Crazy Like a Fox — Unanswered Letters 1 — A Reply to John Smith, by Anna von Reitz

Crazy Like a Fox — Unanswered Letters 1 — A Reply to John Smith, by Anna von Reitz

Crazy Like a Fox — Unanswered Letters 1 — A Reply to John Smith, by Anna von Reitz

Below you will find the text of a letter that was sent to me, which among many others, I haven’t had the time or ability to answer, but which I will attempt to respond to this morning—


Hello Anna Von Reitz

I do read most of the information you put out, and you have sure put out some

mind blowing information, mind blowing for me anyhow.

Maybe it’s because I’m not very well educated, these days I am not sure if that’s

a good thing or a bad thing, I am now seventy years of age and I have learned

more about the way this world of ours is run in the last seven years then all the previous

years put together.

I knew there was corruption going on within many Government departments

but I had no idea that it was so wide spread and organised world wide.

Over the last seven years I have seen so many hard working people put up so many

petitions and protests yet nothing changes how can a drop of water thrown into

the ocean make any difference.

Not been well educated I’ve always had to look for simple solutions to any problem

I have faced.

And today I am facing the biggest problem the world has ever known how do we

as a human race save ourselves and our planet.

And there is a VERY VERY simple solution we all know about superman and

we all know about the one thing that brings him down KRYPTONITE it’s colour

is green.

Green is the same colour vibration of money, MONEY IS OUR KRYPTONITE

money is what is been used to enslave us and give our overlords power over us.

So the solution is simple we stop using any form of money world wide

and make everything free worldwide be it goods, services,health education

everything that money buys.

With one condition that every adult 18 years to 55 has to do 1 to 3 days work

each week.

Under 18 and over 55 need not work unless they want too.

By removing money from our world we take away the power of our present

over lords no one can stop us doing this except ourselves we out number

them by over a million to one.

Even if they try to set the law enforcement or military or even mercenaries

on us it will not work because money will be of no use to them plus they

get everything free anyway.

By removing any form of money from our lives:

The banks will be finished, The IRS will be finished, All national debts worldwide will be finished .

all wars will be finished nothing to fight over everything worldwide will be free.

No more mortgage payments no BLM NSA OR FBI OR KINGS AND QUEENS

No rent the list is endless but I’m sure you get the picture no one can stop us

With money out of the picture no one will need to compete with anyone for money

or power we will work to help each other.

It will put millions out of work and they will make up the work force needed so we all

work only 1 to 3 days a week.

With money out of the way all suppressed technology will come out

the military can be reassigned to clean up the planet

It really is that simple it’s up to us to make this happen and make this VIRAL we can do it.

John Smith

PS: I will be sending copies of this letter to others there is really no other way

money has to go otherwise we will always be slaves.

Dear John,
What can I say?  You are absolutely right.  The Bible calls money the “root” of the evils in this world, and the Bible is right.  What the Bible doesn’t overtly and explicitly tell you is that money and the misuse of it, is at the core of the conflict between cultures and indeed, the conflict between good and evil that is the focus of the entire New Testament.
Money is an idol and the worship of money is idolatry.  More people need to step back and think about this.  Those little gold coins stamped with images?  Those “graven” pieces of paper?  They are no different from hand-carved idols produced by Jabal the Idol Maker. Objects intended to represent or invoke something else are idols. It matters not that what money invokes is the labor and resources of a nation, instead of Aphrodite.
The entire underlying practice of using money is intimately connected with idols and idol worship and false reasoning which gives rise to delusional thinking— indeed, a kind of literal insanity that festers and torments Mankind.
While “money” could be a simple, utilitarian tool used to accomplish needful work, something akin to a shovel or pick ax, it is instead transformed into a “false god”.
Just imagine all of us going out to the tool shed and falling down before the nearest shovel and you will have a clear picture of just how crazy this is.
But, if we get rid of the shovel, what do we use to dig wells, spade up the garden, build roads and do all the other things we need to do in this world, eh?  How do we facilitate the trade of tulip bulbs for light bulbs, if not through some “medium of exchange”?
Please note the use of the word “medium” as in Madame Barackanova, Medium holding Seances every Friday night.   Money provides the illusion of transforming one thing into another and translating their relative values, too—- but it is just that: an illusion.
When I was a child my best friend’s mother worked at a grocery store.  One year a candy company did a big promotion. If you bought their candy bars, you got a free sticker with the team emblem of a major baseball team on it.  Mail service being what it was, the stickers didn’t arrive on time but did show up a couple years later.  My friend and I inherited the stickers and we cornered the market.
Trade was very brisk.  At one point, I could trade one of these baseball stickers for three big “Steelie” marbles, a candy bar, and half a cheese sandwich.  Life was good.  My friend and I were rolling in the dough of childhood, rich as Midas in all the things that mattered to children.  We reinvested part of our loot in Saltwater Taffy purchased at wholesale, keystoned it minus five cents per package, undercut the local Five and Dime Store, and made another killing.
We were well on our way to becoming successful entrepeneurs, and we were greedy little buggers, too.  Every afternoon after school we “took stock” and counted our inventory and our gains.  It was fun, like playing a game with actual rewards—- think of mice who have discovered the “Food Button” in some psychologist’s training maze?
That was us.
Then, one day, one of the poorest kids in town made me an odd seemingly near-suicidal proposal.  He would trade his wretched bicycle and walk to school every day in exchange for six of those baseball patches. I thought about this.  Those baseball patches cost me nothing. After all, what were they?  Pretty stickers left over from a candy company promotion.
I couldn’t make the trade.  I gave him the stickers for free.  I walked away.
No doubt that is why I never became an entrepeneur, donated my interest in “The Company” to my friend, and have made zero effort to accrue money or much of anything else ever since.
It became crystal clear to me how arbitrary the game of valuation is, how worthless the symbols we trade in really are, and therefore how capricious, even stupid, the whole business of money is. It is literally unreal.  It is fueled by nothing but human need and weakness — and greed.  Don’t forget the greed, the insatiable, mindless lure of the chase.
Think of greyhounds running around and around the track trying to catch a fake rabbit that is forever just out of reach?  That’s what money is.  The fake rabbit.
And banking is the knowing, willful creation and purveying of fake rabbits. It’s “legalized fraud” on the face of it.
But how do you make something that is intrinsically wrong into something right?  It’s like waving your hand and “legalizing” theft.
The plain fact is that the entire money system is criminal by definition as it currently exists and it needs to come to an end, just as you propose, John Smith.  The problem is that none of the people in power have been sufficiently motivated to do anything but chase fake rabbits themselves.
I have raised a flag and said—  if we are going to use these little poker chit-like things to stand as symbols for the value of our labor and our natural resources, let’s at least do away with the whole business of “translating” commodities into “standard commodities” like gold and silver.
Let’s just admit that we are all trading the same things— our labor and natural resources we harvest from the Earth—and everybody use the same chits to symbolize the value of that.
What happens when we do that?  An element of truth is introduced into the equation and all the “profits” made by speculation and “over valuation” and “under valuation” of both labor and commodities disappear.  There’s nowhere for the fake rabbit to hide.
We are forced to see what it is we are trading— our time on Earth, our energy, our talent and knowledge — and the resources of our native land, in exchange for the same things being offered by others.
And then we have to face other questions, like, is my labor intrinsically worth more than the labor of a bellhop working in a hotel in Northern Ireland?  Or a miner in South Africa?
And why is it that it costs so much to live in the United States and comparatively little to live in Mexico?
You see, once you start chasing fake rabbits and pretending that some fake rabbits are “more equal” than other fake rabbits, it’s difficult to go back to any kind of sanity and fairness.
It’s hard for those who are caught up in the chase to step back, look at the baseball stickers and the bicycle, and admit that it is all bushwah. It’s even harder for some people to let go, hand over the stickers, and walk away.
You are right, John, that is what needs to happen.  We need to set each other free from this mass delusion that has ruined the Earth for thousands of years.  We need to find an honest way to trade our goods and services.  Any suggestions?
Best regards,
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