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NOTES: the Following is an Italian translation of the above titled article by Angelo of Itay. As a dedicated Lightworker, His mission is to proclaim Truth to His people. 

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We honor him for His work. — PHB


(NOTE: Inglese version follows the Italian translation)


(Italian translation

Become aware of your power, then to help many others.

21/12/1998 – Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn – Reposted on 27/11/2011

Good morning my son, I am I, Hatonn, The Only Light, are the unit through which all that exists is interconnected and form the whole.Be at peace and be calm.

You who live in the physical world, are in the midst of the times that were prophesied by people Illuminate the past and those who came to show you the way. No time for which to be afraid, but rather, are the times at which to look forward with high expectations and at the same way as a child waiting for Christmas. On your way, you will assist those who apparently are the atrocities, such as those who have assisted in the Persian Gulf. The actions that have been undertaken by the “global community”, can easily be compared to a grown man big man who beats a child. There is no real community spirit in the plans that the “elite” controllers have planned for you.

Your world is controlled by less than 2% of the population, and most of you, keeps falling into the traps of these Dark Controllers who are doing the same games for thousands of years. They are like those magicians on stage distract your attention, to realize their deftly juggling. Fluctuations in stock markets, wars, weather disasters, corruption and more, are part of the “tricks” that they use to keep you from seeing the truth. And the truth is that we are slowly reducing in a state of slavery!

The power of knowledge is as great as its holder, has the will and is willing to use it in a reasonable way. You can be aware of the truth, but keep it hidden inside and no consequences for you. However, over time, you will feel more and more uncomfortable to see all the people you could help if only you had had the courage to step forward and share with them what you know.

There are MANY people who have a deep knowledge and experience personally, but who are afraid to expose themselves because of possible retaliation. Then there are those like Mr. Bob Lazar, who are not afraid to expose themselves and say what they know EVERYTHING.

[ Editor’s note American: for those not familiar with Bob Lazar, can find information about him on the Internet. He is a scientist specializing in physics, who says he worked at a military installation / secret government, to carry out studies of extraterrestrial spaceship crashed on Earth and was recovered by the military. Some of these studies, (here is Atonn speaking), were then crowned with success, and pointed to what our secret technologies, are far more advanced than what the general public believes. In most other respects, the studies carried out on our ship, proved incomprehensible and to give you an idea, it’s like if you put a group of gorilla in front of a piano. It will take “a bit ‘of time” before they understand how to build one, or what use it! ]

What did your “strong” government against Bob Lazar? What can reasonably make him? If the offense conduct, then it is like to admit before the whole world, that what Bob says ‘THE TRUTH’. If they kill him, they will make a martyr and people will affect very seriouslyto this information.

You see? Those who put aside their fears and follow their heart, he knows the value of information of which I am aware, and knows how much that ALL humanity could benefit from their “secret” information, he lives surrounded by the Light Protective of My Will.

On your world, they are sati made in various forms of the great gifts from spiritual knowledge, to advanced technologies that would allow your species to put an end to the environmental disaster that you have created, and to feed all the people in your world. But for the most part, these gifts were seized, hidden and used by the “elite of the Dark Controllers” for their sordid games of manipulation, to deceive and to strengthen their insane ego.


Take a step back, and let the world know “the secrets” of which you are aware! And please contact dissemination channels as this publication, another called NEXUS, and the radio program Coast to Coast AM, which are very valuable for the means diffonderequesto them. ( ndt; Hatonn refers here to Layers States). So more and more people will come forward and will light the “secret technologies”, as this will lead to their increased security and a likely possibility exponential survival of your species on the planet. Do this on the basis of your knowledge Inside that is the right thing to do, and you’ll have every protection. This is MY promise!

Do this instead to greed and money and to gratify your ego, and you’ll be placed with your hands in a very compromised. The “right” reason, resonate in the depths of your being, and this will give you access to the immense reserve of My Power. Your vibrations, will be elevated at a rate such that those who intend to harm you simply can not coexist for very close to you with the frequencies issued.This is the protective shield of My Light in action!

This is part of the basic principles of physics as well as the same physical principles, they are part of extraterrestrial spaceships that your government, came into possession. They can be operated through the projection of thought of the individual who interacts with the spacecraft and guidance.

Well, what are these “projections of thought”? Your thinking, is something tangible as are the fruits growing on a tree, or like the air you breathe. They are pulse electromagnetic bipolar emanating from you. They can be visible in what you call the etheric space (some call hyperspace). Your thoughts, have the ability to interact in many ways and in a direct and clear, with the environment around you. The simple fact of observing (focus your attention) a situation, means that on the one hand, you add energy to the situation, and then the other, you can change what you are observing.

[ Editor’s note American: to be a much more limited than that set forth above, quantum physics, has long since discovered the principle that recognizes this phenomenon of interaction called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Readers who are interested can refer to the scientific literature for more information on this fascinating subject. If you allargasse concept including energy “non-physical”, this inevitable process of interaction, is the fundamental key to explain the phenomena of the power of mind over matter as the “psychokinesis” and levitation. For reasons of pure selfishness and control of the masses, the “elites” of the Dark Controllers, have made ​​enormous propaganda efforts to convince the masses that such phenomena do not exist. Many (and well paid) eminent exponents, such as prostitutes and puppets that are at the service of the Dark Forces, are more than happy to tell you the lies that keep you from waking up and having access to your real potential of enlightened beings. However, it will be increasingly difficult to keep the masses in this state because, as Commander Soltec said in his message of 12/12/1998, more and more scientists, whether they like it or not, are realizing during their advanced ultra experiments of the power of mind over matter! ]

Moment by moment, you project (usually passively and very messy), your consciousness on anything on which they focus your thoughts. Usually, these thoughts and ideas, cause within you an emotional reaction that is proportional to the emotional charge associated with them. For many of you, see play two little dogs, will result in a sense of fun and will make you smile. On the other hand, the thought of a herd of cattle brought to slaughter, will provoke feelings of sadness, outrage, or for some of you even nausea.

When you have any thoughts that resonate with the core, the essence of your being (the non-physical), which corresponds to your Higher – your True Self, you become literally unstoppable! By contrast, when basking in thoughts that cause you of the great frustrations and inner agitation, and therefore lower your frequency, you end up getting a result diminished. And if these thoughts, they become a habit, you will begin to decrease both, your physical strength, that your mental clarity.

At this point, I want to address an issue that is secondary in relation to the main theme of this Message. This issue has to do with those who have a higher purpose other in these times, and which are the ones that receive these messages. The biggest problem we have now with our receivers, are distractions. Many of those who read these messages, have placed great confidence in them and expect that they transmit My Messages accurately and clearly.

They inherently know what is the level of responsibility required to ensure that these messages are transcribed correctly. They also know that it is not perfect despite the fact that many of you think that you are or expect this from them. The fact that today a recipient receives carefully, will not automatically mean that it will do tomorrow or forever. What often stands between us and our receivers, is the inner turmoil that sometimes drives them to “color” in their own way the message we want to convey.


When some (the most conscientious), receiving public, they realize they have made a mistake, that they have actually done or not, often cease to continue in their role as receivers and transcribers. Other pursuing gratification of his own ego, does not admit to being fallible, and will continue to add error error. In both cases, this will result in a lowering of their vibratory state, the first to have pulled back from his purpose Most High, (want to avoid) and the other, from continuing to add error error. E ‘at this point that the adversary comes into play and starts “the most that can crush all the buttons”, and continues until it can do.

My current receiver, want to stop this kind of work because he feels a lot of pressure associated with the fear of not being able to convey the message as accurately as possible, to the point of believing that the easiest thing, is to give up his mission . So on behalf of all My receivers, wherever they are, (and there are MANY), please read every word of the messages with a questioning mind and using your reason. Know that those who sit in receiving, NOT are different from you because they also need to have answers, have questions, doubts and fears and feel inwardly agitated. And above all else, they too make mistakes, and are NOT perfect!

Each one of you decides to objectively find their own way, for every word you hear or that law must use your own judgment. You have to proceed emancipandovi and not rely solely on what others say, and become more and more aware of your Inner Connection. My clerks, have put forward all sorts of excuses, corny, but this will have no effect, except to get across and slow down their path. Many of you want answers to questions like: “When it happens this big change?”

The answer is: you will find us right in the middle – NOW!

The cycles of change, starting first of all not in terms of the physical world (but on the mental) .Successivamente the energy of the higher dimensions, is filtered down and begins to manifest in the physical consciousness associated with the planetary consciousness of the Whole (who is itself connected to the Universal Consciousness of any form of sentient life, everywhere). Your emotional frequencies associated with your individual thoughts, draw energy from the immaterial world that synchronize with the vibrational frequencies of your emotions. (Keep in mind that the universal language is EMOTION). These energies, then interface with the mind / brain, at both levels, within and beyond the consciousness of the average person now living on the planet. 

Subsequently, these energies begin to interact in a very organized so, for example, ensure that people are found together “at the right time” so that they can achieve a common desire. What you often defined as a “coincidence” or “luck” (or misfortune), are some of the ways you know and describe how energy works. In this equation, there are an infinite number of variables affect cha at any time the “script” of your physical life. The direction of this script, is likely to make the planetary consciousness, goes in the direction of significant growth.      

There will, however, always some that seem to be proceeding outside of this script, since it generally allows them a diversion or a modification. And ‘for this reason that it is not practical it reasonable, to provide precise dates. The mere fact of giving a date, introduces a variable that changes the equation. And ‘this is why My messengers, (the extent of the Realms), we suggest to observe the sequence of events, rather than watching the clock or calendar. When you see a great uprising against the United Nations, that will bring down, you’ll understand that the END of what he calls “Tribulations”, is very close. WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE prorio NOW! So do not ask me when it begins.

Take every prophecy in which you believe, and re-read it with discernment and with the little knowledge that you have about technology “super secret” like holographic projections, genetic engineering, electromagnetic powered spaceships (UFOs), and the control of your mind with pulse electromagnetic. Then made a personal YOUR CONVICTION about what you have read. Perhaps the answers you’re looking for, are right there in front of you, just waiting and you know it. The cycle in which you are experiencing right now, is a cleaning cycle – a kind of purification. Your planet has entered a region of space characterized by high vibrational frequencies to which the inhabitants of the Earth will align to maintain at least a minimum level of vibration (emotional and mental), which compared to your current standard, for you is still quite high.

As a result of this increase in frequency, you will have greater mental and emotional clarity. A person can literally feel if another is in an emotional state of low frequencies. If anyone would intentionally deceive another person, or to lie or cheat, he would be immediately identified by those who are trying to manipulate. This will be a time of peace and truth. The cleaning process, is perhaps the most liberating experience that a person can do while in the physical world. Negativity will literally eradicated in those of you who are now in the midst of this process. Your innate survival instinct, will be what will guide you and allow you to make those adjustments inner needed to align with the frequencies that become increasingly higher.

Those who do not want to let go of their negativity, simply transiting (die), because their body will be consumed by violent thrusts of emotional energy that arise within them. It would be extremely wise to listen to the many and useful messages that have been sent over the years. Monitored very carefully to your thoughts and the resulting emotions, and how and where directed your energy, moment by moment. Now develop your awareness, will help greatly in the coming years when the situation will start “to heat up” (because of the vibrational frequencies).

The rewards for those who persist and pass through the challenges that await you, will be very large. The right mental attitude and emotional, will be what will help your trip to be crowned with success.

Be at peace, and go inside yourself for your understanding about this message. Many of you would have a better understanding of what is meant by the words “frequency” and “vibrations, if Consultation between a technical dictionary or another source. The totality of the universe can be explained by these two terms. ( ndt; the whole universe is composed solely of energy or frequencies and vibrations)

Everything vibrates and therefore, possesses a frequency (vibration unit) associated with it. The physical world is a reflection (a byproduct) immaterial universe. And guess what! The universe is immaterial, it is also composed of a button and vibrant energy.These are for you clues to help you establish a conscious and intimate knowledge of the true source of Nature and Energy, the thoughts and the Essence of the Soul.

I am Aton. This is the name that I chose to use communicating through this scribe on this day means: THE ONLY LIGHT. I am God, the Creator.

Go in peace, and constantly look for yourself, understanding and clarity.


English original    – Recognize Your Own Power To Support The Manymessages from 1996/2000

Angelo Mazzocchi –

Inglese Version


Recognize Your Own Power To Support The Many

21/12/98 – Aton, The One Light

Good morning, little one. It is I, Aton, The One Light. I am the ONENESS Which connects all life together to make up The Whole. Be at peace and be still.

You who play in the physical arena are in the times prophesied by many an en-light-ened Wayshower from times past. This is not a time to be feared, but rather, a time to look forward to, with the anticipation and eagerness of a small child awaiting Christmas morning.

There Shall be the apparent atrocities along the way, such as you just Witnessed ones in the Persian Gulf area of ​​your world. The actions taken by the “global community” could be easily viewed as a grown adult male beating on a small child, in terms of physical might. There is no true community spirit in what your global “elite” controllers have planned for you.

Your world is controlled by less than 2% of your population, and the Majority of you still continue to fall for the same old tricks That the Darkened ones sono stati playing for Thousands of years. These ones are like the stage magician who dazzles you with distraction while setting up the next sleight of hand. Impeachment, war, stock market fluctuations, weather catastrophes and such are all part of the dazzle to keep you from seeing the truth at hand of your enslavement.

Knowledge is only as powerful as is its holder’s willingness to act upon it and use it in a reasonable manner. You can know truth, and hold it in a coveted manner, without any immediate Consequence to yourself. However, as time passes by, you will become very uncomfortable as you see all of the people you could have helped if you had just stepped forward and shared what you know.

There are MANY who hold such accurate, experiential, first-hand knowledge, who are afraid to step forward out of fear of possible repercussions. Then there are the ones, such as Mr. Bob Lazar, who do not hesitate to step forward and tell all that they know.

[ Editor’s Note: For Those of you who do not know about Bob Lazar, study His information on the Internet. He is a physicist who claims to have worked at secret government / military installations on the reverse engineering of captured alien spacecraft for terrestrial use. Some of this work Has Been successful, and just how far our Indicates secret technologies are ahead of what the public thinks. Other aspects of the reverse engineering Efforts are like putting a floor in front of a group of gorillas-it will be “awhile” before they figure out how to build one or what to use it for! ]

What has your “mighty” government done to hurt Bob Lazar? What can they do Within reason? If they can prosecute him, then they are admitting to the world That what this man says is TRUTH! If they kill him, they’ll make him a martyr and really get people looking at his information.

Do you see? The ones who put aside Their fears, and follow Their heart, Which knows the value of the information they hold and how ALL of humanity can greatly benefit from the “secret” information, are walking Protective Within the Light of My Will.

Great gifts sono stati given to your world in many forms-from spiritual insights to advanced technologies That would enable your species to clean up the environmental messes you are making and feed your starving world. These gifts sono stati, mayoritariamente, confiscated, hidden, and exploited by your Dark “elite” controllers in Their petty games of manipulation, deceit, and insane ego-Bolstering.



Take a step forward and tell your “secret” stories! And pay attention to avenues such as this publication, the one called NEXUS , and the late-night radio talk show Coast To Coast AM , for therein are some of many possible valid avenues for broadcasting such information. When more and more step forward and shed light upon the “secret” technologies, there will result a “safety in numbers” and an exponential INCREASE in the probability of survival of your planetary species.

Do this out of the Inner Knowing That it is the right thing to do, and you will be well protected. It is MY promise!

Do it for the greed of money and ego gratification, and you will, by your own hand, be putting yourself in a very compromised situation.

The “right” reason will resonate to the core of your being and tap Thus great reservoirs of My Power. Your frequency will INCREASE Thus into a range where Those Who would you intend harm would simply not be portatili co-exist for long Within Your physical space.This is the protective shielding of My Light at work!

This is as much a part of true physics as are the extra-terrestrial craft, Which your Governments have possession of, use That thought projections from an individual to directly interact with and operate the craft.

So, what are these “thought projections”? Your thoughts are as tangible as Which is the fruit grows on trees or the air you breathe.They are electromagnetic, bipolar, pulse-wave emanations. They can become quite visible ones in what you call the etheric space (what some call hyperspace).

Your thoughts are capable of interacting with the physical environment in very direct and noticeable manners. Just the act of observing (focusing attention upon) a situation Both adds energy to it and modifies Thus what you are observing.

[ Editor’s Note: From through more limited perspective than what is being addressed above, quantum physics has long Recognized in principle Which Recognizes a rudimentary version of this interactive phenomenon, called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.Should interested reader consult a good dictionary or scientific physics textbook for more information about its fascinating implications.

When expanded to include “non-physical” energies, this unavoidable interaction process is key to such fundamental mind-over-matter phenomena as psychokinesis and levitation. For Selfish Reasons of control over the masses, the Dark “elite” crooks have Expended great Efforts of propaganda to convince you That such phenomena do not exist. Many heavily credentialed (and well paid) prostitutes-puppets of the Dark Forces are blackberries than happy to tell you things Which serves to keep you asleep to your true potential as a Lighted being. However, it will be increasingly difficult to keep a lid on such truths as time marches forward Because, as Commander Soltec commented in his Message 12.12.98, blackberries and more scientists are observing mind-over-matter phenomena in modern, ultra -sensitive experiments Whether they like it or not! ]

You project (usually in a passive, scattered manner) into your consciousness whatever your thoughts are focused upon from moment to moment. These thoughts and ideas usually you will cause an emotional response Within You, proportional to the emotional charge associated with the thought. For many, the idea of ​​watching two puppies playing will give a sensation of amusement and bring a smile to your face. Likewise, the thought of cattle in a slaughterhouse will usually you sir-up emotional sensations closer to sadness or outrage or even for some physical nausea.

When you are thinking thoughts Which resonate with the core (non-physical) essence of your being-that is, with your Higher Self-you are literally unstoppable! By contrast, When You dwell on thoughts Those Which cause you great frustration or inner turmoil, thus lowering your frequency, you will head down a path of diminishing returns. And if such thoughts become a habit, you will begin to diminish in Both physical strength and mental clarity.

At this point I wish to address a related matter Which is an aside to the main discussion of this Writing. This matter has to do with Those Who have a Higher Purpose at this time as public receivers. The greatest problem we have with our public receivers at this time is in the form of distraction. Many of you ones place great faith in These ones to bring forth My Messages in an accurate and uncompromised manner. These ones intrinsically know the level of responsibility it takes in order to insure an accurate Message be penned.

These ones anche Know That they are not perfect, despite what many of you want to believe or place upon Their shoulders. Just because a receiver is accurate today, they do not Necessarily mean they will be tomorrow or accurate at all times. Inner emotional turmoil That Which is most frequently gets in the way of receiving clear, and can sometimes cause quite extreme “coloration” of a message we wish to transmit.


When some (the most conscientious) public receivers perceive That they have made a mistake, Whether or not they actually have, Often they will withdraw from the responsible task of writing. Others, from a position of ego gratification, will deny Their fallibility and begin to compound Their error. Both of These will result in a lowered frequency-one were from withdrawal from (avoidance of) Higher Purpose, the other from compounding error with blackberries error. This is where the Adversary jumps in and begins to push all of the “buttons” he can, while he can.

My current receiver wishes to withdraw from this sort of work, for this one feels a tremendous pressure Associated with Bringing a message through as accurate as possible-so much so That this one feels it is easier to simply avoid the task. So, On behalf of all My scribes, everywhere (of Which there are MANY), please read every word of such Messages with a questioning mind and reasoning.Know That the ones who sit and write are NOT any different from you in terms of wanting answers-and having questions, Doubts, fears, and inner turmoil. And most of all, they make mistakes and are NOT perfect!

All of you must discern every word you hear or read if you are to objectively find your own way. You Should all be moving toward weaning yourselves from Solely relying upon the words of another, blackberries and becoming aware of your own Inner Connection.

Any excuse you offer Has Been Used, till threadbare, by every one of My scribes, and will do nothing except slow you down and get in your way.

Many of you are looking for answers to such questions as: “When will all of this great change take place?”

The answer is: You are in it-NOW!

Cycles of change begin first on non-physical (mental) planes of experience. Then this higher-dimensional energy filters down and begins to manifest in the physical consciousness associated with the planetary consciousness as a whole (Which is connected to the Universal Consciousness of all sentient life-forms everywhere).

The emotional frequencies associated with your individual thoughts summon forth nonphysical energies Which synchronize with the vibrational frequencies of These emotions. (Keep in mind That the universal language is EMOTION.) These energies are then focused through the mind-brain interface at levels Both Within and beyond the consciousness of the average person on your planet at this time.

These energies then begin to interact in very orchestrated manners so as to, for example, bring people together at the “right” time know That there can be the fulfillment of an overall desire. Often what you ones call “coincidences” and “good luck” (or “bad luck”) are some of the ways in cui Recognized These energies made.

There are an infinite number of variables in the equation Which impact and affect the final physical “drama” from moment to moment.The orchestration of this drama is of a nature so as to keep the planetary consciousness heading in a general direction of purposeful growth.

You will always have ones who Seem to be operating outside such orchestration, for the general drama-equation Allows for a “long shot” to “play through”. It is for this reason That exact times and dates are neither practical nor reasonable.

Just the act of Stating such a date Introduces a variable That changes the equation. This is why My messengers suggest That you look at sequences of events, rather than at the clock or the calendar.

When you see a great force rise up against your United Nations, and tear it down, you will know the ENDING of the so-called “Tribulation” is near. YOU ARE IN IT NOW! So do not ask me when it will start.

Look to prophecies whatever you care to place in your beliefs, and re-read them with discernment and what little knowledge you have Concerning “super-secret” technologies, such as holographic projection, genetic engineering, electromagnetic propulsion craft (UFOs), and electromagnetic mind-control. Then formulated your OWN personal meaning about what you are reading.

Perhaps the answers you are looking for are right there in front of you, awaiting you to take notice. This cycle in cui you are now experiencing is one of purification-a cleansing of sorts. Your planet is entering a high-frequency region cui il Inhabitants will need to match and maintain at least a minimum vibrational state (emotional and mental) That is quite high by your current standards.

Along with this increased At frequency will come to greater mental and emotional clarity. Ones Will Be portatili literally observe When someone is in a lower-frequency state. Someone who is intentionally trying to deceive another, such as through lying or cheating, will stand out as a flashing red (warning) light To Those they are trying to manipulate.

This will be an Age of Peace and an Age of Truth. The process of cleansing is perhaps the single most liberating experience one can have while in the physical. The negativity will literally be burned out Of Those of you who persist through These Times. Your innate will to survive will be what guides you and Allows you to make the internal Necessary adjustments to the ever Increasing frequency shifts.

Those who will not allow for the release of the negativity will simply transition (day) as the physical body is consumed with harsh emotional energy surges from within. It will be as if they are burned out from within.

There is great wisdom in heeding the many helpful Messages sent your way at this time. Subsequent closely monitor your thoughts and emotions, and how it is you are flowing your energy from moment to moment. Developing this awareness now will greatly aid you in the coming years as things “heat-up” (in INCREASE vibrational frequency).

The rewards will be great for Those Who persist through the challenges ahead. The proper mental and emotional attitude will insure a successful journey.

Be at peace and go Within for your own clarification of this Message. Many of you would greatly help your understanding if you were to get out a dictionary or technical reference and explore further Top the terms “frequency” and “vibration”. The Entirety of the physical universe can be described in terms These.

All matter vibrates, and Thus has a frequency (rate of vibration) associated with it. The physical is a reflection (and a subset) of the non-physical universes. And guess what? The non-physical universes are anche made ​​up of energies Which vibrate and pulse.These are clues for you, to help you to make connections inner conscious about the true Source of Energy and Nature, Thought, and Soul Essence.

I am Aton. This is a label I have chosen to use, Through This Particular Particular scribe and at this time. It means: THE ONE LIGHT. I am Creator God. I AM.

Go in Peace, and forever seek greater understanding and Clarity for yourselves. Salu. f



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