FROM THE FIRST ORDER – “MIDDLEMEN” & “Questions Regarding Too Much Money” – One Who Believes – 1.4.17

NOW I LOVE YOU, and I want YOU to spend SOME TIME thinking about this.

JUST BECAUSE some of DARK CORPORATIONS and GOVERNMENTS will be CLEANED OUT for the GOOD of ALL, does NOT MEAN that they DON’T have their OWN MONOPOLY contacts. JUST be CAREFUL and AWARE that YOU are NOT supporting those COMPANIES that have been RESPONSIBLE for DAMAGING the PLANET or HUMANITY. [LIKE NESTLE’S CHOCOLATE [unpaid CHILD SLAVES, & water monopoly] HOW do I KNOW THIS ? FROM research etc. DO some of YOUR OWN research of your AREAS and COUNTRIES on HOW these companies have TREATED PEOPLE, have they PAID them, PAID them well etc. HAVE they BEEN SUED, or about to be ? BEFORE YOU USE – CONTACTS – that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT – O.K.

What I am going to TELL YOU will make YOU aware of what a middleman is.



I read an article last year that the BUSHES were investing in it.

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   This is NOT to make you PARANOID, I want YOU to think. AS the DARK SOULS are FAMOUS for STARTING COMPANIES, taking those FUNDS, CLOSING that COMPANY and placing that MONEY into a NEW COMPANY with a NEW NAME. THEN stating that – that particular company has folded. I have experienced this myself. JUST be AWARE that GOOD money does NOT get into the WRONG hands. BESIDES if YOU MANAGE – YOUR OWN PROJECTS, YOU could PROBABLY SAVE a lot more money to MAKE your PROJECTS of BETTER QUALITY or POSSIBLY BUILD MORE etc. DON’T make the mistake JUST YET that YOU can TRUST EVERY soul you come across. It DOESN’T MEAN to go into your CURRENCY EXCHANGE  with a NEGATIVE and UNTRUSTING ATTITUDE. Just KNOW that YOU have other options of helping the little guy companies to THRIVE who ARE ALSO PROFESSIONALS so THEY get a CHANCE to NOT only survive, but that YOU are HELPING YOUR OWN TOWNS as well. WE are ALL STRATEGICALLY PLACED by DIVINE DESIGN for a reason REMEMBER. Which also does NOT mean that YOU are LIMITED to JUST your own TOWN or COUNTRY etc.

   The ONLY thing I see WRONG with this IS, YOU will NOT have FULL CONTROL of your PROJECTS, and/or it COST you MORE if YOU – USE THEIR CONTACTS. NOW that gives them the CHANCE to be the “MIDDLE MAN,” between YOU and your PROJECTS.  WHAT if YOU want to USE “YOUR OWN CONTACTS” for MUCH CHEAPER?  YOU can USE YOUR LIGHTWORKER FAMILES and FRIENDS and those YOU choose to HIRE to ENSURE would do a MUCH BETTER JOB to stimulate the ECONOMY as you can use “SMALLER MOM and POP,” companies instead of CORPORATED COMPANIES from the DARK ESTABLISHMENTS ? Do YOU want the banks to be the MIDDLE MEN?

MIDDLEMEN make MONEY from JOB and PEOPLE out-SOURCING. It is a very lucrative business, they make money or they would NOT do it. They can ALSO make MONEY by BUYING and then SELLING the MATERIALS to YOU.



WHAT if they MESS it up or someone gets hurt and/or YOU GET SUED ?


YOU may DECIDE to USE ONE PROJECT with their CONTACTS and another PROJECT with YOUR OWN CONTACTS. HAVE some questions READY FOR THEM. Like if YOU use THEIR CONTACTS, do they have BUSINESS INSURANCE, how much CONTROL do YOU HAVE over YOUR PROJECT. CAN they PROVIDE PROOF of what something will cost. DO NOT feel pressured.

AGAIN the CHOICE is YOURS, JUST think about GIVING THEM CONTROL. AFTER EVERYTHING – HUMANITY and this PLANET has been through, use your head. It is O.K. to USE YOUR HEAD and still have LOVE in your heart.

BE PLEASANT at your EXCHANGES and listen to what they HAVE to offer.






Wednesday, January 4, 2017

“Questions Regarding Too Much Money” – One Who Believes – 1.4.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 10:46 PM EST on January 4, 2017


Questions RE: Too Much Money

#1) Thoughts on capability of managing big projects:
“ZIM Redemption, Finding the Balance” – Guest Post by Matt1075

Answer: You don’t need to do any of the work yourself, you can just be the money person, the idea person or the one who does the work. Kent Dunn reported in a Gary Larrabee video that HSBC can run and manage your Humanitarian projects for you no matter what country they are in. Just tell them what you want to do, and they will get it all done for you. You don’t have to be an EXPERT at anything. You can “BUY” any expertise you need on any subject, or for any project you want to do. Easy!!!! Here is a post I wrote on this:

“You Can Have It All” – Guest Post by One Who Believes

#2) Lazarus Comment about Structured Pay Outs
“Re: Too Much Money” – Guest Post by Lazarus

What he is saying is true that structured pay outs are like Lottery payouts when you get the last payment, you have all the money. However, this program is more like a CD where you deposit the money, the bank uses it and pays you Quarterly payments on it for a certain number of years and when that is over, you get all your money back. I remember that Bruce said in one of his calls that the Banks don’t like us using the term “Structured Payouts,” however, he didn’t know the right term, and frankly, they have not given us a different term for it that I know of. But no matter what you call it, they hold your funds and use them, then pay you interest for the time agreed, and then you get it all back. The term of the plan will differ based on certain factors such as age.

#3) How Is The Payment Guaranteed?
“Question for OWB, Structured Payouts Default” – Anonymous Guest Post

As far as I know the payments are guaranteed by the Bank’s assets. That is something to ask them if you are concerned. However, I am not worried about it as Basel 3 means 25% protection, Basel 4 Means 50% protection, and Basel 5 means 100% protection of your funds. I don’t know exactly how and what is protected, but it has been said by Yosef that you won’t even need to get insurance on your account because it will be so safe…. Way safer than it has ever been.

#4) Are the Elders Giving us the Gold or just Loaning it?
“Question for OWB, Too Much Money” – Anonymous Guest Post

I don’t know the answer for this, but suffice to say that no matter what, it is a good plan and works for the World change we are wanting. After all, we are going to be a benevolent, high vibration, peaceful and prosperous World, that is heading to a time when money will no longer be needed. I have high confidence that it will work out no matter which way it has been set up.

#5) Comment That One Bond Cannot be Valued More Than Another That is the Same
“What does Value/Rate mean?” – Guest Post by KUU

I understand what this poster is saying, however this situation is a bit different. Basically, there is one part of this exchange which is the Currency/Bond Part, then the rest is Privately Negotiated above and beyond that. Suffice to say that the extra money given in “terms of rate,” is separate transaction, and is a GIFT, and NOT and exchange. It is given to people who A) Already have a lot of money coming to them, and B) Ask for the higher rates (Gift), and C) Have a good reason to be given this extra money Gift (For Humanitarian Projects). I have written several posts that explain this in detail. This will help you really understand how this is set up.

“The Extra Zeros Are The Gift Rate” – One Who Believes – 11.10.16

“Fiat vs. Gold Backed Value” – One Who Believes – 11.8.16

“RE: Math on the ZIM Question” – Guest Post by One Who Believes

“Exchanging: Gift vs. Right” – One Who Believes – 12.2.16

“Will You Qualify For The High Rates?” – One Who Believes – 12.3.16

#6) Questions About Who Has Say Over Your Account
“So Many Questions: Too Much Money, et al” – Guest Post by Vee

This is an easy question to answer because it is a two-parter. Part one is that you get a certain portion of your exchange in spendable cash because it is the actual part that is the exchange rate. This is the rate you are entitled to just because you hold the legal currency.

Part two is that whatever else you get after that, by your negation efforts to get a Gift (Extra high exchange rate) from the Elders, through the Bank, is treated differently. If you meet their expectations, you already have a lot of money, had plans for Humanitarian work, and seem well intentioned about it, you will be offered this special Gift, added onto your exchange transaction.

Then they will make this offer to you:

“We like your ideas and you seem like the kind of people we are looking for to help the World in Humanitarian efforts and to help our environmental problems as well. We are prepared to offer you a GIFT of money to help you with your project ideas and mission. We will place a certain amount of cash in an account in your name and pay you an agreed amount of interest quarterly, for a period of time not to exceed 50 years. We will also require that you keep our arrangement private and thus will execute an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) between us to prevent either of us from disclosing the details of our special gift arrangement with you. Will you accept this money as offered, and these terms?” It is a yes or no question.

#7) Questions Regarding the Trust Worthiness of the Banks
“Question for OWB” – Guest Post by Safety Concern

I have written several posts on this and here are a couple.

“Re: Question for OWB, Too Much Money” – One Who Believes – 1.4.17

“Re: Question For OWB/Safety Concern” – One Who Believes – 12.21.16

#8) Questions About My Sources & Credibility
“Why has OWB Suddenly Appeared?” – Guest Post by Whoof whoof

The answer is I have no sources. All the information I have, I have gathered from sources such as Yosef, Tank, Fisher, Bruce, Zorra, and various other Internet sites and sources. For the most part I clearly say who I got it from or why I think the information is what I say, and I even say that I am not sure if I am not sure. While I try to source everything I say, it is really hard when it comes from so many sources such as Cobra, Toleck, Sheldon Nidle, etc, etc. Importantly, I have NEVER said I have bank contacts, or Elder contacts or anything of the sort. Check all my posts and see for yourself.

However, I am what I would call an expert in the law of Attraction, and how the Universe works. That is where I am the source of much of my information, concepts and Ideas. I have recently been writing more as my own understanding has grown. The more I learn, the more I want to share it. Expect even more from me in the future, as I learn even more myself.

#9) Question About Super High Rates

“Re: Too Much Money” – Guest Post by Etheric Blue

This poster presents a situation where one $100T note is exchanged at the super high Rate of $125,000/zim and how crazy that would be.

I remember that Yosef and Bruce, have said again and again that you have been given a “Blank Check,” meaning that you tell them how much you need/want for your projects, and they “Work it out” so that you get what you need. Clearly, “Work It Out” means that they will take into consideration what currencies you have, and then adjust the rate you get on them to reach what you need.

To me this means that if your need a HUGE amount of money for a project that merits that amount of money, and you have only one $100T note, then you will be given the rate that will make that $100T note “BECOME” the amount of money you will need. However, if someone else presents that same exact project with the same exact need of money, and they have 1,000 $100T notes, then they will be given a much lower rate because the net amount needed is: the Currency held (Times) the rate needed to reach the amount of money required for the project. That is the total amount needed based on what you have to start with.

That means that if a person had one $100T note and they got the $125,000/ZIM rate, that would mean that not only did they qualify for a Humanitarian Bonus Gift Rate, but the amount needed (Check amount) was so great that the rate had to be $125,000/ZIM to reach that amount with only one $100T note. If they had 10 $100T notes in this example, there Rate would be $12,500/ZIM or ten times less to reach the same target amount of money. In short, if someone got that crazy amount of money, their project MUST have been crazy big and crazy important. In short, whatever someone gets, it is not crazy, it is based on what they have, and what rate they need, to get the amount they need for their projects.

May We All Get Everything We Want and Live The Lives Of Our Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes

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