The 1% are Controlling The Fight (that is who has created the problem) They have the fix too

The 1% are Controlling The Fight (that is who has created the problem) They have the fix too

Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Monday, 27-Feb-2017 08:57:05

In Response To: Absolutely, That has been The plan all along (CrystalRiver)

Dear RM Agents and Readers,

If you are fighting each other you are playing into the hands of the globalists that see not a peaceful world for everyone but for the 1% that is left after the others have destroyed each other.

You are doing their work for them; aren’t you the smart ones??? We will never agree with each other totally. Good, keeps it interesting that way!!!!

I do believe in the Nations though and unless someone has something better to hand me (and so far they don’t)I’m sticking with that which once worked to have a sort of peaceful world. Always been wars and crap; if you don’t have a military you are taken over; just a fact. If the 1% think they won’t need a military once they have manipulated us into killing each other, think again.

Someone in the 1% group will want to be the only GOD and so it goes, war without end, no matter how many are left.

There is an old Indian Saying of who wins, describing the parts of a man or woman. Anger, Vengence, peace, serenity and it is stated the one you feed the most.

And yet, we must not get lost in a feel good environment to the point of loosing our ability to act when we need to. The only way we are stagnant is usually an addiction that sends us into a worse way. We also need courage and strength so that we might protect that which is important to protect, so that we can keep that which we earned or there will be no will left and mostly keep safe our families with the ways of this material world. You quit, you stop trying when you work your ass off and any tom, dick or harry can take it from you cause they wear a judge suit and went to attorney school so they can learn how to work the laws to be the perfect pricks.

If you aren’t of this world the material will not matter but I’m still working on that endeavor; if you figure it out, let me know.

Time for a walk in the pesticide laden (not Osama do I mean:) air.

Many Blessings,

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