Judas Iscariot, July 3 2015

Judas Iscariot, July 3 2015

Judas Iscariot 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Channel Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. I cannot come with any news today, but everything runs as before. It bubbles under the surface and can explode at any time. My advice to you now is that you enjoy the days ahead and meditate for a while each day, so that you strengthen your intuition. Intuition will become increasingly important in the future. It is “it” that is important to listen to when many voices can be heard. The inner voice inevitably leads the way and will not miss loose its way. If you loose your intuition it may well happen that you go wrong and you it will be a little more difficult than it would have needed to get.

Meditation and contemplation are watchwords today. It is an important awakening and therefore we especially emphasize this right now. It is important that as many people as possible are following their hearts and stand up for the light they carry within themselves. In changing times it requires many who are firmly rooted in the earth and who are following their hearts light.

Take time for yourselves now, take the time to hang out and have fun. Do what you feel you want to do. Follow the desires of your heart and enjoy the day as is. That is how you build up your energy. That is how you get the energy to hold the higher energies and see everything from a better perspective. The negative energies lose their grip on you, and it will be bright and beautiful around you.

I’m talking about this now because it is easy to keep up your energies when it is quiet, but when it gets a little unruly around you, it can become difficult to keep the focus on the positive. The more often you go into your heart, the easier you will have to find it again. If it is storming around you, you would still be able to find stillness within yourself. You need to practice a little every day, so that you won´t lose it.

Life is pushing with all sorts of chores and must-do’s, which have a tendency to take over. There is so much that you must do and have time for, and the time may not be enough. It may feel like you are wasting time during day when you sit still and meditate. For some people it can be perceived that way, yet it is, the most important work to prepare for what is to come. It would be better if you dropped a bit on all the must-do’s that you have. They are not nearly as important when it comes to down to it. It is the ego that stresses you with that. The heart would surely give you a different answer. If you followed the heart you would do it all and then some more. Furthermore you would do first things first. That which leads you forward on the path that it was meant for you to walk. Nobody would come to harm around you, but it would be for the common good. Above all, it would be for your own good. This applies of course to all, so when everyone follows their hearts the world becomes perfect. That is when you will live in the harmonious, bright world that you have long dreamed of. To do that, you must all find your heart and sing the song it sings. Let the song of the heart be your song. Feel the joy of being attuned to your heart. When the heart rejoices, the soul rejoices.

Have a nice moment with yourself and your heart.

With so much love






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