Heavenletters – Doubt Leaves You in the Middle of a Forest – OCT 06 2015

Heavenletters – Doubt Leaves You in the Middle of a Forest

God said:

A great nagger in the world is Doubt. Doubt wears many faces. Doubt brings a whole array with it. Insecurity. Confusion. Conviction of whatever. Fatigue. Anger. Dismay. Dissatisfaction. Worry!

Beloveds, there may be no right decision. There also may be no wrong decision. Life is an experiment, remember?

What is doubt but wishy-washiness? Doubt likes to see you under its spell.

Doubt pummels you. Doubt is a wrestler, a boxer, a bully. Doubt undercuts you. Doubt ties your shoelaces together. It ties you up in knots. Doubt as a way of life is an error.

Not knowing is not exactly the same as doubt. Doubt tells you not to make up your mind. Doubt tells you to take forever.

Doubt dangles you. It diddles you. It runs circles around you.

Doubt niggles you. It is a tease, yet doubt is heavy-handed. We can’t call doubt a flim-flam because doubt is dead-serious about its self-imposed mission. I did not, definitely, did not choose doubt for you. Doubt will foist himself on you any day. Hey, doubt doubt.

Doubt will pursue you. It will run you ragged.

Doubt prevents you from taking a direction. Rather, you allow doubt to prevent you from taking a direction. Doubt says you are lost in a forest and don’t know which way to turn – can’t know which way to turn. What a fatalist doubt is.

Dear Ones, so what if you choose a direction today and change it next week? You went for something. Better to go for something than to chew your nails trying to decide which door to open. Look, sooner or later, you have to open a door to find out what is behind it. The Lady or the Tiger? Hey, both doors could have beautiful ladies behind them.

Choices are not like bones to chew and bury and then dig up and chew some more. Do not mix up the words chew and choose. Choices are not bubble gum.

Yes, doubt is a nag, and nags are hard to satisfy. That’s what the word nag means. A nag in the sense I speak now is someone hard to satisfy. Otherwise, nags wouldn’t be nags. They would be something else. A baseball player is not a football player. A nag is a nag is a nag. And doubt has been a nag forever.

What was the first doubt? To eat the apple or not? To listen to the snake or not? To trust or not?

The thing to do with doubts is to get away from them. Doubts, no matter how doubting, are so sure of themselves. Doubts are tireless in convincing you to stay with them. Whatever faculty a particular doubt represents, it won’t let you go. It will toss you backwards and forwards. Once a doubt gets its teeth into you, it’s doubtful you will get free.

Yet anything is possible. If someone can be debt-free, someone can be doubt-free. You can toss doubt aside.

I am not saying that you will be positive about every decision. I have seen you fiddle so much over decisions. You don’t have to stay on the see-saw so long. You will get on, or you will get off. Or you will put a decision aside for a while without stewing over it. You will come to lean more toward making decisions than going back and forth and back again.

You don’t have to take a stand. You don’t have to be quick, yet you certainly don’t have to be slow. You are not under pressure to make up your mind, yet you are asked to stop standing on the fence and jumping from one leg to another. No longer haggle with doubt.

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