“Zorra Intel Call On Saturday 2/4” – One Who Knows – 2.4.17 UPDATED

GOOD MORNING, just found this, perhaps we can have MORE information as to what is going-on the planet now.


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“Super” – GCR/RV Overview – Friday – February 3, 2017

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

“Zorra Intel Call On Saturday 2/4” – One Who Knows – 2.4.17

1:51:00 AM  Conference Call, Emailed, Message, OWK, Zorra

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 7:07 PM EST on February 3, 2017

Zorra Intel Call Saturday 2/4

This Zorra Intel & Disclosure Call will be On Saturday February 4, 2017, even if we have an RV.

Frankly, if we do have an RV, the information should be even more interesting and helpful.

As always, there will be Re-Play links after the call.

Call in on the number provided and press “1” to get in the queue to ask your question.

Note the time of the Call is NOON on the East Coast and 9 AM on the West Coast.

I will also be on the call with some helpful information.

Signed: One Who Knows


Call Details:


Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017


9 am Pacific

10 am Mountain

11 am Central

12 pm Eastern (Noon)

Click on this website:

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/zorraof hollowearth

Call in number:  516-418-5563

Push “1” To Ask Questions


One Who Believes and Knows

We look forward to his message as he  shares with us some pearls of wisdom about the GCR/RV and how it is progressing from his point of view. He will share with us what we can do to handle all of the waiting and uncertainties that abound.

You can always read more of his insightful messages on Inteldinarchronicles website.


Lorraine  –  speaks briefly about a new 100%

bioavailable CBD – Interesting info!





JUST to make myself clear about the cloning video I posted. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt anyone in HOLLOW EARTH and I have told you ALL that I LOVE YOU.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME for NOT watching the WHOLE video before I posted it, as I know that you check our sites. I meant NO harm or disrespect to any of you. I also have had someone on my website fooling with it AGAIN the last couple of days, what else is new. I hate it when they sometimes won’t let me post something or change the wording, sometimes they even delete my sentences and if THAT is NOT annoying, I do not know what the heck is.

YEAH I had to rant too. If you noticed two hours later when I had a chance to watch the entire video, I was absolutely SHOCKED and kept it as disinformation and I pointed out that, it was disinformation and why. The video started out good, and I posted it watched about half hour of it and then decided to watch it again 2 hours later. I know in my heart ZORRA and ZARAYA, JANE and the TEAM are GOOD and LOVING SOULS from HOLLOW EARTH and they are NOT DRACO’S ! YOU have every right to make your GOOD POINTS ZARAYA, please NO OFFENCE intended.

MY sincere LOVE and APOLOGIES to JANE, ZARAYA, ZORRA and BILLIE and the LOVING BEINGS at HOLLOW EARTH. If I did NOT believe YOU or thought awful things about you, YOU would NOT be on my website. However, I do think HIGHLY of YOU and CANNOT WAIT to meet YOU ALL in person.

HUGS and KISSES, to ALL and SORRY about that. Now I feel stupid for posting it and NOT taking the time to watch it BEFORE I posted it. To be honest some of these videos are so long and sometimes I guess I assumed the information is correct if it starts out correctly, and I was tired and posted it before watching the entire video and PLEASE don’t SHOOT this messenger ! In NEW ZEALAND as a child [When I lived there, they used to say, “Don’t get your knickers in a knot!”] MY bad! OOPPS ! [More like exhausted!] [Laugh!]






ZARAYA: What I want to talk about is the um…, You know a lot of people are frustrated which I am too. [LAUGHS] I am only Human. Yeh, you know I do get frustrated and here lately it hasn’t been my voting issue with other people, other drivers, it’s been more of a, how would I put this. I’ve observed people through emails and through other communications of their lack of belief, their lack of knowing. And every time my FATHER talks about people on the surface he talks about being the ah, knowing that you need to know and he emphasizes that your GODS and GODDESSES. What does that really mean ? We as finite beings, we try to understand as, if we’re God then why can’t we change what is going-on. Why can’t we bring in the RV ourselves ? Well it’s because we have so programmed to believe that were limited. You been so programmed through education, through religion and through heresy or programming of your parents to believe that way. I understand that. But I also, it is hard for me to understand, that when you are told, or given a message of hope. You are given a message of enlightenment. upliftment and yet,  you complain about it or you analsys it. And when you start to analysis it, anything can be analyized down to where you accept it on your terms, but that is not it works. The UNIVERSE does NOT accept your terms. [Laughter] The UNIVERSE is the UNIVERSE and it has the UNIVERSAL LAW and we have to abide by that law. And when we are given knowledge from a HIGHER SOURCE that only given this information because they LOVE US and we complain it. That frustrates even me to even hear that. So I myself when I get into that STATE of mind, I have to stop, I have to close my eyes and get out in NATURE if I can and just be with NATURE. Close my eyes and visualize a nice white sandy beach in HOLLOW EARTH and just BE ME, BE MYSELF, be with MYSELF, be with my HIGHER SELF and…, You know this is the ADVICE I am giving you “DON’T LET CIRCUMSTANCES GUIDE YOUR PATH.” DON’T LET other PEOPLE GUIDE YOUR PATH. I am not telling you to believe what I am saying or what my FATHER is saying “KEEP AN OPEN-MIND,” that is all I am asking. KEEP AN OPEN MIND. That right there and that’s enough for me to say to you, just KEEP an OPEN MIND that what is being said to you is truth. And people can ridicule me and say I’m a draco or whatever, but I got news for you, I am NOT a DRACO and just because my DAD has turquoise colored skin DOES,NT mean he is a DRACO either. The only reason the skin is a turquoise skin is because of the HIGH content of COPPER in the water in HOLLOW EARTH. That’s why they have taken on the Turquoise hue, so just you know, THINK people, Jesus!

JANE: Thank-you ZARAYA, I guess, ah.., that is one way of getting things across is to vent. [They both laugh]

ZARAYA: I had to rant.

JANE: That is one way of getting things out is to vent. [They both laugh] But I think ah Zaraya you did, state a couple of a um things …,

ZARAYA: GOOD points.

JANE: For people to remember so I guess don’t shoot the messenger right ?


JANE : I think our beloved ones here, do know that. So now I am going to be calling, One who believes and KNOWS because we are full already so just give me one second. Let’s go ahead and bring one who believe and here we are.





JANE: And now with that, O.K. your welcome too, and now we have ZORRA our BELOVED FATHER ZORRA.

ZORRA: Indeed beloved Masters, WELL the title of this call today what we termed, what is termed as the FORECAST for humanity, for the world for the world, for the FUTURE. Sit down and strap yourself in and hold on to your seats. Because you are about to hear, what to expect in your future. Now understand this is after the BLESSING has been released fully. And this also comes in regards to what is termed as events taking place in your world GLOBALLY. Understand beloved masters you have what is called THE GALACTIC CONFEDERATION which is in orbit around your planet and their ships are cloaked to evade what is called ah, um, BEING SEEN by telescopes and things of this nature. So NOT to alarm the population of the EARTH. Of course they are cloaked so you cannot see them in the physical. the LIGHT that give out at NIGHT which you would term STARS. Understand SHIPS, stars will not reflect in the lake, in a clear lake, very calm lake. however SHIPS WILL [REFLECT] So if you want to SEE ships and you are near a calm, a very-very calm lake seems to be extremely calm at night, LOOK into it. And everything that BLINKS back is a SHIP. So YOU can SEE THEM. However what is termed as a SATELITE, TELESCOPE which is in SPACE such as the HUBBLE and things of this nature, whenver they come in contact with a what is called a vessal, a vessal cloaks and it is NOT seen. Anyway that is regardless, that is regardless, but what is pertinent to what you need to know is that your world is under observation, observation by the GALATIC FEDERATION. Also because of that your world is in NO Earth threat from near earth objects, such as meteors asteroids, things of this nature. We will not allow, what is termed THE GALACTIC FEDERATION WILL NOT ALLOW any foreign body, asteroid comet or meteor of an immense size to do harm to your planet. That was already seen in your skies over Russia a few years ago when my vessal was dispatched by Prime Creator to obliterate an asteroid that was on course, a collision course with your planet. Now you saw this on your YOUTUBE such as a meteor over Russia and the ones that were, what was called the photographers took the videos and slowed them down, they were able to catch a glimpse of an object going through the tail into the object, the approaching asteroid and exit the front and then it exploded, consequently by-passing the EARTH entirely. So that was a sign to you that you are NOT alone that YOU are PROTECTED. And incidentely that would have been my vessel MY SHIP. And how that transpired, we entered the tail dematerialized our craft rematerialized inside the asteroid turning on our force fields fully causing the asteroid to implode, to explode. And exit out the front in the same manner. dematerializing and rematerializing in front an then that was the end of the asteroid. What you didn’t know about that is what is called, your media played it down a bit. They said it was the size of a volkswagon, you know what that is, well that was an exaggeration to not bring fear to the world. it was 150 miles in diameter having hit your planet, we would NOT be having this conversation. So it was obliterated so you can understand that we are very concerned for your welfare. That being said, the FUTURE of the world is very BRIGHT and much gifts, many gifts are going to be given upon you in your future. Such as FREE ENERGY DEVICES which have been SHELVED [HIDDEN] by the former Governments. And people who are inventors will not be um, arrested and prosecuted and things of this nature and so the technology will be brought forth, able to be brought forth without fear of being arrested.  And these technologies will be forth are FREE ENERGY DEVICES enabling your Vehicles and your vessels to completely eliminate fossil fuels, because there is NO need to use fossil fuels anyway. they just POISON your atmosphere. But these technologies that are coming forth that have been out, they have just been hidden from you, from those that wish to make profit from it. Much of what is called TESLA technologies has been hidden or put upon a shelf to collect dust. The reason for that is because it could NOT be made profitable for those in the powers that wish to be. Many of the DEVICES THAT TESLA had brought forth have been put away and NOT shown to the Public. That is also going to be released. All of those patents, all of those devices they are going to be taken off the shelf and put into reality. YES?

JANE: So when we talk about, ZORRA since we are talking about all of these new technologies that are going to be coming out…,  

ZORRA: New to you, but not new to us.

JANE: So presently we are confronted with CHEMTRAILS still and you know the RADIATION still and could you speak on that in terms of the future? And maybe talk about what types of diet we will have in the future. So maybe those 2 things and maybe about the Governments how those things will change. So go ahead ZORRA.

ZORRA: Indeed, She keeps me on track, so to speak. ANYWAY so when it comes to what is termed your chemtrails, I have mentioned this before but it doesn’t seem to be what is called sinking in to your crowns, your your CROWN CHAKRA’S your brains as you term them. And that is this CHEMTRAILS are NOT white, what you are seeing in your skies at CONTRAILS. There’s a difference, the DIFFERENCE is that what is called CHEMTRAILS are a CREAM color or an off-white they’re NOT white and therefore all of these lines in the sky are NOT chemtrails they are Contrails. Jet fuel being dispersed on the tail of these jets. In the past what is termed as recent as a couple years you were able to see a cream colored trail coming from the back of the jet and that was a CHEMTRAIL. There is a significant difference between a chemtrail and a contrail and chemtrails have been neutralized as they exit out of the aircraft in recent times and that is being done daily by what is called, we have vessels that follow a jet that goes up and starts to dispense was is termed as a chemtrail and as soon as it exits the aircraft it is neutralized, turned into a comtrail. So the poisons that we being dispursed into your atmosphere are NOT being dispersed anymore. And the poisons that you are experiencing in sicknesses and things of this nature are from the residue from the other chemtrails that have been dropped and sprayed upon you and they have gone into the soil and they have been absorbed by crops and things of this nature. And they have grown-up and you have purchased the crops in the stores unbeknownst to you and you have been partaking of these chemicals that were dispersed in the past. And they are coming-up in the form of crops, that is what you are consuming and therefore you are getting sickly. But also another reason you at becoming sickly is because you are eating foods from out of your REGION. Understand you have your TIME ZONES, those are termed regions. You have the ALASKAN REGION, ALASKAN ALUSIN ISLANDS, then you have what is termed the PACIFIC time zone then you have the MOUNTAIN time zone and then you have the CENTRAL time zone and then the EASTERN TIME ZONE and the ATLANTIC TIME ZONE, these are regions. And when you partake of food out of your region, that you are in, say you are in Atlantic time zone and you are taking food from the west coast.  You are taking into your being what is termed as attitude, and feelings and things of these nature of the people who packaged these foods that you are consuming, depending upon what they people were thinking or were having difficulty with that day have ben infused into the product or packaging that day and it is sent forth. So you are partaking of the attitudes and thoughts and feelings emotion f you will of the beings that were packaging of these foods. And then partake of them and then you put them in your pots and you cook them. But you do not cook out what is termed the emotions and the energy, so you are absorbing all of this BAD ENERGY as it is so termed into your being and that is making your body sickly. If you would partake  of foods that were packaged on processed on the east coast in your region you would be much better off. And also understand I am going to go into the area of what is termed, MEAT because understand the creature that are being slaughtered in what is termed the slaughter houses before they are packaged and sent out, understand you are experiencing the emotion of that animal before it was slaughtered. The PAIN it went through and what is termed and the EMOTION it went through as so you are eating these packaged meats out of your region, or even in your region for that matter. But it is MEATS, precisely meats such as CHICKEN and PORK and BEEF and FISH, any foods that have a FACE upon it has a SOUL! So YOU are consuming the SOUL, of that being of that creature. So you are experiencing the emotion it went through when it was processed to become FOOD for your tables. YOU are experiencing the PAIN they went through, YOU are experiencing the EMOTION they went through when they were slaughtered to become on your table.  So you are PARTAKING of that when you consume them, so THINK of this next time you go to shop for a MEAT. Think of what that creature went through before it was in the STORE. And that is what you are consuming, that [MEAT] is what is making your body sickly.

In the FUTURE there’s NOT going to be MEAT as a DIET.

You will be eating FRUITS and VEGETABLES which have, there are several fruits and vegetables which have the same nutrients as beef, same nutrients as Pork as fish and all of this is in the plant. All types of plants and you get the same types of nutrients daily.

[stopped about 114:00]

[around 116:00]

ZORRA: TRUMP is playing a part but in Government it can be controversial. He knew from the beginning he was to be playing a part, NOT the whole game but a part of it, He will not fulfil the 4 year term, but he will implement a new health care system and

JANE: What is HE responsible for bringing about.

 ZORRA: He will be announcing Disclosure, NESARA and GESARA, and the SAINT GERMAIN TRUST, he will announcing this too. And the GCR, GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET. So what you can do is send forth your LOVE to HIM. SEND forth your LOVE VIBRATIONS to him. DO NOT JUDGE HIM, DO NOT CONDEMN him, just send forth your love to him. JUST like you have done with Obama.  ALWAYS show LOVE and COMPASSION to those who SEEM to do you HARM. And they will change, they will change their attitudes, it will change their way of thinking and


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