13-year-old blasts Trump and absolutely blows away the audience and judges on America’s Got Talent



During season 11, NBC’s America’s Got Talent featured a young lady named Lori Mae Hernandez who decided she was going to do standup comedy, a rare thing for a teenage contestant to do. In front of a TV audience of millions and judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel, she was asked why she started doing standup comedy. The 13-year-old choked up a bit and then told the judges, 

“My dad, he got Bell’s Palsy and it’s kind of hard for my Dad to smile.”

Bell’s Palsy is a rare condition that causes the facial muscles to weaken and/or become paralyzed. 

Lori then begins her comic piece immediately grabbing the audience with a joke about passing up the Disney Channel to be on the show. She humorously adds that she meant watching the Disney Channel while babysitting. Then she talks about her lack of qualifications to even be a babysitter:

I’m not a high school graduate, I haven’t even been to high school, I don’t have a driver’s license — I can’t even sit in the front seat. I’m still on ‘safety scissors,’ people!

She says the only real qualification she has to be a babysitter is that she “used to be a baby,” and she can’t understand why anyone would want to leave their children with her — kind of like asking a reality show host, “You wanna be president of the United States?”

Clearly no one was expecting a joke about Donald Trump and the audience went wild, immediately giving the 13-year-old a standing ovation. 

Here is the YouTube video of Lori on America’s Got Talent:

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