Bruce Big Call: Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Thursday Night 7-28-16 – Gary Larrabee

Bruce Big Call: Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Thursday Night 7-28-16


Some Highlights from The Big Call

Lostnq8:  Listening to Bruce. He is praying right now.

Not much NEW intel, but things are moving fast

We are not waiting on Iraq. Iraq is waiting on US.

Iraq was waiting on the USN to be live

Per Bruce: Some more bad guys were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Lostnq8:  Per Yosef: Extending bank staff’s NDA’s. Defined timeframe for the actual completion of the groups. Gives the groups the six or seven day margins to get in and out.

Per Yosef: Rates have gone up

Per Yosef: Bernie quit the Democratic Party today! They filed a class action lawsuit against Shultz.

Per Yosef: Talking election stuff but dont’ want to get political.

Per Yosef: Based on the information we have been getting we may get an earlier start than Aug. Late July.

Per Bruce: When the 800’s come out we will put it out as soon as possible.

Per Robert: Just got off of an important call. We are in a window like we never have seen before. Get you Macarina shoes on because it is time. Any second any minute.

Per Robert: Get your stuff together now. It is about to happen. Be ready!

Per Robert: Reluctant to give our any rates but will temper what they post.

Per Bruce: They are talking about doing a recording and posting it on and posting it tonight.

Per Robert: That is assuming that the 800’s come out.

Per Bruce: Not much more to say. It is the end so not much to tell. Per porky pig “That’s all folks”.


Rocker66:  Yesterday was a flurry of great news that was not speculation but confirmed and today culminated in the same type of news. Why I really really am confident this is my last night or weekend of drinking crap wine

I do hate being vague but it is really time to be vague as the information is so specific it can come back to haunt the provider and would really leave the room with no information

AC:  Awake basically said the same thng, Rocker

Rocker66:  I would go along with Awake on that


Dinar Updates:

Firefly    Let’s see, 2 Thursdays ago the IMF told Iraq they won’t receive a red penny until they start the reform process.
2 days later they received a portion of the funds? 

So my question to the room is…What happened in those 2 days that convinced the IMF to start the loan process… 

IMO…We may know very shortly.


Aggiedad77:  Between Thursday and Saturday agendas for Parliament we are seeing a flurry of action on their part… many will show up and actively participate….we shall see…..there is much voting going on…..some on minor topics….but still work that has to be done……they are definitely two days with full agendas….hope they can focus and stay on target. Aloha Randy.


Aggiedad77:   UNITY… is a buzz word that everyone wants for all of Iraq… will only happen with the defeat of ISIS/DAASH and the rebuilding and reconstruction efforts by the Iraqi people fueled with funds and materials from the outside world……investors……companies willing to come in and pitch a tent to stay a while and help put the pieces back together again…..make Iraq a proud country…..a country to be reckoned with on a world scale….

That too will take a rate change…..just being able to pay the Iraqis again for a days effort in work….all Iraqis pitching in to ensure a reconciliation on a national level…..there are a few words we haven’t heard about in a while….but they are worthy of what the Iraqi people need to ascribe to…..locking hands and arms as brothers and sisters of a country who is poised and ready to be an international player…..come on…..join the process….all  IMO. 

Aloha  Randy 

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