Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Anonymous 2 OPEN LETTER to all state governors

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Anonymous 2 OPEN LETTER to all state governors

Anonymous 2 OPEN LETTER to

all state governors….

We were going to write a 3 page letter,

But this sums it up……

To: Corporate governors of all states, and the American servicemen in the cabal military…..

Re: American citizens

Today we watched a beautiful Texas sky turn in to a sick gray blue dingy mess in 35 minutes as the fleet of cabal chemtrail bombers (2-3 dozen) started dumping their newest concoction that quickly turns less visible. I hope the governors realize they and their families are also in danger from the spraying …..

If this would have happened during WW2 – – what would have happened?? Would not the chemtrail spraying have been declared to be biowarfare on the nation and its people, a reason for war??


‘We the people’ are victims of a rogue out of control ‘government’ and military who have declared war and are actively carrying out acts of war against us.  Sadly, most of the sheeple do not know or understand why you – as the governors of their states – are allowing the Washington, D.C. cabal to carry out these acts of war against us, actively committing genocide against every one of us – including you governors, your family and friends.  The people know something is very wrong, but do not want to believe the politicians they think they ‘elected’ are allowing these D.C. thugs to bomb us with chemtrails, HAARP us, fry us with electro waves, poison us with GMO’d food, poison us with fluoridated water, and a so called medical system that is no better for us than a dog taking a leak on your leg.

Governors, what in hell is wrong with you and with us??  We sit back watching the news about the chemtrails, the radiation that is killing us from Fukushima, or HAARP creating major earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. We continue to agree to drink the fluoridated water and to eat all the GMO’d and poisoned (Monsanto) foods that we are being forced to eat.  We are forced to use an antiquated medical system right out of the stone age, bypassing all the newer technologies while continuing to use antiquated procedures  of cutting, baking (radiation) or putting the people on drug cocktails (mixing more than one drugs with as many as ten at a time, not scientifically KNOWing what the outcome will be) – all procedures of which are killing us.

Why are ‘we the people’ so complacent??  Why are YOU allowing this harmful manipulation and acts of war in YOUR state? …..Do you not realize that if we do nothing, we – you, your family and friends and I – are going down?? YOU GOVERNORS ARE NO MORE THAN THE CABAL’S CANNON FODDER..SAME WITH THOSE ‘SERVING’ THE CABAL IN THE MILITARY.  You are both useful so long as you OBEY their orders.

If you want to indict Congress ……… forget the indictment!  Just ARREST them, as they are ignoring the harmful effects on all of America, allowing all of the above happen …  Arrest these irresponsible traitors and replace them immediately or you, too, will be in a FEMA coffin.

I have watched as nano particles from chemtrail dust turn into some kind of a computer chip in  human  blood (I saw this with my own eyes on a youtube video that was taken down 20 minutes after I saw it….…. No telling what these traitors are up to, but you can be sure of one thing…. As long as they are alive, you and your children are not safe….. The  clones and clone factories at Dulce, Camp David and other locations also need to be eliminated.

Typical dingy chemtrail laden skys over Dallas / Fort Worth Texas…& other states….

Thanks governors….why are you not doing your – – –  j o b ??

Why are all the governors allowing the chemtrail bombers to continue to spray our skies with poisonous chemicals which are killing us, our animals, our water and farm lands? 




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Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day 

Honoring All Who Served 

To our nation’s best and bravest

We honor you!

Thank you to WND for providing this tribute.


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originally published October 18th

I’ve seen speculation and wreckless commentation on the matter posted on this site. These serve no helpfull purpose.

Some have asked for clarification and details. Some have inquired into the nature of the so-called “charges” against Freewill. It’s clear that there are a great many of Americans who haven’t yet stepped out of the box to see matters for what they really are, but continue to view and discuss matters in terms and viewpoints drilled into our heads from childhood by the de facto government.

Before anyone ever inquires into the details of a charge, first, evaluate whether a crime has been committed, period, to know whether the charge is falsified or even fraudulent. This goes for anyone, anywhere; and in the de facto government’s false courts which ignore the Constitution and which uphold color of law in place of natural and common laws, it’s of paramount importance. By law, a crime cannot exist in absence of an injured party, a victim. Get this fact past all the de facto‘s mental programming and etch it in your memory. This fact has been true since the beginnings of law, thousands of years before our time. There is no, I repeat, NO injured party to have filed the present claims against Freewill. The “charges” against Freewill, in absence of an injured party, are mere CLAIMS against him, claims under maritime law, claims which are unlawfull and constitute fraud; it doesn’t matter what the “charges” are if no victim exists, be they motor vehicle code violations (as in Freewill’s ongoing cases) or collecting rain water for clean drinking water (yes, there are “charges” being allowed in the courts to victimize those who simply seek to exercise the natural right to gather rain water for their own use). There are NO contracts in existence upon which to base the claims, a fact which fits the definition of fraud; furthermore, the claimant, THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, is a bankrupt corporation, DEAD legally, and the DEAD cannot file legal claims, based on the very fact that NO dead man or woman has ever risen from the grave to step into a court to file a claim. In fact, every bankrupt entity MUST DISCLOSE THE FACT OF ITS BANKRUPT STATUS BEFORE ENTERING INTO ANY CONTRACT, so that the contracted party is made aware of the fact that the bankrupt entity cannot be relied upon to produce assets and/or monies upon demand for compensation under terms of the contract (meaning, if you’re going to contract with a bankrupt entity, get your compensation up front, and don’t execute your side of the contract until you’ve received said compensation to your satisfaction). Moreover, ONLY a trustee of the 1933 bankruptcy can speak in any courtroom on behalf of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and any and all of its franchises, subsidiaries, employees and agents, to include THE STATE OF MICHIGAN; ANY PROSECUTOR WHO STANDS AND SPEAKS ON BEHALF OF THESE BANKRUPT ENTITIES COMMITS FELONY CRIMES, INCLUDING IMPERSONATION OF TRUSTEES OF THE 1933 BANKRUPTCY, AND ANY JUDGE WHO ALLOWS THE IMPERSONATION TO CONTINUE ONCE POINTED OUT COMMITS FELONY CRIMES, CRIMES INCLUDING TREASON, A CAPITAL CRIME, PUNISHABLE BY IMMEDIATE HANGING IN THE NEAREST STREET INTERSECTION. With NO victim, and thus no crime, there is NO lawfull basis for imprisonment of Freewill.

Freewill’s stint in the facilities of CRAWFORD COUNTY JAIL has come to an end. Two cases remain open, cases in which THE STATE OF MICHIGAN agents have filed illegal claims. The agents decreased their ransom demands when it became apparent that Freewill would not submit to them and their liability for false imprisonment was quickly racking up into the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Freewill’s friends paid enough of the demanded amount to get Freewill released from captivity in CRAWFORD COUNTY JAIL facilitites. The same day, agents for BAY COUNTY SHERIFF “arrested” (kidnapped according to bona fide law) Freewill to hold him for ransom in BAY COUNTY JAIL facilities on virtually identical claims, again filed by agents for THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, including JUDGE DAWN A KLIDA, Judge Dawn A Klida, Dawn Klida, KURT C ASBURY PROSECUTING ATTORNEY, Kurt C Asbury Prosecuting Attorney, and Kurt Asbury. According to a source close to Freewill, at the arraignment hearing the following day, Oct. 16th, the presiding Judge, a Judge who Freewill has faced in the past and put in her lawfull place, a Judge who wanted a piece of Freewill afterward but had her hands tied, a Judge who wanted to take advantage of holding Freewill captive to prevent him from accessing documents to stand up to her again as she intended to stick it to him, Judge Dawn A Klida, decided or was instructed to remove herself from the case, either to limit her personal liability in the matter and/or the liability of her employer in the matter. It’s unknown at present which of Bay County’s Judges will consent to commit crimes by proceeding as party to fraud at the pre-trial hearing in mid-November. The Judges and Prosecutors in Bay County are fully aware of the very real likelihood of being added as defendants to Freewill’s federal lawsuit, as well as the very real possibility of being arrested for felony crimes at the pre-trial hearing should they proceed with their intended activities. It’s obviously a game to them, akin to poker. They do want their payday if they can get it. The question is, do they have the constitution to face the music should they be caught red-handed executing a fraudulent claim and engaging in additional felony crimes, or will they choose, wisely, to drop their proceedings and release Freewill from unlawfull captivity whilst the damages they’ve inflicted upon him are relatively manageable?

(As of the arraignment hearing, the Bay County court’s ransom demand was lowered to $5000. We’re hopefull that this demand will decrease again, soon, as the full scope of what’s being brought to bear on the judge and prosecutor becomes clearer to them; I, however, cannot speak for these individuals, only they can. Our position in being able to meet the present demand is insufficient.)

With NO trustee of the 1933 bankruptcy present to evaluate THE STATE OF MICHIGAN’s claim for legality, THE STATE OF MICHIGAN and its agents, the Bay County Judge, the Bay County Prosecutor, and the Bay County Sheriff all stand in contempt of court, in contempt of Constitution, and in treason. Freewill’s imprisonment is unlawfull, aka false imprisonment. False imprisonment, in conjunction with demand for payment for the prisoner’s freedom, is no different than kidnapping and holding for ransom. These felony crimes committed and being committed by THE STATE OF MICHIGAN employees, in accordance with corporate [internal] policy, as well as in violation of corporate policy proclaimed to be statutes, proclaimed to be law under color of law, are the crimes we all need to be investigating, learning, and prosecuting. That which has been lodged against Freewill is nothing more than a smokescreen, a ruse, an excuse to drag the man through the de facto‘s money making machine. If you don’t see it that way, you have a lot to learn about the system of slavery we’re caught up in, and i strongly suggest you look into how THE DUTCH EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY, and THE VIRGINIA TRADING COMPANY, conducted themselves in foreign lands, for these corporations are the precursors to corporation THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and all have a long history of invading foreign lands to get rid of the rightfull rulers/governors and leave in place corporate employees who masqueraded as government to enslave the free peoples and rape both the peoples and their lands of wealth and virtue, for profit. This literally is the system we are being subjected to at this very moment, a centuries-old crime spree.

The de facto government has engaged in a long standing campaign, reorganized in the period 1778-1791, when THE VIRGINIA TRADING COMPANY set itself up as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, to distort our perception of and understanding of everything which goes on around us as the corporation worked to covertly enslave us all, and exploit us as well as our bountifull lands. This was accomplished behind closed doors, over years, with keen sense of caution to move slowly enough that we didn’t see their movements going on right before our very eyes; but sum it up, two+ centuries of baby steps, and we see a colossal enslavement and pillaging scheme, with trillions in profits going to the criminals who executed the scheme. We all feel something is wrong in how the de facto conducts itself. But to put it into words, to picture it in our minds, results in conflicting images- conflict which arises by virtue of the mental programming we’ve all been subjected to at the hands of the de facto goverment’s agents and minions, and, sad to say, at the hands of our own parents, who simply have been raised as victims of the same mental programming campaign. This campaign has been conducted over many generations since that time, with the hope that our elders buy into it in their youth and teach it to us as we grow up, with the hope that this self-perpetuating brainwashing sustains itself and requires little maintenance, with the hope that the public school system can be exploited to reinforce the propaganda (any public school which refuses as a matter of principle simply is cut off from funding, or even shut down, putting the school’s employees out of work and out of retirement pensions), and with the hope that the extensive purchase of mass media sources and facilities and their use in augmenting the propaganda is sufficient to counter the information revolution ushered in by the internet. The propaganda is aimed at keeping us focused on, thinking in terms of, and perceiving our experiences and interactions with the de facto government, as benign, cumbersome at times, but necessary. The propaganda system never admits or allows information which accurately portrays the de factogovernment- when has a public school teacher ever taught his/her students that THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation, a corporation which is acting as our government until the day that we decide to dismiss the corporation and resume de jure governance of ourselves? When has any of the de facto goverment ever informed any of us that it is a foreign nationality, operating on our nation’s soil, and we have the right to shut it down and deport its employees at any time? When has any of the de facto government ever informed any of us that it conducts itself under maritime law, ON LAND, illegally, by virtue of having declared that everything physically above land is water (in direct contradiction of reality and truth), and thus falls under maritime law? When has any of the de facto government ever presented full documentation to any of us regarding its creation, licensing, mission, and policies for both acting as government and relinquishing governance to us at our demand?

The more of us who learn this information and explore it further, the more of us who decide to help flesh out the details, and the more of us who decide to put the information to use to dismiss the de facto goverment’s leadership and minions and repopulate the elected offices with people not beholden to the BAR and other foreign nationals, the sooner we can reassert de jure governance, government of, by and for the men and women who wish to live free on these lands, free from debtor slavery, free from unlawfull control, free to breathe clean air, free to grow and eat clean and natural foods, free to gather and drink clean water, free from living in a police state, free from all the corruption and crime in our government, free of all the wrongs done in our name on lands afar, free to raise ourselves up and raise up those around us, if they want, to make a better world.


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NOV 11 2015





     P.O. BOX 225     Luzerne, Michigan 48636

          Dan Payne  





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Donald Trump on the Invasion of the US, Europe

Donald  Trump  on  the  Invasion  of  the  US,  Europe

Our ‘thanks’ to Marie for providing this info to us to post for you ..

October 26, 2015
Rush Limbaugh

RUSH:  Okay, coming up next, the Donald Trump sound bites as we provide a contrast between Mitt Romney and the Republican establishment and the way they’re going about things versus Trump.  

Trump did essentially a town hall in New Hampshire today on the Today Show with Matt Lauer interrupting with questions. It was clear that Matt Lauer is part of the establishment crowd that does not get the nature of the crisis that most Americans sense in the country.  And why would he?  Matt Lauer has a couple houses, a horse farm, $15 million a year and what have you.  Matt Lauer needs a visa to get to Iowa so all of this is very strange to him.  He is one of these people that can’t believe Trump’s still in the campaign, much less leading it.  He should have been gone long ago.  

RUSH: Now, we go to the audio sound bites just to provide contrast here with, you know, Mitt Romney lamenting the old days, longing for the days of the legacy media, the three networks and the two newspapers and everybody getting the same facts, and, gee, it was so much easier then.  Compromise and collaboration and working with the other side was so much easier.  

The contrast of that in the Republican primaries is three people:  Trump, Carson, and Cruz.  And maybe Rubio, throw Rubio in there.  But Christie and some of these others, it’s clear that the guiding principle for them is to win the nomination by showing they can compromise with the Democrats and work with the left. 


Now, The Today Show today televised a Trump town hall meeting in New Hampshire.  Matt Lauer was permitted to intrude on this town hall by interviewing Trump and asking Trump some questions.  

So Matt Lauer, in our first sound bite, said to Trump, “Did you see 60 Minutes over the weekend?  Joe Biden was on.  He said this about you.  He said he’s disappointed in you.  He said –” You know what else he said, by the way?  Folks, you know what else Biden said?  Keep an eye on Biden.  Joe Biden said that that story that Maureen wrote about that Beau Biden on his deathbed begged his dad to run for president. Biden said he never said that, that’s not true, he didn’t tell Maureen Dowd that, that that whole story of the deathbed plea, “Dad, you gotta do it, you gotta run,” never happened. 

Folks, about Biden, let me tell you that speech that he gave in the Rose Garden last week when he announced he wasn’t gonna run, that was a speech you give when you are running.  And I’m just telling you that I don’t think Biden’s out of this.  I still think that there are all kinds of things in files somewhere about Hillary and about Obama, and it wouldn’t take much to leak ’em.  

Let me just put it this way.  As the fall turns to winter, I would not be among those surprised if Joe Biden reverses field.  He’s got that speech he can hearken back to. It laid out his agenda. It laid out what he would do and what his campaign would be if he did run.  It didn’t jibe with somebody announcing he wasn’t gonna run, was gonna get out of what he wasn’t into in the first place.  It sounded exactly like somebody who is running.  So we’ll see. 

But, anyway, back to this sound bite.  Matt Lauer asked Trump, “You see 60 Minutes over the weekend?  Joe Biden was on.  He said he’s disappointed in you.  He said your attacks on immigrants are unhealthy and beneath this country.  And he says that he hopes you don’t believe your own words.  How would you respond to that?”

TRUMP:  When it comes to illegal immigration, we have to stop it.  Our country, people are pouring across our borders, and if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country.  We have to stop illegal immigration.  In addition to bringing drugs and bringing lots of problems, tremendous amounts of crime, whether it’s Kate in San Francisco or Jamiel in Los Angeles, or the woman the other day that just got raped by an illegal immigrant, a 66-year-old veteran raped, sodomized, and killed.

LAUER:  But I just —

TRUMP:  Matt, we have to stop illegal immigration.

RUSH:  By the way, also in my stack today, you would not believe the stories out of Europe and the refugee migrants there.  Europe is being conquered.  Europe is being overrun right now and very few in governing positions in Europe are doing anything to stop it.  And some are now beginning to get panicked over what they now see happening.  You’ve got able-bodied men from desert climates standing in line freezing to death in rain, wind, and snow to get into these countries.  In one little hamlet in Germany of 60 people, 1,500 migrants are going to be housed in some no-longer-used building. 

So right there that town has been already overtaken.  That town, whatever it is, in Germany’s been conquered.  Sixty people live there; 1,500 migrants are being housed in one building there, soon to be taking it over.  And that story is repeating itself over and over again, country after country in Europe.  So Trump’s right about this.  

Next, Matt Lauer said, “Well, I went back and I read from your famous book,The Art of the Deal, you wrote this:  ‘I play to people’s fantasies.  I call it truthful hyperbole.  It’s an innocent form of exaggeration, a very effective form of promotion.’  Would it be fair to say that that describes your campaign so far, Trump?”

TRUMP:  Look, I’m just telling the facts.  The facts are we have a country that’s going bad.  We have a hundred million people that are in a workforce that can’t work.  Our real unemployment number is probably 22 to 30%.  We have nothing but problems.  We make incompetent deals with Iran.  That deal is the most incompetent deal I’ve ever seen.  I’m not just talking about between countries.  I’ve never seen a dumber contract in my life.  Obamacare is a disaster.  People’s premiums are going up 55%.  Their deductibles are so high that nobody’s ever gonna get to use it.  We have a country that is in serious trouble, and I think that’s why I’m leading in every poll, because I will solve the problem.

RUSH:  Right.  There’s maturation here occurring with Trump.  In the past, months ago with these two questions he would have insulted Matt Lauer and, you know, told him to get on a train on Mexico or something and to stop wasting his time with silly questions and you can’t even read a book, what do you mean telling me that my campaign’s what I said?  Can’t you read?  Can’t you watch what I’m doing?  But instead he restrains himself and just continues to say and articulate his message regardless of the inane question that he got.  

— end —

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Shariahville, USA


Downtown  Hamtramck,  Michigan

 Shariahville,  USA:  Cities  ‘surrender’  to  Islam

Controversy  flares  over  America’s  1st  Muslim-majority  city  council

A city on the outskirts of Detroit known since 1920 as a thriving Polishcommunity has been fully transformed by globalism and the federal government’s Islamic immigration program.

The bulk of the change has occurred over the past 20 years, but it started in the 1970s with the globalization of the auto industry and mass immigration.

Hamtramck, known affectionately as “Poletown” by Detroiters and Michiganians for its bustling district of Polish restaurants, markets and beautiful Catholic churches, last week become the nation’s first city to elect a Muslim-majority city council – sending three Muslims to join one incumbent who was not up for re-election.

In butcher shops that once offered juicy Polish sausages in refrigerated display cases, female customers wearing hijabs now purchase halal meats blessed by an imam.

The sound of church bells has given way to the chant of a Muslim ‘holy man’ giving the call to prayer in Arabic.

Many of the storefronts have been converted to mosques, and the call to prayer is blasted over loudspeakers five times a day. Poletown has been transformed. Some critics in neighboring communities call it Shariahville and it’s spreading. 

The city of Sterling Heights, about 14 miles to the north of Hamtramck, is on the front lines of a contentious battle between the Muslim community with its progressive backers, and those who would rather not see their city transformed in the image of Hamtramck.

The Sterling Heights planning board voted 9-0 to reject plans for a mega-mosque on Sept. 11 before a packed house. Hundreds of residents who could not fit into the meeting chambers stood outside and cheered wildly as the vote was announced showing the mosque had been defeated. The mosque was proposed to be built in the middle of a neighborhood heavily populated by Iraqi Chaldean Christians????  Chaldean Christians are all too familiar with persecution at the hands of Shariah-compliant Muslim communities back home in Iraq.

But the battle is not over in Sterling Heights. The city council still has the option of approving the mosque and the Obama administration will be watching closing, ready to file a federal discrimination lawsuit if it should follow the lead of the city planning board.

GOP Governor stands with Muslim community

Michigan’s Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has made it clear on which side he stands.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

This ‘leader’ needs to be permanently transplanted in to the middle of one of these sharia muslim communities so he can personally experience the TRUTH.  Then perhaps he will come face to face with reality – if his head isn’t separated from his body first.

He’s with the Muslims, says Dick Manasseri, a resident of Rochester Hills and one of Michigan’s up and coming voices against the Islamization of the Great Lakes States. He has started a group called Refugee Resettlement Monitor-Michigan that has several members out on the speaking circuit, educating Michigan Republicans with facts and the personal stories of Chaldean American Christians who have lived under Shariah in the Middle East.

“We’ve made 12 presentations since August, designed for Republican groups and they’re not just tea party groups who are interested,” Manasseri said. “We’ve got a big problem in Michigan. The governor is the problem. We don’t go out of our way to trash the governor but he is doubling down on this,” Manasseri said.

Synder has said he’d like to “rebuild” parts of Detroit by importing 5,000 Syrian refugees and as requested that the Obama administration assign those refugees to his state. Detroit Mayor Mike Dugan is on board with the plan.  On Friday, Nov. 6, just a few days after Hamtramck’s historic election, Snyder was on hand to celebrate the city’s Bangladeshi corridor. Bangladeshis, along with immigrants from Yemen, make up the majority of Hamtramck’s Muslim community. Others come from Bosnia and Iraq.

The corridor is being branded Banglatown and Snyder sees it as a potential tourist destination. “The branding of Banglatown as a cultural tourism destination is a priority for Global Detroit, (the Bangladeshi American Public Affairs Committee) and the Economic Development Committee of the Detroit City Council Immigration Task Force, says a statement issued by Global Detroit.

Global Detroit is an organization that says its goal is to improve economies by “welcoming, retaining and empowering” immigrant communities. It is an affiliate of Welcoming America, a nationwide immigrant rights group started by a close Obama associate, David Lubell, with seed money from billionaire philanthropist and open-borders champion George Soros.  “Hamtramck contains one of the nation’s densest Bangladeshi populations and offers the only U.S. voting ballot in Bengali, the so-called ‘Bangla ballot,'” boasts the Global Detroit statement.

Governor ‘really twisted’ on this subject

“The governor was part of a celebration of that event, so it was duly recognized by the governor who is really twisted on this subject,” Manasseri said. “He somehow doesn’t make a distinction between economic development and the influx of people who practice Shariah. It seems he’s very much in favor of Shariahville as I call it, and wants to see it spread all over Michigan. And so we’re working against that at the grassroots level for the whole state.”

Gov. Snyder also addressed the Islamic Society of North America’s annual convention in August 2014, despite the fact that ISNA is a known front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, which was designated an extremist organization in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing trial. Snyder, ironically, did take the opportunity of his ISNA speech to mention Israel’s right to exist, a comment that infuriated ISNA leaders, causing them to put out an “action alert” for all Muslims to call the Governor’s office and complain.

A 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo explicitly identifies ISNA among its fronts along with the Council for American-Islamic Relations or CAIR. The memo states the Brotherhood’s “work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, a candidate for the GOP nomination for president, has introduced legislation to get the Muslim Brotherhood designated as a terrorist organization. It has already been branded a terrorist organization in Egypt, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries.

Manasseri’s group has created a website and is collecting signatures for passage of a resolution that would halt refugee resettlement in Michigan. He said requests for presentations before clubs and groups is growing in light of the migrant crisis in Europe, where the number of rapes and assaults have exploded around the refugee camps and teachers in Germany are warning girls to dress modestly and not to engage young Muslim men in conversation.Those Americans who are paying attention to what’s happening on the ground in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France and the U.K. are beginning to “wake up,” he said. “At the grassroots level, it’s still a small minority but our presentation is resonating. I think we have a long way to go,” he said.

‘This is largely a women’s issue’

He said Western women hold the key to that wake-up call. “I think, this is largely a women’s issue, and the women are either occupied or they’re not paying attention,” he said. “When women are challenged for their own safety, then maybe they’ll get it. There are certain communities up here where you can really get a feeling for what Shariah looks like. It looks like the Middle East, and I can’t believe that women won’t wake up at some point and fear for the safety of their children.”

Manasseri says the battle will be difficult as long as those on the other side include governors, mayors, and the Chamber of Commerce.  “We have a really tough nut to crack. We basically have a game of chicken going on with the governor and the grassroots that are waking up,” he said.

The call to prayer

Hamtramck’s election of a Muslim-majority city council has prompted articles in USA Today, the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.  This isn’t the first time Hamtramck, a city of 22,000, has drawn the attention of the national media. In 2004 when the city council allowed a mosque to broadcast its call to prayer from loudspeakers, they opened up a divide that some say never fully healed. Opponents claimed it was an intrusion of Islam into their lives. They lost that battle, and many of those who felt uncomfortable with the new Hamtramck headed for the exits.

In 1990 the city was 45 percent Polish, down from 90 percent in the 1970s. Today that figure has dwindled to 15 percent as the Polish Catholics started having fewer children, and many of the younger Poles moved to the suburbs, at the same time the Muslims were moving in from Bangladesh, Yemen and Bosnia. They have large families and bring their extended families from abroad.

When the Muslim prayers were allowed to go public on loudspeaker in 2004, only one city council member was Muslim along with about 25 percent of the population. Today it is estimated that half of Hamtramck is Muslim. According to University of Michigan-Dearborn professor Sally Howell, Hamtramck might have become the first American city to have a Muslim majority in 2013. “The growth is taking place in these Muslim communities, and they are transforming the city scape,” Howell told Washington Post. “It’s become much more visible in the last 15 years.”

The Islamization of Poletown has been decades in the making, spilling over from Dearborn, a Muslim enclave to the south, and aided by Wayne State University, which like most universities has imported hundreds of Islamic students over the years, many of whom graduate and go on to get green cards and eventual citizenship in the United States. 

The top three vote-getters in last week’s election were Muslim, two were incumbents — Anam Miah and Abu Musa — and the third, Saad Almasmari, is a 28-year-old college student who emigrated to the United States in 2009 and became a citizen two years later.

Obama Justice Department’s heavy hand

While Hamtramck lost its battle over the loudspeakers in 2004 and had its die cast with the new Muslim-majority local government, the fight rages on in neighboring Sterling Heights.  “The proposal in Sterling Heights was sloppy. It was very close to the residential area and the response was slow, almost like someone wanted it to be rejected and so the DOJ could come in and chill the whole community as far as any push back,” Manasseri said.

The DOJ is already sending signals to the city council that it better conform to the wishes of the local Muslim community and grant the mosque permission to build, sources say. “It’s a well-known fact that CAIR has the DOJ on speed dial,” said an attorney who asked not to be identified. The attorney said the DOJ will often begin to intimidate by requesting that local government officials turn over all emails involving correspondence with Muslim groups seeking to build a mosque or school. Often, this is enough to scare them into submission as they seek to avoid a lawsuit with the federal government.

In Pittsfield Township, Michigan, a few miles outside of Ann Arbor, another controversy is festering over the township’s rejection of a large Islamic school, recreation center and prayer room proposed right next to a residential neighborhood. In that case, the U.S. Justice Department has already filed suit against the town. On Oct. 26 the suit was filed in federal court in Detroit alleging civil rights violations.

Michigan’s Chaldean Christians ‘nervous’

In Sterling Heights, the intrigue is magnified by the fact that this city is home to one of the country’s largest Chaldean Iraqi Christian communities. The Chaldean Christians have seen their priests and family members kidnapped, their churches firebombed, their husbands beheaded and their wives raped and sold into slavery by Muslims in Iraq since the 2003 U.S. invasion and overthrow of Saddam Hussein. They once made up nearly a third of the city of Mosul in northern Iraq but today live as refugees in Lebanon, Turkey and also in the Kurdish-controlled areas of Iraq.

Manasseri said the Chaldean community is nervous, having come to America to escape Muslim violence, only to find out their adopted country is now inviting their killers into the very same state, even the same communities where they live.

He said the Obama administration has secretly planted 28,484 Islamic refugees in more than two dozen Michigan towns since fiscal year 2008. Most of them have been placed in seven counties in southeastern Michigan with Oakland and Macomb counties getting the highest number — 9,173 and 5,852, respectively. “They were picked by the United Nations and secretly resettled by U.S. State Department, the Catholic Bishops and Lutheran Social Services, moving bodies like FedEx and getting paid per head,” Manasseri said of the religious groups that help the government resettle refugees. “You have people from 31 different countries that must be dealt with in Lansing, for instance, and that means the local community picks up the cost, we have a massive growth of Medicaid in Michigan.”

Nahren Anweya, a Chaldean Christian who escaped Iraq, has joined Manasseri’s grassroots campaign and is addressing some of the audiences. “She is not Pamela Geller, just a well-spoken person talking from her personal family experience, and that made a big impression on us, that we are walking around like zombies sending text messages on what we had for lunch, when the world is at war. The Chaldeans are aware of it,” he said. “The question is when will people here wake up and realize it.”

Three states ‘surrendering to jihadists’

John Guandolo, a former FBI agent who specializes in Islamic terrorism, said in an  blog posted Tuesday that Michigan, Massachusetts and Minnesota are three states that seem to be putting up the least resistance to Islamization. “The state of Massachusetts appears to have surrendered to Hamas; Hamtramck, Michigan now has a Muslim majority city council; and the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota is carrying the water for jihadis by putting the weight of the U.S. Attorney’s Office behind the terrorist’s information operation to silence those who speak truthfully about Islam,” Guandolo wrote.

On Nov. 12, the day after Veteran’s Day, CAIR will be flexing it’s muscles on the steps of the Massachusetts State House in Boston by hosting a first-ever “Muslim Day.”

Meanwhile in Minnesota, the U.S. Attorney for that state has joined forces with the Muslim Brotherhood to “silence the truth and suppress the God-given rights of American citizens,” Guandolo said.  Andrew Luger, in an open letter in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Nov. 2, said “The current wave of Islamophobia needs to be stopped in its tracks. Minnesota has a thriving, patriotic and entrepreneurial Muslim population. By collectively rejecting attacks on Muslim Minnesotans, we can set an example for the rest of the nation.”

Anyone who criticizes Islam is now guilty of “Islamaphobia,” according to Minnesota’s highest law enforcement official. This can only be interpreted as a veiled threat against activists in the St. Cloud area who have been asking questions and pushing back against the infusion of Somali Muslim refugees into their community without their permission over the past decade, to the point where they are being asked to build new schools and hire more teachers, which of course means higher taxes. 

More than 50 Somalis in Minnesota have also been caught leaving the country to join terrorist militias in the Middle East, prompting an admission from Luger himself in April that “we have a terror recruitment problem in Minnesota.” His terse comment about a “wave of Islamophobia” follows on the heels of Gov. Mark Dayton’s comments a couple of weeks ago that anyone who is concerned about the growing Somali refugee community in Minnesota “should find another state” in which to live.

Manasseri said Anweya’s testimony is powerful and making it real for people in Michigan. “What she speaks to is years and years of living with people in Shariah,” he said. “She talks of relatives who were crucified. In Europe or the U.S. the concern is if Hamtramck has a majority-Muslim council or Sterling Heights has a left-wing council who is welcoming and that means they want to take dollars from the federal government coffers and bring those dollars into their community.” He said federal money in the form of food stamps, housing vouchers and even business grants follow refugees to a community.
“And this includes refugees who back home would have killed the very same people, the Chaldeans, who are here in Michigan,” he said. “They emphasize how important it is to welcome all refugees including Muslims … We can’t seem to get them to distinguish between people who practice Shariah and the people who are already here and have suffered under Shariah…At the grassroots level people get it and they’re pushing back and that’s why we’re getting them to sign our resolution.

“There is a nervousness and fear as people realize how fast globalists are changing Michigan by changing its people, but the governor is doubling down.”


When the head chopping and crucifying begin there and the governor and his family and friends become victims of this demonic belief system, then the real war will begin for Michigan, Minnesota and Massachusetts.  It is NOT possible to be able to negotiate with or compromise with these people and their 2,000+ year cruel and barbaric belief system. Sad.



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The Killing of Jack Yantis – update

Open Range, Open Season: The Killing of Jack Yantis

(UPDATE, November 8)



Open range: A typical Adams County vista.

“They’re calling us murderers,” protests Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman, referring to local residents and others who have contacted his office to express their outrage over the November 1nd killing of local rancher Jack Yantis by two of his deputies. That appears to be the opinion of Rowdy Paradis, the only witness to the shooting who has spoken about it publicly. 

“They took a family man from the dinner table and slaughtered him,” Paradis told the Idaho Statesman newspaper.  At the time the fatal shots were fired, Paradis was about ten feet away from the victim.   Upon learning of her husband’s death, his wife Donna suffered a heart attack. She was taken to Saint Alphonsus Hospital in Boise

Rest in God’s peace: Jack Yantis.

Yantis was not a criminal suspect at the time of the shooting. Because he was killed by law enforcement officers, however, the shooting – assuming that standard protocols will be followed by the Idaho State Police – will be treated as a “suspected assault on law enforcement.” This means that Yantis is, in effect, the suspect, and his killers are considered the victims. (ASS BACKWARDS)

As we will shortly see, the ISP’s history of investigating unlawful killings by fellow law enforcement officers strongly suggests that the deputies will never face criminal charges, irrespective of the facts – and that those facts will never be presented to the public without adulteration. 

Perhaps the most infuriating aspect of this tragedy is the fact that Yantis was shot because he had responded to a call for help from the same Sheriff’s Office whose personnel killed him on the scene. 

Yantis, a 62-year-old rancher from Council, Idaho, received a call from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office on that Sunday evening informing him that one of his bulls had been struck by a car on Highway 95. He arrived at the scene a few minutes later, armed with a rifle to put down the wounded animal which had turned aggressive and was threatening emergency responders trying to treat two people injured in the collision.

Within a few minutes, Yantis was dead – shot by the still-unidentified deputies who had been trying to contain the wounded animal. The likeliest explanation is that the deputies, already frantic from dealing with one ton of bovine menace, saw an armed mundane and opened fire after their “officer safety” instincts took control. 


A visibly shaken Sheriff Zollman.

Significantly, Sheriff Zollman  who, it must be said, was not on the scene, and was visibly shaken when speaking to the media about the shooting – was among the “constitutional sheriffs” who signed a declaration in early 2013 proclaiming their fidelity to the Second Amendment, and their determination to interpose against federal efforts to disarm law-abiding citizens within their respective jurisdictions. He was also one of the four local sheriffs who convened a February 2013 public meeting in Payette to rally support for the individual right to armed self-defense

However noble his intentions might be regarding a theoretical federal gun-grab, the sheriff may have needed to train his deputies not to surrender to panic at the sight of a local resident carrying a firearm. 

Zollman describes Yantis as a well-known and widely respected figure in Adams County. “This is going to be a big hit to this community” he told Boise’s NBC affiliate, KTVB. “The gentleman involved, Mr. Yantis, was a well-known cattle rancher around here. It’s just a sad deal for everybody involved, for the whole community.”

The fact that Yantis was on the scene following the accident says something about his conscientious nature. Under Idaho statutes and court rulings, Yantis could not be held legally responsible for injuries or damages resulting from the accident involving his bull.  Since the accident took place in a section of Adams County designated “open range,” livestock and other domestic animals have unqualified right-of-way, and may roam freely without their owners incurring liability.

Idaho Code, Chapter 25 section 2118 states that “No person owning or controlling the possession of any domestic animal running on open range shall have the duty to keep such animal off any highway on such range, and shall not be liable to any vehicle or for injury to any person riding therein caused by collision between the vehicle and the animal.” In the 1999 case Adamson v. Blanchard, the Idaho Supreme Court held that livestock owners enjoy absolute immunity with respect to animals that wander onto public highways. 

By declining to exercise his absolute immunity, Yantis came within the lethal range of state functionaries protected by “qualified immunity.” Yantis had an obvious property interest in a bull worth a considerable amount of money. By the time he learned of the accident, however, the animal had been lost.  The only reason he went to the scene was to help contain the bull and protect the people it threatened, including the deputies who wound up killing him. 

Sheriff Zollman (second from left) at gun rights meeting.

State-aligned media outlets are playing their familiar role of producing a law enforcement-friendly narrative: The Statesman referred to the killing as the result of a “shootout,” (NONE SUCH OCCURRED – COULDN’T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH – HE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK!)
and the Oregonian referred to the incident as a “gun battle.” (‘GUN BATTLE’, TOO, IS A BALD FACED LIE. NONE SUCH OCCURRED EXCEPT FOR THE DEPUTIES WHO MURDERED YANTIS IN COLD BLOOD.)  Both expressions subtly imply that the mundane bears the responsibility for his own death!!! (They murdered Yantis)

Sheriff Zollman insists that his department “takes matters involving any use of force very seriously and we have requested detectives with the Idaho State Police to conduct the investigation into this incident.” The deputies involved – one of whom reportedly suffered an unspecified “minor injury” — are on paid vacation. If the fatal shooting had involved three hunters, rather than two deputies and a rancher, the names of all three would now be public knowledge.

Yantis’s family must call upon its own resources to deal with his death. The Sheriff’s office is being attended to by a “crisis management team” and receiving material support from the Idaho State Police – the same agency that is investigating the shooting. The eventual outcome of that investigation is not a question that should leave informed people burdened with suspense. 

As related in this space just a few months ago, the Idaho State Police is currently facing lawsuits from two troopers and one former sergeant who claim to have faced official retaliation for refusing to participate in an official cover-up in a previous law enforcement-related fatality

ISP Corporals Quinn Carmack and Brandon Eller, along with former Sergeant Fred Rice, were involved in the investigation of former Payette County Deputy Scott Sloan who killed 65-year-old New Plymouth resident Barry Johnson by plowing his police vehicle into the side of Johnson’s jeep at an estimated speed of 115 miles per hour.

On the basis of evidence produced by Carmack, Eller and Rice, Sloan was fired by Sheriff Chad Huff and charged with vehicular manslaughter by special prosecutor Richard Linville. That case was sabotaged through the perjured testimony of ISP Trooper Justin Klitch, who had secretly collaborated with Sloan while working in the official investigation of his actions.

In defiance of its own investigators, the ISP tried to craft a narrative blaming Johnson for his own death by claiming that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the October 18, 2011 crash. Even if his had been the case, it wouldn’t explain why he was supposedly at fault when Deputy Sloan crossed into the left lane, careening into the driver’s side of Johnson’s vehicle as he was turning into his own driveway. 

Carmack and Eller, to their considerable credit, were determined to tell the truth as dictated by the evidence, rather than the imperatives of Blue Privilege. Following their testimony in an April 2012 preliminary hearing, Trooper Sam Ketchum – who was in the courtroom as  the ISP’s zampolit, sent a text message to Lt. Col. Ralph Powell (who is now ISP Director), complaining that Carmack and Eller had “laid us out” by testifying truthfully, rather than endorsing the officially sanctioned fiction. 

One issue examined at that hearing was whether the original ISP report faulted Sloan for “unsafe operation of an emergency vehicle.” In his surprise testimony for the defense, Klitch perjured himself by denying that the phrase had been in the original document. In a letter to the ISP written following the hearing, prosecutor Linville pointed to an email in which Klitch – before the official story had changed – “specifically requested” that the phrase be included in the report, based on the available evidence.

Revising his testimony to suit the official line was not the only favor Klitch did on behalf of Sloan, and for his own superiors at the ISP.

“When I initially asked Trooper Klitch to meet with me to discuss filing the case, he made a recording of our meeting without my knowledge or consent,” Linville recalls. “I don’t know why Trooper Klitch would make such a recording. His duty at the time was to present to me all of the evidence he had collected regarding the Sloan case. He was meeting with me to present evidence, not to create it.”

“Never in my 25 years as a prosecuting attorney have I had a law enforcement officer secretly record discussions during case preparation that are otherwise privileged and protected work product, then hide the existence of such a recording from me,”Linville protested.

Klitch’s perjury earned him a place on the “Brady list” – a roster of law enforcement officers whose testimony cannot be trusted in court. 

For testifying truthfully in court, corporals Carmack and Eller were summoned by their ISP superiors and told that “because of their testimony [they] could not be trusted….!!!!” 

Sgt. Rice, who had conducted a professional and conscientious investigation, was reprimanded for supposedly “withholding exculpatory evidence” – meaning that his original report was later contradicted by Klitch’s perjured testimony.

Subjected to a punitive transfer, Rice was told by his new supervisor that he was “not being a team player” and that “he needed to stop more cars and write more tickets and that if he did not make the changes it would be reflected in his 2013 evaluation.” Rice has since resigned from the ISP.


Klitch on road pirate patrol.

The perjurer Klitch, according to his supervisor, remains “a valued member of the ISP” — despite the fact that his name is now inscribed on the “Brady list” and he faces agrowing collection of lawsuits by motorists who have suffered abuse at his hands in pretext stops conducted for the purpose of asset forfeiture. 

Jackie Raymond, the only surviving child of the man killed by Deputy Sloan, has filed a tort claim describing the ISP’s behavior as that of a criminal “enterprise or conspiracy …[to] conceal evidence, harbor and protect Sloan from criminal and civil liability, and intimidate, influence, impede, deter, threaten, harass and obstruct witnesses … to protect fellow Idaho law enforcement officers from the consequences of their criminal misconduct.”

The death of Jack Yantis may have been the product of tragic miscalculation, misunderstanding, mishap or culpable malice. Now that the investigation is in the hands of a “criminal enterprise” with a documented history of suppressing and misrepresenting evidence, it is doubtful that the public will ever learn the unadorned truth of the matter. 


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