Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 16, 2016

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 16, 2016
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Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Nov. 16 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 16 Nov. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery You can also find my articles about an International Child Exploitation Ring run by global elites of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult on:

A. Nov. 15 2016 10:02 pm EST TNT Iraqi Dinar Update: Update on Iraq from the TNT Forum 11-15-16

It has been reported on Iraqi TV that Saleh and Majid were being interviewed stating that the Central Bank of Iraq is in the process of returning the value of the IQD to its’ former status. They were indicating that plans to reduce the dollar against the dinar were already in effect.

B. Nov. 15 2016 Bruce’s Call: Replay 712-770-4016 code 123456# (intel 1/2 hour in)

1. UN operational rates commonly change on the 15th of the month. Yesterday the bank back screens across the US went black, supposedly to recalculate rates. That happened around the world. So far the new rates have not yet shown.

2. In Iraq over the weekend they had firework displays across the country. Someone in the US set that up. Those celebrations have been happening for the last 3 days.

3. Around 3:30 this am Nov. 15 2016 there was a rate change in Iraq showing a higher rate on the Dinar. Transactions of Iraqi bonds were offered.

4. The money of the GCR should be flowing shortly.

5. Yesterday there was an article about the Zimbabwe dollar being reinstated and reevaluated. All of Zimbabwe debt has been forgiven. The process of debt forgiveness started in Oct. and completed yesterday Nov. 14 2016.

6. The Chinese Yuan and the Zim are now the reserve currencies for the continent of Africa.

7. Some of the Zim bonds were in platform trades. Those platforms were trading and paying out.

8. Everything out West was moving along. All the paperwork has been completed.

9. Early this morning Nov. 15 2016 around 4:30 am EST the Hong Kong monetary authority released the document that allowed the trade platforms to be paid out.

10. The funding from the global Matrix funds going to banks around the world has 52 zeros. The money was being traunched out in such large amounts as to handle 5 million currency exchange transactions.

11. “I just want to give you a bit of final Intel that I am getting in the way of a text. It is that we are understanding that there is a couple of people in Iraq, Assistant Director to Shabibi were indicating Iraqi dinar found a new value against the dollar and is coming out much higher than previous rates.”

12. World debt forgiveness was to end Nov. 20 2016, so we should be able to exchange very soon.

13. We are just awaiting notification of the 800#s.

14. You will call the 800 number and tell them your currencies and they will give you another number to call to set your appointment based on your location and whether or not you are a Zim holder.

15. Especially the Zim and the other currencies have very high rates. You negotiate for those higher rates based on your humanitarian projects and the number of people you can employ.

16. The 800#s could come at any moment. People are at the exchange centers waiting for this to go.

C. Nov. 15 2016 1:21 pm EST Veritas Report: “Answers to Questions 11/14/2016” – Veritas Report – 11.15.16

1. Your exchange funds may be tax free, but your investment proceeds are taxed. You are obligated to the present IRS system until NESARA is in place.

2. There are certain situations where investments can be tax free funds: the 501C3, Roth IRA, Roth 401K, municipal bonds, charitable Remainder Trust, Variable Life Insurance Policy, etc. You can also offset taxes with tax credits from say a solar investment.

3. There is a possibility that a trade of funds would be considered Capitol Gains and therefore would be taxable.

4. An annuity is only as good as the institution providing it. If that institution fails, so does the annuity.

5. You only get to select one type of rate for all of your currency. You can’t take part at a base rate and part at a negotiated rate.

6. Your NDA will apply to all of your currency.

7. If you exchange all currency at a base rate you will not need to sign an NDA.

8. If you take a negotiated rate and structured settlement there will be an NDA.

9. The bank charges fees for handling the transaction. Typically this is 4 points.

10. The bank will also make money off the money waiting for processing to pay the structured payments. These are enormous amounts of money.

11. I would start by negotiating your bank fees down by half.

12. I would ask to see the bank green screen and verify that they are not cutting the rate for you.

13. There are such large amounts in the currency exchange that there comes a point where one must question how much is enough. How much do you want to be responsible for?

14. I will use my own private banker to set up structures so I don’t have to worry about regulations. He does.

15. In the beginning there was a lot of discussion about capping the Zim redemption. Now the structured settlement represents the cap.

16. What percentage of your Zim exchange can be taken out for yourself? There has typically been an 80%-20% rule, with humanitarian projects getting the 80%.

D. Nov. 15 2016 IMF removes Zimbabwe restrictions: IMF’s Remedial Measures Applied to Zimbabwe Removed Today Nov. 14 2016, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved removal of remedial measures applied to Zimbabwe that had been in place because of overdue financial obligations to the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust (PRGT), effective Nov. 14, 2016.

E. Nov. 15 2016 GCR/Restored Republic Update: “Salsa” – Republic Update – Tuesday – November 15, 2016

1. Private Placement Platforms (PPP) waiting on that one special release document from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority got it early this morning Nov. 15 2016 – meaning the entire world can now start freely trading at full speed.

2. PPP’s are literally the origin of modern money. They take tangible assets and have banks issue debt instruments, loans and or letters of credit against said assets at a steep discount, then the PPPs trade up the value between each other, until the instrument is ultimately resold to the general public through bond offerings and low risk interest investments.

3. This guaranteed arbitrage system is how sovereign families and governments both generate and utilize world markets to build large scale infrastructure projects, satiate sudden humanitarian disasters, and even fight worthy wars when necessary.

4. The PPPs were corrupted on the old financial system, same as everything else, and how people like George Soros and George W. Bush illegally manipulated governments, coups d’etats and currencies. PPPs are also how Donald Trump built his real estate and gambling empire.

5. Thankfully that industry has been cleaned up, and this is how btw the Elders plan to rehydrate the world long term.

6. Of the 53 zeros placed into the new Republic banking system, all will be reconciled via PPP trading against the global collateral accounts (in this particular instance the Matrix Funds). This includes a mechanism or trading platform to handle all currency structure payouts.

7. This is also why Obama suddenly left the country (He is in Greece right now), as to meet GESARA requirements for GCR/RV release. As the final sitting yet resigned USA, Inc President cannot be in the country when the RV occurs either during the Easter or Christmas holiday season (which starts on Thanksgiving in the restored Republic of the United States).

8. The New Powers That Be gave Donald Trump the option of running for president in a bogus campaign against Hillary Clinton. Trump is well aware of the GESARA Republic mandate and has agreed to step down before the electoral college vote due to conflicts of business interests not personal reasons or scandal.

9. Although as a back up, the Russians and Chinese do have him on tape sleeping with teenage girls, same place as Bill Clinton, and can ruin his brand in a heartbeat should he step out of line.

10. The Elders who own the gold for the Global Currency Reset wanted to rescue the global financial system after seventy years of immorality post 1944 Bretton Woods Conference.

11. Their plan was to soon after the general election completed, make the switch to a squeaky clean conservative President Paul Ryan at the electoral college level. This transitionary pathway still follows the Constitution word for word yet eliminates all doubt of who will be in charge of the nation after the RV, and sets up a hyper conservative, hyper Christian leadership base for the next 8 years.

12. Since within the countries of Washington, D.C., law makers do not have to follow the Constitution and haven’t since 1871, the secretive restored Republic Congress/electoral college elected and sworn in President Paul Ryan on an Indian Reservation in Reno.

13. Out of all the currencies and historic bonds being redeemed after noon today Nov. 15 2016, the ZIM is by far the greatest blessing and burden.

14. The ZIM sovereign rate continues to soar and the final holding value well exceeds six figures. Some see rates as much as $50,000.00 USN per 1 Zim, no zeros taken off. Think of the ZIM like a blank check that can create your wildest dreams but also manifests some tremendous burdens.

15. No one has to take the top end sovereign rate, but a few will ask and warrant it. Most, however, need and want much less. Everyone can ask and receive much less, even lower than the international screen rate if they so choose.

F. WingIt Call with Gerry Maguire, Art, IKO Nov. 15 2016 3:30 pm EST: Wingit Call – IQD Calls Home gm (@wingitcall) | Twitter The Wingit Call – IQD Calls Home

The GCR is in the process though no details could be given.

G. GCR Update Nov. 15 2016 2:58 am EST Venz: “Party” – Guest Post by Venz

1. GCR/RV, Dinarians, Humanitarians are real. They are waiting for the same funds all across the globe. Once their funds is on their hands, you won’t be able to stop them. They will be unstoppable like a storm.

2. Victory Party of the Light this November. Who will be there?

3. No exact date as of the moment, but ZAP definitely vows to give you update when he’s on it.

4. From what I heard – this Thurs. Nov. 17 2016 through next week is smashing news.

H. GCR Update Nov. 14 2016 ZAP:

1. I can say so much more, but suffice it to say that Grandfather, the European and Chinese Royals and quite a few leaders are approving of Trump and very happy that Hitlary did not come into power.

2. The Global Reset is being fueled up this coming week. How do I know? Because what we do is part of it and I receive the intelligence on it.

3. The Elders of the Council have decided that they will support me and what I do. To this end they have made available some project funds that will accelerate our efforts. They figure that many trillions will be required to do the project side.

4. The major critical projects will be rolling out shortly to begin the clean up of the Fukushima Radiation issues, the replenishment of the oxygen producing zones and the zipping up of our ozone holes. These and similar projects are absolutely necessary if we wish to save our species.

5. Forget about Agenda 21. We will do our best to prevent any form of that to surface and be effected.

6. I have been apprised that I will be meeting with Trump very soon.

7. I also have to meet with some others to establish the various schedules and determine the order of the technology rollout that will have to be done for the benefit of the countries involved.

8. The releases signal that the reconstruction projects and funds on the accounts that I received paperwork on are extraordinarily large and more than sufficient for the projects we will be administering for the benefit of our humanity.

9. We will not require outside funding sources, but my offer stands that we will take in donations to fund some projects and provide the audit for them with professional firms scholled in such oversight to give the benefactor a clear picture of what is happeing to their funds.

10. The mechanisms of our enterprise are geared toward transparency and provision of not only fundings, but of all ancillary services to help the projects we fund.

11. Get ready for it is really happening.

I. Gary Larrabee, Kent Dunn Intel: Gary Larrabee – Kent Dunn Intel: Taking Out Cabal Underground Bases

1. Cabal (Rothchilds, Rockefellers) communication bases in New Zealand and Argentina have been blown up (by the White Hats) with Direct Energy Weapons. (They cause earthquakes)

2. The RV/GCR is in a Matrix fund with 53 zeros in it that has been transferred to Reno. Reno was in lockdown.

3. The electoral college of the Restored Republic has voted Paul Ryan in as US President.

4. The Zim was $50,000.00 and could get up to $100,000.00.

5. The Elders have said they want the GCR completed by Nov.26 2016 which is their Christmas.

J. Summary of Events Nov. 14 2016: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 1…


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