Oct 13 2015 – The Multidimensional Expansion is as New to Our Soul as it is to US!! Imagine That!!!


BY | OCTOBER 13, 2015 · 8:50 AM

The Multidimensional Expansion is as New to Our Soul as it is to US!! Imagine That!!!

multidimensional self

Boy oh boy, what a difference taking a little time for yourself to completely unplug, makes!!  I felt like the energizer bunny from the first reading thru the last.  I like it like that, YOU deserve it like that!!

Straight from the first reading yesterday, a HUGE piece of information came thru that just dropped my jaw to the floor.  Can you imagine that everything we have discovered, have been able to do spiritually as well as physically, is simply the basics!!  A foundation laid over time, lots of time, to open to this incredible new moment in expanded time.  Let me explain the information that came thru yesterday and the expanded information coming thru now.

Do you remember when all eyes were on the timeline of december 2012, something HUGE was supposed to happen.  Everything was supposed to change in the realms of higher ascension energy.  Well, it did, but not really in the way most of us anticipated it would (we are so human at times lol.)

As we crossed the threshold from 2012 going into 2013 we tore open a higher energy system that has been filtering into our (earth) realm since that moment.  Higher quantities of Light, purer and purer energy for us to work with, assimilate to, USE!!  It also plopped our souls, deep on the other side of the veil, back into classrooms.  Higher education at the max all in preparation for this very time we are now (finally) in!!

Imagine, it took three years to filter this new energy into our realm so that the humans can assimilate to each intense release.  Our souls, deep in classroom lessons, learning how to use this never before energy system and create skills that in this plane of existence, within this particular field of energy, has never ever ever happened before.  So all of this is brand spanking new to our souls as well.  We are learning, experiencing for the first time, together (soul and human, soul mind, ego mind) and this really brings home the thing spirit has been saying for what… the last year or so??  No one can teach you what you came here to do.  Now I see why.  No one’s soul even know how any of this works, since its never been done before.

So if you have been feeling (for years even) you don’t know what to do, perfect!!  But equally, doing something, playing somewhere in the fields of spiritual ability has been crucial for the ongoing expansion, discovery that is now underway.

Let’s take something we have always really know before, that we ARE multidimensional Beings.  But what the hell does that really mean to us, and why is that so important to know/understand.  Well, looking at the depth of the new field and the constant focus on the middle atmosphere/multidimensional zone,  it now the now crucial we not only recognize this part of our Life, but learn how to use it like never before.  There is only one true way to access and learn with our souls how to work this new matrix now, and that is from the inside out, meditation.  Not just skimming the surface, breathing and waiting for something to show up, but interactive meditation.  As spirit says, if we are a rocket ship (and in our own right, we are) then all the controls are in the core of the rocket, within us and they have changed as we left September 2015 behind.  WE HAVE CHANGED!!  The earth herself has changed in ways we are about to discover, if we allow ourselves to fully realize what we knew, no longer is relevant to this massive shift we have been undergoing the last 3 years.

What I am finding so freakin kewl, going back to the classroom of our souls, how magical it is over there!!  Since all energy originates from spirits side of the veil, in their classroom, they easily take what is now on the earth realm to play and experiment before it is sent into the incarnates consciousness.  But then there is always that unknown variable… us (the incarnated ones.)  We must dump everything we thought we knew about everything on this side of the veil and start a new.  One thing coming to mind right now is the true depth/amount of dimensions there are.  Again, spirit says, they are uncountable.  We have told the story getting to here by using just a few numbers, the goal being getting to the 5th dimension.  That was fine and good and served its purpose, especially in relationship to the linear mind.  But now, it is truly the soul mind that is at the fore, and if you hand over what you think you know, you are going to discover amazing, unlimited things that are at your disposal to use.

Now lets switch, for a moment, to what we have been seeing this week in readings, with emphasis with the added addition yesterday.  Suddenly most everyone on the field is now standing on this spiraling energy (rotating counter-clockwise) system that spirit has said is just above our milky way.  This is the place in our galaxy where all the dimensions meet.  Little did I realize, there really is a spiral of energy at the milky way (hey, me science, remember lol.)  I found a wonderful website that really explains the milky way and this energy system within it:

The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy, about 100,000 light-years across. If you could look down on it from the top, you would see a central bulge surrounded by four large spiral arms that wrap around it. Spiral galaxies make up about two-third of the galaxies in the universe. [Infographic: Our Milky Way Galaxy: A Traveler’s Guide]

A Milky Way look-alike, NGC 6744
This picture of the nearby galaxy NGC 6744, a Milky Way look-alike, was taken with the Wide Field Imager on the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at La Silla.
Credit: ESO

Unlike a regular spiral, a barred spiral contains a bar across its center region, and has two major arms. The Milky Way also contains two significant minor arms, as well as two smaller spurs. One of the spurs, known as the Orion Arm, contains the sun and the solar system. The Orion arm is located between two major arms, Perseus and Sagittarius.

The Milky Way does not sit still, but is constantly rotating. As such, the arms are moving through space. The sun and the solar system travel with them. The solar system travels at an average speed of 515,000 miles per hour (828,000 kilometers per hour). Even at this rapid speed, the solar system would take about 230 million years to travel all the way around the Milky Way.

Curled around the center of the galaxy, the spiral arms contain a high amount of dust and gas. New stars are constantly formed within the arms. These arms are contained in what is called the disk of the galaxy. It is only about 1,000 light-years thick.

I do want to use a better picture tho… which actually now makes sense of the very specific area people are showing up on this spiral:


Even the place they say is the galactic core, is the very place I seen (yesterday) where the energy we are working up there is being sent down to the top of your/our bubble of creation.  I gotta giggle too at the place they deem “obscured.”  In one (holy Deja vu big time right now) of the readings yesterday, I seen her at the north-west quadrant (If we take this picture and put north on the right, west on top, south on the left and east at the bottom, that is my field layout) there was an interesting energy field spirit called our “future,” no longer stretching outwards but bunched up no bigger than I don’t know, 20 feet, going to my scale of vision, which sure does make seeing the “future” obscure now!! lol  Of course too, we are in such a new creation with it all, it doesn’t exist except for old records playing old songs.  Which many are still listening to, but we are setting up to change even that.

Also, this spiral is in the middle of the middle atmosphere, so I have a feeling, as we get proficient within this area, we will start to see what is above and beyond that too.  Not any time soon, there is too much to learn and apply just with what we have seen this last week!!  (Phew!!)

One of the bigger themes yesterday was bringing in various new energies from various dimensions.  Spirit kept using the analogy of baking a cake (easy for us to understand and relate to) and one dimension houses the flour, one the eggs, another the sugar and so on.  Our particular jobs are to access what is needed for our own creative desires and bring it in.  Ohhh earth itself, the oven.  So let me tell ya, if you think there are only, I don’t know, 12 dimensions, you’re going to be missing a lot of ingredients going forward.  Look at a spice shelf, the baking isle at a grocery story, lets says each one is a dimension that we will learn to access, tell the difference of, and bring that spice to earth to enhance and expand our super powers skills and assist others to discover themselves in new ways.

We are also going to get really familiar with our intergalactic selfs!!  Separate incarnations of our soul energy.  They are not us, we are human, in the earth realm and we really need to understand this first and foremost before we can go further.  Over the last easy, 10 years, so many humans identify, if not beg to return, to other versions of their soul incarnations, especially in the other realms of Life.  We are here to be joyfully, masterfully human.  There is not other place in all creation that exists like earth.  We will be introduced (and if you have done the superpowers course, you know this well) to other incarnations from other realms and dimensions of our soul energy.  Do not confuse it as being you.  Kind of like, my right leg is NOT my left leg, it has a different purpose and agenda of its own.  Altho it works in harmony with the body as a whole, it is uniquely separate.  Same with our soul incarnations elsewhere.  If you do not identify yourself as a human (example, lets say I identified myself as a Pleiadian since i know I have a soul incarnation there named Ahnorah) I have weakened the field of energy that is me in this realm, including my ability to use the very energy being shared with me, to my consciousness from Ahnorah.  There game is here on earth, we are masters of this earth going further than ever before in all of recorded history… including (which may sound weird) our future.  Imagine that!!

Geez, let’s talk about that for a moment.  Yes, from the moment we incarnated we laid out a path forward, energywise of experiences we would like to have.  The more we aligned with our soul and experienced ourselves beyond limitation/3D, we started to contract the path forward.  Meaning, lets say from the soul side, we had anticipated being able to fully use our third eye in all its capabilities by the year 2020, but we worked our ass off and achieved that lets say, by 2012.  Well that changed, condensed the things we had laid out in the future and brought it to now, allowing for massive alterations in our life’s program.

Ha!!  We have a tendency to quote and rest easy in many of the older/ancient masters sayings and they were so valid and so true getting to here.  But in their time, they could not see past Here, it didn’t exist in any conceivable notion and from their incarnation timeline, it didn’t matter.  They were set up to get us to here and Here we Are.  We are going to be the ones quoted in the future.  The new masters of the new earth!!

Well, this is enough for all of us to chew on today.  I have to leave space for the readings lol.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of mind-boggling joy and abilities to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html



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