December 2016 – Only the Pure of Heart Carl Boudreau·Monday, 21 November 2016

December 2016 – Only the Pure of Heart Carl Boudreau·Monday, 21 November 2016

December 2016 – Only the Pure of Heart
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Confusion with a Chance of Chaos

But rather than offer yet another postmortem of the election, or predict the consequences of this election result, I would like to continue examining the underlying astrological influences.
December’s charts are promising to help us rebuild, but only if we can avoid falling into old traps.


For the past several months or more we have been discussing the gradual break up of an astrological formation in effect since the 1970s, what I referred to as the oligarchic alignment. Basically, from the early 1970s until recently, the most powerful planets in the Zodiac were all in signs associated with the 1%, massively empowering the 1%.
Accordingly, this alignment (or misalignment) led to a tremendous imbalance of global economic and political power in favor of the 1%. In other words; it led to global oligarchy.
The oligarchic alignment is now breaking up, all too slowly for most of us, in gradual, overlapping phases.
This break up is leaving in its wake a tsunami of unanswered questions, unmet challenges and untried ideas.
Conditions have effectively blocked action on any currently existing ideas for rebuilding and reform. So, to an extent, the quality or advisability of these ideas hasn’t mattered. Nobody could act on them anyway.
These defective ideas are now headed willy-nilly into December’s energies and these energies are highly supportive of manifestation. All of a sudden, the quality of these ideas matter a great deal.

The Breakup of the Oligarchic Alignment

The Great Testing

November 2008 ~ Pluto enters Capricorn
Pluto’s Capricorn ingress in 2008 was the last major planetary shift to occur before the oligarchic alignment began breaking up. In Capricorn, Pluto severely tested economic systems put in place during the oligarchic alignment, i.e., during the last forty odd years.
Pluto’s testing brought us within a hair’s breadth of a catastrophic global economic collapse. In other words, the structures left behind by the oligarchic alignment failed Pluto’s test. Miserably so.

The Transition Begins (in the Nick of Time)

In 2011, Uranus left Pisces, and the oligarchic alignment, to enter Aries. The Uranus Aries ingress took the power to implement change unilaterally out of the hands of the 1%. The power to make change re-emerged quickly among the 99% as a wholesome and hearty inclination to protest, rebel and otherwise revolt against the oligarchic order.
The scale of the imbalance that so favored the 1% was reduced by the Uranus Aries ingress. The 1% would now have to negotiate with the now increasingly testy 99%.
Protest, demands for reform and resistance to government and corporate – i.e., oligarchic – initiatives were vigorous and commonplace. The power of the global oligarchy, while still strong, began to erode.
In Aries, Uranus established a square to Pluto. That square would be exact 7 times over a period of three years.
This square severely tested global political systems. They, too, were found wanting. And badly so.

Soul Cleansing and Release

February 2011 ~ Chiron enters Pisces
February 2012 ~ Neptune enters Pisces
February 2015 ~ Nessus enters Pisces
During the next several years, the planets set the stage for an intense, prolonged period of psychospiritual cleansing, release and healing.
With Chiron involved, long buried blocks and trauma surged back into awareness, sometimes rather forcefully. Nessus is still one of the new asteroids on the block and we don’t hear much about it. However, based on my own work, I can say that it would be difficult to underestimate its power to expose, activate and resolve karma.
Neptune in Pisces would dramatically augment the power of Chiron and Nessus in Pisces. These simultaneous transits of Pisces added new layers of psychospiritual turmoil to the political and economic turmoil done by Pluto and Uranus, damage we had only begun to work through.
Neptune’s return to Pisces, its home sign, was especially important. It marked the onset of a new, 165 year Neptune cycle. This new Neptune cycle, would bring a prolonged testing and renewal of our worldviews – individual and collective, mundane and spiritual.
Pluto in Capricorn took a wrecking ball to the economic status quo. Neptune in Pisces took a wrecking ball to our beliefs.
Our worldview didn’t do any better against Neptune in Pisces than our economic institutions did against Pluto in Capricorn, or our political institutions did against the Uranus/Pluto square.
The combined effects of Neptune, Chiron and Nessus in Pisces were impressive. Together, they cleared the emotional sludge in which many elements of our existing worldview were so stubbornly rooted.

Rooting out Error: The Mutable T-Square

August 2015 ~ Jupiter enters Virgo
September 2015 ~ Saturn enters Sagittarius
November 2015 ~ The North Node enters Virgo.
In the final months of 2015, the Jupiter, Saturn and North Node ingresses would make the group in Pisces part of a potent T-square in mutable signs. Do not want to underestimate either the power or the importance of this mutable T-square.
Virgo governs meticulous, fact-based, analysis. Sagittarius governs philosophy, including moral and ethical philosophy. Pisces governs religious, theological and metaphysical thinking.
During the T-square, people began trying to apply each of these three modes of thought and appropriately and strike a proper balance between. Since the advent of this T-square, the media, too, became more critical and self-critical. They’re still working on it.

The Virgo/Pisces Dichotomy

The North Node in Virgo instructs us to attend to the details, to the concrete specifics of the case. South Node in Pisces instructs us to downplay fuzzy, expansive, otherworldly thinking in favor of Virgoan modes of though.
Under the potent but unbalanced influence of the Moon’s nodes, the Virgo/Pisces polarity would destabilize our thinking. The seductive South Node would tempt us into overly idealistic, overly expansive, illusory, and self-serving thought, i.e., Piscean thought at its worst. The sober, dignified authority of the North Node would compel us instead to think logically, meticulously, concretely and selflessly, i.e., Virgo at its best.
The square from Saturn in Sagittarius would ground the Virgo/Pisces energy, rendered volatile and unstable by the powerful tensions of the Moon’s Nodes. Sober, systematic Saturn in Sagittarius would bring balance, uplift, rigor, and system. Over time, Saturn’s square from Sagittarius would instill order, balance, fairness and a taste for factual accuracy .

Rebuilding Energies Emerge

September 2016 – Jupiter enters Libra
By the fall of 2016, as Jupiter entered Libra restorative, reconstructive impulses began to stir more forcefully and enthusiastically.
Jupiter’s Libra ingress significantly reduced the level of impairment under which it had been laboring for some years. We could now depend on Jupiter’s supportive and generous energies in the arduous work of restoring order and stability in our lives.

Piecing it All Back Together

November 2016 – Mars enters Aquarius
The energies of Aquarius motivate us to fine tune society. The Mars transit of Aquarius will energize and facilitate such efforts. The effects of Mars in Aquarius will be all the more intense because Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries are in mutual reception.

Aquarius and the Asteroids

Not enough is known about the asteroids to assign them a home in the Zodiac. However, when we consider the asteroids in terms of the values they represent, we see a clear functional link between the asteroids and Aquarius.
Consider the example of the asteroid Pallas. Pallas, or Pallas Athena, was discovered in 1802.
To the ancient Greeks, Pallas Athena represented virtues essential to civilized life, in wartime and peacetime. They named their proud capital city after her.
On a general, archetypal level, Pallas Athena represents virtues to which all Greeks should aspire. If practiced by everyone, these virtues would bring peace, justice, prosperity and stability for all – i.e., they would bring all the benefits of an ideal society.
Pallas has this function in common with Aquarius. Aquarius urges us to create an ideal society by creating ideal social relationships. They same kind of thing appears to be true of the three other asteroids discovered in the those years, Ceres, Juno and Vesta.
The same thing also appears true of the many recently discovered asteroids. Among which are Chiron (1977), Pholus (1992), Nessus (1993), Chariklo (1997), Varuna (2000), Ixion (2001), Quaoar (2002), Sedna (2003), Orcus (2004), Eris (2005).
The mythology associated with the figures for whom these more recently discovered asteroids are named suggests that they, too, are related to work of fine tuning society. That is, they appear to be functionally related to Aquarius.
Consider Chariklo, discovered in 1997: The mythology surrounding Chariklo suggests that she supports respect for subtle mental, emotional and physical boundaries. “She works to improve all your relationships by clarifying what is and what is not acceptable to your spirit.”
Chariklo, for example, would have been associated with political correctness, the quest for “safe spaces,” and attention to “triggers” and so-called “microagressions.” Chariklo checks the often unconscious intentions behind our words and actions.
The discovery of asteroids like Chariklo suggests that these concerns are underwritten by archetypal energies and they are rooted in and slowly permeating collective consciousness. They are not going away. Indications are that they will only grow stronger.
As Mars transits and stimulates Aquarius, issues related to the asteroids do seem to coming into the foreground. They have become noticeably more intense.
Mars in Aquarius is trining Jupiter in Libra. Appropriately, alliances are also forming around concerns governed by the asteroids. This is yet another indication that these concerns are not going away. Rather they are becoming better established in collective awareness.

December’s Charts

Be Careful What You Wish

Each of the phases in the weakening of the oligarchic alignment described above generated a plethora of unanswered questions, conflicting ideas, and challenges. Up to now, answering the questions, resolving the conflicts and addressing the challenges has proven impossible. But December’s energies strongly suggest that that is no longer the case.
Given what I know to be the incredible complexity of the energetics of December I have pretty much abandoned the idea of doing an aspect, by aspect, technical analysis. Instead I will use a somewhat impressionistic approach, focusing on facets of these charts that draw my attention.
Specifically, December’s New and Full Moon charts present two characteristics of a dynamic, highly charged field. This field strongly supports manifestation. With an important twist.

More Than you Bargained for

December 14, UT, Full Moon Chart (December 13, EST)
December’s Full Moon chart is dominated by a formation made up of sextiles and trines. This formation is two sextiles short of a Grand Sextile.
Such structures strongly support manifestation, indeed, rapid and intense manifestation. They give us what we desire. At the same time, though, they hold up a mirror to our hidden motives and mistaken thinking and ‘reward’ us accordingly.
In the early going, we appear to be getting exactly what we wished for. As matters proceed, though, events begin to reflect our flawed motivation and the errors in our thinking, if any there be.
The dispositor chart for December’s Full Moon reinforces the message of the main chart. With the exception of Mars and Neptune, all the planets in the chart are subordinate to Uranus. Uranus is in mutual reception with Mars. This harmonious relation between Mars and Uranus underlines the impression of a very high energy chart that reacts rapidly to our desires and intentions, for better or for worse.
Neptune is also strongly placed in the Full Moon dispositor chart. It’s strong influence will soften boundaries. This in turn will support compromise and accommodation, facilitating the emergence of a shared vision, and progress.

The Dispositor Chart for the December New Moon

Neptune vs. the North Node

December 29 UT – New Moon Chart
The North and South Nodes set the grain of a chart, the intended, preferred direction of all thought and effort. Following the North Node’s imperative can be challenging because it represents new things, with which we might not be familiar. But you will be rewarded with positive synchronicities.
Following the South Node, though, is comparatively easy. It draws us to the familiar. It pulls us onto the path of least resistance. However, following the South Node path will bring negative synchronicities.
The soul loves the North Node path and will assist you in any way that it can when you commit to it. Conversely, the soul doesn’t enjoy the South Node path and will withhold its assistance if you choose comfortable and familiar South Node options. In fact, the soul will resist you aggressively if you choose the South Node path.
The North Node is currently in Virgo. North Node in Virgo is all about supporting well-thought out, workmanlike, down-to-earth solutions, solutions with selfless service as a core value – i.e., Virgoan solutions. Under North Node influence, our current life experience will school us in the ways of Virgo.
Neptune in Pisces, conjunct the South Node, however, works strongly against the purposes of the Virgo North Node. Neptune will lend its powers of deception and seduction. It will reinforce the illusory appeal of the South Node, strengthening the allure of self-defeating South Node options.
Neptune’s support of the South Node will also intensify the naturally strong tensions between the North and South Nodes. It will, thus, increase the inner conflict and confusion of those struggling to decide between their North and South Node options and inclinations. On the level of public debate, it will exacerbate the disruptive, counterproductive conflict and confusion already plaguing public discourse.

Bad Timing and Mixed Messages.

None of this could have happened at a worse time. Collective consciousness is inundated with unanswered questions, conflicting ideas, and intersecting, overlapping, challenges and, overall, plagued with often acrimonious disagreements.
The North Node is telling us to search for a Virgoan method. The South Node is telling us to embrace an outdated and inappropriate Piscean solution. Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces is pouring kerosene on the flames.
Meanwhile December’s charts present us with highly energized and responsive field of manifestation. It will give life to our intentions, however poorly formed, however mixed the messages we are putting out to the universe.

Where to from Here

So this is happening in December. But how long will it go on?
The December New Moon chart occurs within 48 hours of midnight on New Year’s Eve. The dispositor chart for midnight on New Year’s eve is very similar. These are two very good indications that events in December charts are a preview of things to come.
We could be looking at no-holds-barred, free-style public brawling accompanied by ill-conceived and ill-advised manifesting through 2017.
As part of a continuing effort to keep my astrology work accessible to all, I am posting a link to my Google+ profile for those who might find it useful as an alternative to FB.

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