Cobra Sit-Rep for August 17, 2016

Cobra Sit-Rep for August 17, 2016


True to his word, the middle of the month past, Cobra brings us up to date on the behind-the-scenes activities on Starship Earth, and the trickle down of information and illustrations that indicate we ARE progressing toward our new Galactic Society. 

While many are telling us that “it’s done”, we’re almost there, the veil is gone, the financial reset is already in progress, we’re free, the Dracos are gone, the agreements have been agreed upon/signed, and the party is about to begin… it doesn’t FEEL that way, although I’m sure there is much happening behind the scenes we don’t know about and we’re certainly much farther along than we were a year ago, or even a few months.

No one dreamed it would take this long… but it did. So here we are, and many continue to starve, live on the street, are murdered by the terrorists’ hybrids who are mind-controlled and turned into weapons, and the lamestream lies continue to stream daily, children are abducted and seriously ill people die painful deaths. It’s a very sad state of affairs, but we have no choice and so… we wait… trying to alert those who are still under the hypnotic trance to lessen the blow when the truth comes out. 

While there is a lot of disinformation and outright lies on the alternet, there is also more wonderful, inspiring information than ever before, and if you missed theround table discussion with Cobra, Alfred Webre, the Red Dragon Ambassador and Capt. Max Steel on the Goldfish Report posted last week, it’s well worth a listen, or to read the transcript. Many of us are planning our new society, and thinking forward, rather than getting mired down in the muck of the present.

On a lighter note, Cobra shares an online gadget that tells us if the system has collapsed yet. Cute. (see the end of the post) Thanks, Cobra and the Resistance Movement.  ~ BP

veil parting

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