11-11 portal Light activation: Wishing well ASCENSION PIONEERS

Published on Nov 10, 2015

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We are right before the 11-11 gateway and the winds of change are blowing in our favor again! We feel the energy of preparation for a new wave of consciousness with new Soul gifts being activated! We feel joy and excitement. Our desires are within reach and this is because of all the work we are doing on the higher levels of our Being and bringing it into the physical manifestation! Our creations are strong and firm at this time and there is much support behind the scenes! The air/wind element is always a force of change that teaches us how to stay alert and present. We can hear subtle and profound messages at this time, but we have to be still and peaceful! The more serene we are, the more we fuel our connection to the higher realms.

How are You preparing to stay fully open and susceptible during the 11-11 portal of Light? It’s very important for us to stay in the receiving part of the Divine equation to attain a perfect equilibrium of Light and Love! The energy portals do not suddenly open up, it’s more an amplification of energy that builds up and strengthens our physical vessel as we ready ourselves to receive more of our Soul’s infinite Light! The more we engage in silence and spend time with Nature, the more our bodies can receive the new streaming ways in perfect balance! This current 11-11 gateway will continue to build up inside of us for quite some time! The more ready and willing we are, the more we will benefit from the Universal energy and use it to create Magic!

Mastery courses: http://www.serapina-light.blogspot.si…

Light activations: http://www.serapina-light.blogspot.si…

Holy Spirit messages: http://www.serapina-light.blogspot.si…

Cosmic convergence: http://www.serapina-light.blogspot.si…

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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