DEC 11 2015 – “Planet X Mode” In Mainstream Media… Archangel Michael, St. Germain And Sananda Comment On Planet X, And Their Answers May Surprise You!

“Planet X Mode” In Mainstream Media… Archangel Michael, St. Germain And Sananda Comment On Planet X, And Their Answers May Surprise You!

Planet X Mode” In Mainstream Media… Archangel Michael, St. Germain And Sananda Comment On Planet X, And Their Answers May Surprise You!

St. Germain, “Nibiru is coming again…”

Folks… what the mainstream media can do at this point, is to hint and tell you the truth in a subliminal way… most curious is the onslaught of planet X and ‘binary star’, articles that are constantly in the headlines… here are a few recent examples… is the time of doubt and distraction all but over? Watch… with the Washington Post leading the way, as the mainstream media goes into, “Planet X” mode…

Scientists claimed they found elusive ‘Planet X.’ Doubting 

Washington Post-6 hours ago
Finding Planet X in the small field of vision they studied with the ALMA telescope, he said, “would be like scooping a cup full of water from the …
Astronomers Skeptical about “Planet X” Claims
Highly Cited-Scientific American-22 hours ago

Story image for planet x from Popular Mechanics

Did These Researchers Just Find Planet X?

Popular Mechanics-Dec 9, 2015
Well, ninth planet big – and potentially bigger than Earth. … the paper, even explores the possibility that the object is a planet within that system.

Story image for planet x from

Shocking claim: ‘First ever images of Planet X set to wipe out life on 2, 2015
Some are so convinced it is nearly here, they have begun posting images online of what they claim are the first images captured of Planet X or …

Story image for planet x from Daily Star

Giant HIDDEN PLANET X to ‘smash into Earth THIS MONTH’

Daily Star-Dec 2, 2015
Believers linked this to Planet X – a hypothetical planet astronomers suggested could account for unexplained unusual changes in the orbits of …

Story image for planet x from Latinos Post

Mysterious ‘Planet X‘ to Destroy Earth? Doomsday Coming 

Latinos Post-Dec 6, 2015
A YouTube video first reported by The Express claimed to have recorded the first ever glimpse of Planet X. “This object is round, it is not any …

Story image for planet x from

Lonely wanderer … Object V774104 is the most distant known object 12, 2015
A NEW speck found circling at the extreme edge of our solar system has renewed speculation there may yet be a mysterious ‘Planet X‘ awaiting …

Story image for planet x from EarthSky

New most distant object in solar system

EarthSky-Dec 1, 2015
More than 100 times farther from the sun than Earth, this object has been designated V774104. It’s fueling speculation about a Plan

Is there a Planet X, a ‘massive perturber,’ hidden beyond Pluto?

Washington Post-Sep 3, 2015
If you’ve been following our coverage of the New Horizons mission, you know that the NASA probe had a spectacular fly-by of Pluto on July 14 …

Story image for planet x from Popular Mechanics

Newly Discovered Object Revives Speculation of Planet X

Popular Mechanics-Nov 10, 2015
There’s a new most distant object in our solar system, and it strengthens the hypothetical case for an unseen large planet at the outer …

Scientists Just Spotted The Most Distant Object In Our Solar System

Huffington Post-Nov 16, 2015
If V774104 proves to be one, it would provide astronomers with further support for the theory that an undiscovered Planet X is lurking in the …

Story image for binary star from ExtremeTech

Why Tatooine is plausible: the orbital mechanics of binary star systems

ExtremeTech-Dec 1, 2015
Binary star systems are common throughout the observable universe; of the stars nearest our sun, about half are part of binary systems.

Story image for binary star from News Ledge

Superflares and Our Sun. What a Binary Star is Telling Researchers

News Ledge-Dec 8, 2015
That’s what new research found from KIC9655129, a binary starlocated in the Milky Way. Your average solar flare produces the energy …
Sun Could Unleash Devastating ‘Superflare’
Highly Cited-Discovery News-Dec 8, 2015

Explore in depth (86 more articles)

‘Blue stragglers’ mystery finally solved by astronomers

RedOrbit-3 hours ago
An unusual group of binary stars that look deceptively young and bright for their age are able to maintain their appearance by cannibalizing …

Story image for binary star from Symmetry magazine

The next gamma-ray eye on the sky

Symmetry magazine-1 hour ago
… supermassive black holes, the remnants of the explosions of massive stars, binary star systems, and galaxies actively churning out new stars.

Story image for binary star from Sky & Telescope

Tale of Capella and the Two Red Dwarfs

Sky & Telescope-Dec 9, 2015
The close binary star Capella photographed with the COAST telescope . The stars are separated by just 1/20″. These two images were taken …

Story image for binary star from GeekWire

Planet X? Probably not, but ALMA telescope array’s readings stir up 

GeekWire-13 hours ago
… reports detecting an object in submillimeter wavelengths that’s close to the same position in the sky as the Alpha Centauri binarystar system, …

Story image for binary star from University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alternative stellar lifestyle: Common, curious, solved at last

University of Wisconsin-Madison-Dec 8, 2015
Birth of a blue straggler star. Left: A normal star in a binary system pulls in matter from an aging companion star that has swelled to a bloated …
I put out a call for channelers to answer a few questions related toNibiru, ascension and earth changes.
Here are a few answers from someone who channels Archangel Michael:

4. Is earth still in the vicinity of Nibiru and is it feeling any effects from Nibiru like changes in our magnetosphere, and the increases in fireballs, red dust storms, red rain, earthquakes and tectonic stress, as expressed from the Zetas?  Zetas: “The Earth Is Now Trapped In Front Of Planet X”,…Devastation Not Seen In 50000 Years Forthcoming

Answer 4
This is fear propaganda and is not true. There is no planet Nibiru in this dimension.

5. Is humanity going to be visited by beings from Nibiru?

Answer 5
No beings from Nibiru will be visiting at this time on Earth

8. Are significant earthquakes as mentioned in this article, accurate in terms of a major New Madrid earthquake starting off a chain reaction of events, that will ‘wake up’ humanity to love? Zeta 2015 Update On World Tectonic Plates: Significant New Madrid Earthquakes Later This Year! Zeta “Exterrestrials” Call Nasa “Desperate” In Attempts To Expain Away Nibiru-Caused Earth Changes

Answer 8
Earthquakes will occur as a natural by-product of physical changes within Earth. These Earthquakes shall be kept to a minimum. Nibiru is not in your dimension / universe and cannot affect the Earth. Please understand that it is counter productive to have large scale fear inducing events during this time of moving towards Divine Love and Unity. All such fear inducing events are not in this timeline. There is only one timeline and it is marching toward Ascension for Earth and for all Earth inhabitants, on and off planet.

Folks… so on one hand we have Archangel Michael (if these answers come from an authentic channel) saying Nibiru is not in our universe or dimension and cannot affect the earth… and on the other hand, we have all sorts of evidence that a hidden unacknowledged object may be affecting earth’s magnetosphere, and being a source of the fireballs and second sun photos… so stay tuned in… something is happening whatever it is…

St. Germain and Sananda say Planet X is real and is on a peace mission with earth:

The Presence of Nibiru has many levels to it. First of all, it is an inhabited planet. It is not an empty ball of magnetic mass. It is a planet that is guided, just as much as the peoples of this world and this planet have been guided ever since the world began. Nibiru is coming again, not so much to create disaster, disease, starvation and hunger, but more to catalyze that shift that was predicted by the beings of ancient times, to correlate with the shift in consciousness that is already happening with beings who have reincarnated over and over again to get to this place in themselves where they are now able and willing to come into the experience of their Light Bodies from the soul outward.

The main reason for the presence of Nibiru, not only in this particular era, but also in all succeeding eras, was for humanity to understand that “You are Light.”

When humanity completely understands that “You Are Light,” then Nibiru will spin out of this Solar System and do its work elsewhere, wherever, it is wanted and needed. This is the truth of Nibiru, which has not completely been revealed.

SANANDA CONFIRMS NIBIRU’S EXISTENCE: Nibiru is known as the Twelfth Planet and is in Earths inner orbit now. NASA has posted images of Nibiru calling it the dwarf star. The Path of Nibiru aligned with Regulus is the Path humanity will take as it Ascends back to its origin in the Higher Realms. It is the end of the age of duality and a New Age of Peace and Love.

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