say your currency is changing in this reset, then that is going to make a huge change:  your people can eat better food, drink clean water, buy clothes, etc.  They are not the five power countries that are making this decision, these are the poorer countries that are pleading to let this go.  Some 190 countries are involved in this. The G-20 also have plans and made promises and it’s still not coming.
Caller:  So it’s not the G-20 folks?
Tony:  This is supposed to be a short call. I’m feeling good.
Ray:  I’m feeling gooder!  Continue to enjoy this Marvelous Monday because Terrific Tuesday is coming in the morning.
Pam:  I’m feeling goodest.  If I felt any better, I’d be younger and better looking, and Spook agrees with me. I’m hanging in there and hope they are as well.
Tony:  It was very quiet this weekend because everyone was told it was finally coming through.  A lot of people sat that their desks over Easter because that’s what they were told, and others were told to expect a lot of new clients this week.  What’s good is that this is closer to when it will happen.  Every time Abadi goes to another province saying it is coming, that is helpful to us, because it’s getting closer and closer.
Any time we know that DC is not on a call with us, we know that something is really going on that he will have to explain on the next call.  Everything is good, no negative.  They are pushing this out.  I don’t see how it can possibly last for another two months, not matter what others say.  Today is the 6th, and It is still a good time, this week.  The bankers are still there, people are still having appointments this week, and that is good for us.  Have a good day, and I’ll talk to you on Wednesday.

 APRIL 3 2015


TNT Conference Call
Zebra Girl

T:  Okay, goooood morning, TNT!  Today is April the 3rd.  April the 3rd, it’s a great day.  I got me a brand new grand niece this morning, so it was great and exciting about that, and she has…

Pam:  Very good!

T:  …has my mother’s initials, so that was a great thing for you guys to know that.  I’m kinda excited about that.  For anybody who cares, it makes a difference, DC will not be with us today.  I’m gonna tell you why and I’m gonna tell you everything he wanted me to tell you in a few minutes, but he won’t be here, so if you wanna hang up, now’s the chance to do that.  Now, for everybody else, Pam had somethin’ that she said that she wanted recorded, so what was it?

Pam:  Okay, first I want to tell you it is Winston’s birthday tomorrow, and so I am opening a thread right now so that you can all go into our forum, all of our members can go into the forum and wish him a Happy Birthday and give him a hard time.  Also, I’d like everybody to know that we now post the verbatim transcript on our website TNTDinar.com, so you do not have to be a member to go there, you don’t have to sign up for anything, you don’t have to put any information in, it’s not interactive.  You just can go there and check out all the call information is there and now the actual transcript so anybody can read it at anytime as soon as zebragirl, our wonderful transcriber that does that for us, gets it done.  Darlini helped us last week, and zebragirl gets that done, and Idaho, who coordinates it all so we got a, it takes a village to get this thing working, but usually we get it posted around midnight or the next morning the day of the call, but we get it done as soon as we can.  So you are all able now, nonmembers can, can read the transcript from the call.

T:  Okay!  So…

Pam:  They can donate while they’re there, too, Tony.

T:  Okay!  You can donate while you’re there too, Pam says.  So, guys, DC isn’t here, but we have a lot of good information.  But I’m gonna tell you guys this right off so everybody understands.  Again as with Wednesday, as with, as the day gets closer and the hour gets closer, people get super sensitive, so they’re super sensitive about what I say, about what he says–that’s why he’s not here–and, I’m just jokin’, I’m just jokin’, and even about what you say, because nobody wants to mess this up this close, so we got that clear.  I am gonna tell you guys what I think is a bunch of good stuff, but Pam said that DC told her I shouldn’t say anything important, so I’m sayin’ what does that mean?  ‘Cause I don’t know what that mean, what’s important and what’s not important, ‘cause it’s all good, right?  Pam didn’t know I was gonna tell you guys that, but anyway.  It’s okay, because everybody’s super sensitive, and, and I’m sayin’ it, just the fact that let’s hope I don’t tell you anything important, ‘cause I’m gonna tell you what I know, so anyway!  I shouldn’t laugh about that, but it’s gonna be all right.  All right, so Iraq hasn’t changed, I’m gonna let you guys know that.  They are still telling people that it’s gonna be supposedly sometime this weekend, and we’ll just have to wait and see if it is.  Now, I can say that ‘cause that’s public knowledge, and I’m sayin’ that ‘cause we already told people on Wednesday.  And I’m sayin’ that because people I talk to, that hasn’t changed, that, and they’re still looking and hoping for it, as we should be.  Now here is something different.  I did talk to a guy who…who is over there today, you know, somebody I’ve known for years.  He’s over there, he called, talked to us, told us what was going on, and…here’s the thing that people don’t understand.  I don’t even fully understand it myself, I’m just telling you I don’t, but I know it’s happenin’ from all of our sources.  They have different rates still throughout the country!  I mean, it’s a crazy thing.  You go to one city and the rate is this.  You go to another city and the rate is this, and, and they’re paying, but this is what he told us this morning, and, and he’s there so we talked to him live, that–and I don’t think it’s important, it’s just what’s going on–he said right now that Kuwait is exchanging the dinar for 20 cent on the dinar, 20 cent per dinar, right?  Twenty cent.  And he said people are leavin’ Iraq, goin’ over to Kuwait trying to do their exchanges at the 20 cent, ‘cause they understand that.  And the purpose of doing that is to try to get in the last of the three-zero notes.  And at 20 cent, people over there are super excited about it and they’re going to do that in a minute.  But he still said they have no currency!  He said there’s no currency around, and that where he is at they’re still using the dollar even though they’re not supposed to be using the dollar, he said, “But we have no currency!”  Or they have no currency, so they have no choice but to use that.  But everybody knows what’s goin’ on, knows what’s goin’ on in their economy, and know they cannot last like that.  They are confused about the 25,000 note because they’re telling ‘em they’re takin’ it away, they’re takin’ the 25 note away.  So there is a note of confusion over there in each city or province, you know, that he’s goin’ to over there.  And he’s just, I mean as some in America, he said, “We can’t figure it out, ‘cause everybody’s tellin’ us a different story,” even over there.  And this guy’s in intelligence, and he says, “There’s so many different stories goin’ over here, nobody knows what’s goin’ on!”  So that’s an up-to-date, to-the-moment thing this morning from somebody live who…actually used to be one of our intel guys when he was here in the States, so that’s about far as I can go with that.  Now they got him over there doin’ some other stuff.  So we know it’s mass confusion, we know they’re being told on television again that, you know, sometime this weekend supposedly life is gonna change for all Iraqis is what it says.  We just again have to wait and see if that part happens.

Over here, and that’s all we really care about, I mean the rest is being handled like it’s supposed to as far as ISIS, Tikurt [sic], Mosul, which we can’t talk about yet ‘til you see it on CNN, and then we’ll get into that part.  All right, over here, again, everybody is, is sensitive, everybody’s on edge, everybody is waiting for this thing to happen.  Banks are prepared, they have everybody on standby, and I’ll tell you guys, I have heard more bank stories in the last 48 hours, 72 hours, than I probably heard in the last four years, and, and I mean all level of bank stories, things that are going in.  And I don’t necessarily mean from bank people, ‘cause I did, but they were given a, what’s today, Friday?  After our call Wednesday or Thursday they had some bank meetings, other meetings, and everybody was told to be quiet and shut up and let’s get this thing done.  But we have a lot of people who have been brought up to speed and what’s happening who’ve gone through.  Some of the test cases who’ve been called and put on standby by banks and bank personnel and, and everybody is so excited it’s gettin’ to a fever pitch where they know, “Oh my God, this is about to bust wide open!”  I mean, so we think it is.  So I’m happy, I’m in a good place.  I don’t want you guys to get, ‘cause everybody thinks oh it’s the weekend so you’re just gettin’ everybody pumped up or somethin’, and we’re not.  But I never do any weekend, ‘cause I don’t care if the weekend or it’s Tuesday morning, we think it’s goin’ we think it’s goin’.  If they’re preparin’ for it they’re preparin’ for it.  Only difference in this weekend is from several places they’re saying we’re still there, we’re right at the moment.  But my biggest thing is Abadi’s going from province to province actually telling his people that something’s gonna happen this weekend, and I’m thinkin’ face to face with his people he’d wanna be true about that.  It was one thing things bein’ broadcast on television, they’re readin’ it or they’re hearin’ it in the mosque and everything else, but if he’s doin’ this face to face with his people, I would think he would want to stand up to that.  Now, could anything happen, discredit that?  Absolutely, but I’m lookin’ at it as a positive, and I think it’s gonna be there.  The rates haven’t changed.  They’re, they’re great rates.  Has nothin’ to do with the 20 cent that Iraq, Kuwait I’m sorry, that was told was offering this morning, and personally I think Kuwait is smart to do that than anybody else.  If they can get 20 cent right now and get everybody to bring it all over there, then they can use it for their own, get oil credits, or they can turn right around when the RV does happen and bring it back and get $3.60 or $4 for it.  I’m like, man, I wish I was over there, ‘cause that’s a great move to me, great move.  And whether it’s helpin’ Iraq get the money out of the country and do it instead of Iraq payin’ it themselves, they can’t, but now people can go over there and get it is, is a great move.  Whether it’s reducing the current, I mean the currency in Iraq which again is forcing this to happen, so every day as they’re losing more and more currency off the street, they need somethin’ to operate with, and when the other province is tellin’ the people, “Don’t use the US Dollar,” then they’re sayin’, “then what do we use?  I mean, when is this gonna come to an end?”  So I see that happening really, really quick.  So, I’m super excited, I’m ready to go, and I think we’re in the right place at the right time.

I’m answerin’ as many questions as I can right now.  The currency rates haven’t changed since Wednesday.  The other currencies are still there.  The exchanges that are taking place, there have been some with all three currencies, whether it, just testin’ it or they’re ready to go, the majority with the dinar we already know, and the rates have varied.  The only thing I think, guys, during the meetings on Wednesday’s and Thursday that the bank settled on is we had talked about it before, they put a $7,500 cap when you’re doing your exchange for physical currency to walk out the bank, and that’s more than anybody needs.  I mean that day, $7,500 in cash.  You have a new Visa card, credit card, you’ll have checks you can still write.  You can still do wire transfers, those type of things, so that really shouldn’t bother you at all as far as that goes.  I’m tryin’ to think is there anymore questions I can answer before we get started.  Probably not!  Okay, you guys ready?  ‘Cause I’m ready.  208, good morning.

C:  Good morning, can you hear me?

T:  I can hear you, yes, sir, how are you doin’?

C:  Fantastic.  When you say the three currencies, so you’re talkin’ dinar, dong, and Zim?

T:  All, yes, dinar, dong, and Zim, yep.

C:  All right.  Thank you for all your great work, and boy I hope this is the weekend, and really appreciate all that you and DC and everybody does.  Thank you very much.

T:  All right.  Thank you, sir, have a great day…

C:  You’re welcome.

T:  …a great weekend, and don’t forget to tell DC Happy Birthday, ‘cause he’s gettin’ older, so, all right?

C:  Yes, Happy Birthday, DC!

T:  All right, thanks.  All right.  Okay, let’s go with 252.  252?  Hello?  Nope?  Okay.  Let’s go with 202.

C:  Hi.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  I’m fine.  I have a question for you ‘cause I’m very, I’m really optimistic about this, and I’m excited about it, but my friend, I’m tryin’ to, I was tryin’ to explain it to him but I don’t know if I was explaining it to him right.  He was saying that he saw something on YouTube about the dinar and stuff being a scam and….

T:  Wait, wait, he, wait, I can’t hear you.  He was sayin’ what?

C:  He was saying he saw something on YouTube about this all being a scam and a bunch of people gettin’ arrested.  And I was tryin’ to explain to him what you had told us about, how people were gonna get arrested ‘cause I, if I explained this right, I told him that the people are getting arrested because they were scamming people out of their money, gettin’ them to send it to them, it, was that correct?

T:  Well, people gettin’ arrested for a whole lot of reasons, but yeah, but somehow they’ve taken somethin’ that’s legitimate and, and were gonna be able to enjoy and use it in various different scams:  selling dinar when they’re not authorized to sell dinar, selling people dinar that’s already expired, the old Saddam notes, I mean, there’s a lot of different things that they were doing tryin’ to get people involved in other groups or buying items or sellin’ them services that they had no business.  So there’s a lot of scams built around the dinar, but the dinar itself is not a scam, no.

C:  All right, okay, and that’s, I just needed him to hear that, so.  My other question was the rupiah, is it goin’ in the basket, or just the dong, the Zimbabwe and the dong.

T:  My understanding is the rupiah is still there.

C:  And it, has that rate changed or it’s still the same so far?

T:  It’s the only rate that’s been consistent throughout this whole thing, tell you the truth.

C:  Okay, that you.  That’s all I needed to know.

T:  All right, thanks, have a great day.

C:  All right, you too.  Bye-bye.

T:  Okay.  Okay, 347, good morning.  347?  Nope?  Okay!  All right, 618, good morning.

C:  Hey, good morning.

T:  Hey, how are you?

C:  I’m doin’ well, doin’ well.  Thanks for takin’ my call.  I have one question, and that is when the, when the RV or RI is released and, and we’re allowed to go, how quickly do you think this will show up on the Forex?

T:  I don’t know.  Initially I think they wanted to keep it off of Forex so they could run everybody throughout without, without it skyrocketing and then put it on, so give it a couple days out there.  Some people wanted it to go immediately on, but, I mean of course if it’s over the weekend we won’t see it ‘til Sunday night, and so the, it’ll have a little bit of time to get people through.  If it is, I don’t know, you know, I’m just goin’ at risk vs. reward.  I know you guys want it to be on Forex ‘cause then you can see the rate rise and pick your time and frame of when to do your exchange, and again, based on your appointments and stuff that can be risky but it could be a reward.  I always say that, no guts no glory, but it’s definitely gonna take some guts to do that one, but the glory will be there, okay?

C:  That’s for sure.  Yep.  Understand.  I was just curious if anything has changed on that.  Listen, I want to thank you, you and everyone else for all you do, and there’s probably not enough thanks in the crowd to, to adequately tell you how much this is gonna change lives, but thank you for that, and have a blessed Easter.

T:  All right, thank you, sir!  Happy Easter to you, too!  Okay.  Okay, 337, good morning.

C:  Morning, Tony.

T:  Hey.

C:  I have a name for you.

T:  Uh-oh.  I’m in trouble now.

C:  You’re the Kunta Kinte of the dinarian community.

T:  Koota Kinte.  So I done went from bein’ Moses to Koota Kinte.  Okay.

C:  Well, you know, in Roots the, you remember Kunta Kinte.  In the….

T:  Oh.  How could I forget?

C:  Yeah, really!

T:  All right then, go ahead.

C:  I’ve been thinkin’ about this scam thing, okay?

T:  All right.

C:  I think the biggest scam in America is the dollar, and the banking system, frankly.

T:  The dong?

C:  How can you lend, how can you lend ten times what your deposits is and, and, and not be a scam?

T:  Okay.  While I fully understand what you’re sayin’ and, fractional banking and the banking system, today people are sensitive, and we’re gonna be positive today, because we’re….

C:  Well, it, you know it’s positive thinkin’ and positive thoughts, actually.

T:  Wasn’t nothin’ positive about that thought, I could tell you, but go ahead.

C:  Yeah, it is, because it’s all gonna change.

T:  Oh.

C:  I think.

T:  It is?  All right.

C:  Well yeah, when your currency is, is backed by stuff then it, it means somethin’.  Don’t ya think?

T:  I do, but I think this is a discussion for another day because it’s, it’s not quite what you think.  But we just not gonna discuss it today.

C:  Okay.

T:  If we’re still here on Monday or Wednesday of next week you bring it up, I might discuss that with you, and, you know, a little bit deeper.

C:  Well anyway….

T:  That’s not one we wanna get into today.  Go ahead.

C:  Okay.  Anyway, you have a really Happy Easter.

T:  All right, you too, sir!  Thanks, I appreciate it.

C:  All right, bye.

T:  423, good morning.  423?  Nope?  Okay.  All right, 312, good morning.

C:  Good morning.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  Doin’ good, brother, how are you doin’?

T:  I am, I, I’m actually great, ‘cause, you know, I, I think all the information is great.  I think the banking stories we’ve heard last couple days are, are really great, and I think this thing is movin’ along a lot faster than people are aware, and we’re gonna see it, so I’m great.

C:  Well, I agree with you.  And I think there are a lot of moving parts that are coming together.  It’s a fluid situation.  And I want to touch bases on one thing.  I don’t know if I want to call it an agreement, but let’s just say with the recent meeting of the minds between the US and Iran in regards to the, I guess you could say the nuclear disarmament, do you think that was a piece of the puzzle that needed to come together in order that the players and the powers that be there in the Middle East, you know, put that piece of puzzle in place in order that there could be some harmony and unity and people bein’ on one accord in order for the RV to happen?  What’s your thinkin’ on that?

T:  Okay.  I think that…whether you guys know it or not, the date was set for the RV again on the 28th of March, and then moved to the 31st, the same time that the Iran deal was supposed to be concluded.  Now, did the RV need that to happen?  No.  Because what happened if there was no deal on the 31st, if there was no deal today, if another year, do you think they’re not gonna do the RV or they’re not gonna reinstate their money?  Yeah, they absolutely were, and, and still would plan to do that.  Now, is it better that they do, because Iran has so much of it, because Iran has so many people in Iraq right now, their soldiers are in there fightin’ to get ISIS out, because Iran has so much influence in Iraq, would they want that to be part of the deal and would that make it smoother for the entire Middle East?  Absolutely.  But it wasn’t what people were sayin’, you know, if this deal doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen, it just happens at a different way at a different pace.  Does it make it better, I mean will everybody be happier now, will we have to worry less about Iran tryin’ to smuggle, you know, dinar in or go and get it exchanged when they’re not authorized?  Yeah!  It makes it easier, or that’s what I think.  I don’t think we had to 100% have a deal for this to happen, no.

C:  Well, I appreciate you commentin’ on that.  As best as you can, in regards to security even with Iran being a player there tryin’ to help bring about more stability and security in the region, can you comment on the issue of security in terms of the viability of foreign investors coming to Iraq now to invest, if it’s safe, if it’s secure, if it’s at a point that I guess you could say the players feel that, you know, it’s a safe place to come and to invest at this point.

T:  I, I think that’s the, the purpose of the propaganda that we’re seeing as far as the news, world, and them takin’ their cities back and, and the army gettin’ built back up.  I think there’s enough countries involved and militaries that it will be a safe place ‘cause everybody is gonna have somebody over there involved in this country and invested in this, this country for it to happen.  I think by the time everyday citizens start goin’ over there it would absolutely be safe.  By the time these companies start shippin’ their employees over there on a daily basis, it’ll absolutely be safe.  And I’m sayin’ safe for the masses, not that there won’t, incidents won’t happen because, you know, idiots are idiots, terrorists are terrorists, and you don’t know who they are walkin’ down the street.  But as far as mass destruction, those type of things, lookin’ for, you know, ISIS comin’ in any day, everybody not bein’ asleep at night, no, I think it’ll be comfortable.  It’s supposed to be one of the great showplaces of the Middle East in the next ten years, and I think they’ll accomplish that.

C:  Well, I thank you for that.  I thank you for all that you guys have put up with in dealin’ with a lot of negativity.  True, I know that it’s not been easy.  It’s not been easy for you, your family, and we really appreciate, and I, I know sometimes, you know, that may sound like a cliche, but, you know, without you guys being here, we would really be, 1) we woulda never even been in position to participate based upon, you know, what was planned over a year ago.  But to still be at the table, to still receive consideration and to, to get the feedback that you’re givin’ us, really want to just say thank you, man.  Appreciate everything that you’re doin’, everybody–you, Rayren, Pam, DC, the mods–your services, it’s invaluable.  So thank you, and I just hope you guys have a great Easter weekend, and go RV!

T:  All right, thanks, sir.  Happy Easter to you, too.  Okay, 770.  Seven seven zero, hello?

C:  Hello?

T:  Yes.  Good morning.

C:  Good morning.

T:  All right, can you turn the speaker down so we don’t hear….

C:  Yeah.  Am I, am I gettin’ any feedback?

T:  No, I am, but go ahead.

C:  Oh.  Just a quick question.  You know, we’re lookin’ at another weekend and, you know, and now everything is like super sensitive, but the chances of us goin’ another week is, are they slim and none or it’s still up in the air?

T:  Now, I’m, I’m, you know, I’m tellin’ you guys exactly what they’re being told.  I’m telling you exactly what they’re hearing.  Everybody is being told right now this thing could happen any minute now.  I mean it could happen twenty minutes from now, it could happen two hours from now, it could happen two days from now, but there’s nothing stoppin’ it.  Everything, everything has been connected.  The entire system is connected, the rates are there.  The banking people have finalized their plan, I mean, they know how to bring ‘em in, how to put ‘em out.  Their documents are there.  There’s bein’ so much exposed, I mean I’ve gotten, you know, over this time again more people paid out.  We have a better explanation for NDAs, the contract, what the banks are doin’, I mean they have that part all down.  All the countries are there.  I mean, Iraq is there, they’ve done everything, it’s, all this time we keep sayin’ they’re waiting for that magic moment to make the major announcement to the general public, and Abadi said he’s gonna do that sometime this weekend, so hopefully he does!  But I mean that, that’s all.  There’s nothin’ else holding it back.  Their laws have been passed, they’re not arguing, again.  There’s nothin’ in public that they’re arguing, contesting, anything else.  If everybody who said the Iran deal was holding it back, well it’s no longer holdin’ it back if that’s the case, which our people told us it never was holdin’ it back anyway, but now they’ve wiped somethin’ else off the board ‘cause that’s not what it is.  So…I mean I don’t know what it is, ‘cause I say hey, this is what it is, soon as this happen, then it’s goin’.  But we don’t, and we can’t find anything, and nobody knows anything except for just be calm, it’s done and you’re gonna see it any minute.  Now we know it’s done because we know Iraq has paid people, we know we’ve paid people, I’m sure other countries have paid people, so we know the system works, it’s just puttin’ it to work.  So we know people are on standby at every level when they weren’t even talkin’ to ‘em, but they’re on standby and could be mobilized anytime!  So, I mean that’s the best I can tell you.  We are there!  We’ll have to see what happens through the weekend.  Again, I’m not gettin’ people hyped up for the weekend, I’m just hopin’ it happens during the weekend.  Like he said, okay?

C:  Yeah.  I mean I, I try and understand, you know, we, we hear all the bank stories, and I say what criteria are they using to make those selections if they’re saying that they are having the everyday average person being able to exchange in Texas.  And I say if that’s the case, then what are they using, how do they do that?

T:  Well, all I can look at is banks know who bought from them, so they know who has it, so maybe they’re, they’re using that criteria to bring ‘em in.  There were still, you know, we told you guys there were over 300 groups, and, you know, they made deals from fifty cent, you know, up to ten, twelve dollars, I don’t know.  They could be just bringin’ them in to, to get them out of the way.  They are bringing people in, whatever the criteria is, and I mean, if I really knew I guess I would be paid right now, but…no, I’m not gonna say that, ‘cause that’s not true.

C:  Yeah, yeah, you can say that, ‘cause then I’d come down and borrow a couple bucks from you.

T:  I was gonna say, yeah, they’re just not gonna let me get paid anyway, so anyway, until it happens, so.  But I, I don’t know.  But I’m not mad at it, you know?  ‘Cause I do know who are, who some of ‘em are, and actually over the last couple days some personally have been contacted and taken in and, and a whole lot of things, I mean people that I know personally, and I’m like, and I still, now I’m like DC ‘cause he knows some people who personally have exchanged that, and he’s like, “How does he get to exchange but I don’t?  You know, how does he get to buy this and that but I don’t.”  So now we look at that even though we know why we don’t.  But the thing again is I don’t care, keep doin’ the numbers ‘cause to me that means my number’s comin’ up.  So do more of ‘em, I don’t care, ‘cause they’re still our people, they’re still US citizens are gettin’ paid and they’re not the super elite, they’re not government people, not, because they’re all done!  They’re doin’ some average people and rakin’, wrappin’ it up and just tryin’ to be proactive until the announcement’s made, which they should be doin’, and sayin’, “Well let’s try and get some before the mad rush, as many as we can, so let’s contact people who we know have bought from us or who have it or who are part of this group and see if we can get them to come in, at least get them out the way while we have these people sitting here doing nothing.”  So that, that makes sense to me for, for them to do that.

C:  Yeah, well that, that, I mean that makes sense.  I mean I just try to understand how do they make that selection.  If they’re saying, you know, that it’s out there that, you know, you have the everyday person going, but it’s still stop go stop go and, you know, nickel and diming how many they do at a time.  But I’m, I’m sure there’s a….

T:  Well, let me just tell you this.  Pam has a solution to that problem.

C:  Oh, boy.

T:  Yeah.  I’m waitin’ to see if it comes out.  She’s gonna say, “I’m not sayin’ that.”  But anyway.  Now guys, I think….

Pam:  And you know I’d be glad to say it, Tony.

T:  Oh, no don’t, yeah, don’t say it though.  You know, I was just messin’ with Pam ‘cause we don’t wanna upset nobody.  I mean it did make sense, I do want you guys to know it made sense, but let’s do this.  Since Pam has a great idea, I will tell you this.  If this doesn’t happen over the weekend and DC comes back on the call on Monday, I will tell you guys Pam’s idea.  It’s a great idea, but I just want him to take the blame for it.  Okay?  So if not over the weekend, I’m gonna tell you what we feel is the best way to get on that list.  Is that fair?

C:  Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.

T:  Okay, so.  So we will tell you what we think is the best way to get on that list at that time.  Just so we can have a smooth weekend, everybody’s super sensitive and we don’t want to upset the apple cart right here at the last minute.

C:  Absolutely not.

T:  But Monday we can do that.  All right?

C:  I hear ya.  Yep.  Okay, thanks.

T:  All right.  Thank you, sir.  All right, have a great Easter.  A’ight.

C:  You, too.

T:  Okay, 410, good morning.

C:  Good morning.  Good morning, I, I feel the joy.  I have a quest….

T:  You feel the joy?  Okay!

C:  Well yeah!  Why not start early?

T:  Yeah, that’s right!

C:  Yeah!  At one point you explained what happens with somebody who has some reserve held at Sterling, and specifically taught that, and it may be the other currency places too, but if it’s still there and stuck there before it’s paid off, obviously if it’s paid off they’re shippin’ it out until it RV’s.

T:  That’s right!  I would think so, yeah.

C:  If they don’t get it shipped out, then they will hold it if it’s RV’d, and then you exchange, or you are just paying it off anyway because you want to get the money now exchanged with them.  You said something about they, that Sterling had some way to direct line the wire, that it wouldn’t go through a second step, it was going right into the bank?  Is that something I missed?

T:  Yeah.  If you go to Sterling’s site, I think you, on their site they have a way for you to sell the currency and just have it, the money wired to you, not ship you out the currency.  You have an option to either just sell it to them and they ship the money, wire the money to your account, or you say, “No, I want the physical currency,” and they ship it to you.  They have a policy in there, if you meet their criteria they will physically come out and bring it to you.

C:  Right.  Yeah, I did read that part.  Yeah.  But somebody else was confused by it, too, and then they threw this question up to me that it was somehow, there was a set, a step in between.  Was it because we were talking about if you’re going to be doing this huge wire, then the government’s gonna be paying attention to where it’s going.

T:  Well, guys, there’s not gonna be an issue gettin’ a wire from Sterling to your bank account.  The government’s well aware of what’s goin’ on there, so that is not…

C:  That’s what I told ‘em.

T:  …gonna be an issue, okay?

C:  Okay.  Then I was right!

T:  Yeah.  The issue comes when you get your money in your account and then you want to wire it to Pam, you know?  Or to Joe or to Frank and, you know, well who is this gettin’ a wire of this magnitude?  I mean I, now they have to make sure this guy isn’t a terrorist, isn’t a bad guy, isn’t involved in drug smuggling, anything else.  Now they have to see who this guy is before they approve that wire going through.  If everybody who’s exchanging dinar starts doing that, then your wires are gonna be backed up ‘cause, you know, based on the numbers they’re gonna have to go through Homeland.

C:  Oh, okay.  Well maybe that’s also something she picked up at one time that I didn’t.  So good!  I appreciate that information.  I am looking forward to being happy to not get a call, normal call.

T:  Me, too!

C:  Monday.  And wish everybody relax and enjoy what is going to be, it’s a holiday for, in many ways for a lot of the people in this country, so everybody can celebrate a little bit.

T:  Yep.  Thank you.

C:  And that’s why I say enjoy ahead of time!

T:  All right.  Happy Easter, okay.  Hey, guys, I’m glad she said that, again, so right in the middle of this I wanted to tell you our guy called over, he called us from Iraq this morning, but he, he called to say, “Hey, guys, it’s Easter weekend, a lot of people are gonna do a lot of things,” he said, “but I’m tellin’ you every government agency is on high alert for this weekend, everyone.”  He said, “Everyone here and everyone at home,” he said, “they’re all on high alert for this weekend.”  Because people are gonna be out, be in masses and just because of some of the things we’re seein’ in the news and, and are takin’ place, so while it’s a great weekend, I still want everybody to be careful and be vigilant while you’re out there in your surroundings and what’s goin’ on, ‘cause there’s a lot of crazy people in this world.  Okay.  Did I do 703?  703?

C:  Oh, hi!  Hi Tony!

T:  Hi.  Hi, how are you?

C:  Hi!  I can’t believe you called my name.  I was in a daze.  I, listen, I wanna say thank you very much for all that I have been taught on this call.  I especially want to say thank you to Pam ‘cause I think she is a powerful woman and I would love to meet her one day.  I want to thank you….

T:  She’s a bossy woman, I’ll tell you that, but go ahead.

C:  I want to say thank you to Ray.  I think he’s great energy, and I want to say thank you to DC.  I understand everything that he’s saying.  I’m in northern Virginia.

T:  And I know you do!  I can tell!  You can hear it!  Go ahead.

C:  Yeah, I do.  And so what I want to thank you for, I haven’t been in this as long as a lot of people have, but over the last seven months when I was introduced to it, I plugged into the system and I listened and I’ve learned so much and, you know, the language, how to conduct myself and things of that nature.  I am a positive person, and I hope that everyone else can kinda get what you’re saying.  Just relax and sail in.  Beatin’ you down with questions is not gonna get anything done any sooner.  The questions have been repeated and answered numerous of times, it’s, the answers will not change, and if you do some of your own homework and read, you’ll find out that exactly what you’re saying the gurus are coming back, I mean you’ve said some of these things months ago that they really feel excited about saying today.  So I just want to thank you for help, teaching me patience, because I, I don’t know where you guys get it from, but I yearn to have some of the patience that you all have.  I think it’s awesome, it’s a gift, and I, and I want some of it.  And so I do learn, and I have learned, to have more patience because you have people of all different social classes and all different levels of learning, and everyone always don’t get it at the same time.  But I will say if you listen long enough, you will get it.  So I, I just got on the call, I put in this call like at 10:30 this morning, so I’m so glad you called me up.  And again, I want to thank you tremendously for all that you do and all that you got, guys have taught.  And tell Pam I’d like to get in on her forum although I know she won’t open it up at this point.  But it would be nice to get in and get some insider information.  I know you give us a lot, but I think there’s something else in that forum.  So I go in there and read what I can from the outside.  I really do, Tony, I do, I think it’s more to it.  But anyway, I thank you again, and have a wonderful Easter weekend and, hey, I needed it yesterday but whenever it comes it comes, because had I not gotten plugged into it, I wouldn’t be gettin’ anything.  So I’m just grateful for where I’m at.

T:  Great, great outlook, and, and that’s where we should be, I mean just there.  And that’s how I actually look at it myself, guys, believe me, I could a used it last week, last month, and last year.  But as a friend of mine used to say, “When it get here, it won’t be too late.  I don’t care whenever it is, it won’t be too late, it’ll be right on time.”

C:  Right on time, exactly.  And, and that’s how it’s always been said.  So whenever it comes, it’ll be right on time, and it’ll lift me in places that I’ve dreamed to be.  I’ve dreamed to be in those places, but with this investment my dreams would absolutely come true.  And, and listening to a lot of, and speaking with you and listening to you talk about helping others, I’ve come to that mindset as well, because at the beginning I was like, “Me, me, me, me, me, I’m gonna get this, this, this, this, this.”  But I say, no, no, I’m payin’ it forward, and I have to do that in order to, when you’re blessed you bless others, and like you said, I want to see them happy with my own smile puttin’ it in their hand, a port, opposed to, you know, people will do organization, and that’s fine for them, but there are enough people around me personally that I could help, that I’d like to help first.

T:  Yep!  And, and you should do that.  I mean, nothin’ wrong with the organizations, I mean, reachin’ around the world and places you can’t get to and helpin’, but if you can see it firsthand and everybody do that, it not only makes a difference in their life, but it makes a difference in your life.

C:  Exactly.

T:  And I’m tellin’ you, it, it will, it’ll create a whole new person once you start doing that and, and see how you would benefit others, so.  Thank you very much.

C:  Oh, you’re welcome.  Hey, listen, Tony, I know you gotta go.  I like to smoke cigars, too, so please, please get a spot in Vegas so that I can enjoy a cigar.  I want a Cuban, too, by the way, a Cuban cigar with you with some Brown.

T:  Woooo!  You do smoke, huh?

C:  I smoke!

T:  So, okay!  So, we’re definitely gonna do that in Vegas, and we have places to smoke in Vegas, and…okay.

C:  If you could make that happen, it would be great.

T:  Wait, I’m writin’ your number down.  I’m gonna do that, ‘cause….

C:  Oh, yes, yes, yes!

T:  People can usually get hold of you if they say, “Hey, I like to smoke and have a drink.”  Then okay, man, we can talk!  But anyway, so.

C:  Oh, yes.  Oh, yes.

T:  All right.  You know, actually, yeah we’re gonna do that in Vegas.  We don’t do anything else, we, we gonna go to the, at the Mall and sit down and have a, a smoke at the shop in there.

C:  Yes.

T:  So we can do that then.

C:  That would be awesome.

T:  I’ll call you afterwards, all right?

C:  Thank you.  Thank you.  Bye-bye.

T:  All right.  Thanks, bye.  Okay, so she said a lot of good stuff, guys, and we did, and I want you guys to know even the people who were bein’ exchanged this week…have gone through the, the different amounts.  The bank is gonna give you a couple different options now.  There’s a structured part that we had talked about before that I think you guys will like.  I think…and this is my own personal opinion, but I think if you leave some money with the bank and you’re getting paid interest on it or you’re doing things with it, that’s gonna help most people, ‘cause nobody planned on spendin’ 100% of it anyway, I would think, and it gives you somethin’ to look forward to in the long run.  But here’s another thing I’ve always told you guys, you want to look and see what your bank would do for you.  I mean, can you get me involved in IPOs, can you get me involved in…you know, business investments, can you get me involved in annuities, can you get me involved in other stock markets before, before they go public, ‘cause that’s when you really make your money.  So those are things you want to look at to make your money grow, things that they’re offering you.  You know, we were actually talkin’ to somebody who went through, and they said, they’re, said, and “Man, they were offerin’ me business opportunities.  I mean, do I want to buy this business or that business or do I want to get involved in it, that and, you know.”  That person was really excited!  Said, shoot, I don’t even know they did that, but that’s what they were doin’ during my exchange, offering those things.  And I’m like that’s good!  I mean that’s great for a lot of people to be exposed to those things, to know they’re out there, and people who have no clue what to do with this kind of money to have that kind of opportunity.  But…you need to do it in a industry or an area that you have some knowledge of, some knowledge of, even to make a, a decision if you want to do it or not.  But I say that because the learning curve in any business is tough, much less one you just bought, gettin’ up and running if you don’t know anything about it at all.  Now every opportunity is gonna sound great, ‘cause they do.  They all sound great, but once you get to doing ‘em it’s somethin’ different.  So I don’t want people to jump into somethin’ and be way over your head and then lose while you’re learning.  So even if you’re thinkin’ about it, it should be something you’re looking right now, some kinda business or somethin’ you’re trying to learn right now, you’re trying to get as much information as you can right now before you walk in that door so you’ll at least understand what they’re tryin’ to present to you.  But it’s a great thing that they’re doing right from the gate.  Now, I actually thought you’d have to go spend some time with your wealth manager, “Hey these are my goals, this is what I wanna get, what do you think?”  But today I’m hearing they’re offering that right out the gate.  They’re tryin’ to tell some people, “You should look at this, you should look at this.  You got a whole lot of money, and let’s do this right now.”  Now you don’t have to make that decision right that day, but they’re at least lettin’ you know they’re available for you, which I thought was a good thing.  All right, 423, good morning.  423?  Nope?  Okay.  All right, 239, good morning.

C:  Good morning.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  I’m good, Tony.  Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

T:  Oh, thank you!  Thank you.

C:  That’s a wonderful thing.  Tony, I got a very, very simple question, okay?  We’re at the bank, we’re exchanging, and we come up to Zim.  Now, how in the world are we gonna be able to read what’s on the screen there, you know, subtracting six zeros and everything else?

T:  Okay.  When you walk in the bank, you have a hundred trillion note, right?

C:  Right.

T:  Okay, so you subtract six zeros and it becomes a hundred million note, right?

C:  Right.  And they’re gonna know that.

T:  They already know that.  It’s in the system!

C:  Okay.

T:  Nobody else has figured that part out, that, that’s already done, okay?

C:  Okay.

T:  So we know that.  You’re only thing is is that ten cent, twelve cent, fifteen cent, eighteen cent, twenty-five cent, and they should be able to show you that on their screen.

C:  Right, and so you were goin’ in there and you were just….

T:  So they’re gonna say, “This is much, how much I can offer you,” and you just say yes or no!

C:  Right.  Okay, so basically you were just going in there knowing that you have, whatever you have minus the six zeros and whatever they’re gonna show you, it’s gonna be that times whatever you have.

T:  Yeah!  It’s very simple.  That’s the simplest thing to calculate, ‘cause then, you know?

C:  Yeah.  Like you know it, I was just curious how are they gonna know, you know, about the six zeros, but you said they’re already gonna have it in the system and that’s, that’s all I needed to know.  Tony, one other quick thing.  Is it true that Iran has more Iraqi dinar than anybody?

T:  No, I’m not gonna say that that’s true, ‘cause I don’t know that for a fact.  Now, I, I mean the US was supposed to be the country who had more than anybody, but guys, this has been eleven years, eleven years, okay?  And this is not to upset anybody, this is just the reality that everybody has to understand.  This stuff was being smuggled out of the country for the last ten years!  I mean it, it’s been gone.  We know certain officials were movin’ it out of the country, we know that.  We know that they had relationships with this country and, I mean, there, there’s money everywhere that they’re still looking for.  Now, we know some of it has been tracked and found, some of it was tryin’ to be smuggled back in they caught, but, you know, we gotta be realistic, you know.  If D.C. and Virginia decide they’re gonna do something, I mean how much can we control what actually goes from Virginia to Washington, D.C., and everybody’s runnin’ up and down the highway every day.

C:  Right.

T:  It’s not like it’s a border, of which it is, from another country, but those were friends, buddies, allies, and hey, “I’m lookin’ the other way while you do that, but go ahead and do it.”  I mean, a whole lot of things happened in the last ten years.  They’re trying to fix those today, and it makes it easier in this respect for both sides, and it helps them actually recover faster if they’re gonna live up to the agreement.  So I know a lot of people don’t like it, but the whole Middle East, I mean if we look at the big picture, is not about war, it’s about how to change a mindset and how to…change a, a region’s economy and bring them into the 21st Century which we think, you guys heard htis old sayin’, it’s, you know, well what is it?  You get more flies with honey than, oh no that don’t work with flies, work with bees, okay.  All right.  But it’s just a different approach.  It’s the approach of let us help you be successful.  Let us help you see the good things in life.  Let us help you grow out of this, and in that respect, you know, we’re not fightin’.  We’re not fussin’, nobody’s clawin’ at each other and everything else, because as I said, the other way didn’t work!  They’ve been fighting for hundreds and hundreds of years, and at some point they’re sayin’, “Hey, the end result of that is somebody’s gonna wipe out somebody or you both gonna get wiped out.  Let’s just try and live together and let’s do it this way.”  More food, more water, better housing, living.  You get to enjoy the fruits of life.  You get to be who you want to be because your economy is better.  Everybody else is lookin’ up to you like, “Oh man, they’re the new leaders and I wanna live like they wanna live or like they’re living.”  All that’s good!  I don’t see a negative in there.

C:  Right.

T:  Just my opinion.

C:  Well that’s, I agree with you.  Tony, Happy Easter to you and your family, and thank you for everything that you guys do.

T:  All right, thank you, sir.  Have a great day.

C:  Bye-bye.

T:  All right, bye.  Okay, 954, good morning.

C:  Good morning.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  Great, how are you?

T:  Okay.

C:  Have you gotten any additional information on the taxes we will be exposed to?

T:  I do not have any additional information on the actual taxes, so I wish I did, but I don’t.  And matter of fact, out of all the people we know who have exchanged, I can tell you they haven’t taken out any taxes on them yet.  Not that they won’t in the future, but nobody doin’ the process said they took out any taxes, ‘kay?

C:  Okay!

T:  All right, thank you, sir.  All right.

C:  Happy Easter.

T:  All right, Happy Easter to you, too.  Okay, guys, since DC left me on my own and now I’m only used to doin’ short calls with that, you know.  I started this out doin’ three-hour calls five days a week.  That was a long time ago, I mean, three-hour calls five days a week because there was a lot to talk about, lot to understand, a lot of information that needed to go out there.  Then I finally got down to two hours a week.  Then I got down to three days a week two hours a day, and now I’m down to one-hour short call ‘cause Pam said, “Can we please do a short call today ‘cause it’s Good Friday and people got things to do?”  And I said, oh, she didn’t say please, she just said let’s do it, I forget.  I was like, okay!  I don’t want you guys to think she said please, ‘cause I don’t even know if she knows that word.  But anyway, that’s why we’re doin’ a short call today ‘cause DC is, he had to take care of some business.  I didn’t want to not do a call ‘cause I didn’t want you guys to think we got paid and we were gone, ‘cause that’s obviously not gonna happen ‘til it’s time, but I didn’t want you guys to actually go the whole weekend without knowin’ what was goin’ on.  And everything is good, it’s moving forward, and everybody still things somethin’ should happen over the weekend, so hopefully it does!  I don’t know when, but hopefully over the weekend we’re done with this.  There’s no reason for it not to be that I know of or anybody else knows of since everything they ever said needs to be accomplished has been accomplished!  I mean there’s just no reason that we can think of for it not to happen in the next couple days I’m gonna say it, and it could be the next couple hours.  Probably days.  So that’s where we’re at.  Pam?

Pam:  I’d like to remind you again the transcript will be on TNTDinar.com.  Whenever zebragirl gets it finished for us I will get it posted, so thank you zebragirl.  And I’d like to tell you all to have a great Good Friday and a wonderful Easter, and to please be careful!

T:  Thank you very much.  And guys, I just be messin’ with Pam when I said it, you know.  She is a tyrant, but she does say please….

Pam:  Oh yeah, ‘cause Winston’s not here to side with you.

T:  Yeah, ‘cause he does, so anyway.  All right, Ray?

Pam:  And you’re right, I don’t beg.  I wouldn’t have said please, I don’t beg.

T:  That’s right.  Ray?

Ray:  Well, let’s see.  I’m gonna name this Finally-Gonna-See-Somethin’ Friday, ‘cause we don’t know if you’re gonna see “it” or not, but I think we’re finally gonna see somethin’ Friday.  That’s what today is for me, Finally-Gonna-See-Somethin’ Friday.  And I’m gonna break from my normal quick fast and out and say somethin’ to all those people that plan to pay it forward.  Be cheerful givers, the philanthropers, all of that, all of you that’s gonna do that.  There’s a profound and a long-lasting way that you can give, and then there’s your way.  So that should be telling you somethin’.  Slow down, look into using the tools to go about doing those things that you want to do from your heart, because there’s a tool available that can help you do it in a more profound and long-lasting way than what you were planning to do just based on what you know.  So don’t be in a hurry, seek it out, find it.  If you’re gonna give, you might as well do it in a profound and long-lasting way than your way.  And from a song, I just feel that something good is about to happen.  I just feel that something good is on its way!  I just feel that something good is about to happen, and brother, it could be this very day.  Happy Easter, everyone!  Have a nice weekend.

Pam:  Amen, let’s do it!

T:  Yeah, amen with the words, ‘cause he sure sounded like he was preachin’ there!

Pam:  Uh-huh!

T:  And I ain’t even heard that before, so, but amen!  All right.  All right, guys, it’s all good, everything’s good.  If, if they’re payin’ people, I mean, you should be happy, which they are, because that means your turn is coming up real soon.  And they’re everyday people, they’re us.  They’re just, they’re dinarians who just got involved just like you did, whose number’s being called, which means our number is coming up.  And I can continue to say “ours” ‘cause long as I’m talkin’ to you, you know I haven’t been paid, so.  All right?  With that, enjoy the rest of your day.  Happy Easter and Passover, and hopefully I will see all you guys or speak to you guys over the weekend, but if I don’t we’ll do it when we do it, but there’s nothing negative, guys, nothing.  I don’t care what anybody else is telling you.  I don’t care what any of the other people are saying about the 20 cent in Kuwait or, or any other thing, I’m telling you, I’m in contact with each bank, and I’m telling you their process.  They’re ready to go.  They have security lined up, they have their procedures locked down.  They have been informing more and more of their managers–not their personnel–but their managers that this thing is about to happen.  Same thing in Iraq.  Again, they’re telling them this is about to happen.  They’re tellin’ them on TV, they’re tellin’ them in the mosque.  He is traveling from province to province telling ‘em himself this is about to happen.  It’s all good.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  Thanks.

Pam:  Bye, everybody!

T:  All right, bye.


APRIL 3 2015









APRIL 1 2015


TNT Call notes 1-Apr2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, April 1, 2015.  We really did not expect to be here today.  We will be giving some more indepth information, about why we are here.  I am giving DC something he really did not expect today!

DC:  That means I’ll have to clear it up, right?  <laughter>

Tony:  We have some definite information here.  If you want to hear exactly where we are today, and where to look for it and why, we will give you that up-to-date information and make it clear for everyone.  [Thanking DC, Ray, Pam and the TNT team.]  We give you guys the  real info as we get it.  We don’t work for any government agency at all.  We have had our issues with them, but we are friends now, for the most part.  Our goal has always been you  guys.  That’s how it started, and our goal is to give you the best information we can about the process, the timing, and what you should do once you get it.  I always ask if the other sites are giving you information, or are they just complaining about what we are doing because they don’t have information of their own.  I saw in chat and elsewhere that there is concern about what the billy goat is saying. Let me say this:  we are not selling currency for anyone, we are just giving you information. The banks are very concerned about the amount of currency being sold, how taxes are to be paid, and all the rest, and they are having to restructure their deal on the fly.  They have sold enough over the last eleven years to do what they need to do.  Iraq can revalue at any point.  For someone to come out and suggest that the government is telling us to tell you to buy more currency… that is ridiculous.

Billy Goat is a former Army intelligence guy, and if that person keeps f**king with me, I will expose who you are.  That person is trying to play you guys against the government, waiting to create a controversy.  Our issue a year ago was about people getting contract rate while we get none.  That is not the issue any more.  We still have a chance at the contract rate, although not everyone will get it.
They are NEVER going to let us go in before the average Iraqi citizen goes in.  It’s their country and they deserve to have it first!  So some idiot saying last month that it was to happen any moment, and now saying that there is a conspiracy, and the politicians are getting paid but for us it’s going to be dragged out until June…. There are people we know who are exchanging and the process is working.  Everyday someone is getting paid, is insurance that we will be paid.  So someone going online and inciting us… there was no information on that post – none at all.  All they do is to tell you what we said on our last call, and you can listen to that yourself!   We tell you what is happening, from multiple sources, what’s coming out of Iraq and Holland, multiple banks, including memos, times for them to go in, rates on the screens.  We’re not telling BS to get upset about and the government saying X or Y.  They have asked us to be careful of what we are saying so that this thing can go through.  The number of people getting the contract rate is much higher than I ever thought it would be, and it probably is the same percentage of those who have already been paid.  I can live with that!  There is no way everyone would get the contract rate – there just isn’t enough money in the world for that.  In the real world, there are levels and they are still going to be there afterwards.  You are about to get the same privileges, and will have to make that adjustment into a whole new world of thinking.  You should be using this education and getting used to that, rather than paying attention to some billy goat that is trying to get you riled up about nothing.  We are still in the process, and some will get the contract rates, which vary from 6-20+ dollars.  We explained about the caps on the contract rates, so that more can get a taste rather than a few people getting all the pool.  That’s fair!  The only thing I want to know is when is it going to be.  It is going to be after the Iraqi people get to exchange. If they aren’t up in arms, complaining to their Prime Minister, then who are we to complain.

Someone is trying to stir you up, trying to get you to do something which I personally think would be wrong. This is not just about the money, it’s about a change in life for the Iraqis and for us.  Pam and Winston are saying that the Goat is just trying to get some attention, and we don’t want to give that person that, but when a former Army officer is badmouthing the government, trying to get us to do something counter-productive, and then saying we have been directly hired to do something we have not – then I have to say something. We are here and are given information from people who respect us enough to offer us information behind the scenes. There are people who are upset, and who don’t see the key pieces.  I don’t think there is one thing to be upset about today – I don’t!  DC, let’s give them as much as we can give them.

DC:  We are all human, get frustrated and we are all volunteers.  Tony also pays for most of this, and for him to get ripped on is really just jealousy and ignorance. We are volunteers, and this is a voluntary call.  If you don’t like what we say or it upsets you… this is a rough ride for us, and maybe for you. If you get upset, turn the darn thing off and wait for the tweet.  We cannot affect this, so move on.  For those who have done something useful in our lives, you understand responsibility.  If you can influence others, you have to think about what you do and say.  We have an audience of 1.3 million in 47 countries, so we have to be a bit more careful than some firebrand who can say anything they want.  We have been asked to be a bit more sensitive, and we are doing that because we see the issues – and sometimes when that is just a coverup, we don’t.  We cannot cause a riot because someone is pissed and we don’t have our big house yet.  Have some perspective, sit back and relax.  It’s a matter of perspective;  if you want to be negative and a jerk, then hang up. It doesn’t bother me that you don’t like me – I’m not that impressed any more.  There are many gurus who have good information and are trying to help out.  Listen to them, knowing that no one knows everything.  Not even President Obama nor Dr Shabibi or Dr Abadi knows everything.

If, in the meantime, you want to believe in all those jackass conspiracies, if you must have a negative perspective, then knock yourself out.  But listen to yourselves and ask why you have to go there.  Those who are paying attention know that we are not the new leaders of the cabal.  Maybe you are scared or confused or you have put so much belief in one person… you have to get your own act together and get some common sense and a bigger perspective. You are volunteering to listen to this. If I were really interested in selling something, I wouldn’t be on this call!  When this is over, and we get all the info in 15 years, you will see that they tried to do this well over 100 times.  So we are in a heightened state.

Tony:  I am talking about Mtn Goat when I said Billy Goat.  That person, who is a man, used to be on our site.  He came back as George – that is Mtn Goat.  We didn’t say anything because it’s not our business.  But I am not hiding behind another name, and when it comes to using us to create a name for himself, not giving people or helping the process or helping them grow or understand [and then attacking TNT], I just don’t understand that.

DC: You have to understand where someone is coming from.  They are doing it from their own perspective, like that weird guy who did videos to scare Pam and me. Why were they doing that?  To create traffic for their own website.  I think it’s a crappy way to make money, crapping on other people.  So if that’s how they do it, fine.  Tony and I are not making money off this, we are all volunteers, and most of the intel sources are as well.  It’s like yelling at someone who is serving you at the food kitchen – they are giving you food for free, so why are you bitching because the food is too salty for your taste?

Onto information – it’s still very good. Not much has changed;  we are sitting here right on the edge.  Over the past 48 hours or so, and it will continue for the next few days, officials are trying to keep things calm in Iraq.  They are so frustrated with this going on and on, that they are now going on a peace-keeping mission through out the country, saying this is really happening, do you have your plan, etc.  That is within 4-5 days.  They are doing it publicly in Iraq, in the mosques, different interviews, etc., and I don’t know how public it is. They are briefing the banks, etc.  They did retake Tikrit, and there is a long arduous process to clear IEDs, etc.  That is building confidence in the process.  Parliament is meeting and MPs on all sides are highly frustrated.  They are being asked to calm down.  Everything else is where it needs to be, with very minor rate changes to see if that works.  That is Iraq, Tony.

Tony:  Yes, some people in Iraq have been paid, from the top down, and one day it will be turned on for the masses, just like here. When they get to the masses, we will also get paid.  The PM himself is going from province to province, telling them when this is going to happen, whatever date that is.  It’s a whole team of people doing that, led by Abadi, and they are educating people as they go. That was going on today as of this morning.

DC:  In the USA and the rest of the world, the banks have reloaded the system several times in the last few days.  They have done test exchanges over the last few days as well. Anyone who can listen knows that people are being exchanged, and of course we would all like to be at the bank.  I hope they crank it up to 20,000 per day, and they can, they have full capability to do so.  The papers Abadi signed last week say they can do that, and the big four banks are ramping up.

Banks in other countries are doing so as well, mainly with test exchanges, mostly with one currency and a limited amount.  Some are telling people to bring in all their currency, and others are saying only zim, only dong or only dinar today.  Most are getting international rate in usable funds.  I’m glad for them – why should we be mad at someone who got through the system, who is doing well?

Tony:  The other day, the system connecting all the banks was hooked up, and that was needed for the masses to go.  Bank security have been given their final briefing.  Banks who didn’t know about this have now been told that they have employees who are already trained.  We still haven’t gone, and it could be another few days, but all the final pieces have been put into place, and the banks have been authorized to do tests.  They have also been authorized to set their own hours, so it may not be standard hours, depending on number of clients, etc.  So they must have told them something for them to do that.  So we are in a good position to go.

DC:  It’s good!  Oh, and what we were talking about earlier – that was just a jerk being a jerk and letting them know. We are not squabbling with any banks or agencies.

Tony:  Here’s your favorite person, DC – and it’s One-question Wednesday.

404 caller:  I understand that there has been notification from IMF that will expire on 2. April.  Where do we stand in that window, and what might the consequences be for Iraq?

DC:  Shabibi has done what it was supposed to do, and it’s now a matter of coordination and timing with the IMF and BIS.  Banks have been sent notifications from IMF and BIS, then there was some paperwork to do, which they have completed.  They then have to choose the best time, and the IMF/BIS juggles everyone’s wants and desires.  They have some laws and memos to follow themselves.  I would give everyone a few more days beyond that, just to be fair, but everyone is in sync with that process.

719 caller:  I have been on here the last eight calls and every time we get to the end of the call I realized my hand had been taken down.  I emailed the conference call company and they said there had been a glitch in the system.  I thought maybe you guys had taken it down!  DC, will you and your brother be able to exchange?  You said we had to dress well and not use bad language… so you guys… I don’t know.

DC:  I can clean it up when I need to – I had a grandmother prepared to slap me on the back of the head when necessary.

Caller; How old were you on your birthday?  [Tony:  56.]  Our dealer did exchange our 50 dinar notes, so that was good because he had to get them in by 15. April.  Will our Easter weekend have any effect on timing?  Will the banks have an issue with that?

DC:  No.  The banks may not show up for work, but it won’t slow down the RV.

Caller:  How come we are not reporting Tikrit?

Tony/DC:  It was in yesterday’s news that they took back Tikrit.  The question is “why does it take so long to report it?”  That is good news that they are doing it.  If this is announced and it hits Forex, their timing is perfect, because it gives confidence in Iraq.

Caller: I am amazed at what Abadi has accomplished in so short a time!

Tony:  Yes, all the changes in six months.  We are proud of being American, and Abadi has set up a new system in six months. They never had Visa or MasterCards, or even checking accounts.  It’s like giving a ten-year-old an account and telling him to wire 50K to England.  The kid will say “just give me my money and I’ll keep it under my bed as usual.”  They are doing this with 90-year-olds who have never had a bank account!  And they have done this in six months!

Caller:  As well as overcoming Maliki for eight years and Saddam before then!

Tony:  And they had to change the whole mindset to repair streets, electricity, their own councils and make decisions with money on top of that!

Caller:  Where do you really think/feel we are for timelines, without giving anything away?

DC:  Bottom line I think that in the next 3-4 days we’ll be fine.  In my former life, I have learned to watch what they do, how they do it, etc. The amount of actions taken so far is overwhelming.  Yes, it could be delayed, but everyone around the world is ready, ready, ready.  Iraq needs this so badly, and I think everyone is ready and willing to see this now.

Caller:  If this hadn’t been delayed, people wouldn’t have kept buying.  I know many people have been playing the reserve game, finding a little more money to buy.

Tony:  Anything on that final call?

DC:  It’s still a single 15-minute call, so far as I know.

970 caller:  About the zim, just read about it on Wikipedia;  the article gives the different codes and such.  After this, I plan to buy a big house in the Rocky Mountains, and you can all come and chillax.  It’s beautiful in the summer and in the winter there is skiing. Tony, we can smoke cigars on the deck and such.  DC, if you could take my number, I’d appreciate it, because I would like to support the dyslexia project.  Also, do you have any projected rate on the Afghani currency?

DC:  $2.24

Caller:  The NDA, is that about just keeping quiet on the rates?  Or is it about currency in general?

DC: It depends.  Those going through early have to sign an NDA to say nothing about the exchange at all.  Exchangers don’t have NDAs.  With the banks, anything above the street rate, you will have to keep quiet.

Caller: Is that just for what I get above the street rate?  Or the whole currency exchange over all?  Because I like to talk…

DC:  You are thinking about it, and that is good. If you cannot keep a secret, don’t sign an NDA at all.  I shouldn’t be a spelling teacher, because I’m bad at that.

Tony:  The international rate is available to everyone around the world, so that rate is not really an issue.  If you say that you got five times as much, then that is an issue.

Caller:  I wouldn’t talk about the higher rate, but I do want to be able to say ‘dinar.’

DC:  Saying dinar is okay because it’s the currency, internationally.  You just should stay away from talking about rates.  It’s more like “I should have bought Apple at $5.”

Caller:  If the PTB want to surprise everyone, they should announce this during the call.

Tony:  We let DC read the screwed translations from Google, then it comes out right!

713 caller:  How can Abadi make a statement to his people that when the banks open they will have new value, and now it’s ten days later and…

DC: That is why they are very frustrated in Iraq!

Caller:  You said “they asked Tony to do this call” – who is ‘they’?

Tony:  No, DC asked who he should get involved with, and they said Tony.

DC:  “They” are my friends, the people I used to work for and with.  I volunteered.  Tony had some connections in Iraq and a ton of contacts at the UST, and I thought I could add some richness to the intel group.  I like to work with someone who laughs, and I asked around, and they said to contact Tony. I then volunteered for two weeks, and I ‘voluntold’ my friends that they would help as well.  We have since attracted people who just blow my mind, and they come through that original seven or to me directly.  Every person, group, office involved in the process we now have friends in.

Tony:  We have contacts I could never imagined working with, people I never thought would know who I was and they send me messages.  With that comes responsibility. We have always been responsible to YOU, and now I have people depending on me. We’ve always have a responsibility to the US, and now we feel responsibility to 47 other countries.  We know we are affecting lives around the world, and we have to look at the effects of what we say and don’t say.  We have influence, and have been told several times that people care more about what we say because more people listen to us at many levels.  We have to acknowledge that and be careful.

DC: We don’t get on the phone to withhold information.  Very rarely, they ask us not to mention specific dates or times, so we don’t.  A few of our sources are jerks, and we try to filter that as well.  We tell you 99% of what we know.  We try to be straightforward, but some people who have been too straightforward have burned their sources.  I know the other gurus AND their sources.  A lot of these people are very, very busy, and for them to take time to keep others informed and let us know that we are about to be wealthy… they are doing it to help others, and that is so neat that people are getting together to feed us that information.  If they call and say they didn’t like X on the call, we pay attention, as you can imagine.

Tony:  It IS One-question Wednesday.

410 caller:  It is gorgeous on the East Coast.  I’m glad you got to express some of that frustration so that we know you are human.  I hope this is the last time we have to talk.

405 caller:  I wasn’t sure you were talking to me or not!  Are there any exchange centers in Richmond VA?

DC:  Yes. You get another question – that was too easy!

Caller:  DC, if you could ask Tony…

DC:  Tony, how many times a day do you call me or Pam, on average?

Tony: We do conference calls 2-3 times per HOUR, then texts back and forth between the three of us, and then the rest of the intel team.  Whoever is trying to do Facetime with me from 214, stop it!  Our calls start at 4.30am until midnight, and I’m calling DC who goes to bed at 9pm EST, which is 6pm here, and he grumbles at me!

303 caller:  I’m so sorry your lack of sensitivity cannot relate to the problems that Mtn Goat has to go through.  When she moved to Bavaria, she was forced to wear leather underpants.  Can you address to structured settlements;  do they apply to non-contract rate settlements?

DC: Yes, to zim, and also to dinar/dong, but the caps are outrageously high.  For example, if I have 50 million dinar and 100 million dong…
Caller:  Do they give you the exchange rate on the same day and then pay out those totals over 20, 50, 100 years?  Or do they exchange on the day of payout.  And will there be interest on what they hold onto?
DC:  First, you do not reach the caps for dinar and dong.  I hear there will be 1-5% interest.  You are making so much money, they don’t care.
Caller:  If this is exchanged quarterly, do they exchange it at the rate on that date, or do they exchange all of it at the same time, and then they pay out the totals yearly, etc.
DC:  If you exchange on 4. April and the rate is $0.13, you will get the whole amount exchanged at that rate, paid out over 20 years, say.  You will be taxed on that yearly amount as it is paid out.
Caller:  So if you have exchanged the entire amount, you have that credit at the bank, so won’t you have to pay taxes on the whole amount?
DC:  No, because you don’t have access to that cash yet.
Tony:  There two options for the structured payout.  Let’s say you have 100 million dinar, and you want $8 as your rate.  So they exchange $800 million, and they pay it out over 20 years.  OR maybe they will offer you $8 on the first half, and then exchange X amount per week at whatever rate is then available.
DC: On zim they are pretty firm on structured payouts on over X amount;  the rest we are not sure about, but it’s a possibility.
432 caller:  Does Midland-Odessa TX have places to exchange?  Can I exchange my zim at a brokerage firm?  Because then I can get interest, right?
DC: I know they do, because I grew up there and I visit pretty regularly.  Some brokers may open up to currency exchange, but with zim you will probably have to go to the bank because there are extra regulations.  But yes, if you can exchange with a brokerage firm, then you will get interest.
954 caller:  You spoke about the caps, but are there limits on any exchange?  I thought that you said that once we hit that limit, then we can continue to make exchanges.  I mean the total amount, not the dollar volume of the dinar or dong.  Is the structured settlement on the zim 50 or 100 years, or do we get to choose how many years?
DC:  For zim, it’s 50 or 100 years, but only 1% of people will hit that limit – it’s in the nose-bleed section.  In terms of other limits, it depends on the bank.  In one bank, it’s 50 million per week;  another banks, it’s 25 million every three days.  You will have to shop around, ask and add that into your calculations.  Let’s say you get 20 million dinar at the contract rate, then you might have to continue to exchange at $4 this week, and then next week it might have gone down to $3.71, just as an example.
Tony:  if you have $250 million or more, you may need a strategy;  below that, no worries.
239 caller:  I read that the US did make the deadline for joining the AAIB, and then I heard that they didn’t.  Also, does  Naples FL have exchange centers.
DC:  That doesn’t affect the dinar.  The US will have to join at some point, but they are negotiating some aspects.  It’s a political issue about back deals that some people feel slighted about.  They could choose not to join but that is not a smart move.  Some feel that it’s not sufficiently regulated, and the US doesn’t like that China controls this with their lack of transparency and human rights problems.  On the other hand, if you want to be part of investment and development in Asia, so it’s probably better to be in the AIIB. I’m a free-trader, and I think anything that promotes free trade is a good thing.  It doesn’t really affect us.  Yes, Naples has exchange centers.
281 caller:  I hear something from a friend who has been in this for nine years.  He said China had signed off on the 31st and given a two-week clearance.  Is that significant?
DC:  I don’t believe so.  I think we know why they are holding it up and it’s got nothing to do with China at all.
Skype caller:  I guess we are all just waiting.  Iraq should just be doing this, so there must be other forces affecting this.
DC:  The driving factor is pretty clear:  IMF/BIS coordinating the timing.  Iraq wants this now, and IMF/BIS have given windows in the next 4-5 days.  They are taking into consideration global events and issues.  Some want it Saturday, Thursday, other times, and of course Iraq has the priority.
Tony:  The banks are ready, the rates have been set, the currency has been passed out in Iraq, they have announced many times that they will do this within a couple of days on their television;  the banks over here have connected their system, briefed their WMs and managers, telling them procedures and policies, and given authority out at all levels.  The banks have tested it and it is ready to go but it isn’t going.  If it’s not them, it must be at a higher level, internationally, that is affecting the whole thing.  Do you really think that someone at the White House (for example) is going to call two guys on a radio show and tell them that NOW is when it‘s going to go?  Giving that information to all the bad guys?  You are asking for the impossible.  They will not tell us that final piece before it happens.  We’re not going to get it and if we did, we wouldn’t be able to tell you.
DC:  It’s not the US doing this;  it’s the IMF+BIS.  Yes, the US has influence, but so does the Bank of England and other banks.  The US doesn’t have as much authority as it did, and that continues to diminish on a daily basis.
254 caller:  I assume Austin will have exchange places?
Tony:  Go to the nearest bus stop.  <laughter>
Caller: If you had dinar, dong and rupiah and go in to exchange, if the total comes to a cap limit, will that then trigger structured payments?
DC:  The zim is the one they are concerned about, and otherwise only if you have an insane amount of dong, dinar and rupiah (in that order).  If you don’t want a structured payment, they will probably tell you to come back the next week.
Tony:  These guys are working together to establish the cap, did you see that?
Caller:  I appreciate that you guys have character!
DC: Hope everyone is doing well.  Iraq is coordinating with BIS+IMF and this should go in 4-5 days. That’s what they are briefing all over the world.  That could change, so for the love of God, don’t buy any more currency, especially zim.  I know that some people don’t want to listen to the griping, but we do feel responsible, and we are trying to do what’s best for you all and for our sources as well.  We don’t want to be a problem inside the process.  I hope you have a great few days (you all).
Pam:  I think you all did enough talking today!  I will remind you guys to talk to your professionals.  Make sure you have a good team and I’ll see you on the other side.
Tony:  Everything I said at the beginning of this call, I know that some people were upset at my cussing, but today was a special day.  That frustration needed to be addressed so we did that. Everybody is ready to do this, and they have a new window that is being broadcast over there.  Abadi is addressing them, province by province.  All we can do is tell you what is being said to the people and what the banks are being told.  We can understand it, help you plan it, and that is our purpose.  We’ve have some good news since we got on the call.  Today is April Fool’s and if they had announced it today most of you would have thought it was a joke!  <laughter>  We do respect everybody.  Do go look at what the other gurus say.  We don’t know it all, and they bring things between calls.  If it doesn’t make sense, then don’t get into an argument with an idiot;  they will beat you with experience, and they have been idiots longer than you.  The rest of the week should be more information about this being about to happen.  If you are not prepared, spend time getting prepared, because I think this is about to surprise you.  Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope to talk to you soon.



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