Heavenletter #5675 The Lagoon of God’s Love, June 8, 2016


Heavenletter #5675 The Lagoon of God’s Love, June 8, 2016

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Date: Wednesday, 8-Jun-2016 18:14:11


Heavenletter #5675 The Lagoon of God’s Love, June 8, 2016

God said:

I hear you say to Me in your role of bewildered and perhaps harried Child of Mine:

“Beloved God, may my heart pour out in gratitude to You at every moment. May I be grateful to you for every task You set before me. May I be eager to serve You easily and without resistance. May a way for me to fulfill Your every desire present itself so that I serve Your Will as You will me to. Thy Will. I underline this, God.

“May serving You be easy and swell my heart. May I have equanimity. May all be well in the world and for everyone I personally know or think I do not know. May I know everyone to the depth of my heart. May I see no challenges. May I see that I have only a little housekeeping to attend to in my land no longer do I honor the hustle and bustle that overwhelm me so much of the time. May I present myself to You, God, in good and hearty service. May I serve My fellow man happily in service to You. May I serve You. May I serve.”

Now, know this:

You are My desire. I brought you into Being to fulfill My desires. Take Me at full value. What is this about your worrying about anything at all when you are set as My Crowning Glory? You are My Dream come true.

Like Me, keep your eye on where you are going and not on the past of where you have been — even a moment ago. Yesterday is nothing. The seeming right now is everything, even as there is not really a right now. The long and the short of it is that what you perceive as the present is simply Infinity, no ifs ands or buts about it.

When you ride in a canoe on soundless water, neither the present nor anything else is on your mind. You are Being. Being is Oneness. Being is Beyond Thought. Worry is a thought, and there are no worries except as you make a list of them. In Being, worry does not exist.

In Infinity, which is Fullness and Nothingness as well, you are in the Lagoon of My Love. There are no lapses of My love. There are no lapses because all is the Fullness of Love Radiating like the Sun or riding seamless, effortlessly, and guilelessly like a swan floating down a stream, hardly a ripple to be seen. Your existing in the Lagoon of My Love strengthens you, even as, in Infinity, you need no strengthening. None whatsoever.

Let your heart be filled with rapture in service to Me. I am not an aspirin you take, yet I buffer you. Consider Me the Builder of the Universe. You may polish a window or connect two logs. I find work for you to do. You are an aid, yet I bear the responsibility. I put no weight on you. You assume weight. You do not need to weigh yourself down in service to Me. Be as light as a breeze. You take a little daily jaunt on My Behalf.

Consider whatever you do for Me a picnic you are going on. You pack up a few things and are on your way. Your responsibility lies merely in paddling a light canoe, or making the motions of paddling left to right. You may not even know where you are paddling to, yet you paddle merrily merrily down the stream, even as there is no down the stream nor is there an upstream. You make hand-motions. Remember, you are going on a picnic. We will sit together on a blanket of grass.

All of the relative life you prance around in is an idea. Difficulties are an idea. Your existence stuffed into a body is an idea. Good and bad are ideas. Tall and short are ideas. Right and wrong are ideas. Pride and shame are ideas. All the opposites are canned ideas.

The life you live is a camera clicking images that you take seriously. A snapshot is just a snapshot. You are an image you project upon the Screen of Life. You are what you see, and what you see is what you’ve got. Illusion is the realm you play in.

You are convinced that a lot has happened. Nothing has happened. The shutter of the camera clicks. You view the clicks as you view them. Click. Click. Click.

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