“Convergence Ahead” – One Who Believes – 11.21.16

“Convergence Ahead” – One Who Believes – 11.21.16
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Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 3:10 PM EST on November 21, 2016

(Image: A yellow and black road sign saying “Convergence Ahead” in-front of the White House.)

Convergence Ahead

I am not the political sort, as I know that it all works out in the end. However, I have come to a realization that I thought you all in the “Dinar Chronicles Family” would enjoy as well.

It is the Idea of “Convergence” where two different lines Meet and “Converge” to become one. If they just intersected, after the intersection they would continue on their own separate paths. But with Convergence, they merge at some point and become one single “Unified” path. I think that is what is going on with our elections & the Republic.

First, given that our Intel is correct that #1) Paul Ryan is already the President of the Republic, and #2) That Trump has no intentions of becoming President, & #3) that Keeping the public oblivious is of the utmost importance. (Shhhhhh, Don’t Wake Them Yet)

So how do we get these two separate “Lines” to merge in a way that keeps the public unaware? Now that is the question and I think I have the answer, though I am not the first to figure this out.

The main thing that I realized is that the Trump Protest going on are part of the plan. If there were no protest, and everyone was happy with Trump, then why would the Electoral College Vote for Ryan instead of Trump? Now, when they Vote Ryan, people will have a “reason to understand” why that happened.

Once Ryan is President of the Old system that the Public knows, and since he is already President of the new System (The Republic) at that moment, we will have Convergence. At that moment the old system and the new system will seem like the same one. From the public’s view he was elected by a legitimate, if not surprising way, and from the Republics view, it is the perfect switch over.

Of course it will be a little bumpy for the True Trump fans, but I am sure that Ryan will have so many great announcements about taxes, Jubilee, and other things that the public will be willing to let their frustrations about what has happened go.

By The Way

Politics can be a heated subject at best. However you should give the benefit of the doubt to the Master plan which you know very little about. No matter who ends up as president, know that the people who know way more than we do, and who have given us ka-zillions of Dollars to help the World, probably know what’s best right now.

Later we will all have a chance to vote in a real election for once. But for now, let those who were picked to do this job, do it. When it is time for our next election cycle, we will have a chance to choose for ourselves who will lead us. By that time we will know the real truth about many things we don’t even know now. At that time we will no longer be handicapped by our ignorance of what is really going on, but instead we will be empowered by our knowledge.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that even though things seem out of hand, they may actually be EXACTLY as they need to be. It is hard to see that unless you know the complete master plan, and we don’t. But this should help explain why things that seem problematic in the moment, may be just as they should be.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes


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