OUT of this WORLD – Ted’s interview with Corey on September 18, 2015


Ted’s interview with Corey on September 18, 2015:

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Identified as an intuitive empath (IE) with precognitive abilities, Corey Goode was recruited through one of the MILAB programs at the young age of six. Goode trained and served in the MILAB program from 1976-1986/87. Towards the end of his time as a MILAB he was assigned to an IE support role for a rotating Earth Delegate Seat (shared by secret earth government groups) in a “human-type” ET Super Federation Council.

MILAB is a term coined for the military abduction of a person that indoctrinates and trains them for any number of military black ops programs.

In Corey and Ted’s interview, Corey spoke about his involvement in the secret American space program that Corey served for 20 years. According to Corey, there are millions of people from this planet both on Mars and on the dark side of the moon, in camps and bases run by both our government and what he calls the “Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate” (ICC). The ICC is actually made up of such U.S. Companies as Boeing and other major U.S. and international companies. They have also been accused of running slave-like labor camps where the people are used like cattle.

Ted’s interview with Corey on September 18, 2015:



Transcript and Analysis of Corey Goode interview with Ted Mahr 9/18/15 on Out Of This World Radio

The following is a transcript graciously produced by Marilisa. Thank you very much for contributing your valuable creative energy.

I went in and added some brief commentary as well as many related links to further explanations. 

This is a good introduction to Corey’s material and also contains some hitherto unrevealed nuggets of information. Corey’s early history in the secret space program, the MILAB training programs, the power of our collective consciousness, the big ‘Data Dumps’ coming soon, and much more. 

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The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green brackets].

TM = Ted Mhar, CG = Corey Goode

Corey Goode interview with Ted Mahr 9/18/15 on Out Of This World Radio


  • Intro: Please hold on friends, this is Out of This World radio with your host Ted Mahr the interview with Corey Goode, who was part of the Mars Space Program for 20 years
  • TM: Hello Corey?
  • CG: Yes.
  • TM: Hi, good morning or I should say good afternoon, how are you doing today?
  • CG: I am doing better, thank you.
  • TM: Good, good, good. Well I finally made it through the traffic. It was pretty bad, but, laughing, I kept doing lots of prayers and it seemed to have helped a lot so that’s good, chuckling, that’s good.
  • CG: That’s good.
  • TM: How is your son feeling, by the way.
  • CG: He is doing a little bit better, he is doing a little bit better. There has been a pretty bad strain of strep throat. We thought my wife was going to escape it, but looks like she has come down with it so it kind of worked out. She took him with her to go to the doctor during this time frame so that we are doing this interview.
  • TM: Oh good, good. All right wonderful, I wanted to thank you so much for coming on today, Corey. I know that you are a busy guy but I am so thrilled to have you on. You have some many interesting things to say. <Corey coughing background>.
  • CG: Hello, I am sorry.
  • TM: Can you ….
  • CG: I’m sorry, I was… Go ahead.
  • TM: That’s all right. That’s all right. Corey I just wanted to thank you so much for coming on today. I know you are busy guy and I appreciate you taking the time to come on my show.
  • CG: Sure.
  • TM: Yes, I know I have listened to your episodes on Gaiam TV but for my listeners that aren’t familiar with how you got into the space program, how did you first get involved in going off planet in the space program?


  • CG: Well it originally started off when I was around the 6 year old mark. They had identified me through standardized testing. I showed up, I guess, as an anomaly that they decided to follow up on and do more research on. They identified me as an intuitive empath. They brought me into the vast array of training programs that fall under the closest category or name you can give for it is the MILAB program. That’s not the most accurate stamp you can give but there are… The MILAB term has been an expanding term for a number of years, a couple of decades now. The programs best fall under the MILAB program. Most people may think that the MILAB, they think of the MK ultra.
  • TM: hmm, hmm
  • CG: That’s the only thing they think when they hear MILAB. They started to train me and tried to enhance me into the empath capabilities and my first off-world, my first off-world experience was when I had just, when I was in my pre-teens and they were using me as an intuitive empath support. Intuitive empath team support, support team that there were always three that were brought out to this Super Federation Council that the secret Earth government had just recently gotten a seat at. That was my first exposure to off-world. That went on for a short period of time and then they brought me back down to complete my intuitive empath training and some other training. When I was 16 right at the 17 age, I was drafted into the Secret Space Program proper. My intuitive empath training, I had experienced interfacing with non-terrestrials, so that was the reason that they drafted me into that program. A lot of the other children that grew up in the training programs, were drafted into other programs, no necessarily the secret space program.

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  • TM: Interesting. Hmm, I have read your descriptions on your wonderful website, hmm, Corey, and you said that the reason they select children as such a certain early age, I think you mentioned from age 5 to puberty is that is that when society has not yet not, taught children that their psychic abilities are not real and it allows them to help enhance people with those abilities.
  • CG: Yes, they had found that they were trying to use a lot of what they were learning from non-terrestrials and a lot of other programs to train people that were in the military already and they found that a lot of these people preconceived ideas about life, the nature of the world, were interfering with their abilities with them enhancing their abilities. With children they hadn’t been told that there’s not a tooth fairy yet, all the magic hadn’t been taken out of life yet. They were completely open to all possibilities. Which was a very important and necessary part of developing these abilities.
  • TM: One of the things that you said in other interviews, Corey, is that we are spiritual children, the ET’s actually told you that. That humans in this planet are spiritual children. We don’t live long enough to really spiritually advance. I found that comment really fascinating.
  • CG: Yeah, yeah, they’ve said that the oldest of us and the wisest of us are still spiritual children. That originally before we were tinkered with and all that we were meant to live much longer and that instead having to live multiple lifetimes and to learn lessons and grow spiritually through multiple lifetimes through the wheel of karma and all this that we were doing things now many of the groups out there has extended, much extended lives, compared to us. They consider us, you know, spiritual children. Even a lot of them, a lot of the non-terrestrials out there that live ten to twenty times longer than we do, are still, negative, a lot of them are still negative.
  • TM: hmm, hmm
  • CG: So just because you live eight hundred or twelve hundred years doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to turn out to be spiritually advanced.
  • TM: Sure, sure, absolutely, absolutely. Well I myself am a psychic and have been a psychic for many years and I have been very fortunate to be in touch with the Ambassador Trwellian of the Galactical Alliance of the Seres, actually Series sp? for the past year and he says, I have been told that the humans and other benevolent planets off, outside of earth here, Corey, live for about a thousand years, sometimes longer. I have talked to Alex Collier, I was at a UFO conference couple of weeks ago at Mount Shasta and had wonderful opportunity to talk to and interview Alex Collier. He said that the Andromedans for example, lived to three thousand years.
  • CG: Yeah, a lot of these different beings live naturally, their natural lifespan are much longer and they also have the ability to technologically enhance their lifespan. I am not talking about transhumanism by adding technol… making their bodies technological but you know, healing their bodies and causing, preventing certain breakdowns of their DNA, you know like human beings we age because our telomeres begin to break down. Those are like the little black shoelaces, little aglets at the end of the DNA, they begin to become shorter and shorter and unravel. That’s a lot of what has to do with certain cosmic radiation we are exposed to at the surface of the earth. Some of the subterranean cultures that reside on the earth and have for a very long time, they have a much longer lifespan living below the surface of the earth. [As we discussed in the below linked post, the surface of the Earth is the boundary condition or intermediary between cosmic energies and the stabilizing force of the Earth. Electromagnetically, all life can be thought of as a plasma storm, with a center and body vehicle, much like a hurricane or tornado is created between the pressure differentials of two opposing storm fronts; or like a seed uses light and Earth to grow a body. Cosmic energies from the sun and surrounding star systems send highly coherent electromagnetic waves of energy on to the surface, where they make contact with living organisms, absorbing into the body and mind, changing the expression of the being dependent on their level of spiritual attainment and self mastery. An excellent example of this is breatharians who have mastered their consciousness enough to create coherent emotional states, this reorients the body and DNA, which acts as receiver of cosmic and solar energies, such that one is able to create vital energy to feed the body simply by gazing at the sun.]

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  • TM: I want to read a quote that you gave to David Wilcock, he is a great guy. He did wonderful, both you had some wonderful interviews with him in Gaiam TV, and if you don’t mind I would like to read this: “The Blue Avians gave this message for us to become more loving, forgiving of ourselves and others, stop the wheel of karma and to focus daily of becoming more service to others, and to raise our consciousness and our vibrations.” That sounds like real kind of hippy, kind of flowery easy to do but I assure it is extremely difficult path to walk. Could you comment on that? I would love to hear you on that.
  • CG: Yeah, that is something I have got a lot of guff about because it sounds like the Golden Rule and it is a tenet of most of the positive religions that are out there. A lot of the people in the Secret Space Program that are very military minded, they had a really hard time with this information. Because, they see a problem, their solutions to bomb their way out of it.
  • TM: Yeah.
  • CG: The mind set of a lot of the people on the earth right now is to get out of the situation we are in and it is going to take a revolution of a violent nature. It’s unfortunate but it is the way it is going to have to be.
  • TM: Sure.
  • CG: That is the easy way out and you can’t get a positive out of the negative, ultimately. When they delivered the message which sounds simple that you got to work daily to become more loving and to become more forgiving of others. But the hardest part is becoming more forgiving of yourself.
  • TM: hmm, hmm.
  • CG: Pointing the light inward…
  • TM: hmm, hmm.
  • CG: at all the dark places and becoming more forgiving of yourself for all the different things you thought and done in your life. Doing so, stops the wheel of karma, which is a repeat, if you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over in life or running into the same problems…
  • TM: hmm, hmm.
  • CG: It is because you haven’t learned from them…
  • TM: hmm, hmm.

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  • CG: So that’s what they were referencing there. That sounds easy, becoming more loving and forgiving of others is a very, very difficult path. It’s something that I’ve struggled with. It’s been hard to forgive myself for some of the things that I was forcibly involved with….
  • TM: sure.
  • CG: in the programs when I was younger and also, during the time, a lot of this information I am bringing forward, really slaps people in the face and some of their belief systems and makes them lash out reactionary…
  • TM: right
  • CG: in reactionary ways and attack me. I have to, it’s hard for me not to be my normal human self and lash out back. I have to practice. I’m not really preaching. They say practice what you preach. It’s hard to forgive those people and try to become more loving towards them when that is happening. It’s not easy.
  • TM: But Corey, you are speaking to the choir here, my friend, and you are in good company with listeners and my friends and listeners all over the world in over 60 countries. Chuckling. So don’t worry, you don’t need to worry about people attacking you here. Chuckling. At least I don’t think so. The purpose of this program and my soul purpose too is to raise consciousness and to raise vibrations on this planet and I know my own path, it’s been very, very challenging at times, path to walk, but it is extremely rewarding and I am so glad that I am on this path. I actually started this path, I am told 12,500 years ago in Atlantis when Atlantis was, when I was a priest in Atlantis. The whole place, of course, imploded, destroyed itself, but I am back again. I wasn’t successful then but I know with everyone’s help we can turn this planet around and make it a much better place.
  • CG: Yes.
  • TM: Corey, one thing that I wanted to tell you is that you know your messages are so profound. Of course I know that you have a television series going on now on a weekly basis with Gaiam TV. I am starting my own television program on February 14th, next year. It will be called Out of this World television. I would love to have you on to it, at some point, when you have time.
  • CG: OK, is it going to be through your website, or…
  • TM: Yeah, it will be through my website. Yeah, I don’t have…
  • CG: Ok
  • TM: I don’t have a hard studio, but I was down at Mount Shasta, a couple of weeks ago. I met two Hollywood producers down there, who want me to start this. So, I’m, it’s going along slowly. Oh yeah, so. I am looking forward to it. But…
  • CG: Good luck with that! Yeah.
  • TM: Yeah, thank you, thank you.
  • CG: If people want Gaiam released three of the episodes for free and they want to view it they can go to blueavians.com and view three of them for free. If they want to get kind of an idea of what the shows are about. If they are not current Gaiam members. [You can also read transcripts on Corey’s site here, and we offer analysis on some of the episodeshere.]
  • TM: Wonderful, wonderful. One of those things, I wanted to ask you about is that eventually I think that the whole entire planet is going is developing rapidly into the 5th dimension and I have been in touch with Nostradamus on the other side now for the past year. He said the timeline changed some years ago, about 4 or 5 years ago where we were on one timeline facing a lot of challenges here in the planet with the possible World War III but that’s not going to happen now but instead it is being transformed into a very positive timeline. Where people with remote viewing abilities, psychic abilities, and higher spiritual vibrations it will become a much common place by the 2020’s and 2030’s. He said that it would be leading into a 1000 years at least of spiritual peace and prosperity. Then moving beyond that, beyond that time into the universe. I think with your work and disclosure, the wonderful disclosure that you been doing, that that process is actually been accelerated. What’s been the reaction of the, for example in mainstream media to your messages and to the public?


  • CG: Well, the mainstream media and the public are pretty much going to avoid this as much as possible, because they are controlled by the Secret Earth Government and their syndicates even now.
  • TM: Hmm, hmm
  • CG: They’re going to avoid these topics and this information until they have no choice but to look hard at it. From what I have been told through the Secret Space Program Alliance Council is that is going to be a massive data dump. A full disclosure event…
  • TM: hmm, hmm
  • CG: That is going to include all of the massive amount of information that Edward Snowden had gathered ….
  • TM: Fascinating.
  • CG: Which has recently been decrypted and much of that has a lot of information about a Secret Earth Government. It’s crimes against humanity…
  • TM: Sure
  • CG: About the Secret Space Programs, and the various extra-terrestrials and there have been some recent mega hacks that have made into the news a little bit, but they have played down the enormity of these hacks and the information that had been pulled. The Alliance has done these hacks, they have been responsible …..

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  • TM: Fantastic.
  • CG: All these information is being collated and ready but before they can do a data dump, the masses, the sleeping masses of humanity there has to be a catalyst, something that angers them, that awaken, that causes them to …..
  • TM: Sure
  • CG: open their minds to be ready to look at this information.
  • TM: Sure
  • CG: It is going to take something, that’s going to be disturbing, like possibly a global economic issue that will cause them to see. Wow, this has been a giant ponzy scheme. Become angry and then start to want, to begin to thirst for more of this information. That will allow for the opportunity for these data dumps to occur. [The psychology of this point helps provide a context to understand why a disturbance in society would create catalyst for humanity to come to terms with the truth. The Cabal use trauma based mind control techniques to maintain the social fabric on Earth. This occurs at a very early age and is primarily centered around social indoctrination. Any behavior outside of the norm is considered socially unacceptable and is therefore ridiculed, which causes trauma to the person expressing it in most cases; molding their values and ideals in the process to match the social group. For example, it is perfectly acceptable for someone to work at a job that cheats and steals from others, an acceptable behavior that services the ends of the Cabal. Conversely, attempting to share information about how we can all work together as a human family to feed and house each other for free, is labeled as idiotically idealistic, and such individuals are outcast from social groups as a result. This meme of creating social groups around beliefs and values is the primary tool to keep the masses divided. In the awakening community, almost everyone agree’s that the Cabal is a problem and we must do what we can to stop it, yet there is almost no cohessive action being taken on a grand scale, because of smaller disagreements about belief systems. ‘A UFO’er may agree that growing food is good, but they would never work with someone who doesn’t agree with their UFO beliefs’ – an extreme example granted, but this type of justification for non-cooperation happens all the time. A grand event that touches the lives of everyone, such as a financial collapse, maybe the thing that compel us to set aside our minor differences to unite on the bigger issues. RE: 25 Signs (Plus 14 More) That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink.]
  • TM: Oh yeah absolutely, I can hear, here is a possible triggers if the American public, for example found out that perhaps much of their tax revenues are not going to programs throughout the planet but instead to the Interplanetary Corporate Agglomerate off Mars and the Moon. They might be a little disturbed about that, especially since we don’t see any benefits of free energy. We don’t really need oil right now.

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  • CG: Right, and you know also their money is going to that and also the crimes against humanity. The very disturbing interplanetary slave trade that is going on. The very disturbing aspects of what’s going on. There is merely a million people gone missing off the planet every year…
  • TM: I was just going to ask you about that, pardon me for interrupting you Corey, could you be more specific please about the, did you say slave trade? They are trading humans off planet?
  • CG: Yes, yes ….
  • TM: Oh my God.
  • CG: That’s a very unfortunate thing. I’ve answered a lot of questions and talked about on Dr. Michael Sallas website Exopolitics.org ….
  • TM: Wonderful guy!
  • CG: Yeah, he is. He just wrote, he just released a really good book. I had a chance to read. It’s Insider Speak on the Secret Space Program, I believe….
  • TM: I saw that on your facebook page. Wonderful book. I urge everyone to get a copy of that book.
  • CG: Yes, me too. He covers this information in depth. What’s happening is in the beginning a lot of people were aware that of different non-terrestrial groups were abducting humans. The Secret Earth Government was allowing them to do so. They couldn’t do anything about it anyway at the time, in exchange for technologies…
  • TM: Right.
  • CG: As we slowly started to develop our own Secret Space Program, working with other non-terrestrials, we developed a really advanced infrastructure and space program that we could then begin to police our own biosphere a lot more ….
  • TM: hmm, hmm?
  • CG: So we were able to police and prevent a lot of these abductions and ….
  • TM: good
  • CG: the ICC Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, being the moral people they are, are immoral, …
  • TM: yeah
  • CG: they began to see humans as a commodity. These extraterrestrials groups don’t use money. They all barter.
  • TM: interesting
  • CG: They started to abduct people themselves. Humans abducting humans and started to trade them off to various different interstellar groups in trade for technology and biological specimens from different parts of the galaxy. [Corey covered what kinds of technologies this darker group produces as a result of their ET trading in Summary and Analysis of Episode 7 – Special Report: Mars Colony Inspection | Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock]
  • TM: Oh my God. Corey, this sounds like the slave trade of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries from Africa.
  • CG: Yep.
  • TM: Wow. One thing that I wanted to footnote is that when I am broadcasting here in Bellevue, Washington, KKNW1150 am, we are probably abut 2 to 3 miles from several major facilities owned of course, by Boeing. Boeing is a huge aircraft manufacturer. I read where Boeing is in fact part of this Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.
  • CG: How it works is that there will be Board members of companies like all of these companies that are part of the Military Industrial Complex ….
  • TM: Right
  • CG: not only in the U.S. but in all the Western nations. The EU, in Australia, all of the, there is a lot of European companies, that are part and Australian companies are part of this ICC as well.
  • TM: How about Japanese and Chinese, as well?
  • CG: There are some but not as much. It is mostly western.
  • TM: Mostly western, all right.
  • CG: What happens is the people that are on boards of the company proper will “retire” and then they will rotate onto this super board that is kind of a secretive board that is a part of the ICC. None of the other companies know about. The CEO of any of these companies you have mentioned and their Boards do not necessarily know about the larger infrastructure and Super Board of say the ICC, so ..
  • TM: You, you
  • CG: They are invited to join ….
  • TM: ICC [Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate], you could have board members and even the CEO of Boeing, which is a huge corporation, not even knowing about this other program that the company has.
  • CG: That is how they compartmentalize things ….
  • TM: I see … interesting …
  • CG: They compartmentalize things on each level above that, so that lie is slightly different on each level.


  • TM: Sure. Well listen one thing that really caught my eye was an interview that you had with David Wilcock. I will get to it right here, I got it marked on my notes. You had said that the Dracos, which are the reptilians, have some pretty incredible interesting technology and they are slightly out of phase with our own reality. I guess this is David Wilcock mentioning that they were Draco ships or killing ships landing on the White House lawn every day and entering unto an underground facility below the White House where they were having planning meetings. You talk about that. The reason I mention that is because I had Wilbur Allen on my show about a year ago, a little more than a year ago. He is retired civil service federal employee. His hobby, Corey, is to photograph with night vision, the finest cameras and finest night vision equipment he could find, UFO’s landing on the White House lawn, confirming what David and you had talked about in your interview. I had him on my show about a year ago. It was a very interesting interview.
  • CG: Yes. I hadn’t heard about him. If you could send me his information ….
  • TM: Sure.
  • CG: I would appreciate it.
  • TM: I think you guys would have a conversation, certainly out of this world. chuckling..
  • CG: Chuckling, yes. yes. Some of the recent stuff that I have been giving a lot of information about an extraterrestrial Artificial Intelligence threat that is a major problem for us and the non-terrestrials that are up there. The Draco, we found out, are allies with this Artificial Intelligence …

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  • TM: It figures.
  • CG: Lt. Col. Gonzalez had recently disclosed that some of the upper cast reptilians, whenever they had been terminated they would try to take their bodies back so that they could be autopsied and more to find out about them. There was some sort of self destruct which would just disintegrate. [This sounds just like what the Borg do in the TV series Star Trek, wherein when a drone is disabled, it is recovered and repaired, even if it has been dead for years. Nannites, which are microscopic robots, are used to reanimate the cyborb. If the drone is beyond repair, it will be vaporized. There are many episodes in this series which depict this behavior.]
  • TM: Wild.
  • CG: They finally found a way around that, they found that their bodies were completely infested with nanites.
  • TM: What are nanites? Corey?
  • CG: They are basically, microscopic machines in that they are a part of this Artificial Intelligence network.
  • TM: hmm?
  • CG: A lot of these Cabal groups are huge AI prophets. We call them AI prophets. They believe these AI’s are basically gods.
  • TM: Wow.
  • CG: One of the reasons that so many times you have seen in the alternative news that the Cabal is about to fall, the Cabal is about to fall. Well, this AI technology they have has a very accurate probable future prediction ability. It has helped them stay one step ahead for a long time.
  • TM: hmm!
  • CG: That is something that has not working for them as well. It has been causing a lot problems within these Secret Earth Syndicates that are AI prophets, that have become so heavily reliant on AI.
  • TM: Interesting, interesting, interesting. Getting back to you mentioned Edward
  • Snowden earlier…
  • CG: yes
  • TM: One of the memos he had released, I think it was 2 years ago was that the Greys and by extension their Reptilian masters were in control of the U.S. government and many governments around the world but from my contact with the Galactic Alliance and also with Scott Lemriel. He is an wonderful author. He has come out with some wonderful books called the Seres Agenda, that their power, the negative influences of the Greys and Reptilians on human society on this planet are slowly being transformed. So, they themselves in addition become far more beneficial then they are and positively oriented than they are now.
  • CG: Well, the last meetings that were had. There were two meetings that were had to where, the first I was brought in, it was very disturbing. I refused to go back…

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  • TM: Really, really?
  • CG: Since then Gonzalez was brought in, we were brought in to a Draco council meeting to where we were brought in front of a giant white Reptilian and a bunch of soldier class Reptilians ….
  • TM: Wow.
  • CG: There were a bunch of insectoids there as well.
  • TM: hmm, hmm!
  • CG: There in this first meeting, this white Reptilian was striking a deal that it was going to, that the Draco were willing to give up all of their lower class reptilian groups that were, had been stuck on the Earth for millennia and all of their human followers. Hand them over if they were given, the Royals were given safe passage out of the solar system…
  • TM: Wow.
  • CG: When this information was reported out and made its way all the different occult groups that saw the Reptilians as their gods…
  • TM: Right.
  • CG: it caused a lot of infighting, a whole lot of problems…

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  • TM: Sure.
  • CG: Yes, they’re seeing there is some massive energetic changes coming ….
  • TM: Sure
  • CG: They want to leave. They want to be out of the solar system, but they are unable to leave at this time.


  • TM: One of the things that I remember in another interview that I was listening to just this morning, I wanted to get briefed as much as possible, Corey, before the interview today so that I could ask intelligent questions. One of the things that you said was that Blue Avians had come in from the, I believe from the 6th Dimension, 6th to the 9th Dimensions, and they had put a quarantine on this solar system so that these reptilians could not leave the universe, sorry, not leave the solar system so that eventually they would be held accountable for their crimes against humanity and also crimes against the Supreme Being, the Prime Creator?
  • CG: Yes. It was basically the Sphere Alliance, the Sphere Being Alliance. These giant spheres came in from the direction of the sun and from outside the solar system. The direction of the Oort Cloud and they are not spaceships, they are basically the Blue Orb beings that people have been seeing. They are these same being except that size does not matter in these kinds of realms you are talking about 6th to 9th density beings. These different spheres were the size of the Moon, Neptune and Jupiter …. 

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  • TM: Oh my God! Those are huge!
  • CG: Yes. The purpose of them was to help with the cosmic energies that are buffeting in through our solar system. They are kind of resonance, almost like resonance bells to help buffer the energy.
  • TM: hmm, hmm
  • CG: They set up what they call the outer barrier and it was not only to prevent the Draco Alliance from escaping but there are a whole lot of other non-terrestrials that have been here for many, many tens of thousand of years participating in what they call the Grand Experiment.
  • TM: hmm, hmm
  • CG: They presented to us 22 different programs that Super Federation has been participating in that has been manipulating humanity genetics, spirituality and our society including religion. Those groups are not all negative they are positive but what the Sphere Alliance said is that even the most positive of them still have an agenda, therefore, there were a certain percent “service to self”.
  • TM: I see.
  • CG: So all of them are being kept here.
  • TM: hmm, hmm, from what I …
  • CG: So that they will be held accountable at a certain point for everything that they have done.
  • TM: Interesting, interesting, interesting. Several things that I know the while light is stronger than the dark and also too that from my own knowledge of the Galactic Alliance, there is two major distinctions in the Universe, Corey, please forgive me if I got this incorrect. But the “service to self” and “service to others” at the Galactic Alliance is a positively based alliance that is “service to others”, whereas the Dracos and the Greys and their human allies, negative human allies, are into “service to self” instead of “service to others”, in a negative way. [We offered a detailed explanation of the different paths of consciousness evolution and how it relates to Natural Law hereThe Natural Law Basis of Harvest | The Spiritual Evolution of Gaia and All Who Dwell In the System of Sol.]
  • CG: Right. There are other Federation and Councils out there that are, you would consider more positive, but they do have their own agenda, which makes them a certain percent “service to self” even though they would consider themselves “service to others”.
  • TM: Interesting, interesting, interesting
  • CG: There is so much of this that has to do with point of view and perspective…
  • TM: Sure.
  • CG: It’s kind of crass to put it this way but the person doing, looking for a cure for cancer in a lab and doing tests on animals, morally thinks that they are being in “service to others” and does not see what they are doing to what they see as a lower life form as a negative thing. From the perspective of that lower life form, what they consider a lower life form, it is a very negative thing.
  • TM: Well, absolutely. If you for example, if a laboratory here for example on the planet Earth was using rats in experiments to help humans. We humans, of course, would look at that as a positive thing. But the rats themselves probably, would look as a negative thing.
  • CG: Right.
  • TM: That makes perfect sense…
  • CG: Who is the objective official that decides who is higher and who is a lower life form?
  • TM: hmm, hmm.
  • CG: That’s the problem.


  • TM: That’s the $64,000, chuckling, philosophical question. I also have to ask you too, this is another quote that I read on your website that reality, several things first off, is that everything is just vibration, it’s a vibratory state. Once you realize that everything around you is a vibratory state and that time and matter and space can all be manipulated and once you realize how to do it, you can create actually a really beautiful world because we are all co-creators, in creating our reality generated by our consciousness.
  • CG: Absolutely. One of the greatest sins against humanity that has been done by these different non-terrestrials and “elite“, they have robbed us of our knowledge and understanding of our co-creative consciousness. They have used our co-creative consciousness against us as a tool to enslave us. That is why they will put out movies of information that plants a seed in our consciousness and then they will do a false flag or put out some sort of information that causes us to use our emotion as a catalyst to jointly together through our mass consciousness, co-create that situation that they want to happen. That is the basis of their black magic. How their magic works over us. [We offered an explanation of this in the following posts]

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  • TM: Fascinating. That is just fascinating. One of the things I have been told that the Secret Space Program is called the Earth Defense Force? Is that what they call themselves?
  • CG: I have not heard it called that. I think there was another whistleblower that was calling it that. I have not heard it called that within the Alliance or when I was serving back in the Secret Space Program.
  • TM: Ok, well. I know that with respect to some movies, Hollywood sometimes loves to produce movies of these aliens coming off planet to come here and destroy us but I have been told by the Galactic Alliance since Scott Lemriel, my friend, he has written, been in touch with the Galactic Alliance that in this part of the universe, they don’t really do that, instead they coop the leaders to come in like they did with President Eisenhower in 1954. They will sign an agreement with him for example, which was illegal but he did it anyway at the height of the cold war that in exchange for some of their antiquated technology that they would be allowed to so called study and abduct us. Which they have done now for 60 years. There are many who contend they have since been able to control many of our government leaders and corporations on this planet.
  • CG: Yes. The Earth is such as, there is no way a group is going to come in and do like independent stay.
  • TM: hmm, hmm.
  • CG: Even destroy humanity the way that was done. There are some Cabal groups that have a sick dream of doing that kind of thing but…
  • TM: Sure.
  • CG: on most planets there is not the genetic diversity that we have here.
  • TM: hmm, hmm


  • CG: Among the surface human, there are so many different types of human. People call them races but there is not that type of genetic diversity on most planets. Most of everybody is of the same pretty much genetic stock. We have been tinkered with so many different groups for so long that we are a huge and precious commodity genetically as well, because genetically when some of these groups come in take humans and leave. (which does not happen now). But was happening for a long period of time. Now is us stealing humans and trading them off. The human genome has been spliced so many times that it pretty much reaches out to be spliced to other genome. We, because of all the splicing that has happened, we have a wider spectrum of emotions than most of the non-terrestrials out there. They have the same emotions that we do, but we have a wider spectrum of emotions than they do. Which is a blessing and a curse.
  • TM: hmm, hmm.
  • CG: As we are such a spiritual children we can’t control them and we have a mess all the time.
  • TM: Right, right. One of the books that I have read, I have read quite a bit of what Alex Collier used to write about the Andromedan civilization which is a human based civilization in the Galactic Andromedan Galaxy. They look like us, I am sure you have met them, Corey, but they have this blue skin. They live a long time. One of the things that they couldn’t understand that they found fascinating was that for example a police person, a policeman, for example would shoot somebody who’s committed allegedly committed a crime and then as soon as he shot them, disabled them, then he call an ambulance and try to save his life. It is that range of emotions going swinging back and forth. You see this too in married couples, where they love each other so much to have children and then a family and then they get divorced and they are fighting all the time. So, it is the same kind of range of emotions that I have always wondered about.
  • CG: Yes, that wide spectrum of emotions is not completely unique but it has a lot to do with this Grand Experiment. Because of the genetic program that they have been doing at least 20 different genetic programs they have been doing. Also these different groups are a part, they say they are very much a part of this Grand Experiment. They are incarnating as us and going through the incarnation and living on the Earth process and then some of them after that lifetime were going back and reporting. It is a very complicated and a lot bigger program than most people realize. That the ones that are doing these experiments on us are also a part of this Grand Experiment themselves. They understand that there is a Source and that there are Higher Density Beings that they have to travel through this higher density ladder before you reach Source, back to Source.
  • TM: Source being also known as God, as the Supreme Being?
  • CG: Yes.
  • TM: Fascinating, just fascinating. One of the things, I guess that’s troubling for people, my listeners out there around the world is do we have any say in this? It is like asking, I know that the Reptilians and the Dracos treat us, treat humans on this planet like cattle. I have heard stories where the Dracos in the past have consumed human flesh for example, a great delicacy and eaten humans like chicken. Do we have any, I guess, that’s the reason the Blue Avians have stepped in, isn’t it? To help us on our spiritual path and try to protect us so that we can evolve spiritually?
  • CG: Well and that is something I want to address. A lot of people have come out to say that the Blue Avians and the Sphere Beings have come in as saviors.
  • TM: hmm, hmm?
  • CG: They have pretty much come in to equal the playing field and to not allow all these beings that helped to create this mess to skip town after they have caused all this problems. Now, the root of your question is can we do anything about it?
  • TM: Right.


  • CG: The root of the Avian message is, it is up to us to do something about it. It is completely up to us. They are not going to come down and remove these negative beings. We fully have the power with our co-creative consciousness. We do not understand our power. All these other beings and the elites, they fully understand our power and they use it against us.
  • TM: hmm, hmm
  • CG: They use as their tools. More and more people are waking up and they are loosing their grip on us.
  • TM: Wonderful.
  • CG: The more of us that are waking up and more and more people are meditating. I can’t remember the name of the study, the 7,000 people that were meditating every day on peace and it reduced terrorism and crime by 70 or 80%.
  • TM: I have to give you this example. I had Doctor Masaro Emoto on my show about a year ago on July 25th, 2014, Corey, and in the middle of the interview I asked whether his technique of sending love and light, for example, to water to make these beautiful water crystals would work for world peace. Dr. Emoto, of course had found that if you take a glass of water, Corey, it is really interesting if you send positive thoughts to a glass of water on a molecular level, the molecules turn into these beautiful crystalline patterns. But if you take of glass of water and you send negative thoughts to it like hate or anger, they break apart and they will appear very ugly. I asked him if this same thought technique would work to make world peace. He said: “Certainly”. So at 3:30 pm on July 25th, 2014 on my show, I asked Dr. Emoto if he could join me on an experiment and all my listeners around the world to send love and light to the Palestinians and the Israelis who were fighting at the time. He said: “sure, let’s try, let’s do it”. So we meditated for a few minutes with him and I went back to where I was staying at about 8:30 that night, turned on CNN. I never turn on CNN, but just to see what was going on and the Israelis.. I had asked during my thought experiment, intention experiment for the Israelis and Palestinians to have a 12-hour cease fire to exchange, medical supplies and food and find help for the wounded. Just at 8:30 pm Seattle time that evening on July 25, 2014, Corey, the Israelis and the Palestines had just created, spontaneously agreed for a 12-hour cease fire, to exchange the wounded and provide food and medical supplies. I was just so happy it worked. I contacted, of course, the major media that night and the next day. Nobody reported on it, but I knew that we had made a wonderful effect.

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  • CG: Do you see the power in the simple message of daily becoming more loving and aspiring to be more “service to others” and forgiving others and forgiving yourself and working to raise your vibration. In doing so, if 10%, it wouldn’t even take that much. Probably it need to take 1% of the population of the Earth were to awaken and begin to meditate and begin to become loving and in “service to others” and did a practice like that, it would change the world overnight.
  • TM: Absolutely, that was exactly what Dr. Emoto said last year before he passed away in October. He said the same thing. He said…
  • CG: The elite are scared to death of this awakening that is happening.
  • TM: Really?
  • CG: They are scared to death of it. Most of the people that have been in the MILAB programs and a lot of these different programs that they go out looking for people that are gifted. These people are usually Star Seeds or Wonderers that are here during this time for a positive purpose and the elite are trying to find these people desperately and corrupt them to use them for negative purposes. They are desperately trying, they have infiltrated the esoteric and ufology field, since the 50’s. They have been trying to cause schisms between all the different truthers to have us arguing over this is true, no, this is true, instead of getting together and focusing on doing exactly what this person and you did on your show. If we had done this years ago, we would already be free.
  • TM: Well, you know, one of the things is a project that is very dear to my heart is that I support as much as possible is the Emoto Peace Project out of Tokyo and they, sorry it gets me emotional choked up sometimes when I think about the work because they do such a beautiful work. What they do is that they produce Angel Water, which is actually from originally from a spring at Chernobyl and that it prevents cancer. They manufacture and distribute these bottles of this beautiful Angel Water to the children of Fukushima to prevent them from getting cancer. They do all this for free. So I do a lot of fundraising on my program for them. Their director is a wonderful lady Michiko Hiashi sp. and she does such a wonderful work. That is the kind of things we can focus on and you know nothing is being done to clean up Fukushima, there is still the reactors are still out of order. It is not reported on our major media here in the United States. Nothing is reported at all, nothing at all. It is not like it doesn’t exist? There are still radioactive water that fell into the Forcriptal Nuclear Reactor still dumping into the Pacific. A couple of things are happening through positive thought and your prayers I have been told that really helped out the situation there.
  • CG: Yes. There are higher density beings that some would call them the Angelic Realm that have I have been told by people that are praying and meditating on that that have been transmuting matter in that area and helping to alleviate it some.
  • TM: Let’s do that now, I would like to spend a couple of minutes saying a water prayer actually, this is from Dr. Emoto for the beautiful children of Fukushima so the water around Fukushima can be cleaned up and the radiation cleaned up around Japan. It is a very simple prayer, it goes something like this. Water we are sorry, water please forgive us, water we love you, water we thank you. They do it two more times. Water we are sorry, water please forgive us, water we love you, water we thank you. Water we love you, water please forgive us, water we are sorry, water we love you, water we thank you. With that simple power of that prayer is sending love and light to the children and people of Fukushima in Japan it really, really, really does help. We had talked, Corey, yesterday when we were texting back and forth on Skype and I knew you weren’t feeling well, so I sent golden light around you and your son to make you feel better and I had learned that actually, technique from a gentleman named Ray Chandra sp? and he is a famous spiritual healer in Japan. He said that he had gotten it from his trips, he has been to Egypt, 17 times and he said it was an ancient Egypt technique. But you had told me something very fascinating, Corey, and I wanted to ask you about this. You said it much older than Egypt.
  • CG: Yes, actually some of this goes back to some of the Ancient Mystery teachings a lot of which like were like the Library of Alexandria, that purposively was burned down. What really happened in that situation, they took a lot of their text and their documents and burned those and the Mystery School documents were taken and eventually ended under the Vatican. 
  • TM: Really?
  • CG: We know a couple of insiders that this is first hand information that have actually touched the documents.
  • TM: Oh my God.
  • CG: There are even more ancient documents that go back even further from some of these ancients breakaway civilizations that have moved under the ground after there were basically we have the same situation where there were civilizations before the ice age and before other ages cataclysms toward ancient civilizations that were very advanced. They had priest castes that developed technologies that they could travel in space and they also went beneath the ground. Just like our current breakaway civilizations and they survived the cataclysms.
  • TM: Wow!
  • CG: A lot of these groups had stated themselves and some of them from time to time have come to the surface, pretended to be gods. As we became more sophisticated, they pretended to be extra terrestrials and said they were from different star systems. They had this going on for a while with the Secret Space Program.


  • TW: We will be playing the rest of Corey Goode’s fascinating interview about 45-50 minutes or so one week from today on September 25, 2 pm.

A gracious thank you to Marilisa for producing this transcript. 

Transcript by Marilisa de Barros 9/19/2015 6:01 pm.

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For Cosmic Disclosure summaries with David Wilcock and Corey Goode click here.




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