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David Wilcock and Corey Goode June 28th OYM Radio Transcript and Notes: ET Alliance, Consciousness Evolution, Disclosure Event, Energetic Ascension, Cabal Take-down & More

This is a loose transcription of an interview with Corey Goode and David Wilcock by Open Your mind Radio on June 28th 2015.

In our usual style, we expanded on what was shared and included links to other pieces of data to bolster the concepts offered.

There are several posts which relate to the following topics we have linked below for ease of understanding.

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  • David – Knowledge of the secret space program goes back to his time in college when friends of his had a physics professor reveal there was a Roswell Crash, and they found 3 types of beings on the craft with a strange propulsion system. The military did develop anti-gravity craft, and have been active in the solar system for some time. The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), a group of major military defense contractors, is making extremely advanced technology they don’t want to risk making on earth, and is being traded with over 900 ET civilizations regularly, along with many other groups in a less frequent capacity. Most of our advanced technology has been developed using funds procured from Cabal activities on earth. This is a massive industrial operation in space with enormous profits. All this tech will ultimately be available to humanity in a post disclosure world. 
  • Host – When will this happen?
  • Corey – Is being told by the Sphere Beings that much of this depends on us, our consciousness and when the right conditions for a massive disclosure event will happen. There has been a lot intelligence gathered from defectors in the Cabal or in the SSP they are called The Secret Earth Government Syndicates, as an effort to demystify them. These people have agreed to testify in the future war crimes tribunals.
  • Host – Why haven’t seen a decrease in Cabal activities if this is this true? You would think that the level of false flags, banking manipulation etc would slow down. Things seem to keep getting worse. why is that?
  • Corey – The Cabal say in their way of romanticizing things: ‘we will take everything and give nothing, until there is a short drop and a sudden stop.’ as in, ‘until we get lynched’ we’ll keep fighting. Like a mortally wounded Bear, that is the most dangerous in its last moments, they are kicking and screaming because they know their time is ending. And because of these energetic waves from the sun [Last week, there were several solar flares and earth directed CME’s strong enough to form the Aurora Borealis as far as ~ 37.5000° N; Virginia and Texas, Re: Aurora borealis glows in central Virginia, seen as far south as Texas (Photos) and apparent “Sphere Alliance” message confirmation and CME Impacts Earth Early | S0 News June 27, 2015 – Suspicious0bservers] Due to the area of the galaxy our solar system has entered. Those in a lowered vibration, the Cabal in this case, will essentially be going crazy and these death throws are a part of that. This is why I don’t watch TV anymore. Its like an ‘End Times madness’ effect on the people. People are being triggered all over the place. [We are living with some people who watch TV regularly, particularly Fox News, and the level of intentional programming to keep people distracted and divided is palpable. We also met with some under 30’s recently and all of them recognize the insanity on TV and avoid it. It does seem that even though people may not be fully awake, they are choosing to avoid the mass hysteria mind control offered by the media.]
  • Corey – The Blue Avians said, and I posted it on my website, that things are going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Many people were upset by the statement, saying we have suffered enough. [The Blue Avians aren’t here to rescue us, but over see the process of collective awakening; just like a parent oversees the development of a child in their learning process. In my view its definitely happening at a grand level, but its like learning any skill, it takes long hours of slow practice to eventually get to the finish point. And since humanity is addicted to the system, dependent on the Cabal for life itself, detoxification will be hard on most people, especially those who reject the changes trying to hold on to the old ways. The Sphere beings can’t snap their fingers and magically allow us to avoid this global detoxification.]
  • David – One of the top insiders, Mr. Doo because he was like the Tesla of the Black ops world, was there in the 1980’s with Ronald Reagan. During that time an object the size of Neptune appeared on the out skirts of our solar system. It was cloaked, but there were other indications it was there. It circled the planets from the outside in [just like Zackeria Sitchen talks about with the reverse counting system used by the Sumerians for numbering the planets]. They made contact with a SSP craft stating they were peaceful explorers and the Cabal said ‘well we don’t want you here get out’ and the sphere left.
  • Beginning in the late 90’s there was a massive proliferation of spheres into the solar system. Kent Steadman was covering this story at the time, calling them Sun Cruisers on SOHO NASA solar observatory around 2012. Multiple insiders have said this and it is a major shock to the secret space program [who thought it had total control of the solar system]. They have encountered many thousands of races and ET’s, all of which look humanoid to some degree. But they never encountered anything like these spheres.
  • Corey’s program, Solar Warden, broke away from the ICC Cabal run organization. The SSP Alliance as it is called, has this goal to free humanity [they are the ones taking action to end things. So instead of looking to the Sphere beings for ‘rescue’ think of the Alliance as our ‘heroes’]. The Sphere beings are a five race group, one of which is the Blue Avians, a bird like race. They are aligned with the Solar Warden program. The Blue Avians are here to help, but must honor free will to ensure humanity evolves beyond this point. [The SSP Alliance is the group actively working to take down the Cabal, with the Blue Avians as advisers, helping by defusing the energy surrounding the solar system, providing all life in it, including the Cabal, an energetic support network]
  • [The Sphere Beings] are like a mother lion, partially killing an animal so we as the baby cub can make the final kill. They have to follow free will, and have a prime directive.
  • Host – What about the negative ET’s they don’t seem to be following any kind of prime directive at all?
  • David – Several insiders have told me that they have a very strict series of rules they have to follow in order for their ‘magic’ to work. These are called ‘the rules’ within the Cabal. Our reality is at lot like a holographic matrix [not literally] it appears that the negative is doing whatever it wants, but its actually tightly managed and guided by the Angelic Realms [The plans of the Cabal are enshrouded by the Absolute Plan of Creation]. We have to look at what is happening on Earth as a direct reflection of what we have allowed to occur via our collective free will. [In my view this statement is spot on. Free will is an essential aspect to consider. The Cabal must honor it because it is an aspect of the creator itself, as is all will – all free will in the illusion is a unified reflection of the Absolute Will of the Creator. This is one aspect of disclosure that I think a lot of people are going to have a hard time accepting. There are countless horrors we dole out to ourselves and when we finally face this fact it will allow for the healing and forgiveness to take effect.]
  • Host – Question about a post on Corey/Davids website. Top Cabal insiders from 2009 said a massive shift in consciousness will occur in 2017. We have heard about this shift many times, what is really going to happen, with out getting into the new agey stuff?
  • David – I’ve been talking about this since the beginning. there is a massive degree of heavily verified scientific data that provides a basis for this. Early on I found a paper called Planetophysical State Of The Earth And Life, by Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev. showing that the Sun and all the planets save Mercury, went through sudden changes, much like what we see on Earth – Temperature, Light and Magnetic increases, etc. Working with Richard C Hoagland using NASA data points to corroborate the Russia findings. The media spun this as a tilt angel of all the planets changing to account for the increase in activity. [but in and of itself, if all the planets changed suddenly, this is still a major event.] Jupiter has increased so much in the past 5 years, the difference in temperature change in the atmosphere is equivalent to the coldest place on earth becoming to the hottest place overnight. Like the Arctic to Death Valley. On Saturn the entire northern hemisphere changed greatly.
  • The other side is what do the ancient prophesies say, 35 different ancient cultures from around the world, have prophesies about a future time when humanity will shift in consciousness, altering the essence of humanity, eventually providing the conditions for it to evolve collectively into a light body.
  • The Tibetain Buddhist Religion was founded by a man called Padmasambhava around 800 AD. He could fly, push his and through rock, cause patterns to form in rock. There are still many sacred sites in Tibet called Termas. He turned into light at the end of his life, and then 25 other disciples did the same thing. Their bodies shrunk down the size of 6 inches. They turned into a ‘rainbow body’ according to the legends. The method is to simplytransmute our definitions of things to be loving, to change the emotional quality of our experience into always being loving.
  • Our planet has turned into a pyramid, like the Granite sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid. This is an ascension tool. [it cuts off the energy and information from the external world, feeding back your own, causing you to face all your inner fears and blockages.] It’s a horrifying ordeal, a way to face what we have done to ourselves and others, but eventually will lead to a major transformation of our subjective experience; we are ascended.
  • It seems like the Cabal are winning, but whats really happening is a lot of negativity is being allowed to occur so we can have this dark night of the soul moment as a collective. [In this sense, its an indication we are literally in the Kings Chamber of the Pyramid, but on a global scale.] It’s only a matter of our choices and addressing the mistakes of our past, hence the Blue Avian message.
  • Corey – In the secret space program, the dates and timings they predicted this to happen was 2018 to 2023, but apparently something changed and is speeding everything up. I haven’t put out any dates, and I haven’t said anything about 2017, because people focus on these dates as if no personal work needs to be done. The Scientists in the SSP’s were studying these energetic clouds, and they didn’t quite know what the affect was going to be on people. They thought some of the star-seeds or activated people were going to start having ascended abilities. They didn’t know if everyone was going to have it at once or just a few people. This was one of the reasons I was guided to David Wilcock.
  • David – Planet X Nibiru – there is no concern about it coming into our solar system and completely wreaking havoc due to its gravitational pull. Its impossible for a planet entering the solar system to come in and mess with ours. [If the Reciprocal Systems theory model is correct, then all the planets have active time-space cores which are harmonically synchronized to the Sun. See the post The Energetic Evolution of The Solar System | At the Earth’s Core: The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution. As a results any body entering the solar system would be out of phase with these cores and not affect the whole system as intensely as modern day physics suggest. It can definitely influence the planets, potentially causing massive electrical discharges, but not affect the planetary orbits or momenta of the solar system as a whole. Each planet is linked to the sun and all other planets via a temporal explosion into time-space that occurred when our star system was forming, hence Corey’s below statement about most star systems being binary.]
  • Corey – Most stars are Binary [have 2 stars in the system, not just one. Our system is actually binary but the second star is broken up into the cores of each of the planets.], but there is nothing he knows of to support the Nibiru myth of destruction idea.
  • Host – What causes the extreme weather and seismic events that we have been seeing lately?
  • David – The energetic up-stepping or shift is what is causing this, due to where the whole of our star cluster is moving around the galaxy, not just our sun but all the stars in our neighborhood. [According to Dan Winters research, because humanity is so mentally unstable these energies are not stabilized and cause more violent events in terms of weather and seismology. But this is also partially an aspect of the physical evolution of the planets.]
  • Host – Is this a physical shift or energetic shift? What will happen to our bodies, DNA, etc?
  • Corey – I don’t think there is any way to fully know, but its definitely going to be a massive change in consciousness. Everything around us is vibration, our bodies, the environment, even our thoughts. As the base signal of all these things is up-stepped, everything we know in our experience will be affected in some way; reality itself will be changed.

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  • Host – “The people who are aware of this shift will have the best seats in the house” – reading from FAQ on Corey’s site, what does this mean? [IMO it means those of us who have been on the path of truth, seeking to make sense of our experience and by extension the outer world, will be able to recognize how amazing the next few years really are. Even as the old world collapses in on itself, many will recognize it as the alchemy of change preceding a global mass awakening and shift in consciousness unlike anything we have ever seen before. While the sleeping masses are scrambling to make sense of it, the awakening ones will be vitalized by truth recognition, and act as a stabilizing beacons for all others. In this way, by sharing of ourselves bravely, even while we are being mocked and ridiculed, we will be planting seeds of truth and healing in all those around us.]
  • David – Totally agree with that answer. There is a debate between how this will work. The Gradual shift or Quick shift [IMO – it is a gradual and quick shift, we are in the gradual phase right now, which is building up to the quantum leap phase. This is due to the sympathetic or wave form vibrational aspect of the universe itself. All wave systems, during synchronization or entrainment, undergo a gradual calibration as the systems unify, and information is proliferated. Once enough reflectivity of data has occurred (the acceptance of truth within the minds of the masses), the systems undergo a rapid shift or quantum leap; a conscious recognition of truth like being able to read without effort. The Cabal know how powerful the minds ability to absorb data is and must offer non-stop distraction (bread and circus) to ensure this does not occur – focused attention collectively on many different things. The data dump will be a major tipping point in the mental synchronization process (focused attention on a singularity of truth), culminating in a global consciousness shift that will affect the Morphogenetic field so greatly, we may see the development of psi abilities in those with enough mental coherence or personality attainment, almost instantly. I have been experiencing a sharp increase in precognition, deja vu and dream time awareness in my own experience].
  • We already know the gradual shift is valid, there is an abundance of data to support this. A DNA test of mummies confirms our DNA has evolved 7% more from that time. a huge shift. The Flynn effect, IQ scores keep going up ever ten years, they have to keep making the tests harder. American study, our average cranial volume of the brain has gone up by as much as a tennis ball over the past 150 years. A huge increase in brain mass. Russian study, took salamander eggs and shot a laser through them into frog eggs and this changed the genetic expression, turning the frog eggs into salamanders.
  • The Sun does the same thing to all life, we are getting upgraded right now. Its measurable.
  • Padmasambhava is an example of this, that our participation in the process plays a big role.
  • There are prophesies going back in history talking about this. The Rapture is one variant, and has been heavily misinterpreted to keep people unaware. But its not just Christian, 35 different prophesies. They all say something wonderful is going to happen.
  • They hint at this in countless movies. Arthur C Clark in 2001. The captain goes into a vortex and becomes a star child.
  • The ancients knew, and told us in many ways.
  • What we don’t know is the details, if its gradual or quick. It does seem to be a major solar event that will trigger this, as confirmed by Corey’s intuitive data. [The sun is the focal point for our solar system, where energy is organized and radiated outwardly, harmonizing and synchronizing the planets in the solar system, like metronomes (All Life is Connected via EMF Entrainment | Solar Revolution Documentary (2012) – Reveals the Science Entrainment, along with the Sun and Galaxies Influence on Human Affairs). Its the ‘loudest’voice in our area, and all the planets hear it. In the Reciprocal Systems theory, the sun is actually accumulating material as it travels throughout the galaxy, and will experience a sharp increase in energy output. When this occurs, the outer layers of the sun will be hyper accelerated beyond the speed of light, pushed into time-space; the realm of mind. It will appear that the sun goes dark for a short period of time (the prophesied 3 days of darkness possibly) but the waves of higher coherent energy will wash over all the planets instantly, and it will feel like a massive consciousness orgasm, the Tantra of the stars, and a genesis of DNA evolution unlike humanity has ever witnessed. This is what the ‘fallen’ races who have gathered here are trying to piggy back off of, part of the organic evolution of consciousness built into the universe itself.]
  • Host – The Cabal take down?
  • Corey – Earth Alliance, made up of many groups loosely working together, BRICS, and many others. They have been working to create a completely new financial system. It will be a new financial debt system, but try to clear the slate. I have been hearing the east is saying .. “well the west had their 100 years, now we are going to have ours.” [All forms of mind control are based on one simple premise, to make someone dependent on someone else – like an addict. Anything can be used to create dependency and its always a dance of wills. Meaning we must willingly choose to be dependent by refusing to gain personal knowledge of the thing we are using. Money is one example of this externalization process. Nearly the whole population of Earth uses money but has no idea how it works, where it comes from and why it is needed. In the below linked article we detailed how money works in very simple terms. The big point here being, we must gain personal knowledge of the things we are using in our lives. In this sense a new financial system can only work as well as the people who use it wisely, with key knowledge and understanding, instead of blind faith.]
  • The Illuminati are infiltrators, they have infiltrated BRICS and many groups, including the SSP Alliance and the Earth Alliance. It appears they are going to try and Co-opt this new system, and try and set up a NWO 2.0. [Considering many people think BRICS is a magic savior yet don’t understand a lick of how it will do this, I’d say its accurate to conclude a co-opting at some level has occurred.] There are good elements inside the Earth Alliance, and many people are genuinely trying to make it fair [I think there are way more good intentioned people in government and various Cabal co-opted organizations than we think, but their good intentions without complete and accurate knowledge can cause problems. For example if the bankers think more money is the solution to the problem, they may create abundance programs, but this is a symptom of the core issue, which is lack of personal knowledge on life itself – and creates more dependency].
  • The SSP alliance is going to bring technology to basically end the need for debt money systems at all [debt money systems are based on artificial scarcity, abundance will create the conditions for personal empowerment, although it won’t be an instantaneous solution]. Star Trek type tech, Free Energy, food replication, Harmonic Healing and Environmental Rejuvenation systems. So humans can live harmoniously instead of harvesting the earth at the cost of all other life. Their goal is to end the rat race debt slave system. This tech will completely change the dynamic of the financial system.
  • There will be a financial collapse however as part of this, so humanity can have a choice point to accept this new way of life, and realize we have been fooled for a very long time.[This is like the moment when a drunk or addict realizes they need to get their life together, it will also create a focalization point for consciousness as a whole.] Many people are hopelessly dependent on the system and what it affords them, temporal power, the collapse will be like a massive detox from the Stockholm syndrome of Cabal control.
  • Corey – In the Ants movie, the grasshoppers were the Cabal, they gathered all the food, and the ants were dependent on them. In one scene, the overlord grasshoppers were talking about the ants not having any power to do anything. But the truth is humanity as a whole has power. The Cabal realize that humanity is HUGELY powerful, and have massive systems of divide and distraction to keep us from unifying. The Collapse/disclosure event will be a catalyst for unparalleled unification of humanity. Major Hacks on the Cabal computer network have happened that most people don’t know about. This event will hopefully prevent the ‘eye for an eye’ justice that can happen when power systems change. [IMO this is where the awakening community steps in. Anyone who has discovered the truth, even in a partial way, has entered a divinely ordained initiation into higher consciousness; becoming a teacher in their own right, with their unique store of wisdom. Like an adult having knowledge of how a stove gets hot, they are duty bound to help a child who is reaching for the hot burner. In this way the awakening community will be the teachers for the uninitiated; and reciprocally be the students of humanity and life at large. This is why the Sphere Alliance keeps saying to learn forgiveness, becoming more service to others (sharing the truth and ourselves openly) and raising our vibration. I also think that this phase of preparation time is not for the unawakened masses, but for the awakening community itself. Which demographic is most influenced by this message?The awakening ones, as such our choices and actions are probably the greatest focal point, with the rest of the planet affected by proxy. Our continued efforts to compassionately share the truth and offer empowerment to others lays the foundations for the coming shift.]
  • Host – Question from chat about Corey’s new Intel – Corey isn’t sure what Intel they are talking about. He was in Bolder CO shooting the interviews with David for GaiamTV. As a result he wasn’t in contact with Lt Col Gonzales, and his recent meetings with the Draco Alliance, the ET super federation counsel. Some sort of deal was struck with the latter, the positive ET’s who have been stuck on earth since December 2014. Corey went to the Draco Meeting and it was a horrible encounter (Big Update | Latest ET Conference, The Method Used to Travel, How to Prepare for Disclosure, Sphere Being Clarifications | Corey GoodETxSG), and he doesn’t want to go back. The Dracos were basically saying accept our demands [to leave the solar system] or its an act of war. He hasn’t heard the full details from Lt Col Gonzales as of last weeks developments as of yet.
  • Corey will be posting an update on all this very soon.
  • Host – Could one of the reasons why the BA put up the barrier in the solar system, because all the species here will be part of the trials as defendants?
  • Corey – Yes very possible it seems this part of the trial process. These ET’s call this the ‘grand experiment’ and everyone will be held accountable for what has happened.
  • Host – Do you have contact with Lisa Harrison or Kiri Campbell? The human energy vs fiat money systems? [We have been following this aspect for a long time on the blog. The Babylonian money magic system is what is being refereed to here I think. Like we discussed earlier, use of a thing without knowledge of why or how it is used, creates a dependency. Money is a talisman, ‘magic’ which affects consciousness. Simply put, many people will do all sorts of things for money, but not for the collective good of humanity, not by recognizing the holistic affect of what their actions will mean for all. A moral being, a righteous and divinely guided being sees beyond just the end goal; they know where they are going, how they will get there and what affect it will have on others.Who in the system would freely choose to grow food for humanity for instance? Almost no one, but if we offered them money, then they will snap into action. This is the whole point of the money magic system, to control creation. In the occult definition, money means the ONE EYE. unity consciousness and since it is externalized, we can only view it with our material eyes, duality consciousness. The dollar symbol $ represents Isis, the goddess or creative energy of the universe. Money is a tool for controlling the creative energy of humanity, and we literally become agents of the cabal when we ignore all of our actions, and their affects by just ‘wanting a pay check’. A mind that is focused only on the material pursuits – sex, money, drugs and food – can be very easily manipulated, only desiring to satiate their physical senses. But a mind who unifies, and discovers the power ofmeanings, leading to the realization of spiritual values, will free themselves from dependency. The truth reflected within is the catalyst for this process, raising the consciousness out of the material desires into the realm of serving others. Then the goals are not egocentric but holistic, and we literally get emotional satisfaction from helping others and ourselves, the soul is fed through divine service, entering the so called ‘brotherhood’ of man (using the classical definition not a patriarchal one).]
  • David – Not in contact with either of them. Source Field Investigations talks about how powerful human energy is. There are over 1000 academic references in the book. and the basic premise is we are living in a biological universe, the source field. There are negative entities that feed on our ‘source field’ the human energy of fear or loosh/louche.
  • The Draco races are negative reptilian humanoids that feed off our fearful energy. These are the ‘villains’ in our galaxy, they have enslaved many planets, not just earth, but it appears they have run out of time. On Earth, they created a ‘fear factory’ to feed themselves. All these systems of false flags, poison food, trauma, population reduction programs, nuclear war, pandemic diseases, etc but the real people who benefit are the Dracos, the Cabal uses these things for staying in power. The more in fear and in emotional hardship we are, the more we feed these beings, which is all by design from the beginning of modern history and beyond. [The science that supports this is mentioned by Dan Winter in his epic series Science and Consciousness. Our Aura is largely produced by our mindal activities, how we define and make sense of our experiences. When we choose to accept fear, lack of knowledge, this creates negative emotions which in turn creates an Auric field that is highly unstable. The Louche energy (fear) can then be consumed like a parasite, the union of parasite and host creates a unified electromagnetic coherent system. By forgiving our past choices to remain ignorant, we transcend the fearful emotional reactions, becoming truly Sovereign or Self Mastered, developing an Auric field that is fractal or self coherent. This produces blissful emotions and prevents these parasitic beings from attaching on to us, while at the same time enriching our experience and creating greater conditions for mental evolution and personality actualization; the realization of our higher self. We discussed this in more detail in the above linked Stargate analysis.]
  • Money is part of this control system, but money can be repurposed to help us move out of these systems eventually getting away from needing it at all. Its already on the books when Greece pulls out of the EU, this coming monday, 1.3 billion Euros have been pulled out of Greek banks this weekend alone. Major bank runs happened. Once the banks start to go down, the laws that exist on the books, reverse interest rates, bail-ins will take effect – they will pull money right out of our bank accounts. The US debt ceiling has been frozen for over 100 days. They are still spending money in the US, but they aren’t accounting for it.
  • The Collapse is happening, but its part of the process.
  • Host – How can we be sure this won’t usher in  a new debt slave system? [The slavery system is founded on our choice to accept it, forming a dependency by remaining ignorant. The solution to this cause has always been, and will always be knowledge. Freedom is not given by another it is a realization as a product of reflecting the truth within the mind, by gaining wisdom via experience. Natural Law is one such tool for this purpose. a set of archetypal principles that can assist in our process of knowing ourselves, gaining self mastery and raising our vibrations. The keys to our liberation has always been within our grasp, but no one else can do it for us. Therefore the only way to ensure slavery 2.0 doesn’t happen is to take an active role in the process via knowledge.]
  • David – Well it could happen, but there is a huge effort to prevent it, the big disclosure and trials coming are part of the detox away from these systems in the first place. Corey and Davids work is to prepare those who are willing, so when the big event occurs they can help educate others. The people of the Illuminati, the committee of 200, threatened Corey and David, saying we kept them alive as a favor, But asked for us not to disclose anymore by November (Big Update | Latest ET Conference, The Method Used to Travel, How to Prepare for Disclosure, Sphere Being Clarifications | Corey GoodETxSG). This suggests they have their own plans and November may be a deadline for them. [In my opinion this means thing will get more intense outwardly as the Cabal tries desperately to remain in power, but for every false flag they create, thousands of more people wake up. They are essentially helping the process along and don’t even know it.]
  • Host – What role will the awakened people including star-seeds have for the events to come, the Data dump or information overload?
  • David – Look back to the Snowden disclosures, once these things were said, the people who were once ridiculed were now looked at as heroes. The same basic idea will happen when the big disclosure happens. All the people who have been sharing this personally will be a major help to the unawakened masses. [Hence the interpretation offered above that this time of pre-disclosure preparation is for preparing the awakening community itself. If your reading these words, if you have been searching for and sharing the truth, you are the resistance, you are essential for the coming times ahead.]
  • Corey – The Cabal is trying to put together some kind of controlled narrative disclosure, to hide the most damaging aspects of it, and maintain their status. But the Alliances know about this and wont let it happen [This was discussed in the above linked article “Big Update..”]. They said in a recent meeting, they wanted to bury these crimes for another 50 years.
  • When the curtain is pulled back, most people will want to know more.
  • Corey – Once Pandora’s box opens you can’t close it up again.
  • Host – Since Dracos live off hate and fear, what if we the people send love and positive thoughts?
  • David – I heard from a guy in the Rothschild group, Jacob, which corroborates other data that has come out recently. He said back in 2012, when he was still working for them, the greatest secrets of the Draco is if enough people on earth felt happy and laughed for even 1 day, it would defeat the Dracos on the spot; they would die. All we need is one event.
  • Remember Live Aid, was a huge music festival, to end poverty and hunger. But 4 or 5 days later there was the 77 bombings, destroying the subways and causing massive fear. So the war [for the hearts by way of the minds of the people] is real. The risk of positivity is a huge concern for them. The solar energy flash is part of this uprising. This is part of what the Law of One talks about as the Cause of Social Memory Complex creation, when we become telepathic and start working as a collective. [The collective unconscious of humanity has always been a huge point of focus for the Cabal. This is why they must take symbolism that was once used to awaken consciousness and reprogram it with fear and dark energy. All the so called Illuminati Symbols are constantly associated with ‘bad things’ so most of us won’t investigate them. By giving them a ‘bad meaning’ it creates a fearful energy within us, and since most people avoid things that feel bad, it maintains this fearful charge in the collective unconscious; an isolated pocket. The truth will set the mind free and open the heart. Once enough people begin to heal these choices to ignore the negative (self forgiveness), it will bridge these isolated pockets of incomplete knowledge within each mind, affecting the collective, eventually causing an emergence of the Social Memory complex; the mind of Gaia or the earth, wherein each being in humanity is a part of the greater whole of the earth system. Telepathy in this sense is not the loss of individuality but the expansion of the soul to transcend the limits of materialism. This is why IQ scores keeps going up, and why the Morphogenic field entrains, making it easier to learn something once others have learned it. The internet back fired for the Cabal in this sense, because the truth has been slowly seeded into the collective unconscious, and this requires a huge amount of distractions and infighting amongst the awakening population so a grand unifying event does not occur.]
  • Host – Not sure that it’s possible to have this positive day, there are so many programs to distract people.
  • David – Imagine a Tribunal where the real people in the secret earth government are arrested and the crimes are revealed to us. We have been living under this tyranny for so long, so when the real problem is finally exposed it’s going to change things like nothing we can imagine. [Focus and attention is the principle behind this. In a study conducted wherein people were starred at via monitors, a significant number of them could tell by some type of ‘sixth sense’ that another was looking at them. This is because focused attention literally creates a coherence of electromagnetic charge at the physical point of focus (the catalyst or symbol), that affects the mind and body, able to be felt and identified like any other stimuli. Projecting this concept to a grand scale, when the whole of the worlds population is focused on these Trials, this will cause a huge wave of unified mindal energy, much like what is experienced at a rock concert, and will provide the foundation for the actualizing of the Social Memory Complex.]
  • Host Did the family that you and Gonzales met on Mars, make it to the Lunar colony?
  • Corey – No they remained behind on Mars, and we haven’t received any new Intel on what happened to them.
  • David – But Corey said that all the people in slavery, including off world, will be released and be aware of this event.
  • Host – What would you say would take place over the next 3 years? (not trying to set hard and fast dates)
  • Corey – Its very likely that we could see major changes, but the key factor is us – each person’s level of awakening and being ready. There is no deadline. There is a vast spectrum of emotions that help activate our consciousness. Our co-creative consciousness abilities are the root power of the Cabals black magic [either we learn to master our minds and ourselves or someone else will], so if we can reclaim this power, we could make these events happen tomorrow.
  • Host Tall Whites in Nevada, Hall said, they love their children just as much as earth children.
  • Corey – This group is loosely a part of this super federation. There is a lot of jealousy on the part of ET’s with respect to humanity, as strange as that sounds. Because of our huge emotional range, we are revered by other races. Many of these ET’s are limited emotionally [most likely due to a dependence on external technologies]. They wonder how we can do such horrible things to our children. [This is one of the major techniques the Cabal employs. Circumcision is an example of this, where boys are traumatized at birth so deeply it causes a schism in the personality. And parents who want to do the best for the children, will find it very difficult to accept the truth that this is a form of deep trauma. We have an article coming out discussing this topic. Essentially the Cabal dupe us into committing horrors upon ourselves, which we then want to forget – we chose ignorance and fear instead of truth and love. Hence the message of forgiveness being so important.]
  • Host – Are vaccines part of this horrific thing? [Yes vaccines have never been the amazing success people think they are. And any modest level of immunity offered comes at a huge price.]
  • Corey – Yes I think so. I had a contact in the industry, and the people in the know in these industries don’t give them to their children. [Unlike other products offered by the drug industry, Vaccines do not require any degree of trails or testing, and since many people do not investigate history or the peer reviewed papers pushed by the drug companies, ignorance leads to the opposite of bliss. Its all an illusion maintained by ignorance.]
  • Host – Has David considered that he is being used to spread disinformation?
  • David – Its my job to try and ensure the data I share is accurate [but mistakes happen, and we can’t throw the baby out with the bath water]. The mass arrest data received several years ago was valid, but it keeps getting thwarted. David said: “in my desire to share uplifting data, I leaked info that got several insiders into major trouble, and might of stopped some of these events.” The cabal is extremely good at infiltration and using any thing they can to stop these events.
  • Host – What is the 2012 timeline shift, why can’t they see past this time using Looking Glass technology?
  • David – The latest Intel I have is nobody in the Cabal expected these events that have been happening since 2012. They haven’t been able to prepare like they have in the past and the Intel they used to get is no longer accurate or able to be used.
  • Host – We had a previous guest that talked about a timeline switch.
  • David – When I was in contact with Jacob, he was over confident about their ability to look into the future. He would say “its fool proof, and nothing is going to change it.” The Cabal also felt very confident. But these changes that we are seeing now were not anticipated. The Sphere Beings tech is so great, and this shift is so beyond their tech, the Cabal is very distraught and confused. [Considering the Cabal has worked off predictions, and future glimpsing tech for thousands of years, I think the fact they can’t be guided in this way anymore makes the outlook much more up-lifting. The Cabal has relied on this tech for so long they are literally incompetent to continue the program. This is what we call theAbsolute Plan of Creation. The Cabal have been lead to believe their efforts were going to be successful, and the Creator via its agents in the higher angelic realms (the Sphere Being densities of 6th and beyond) guided events to ensure humanity awakened. This process has been happening for a very long time. The documentary series the Legend of Atlantis describes this narrative in the first episode:
  • Corey – Our consciousness affects timelines, and the Tech the Cabal used in the past just isn’t working anymore. Basically an AI based supper computer that can read the timeline and spit out possible future. The AI prophets that can see the future. The AI influence on the Earth is huge. But its not working like it used to. [AI can be defined here as an acceptance of an idea as our truth without knowing why it is true, this is also the basis of all mind control. Looking out into our world, there are countless behaviors and actions on the part of humanity with little to no intrinsic understanding; again Vaccination and Circumcision are good examples of this.]
  • Host – Water privatization in Ireland is a huge point of contention, many protests, and I don’t think the Cabal expected the people to react so well.
  • Corey – The Cabal is crazy to think people will accept this, the harder the Cabal pushes against people, the stronger the wake up reaction is, the more people become active for change.
  • Host – The consciousness of the planet is shifting, its happening and we can see the signs all over.
  • Corey – Post disclosure, we are going to be moving into a Natural Law, an Ubuntu type system. We speak a lot more about this in our GaiamTV interviews.
  • Host – Massive US and NATO troops have been moving around Europe, it appears this is preparation for a massive war against Russia here.
  • Corey – We have been close to World War 3 many times, but it keeps getting prevented. Putin knows a lot, especially in space, and he won’t let this happen, as well as many others in government.
  • David – Many of my insiders share that intervention events keep happening. Scuba divers were sent to plant an explosive device on an oil rig in the Persian gulf, to start WW3, but they couldn’t swim to the rig, there was an elastic barrier in the sea preventing them from moving beyond it. After 2 hours of making attempts they gave up. They have tried to drop bombs and start false flag events, but the bomb bay doors wouldn’t open. The MH17 fightwith dead bodies to start a war, was stopped. As for the cavalry scenario. Many people are confused as to why the ET’s don’t just come and save us, but that’s not how these beings (or evolution) works, and we will be our own heroes as a result of the coming events.
  • Host – What about COBRA?
  • David – I have 2 shows on Gaiam TV, and Disclosure, where I interviewed a lot of people. Gaiam had a policy where I couldn’t do more then 4 interviews with any one person. David went to do the interview with Corey and every person in the hierarchy of Gaiam was present. Everyone was buzzing about this so much, because they haven’t even scratched the surface of whats happening during the interviews. As a result, there are now going to be 52 additional episodes with just Corey, because there is so much Intel to be revealed.
  • There are some deals being made with the super federation. And the Dracos said because they can’t be allowed to leave the solar system, its a declaration of war on the part of the Alliance. As a result they are going to be making some stupid moves that will probably accelerate the awakening [possibly playing their hand by November of this year]. We will learn more once Gonzalez debriefs Corey.
  • Corey – We worked with an artist to make a depiction on the Blue Avians – it was a very emotional experience. I don’t have anything to say about COBRA and his Intel. I have been told not to stir distention by discussing details [considering how many people worship belief systems from guru’s in the truth movement, its understandable why this isn’t helpful. Any discrepancy in any one person’s information (a perspective on the one truth) will be clarified in the big disclosure event].
  • David – I think the COBRA intel has a lot of similarities to data I have brought out. I have noticed a few times that after I talk about something COBRA would mention it as something he experienced. I think its important to everyone that when you listen to any one, you take a personal approach to data processing [start your internal process of understanding]. We are not trying to be Guru’s or saviors, we are just sharing what we know. Same with COBRA and others. The core of what these positive beings are telling us is the key [to develop a personal process of truth discovery, letting go of limiting choices of our past by way of forgiveness], the details are far less important than the positive changes we make in our lives to be of service to others, compassionate and loving. [meaning this process of forgiveness and truth reception culminates as spiritual activism, becoming an agent for change] The reality is we are evolving, and fighting about details only keeps us divided [We can discuss things openly without having to defend a flag of truth, that’s the difference between discussing details and allowing them to divide us]. Anyone contributing to the awakening, regardless of the details, is an important player.
  • Don’t get caught up in all the little details. Long ago, David was contacting certain beings looking for details, when he was working for a care center for the mentally disabled. The beings he contacted said “to relax, be kind, take care of yourself and get healthy.” Focus on the big unifying truths and how we can empower each other. When David was working a horrible job, worrying a lot, then he made contact with these beings. They told him the core message is service to others and the power of compassion. With that guiding principle, your life will be turned around as if it was magic, but of course it’s not – no laws of nature are broken, they are just more grand then we allow ourselves to accept. This isn’t some new age mumbo jumbo.
  • The disinfo question, this is the Cabal lulling us into a false sense of hope and security so they can finish us off. But what Corey said earlier about Natural Law CANNOT be stressed enough. The Cabal has to follow these rules, Trust law, full disclosure. They MUST tell us the truth. Because there are benevolent beings who come in and stop them [but most importantly because their powers of magic use our consciousness. We are literally agents of the Cabal and don’t even know it, hence our choice to seek the truth, look in the mirror, and forgive is crucial]. The free will principle is built in so we naturally defeat them at the end of the cycle. The villain will be defeated by the hero, once he transcends his personal flaws. We are each the hero, and we are all going through this personal transformation right now. We’re not saying to do nothing either. You can be loving and forgiving as well as taking actions, in fact this helps ground in transformation.
  • Host – that’s whats happening in Ireland. What is the core message of the Sphere Beings?
  • Corey – The core message, everyday become more loving, forgive yourself and others, service others. You don’t have to use religion, there are many ways to do this. This is not a new message. Service to others doesn’t mean being a floor mat.
  • Corey’s infospherebeingalliance.com is the central hub.
  • David – Corey came over to my house in late April, we filmed 6 hours of interviews. Some of the footage was strong. A lot of people are going to be angry that we are doing a big series on Gaiam tv. [We plan to take notes on these episodes]. Paypal will be made available for it. Many people think we are trying to make money from the info but the bottom line is we only have so much time and a lot has to be developed. The interviews from April will be released with the big info. The Gaiam shows are going to have new info. If you have the money to pay for the show it goes to help both Corey and I to do the work.
  • End of Interview.
I just want to add that we are going to be sharing as much information as we can, specifically focusing on how it can empower us to gain mastery of ourselves and help others. Corey and David have said that any data which is released on GaiamTV will be available else where for free. I don’t know when or how that will happen, but with the idea of freely sharing the truth in mind, we will take an active role to ensure any information presented on these shows will be released for free by us. Undoubtedly Corey and David will share it in their own way.
– Justin

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