Elmerf123456:  : The Planned Wedding Date……. Great Analogy

A man and woman meet and they fall in love. Eventually They decide to get married and discuss the wedding details , and eventually decide on a date and send out invitations to the chosen guest list.

However, Many years prior to the couple even meeting, a young girl has mentally planned her future Husband and visualized the wedding her entire life conceptualizing what her dress would look like the color of the flowers brides maids, maid of honor, Reception you name it covering all the details.

The only thing she could not visualize back then was the actual date of the wedding!

That’s very similar to the RV process. This has been planned a long time ago! the Big event all conceptualized and all the details laid out, including what the partners would look like, and who was to be invited on the guest list, eventually deciding on a date for the event. All that is left is the receiving of the invitation.


TennWolfMan: The RV train is already at the station–We are just waiting for it to stop so we all can get on board and start out on our new journey of living our lives to the fullest and paying it forward as we go. Oh happy day

RadBro :  The Washington Post just did a story about The Creature from Jekyll Island! THAT is one perfectly timed and placed where millions of people will learn about the illegality of our banking system! WOW, I think that knowledge will have a big BIG impact on our nation’s future!

surfergal :  oh, i read it too…that’s why i’m excited…go RV!!!!!
RadBro:  surfergal… I read it and it really tells the story. I sure don’t think it’s an accident that it was placed in the Washington Post. MILLIONS will read it … and that is a good thing for sure, yes that’s cool!

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Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#


Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, October 30, 2015.  Pam says, “Remember to set your clocks back this weekend.”  There is one more day left in the month, one more day to turn your clocks back at 2am on Sunday morning, one hour to get to the banks earlier.

There is someone on Twitter pretending to be Pam, some idiot without a life. I was talking to another ‘guru’ this morning who said I did a horrible job explaining the caps, whether they are in dinar/dong, and explaining how people get a contract rate.  He said that as he really thinks this is my last call, I should explain all that.  Not enough understand that, even after five years, so we should help them out.

I’m going to read you a text:  “Can we have new-or-seldom caller access to Tony. Shouldn’t have to wait two years to get on the line.  Or drop everyone and let them call back in. This IS First-caller Friday.  A lot of people will want to ask questions after the information.  There are 74 hands up with questions, and if you would please put your hands down so others can have turn. Please do that yourself, and otherwise, I will put everyone’s hand down so they can put them up again.  Isn’t that fair? If you want to give some newcomers a chance… I love everyone being here and all the accolades;  however, PLEASE have a question everyone can get a benefit out of. This may well be a our last call, for real, and I want to help as many people as I can.  So please don’t get on the call and just say how much you love all of us – we all appreciate that, but really, have a good question.  Pam only gives us an hour, although as this might be our last call, she might give us a little longer.  I’d like to find 404 first – she’s like Tony on the internet, some love her and some hate her, but she doesn’t ask good questions that pertain to everyone.

Here is the good part:  everyone still thinks this could be our last call.  We are looking at a 72-hour period or less in which we can very well see this. There is some sort of agreement to do it within that window, and this is the last time we have to go through it.  All the memos and rates have been put out with what people can expect this weekend:  bank presidents, VPs, managers, everyone involved in this process, globally, from the top to the bottom. Everyone is on high alert, everyone is being told this is happening in the next 72 hours.

The caps we have been talking are 20 million DINAR and 20 million DONG, and they only apply to the contract rate. The half-billion or billion cap on the zim is in US DOLLARS, and anything above that will be paid on a 20, 50 or 100 year contract.  As for the percentage of the contract rates available, we don’t want to give you the numbers but people are in place to watch that percentage.  It’s higher than I ever thought they would do!  I think it’s a fair amount so long as they do it.  How do you get the contract rate?  You ASK for it.  Say, “What do I have to do to get the higher/contract rate?”  If they say there isn’t a contract rate, ask what they can offer you.  What you negotiate depends on the amount of currency you have – specific currencies and the total of your currencies. I don’t see people having 100,00 to 300,000 USD getting the contract rate.  You can use all your  currency, and discuss how long you are willing to leave what percent of your money you are willing to leave in the bank to get that higher rate.  You’ll have to leave some of you rmoney in the bank anyway, and if ti’s going to be there anyway, make it part of your negotiating strategy.  I would rather leave my money somewhere and know it’s making some money than put it elsewhere with uncertain returns.  If I have a million dinar and the rate is $5, and they offer me $6 to leave it for a year, then I’ve already made 20%!

That’s the caps, contract rates and negotiation.  As for the 2% fees, I am willing to negotiate everything.  All my visions are long-term, and it’s all about getting the money upfront at the highest rate I can get for the longest time I can get.  Fees were set at 1-2% over a year ago.  A guy in Atlanta who was actually doing the exchanges said that he was willing to pay 1%;  he put that in the computer and it said “Processed”.  The bank guy didn’t know he could do that, but the person asked.  You have to pay attention and ask questions.

There is a commercial out there saying that they can run your credit and find out what they can do for you.  The gal said, “My credit score is 800+”.  She already knew.  You have to know what you know and then negotiate.  Some just don’t have enough to attract the contract rates.  Only you know how much currency you have in dinar, dong, rupiah, etc., so you have to work with that.

601 caller:  I thought I had lowered my hand.  Go to the next caller.

Tony:  That was really good – that guy was up there 1,247 minutes, the very first caller.

Jerry:  No, it’s not my first time, but I haven’t talked to you for a while. My best question is this:  Can you make a deposit in the bank, does the bank regard that as a loan to them?  I think that I read that somewhere.  Do they have to pay me interest if they hold my money for a long period, while it’s not at risk? They would have the money as a loan from me…

Tony:  You cannot deposit your money as a loan to the bank.

Caller:  If I gave them 20 million dollars for ten years, can I demand interest?  Will they then use that in the market… and what if they lose money?  I don’t care as long as I have a guarantee on my 20 million dollars and I don’t lose money and maybe get interest.

Tony:  They will offer you that as part of your negotiation.  They don’t mind offering that if you don’t take the money out during that period of time.

832 caller:  What determines the zim cap being 500 million or one billion?  What’s the payment structure on that?  Also, I’m too young for an annuity, so what do you suggest?

Tony:  The PTB decides on the zim cap and I haven’t heard the definitive word on that.  They will give you the rest over 20, 50 or a hundred years, and I don’t know if that is negotiable or not.

Caller:  The banks are only offering 1% interest, and some say they wouldn’t settle for less than 8-12%.  I’m not concerned on how it pays out.  You mentioned something about a WF platform…?

Tony: The banks were training earlier this month around higher payout programs for us. There are bank platforms and private platforms;  they pay out monthly or yearly, and you can decide your own payout.  You can Google all that, or ask the bank, or ask investment companies if they can get you to a legitimate platform. They are high-risk, high-reward, and there are more fraudulent platforms than legitimate ones.

Caller:  I tried to Google platforms when you mentioned it before and go nothing. So what exactly is a  platform?

Tony:  They are global trading/investing deals on a global scale, hundreds of millions or billions.  The best ones are inside bank, with attorneys and money wired to them.  Most are invitation-only, and probably the best payout you can get… which is why it is limited to certain people.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  I do hope this is the last official call.  I have accounts with WF, Chase and Bank of America, but no relationships with any wealth manager.  Is there anything you can recommend – what would be the best way to connect with a wealth manager, this late in the game.  When I ask about currencies, they just say that they don’t deal in that currency. So should I contact a wealth manager and say I have money coming in?

Tony:  The best thing is to leave your name and number and ask them to give you a call if they hear anything about the dong, rupiah, zim – nothing about dinar, not about the GCR, not about hundreds of millions of dollars, just some currency that you have coming through your business, and you will receive 1-5 million dollars.  All you want is for them to have your number when something changes.

Caller:  Is there one contract rate or multiple contract rates?

Tony:  There are contract rates.  In negotiating, they don’t have to give you that full contract rates – they can give you half of it, or a tenth of it.  Everyone who gets the contract rate might receive a different rate, and it would still be a contract rate.  By all means ask for the contract rate.  A long time ago, and also this morning, I was told by bank people that when you go into the bank and they give you a rate, have them print the rate off their screen.   The time it takes for them to make a few calls and go through their boss, and the rate goes down, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Get that screen shot printed out. We’ve gone through that multiple times with the rupiah, where the teller couldn’t believe the rate and by the time they checked, the rate had gone away. So get that printout as soon as you start talking to them.

Caller:  Is November 3rd still in the window?

Tony:  That is still a good date.  There are people involved in platforms who say there are only five platforms still taking new clients.  Today is the last day, and you need to have 100 million minimum.  But that is okay, because you will still have money next year.

352 caller:  “How can you RV without all those laws?”

There are so many, it seems like one at least will affect this.

Tony:  As I have said before, those laws are already passed.  They have been printed up, in the news, in the mosques, already passed.  Investment, Nation Guard and bank protection laws have all passed and been published.  All that is old news, someone who is not keeping up with the details and passing that on to you.  Iranian influence is still going to be there, because half of Iraq is influenced by Iran and that is not going to change.  The other half is influenced by the US.  Half of getting rid of ISIL is giving the Iraqis money so that they no longer want to go out and fight.  If we give them the good life they are fighting for, that will spread around.  ISIL’s main fear is that people will get to like democracy, milk in the fridge, bread in the cupboard, meat on the table and job they enjoy.  If they get all that, they are not going to want to go out in the streets, shooting other people.  All those laws have been passed and/or addressed.

Caller:  For those with reserves, what happened to the money we put in to hold those reserves?  Did it go to the Treasury, or where?

Tony:  All their accounts have been frozen, so they are stuck until that case is resolved, which could be the next ten months or the next ten years.  It could be released in 90 days and become a whole different set of problems.  What I would do is to monitor, see what happens because it will be out there.  Until then, take your money and make some money.

Caller:  I’m 84 years old, and for a guy my age, you certainly lessen the anxiety.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  That is what I was asked to come on here for – that it would take a week, and I knew more than most about what was happening.  It’s now 5.5 years later!

406 caller:  [whining]

tony:  A lot of people have texted me and Pam saying that it’s the same people on the call every time. The question line takes 500 callers, and 70-90 people raised their hands to say they have a question every time.  The system puts you in the order that people raised their hand.  Some have been on the phone for ten hours.  I try to be fair and go straight down the line.  But it’s the same people over and over and over, on hold three times per week waiting to get on the call.  Some people don’t think that is fair, because they work or for any other reason they cannot be waiting on the line for hours.

Caller:  Here is an idea – don’t open the question line until 30 minutes before the call starts.

Tony:  The system doesn’t let ME in until 15 minutes before the call.

Caller’s wife:  I saw that they are sending more people to Iraq and Syria…

Tony:  They are sending less than 50 troops to advise people on the ground. The Secretary of Defense said that some people will be put in harm’s way, like it or not.  Russia is putting troops into Syria for a reason, and so is Iran. They don’t want US influence in those areas, and we WANT influence in those areas.  So our first option is to put in advisers to think for the local people, and if that doesn’t work, those 50 will become 500 or even 5,000.  We are moving at a slower pace because of this season in the administration, so to speak.  If we send troops, we can change the direction…

208 caller: With the global reset, do you see the country’s debts will be forgiven?

Tony:  No.  Iraq’s debts were forgiven to boost the value of the dinar as the foundation of the GCR.

Caller: So with the dinar in the Treasury right now, will that be used to pay off the national debt?

Tony:  That happened during the Clinton administration.  Yes, it will happen with the next administration, but over time because otherwise it cannot be explained to the people. The debt is already being cut down, and people will see that the economy is better, business will pick up, etc.  It will make a difference without people realizing it’s a reset.

Caller:  Did the IMF make an announcement on this or not?

Tony:  I did hear that CL said something in Australia yesterday about a global reset happening, but that has to be verified.  \

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

574 caller:  [Appreciation]  I’ve followed you for 5.5 years and really appreciate all your do.  With the zim, we bought two 500 trillion notes, then five 100 trillion dollar notes.  Are they accepting 500 trillion notes?  Nothing beats a failure but a try.

Tony:  I suggest you take them with you to your exchange.  My understanding is that thye are exchanging in 100 trillion dollar increments.  We know that the 50 trillion and 100 trillion notes will be exchanged.  I imagine they will take a 500 trillion note, but I haven’t seen those myself.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

919 caller:  What makes you think that this is for real?  I really hope this is it!  It’s a grieving process if this is the last call, but … what makes this different?

Tony:  I would look at the actions and the lower level of the information coming out.  I know they would wait until the last moment to talk to those people because they would walk off the job!  The meetings taking place… it’s all done… there is nothing holding this back, judging by the positions they are in. The dates are falling closer together.  Not least, I just hope to God this is it!

Caller:  I will miss your voice but don’t mind filling that gap with money!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

772 caller:  I’m really pleased this is finally bearing fruit.  The types of interest rates on offer for these levels of money, have you heard what those might be?

Tony:  I know it’s higher than normal and that’s why they have been training them on who to offer the new programs to – the VIPs they are anticipating. I didn’t hear what interest rates would be offered exactly, or whether it will be daily, monthly or yearly.  Remember, it’s all negotiable.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  or Raleigh, Raleigh, Raleigh!

718 caller:  How are they counting the money up.  Do my dinar have to amount to a certain amount before or after?  I mean, regarding the cap.

Tony:  If you get the contract rate, you can only get 20 million DINAR at the contract rate.  I think the dong might be 50 million DONG at the contract rate.  That’s so that they can spread out the contract rates.  For zim, there is no contract rate;  the cap there is on 500 million (or possibly one billion) in US dollars.  The manager who told me about this said that they are being told they can give out X amount to X number of people.  They then get to decide who to give that to, and how much.

Caller:  So if I receive 20 million dollars, I should set aside 10 million for taxes.

Tony:  That is what I would do, and I would then put five million to work for my future, my children’s future and my legacy.  I would take five million and pay off debts and what I need to live;  I would put the remainder to work.  If I don’t need the whole ten million for taxes, I put the rest to work.  I then use the money I’m making off that money to live on.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  RV, RV, RV!

916 caller:  Why do you keep ignoring that the RV cannot happen until the reconciliation conference happens in mid-December.

Tony:  So it cannot happen before then?  And you know this how?

Caller:  Ask your friend Winston.

775 caller:  I was reading an article about the Russians contracting with a Zimbabwe for a platinum mine.  The US seems to be furious and threatening sanctions.  What impact might that have the exchange?

Tony:  Hopefully we’ll have exchanged before then.  I don’t know what those sanctions might be, and I don’t know that they would affect the GCR either, just Zimbabwe.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  God bless us all!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

843 caller:  I’m at a loss for words.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

702 caller:  Can you elaborate on what that guy was trying to say?

Tony: No, because I don’t know what he was trying to say.

Caller:  Can you go over the ‘sweep program’ at the bank?

Tony:  I can, but it doesn’t benefit you, it only benefits the bank.  You don’t make money off of it unless you buy a bank.  It’s a program where the bank makes money nightly.

409 caller:  They issued some new cards in the US about a month ago;  did you hear anything about that?

Tony:  Yes, they issued the new ‘chip and pin’ cards;  that had nothing to do with the RV.  Those are about the banking system, security and hacking, not the RV itself.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Hopefully this is our weekend.

540 caller:  Are we still supposed to ask for IQN rather than IQD?

Tony:  I don’t know if I want to open up a can of worms here.  Say this:  “Can you give me the rates on the IQD and the IQN so I can decide which I want to exchange?”  Take the better rate.  I just gave you a very good inside tip without being blatant about it.

Caller:  Is China pushing this to go thorough?

Tony:  I think that everyone is now willing to do this. We’ve been hearing China doing this and that for five years now, but China is not making the US do anything.  They are all agreeing to do this at a certain time, and I think this is it.

832 caller:  [Appreciation]  It’s been long, hard work.  My husband died two years ago.  When they talk about investing starting at 100 million and then going out for generations… I have retirement, and I have a mission to take care of before I leave, and I also want to set something aside for my kids and grandkids.  How can you be reassured that they are giving you the best they can?

Tony:  If you get to a 50 or 100 year payout, you have a whole lot of money, so money should not be a problem for you at any point.  If they give you a 20, 50, or 100 year payout, you can always sell that payout for cash up front and let someone else deal with that.  Of course they buy them at a discount, so you have to negotiate that  point.

Caller:  Can you explain that in a little more detail?

Tony:  let’s say I get 20 million dollars a year for the next fifty years – the total would be a billion dollars. There are companies out there who will buy that billion for 400 to 600 million upfront.  You may have to pay taxes, as well.  But you may want to do that anyway because you only have five years to live.  Or you can structure that payout to take of your family for the next 50 years.

Caller:  Why wouldn’t they offer a different payout structure for people ready to retire rather than people in their 20s, say?

Tony: Because it’s a cookie cutter approach that is easier for the banks doing the exchange.  It’s based on bank policy rather than being based on people’s circumstances.

Caller:  I’m talking about investments, not structured payouts as such.  I hear you saying that if people leave the money at the bank for 10, 20  or 30 years.

Tony:  I thought we were talking about zim – over the cap, they will pay out the rest over 20, 50 or 100 years.  The BANKS may offer you a higher rate if you are willing to leave some  in their bank.  That is a completely different issue.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam is sending me messages to get off the phone.

Pam:  We had a couple of questions for you to address:  you say banks have compiled lists of people to call, but the exchanges might be at different locations,  How can I verify that the person is calling from the bank?

Tony:  If the bank calls me, it should be someone I’ve already talked to or they can give me a number that I can take to my local branch and verify it’s someone in their system.  That will also give me a location. They can look that information up at any branch, fi you get that call and you don’t already know that person.  It should be from someone you know or the branch where you bought that currency.

Pam:  My understanding is that they are not going to send you to somewhere without any signage, or in a bad location.  They will give you something you can drive by or verify.  Tony and DC have given you every scenario we have heard about;  take your time, and you’ll know what to do. Don’t set your hair on fire before your exchange – after is okay.

RayRen: Continue to enjoy Fantabulous Friday.  We’re ready – or if not, get ready now!

Tony:  Again, no bad information.  Everything and everybody around the world that we have talked to have said, “You better be ready because this is going”.  The target time is definitely between here and Monday and I’m hoping it actually happens this time. We’re geared up, the banks are geared up, and people came in early this morning because they thought it would happen this morning.  I anticipate making a call before Monday with some kind of direction or celebration.  We are watching what they are doing behind the scenes and the  level of exposure with their staff, and what they are expected. Tomorrow is the last day of the month, so let’s see what happens!  Enjoy the rest of your day and let’s hope it is the super-super-fantastic day we have been looking for.

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SkiRacer: LESSON 3: Your Appointment Updated, 30 OCT

Note: Not all steps will fit all situations…..Please Use what fits your situation and be sure to consult professionals if you have questions.

SkiRacer:  LESSON 3:  Your Appointment  Updated 10/30/15

Making the Appointment

Once we get the  800 numbers from Tony (Or EMails ) it will mean the RV has finally happened.  If you want anything but the international rates for either dinar or dong you must call the 800 number to make your appointment.

Info to have on hand for the call:

•    your name,
    •    your zip code (i.e., zip code where you want to CE),
    •    an email address, (see below)
    •    the number of dinars AND dongs, AND ZIMs, etc you want to exchange,
    •    and the bank you want to use (Chase,  Wells, TCB, USBank, etc.).

Dial *67 before calling the 800 number to block your telephone number from the call center.


    •    Each and every adult exchanging dinars will need their own private appointment, although married couples may possibly go together. You are permitted to bring an advisor with you. You may not bring someone along who intends to exchange their dinar at your appointment and pretend they are your advisor. If you have an LLC into which you are exchanging, that is a new and separate name and requires its own appointment as I understand it.

    •    The zip code you provide is the zip where you wish to exchange. If you are on vacation you likely will not use the zip code of your residence, but where you happen to be on vacation, or the zip code in a neighboring town where you’d rather have your personal business known instead of at  home. Whatever your reason, provide the zip of where you want to exchange.

    •    Your email address should be one that you will delete immediately after the exchange.  The bank will want to keep in touch with you and be paid to sell your information to whomever is willing to pay.  So protect yourself now.

    •    You need to give the number of dinars AND dongs, etc you have to exchange. We may get other instructions with the package that you need separate appointments for different currencies, but have the info tidy and available to “go with the flow” on the call if needed. If you and a spouse or child are splitting the dinars give the number you want to exchange at THIS appointment.

There was some concern about only one appointment ever, but I think the UST has relented on that, but the full package will explain that definitively I am hoping.  TO be safe you should probably report the maximum you might exchange so you are given to the proper level bank. (Not every branch has the same  limits). We know nothing about CE Centers or if they even exist!

    •    There are caps to get contract rates: 50M dinars, 50M dongs, $500M US $ in exchanged ZIMs.  I am unaware of caps at the international or market rates.  Contract rates are still available and available to more people than Tony ever thought possible!

    •    BE prepared to provide a phone number if asked, but I advise you to give a
throw-away phone number to protect your privacy.

    •    Write down the appointment time, place, address, date. Verify it back to the agent. Then put it in your cell phone calendar, post on your fridge, put up signs so you do not miss it!


•    2 picture IDS, one being a passport or other proof of citizenship should you be asked. A birth certificate could also work. YOu still need 2 picture IDs.

    •    Your bundles of dinar and dong, etc.  I suggest you bundle them by type of currency, where obtained (bring your Certificates of Authenticity if you acquired them from a dealer such as Sterling, a receipt if from a bank or FOREX, etc.)  You do not need your gift letter; that is for the IRS to substantiate the date upon which you acquired the currency. I advise you to label each bundle, the amount of currency within, and ID each bundle.

 I used an Excel spreadsheet showing the “packet ID” (my made up ID to reference my spreadsheet line), proper number of currency type (e.g., 1 25000 dinar note or “50,000d #5-10,000 dinar notes”),  when acquired, from where, what bank it is going to and the account number into which it goes, and what that account is for in the future (i.e., taxes, paying off bills, conservative investment, Mother Lode, charitable trust, etc.).

    •    Blue pen so your signature on paperwork is identifiable as original
    •    a calculator
    •    Paper
    •    Reading glasses if you use them
    •    The amount of cash you want to walk out of the bank with. I advise against $9,999

because it is not likely the bank will be able to have so much hard cash on hand, even if they are anticipating a huge demand. Be more realistic. Maybe $1000 will do?

    •    IF you plan to CE into a business entity, gather the documents showing the legal name, tax ID, letters of incorporation.  (I suggest opening the accounts prior to the appointment.)

Put all this into some kind of envelope or carrier. I used a Fed Ex envelope because I had one handy.  Some of you may need a briefcase!  God bless you!

I advise against getting cashier’s checks at the time of your Currency Exchange.  Just complete the CE and get all your receipts organized.  Getting cashier’s checks is a usual trip to the bank.

TO DO before Your Appointment but after making it

•    Drive to the appointment site to check routes, timing, parking, etc.

    •    Get online and find out what the rates are internationally on FOREX, Oanda.com, CBI, etc. so you are prepared.

    •    Call your chosen bank and ask their Foreign Exchange department what the contract rates are for US and China for dinar and China for dong, etc, both high and low.   Then ask these questions:

    ◦    Ask the bank if there will be a bank contract to sign and if you can see it ahead of time to study it.

    ◦    Ask what the fee will be.

    ◦    Ask what the rates you will be offered will be.  Know what to expect and press the bank for the highest one you have heard about in the package info.  Get their name and note the date and time you obtained the info.

Make some decisions:

    •    Will you take an advisor with you?  (You shouldn’t really need one.)

    •    Will you take a higher rate in exchange for your leaving a percentage of your money with the bank for 6 months, 1 yr, or 2 yrs?  The rates may go up by $1 per dinar for each of those time thresholds and the percentage amounts may change as well.  KNOW what you’ll do and what is acceptable to you.

    •    At what level of $ per dinar will the NDA be worth it to you to take the contract rate?

    •    Do you need any “Proof of Funds” letters? If so in what denominations and how many?

    •    Remember you can move money to an account with checks and just pay things off via check.    I HIGHLY recommend that you have one account that you call the Mother Lode account where most of your funds are kept; this account will have NO internet access, limited teller access, no checks, etc.  Then you move funds to other accounts that do  have printed checks and from here you pay off mortgages, student loans, etc from this secondary account.  You can track all movements of funds from the Mother Lode to where and for what purpose historically.

    •    Do you want to add “all rights reserved without prejudice” above your signature? Research that now and decide.

    •    Know if you will allow your currency to leave your sight and under what circumstances. Do you need a signed receipt by teller and manager or is teller sufficient?  Will the receipt  indicate how many dinars and dongs?

    •    Try to think about all the things that might come up.


•    I am worried about all the forms they want me to sign and they normally do it all electronically now. They shove the screen in front of you and say, “Sign here. It just says you are who you say you are.” I do not believe a word of it! I ask for a printout of what I am to sign, I read every word, THEN I  have them initial each and every page and to certify in writing that my printout is indeed what I am signing electronically.  Only THEN do I sign the paperwork and then I instruct them to copy it for themselves and for me, duly signed by both sides.


•    Rehearse what you will say during your CE. Do it in front of a mirror to practice looking professional and “worthy.” 

    •    Practice asking for the contract rate, asking to see their screens, asking for a printout of this screen as a kind of guarantee of a rate; do not be taken in by the bewilderment of your teller, nor let them run off for several minutes; ask for them to printout the screen, give it to you, THEN run off if necessary.

    •    KNOW what you will do if they tell you they are sending your currency away for a week and KNOW what your response will be.

    •    KNOW what you will do if they say their rate is $X and you expected twice that ($2X).


  •    Plan what you will wear to the appointment and make sure it is at the ready (cleaned, pressed, etc.) down to the color of socks and jewelry.

    •    Make an appointment with your CPA, tax attorney, and wealth manager.

    •    Practice your words and calmness. Behave with dignity but be firm.  This is not the time for humor or  jokes, but it IS the time for premeditated action.

    •    Make up a story for how you came to have money to tell “the world.” It can be anything but the truth! “I had a long term investment that finally came through” is simple enough.

    •    Put that bottle of champagne into the fridge


•    Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

    •    Take your prepared envelope or briefcase with packets, account numbers, pen, calculator, IDs, glasses,

    •    Show up well ahead of the appointed hour to accommodate traffic, parking, moments to gather yourself, say a little prayer, etc.

    •    Practice being gracious and look like you know how to have money.

    •    BE specific:

    ◦    “I am here to do a currency exchange for my Iraqi dinars and Vietnamese Dongs”
    ◦    “Would you be kind enough to give me the IQD rate and then the IQN rate so I know which one I want.  Similarly with the VND and VNN.”   Write this info down on the paper you brought.

    ◦    Verify the rate at which you will be transacting.  Ask to see the screen to see if there are higher rates available and ask for one if you see it!

    ◦    Summarize what you plan to do:  “Please give me all of the account balance in cash (or cashier’s check) and a receipt showing a $0 balance for these accounts.” (present the list of accounts)  Use multiple accounts so you do not mix asset-backed funds with non-asset-backed funds in case this becomes important, i.e. Dinars go into a different account from dongs, etc. There is info that only the dinar currency needs to be isolated.

    ◦    “Then we will do the CE. Then I want a receipt after the CE showing the new balance in each of my accounts please.”

    ◦    “I have a list of accounts here where I will be depositing these funds. How do you wish to proceed?”

    •    Be clear and concise.

    •    Take your time. Do NOT let them rush you through one of the most important business meetings you will ever have. Be patient, calm, controlled, and firm.

    •    Read absolutely everything in its entirety before signing it.

    •    You will likely be given an NDA if you are taking the contract rate. Ask for a copy and stand there and read it carefully. Ask questions if  necessary. Get them to sign & date the copy you will keep. Then and only then should you sign the NDA. God willing we will see a copy ahead of time after the package is released.

    •    Ask for a copy of everything else you have signed at the exchange.

    •    Don’t forget your copy of every receipt of each transaction that has occurred.

Then go home and open that champagne and welcome to your life of silence! Say a prayer of thanksgiving, for guidance, and for Tony and DC & their gang.

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Highlights of Tony’s conference call.   Updated as the call progresses.  

               REMEMBER to Turn Your Clocks Back This Weekend.  Don’t want to be late to the bank on Monday.

Tony:  Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!  One more day left until we have to . . . roll our clocks back.  

Another famous Guru told Tony this morning he thought this would really be Tony’s last call and that he did a really bad job of explaining caps and how to get contract rates, so Tony will go over that again today.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Agreement in place to do this in a 72 – 96 hour or less window. . . thru Monday.

Tony: . . . Because of memo’s put out, rates out and . . .bank and wealth managers involved.  Everyone on high alert and standby to see something happen.  Globally all saying the same thing from the top to the bottom which usually doesn’t happen.

IRAQ:    Only Iraq’s debts were forgiven to increase the valuation of the dinar.  The GCR will not give debt forgiveness to other countries.



  • IMF, Director Cristine Legard was heard as saying last night in Australia that GCR would go into effect after market close today. Tony heard this from two different people.
  • Zimbabwe:  The US is threatening sanctions against Zimbabwe for entering into a contract with Russia.  Tony hopes we will have exchanged already before this can have an effect.
  • China:  Tony: I think everyone is pushing this (to go through).
  • PLATFORM INVESTING is money/opportunities traded on a global scale.  Only 5 platforms taking new clients and that ends tomorrow.  Minimum 100 million and by invite only.
  • Rates:  No rates mentioned today.


  • Bank training this month involved products with higher than normal interest rates and special opportunities for high net worth clients.  Tony:  They did this just for you guys. . . Trained on who to offer it too. Told new VIP or elite customers about to join us. . . new programs being designed and implemented strictly for you guys. 
  • Bank calls you:  If this is someone you don’t already know or have talked with you need to get their information and call your bank for verification.
  • CAPS:   The cap is on the currency, not the amount you exchange for.  On Dinar and Dong it applies only to the contract rate for each. Caps is 20 million for Dinar and 50 million for dong.  Expect structured payments with 20, 50, 100 year contracts.   
  • ZIM: cap at 500 Million or a BillionUSD. ZIM payout will be structured over 6 months, two or five years.  Tony: Take all your notes (regardless of 50 Trillion or 100 Trillion) to the exchange. My understanding there were exchanging in 100 Trillion increments. Two 50 Trillion equal 100 Trillion.  (Tony talked about CAPS at the first of the call so suggest everyone listen for themselves or read the verbatim transcript under the heading of conference calls on the home page of TNT Forum.)

luckycharm posted below:Tony has said multiple times, he would never take a structured settlement on the ZIM, he would rather give the extra away to friends, family, neighbors, strangers etc. Who knows how long the banks will honor that payment structure, or how long they will be around.

  • Selling Your Payout: Tony gave example of receiving 20 million a year for Billion dollar payout.  There are people/firms who will discount your payout but give you all the money now.  So instead of receiving a billion over say 20 – 50 years  you would receive 600 million now.  Remember you will pay taxes on that 600 million in the tax year you take the money.
  • Bank fees set at 1%-2%, negotiable.
  • Contract Rate:  You get the contract rate by asking for it.   Tony:  I don’t see those with 100,000-300,000 getting the contract rate.
  • ASK to Exchange IQD or IQN:  Tony said the best way to do this is ask for the rates on both and then pick out the best rate and say that is the one I want to exchange.

EXCHANGING:  When they show you on the screen the bank rate, get that screen shot printed out.  By the time they check with supervisors, get approvals the rate may be gone and because tellers are questioning the rates.


PAM:  Tony and DC for over two years have given you every scenario/possability we have heard about. Take your time, think about it. You’ll know what to do.

RAY:  Enjoy this fantabulous Friday.  Finally going to see it Friday.  Time will tell.  You might as well be ready.  Enjoy your weekend.

TONY:  No bad info.  Don’t care what anyone else says.  Everyone around the world we talked to said, better be ready.  It is going.  I‘m hoping and praying.  Target time is within next 72 -96 hours.  Between here and Monday.  Hoping it actually happens this time.

We geared up for it.  Banks geared up for it.  People on standby.  People went in this morning because they thought it would happen already.  I anticipate making a call to you before Monday.  Celebration.  Something. 

Not paying attention to what they are saying so much but what they are doing.  Level of exposure they have opened for themselves this week.  Tomorrow is the last day of the month.  Let’s see what happens.  Enjoy your day.  Going to enjoy mine.  Hopefully it is the Super, Super Fantastic weekend we have been looking for.

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If I say, it is pompear .. If you say other out, then it is buenisimoooo … !!! … We continue our baaahhhh IN VICTORIA … !!!

China prepares to surprise the world … !!!!

After another wild week of trading in global markets, today one of the major fund managers in the world told King World News that China is preparing to surprise the world ….

see more

China Is Preparing To Shock The World – King World News

After another wild week of trading in the global markets, today one of the top money managers in the world Told King World News That China is preparing to shock the …



Si lo digo yo, es pompear.. Si lo dicen otros afuera, entonces es buenisimoooo…!!! baaahhhh… Seguimos nosotros EN VICTORIA…!!!

China se prepara para sorprender al mundo…!!!!

Después de otra semana salvaje de la negociación en los mercados globales, hoy uno de los gestores de fondos más importantes del mundo contó con King World News que China se prepara para sorprender al mundo.

Ver más

China Is Preparing To Shock The World – King World News

After another wild week of trading in global markets, today one of the top money managers in the world told King World News that China is preparing to shock the…


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Aggiedad77:  Family….last night’s “DESSERT” notes…..enjoy   Aloha    Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Thursday Night CC “Dessert” Notes

Frank26:  I have some things to tell you, but what if I didn’t, can I say good night now?….Ok, let’s get started.

It’s kind of silly for me to tell you that you would see two things at the end of our investment

Life on Mars….and water on Mars….how do I know that….and Hillary would be there at the end…how do I know that.

We’ve told you over and over again, the President of America…the last time we did this was in Kuwait and the president was Clinton. Clinton didn’t do jack. Find me something he did and I’ll applaud it.

That is why his wife will finish what he did not, if she is elected.

Let me give you a third thing, read the “Book of Eli” or see the movie. He travelled from the east to the west with a woman by his side who carried his things. He sought an island in the Pacific, him in white….he only communicated in dots.…when they opened his book they understood.

It turns out history is repeating itself, Congress along with Obama have landed a budget deal, but it has been 12 years at least, month after month the US has no budget.

We keep limping along and say that we will declare “this money” for the budget for next month….but we need a budget for the year. Besides Mars and besides Hillary, besides the Book of Eli, that our budget would be settled at this time is beyond all of this.

Clinton managed to balance the budget and more just before he left office…..how did he do this?

No one realized we go into wars to make money. We started to take democracy where the real money is at.

Jack Lew was in charge at that time with what happened in Kuwait. Lew spent nearly a year in Iraq with the CBI and Dr. Shabibi….he said here are the mistakes we made before with the currency….please don’t make these same mistakes again.

IMO…it will come out at 1:1…then free float up to the $4.20 range within a year.

UNCLE, I give up…..the Pentagon is now officially talking about troops in Iraq…timing…..the US budget that hasn’t been balanced in a long time is about to explode, the same way it happened with Clinton just before he left office.

IMO…you will now see President O go to the Middle East…..timing…..just my opinion.

Sitting on my blue couch….maybe he will go to Qatar or Saudi Arabia and check out the oil situation. When did he go to the ME? When first elected and embarrassed himself bowing to kings there. IMO….he will go to these countries but pay attention to the timing.

Indonesia was with President O last week. When they left their Rupia went up in value a little bit. You know why? IMO…..what we are seeing take form now….is a new federal reserve.

We will always be in bed with them….but a new one is being formed. IMO…..each country must now rely on its own currency….from now on….no more loans, no more borrowing….no more credit.

Yesterday we told you about the National Unity Card replacing the Ki Cards….pay attention to the wording because the new coalition that has brought this Unity Card has created a new unity in Iraq….giving the citizens this Unity Card.

Will leave you with one more thing…..

We were waiting for a second phone call to come in but it did not come in….I’ve made the decision to tell you about this by removing the identity of what I’m about to tell you.

This information is exciting…..let me state it this way…..right about now…..oil companies are reporting to their investors and backers on earnings…..they are doing the second and third quarter earning reports.

When a very large oil company held this meeting….one of their backers….a large US bank…..at this meeting says…..can we have our report on the “contracts from Iraq”…..the oil people said….NO….sorry we have no report because what should have happened these last months did not…..this is on this company’s public website…..just painting something abstract.

This is our conference call, please take it to God in prayer.

Family, KTFA, when the USA builds the something….like they have built in Iraq…..they will come….the world will follow the US….first this is recorded in history….and will be recorded in the next future.

Dismissed with a prayer.

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Coffee with TerryK and Mac 10/30/2015 9:57am edt

terryk:  Morning pam
terryk:  az
terryk:  looks like a late night for many
terryk:  all sleeping in
terryk:  morning room
terryk:  yabba
terryk:  jann
jannilew:  Yes  
jannilew:  feeling a bit like kids in the back seat of a long road trip: are we there yet?  
terryk:  morning tina
arizona49:  Morning TK sorry, page froze had to shut down and reboot
terryk:  cool morning az
terryk:  yea janni and I have to say sit down
terryk:  not yet
majicsmoke:  good morning all 
terryk:  hey majic
majicsmoke:  hi ya terryk
terryk:  happy Friday everyone
yabba dabba:  good morning just got coffee amen
jannilew:  Friday!
terryk:  so Mac sleeping
jannilew:  saw the article about Maliki refuting the charges against him. Think that’s part of the hold up?
arizona49:  mac Good morning 
mac:  WOW! Mustve not had enough quarters, took me five minutes to get here…. haha
mac:  Mornin AZ thanks for the joe…
terryk:  someone told me long ago that Saturday night is the night by choice…don’t know where he got that guess because of Sunday
arizona49:  Glad you made it in
terryk:  hey mac
mac:  Mornin TK!
mac:  Jann, I just read where MP Zamili is urging Maliki to surrender himself to the judiciary to prove his innocense or guilt. DOes that sound like a hold up?
terryk:  yea but m is insisting he is still vp
jannilew:  Ooooooo I like that! (I think) ??
mac:  Dang COlorado’s not on when I need him.
yabba dabba:  they have over 150 pages and pictures of m exploits yikes
arizona49:  Maliki declares adherence to the position of Vice President of the Republic: We made ​​a complaint to the Federal Court .. Stressed the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki that the posts of Vice-President of the Republic has not been canceled and is still in the process of discussions, he returned Prime Minister’s decision to cancel Haider al-Abadi those positions as “unconstitutional”, as he pointed to file a complaint with the Federal Court in this regard. Maliki said that “the posts of Vice-President of the Republic has not been canceled and is still under discussion and legislation because it is a constitutional issue,” pointing out that “the President of the Republic can not maintain itself without deputy and at least one as stipulated by the Constitution and the law.” He added that “the decision to dismiss the Vice-President of the Republic is unconstitutional and we went to the judicial channels,” noting that “the House of   Representatives complained and found the case in the Federal Court, but did not eliminate his rule issued so far.” Maliki said that “reform packages is not the legal force”, noting that “the House of Representatives when he authorized the prime minister on condition that the reforms are not contrary to the law and the Constitution.” The prime minister Haider al-Abadi decided in (9 August 2015), the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister “immediately”.http://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sandbox=0&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http://www.khabaar.net/index.php/permalink/53110.html
arizona49:  The man just won’t give up and bury himself in the sand….like someone else did
terryk:  so not much for news today Mac u see that
terryk:  guess they did do holiday yesterday
mac:  Jann, again, its perspective. Is M a problem? Yes. He is a lawyer by trade so cornering him legally take an air tight case. Air tight cases take time. Does the RV hinge on this? No. Not with all the the global economy is doing
jannilew:  So which of those 3 letter outfits is it? BIS, IMF, CBI….?? In your Opinion, I mean.
mac:  Yeah TK they did have their holiday, although I did see where one MP was saying “Hey, its raining the internet doesn’t work when this happens, lets have our meeting and discuss other items we can work on” I had to doublecheck it was an article from Iraq.
terryk:  really?
mac:  Yep.
terryk:  to funny
mac:  Jann, even if we knew which one would that tell us when?
jannilew:  true…. oh well….
terryk:  i bet all three are waiting on each other
mac:  TK, noticed how the news flow got down to nothing since TUesday and the investment law?
terryk:  think we need to send janni over to solve this
jannilew:  I’ll knock some heads together like Moe does to Larry and Curly
arizona49:  She’d get er done, she is a spitfire 
terryk: laughing
mac:  Jann, its a process. With this one there are many facets, Maliki included. When the facets are complete whomever says, GO and we go.
yabba dabba:  bring the good curly not the bad one
arizona49:  mac it has been very quiet from over there
mac:  Yes, I’m trying to glean anything out of the articles, like squeezing the last drop off juice out of an orange…
Terryk:  so what’s up with this new currency article
terryk:  did u see it
mac:  Yes. Isnt this where it magically appears?
arizona49:  In the parliamentary economy by proposing the introduction of new currency to deal with economic crisis   >>>> He suggested that a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, the introduction of new currency to address the crisis Alaguetsadah.oukal Abdul Salam al-Maliki, told all of Iraq [where], “What emphasize it is that the plans laid down by the state in connection with the processors need more than being a cash transaction process in the field of investment or encourage industrial aspects, agricultural, for example, the state today is able to change the currency situation for Iraq, even if it poses a new currency to address the economic crisis, as did Iran that the dollar hit in two and strengthen the Iraqi dinar capability by introducing a new currency and this process be local as solutions to real-time order the state can address the confusing economic situation, “adding that” We have a war and Daash and low oil prices and fluctuations in the global market, in addition to Iraq yard States is importing everything he needs real solutions. “He added,” is supposed to be in charge of the fee fiscal policy His strong and courageous decision in this matter, either the survival of the situation for what it is we will only sustain a large economic crisis and we have concerns about this, “he said, adding” We are today in the process of real processors placed by drawing correct fiscal policy to rely on the experiences of countries. “He stressed al-Maliki that” The country’s imports should not rely on oil only, on the grounds that we are in a yield country depends on oil sales to pay off the dues of salaries and debt and other, but this requires the diversification of the state’s resources, whether in the imposition of fees or taxes or customs, and the introduction of foreign investment. “He pointed out that” State dependent on foreign loans if  they dropped the price of a barrel of oil and that the state will carry the debt burden the budget, as the interest on the foreign debt rate large, so the strengthening of the country’s imports can be through industrial and agricultural side development and activating the role of the private sector. “He explained a member of the Committee of Economy parliamentary , “The plans for strengthening the Iraqi economy is not a contingency plan but are treatments plans, and some of them needs time, today we are going to fast processors new reformist Kalhzmh which included the benefit of the central bank on loans granted to citizens through five trillion, and the state confirmed the facilities Banking as well as the promotion of industrial and agricultural sides and activating the customs tariff. “He continued,” We are going to activate this matter, but he needs to processors is not built on the basis of a quick and prosthesis solutions, but need real solutions  and this will open a new page of the theme of strengthening the Iraqi economy “.alaol and was a member of Parliamentary Finance Committee Sarhan Ahmad, said yesterday that “Iraq is on the verge of bankruptcy of a major economic and abyss.” And Ahmed’s [where], that “the oil revenues that have prevented the collapse of Iraq’s economy to a level that leads to bankruptcy,” adding, “leaders must Iraqis realize this issue in all its aspects, if not arrest the corrupt and incarcerations and the elimination of corruption and recover stolen money can not be for Iraq to recover from its economic crisis. “He pointed out that” the crisis will continue and the situation will continue in the collapse of the economy to the extent that leads to empowerment State of the performance of salaries and distributed only if Iraq has not economic strides serious long-term strategy is on the verge of economic collapse and bankruptcy unless Find corrupt and re-Iraqi hopes fled  abroad. “
terryk: i read it twice and to me says nothing about a new currency
mac:  oh, sorry forgot to reorder that internet paste. 
terryk:  Because m suggests it
mac:  Its not that M.
terryk:  so I read it wrong
terryk:  not a first for me
mac:  BUt it is an opinion piece. But I think it is also a timed piece as well.
mac:  They already feel this way and I am sure since this guys is on the commitee that handles this it is a general sentiment of the commitee is how I read this.
terryk:  Hmmmmm
mac:  Its not like he is saying anything we havent heard before but why suggest ONLY new currency as the solution to current and future problems?
terryk:  just to be talking and getting his name out there
mac:  Well, maybe a little, but the demonstrating crowds are a new weapon that is being used. Get enough of the crowd to say it and it appears to at least get heard. Remember, they could not assemble under Hussien or Maliki. So this is new for the citizens and politicians to deal with.
terryk:  True
mac:  Its not bad enough that they have to take their worthless currency and exchange it for ours in order to buy food or pay for gas or buy a present, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Don’t buy enough USD for the day, something is not getting paid. Plus the flucuating rate of exchange in the black market. Of course the population would love to have a new working usable currency.
terryk:  What would happen in the usa if that happened
terryk:  like the walking dead
mac:  That would not be good
terryk:  So team gotta go and start packing stuff, before the rains come again
terryk:  God Bless you all
jannilew:  thank you
terryk:  thanks team have a blessed weekend
arizona49:  terryk Have a good day and weekend, take care
mac: Hey Jann.
jannilew:  Hey Mac
jannilew:  my faith is strong today, feeling hopeful
mac:  I wanted you to know what I pray for you everyday. That your heart would be undisturbed, like a pool of still water and that no matter what happens in the progress of this investment your heart is still calm b/c it is held in GOd’s hands. AMEN?
jannilew:  Amen
mac:  This is what I wish for all of us. SUre, we are going to fail but it is Him who we look toward and Him whom we trust for this to happen right?
jannilew:  yes indeed. thank you for the reminder
mac:  We are told to not trouble our hearts with what goes on in this world. How is being anxious over a currency doing that?
mac:  Love, trust and believe folks, its all we got and its is more than enough to see us thru. AMEN?
arizona49:  mac Amen
mac:  Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox. Just wanted to see what 6′ looked like. 
arizona49:  was a wonderful soapbox 
jannilew:  agree
kktwahoo:  Amen, Mac, Amen
mac:  Ok with that I must attend to my sons festivies for tonight. Please have a fun and safe Halloween, dont nobody go becoming ghosts this weekend. We will meet back here Monday! Bring a friend and a cup. Love you all.
arizona49:  mac have a wonderful and safe weekend, God Bless
jannilew:  have a great weekend. Hope we’ll all be celebrating next time.

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