Can Colloidal Silver CURE Every Known Illness & Disease?? – Even Cancer – Aids & Ebola?? Thursday, November 19, 2015

(Before It’s News)

Vatic Note:   I use Colloidal Silver for just about everything.   Any kind of infection, I either drink it, breath it, or put it on my damaged skin if that is the problem.  I am an old broad and yet, I am healthy as a horse for my age.  I attribute it to using natural remedies only, for anything that goes wrong.  Its also fast acting.  Just how effective is it????

Well this article should make it clear that its extremely effective and the results of the PTB’s finding out has resulted in a censorship and banning, as well as lying about its dangers.  Turning “blue”, has never happened to me, and I have been using it for 35 years now.   Just more lies and propaganda to keep us from that which could save our lives, especially in a depopulation environment.

The difference between natural remedies like this Colloidal silver and pharmaceuticals, is that the first “CURES” what ails you and the last (drugs) “only addresses and fixes the “SYMPTOMS” and not the disease, so you keep getting more and more prescriptions since symptoms will continue to come back since the underlying cause of the illness has not been addressed.  Thus most of the drug company stuff is temporary, not permanent.  In this fascist turning state, its all about money, profits and control.

Finally, the side affects of most drugs can be as bad or worse than the original disease.  Statistics show that more people die from the side affects of drugs than from gun deaths and yet the gov wants to ban guns and does nothing about the drug industry.   Explain that one to me, will ya???  Have we already lost our country and just don’t know it yet???

Can Colloidal Silver CURE Every Known Illness & Disease?? – Even Cancer – Aids & Ebola??
Published by Jamie Whittaker,  on Jan 26, 2015

My Description: An attempt to prove to people that Colloidal Silver works and show the real causes of the one known side effect, Argyria. Which colloidal silver is not the cause, if you make it with steam distilled water and pure silver, in a glass with nothing but your silver in the water, when it is “cooking” (should be made at a low dc voltage, under 40vdc).

This will make highest quality Colloids, way better than you can buy and much, much cheaper. There are no side effects to CS (if made this way), there is no upper dose limit and it does not complicate any other drugs you might be on. This is proven by testing and research, though not by the main stream, but by well educated and respected people from the health industry.

These people are forced to lay low if they want to share their message, they get attacked by many people, as Colloidal can cure everything, so you have many different powerful people that get mad at you. They make an insane amount of money on getting and keeping people sick.

Are you willing to go against main stream?? Are you willing to make this decision on your own? Are you ready to be healthy?? Are you sick of being sick??

I know I was, I decided to buy a Colloidal Silver Generator two years ago. After researching and I was getting sick, I was like, let’s do this!! I bought the SilverPuppy. I highly recommend it. I think it is far better than the next best choice, for many reasons. FYI I am not connected to them, there is no money involved in this recommendation.

Top reasons, only one with 4 – 9’s pure silver (99.99%), instead of 3-9’s, it has a swap mode, so one lead doesn’t turn dark or almost black, it has longer wires (in a u shape), for more surface area (i.e. more silver particles can be released), it automatically shuts off at 20ppm and you could make a higher dose batch if wanted, like above 20ppm.

Anyways, I stopped getting sick after I drank my first batch and haven’t been sick since, that was over 3 years ago. I will leave my personal testimony on CS and the SilverPuppy in the discussion section on this channel, click on my name and then the discussion tab (if interested in reading).

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


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