“BIRDS of a FEATHER,” One Who Believes – 12 -29 – 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

“Birds Of A Feather”- One Who Believes – 12.29.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 3:13 PM EST on December 29, 2016

Birds Of A Feather

Birds of a feather tend to flock together. They all have the same line: “You Can’t Exchange by yourself, you must have someone else do it for you (Means you have to be in a group). Then there is the ever popular: “The Zim is no good, or is not worth much. When these Birds of a Feather say these things, it Means they want you to believe that they know more than everyone else on this. Do they?

These two notions seem to go together and are often mentioned by the same people. They “Flock together,” where you hear that you have to be in a group, you also hear that the currency you have is nearly worthless, if not completely worthless. Why are they the only ones who say this?

It makes me wonder?????

Why were we able to buy the currencies all by ourselves at the bank or currency dealers all of these years, but now, according to “Them” you somehow will lose your right to exchange by yourself when the value goes up??? (you now need them to handle your money for you) Why do we suddenly have to have a middle man?

It makes me wonder?????

Then there is the question of what we will get for the zim, which according to “Them,” is hardly anything, if nothing at all. So is Bruce lying to us when he says the Zim is extremely valuable and that there are nearly 6800 exchange centers on alert just waiting for us to come in and exchange our currencies? Or is Yosef’s story of ZIM being a Bond with a HUGE Sovereign Rate value just to trick us? Was Fisher just trying to fake us out as well when he said that no zeros would be lopped off the zim? Was Zorra of Hollow Earth, a highly advance Being, in on the scam to fake us out on the value of the ZIM when he said no zeros would be taken off and that we should all ask for the Sovereign Rate? Does this mean that Zimbabwe doesn’t have gold, diamonds, and valuable in ground and above ground assets? Does this mean that there are not 6800 off site exchange centers for individual exchanges, with 1/3 of them just for ZIM exchanges alone? I find it hard to believe that all these people are lying to us.

It makes me wonder?????

We all have to decide for ourselves, but this doesn’t make sense to me. If I step back and look at all the information we have received, and all the places the information has come from, I find these assertions: That you Must be in a group & the Low value of Zim, statements to be VERY SUSPECT. (This Means I don’t believe it)

It comes down to this:

There can only be one truth, either Zim is worthless and you can’t exchange by yourself, or the Zim is valuable and you can exchange by yourself. So which is it?

If the Zim is no good, and you can only exchange in a group, that means that Yosef, Bruce, Fischer, TNT, Zorra, Veritas, are all liars working together in some big conspiracy to deceive you, and the 6800 exchange centers, Zim as a bond, the big Humanitarian Project Chosen Ones, the Privately Negotiated Rates, Individual Exchanges, Zimbabwe’s Vast untapped wealth, and the special Zim exchange centers are ALL lies as well! That sure seems unlikely to me….

Or, Could It Be….

Or, could it be that Yosef, Bruce, Fischer, TNT, Zorra, Veritas, are all telling the truth and are actually trying to help us, and the 6800 exchange centers, Zim as a bond, the big Humanitarian Project Chosen Ones, the Privately Negotiated Rates, Individual Exchanges, Zimbabwe’s Vast untapped wealth, and the special Zim exchange centers are all actually true statements? This seems more likely to me…

Could It Be….

Could it be that Needing to have someone else “handle your money” for exchange, and the story of Zim being worth very little if anything at all, are actually Not True? Hmmmmmm?

Decide For Yourself

Remember It Is One Or The Other, Because It Can’t Be Both

Option #1) If you believe ANY one, or All, of these Intel Providers: Yosef, Bruce, Fischer, TNT, Zorra or Veritas, then, the 6800 exchange centers, the Privately Negotiated Rates, Zim as a Bond at Face Value or more, Private Individual Exchanges, Zimbabwe’s Extreme Value, and that we are the “Chosen Ones” to Help The World Through our Humanitarian Projects, are all TRUE STATEMENTS.

Option #2) The alternative is to believe every single person and statement listed above in Option #1, is a great big lie, and that the only people who know the truth are those who say you have to give someone else your money to exchange it for you, and by the way don’t expect much on your Zim or Dinar.

For the Record, I Chose Option #1

I am just thinking out loud and trying to figure this out for myself. After all, this could be the most important decision I have ever made, and a lot of people are depending on me to get my exchange right. I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE A MISTAKE AT THIS LATE STAGE OF THE GAME. This is a once in FOREVER opportunity. So, for the record, there is only one choice that makes sense to me: Option #1.

The Bottom Line

I know that some will take exception to this post, and to them I ask: Why? This is a rational evaluation of the intel that is currently available and the list of the Intel providers from which the known intel comes.

The bottom line is you have to decide for yourself. Do not make your choice based on what I have chosen for myself. Instead, consider these points I have made and include your own additional points as well. Frankly, there can be only one truth, which means it is one, or the other. Choose Wisely!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes


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