Corey DID NOT Bad Mouth COBRA, Cabal Suffering Heavy Losses Due to Infighting, Earth Changes Are Nothing To Fear, Forgiveness and Compassion Are Key | Corey GoodETxSG

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Corey DID NOT Bad Mouth COBRA, Cabal Suffering Heavy Losses Due to Infighting, Earth Changes Are Nothing To Fear, Forgiveness and Compassion Are Key | Corey GoodETxSG

Ever since Corey made the general comment about COBRA I have noticed many polarized reactions. For clarity all Corey said was what his commander told him to avoid stirring conflict, not that COBRA is wrong, a ‘bad guy’ or even that he is working for the Cabal.

I think after disclosure comes about, we will see that many people who seem like they were diametrically opposed were in fact working in harmony in some degree, doing the work in the own way with the knowledge they had to work with at the time. Instead of focusing on more reasons to believe in separation I suggest we remember that the work we are doing on Earth and in the Universe at Large is a work of ONENESS.
In my own practice of ‘raising my vibration’ or gaining self mastery, anytime I find myself slipping into a polarized reaction, I try to get still, mediate and forgive myself first and foremost for having such a reaction and then others if I THINK they are in duality.
There are so many camps and divisions with the awakening community, yet at its core we all tend to agree that things are not right and we are empowered to be the change. As more data is released I have a feeling there will be more fuel for separatist beliefs and thinking, and many will be tempted to stay in their limited and separatist concepts. If we can simply agree to work together with compassion I think we’ll be much more effective in freeing the planet.
The reset of the financial system is a major part of the shift, as it has been used by the Cabal and accepted but the vast majority of the population as a device for separation and slavery. I offered some of the key knowledge behind what a financial system truly is and how we can ensure it does not create more limitation in the Part 2 of Dr.Salla’s Q and A here (towards the bottom).
As for the uptic in volcanic and seismic activity, I suspect that this is due to the solar shift and energies coming into our solar system, and the Earth by proxy. We need not fear this upheaval in my opinion. Again I offered a detailed explanation for this in the analysis linked above.
Related Is This A Sign of Increased Energy Affecting The Earth?According to Corey the Cabal is suffering heavy losses due to infighting (and SSP alliance activity) in deep sea bases and elsewhere. Many predictions of the past say as the shift approaches the Cabal will essentially ‘destroy themselves’ as they hopelessly try hold on to their illusory power and authority.

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From our perspective it will probably fuel more fear porn due to having limited data and basis within the awakening community. I want to emphasize that remaining open minded and not slipping into absolute beliefs about what we are seeing from our point of view, will limit any ‘negative emotions’ as a result. Considering how little we actually do know directly about what is happening, its short sighted to try and develop a steadfast conclusion about one thing or another.

Practicing forgiveness, and being open minded in all respects will help stave off any rigid and limiting belief about who is absolutely right or wrong. There is One truth, but infinite perspectives, and it is very easy to think in black and white terms as we walk the path of truth towards unity.
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– Justin

From Facebook Share

I am unaware of most of COBRA’s information as I have not followed him or others online. I did not realise he has mentioned any previous affiliation w/ the Agartha Network (If this is correct). If I had known this I would not have mentioned them by name as the group that worked w/Ancient Teutonic, Suebian or Gothic Societies and NAZI offshoots during the 1930’s onward. There has been quite a lot of info I have not released of this nature because of the divisive effects it could have on groups within the “Truther Movement” (I have been instructed to wait for full disclosure to ferret out these details). I was not looking for division or conflict between any groups w/that statement iv Dr. Michael Salla‘s Article. I do think we should meditate on peace and love however and not anything that will tie us energetically or karmically to the deaths or injuries of others (Despite our intentions). Use your discernment in your participation in events leading up to The Event. Everyone will answer for their actions during this time and karma is said to be immediate (For both STS & STO Individuals) because of the cosmic energy we are currently coming into resonance with.
Corey/GoodETxSG (Apologies as I am typing one handed, still learning this Dragon Transcription Software inside web browsers.)

From Facebook Share

I was told that the Order Of The Black Sun who tried to recruit me while I worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas would not like me speaking out about them or the “AI Prophets”. This is a direct response from them for doing so and an attack on the Sphere Alliance

Expect the strong Solar, Volcanic and EQ activity to pick up along with the Energetic Tsunamis ebbing and flowing into our Sol System in the coming weeks/months. Some are expecting there to be some very damaging activity in the ring of fire as well as some more EQ’s related to some of the underground/undersea battles that have been occurring for a few months now. These have been battles between Cabal Group “Infighting”, Offword Groups being attacked by each other and former allies as well as Earth and SSP Alliance activity. May especially has been a big month of the green lighting against Alliance targets. There have been some heavy losses incurred by the negative groups recently. At some point some of this activity is bound to spill over into the view of mainstream society.Corey/GoodETxSG


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