ANGELINA JOLIE has interview with her KIDS and cooking and eating BUGS !

This is something I came across a FEW WEEKS ago, I was really DEBATING whether to POST IT or not.WELL someone has to SHOW you this as TRUTH!

HOWEVER, in this case “SEEING will be BELIEVING !” Not for the sqeamish!

Maybe the “REPTILES and DRACONIANS” like their BUGS FRIED and SCORPIONS etc. ONE SOUL who will NEVER ENTER “HOLLOW EARTH!” That’s for sure. YOU are NOT supposed to EAT ANY BUGS PERIOD !

The NEWS has been out for awhile that ANGELINA JOLIE is a REPTILIAN, lots of YOUTUBE VIDEOS to PROVE this. 

Some ASIANS as WELL like SCORPIONS FRIED and sell them on the street!

YES, unfortunately certain SOULS like to eat bugs, as GROSS as it is. WHO can BLAME the STARVING ONES that have NOTHING to eat. In some CULTURES the starving eat bugs and HAVE NO EDUCATION about it.

I would LIKE to SEE a MORE HEAVENLY diet on this PLANET !

12 Creepy Crawlies You Can Actually Eat

Eating Scorpions in China

Insane Chinese Street Food – Live Scorpians, Insects, Tiger Claws, etc!

WATCH Angelina Jolie and Family Bite the Head Off a Spider in Gross Interview

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