“Speaking For Yosef” – One Who Believes – 11.11.16

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“Speaking For Yosef” – One Who Believes – 11.11.16
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Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 7:09 PM EST on November 11, 2016

Speaking For Yosef

I am speaking for all those who love and appreciate Yosef like I do. All that needs to be said, is that he cares and does his best for us, despite the ones who complain. Let’s forgive those who are frustrated and lash out. We all want the same thing, and it will soon be here.

To The Nay-Sayers

Yosef still cares about you despite your barrage of criticisms and blame. He has mentioned in past writings that he has a mission for the People of this World and that is the only thing that matters to him. He knows what he knows and what you think about it matters not. For those of you who are frustrated, and rightfully so, please feel free to ignore his posts and calls, and speak your mind as you will, for it will still not deter his message or his mission.

Regard To The Dates

On the Go-Date, he has been wrong hundreds of times, if not he should have been. After all, we have heard that the Authors of The Plan (AOP) have tried to implement the GCR at least 300 times. We all know for sure about the time back in 2001 when it was supposed to go and it did not. Well there have been plenty of times since then that it should have gone, and many of them were conveyed to us by Yosef, and just like the one that was set to go on September 11, 2001, they did not happen for whatever reason. I know that Yosef has called many of them, but even though he has really tried his best calling dozens at least, he didn’t call anywhere near the full 300 that there really were. Good try though.

Regard To The “Other” Intel

In regard to the other Intel such as the ZIM being a bond, and the high rates, and the Presidential elections, the Republic, and the Cabal situations, to name a few, we don’t have enough information yet, to know whether or not that Intel is even true or not. Sure we know that the elections were NOT cancelled, but do we know for sure that it was not the original plan? No, we do not. Like the many failed CGR tires, I am sure that there are many Plan Fails as well. How many plans have there been? I know that there was a Plan “A,” then a Plan “B,” then a Plan “C” and who knows what version it has evolved to at this point in time. That is the price of getting such up to date Intel, that by its very nature, it is subject to change, at all times, for any reason, over and over again. So expect it to change, and change often.

You Can’t Get The Exact Plan

We know the frustrated few who take to the blog sites and express themselves on the Intel calls. They are just in pain and want something that just can’t be provided. They want the EXACT Plan, and they don’t want the Intel (Plan) to change. But, realistically, that just is not possible when dealing with a once in World History, World Change, that involves protecting the sleeping public from ruthless evil people who would kill them all just to stop this from happening. The plan can’t be revealed, and even if you get a peek at it, it is subject to change, and most likely will, hundreds of times before it is all finished. You will know the EXACT date when you are sitting across the desk from the Banker at your exchange appointment. Only then will you know for sure, and only then will it be exactly correct for you. So get over it.

For The Patient “Others”

Yosef and others will still bring you want they know even though they will likely suffer the repercussions for doing so, because it is almost certain to change. However, most of the important information is not in the certain dates of certain actions that matter, but, instead information that will help you when it is exchange time. Such inside information like the high rates, having humanitarian plans with you, the structured pay outs, calling early, and other such Intel, will only matter when you are exchanging. You will then be very glad to know what is going on and what is possible.

As far as the inside information about the Cabal, the Republic, the Rainbow money, and the Presidency, for example, that is for informational purposes only. There is nothing to do but wait and see what happens in those cases. Whether it happens exactly as it is “Predicted” or the plan changes again and it goes a different way, it is just interesting information for now, on what to look for and what might be happening behind the scenes. There is nothing to buy, nothing to do, but to wait and see. If this extra information is too hard to accept or handle, then wait till it is all over, and you will find out at the same time as the sleeping public.

The Leading Edge Is For Me

For me, I want to know it all whether it changes or not. I want to be on the leading edge where the action is happening and where the Intel is so fresh, that it could change in the blink of an eye. These are exciting times that we live in and we are privy to more Intel than 99.99% of the World. If we were at the Fair, this would be a Farris wheel, on a roller coaster, flying down a track that is not even finished yet. Who knows what is ahead? The hazard, is that the information could be wrong, or change at a moment’s notice. So what?

On the other hand, you have a choice and you could get on the kiddy ride, where there is certainty, and no risk of bad intel at all. That is where the sleeping public are. They go round and round and have no idea that the World is changing under their feet. It is just the same old, same old. Bla, Bla, Bla.

You have to pick your ride. If you choose to read the highly volatile up to the minute Intel and it goes wrong, and changes at the last minute, don’t complain. You chose to read it, you knew the risks associated with reading it. Yes the big rides are scary, perhaps you need to move to the more calm, kiddy rides, and stop reading the up to the minute Intel. It’s O.K., we will let you know when it is time to go.

Yes You Have a Right

Yes the nay-Sayers have a right to express their opinion. But, to complain about the Intel on a top secret World Change over plan, that has been in the works for thousands of years, to free mankind from their Annunaki masters, that involves people dying every day, blowing up alien bases, and space wars above our heads, seems a bit out of place. This is way bigger than we know or may ever know. Just today, I heard a report that the good guys are attacking an underwater base and a new underground base that they found in Georgia (The country). They are on their way to blow it up as I write this (11-11-2016).

See Video Here:

Kent Dunn Underwater Bases near Yemen and near Georgia, Russia under attack this morning!

So forgive me when I am not moved by a complaint that the Intel was off and things didn’t happen like they were supposed to. Guess what? I don’t think that ANYTHING has worked out like it was supposed to on this ride. So while you have the right to complain about anything you want, discretion is the better part of valor. How about we give our Intel providers the benefit of the doubt. After all, they are giving up their time and taking great effort to not only look up the Intel, but then to write it all out for us to read. Read what you are comfortable reading and leave the rest. AND, if it doesn’t go exactly as it was supposed to, well, that is just par for the course. Welcome to Real Life.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that as soon as this happens, no one will care about the missed dates anymore. Let’s keep our eye on the prize, what is to be. I wrote this for Yosef’s fans, like myself, because Yosef won’t write it, he needs no protection, and feels no threat. He couldn’t care less about the frustrated ones who are lashing out at him, due to their own needs. He still will bring them his latest Intel anyway, I’m sure. Don’t be mad at the frustrated ones, some of them may be in real desperate situations for all we know. Instead, let’s get ready to go to the exchange because that time is very near.

I am still “Getting” that it will go tomorrow, Saturday 12th. But, it could change! LOL!

May You All Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes


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