Sunday, March 5, 2017


3-5-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   Article:  “Iraq receives $ 18 billion from IMF”  I find this highly interesting…especially the part about payment to Kuwait for war compensations…they owe Iraq $4.5 billion that had been deferred until this year…now they are paying them 9 billion of this 18 billion from the IMF that is just odd to me, unless that is perhaps an agreed upon “extra” amount for loss of properties or bodies not recovered…who knows…and the IMF stipulates they need to reform their financial system…that sounds much like the Monetary Reform to me…so be it…get with the program Iraq…make it so.

3-5-2017   Newshound Guru Revbo   Article:  “Central Bank: the financial crisis behind us and the next few days are promising”   Sounds like they want to get things moving pretty quickly after Mosul is over, and nobody’s coming in if they can’t get their money out.

3-5-2017   Newshound Guru Phillyman   Articles:  “Iraqi command says a few meters close from Mosul government complex”   “Iraqi forces control most of 2 western Mosul districts, pound Tal Afar”  “Iraqi forces launch fresh push in western Mosul battle”  “Iraqi forces near government buildings in Mosul as fight against ISIS continues”  Obviously the timing of the Mosul operation being complete is all over the place but I wanted to put this quote from the first article here in case you missed it.  This is the opinion of a Lt. General, Federal Police Chief:  “He said the troops have become a few meters away from the government complex, adding that retaking that area could mean “a 80 percent strategic and moral victory in western Mosul battles”.

3-5-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   I mentioned in my weekly…update that I’m getting a bit giddy right now. There’s a good reason for it! We are at a tipping point, and this is going to either make us some money, or we’re going to be walking away soon. Either way, I think all of us will be happy. Either we make out like bandits or we just say “we enjoyed the ride”, right?!  Based on what I’m hearing from my people, I am leaning toward the bright side of it. 


3-5-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat   Article quote:  “Confirms al-Tamimi: that the rise in the inflation index, even though it was slightly It affects low-income citizens, because Mdjulath not enough to buy the same goods or services that were bought before, and therefore the purchasing power decline, which means more poverty and rising poverty rates.”    ...by a significant change in the value of the dinar this will raise the purchasing power of the dinar and slowly force out the lower denominations on the streets as the necessity for them will be realized greater and greater as time goes on. The movement out of the “closed economy” will then become a necessity and the use of the IQD dinar globally will be in high demand, thus driving the rate yet even more upwards…


ZIM holders are not only going first in North America, but will be go first for quite sometime and do so very slowly through a narrow (slim) HSBC/military turnstile.

If you hold other currencies it’s wise to be extra patient as redemptions start because I’m told they’ll be moving incredibly slow and even meticulous through initial T4 redemptions, then build up intake points over time, starting Saturday with the ZIM.

Select ZIM holders are right now being processed and have been all day worldwide, but very subtly.

Rates are all over the map.

There will be no bum rush at the front door when business starts. Invite and word of mouth only.

God is with us

“Procedures and Vital Info, Time is Short” by HHB – 3.4.17, 5 FEB

“Procedures and Vital Info, Time is Short” by HHB – 3.4.17

Ladies and Gentleman:

Finally I am authorized by the trade group and the currency purchaser to give out the following information. It is very important to assist me and cooperate fully with what is stated and needed. Transparency is vital and to get the preliminary work done is vital.

If there is currency or bond or boxes yet to be submitted – please do so quickly. The door will close very shortly.

FIRST let me commend you for your understanding and patience over the time. Intermediaries and Asset Owners/Holders after submitting bonds and currency have mostly conducted yourself with patience and a professional manner with this process that at times seems unending and turbulent.

Now on to some updates of what’s been going on over the past few months while we have all been waiting for capability of the Global Financial Revaluation/RV – (starting of the new asset backed currencies). This has been and continues to be ongoing with Gag order on the final dates, yet it is knocking at the door and thus this note to you and I have been given permission to write you.

For those owners and intermediaries who have submitted packages – I am told as one of a few intake agents – that due diligence has preliminarily been done on the submitted packages. There is a very large ratio of fraudulent packages that have been submitted and will not be further processed. However, many more packages remain valid and the owners will be contacted when the buyer and trader is ready.

The trader and buyer of currency will make arrangements for the currency, bonds and boxes to be securely delivered, to provide contracts and give out the rest of the logistics. It is very important not argue, try to negotiate, etc with the trader representatives. There is a zero tolerance as this operation is vast, requires time targets to distribute trillions of dollars and there is far more products than the ability to pay for it all. in other words, the it is a buyer’s market.

Realize this operation is designed to provide money to jump start the world’s economy and humanitarian efforts. Thus with currency disbursements, the owner keeps his money minus 10% fee. I get one 3.33% and split it with intermediaries.

With bonds and boxes – these are put into a trade platform. 80% of the proceeds goes towards humanitarian projects controlled by the owner of the bonds, 15% is cash to the owner and 5% goes to the intermediaries. I divide the 5% up.

With the requirements of Project Participation you have two optional directions SO FOR PROJECTS make your decision, we encourage you to get involved where ever possible. Assemble your project information, be ready with a minimum of an executive summary to begin with, spelling out timelines, budgets, benefits, employment hiring etc.

i. Create and receive approval for your own project development; humanitarian, economical, environmental or other such cause. Maintain Ownership.

ii. Pick Up a ready to go project – Some JV Capabilities here.

Important to you:

Transactions and Banking MOVING FORWARD the HIGHEST CONCERN with any type of these transactions is the need for SECRECY and SECURITY (NDNA to be signed) for all concerned, especially individuals (asset owners and intermediaries/brokers), not to forget those who have helped you get here. I have spoken about this in the past. NOW is the crucial time to begin that process.

For those of you who have a US domestic Wells Fargo Bank Account or an International US Wells Fargo Bank Account, you are for the most part on track and ready to receive funds when the Foundations Paymaster begins to payout. Others that do not yet have accounts should arrange with Wells Fargo Bank to open an account today, or when arriving in Reno, U.S. and then open such an account.

{Why?} Because this will allow for ledger to ledger transactions by the Paymaster that are not visible to everyone and limits access. You should also request an Attorney Personal Banker to handle your account(s) and set up junior accounts to the main deposit account as a means of layering exposure. (i.e. have an additional business account; personal account for daily and monthly expenses; large transactions like homes and automobiles, etc.– funds should be delivered by your Personal Attorney Banker via a cashier’s check from yet another sub account).

In addition, you all need to have legal and financial counsel moving forward if you are with a top (5-6) CPA- Accountancy Firm – (good), if not you need to engage those services. In some cases, they can even assist in the structure of Trust Accounts and entities that are compatible with Paymaster transfer payments discussed above.

Your well-being and safety for you and your family must be your utmost consideration, especially with the new wealth you are about to acquire. Yes by managing projects, doing good for others and making the environment (Earth) a better place for humanity you will also acquire and accumulate valuable private wealth, an empire for some. So to be safe from a legal and financial perspective we again strongly recommend that you seek out one of the top domestic and international tax attorneys and accountants who specialize in the various Wills, Trusts, and Corporate Entities around the world.

We also suggest that you consult with top security companies in your area, get comfortable with one to discuss with you and your family, measures that should be taken for you and your loved ones when it comes to safety and security.

NOTE: Please do not directly or indirectly attempt to have any such entity contact, any of us at this time.

Simply discuss your impending income and the needs for their services.

Some firms for consideration #1. KPMG is an international Firm with understanding ability in this area; also for consideration, Price Waterhouse; Ernst & Young; Deloitte & Touche and others.

Pick the one you are comfortable with and trust.

I will be emailing you all soon to follow up, asset owners will be first.

Intermediaries/Consultants receiving fees, you will also be required to have Wells Fargo Banking Accounts ready or will have to open one in the US. I will also contact you requiring CIS and Passport/Legal Photo I.D. and your Banking Information.

If you’re outside the US and are having a problem opening a Wells Fargo International Account contact one of the Big 5 top accountancy firms as discussed above.

So be Ready Now and you will have an easier experience. Take your time who knows where you’ll be in line.

Best Regards   Hxxxxx X Bxxxx


Quote:  Article quote:  “The local market has seen a marked decline in the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and by five thousand dinars to the category of $ 100.”

  marked decline by five thousand dinars to the category of $ 100.

That is all it is saying. Not that the exchange rate 5000 dinar to 100 dollars. This is right in line with the CBI’s statement made on Wednesday. 

[so what does that mean…?]

 It means that the CBI has put a system into place that allows them…control of the stability of the dinar in the market place.

 This systems removes the middlemen and gives them end to end transparency for all transactions.

This is exactly what the IMF wants them to do. Very important move on their part.



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