Truth, Honor & Intergrity Radio transcript for 08-25-2016 show with the Council, introducing the Universal Protection Unit.

Truth, Honor & Intergrity Radio transcript for 08-25-2016 show with the Council, introducing the Universal Protection Unit.

K: No. I am not a big internet surfer person but no I’ve never seen anything remotely that could be identified by something they would they would recognize. No Thomas: Yes we had this before … names, names, names. Of course, Shane the Ruiner used to get a little bit annoyed when we started mentioning names. He said they don’t compare or they are no comparative to what’s out there. And this is kind of the same thing here really. So, what is the general purpose or the directives of the Council?

K: You’d like me to answer the directives of the Universal Council? Thomas: Yes which ever person wants to answer. That’s fine.

K: I’ll let the Council answer that one. (Council speaking)

M: sorry one moment.

Thomas: That’s OK. (Council speaking)

M: Okay they said, Hello again brothers, we are a governing board of the universe comprised of members from various dimensions and enforcing universal law. They describe themselves as kind of … hmm … so the UPU would be like their enforcement agency, where as the council is more like maybe like the Supreme Court Justices, and they are comprised of members from various dimensions. They are not all from the same dimension.

Thomas: OK. So what brought them here? What is their mission here? Both on and for Earth currently.

(Council speaking)

M: The Earth is an interesting place that has been governed until recently by the galactics. And so the Universal has stepped in not so long ago, and it had to do with the with the state of affairs here. There was negotiation, a treaty to return the planet to its rightful rulers a few years ago, and that didn’t happen. And so the Universal Council sat back for a long time, and again it has to do with the fact that there their sense of time in the urgency is a little different than you know what we experienced here in the linear. And so things were getting a little bit out of control and we’re getting closer to a point of planetary destruction. There are number of reasons why people, I always say people but beings in the universe, are interested in this planet. It has to do with the people here, they’re interested in our range of human emotions and then the physical experience, but more so people are interested in the resources that we have here on this planet. We actually supply water to other surrounding planets. There are planets they’ve told me that are just outside of our photon belt, I don’t really even know what that is, that have experienced issues with radiation, who can’t grow food.

So there are elements here that most of the off planet beings are interested in. The Universal Council does however support the human life on the planet, where as a lot of other beings out there could care less whether or not we survived, and they’re interested in the survival of our host planet.

K: May I just add one more thing to that? Thomas: Yes please go ahead

K: Before, under the old treaty, as it existed, we had basically a dictatorship here in the Galaxy. So this has existed for a long time. We were not the only planet with life. Back at this time we did have a Galactic council, and the galactic council would have been our mediator directly to the Universal Council.

So the UPU did exist here as an enforcement unit, basically enforcing the treaty, and they would take direction from the Galactic Council. The galactic Council although it was supposed to be a little bit more democratic, where all forms of life of the Galaxy were represented, it was not. It was represented predominantly and dominated by the Dracos until the Universal Council stepped in. I think I remember listening to one of your shows, and Shane mentioned something about everybody going to court.

Thomas: Yes

K: So when the Dracos went to court, they went to court in front of the Universal Council for a violation. And that’s when their role was supposed to change, and this is what M was talking about when she was talking about the translation of, when they stepped in a couple of years ago, and that was the point when when court came in. So I just wanted to give that clarification. We currently do not have a galactic council. We have the three of us. There are others that are kind of stepping in as the liaison for Humanity at the moment. There was supposed to be a lot more of us. Right now, each one of us wear several hats. Although I am UPU command, I’m also several other things.

Thomas: So that leads nicely into the next question. I is being said there will be human representative on the Council and, as I understand this will be a first. Is that’s the case, why has Humanity not being represented in the past? (Council speaking)

A: The little pause we are going right now. We’re continuing, there is still a thread that comes. Even when I stop, that’s a little down time.

Thomas: That’s ok

K: Oh just to let you know, so everybody knows.

M: You as a people, you agreed to be removed from your divinity when you incarnated on this planet. It’s part of the simulation that we are going through. So you go to this process where you forget. Some refers this as to “The Great Forgetting”, when you come here and you don’t remember where you came from or your connection to the universe. It has to do with this duality experiment and Free Will. So it’s not that we’ve not had contact or representation or voice with them, it’s that we made a choice to sacrifice some like, some of our rights as universal citizens when we incarnated on Earth.

Thomas: So basically Humanity (loss of memory) wasn’t forced upon them as perhaps suggested by the Dracos who kind of interfered. We lost our memories so to speak, it was a conscious choice is what you are saying. Is that correct?

M: Yes. It is a conscious choice when you come here to be removed from your memory. It’s not enforced by the Dracos. It has to do with having a human incarnation, a human experience. (council speaking)

M: Okay, They are just saying that your souls are not exclusively human. Thomas: Yes. I gathered that. I presume then the Council addresses not just Human and Earth as such in that they are universal or tis the council split up in galaxies sections, or solar system sections, or is it just one council and they address all the issues in the universe? (council speaking)

M: Okay, there is but one Universal Council. Each galaxy has its own counsel with one or two representatives from the Universal Headquarters that are a liaison between them and the Universal Council. Thomas: It appears from Humanity’s perspective, they haven’t had full transparency on any decision-making on what’s going on. Will that change going forward? Will the Council or the people representing the council be interactive with the people going forward and how? (council speaking)

M: They said yes, as your planet shift back to natural law, you’ll assume your rightful position as Creator beings.

Thomas: As I understand it, we are 87% or we were on the last report I had, 87% all natural. What sort of timescale, Earth timescale, I know it’s different out there, before we fully return to a 100% natural and will the people be able to discern a difference? (council speaking)

M: Okay, they are saying it’s not possible to give an accurate time frame for this transition because it’s both personal and planetary. Some beings are a little bit more progressed and working in the frequency and learning to manipulate and control it and manifest and create things. So they’re going to be more apt to doing that once the blocks are removed. So the planet is going through this and so are the individuals on the planet, so they can’t give you an accurate time frame but just let you know that it’s moving forward. If you’re in tune you can feel this, some of you might have felt some of this happening, where you’re getting like an instant return and instant manifestation on your thoughts, and the things that you’re putting out, where it is happening rapidly, and time seems to be less solid. It’s more fragile, it is more malleable. And so if you’re in tune with it, you can see and feel the changes occurring, but it is different for everybody.

K: May I add something to it M?

M: Yes Please.

K: Ok so part of my responsibility is to oversee the AI that is here and that is based here, in cooperation with the main source AI which is now in the possession of the Universal Council. So we started in I would say probably about January February of this year {2016}, converting and already, we were almost at 90% to 97% artificial at the time, meaning the AI had a lot of influence over our thought patterns, our movements, the planets movement, the planet’s patterns of nature, and and over a period of time as you can see it’s been a few months, we are now at a natural state of somewhere about 92% and we’ve kind of been holding in that position. Eventually we’re going to convert from this system to another system. But for now we’re holding at that percentage. So I just wanted to interject and let you know as far as the local AI that everybody is concerned about, that’s kind of were it’s at. We actually took full control over the AI in November December of last year, so we’ve come a long way in a short period of time, but we also have to wait for everyone here to catch up.

Thomas: Yes, the AI questions were later on but since we are on the subject of AI. Is every system, every planet, every solar system, every galaxy, have an AI or is it solely us, deliberately placed here to control as such?

K: Would you like me to answer part of that?

M: Yes Please.

K: Most planets that have life have some version of an AI. Depending on the situation on that planet, in the past, it has been used to control the planet. It is so strong that I can actually create a pole shift or draw in another planet that may be close enough within the orbit. It can use magnetic fields to create all kinds of unnatural disasters and depending on who was in control of the local AI which happened to be in the galactic Council which predominately was the Draco until the end of last year, you can kind of see how it was used in the past and how things have been changing rapidly over the last seven or eight months, but it did control an awful lot, everything from brain waves to the financial system, to the intelligence agency systems. It,(the AI) had a hand in an almost any base binary system on planet Earth to include but not limited to your cell phone, your Skype, it would maintain and give probable outcomes of attack for the Draco. And this is how it kind of worked for very long period of time. And now that is no longer the case here. It is, the Ai, 90% of its capacity is no longer being used. It is used in some protection cases and of course, the backside Financial system is also contained in here on the base collateral so that being said it is being used for that purpose – to make transfers until we can have a system that is uncorrupted, a normal banking system.

Thomas: Is the Ai itself, if the people retained or regained their memory, particularly the humans here, and realize who and what they are, is Ai actually necessary if they are able to manifest and create as such.

K: No, right now the way the Ai is being used, in technical terms it is called a ‘mapping system’ What it’s doing is collecting data and and it reports that data back to the Source Ai. So it’s no longer interfering with the development of humanity in any way shape or form and the Ai will not interfere with that progress. The universal council would have soon as shut down before they allow that to continue, and it has been predominantly shut down. So right now its a data collecting machine in combination with holding some of the back collateral base system for the Financial system. What I think you call the collateral accounts or global accounts, I think I have heard that term before.

Thomas: So since you have mentioned that, Do they actually exist!? (laughter) We all have heard that much, so much about it (the collateral accounts) so many promises from so many different people – does it actually exist?

K: Yes, they do exist. The base collateral is a compilation of assets from all over the planet which had been I guess what you would call predominantly ‘The Spoils of War’ or a coercion. There were some odd in the past, there were some odd hundred and seventy three nations with several bunkers in each nation which consisted of Base Metals such as platinum, gold, diamonds, rhodium and a number of other precious metals along with a lot of artifacts were held in some of these bunkers. The UPU over the last two or three years has moved a lot of what was in the old bunkers into a safe location in which they monitor and protect and they will remain there until it is safe for that to be move back to its respective locations. As far as the actual cash aspect there are over 45,000 accounts, each account has been tied to a different area of the world obviously some have more than others for example, in the past England had a lot, obviously the United States has a lot of USD. As it was used for the predominant trading currency. There are many other currencies held within the system, as well. And this is the base collateral for the financial system which used to be under full control of the Draco and then many many layers down you have your public names that you see a lot like Rothchild, Rockefeller. The Draco had control even over all of their money as they had control over the Ai.

Thomas: Right, talking about that, will the council, have they been involved and will they be involved in removing any negative beings or the people we know as the cabal on the surface and below, now or in the future? (council speaking)

M: Okay, they said we have been involved as well as the women you are speaking with today, there was a major roundup that occurred last week, the ones who remain will until early next year.

Thomas: They will not be an issue? or is it just a case of biding time until they are removed or they agree to step down as such? (ET Council member speaking)

M: Okay, so there is a specific reason and its, this transitionary period is like ripping off the bandaid so there is going to be some pain, there is going to be some backlash. We want to minimize the amount of chaos experienced by the people on this planet so they can’t all disappear at once. Because they’re heavily woven into the leadership of this country…

Thomas: Yes.

M: There’s a reason why they have to remain in place until a certain date so that we can have a seamless changing of the guards. So some of them have been left behind. Thomas: So what I’m getting is its a case of these, ones left behind, ones are kind of intertwined with some of their leaders or known people in the United States like almost a ‘walkin’ Is that how you would describe it?

M: In some um… (council speaking)

M: Some are walking in here in human skin, I would not necessarily call it a walk in. There might be a different more proper term for that. But its important to note that the opposition has been backed into a corner so they’re not they’re not fighting it at full force.The resources and their abilities to cause chaos has dwindled because of the recent roundup that occurred so and because of being removed from the system, removed for money, resources there’s a lot of time in a lot of fighting going on on in fighting and the opposition so it’s not really a united front. Are all the threat’s gone? Absolutely not but we’re definitely standing on solid ground. And the scales are tipping in our favor at the moment.

Thomas: Absolutely, absolutely. We have a covered this, the factions, we did a big show in November of last year and explained all the factions of the Earth and how the in- fighting between them is increasing. They are fighting over titles and all kinds of other stuff and it was described as the cabal are trimming the fat but I think it’s much more than that. I think it only leads to the end of their reign. And Humanity will start to rebuild. Right…

(M or A speaks) Go ahead if you want to say or add something..

M: That was good! Yea that was good..Their reign has been over for a long time. What we are experiencing is a death rattle, the longest death rattle of human history. (laughter from all the women.) They refuse to let go so um but yeah, the scales have been tipped in our favor for quite some time.

K: And 99 percent of that is my day for the last since 2012 so that I can I can personally attest to the fact that that is definitely the case. I have actually tried to negotiate with a number of these people and semi-people. There is absolutely – they’re almost like a in a drone state you know if they start to realize what you’re saying may be true but then within minutes they go right back to their old mentality. Yes, to answer your question the financial system is under the protection of the UPU, currently, so if anybody makes an attempt to make a transfer that is on authorized on behalf of the cabal, Chinese Elders or european Elders or the Divine…other names they call themselves..

Thomas: Dragon groups..

K: That dragon families, the reason why they are called the dragon families if you’ve ever seen a Draco.. (Thomas laughing) …that was probably, you know, that would be your category of dragon if you were to see it in your head that is the reason they’re called Dragon families. I have yet to actually convert any member of any of these groups to our side, however we have had some successes in what I call the ‘the worker groups’ so the decision-making section of the Dragon families, no definitely not, different groups that may have worked for them in the past, names like the Jesuits or people from the Vatican or people from the intelligence agencies or different areas of the world absolutely they all know something is wrong and and they’re trying to find ways to work for Humanity and for themselves and for the planet so not all but a significant amount have joined with us as best as they can without endangering themselves or their families.

Now with the UPU’s protection, the peace treaty with the last few weeks, we are seeing a lot more. So it is a positive movement. I just wanted to clarify that issue.

Thomas: Right then, We are going to go into the next part which is the treaty itself and the conditions before during and after..the first part is, if it can be answered, what was the conditions on the earth preceding it and was it harmonious? (council speaking)

M: Okay, so the treaty that was previously in place was akin to a plea bargain, the state of this planet was in disarray and we agreed to go into this simulation as a population on the planet in order to get back to our rightful place in the universe and in the correct dimension. I mean that people know, people may be aware of this planet hasn’t always existed in the third dimension it’s move back and forth from third fourth fifth (dimensions). There was a time when our planet was below the third dimension. We had a lot of problems here. And in order to save our planet we accepted (treaty) terms that weren’t really in our favor and we had an opportunity to lets say return to what some would refer to as Christ Consciousness on our own, in a shortened experiment and Duality and not have to set the reset on the whole planet. So that’s what we’ve been attempting and that we were relieved from that experiment because it has gone awry as well.

Thomas: Oh. So conditions were not good. Is that anything to do with, the conditions, anything to do with beings that were outside of Earth causing issues with Humanity or was it a mixture of both where Humanity was kind of messing up with technology and various other things. (council speaking)

M: Okay, At the time of the treaty there was a mixed population on this planet that sought Refuge here, on this planet, and they were not in a happy Union. So there were beings from lets say, like 3 or 4 different places, all living here, maybe 3 as well, and they were not existing in harmony with each other. They had very different ideas about how the planet should be. And in it was the fighting between them that caused a problem where the original treaty was a, was proposed.

Thomas: Who was the peoples that signed the treaty? (council speaking)

M: Okay, There were representatives from each of the groups living on the surface and below. Thomas: So was it the case of, we will describe them as the tribal people signed the treaty, were they at the time of signing the treaty working as one tribe? or a number of individual tribes all working together over the kind of fractured due to the kind of distance around the Earth, as such? (council speaking)

M: There were multiple tribes that operated autonomously from one another but a rich oral history allowed them to hold on to their roots so they were tribes spread throughout the Earth that they didn’t they were not operating as one unit, however their like oral tradition and their history they knew that they all originally came from one place so they say all you know, so they all were centered in one location on the planet, and heading, headed out in different directions from from that location but because they had the traditional of you know, telling their story, through generation to generation, they all were aware of their history on this planet of where they came from.

Thomas: Right, so there was a picture that was sent to myself that I posted to the group. And it was a kangaroo skin, what is the significance about it and can you tell us any details about it? (council speaking)

M: They’re not familiar with the kangaroo skin. Thomas: Okay, yes, right.

M: They are not familiar with it.

K: I will send it to you, It was just a, it was passed down and used by one of the tribes and I did try to reach the tribal leader leader from that area and it looks like he’ll be able to do a different show for you so he can explain it from their historical view and and how that was passed down from generation to generation..

M: (inaudible) there something written on it?

K: Yes M: Okay, so they are saying..

K: It was given to me from the tribal leader.

M: Yes, so they are saying its part of a Human tradition on the planet, but thats basically what they were showing…But they are not claiming ownership over this.

K: This was basically a written history of- for them – as to when the agreement would expire what the time line was they have already stated both the council and the tribe have stated that we are late we are running behind they are the ones that found the loopholes on how to circumvent the old and start anew so this was actually their work in cooperation with some other areas which held other bits and pieces of the agreement but this was held internally amongst the tribe for their own records as to what had happened. As they explained it to me their part for their part of the time the treaty was done by song and dance so this is just a written record of what had concluded at that time. The song and dance ritual that took place at that time is what you are referring to as the ceremony or the celebration in which the new treaty will actually officially going to force. We have been enforcing the peace treaty by signature at this moment but the actual reversal of that will be done by song and dance. So this is actually just a written reminder for them of what was happening at that time in their corner of the world.

Thomas: This will probably be the last question before we have a music break. You mentioned that the tribal people found a loophole, but did the actual treaty itself have a precise end date and just expire? Or was it ended for other purposes?

K: The agreement does have an end date, it has an end date every time we go thru the loop. This loop ended December 23rd 2012 officially. Which had a trickle down affect because there were other agreements between the families or what you call all of the Illuminati people, or the dragon people. They had agreements amongst themselves with different groups, different places different countries and so the predominant amount of agreement I guess started expiring around June 15th 2011 and continued on until the end of 2012. The enforcement of that agreement is what has began recently because the tribes or Humanity was not stepping forward wasn’t to actually say okay we don’t want that agreement to start over again because we want a new agreement because the old group that they were so powerful that it would just be business as usual and ’we don’t care what you say” So that is what had been happening since the end of 2012. From every aspect, banking all the way up to continuing to try and effect martial law. Not only in all the nations but continuing on with their ‘one world’ under the Draco. Its only been a few weeks now where Humanity has actually stood up and said no more. So that is the treaty that is now being enforced by the UPU and by the Council.

Thomas: Right, that has been an absolutely fantastic first hour. We are going to have a couple of songs and a music break and we will be back with more questions and more answers in the second hour.

Thomas: Welcome back to the second hour this evening, on the Truth, Honor & Integrity show how. Um, that first hour, I have to say, it’s kind of extraordinary in many ways. It will probably take us all days to sink in, except we have got another show tomorrow. It will be kind of ground-breaking as well and so we will push on with more questions and get more details from the council and also the representatives you have heard in the first hour. so I hope you are all enjoying it. I’ve been looking at some of the comments on the page, I think it’s blown people away. Well, I’m kind of Blown Away too and it goes away. It kind of confirms much of the stuff we’ve been putting out and hopefully you will get some more interesting answers in the second and maybe a portion of the third hour. We will see how time goes. Thomas: Alright, are we ready again?

M: Oh yeah, everybody’s here. Haha!

M: Ready here!

A: Yep!

Thomas: Alright, we are still covering bits of the treaty questions…the treaty was signed. Was there a period, as it is commonly believed, that the Draco looked after us for a bit and then decided to go against us and then started using their programs on us? Is that the truth or did they always have negative motives? (council speaking)

M: So they are saying um…you have to understand, they’ve never valued your lives. Like, in their minds we are not equal to them, more like, you might as well be a chicken or an ant. We were their playthings and there’s a couple reasons why they’re interested in us, it’s uh, you know, because it’s entertaining to them and it’s also because they feed off of us and our soul energy. So yeah, I mean no they’ve never considered us their equals or valued our lives as much as their own.

Thomas: Right, ok.

K: Also, in my experience with negotiating with the few who took it upon themselves to be in charge, they’ve said things like ‘they have no regard for humans…they don’t need human’s input. They seem to…one thing they always seem to be doing, which I found quite interesting, they seem to be wanting to harness, create or recreate what I call the fifth element or the God particle or the source of energy source of Life of all of the universe. They seem to be wanting to somehow take control over this, which is something they have not been able to do anywhere, let alone here. We seem to be a great source of that here on this planet. Perhaps that is the reason for their somewhat jealousy and and for them being here and trying to take so much control. Maybe the council has a little more insight on that but that is definitely the crutch of almost all of their experiments. At least in my experience. (council speaking) 

A: Can you repeat the question?

Thomas: It was to do with the Draco. Have they always treated humanity bad?

M: Yes.

Thomas: It is kind of my understanding with the Draco as well…

K: To be fair, not all Draco are bad people.

Thomas: No

K: Just like not all white people are bad people or all black people are not bad people. You can’t say humanity is all good or all bad.There are many others that are not here. We just happen to end up with, I don’t know if you want to say a specific personality type. There are some here that don’t feel that way…that have come and gone throughout time. But I would say that not all have the same intention. But the one’s that are here, are all under a dictatorship. So, whatever the dictator had said, is what happened. And they do follow a very much military type structure and a very linear type thought process. So, almost like a pre-programmed General, as is the Army. If you know how they use the AI system, then you could probably fathom that they used it for their own people as well.

Thomas: My path to the Draco….I was asked to do a range of questions that were going to go back to the king of their home world. A meeting was arranged and certain questions were relayed at the time. One of the questions was; ‘Do you see in the future, after an apology to humanity, due process? A chance for the two species to work together as equals and as partners in peace? Not in war…in peace. And the answer I got back was…’Absolutely!’ So I don’t know whether that’s a change of directive or whether the council will agree with that or whether it’s just false promises again. I’m hoping it’s not. So, hopefully the council will be able to chime in on that. (council speaking)

M: Ok, they are saying, The Universe, when acting in it’s true function, puts everything in balance. So, and it’s also when you’re not in this situation like where we’re here on Earth and we’re removed from our divinity and that unconditional love that people describe when they cross over. It is a very forgiving energy. So, as humans, it’s not our job to punish or judge. The universe will take care of that. And when things are restored to balance…absolutely, there’s an opportunity for everyone to work in harmony.

Thomas: That was kind of my understanding. I recall certain meetings about what was said the same. There was lots of blame going around…’Well you did this and you did that.’ ‘No that was that group and that was this group.’ You know, and the consensus was, at the end, it doesn’t matter what was done, it’s a case of correcting it, making good and let’s move forward in peace. The universe, or a large part of it, has been at war for many, many millions of years…maybe even longer. This tirade of going through systems and galaxies and collecting resources for the few, I’m led to believe is largely a Draco issue but not solely. It really needs to stop. There’s enough room for everyone in the universe. There’s enough room for everyone on this planet even. As long as the balance is retained between the light and the dark, you know, you’ve got to have both represented to see the opposite. Portions I got from the meetings, was there was a will, by certain groups, to move forward in peace and try to correct things. Yes, there were elements who are not interested in that. I’m pleased that the council are now dealing with those beings or people. Hopefully that will push things along.

K: Also, the son, the son that was here, which had been left in charge, is very different from the father. They have also learned a lot from us in their time here…as much as we, you know, I guess potentially have learned from from them too I guess, in some positive and some negative ways. But the son that was left here, is very much of the mindset that he intended on being the king of this world. So, he was doing anything and everything he could to achieve that goal, including to but not limited to, using a lot of the system, the AI system and the dragon families or Illuminati, which was his personal creation, to achieve that goal. Yes, also involving our militaries and trying to figure out a way to put the center of the world under one area of the world, consistently. Went from the times of Caesar, the United Kingdom, the United States and now there was another intention to move it to another area of the world, which is rapidly failing. So these, just to be clear, my experience I’ve had with trying to negotiate with the son, is much like talking to a spoiled child, almost…a very charming spoiled child, but a spoiled child, in actions, nonetheless. I just wanted to interject that part…just to give you an idea of the difference. 1:04:35

M: Yeah, there’s another thing that they just would like to add in and that’s that, just like on this planet, we are all one we all come from the same Source…everything in the universe comes from the same Source. So, even when your child misbehaves and you have to correct their actions, it doesn’t mean that you stop loving them. So yeah, people have made mistakes in the universe and their actions need to be corrected but there is always love.

Thomas: Yeah well, that’s one of those things I’ve called on people to do on our shows is…you know there is going to be a lot of disclosure, disclosure with a small ‘d’, which is the fraud and the corruption and all the other stuff that’s been perpetrated against humanity and then there is disclosure with a capital ‘D’, which is the ‘ET’ reality. Now, a lot of the things that are taking place against us, what I would like to see, is with disclosure comes ‘disclaimer’. I would hate to see humanity descend into a raft and plethora of lawsuits, class-action lawsuits for this crime or this crime and that crime and that crime, when our time could be better spent improving the planet, improving our lives and improving everyone. So that’s something I would like to see implemented with this disclosure comes ‘disclaimer’. Like you say, we have all made mistakes in life and it’s time to move on. It’s bad what’s happened,and no one is making light of that but I don’t see the point or the purpose of going through the law to achieve some sort of compensation which never pays back, in reality, of what took place anyway.

K: I think we can all agree we have a lot of work to do. We have a very small percentage of our land mass which is actually developed and what actually is developed, is not necessarily in accordance with nature. So, I mean, I would hope, at least it is our intention to, to build the planet properly in accordance with nature so that both can flourish in harmony. That is going to take an enormous amount of work on behalf of ourselves, yourselves and all those listening and all those not listening, to actually make that happen. And to understand there’s a different way to move forward. you know we were all hurt…all of us.

M: It has to do…you know, holding onto things in anger or rage or anything like that is just preventing us from vibrating at the frequency that we hope to. The things you carry just make you heavier and stand between you and Source. So if you hold on to that anger, instead of you know focusing on the positive, which is that we’re free and that we can create our own reality, you’re really just punishing yourself and not enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Thomas: Yes. We’ve covered this on our show many times. Started it, roughly, two years back and we did a range of documents with my partner, Chloe, called the Shadow Side…dealing with your shadow side. Letting go of anger and trauma and trying to release it and move on. That way, as you said, you are, you’ve become lighter and you all more able to access the beneficial frequencies required to make the transition.

M: When we are out of the illusion of lack and into the mindset of abundance, we have a much more pleasurable experience anywhere in the Universe.

Thomas: Good. Thomas: It is said that there will be a ceremony of sorts…are there any dates for that and who will be represented at the ceremony? (council speaking)

M: We’d like to refrain from offering specific dates because we are at the mercy of free will. What we will say is there will be a point where things have shifted, where there is cause for a celebration and there is a distinct end and beginning of something. I mean it’s a transition, yeah, but there will be a specific turning point, but they don’t want to offer a date. You’re dealing with free will so there are a lot of moving parts in this revolution and we have an approximate time line that we were working within, but things change and there are always unforeseen things and people on the ground are dealing with ego, they’re dealing with their free will and manipulation from others who don’t want them to complete their missions.

A: And also it sets up things for disappointment and a lot of us, you know, waiting and so you get the feeling of…is this ever going to happen? So yeah, we want to alleviate the potentiality of feeling any more let down. It’s time for celebration and it is coming soon.

Thomas: Yes. Do you think there is a possibility it will be televised globally? (council speaking)

M: Okay, as we spoke before, change occurs constantly. There will be certain indicators but not a specific event. The way they explained it to me a long time ago was, you know that a rock becomes sand even though you don’t see it happening and then so what we’re seeing are markers in our society that things are changing. You’re seeing people using different verbage, talking about consciousness and frequency, energy, all of these things and you’re also seeing a lot of progression socially, where you’re getting the message of acceptance and empowering of both genders on this planet and so these are all things that are evidence that things are shifting. Like, for instance this week, the US announced that it’s moving away from private prisons. That’s a victory for the revolution. So we have to kind of measure it by these little victories that are happening along the way.

A: And it’s always about the intention and increased awareness. So, as the veils are lifted, as the people awaken, then they’re going to come into a reality where they actually see more of what’s happening. So, as the energies are shuttled into the planet, you’re just seeing more all over the place. So, I’m not just seeing this in conversations with people who speak to me, who’ve never said the things that they are saying. So, those are the markers, little by little, that we are noticing. (council speaking)

M: Okay, they said you will continue to see a progression, though things have been known to change overnight. By that, they are referring to these reality shifts…the change in like the fabric of the Universe…the change of our reality. So, it could be a situation where you will like wake up one day and the reality that we’re living in, no longer exists. It’s just a new reality and you accept that as your reality. Like, let’s say for instance, like The Mandela Effect. Thomas: Yes, there is many people been noticing time shifts, things completely out of place. People driving down the road and what used to be there, is not there and then they go back. We’ve had quite a bit of that in our group and I’ve experienced some of it myself. Some quite extraordinary things. So, yes there is evidence and it’s getting the people… People often say, ‘Well nothings happened’. Well, actually everything’s happening. That’s different. It’s just that everything, in my perspective, everything has sped up. The information level has sped up, the conscious levels have sped up and people’s experiencing what would be termed ‘strange’ and they’re passing it off as a coincidence, when they really need to take a step back and have a look but with things happening so quickly at the moment, on so many different levels, uh, I think a lot of people are struggling uh to process it and see it for what it is. A: And that’s why it’s so important because people need somewhere to go to when they’re experiencing these grand shifts these huge changes & shifts in reality & where do they go, where can they go to um meet other people that are experiencing the same thing & not feel as if they’re going crazy so that’s why we’re very excited to be here today, one of the many reasons.

Thomas: Yes, well this is a new (FB) group but we’ve got a lot of members from the previous group & one of the things that I’ve encouraged along with my partner is people to private message me if they were struggling w/paranormal events and so we could give them the confidence and trust to come forward to us so we wouldn’t betray that trust and eventually give them the confidence to go out onto the page and tell their story as more people tell their story and not as many people will feel lonely and feel like they’re going nuts or you know losing their minds so that this is kind of the hidden work of our particular group and the previous group we were attached to. And a lot of people experiencing these things and now can gain the trust within the group & within themselves which is more important to now relay their stories to other people without fear of being ridiculed and so that’s the work we’re doing with our group and everyone supporting each other and hopefully once we get the foundation up and running we can expand it out to the rest of America which will be good! getting the people all working together again.

A: Absolutely, once a few things are in place I know that the two of us sitting here are going to be coming front and center absolutely w/many many things but yes it is important to step forward to step outside of fear on every level at all times. And when you’re able to do that and come forward and not have PM anymore and no matter what you say anyway, someone will say something regardless so as we merge together we find each other we empower each other & then we step forward together that’s my intention, our intention.

M: I used to make a joke about it like 5 years ago that I was coming out of the spiritual closet, I was just gonna start talking about weird stuff & I didn’t care.

A: Yeah, it is weird, but it’s not we’re multi dimensional beings & we’re all here & we’re here to set it off, we’re doing this. (council speaking)

M: They said fear not, the truth always prevails, no matter how many times it’s pushed back down.

Thomas: Yes, absolutely. Right, where are we going next? I think we’ve kind of covered this but it was it was one of the questions. Will there actually be in the future the possibility of an Earth Liberation date set up to recognize the end of tyranny for the people and the other living beings on the planet?

A: Things (can) change within 24 hours. (council speaking)

M: We don’t have a date in mind, in fact the next portion of this process will happen very quietly.

Thomas: Right, Alright that seems to cover everything to do with the treaty. A few questions I think we’ve already answered. On the Draco in particular, were they actually here on this planet before humanity as such? (council speaking)

M: OK um, the Draco made their first appearance here in the time of Lemuria they have been on & off planet for most of that time and for most of the time in between.

Thomas: Right, OK? Is it the case that one of them returns every seven years or is that another myth? (council speaking)

M: Laughter – They’re laughing (laughter) They can be kind of funny, they don’t really know where all this Draco comes from and they don’t understand the fascination with them either.

Thomas: Right, OK. (laughter) There’s a lot of people trying to find out the wherewithal of the Draco and once they start finding out some of truths of the Draco they wished they’d hadn’t.

K: Well, the other thing is as well is that, they have an indication, every so often it’s my understanding, supposedly it’s every 2000 years but every so often, certain groups of people have come, so not only here but other locations as well meaning this time here or these people or these souls are appearing as human so every time these souls appear, they have a record of these particular souls & the specific DNA types required for these souls to come here on Earth they know that their plans or plans of others, cuz it’s not just the Draco at all, there are others as well that have eyes on the planet Thomas: Mantids

K: And not for our benefit or regard us as an easy target I should say so um every time these particular souls appear, everything that they’re doing is disrupted. They know that these souls are the ones that come to basically to assist different civilizations not only here but other places in order to make that transition uh so these people are here now, there were many & then there’s few and then as certain positions everybody is supposed to do a certain aspect of this hopefully everybody works together, sometimes they don’t sometimes people go back to the humanness of themselves and ingrain themselves in a different way um and they don’t end up participating in the process and then someone else pops up or some wear multiple hats or have multiple jobs as a result of that. So the process ends up taking care of itself over time but to say that they come every seven years, I would say that they closely monitor specific persons for that reason, so you know some people might have experienced them from a very young age and they were continually disrupting their lives from a very young age, specifically for that reason, they want to keep those souls off balance, off target, off task, specifically for their own purposes, because they want that loop to continue, they want us to go back to zero so that they can do their, you know, clean up, start up, control mechanism, they make mistakes too so they try different experiments whether that’s different types of government or different types of religions that they implement to figure out a way to make one universal or one planetary control mechanism to which allows them to be the ultimate dictator or the ultimate control point at least that’s the viewpoint of specific types of races that have come here, so to say that they come here every seven years like clockwork, some may have experienced them looking in on them every seven years, some may have experienced every single day for many years,and then not hear from them again. Usually once the soul or that particular person or particular party does not see them as a threat or does not fear them anymore and has become completely divergent to quote the movie then they tend to not show up in their peripheral quite as much any more, so if that kind of helps you any.

Thomas: Do we have a full confirm on the removal of the son?

K: Yes we do, confirmed kill. Oh yes, I definitely am sure of that.

M: confirmed kill. Thomas: FANTASTIC haha! (more laughter) – He was warned.

K: Well, we were all there um for the entire operation on that day, um, there were a total of about 150 um, on that day, confirmed kills, which is a word I hate in regards to humanity or any species for that matter but yes it was by order of the council and it had to be done.

Thomas: Right, OK, this is for the benefit of some of the listeners um, who and what were the Lemurians and who and what were the Atlantean’s?

M: Oh, I can answer that one! There’s been beings on this planet for a very very long time and um the Lemurians, the Lemurian continent was located in the Pacific um where the islands of Hawaii would have been the highlands of Lemuria um and connecting bridging over to the west coast of the United States um they were a group of people existing in harmony on on this planet, I guess not people, they’re not exactly human, um some of them were very tall beings, some of them still exist on this planet and so they inhabited that region of the world before the polar shifts that sunk their continent when Atlantis popped up a lot of Lemurians migrated over to Atlantis before the sinking of the continent, some migrated to the underground network, some took up residence in the city of Telos which is part of the Agartha network that you would find entry in Mt shasta and the rest migrated over to Atlantis which popped up over in the Atlantic Ocean a portion of that is over where the Bermuda Triangle now exists. They’re actually finding ruins of Atlantis which they never found before & this has something to do with the fact that our planet is now vibrating at a higher frequency so we’re moving up into a dimension where those things can be seen. Um Atlantis was inhabited by more than the Lemurians, they were joined there by the Hebrew race and also by some Martians who left their planet in quite a hurry when things got not so great over there and they lived here for quite some time on that continent and then an asteroid or comet hit the earth causing us to go through quite some turmoil and after that is when the civilization that remained in Atlantis spread across parts of the U.S. so different groups went in different directions, some to South America, some over to Egypt, some to the Asian continents, all over different and restarted their civilizations and you can see the Pyramids are a good indicator of where those people went

Thomas: Yes, some of the things that have been found or allegedly are now being seen are crystal pyramids in the Atlantic, is that the remnants of their?…

M: That would be remnants of Atlantis. Atlantis is a crystalline society so you know their power source, crystals were heavily used in their society and they provided all of the energy for them.

Thomas: Alright, let’s see where we are on time?

K: At that point in time also, you know like the tribes had mentioned, the reuniting of father which is what we call source or source energy with Mother or Mother Earth comes in as well that is the reason for all of the crystals and pyramids because they were all designed as conductors for source or Source energy or what they’re calling the father, so we had a lot more Source energy present here at that time then we have had for the last several thousand years, so I just want to add that.the reasons for the crystals was for that reason..everything functioned a lot differently um you’ll find that, that is being restored as well, um it started about a few weeks ago so we should see those changes coming and new uses for the crystals & why some people feel something from them and some people don’t or hadn’t and they may feel a little bit different now than they did prior to all of the changes.

Thomas: Alright, we’re going to go into some general questions now, and um, get rid of some of the myths and legends and bring some clarity to some things which will be good & the first is the earth flat or is it round w/a little bit chubby in the middle? (council speaking)

M: The earth is very much round. Thomas: Yes, so that ends that myth. M: Although some have tried to flatten it…but no, they were not successful (laughter). Thomas: I don’t know whether you can actually answer this question for security reasons, how many other races are here currently and what will happen to them in the future? (council speaking)

M: Ok, there are at least three on the surface and a couple that have resided below and we also have a lot of friendlies that are up in the sky just outside of our atmosphere, so, they come and go, but there have been at least three present on the surface of the earth and a couple underneath throughout our existence. And there are also others, other dimensional beings that pop in and out, that have the ability to travel here but they are not exactly residing here with us.

Thomas: As I understand, the popular term used for them would be E.T. or Extraterrestrial but as I understand it, some of them or quite a number of them of specific groups were actually born here, is that your understanding? (council speaking)

M: Um, they’re kinda saying, there’s not really race (thats) really human what we’ve evolved to as humans, because of all the seedings from other races that have come here the human in it’s form, has never existed here or anywhere else, but no one is really native to this planet, uh, there were people here, there were beings here before the Lemurians even, and a lot of the Lemurian population was made up from refugees from the planet Maldek that exploded so um, you know we’ve always had kind of a combined population here.

K: Well, by the same token, we were born here, meaning most of the people on the phone were born here so I mean the ones who were born here were here most of the time and I’m sure that they continue to exist as a race, so when we say that they were born here, it doesn’t mean the race was birthed out of earth it just means that they probably have continued to breed also in their way, so some were born here. Doesn’t mean they look like us, but they were born here as well this is as much their home as it is ours.

M: Yeah and the other beings that have been here have a much longer life span so there’s not as many births from them as human.

Thomas: Is is correct that the original life form on a 3D planet was a span of humans was 300- 900 years? (council speaking)

M: OK, the life spans have changed throughout history but humans in their current form have not reached those long life spans um before, you know when we were the human beings that we are today, even the Lemurians are not human, they’re a different human form, I mean some of them were 10-12 feet tall um and they lived for thousands of years, but the humans here now, not since the loop started no, there haven’t been people that lived that long

Thomas: Where do the Lyrans fit into the earth history?

M: I’m sorry the what?

A: ..the Lyrans.. (council speaking)

A: Sirius A or B, Lyran’s or Lirians? Thomas: Ah.

M: Did you want to share?

K: No I was just kind of assisting with the translation. I don’t think it was real clear to the council what the question was.

A: No, no

M: They said “that’s a term we hadn’t heard for quite some time” is what they said but they didn’t finish their thought. (council speaking)

M: They said there have been beings from there that have either incarnated as humans on this planet or have visited here and have affected our history. They didn’t really elaborate on that.

Thomas: That’s fine. Right, we’re at the top of the second hour, we’re gonna have another music break and then we will be coming back for some more questions if you still have the time.

K,M,A: All. OK! Sure do. Thomas: Hi all and welcome back to the final hour of the Truth, honor and integrity show on what is a fairly groundbreaking show, and I’m sure you’re all blown away by the first two hours, and we’ve got more for you in the final hour. I think it’ll take a while, and I know one or two, particularly one of our admins will be replaying this all next week! (laughter) I know I’m gonna get bombarded with questions so we may do a show tomorrow, but we’ll wait and see on that; need a few more confirms on certain things. Right, are we ready with the, some more questions, and we’ll see if we can rapid fire some of these; and see where we go with it. Where are we. You mentioned Maldek just before the last hour, or before the music break: some of us will call that Tiamat. Why is there a difference in name and if so what can you tell us about thhat particular planet or the incident leading up to its destruction? M: Okay, so Maldek is just the first name that it was introduced to me as, I don’t suppose it matters what you call it. It was a planet similar to ours in our solar system. It was another planet with that had an AI system that ran most of it and the people there had a very easy life. It was mostly automated, mechanized and there wasn’t a lot of work going on. There was a small group of people there that became interested in power and had a very logic dominated brains and so their thirst for power and gaining it allowed them to create an unstable situation on that planet and because most of the population was pretty lazy because, you know, they were just existing in peace and letting the computer take care of the rest, it went out of control pretty quickly and um the planet, you know, exploded and before it did they were able to make safe passage here and join, there were people living, there were beings living in Lemuria at the time and they agreed to hand over the planet to this population and give them another try.

Thomas: Right, ok. An often asked question, and I would like all your input on it. The moon, is it natural or is it a hollowed out craft. If it is who did it and when did it arrive here or has it always been here? (council speaking)

M: So, per the council, the Moon is natural and has been here as long as life has. There have been many speculations as to what goes on there, we will confirm that there is life on the Moon.

Thomas: Is it an issue; the life on the moon, or has that been dealt with, or has it always been neutral? (council speaking)

M: The inhabitants have been mixed, some with cruel intentions, some who peacefully exist just out of our line of sight.

Thomas: Yes, the dark, far side of the moon as we say. Right, there’s been a lot of talk on the internet about a certain, some of them human, called secret breakaway groups, and one of them mentioned is the SSP. I don’t know whether the council is familiar with them or if it’s another fabrication I’m unsure; but has there been a previous human civilization that’s broke away and is living on other planets in this system? (council speaking)

M: Okay, Long before this current situation on your planet took place, interplanetary travel was permitted, since, only the opposition has had the pleasure.

Thomas: Do we know how far back that goes, or is this part of the loop game? (council speaking)

M: They’re asking me to just interject again while M continues, there is this space in between what we’re doing and I know that if you’ve not been tuned in to the whole show then if you’re coming in (to the show) it may seem like a little bit of a lag, but there’s a lot of information coming through and so we’re just getting into the groove to be able to express everything because it’s more than just words, there’s visuals and things like that for the explanation.

Thomas: No, that’s fine.

M: So, the freedom to travel came before the loop though there have been two groups to successfully jump off the planet before the reset. So, let’s say we’ve done this six times.

Thomas: Yes, that is our understanding.

M: We’ve lived this timeline six times. So, those of us who are here who come every time for the reset those of us, the souls of us who are aware of this and come here to try and stop it, a group of us have made it off planet before the next reset began the last two times. So, these are the groups that they’re referring to these break away groups; they left before the loop started again.

Thomas: Thanks for that, that’s interesting. There’s been a lot of trauma, be it by programming ,mind control, wars, famine, damage not only to humans but to the ecosystem, experienced here by all living things. Will that be addressed in the near future, to end particularly the programming and the mind control, and how will it be addressed? (council speaking)

M: Okay so, the technology to solve all the problems you’re experiencing environmentally are ready, already exists and has been suppressed by the opposition. So everything that we need to clean this place up is already out there, and once the technocracy is diminished those disruptive technologies, (which is) what they’re referred to, will be able to be released and we can see an immediate shift in our climate. As far as the mind control that has to do with the system and the system has been taken down. As far as the frequency and all of that goes now the leftover stuff like that comes from our culture and our media that will be taken care of, that is part of the next phase of the plan. We are reclaiming the media and changing the messaging that’s going out.

Thomas: Fantastic! It’s about time we had a truthful media. In my opinion those people who are narrating the so called news are just as guilty as the ones who pass them the messages.

M: Wilful ignorance is a crime.

Thomas: Yes, absolutely. Is karma a natural thing or is it part of the religious construct? (council speaking)

M: Karma is a part of the balance that keeps everything in its place. There is balance in all creation so yes. It’s like, action-reaction, cause and effect. You put something out it comes back to you and, you know, we’ve been really removed from our sense of balance and the fact that we’ve been living in a false patriarch reality. Everything in the universe is in balance, there is a mother and a father, there is a daughter and a son. You know, It’s all created in divine balance and even each divine being that has come before has had, it’s been a twin; it’s been a male /female or you know a male/male and they both kind of depict a different aspect of duality. So, light and dark, even if they’re equally good it’s this whole balance of the universe, so karma, yes is a part of that and it is real and it does exist so ,everything has a frequency, your words, music, even the table sitting in front of me has a frequency. And so karma when removed from the dogmatic is really just about everything in balance.

Thomas: Ok. Probably one of the most difficult questions for a lot of people to handle, is religion, ah, was it designed to take us away from our Christ consciousness or Source as such. (council speaking)

M: The religions on your planet are tools for oppression though they have not always been. They are not in their complete form. Some of the things that you hear are truths and a lot of the stories have to do with our universal history, but they have been edited and audited by men to remove us from our Christ consciousness and our ethereal knowledge that belongs to us, they basically put themselves between us and Source to disconnect us from our true rights as creator beings. This is another reason for the patriarch. I don’t know peoples background in theology but even the salvation religions that are on this planet today were originally polytheistic: even Christianity is a polytheistic religion. You have the father, the son and the holy spirit, there’s three deities there. So this planet was originally dominated by polytheism and the move into monotheism was done to control. It was done to control us and shut us down.

K: I’d like to add a couple of things to that. How do I say this?, God, Source, Creator, I don’t want to be offensive to anyone, does bring us gifts and clues as we move along through life. What others have done is they’ve actually taken that gift, that message, that clue on how to progress humanity and how we should all live amongst each other into a control mechanism which would help them further their goals. So, is there a God, a Creator, a Source, absolutely, 100%. Can every person walking the planet contact God Creator or Source all on your own? yes, absolutely. Sometimes it comes in a flash or what you would call your instinct or your, sometimes when danger is approaching you feel that the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Sometimes for some they experience it that way, others experience it almost as a direct communication like a telephone conversation. Others see it in visuals or in dreams, messages come to you like “don’t do this or there’s a child coming”, however it affects you personally it’s your personal relationship with Source/Creator which is also, Source/Creator is a part of you and you are a part of Source. That being said the records contained within the Source energy which exists in all of us; in all living things including plants, animals and humans is accessible by you, this is what they refer to as, like, the Akashic records, because that Source energy that exists in your soul is a part of you and you only need to teach yourself in whatever way you do that to access that information. As any father does or mother does with their children, you love your children unconditionally as Source or God loves us. Messages have come through certain people throughout the course of history but somehow they’ve always managed to convert it or suppress the actual real information and it’s become so controversial that nobody knows which way to go. Do I believe personally that religions or churches are a bad thing? Well if you’re gathering a whole bunch of people together in a building and they’re all praying to God or asking God for help or for forgiveness or thanking God or Source or Creator, that creates a positive vibration and it creates a positive frequency and allows more Source energy not only into that person but into all the people present and also onto the planet. The books; the way the books are written I think that over time there’ll be more and more, I guess what you would call disclosure or there’ll be revisions to these so they’ll return back to maybe the original messages I think over time but I think by the same token a whole bunch of people gathering to worship spirit if you’re Native American or God or Source, Creator we all recognize the fact that that exists. So the Buddhists believe in one thing, everybody else believes in another thing, science even cannot explain how to create or how to, where this God particle, so to speak actually comes from and why they cannot harness it. So it’s something, it is an unknown, so we have to recognize the fact that that does exist, that there is creator love, love for all of the creations of the creator and yes I do believe we’ve been misled a little bit as far as, or a lot in some cases by religion and the messages of the people or persons that Source sends here, to kind of change things does become convoluted, suppressed: obviously these people sometimes have been killed before they could get the information out to others. So we have had a lot of little helping hands not only by the council but by Source itself because there are anomalies that we just can’t explain but by the same token yes absolutely I see it being, distorting, being distorted and being utilized for others purposes. But I do absolutely know for sure that there such a thing as a God, Source, or Creator. That’s a fact.

Thomas: Yes. It was mentioned earlier about beings or people coming back at the time of the reset, would this explain the term incarnate or is that something completely different? (council speaking)

M: We’d like to address this group of people, the people that arrived during the reset. First, we’re going to talk about the word incarnate. As a term, it’s simply referring to, you know, a life, like a birth, an incarnation. So it’s not, I think the term we might closely more accurately depict this is embodiment. So there’s this group of individuals who have shown us throughout history, over and over again, every, it doesn’t mean they haven’t been here in between but they all come together every few thousand years, every couple thousand years to try and shift the planet into a level of Christ Consciousness that allows us to exit The Matrix. So these individuals have been identified, most have been identified and they are in body now. (council speaking)

M: So these are ascension specialists, okay and I’d like to talk a little bit about what that really means, ascension. It is not about going off-planet going, into the light, or dying. Ascension is simply raising your frequency, raising your vibration. And so what we’ve been trapped in is the salvation myth. This is so everybody gives away their personal power to ascend, to rise to a higher vibration and that simply means that you have your, you’re operating at a higher frequency and the ability to manipulate time space and matter. So this group they’re ascension specialists. And when a planet is going through an ascension process and it’s coming to an end, these people show up.

Thomas: Thank you for that. I think that some will find that very, very interesting. Alright, some questions on Earth. It is known that the Earth is a planetary being. Are the council working with the planetary being and if so, in what capacity? (council speaking)

M: It’s true, Earth is a living organism. We are here to offer relief to this planet that has been ravaged by an experiment gone awry. So, the Earth is actually vibrating and going up into, it’s raising up into a higher dimension on its own and we’re basically along for the ride as inhabitants of the planet. This is measurable scientifically. So, no matter what your belief system is, the Earth has a vibration and its vibration has increased tremendously in the last 4 years. So the Earth itself is raising up into a second dimension and we get to go to along for the ride, to another dimension, not the 2nd dimension.

Thomas: So, was Earth originally a learning planet, or was it designed as a prison planet, or was it something different? (council speaking) M: The Earth was originally a garden planet, or a garden/water planet that became a prison planet. So before the last geographical changes that happen on this Earth, it was mostly a tropical climate. That was a fruitful garden for all its inhabitants, and it was turned into a prison planet, but it wasn’t originally that.

Thomas: The movie Avatar, is that a representation of Earth in the past or is that a representation of somewhere else? (council speaking)

M: Okay. Avatar does resemble what Earth originally looked like. It resonated with humans because it’s an invasion story. It’s something, you know, our planet’s been invaded, different regions of this world have been invaded. So that’s why there’s such a strong resonation with people.

Thomas: So, I think it was quite a phenomenon, male and female, I might add. Where reports coming from around the world, where people were crying and physically upset during that movie. I think it was a case of perhaps past life memory and it was quite a phenomenon that went around the world. So many people resonated with that particular movie.

A: Absolutely, and that’s the gift of the tool, is to help people remember, awaken them or whatever resonates with them and their memories. That’s why movies are so incredibly important and can be impactful.

Thomas: Yes. On previous shows of ours, there’s lots of people wanting various things like free energy and health machines which are all very valid but you will the council be able to, in the future once its released, assess the technology going forward as the dangers of certain technology getting out of hand are all too apparent and possibly leading to transhumanism and all the other fun and games that technology can bring. (council speaking)

M: Okay. They just said that technology is not to be feared. There are currently so many harmful elements on this planet, there is nothing in the future that could be worse than your current situation. It’s the technology that is available on this planet today is 50 years ahead of what’s on the market. So, those harmful technologies, you know the technologies that are harmful to humans, have already been used. And it’s mostly about the operator and not the technology.

K: The other thing is there has to be a balance as old antiquated technologies are phase out and new ones come in, there are companies, there are descent countries, there are people that are reliant and families that are reliant on income that come from old technology. So there has to be a new way of phasing all of these things into, into society without putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work. I think the main focus right now is, at least for the from the UPU standpoint, they are trying to deflect some of the effects of like this spraying and things that they’re putting in our food and cleaning up our oceans, which are actually critical to our oxygen level. They’re actually working on cleaning up the soil, cleaning up the planet … they’re doing some of those things on their own and trying to mitigate any further harm to us whenever possible, from the cabal people or family people or whatever you call them. So they’re still doing their deeds, you know. However that they’re coming in and they’re trying to navigate us through that and trying to prevent any further damage from taking place as we go through this process. So the most important things are restoration of Nature and some of these things will phase out naturally. There will be an introduction of a lot of new technologies and probably most notably are anything that affects life. For example the pharmaceutical industry, the way that the materials that we’re using to develop our planet. The things that provide us with energy. Cell phones are even harmful to us and so there are other ways there are other new technologies that already in existence which have not been permitted under the old cabal systems to be utilized. So we’re living literally thousands of years behind because these people have preferred their profitability in their companies and their corporations over what benefits the planet or even humanity. Some of these things are even backfiring on them in a major way. So yes, there are things that are very, very harmful to us that are being at least mitigated somewhat as we go through the transition. The main focus, as far as new technologies and things coming out, will be anything that is harmful to life, and promoting life on the planet. And then as time goes on, you’ll see other new technologies come out, new things that are necessary for life. For example we have video calling and things like that now. Eventually we may have 3-D holographic calling but it’s not essential to life. So the focus is on restoring nature. And that includes the well-being of humanity which has been suppressed to say the least.

Thomas: I’d like to see technology assessed on the basis, does it make me more human or less? On that basis, it should be assessed in that manner going forward. Hopefully that will be the case. As you mentioned earlier about Maldek going too far down the technology route, it’s dangerous. It’s dangerous you know, it’s all about the balance.

K: Just one quick clarification. We’re not protecting the wrong doers. In other words, the system that the Draco put in place, or I shouldn’t say Draco as a whole, some of their family people. … we’re not protecting their profitability. But what we have to look at is, you have, for example, a company like Johnson & Johnson. Yes, they’ve put out many, many products that are harmful or they have ingredients, hidden ingredients in there which are very harmful to humanity that we all use every single day. But by the same token, you have millions of employees worldwide that would be affected immediately if that company were to shut down. So then we’re making millions of homeless people, millions of people that need a job. So we have to create a place for those people to work and those people to go, before we can say, okay, enough Johnson & Johnson. You’ve gotta take all of these ingredients out of your stuff or you’re not going exist anymore. So that’s what I meant by protecting the people. It’s about our society runs on money. It may be wrong and maybe have been an incorrect thing, but if you would take it all away tomorrow, we would have mass chaos. So, again it’s just a tool. Thomas: If things are phased in and phased out. We’ve spoken about on the shows about providing platforms. People just say, well just do this and just put a new banking system in. You can’t just change things like that overnight. If there was announcements of free energy machines, are people going to expect that it’s going to be installed in their home like next week or next month?

K: Oh absolutely, and this talk about like the stock market crashing and the cabal is going to lose all their money or all the banks are going to shut down and you know, I hope you have supplies. Well, even just taken from America’s standpoint, 95% of American citizens are currently living paycheck to paycheck. You know nobody can afford, at this state, or very few can actually afford to stock up on 2 months or 3 months’ worth of groceries, especially for larger families. That’s almost nearly impossible to have to be done. Not only that there’s only very, very few people listening to the alternative media when you look at all of the people that are all over the world. So is the banking system corrupt? Absolutely, absolutely, it is sucking the life out of all of us. Not only us, governments everywhere, the banks have in the past controlled the world. Would I love to say okay well that’s not working and let’s just get rid of them all and start over. But you have to look at the chaos that it creates in the average husband/wife or a singleparent family and how it’s going to affect those children. You know, we don’t want to see, we want to see as little chaos as possible for the innocents. They wouldn’t even know to stock up even if they could actually afford it. And how was that can affect these people? So this is what the council is saying by, you know, that’s why we didn’t wipe out all of the cabal in America who are tied to this group. Because, if we did, what is that going to do to the innocents? You know the children, the single parents that are struggling? You know, just working two or three jobs, how is this going to affect them if all of this where to shut down overnight? There will be a lot of changes that will take place based on the events of last week. But try to have a little bit of patience and understanding for all of those that we are trying – we’re all here on the call today trying to help the innocents, that our children have a better world and our grandchildren and great-grandchildren have a better place to be in and a better place to live. So why would we want to hurt all of these people in the process, if we didn’t have to. So, we’re relying on people like yourself and the foundation that you’re doing to hopefully – should things become chaotic or should they be, I mean, we’re already in a terrible state. So, if that foundation helps a few people and helps some families or if it gives some people a car to get to work or find help them find a job or find a new skill. You know, or help our veterans coming back from all the wars. That is so traumatic to a human – to sustain and all of that they’ve seen at such a young age. I mean, some of these some of these young men and women that are fighting in these wars, you know, have been doing this since they were 18 years old. And you know, if you remember how impressionable you were and ready to take on the world at 18, and all the mistakes that you’ve made in between, you know, you realize how much life has changed since that time. But to form your whole adulthood, after spending time seeing all of these children, you know, hit by bombs and all of the things that you’ve seen not to mention the local people that were involved in all of this, and still are involved in all of this every single day. There has to be something in place and a place where people can go to get some help. So the foundation is one of the ways that we can actually do that. Part of the reason why the council approached you, Thomas, for the foundation, was because of your show – the way that you have approached the people. You do your best not to propagate any of the negative things that are going on the Internet and, and how we want to kill all of these people and make them pay. It’s more of like, okay, well we’re all humanity and we want to move forward. So, so we actually found you through that method which was wonderful. But it was because of your view on, okay everybody, this is horrible, it was very bad that all of this happened. But we need to move forward and we need to start helping each other, so how can we get involved with helping other races or understanding ET’s, if we can’t understand each other? So, hope that answers your question. Thomas: This is probably going to be the last question and I would like to give everyone a final say. Is it true that Earth is an integral part to liberate and it will have a resonant effect on the rest of the Universe by liberating this planet? (council speaking)

M: They just said this has been the most difficult Ascension process ever attempted in the universe and after this one, no more are scheduled. Thomas: Right. I think that brings us near the end of the show.

M, I’d like to give you a platform to say what you’d like to say. I will go on with

A and K. M: Okay. This is actually from me and the and the council so we hope the answers we provided for you today give you some peace and hope but would like to stress the lack of importance in the details. As humans, you have a choice to be in service to self or service to others. And that’s really the only thing you need to focus on. So, knowing the details of the hierarchy of the universe, are not going to make a difference to you and your spiritual acumen and in your ascension process, whatever that is to you. You know it’s very, very simple and it’s just choosing to be in service to others instead of being in service to yourself. That’s it.

A: That’s it , it’s as simple as that.

K: Also I’d like you to be gentle with each other. We are all going through a process. We all know something is wrong, we all know something is right, and we need to be able to share that with each other. And in a way that is going to be helpful towards each other. And not everybody is all correct and not everybody is all incorrect. You know, even the council has their experience and they’ve been around a lot longer and seen a lot of things, which we’re all questioning and want a better understanding of, and that’s, that’s okay. But you know, humanity is all going through this together. And believe it or not, if it wasn’t for all of you, all of us couldn’t do anything to help either. So as Humanity, this time around, this loop around, we’ve actually done it. And you should all be congratulating each other. We are changing our vibration, we are changing the Earth, we are changing nature and we’re changing our relationship with one another. And it may not seem like that every day. But, with the help coming out of the magnetic field, time/space continuum, moving into a more natural way of things. You’ve probably noticed people are being a little bit different than they were before. Everybody’s not quite so angry all of the time. Although we are going through many changes, but just try to help each other through all of this. I think that’s the most important thing is to realize that nobody is better than anyone else. I know some people, they see so much talk about like the chosen ones and how these people that are half from another planet or half from this, and we need to be in control. It’s, it’s not true. We’re all from somewhere else. Source is from somewhere else. Source resides here and it resides everywhere else, and it resides in every being. We’re all the same. It doesn’t matter where we come from or which country we happen to be in or which land mass we’re from. Just have a little bit of an understanding that we’ve all been manipulated and we’ve all been lied to. Even the Draco were lied to. So, just try to help each other and have a little bit of understanding, even if something doesn’t resonate with you and even if you disagree. Just realized everybody is going to the same process. And nobody knows who to believe. But the one thing you can count on is yourself. It is very difficult for you to lie to yourself.

A: Right. It is, it is simple in that aspect. Ever look outside of yourself and it’s uncomfortable doesn’t resonate. As K was saying, you just ask yourself, the answers are within. It’s so empowering to step into that. And I’m so grateful that we got to join today and meet all of you and speak. Have a voice and connect. Because it is about connection. It is no longer about separation and this and that, the details. It’s about loving each other. Coming together, supporting each other, every single day. And I’m so grateful that you gave us this platform and this opportunity to speak to you.

Thomas: Thank you.

K: And thank you Thomas, we appreciate you as well. Thomas: Alright. We’ve reached the end of quite an epic show in so many ways. I’d also like to thank K, A and M for giving us their time. I know that they are rather busy. And also this to the council also. Giving us a range of answers that will make us think and hopefully inspire. And I’d like to leave you with some words of me own. If you lead live life in love and care, you will prevail. If you live life in fear and anger, you will fail. Feel free to be the person you wish to be not the person who conforms to what others want them to be. You are a multi-dimensional being, operating simultaneously on many levels. You are not here to conform. You’re not here to be stifled. You’re not here to be enslaved. You are not here to be abused or to compete with your family or your neighbours..

TH&I 08-25-2016

Published on Sep 3, 2016

Originally Published on Aug 26, 2016
Thomas Williams and four special guest join him to introduce and talk about the Universal Protection Unit and Universal Council, what they are here to do, Earths history and current/future events. *Note the voice speaking in an unknown language is an ET species, it is an off-world language, it is not channeling, it is telepathically being conveyed. Transcript of this is available here:

Reuploaded due to audio cutting off at the end of the show.

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