“The No Group Vs. Group Scam” – One Who Believes – 11.16.16

“The No Group Vs. Group Scam” – One Who Believes – 11.16.16

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The Group Vs. No Group Scam

There is a lot of miss/diss Information out there right now. I’ll make this Short and Sweet:

Q: Are there legitimate groups?
A: Yes, but you can’t get into them now.

Q: Are there other groups that I can get into?
A: Yes, but most of them will be arrested as soon as this goes and you will lose your money. They can NOT offer you more than you can get for yourself at the exchange center. How could they?

Q: Why would someone say that only groups will be exchanged?
A: They have a reason. (See Next Part)

How a Group Scam is set up:

Step 1) Make you believe that only groups will be exchanged

Step 2) Make some sort of offer or suggested a group to join.

Step 3) Ask you to send your Currency to them.

Step 4) Then when the RV happens, you get screwed.

Please Note These Important and Telling Points:

#1) The only time that a currency can’t be exchanged by you is if there is some sort of Government sanction against them or we are at war with them.

#2) If a Currency has sanctions against them, you can’t buy them or hold them in your possession.

#3) If you can exchange US dollars for a currency, you can exchange that same currency for US Dollars. Duh!

#4) If you can travel to those countries, you can exchange with those currencies. Duh!

Now, ask yourself these questions: (Think for Yourself)

Are there sanctions against the currencies I am now holding? Yes____ No____

Are we at war with them? Yes____ No____

It is illegal for me to hold them at this time? Yes____ No____

Can I exchange US dollars for them (Buy Them) at the bank, airport exchange center, or on the net? Yes____ No____

Can people travel to those countries? Yes____ No____

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you have to decide for yourself. This information should help you get clear on what is true and what is not. However, don’t take my word for it. Think it out for yourself. What makes sense to you and what doesn’t. Call a bank or your currency dealer and ask them if the rate goes up can I still exchange back to USD? You already Know the answer!!!!

Signed: One Who Believes


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