“Projects, Buildings, & Their Final Destruction” – One Who Knows – 3.9.17

“Projects, Buildings, & Their Final Destruction” – One Who Knows – 3.9.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 6:55 PM EST on March 9, 2017

Projects, Buildings, & Their Final DestructionThis is a hard subject to understand from where we are in 3D. Yes, it’s true that one day, most everything we have been building during the age of the Great Humanitarians, will lay in ruins, but that is a long time from now. In order to understand why we build now, even though it will be destroyed later, is to understand the nature of our growth.

The VERY BIG Picture

There will come a time in the future, when we are “Gathered” and removed from the planet. I have spoken of this many times. Here is a recent post that includes more detailed information on this process:

“Zorra (2-4-17) Re-Play Links & Free Book Offer” – One Who Knows – 2.4.17

In short, the Earth will be having a growth spurt and will increase in size by 1/3. This growing and expanding will have such catastrophic effects on the Earth that people will be “Gathered” and removed for their own safety. Buildings will fall and the once great cities will be overcome by nature in the end. Once this great growing time of Mother Earth ends, all of the surface of Earth will become a “Garden of Eden” and will be like a giant, World-Wide Park, for nature. To be clear, we will spend lots of time there in nature and enjoying everything that Earth has to offer, we just won’t be building cities and roads etc on the surface like we did before.

When it is safe to return, you will be invited to live inside Earth (Inner Earth), or in the middle area (Hollow Earth). You will be free to spend as much time as you like on the surface, but all cities and building like structures will be inside the planet and not on the surface. Even though this sounds weird, it is how the other planets are inhabited. They all live on the inside and nature is on the outside. We were the “Weird” experimental Exception. But we will live on this planet like every other civilization lives on theirs, or should I say lives “In” theirs.

This Is A Time Of Truth

We are moving into a time of Truth, otherwise, you may never have been told of this future event. Nothing will be held back from you any longer. You will be allowed to know whatever you want to know. There will no longer be any fear of disclosing the truth, only love and freedom. That is freedom to know, to decide and to live where ever you want. Frankly, at that time, many, if not most of us will decide to travel the Stars and live elsewhere “in” some other planet, circling some other star. We will be free to do so. But, as you are coming out of a time of great deceit, lies, and misinformation, this knowledge may be shocking and disturb some, but it needn’t, as it is all according to plan.

Truth Is Growth

First, it will be a long time from now, when this growth spurt takes place. You will have plenty of time to enjoy your buildings and great structures that you have built in this time of the Great Humanitarians. Would it have been better if you didn’t know that far into the future? I think not. A VERY IMPORTANT part of your enlightenment and evolution (Ascension), is knowing the bigger plan and being at one with it.

Your Evolutionary Path

I am going to give you a 5D explanation of this evolution. You may not get it now, but you will later for sure. There was a time when you built great structures with building blocks and legos as a kid. There was much time and effort committed to this endeavor, but where are these great structures now? Yes, they are in your history, your memory, your experience and wisdom, the only things you ever take with you. At your young age, despite their small size, those creations were as significant to you then, as your much larger creations are to you now. At some point in the future, they will only be memories and experience, as that is the only thing that endures for eternity. The true value was in the creating and expressing yourself, and what it all meant at the time, but the structures and byproducts of your creations, are themselves unimportant in the big picture of eternity.

In your 3d world, a person would ascend through a “death” experience, and then, whatever they built was left behind as well. All that was important was the experience, wisdom and love experienced THROUGH the physical experiences.

However, like before in the 3d world, we are all going to ascend, except, now we will be keeping our bodies. It is going to be a very exciting time. Experiencing a higher order life experience with physical-ness as well. Your life will be so different when you move to a much higher Vibrational state. The “Things” that mean so much now, will quickly become less important then, just as you no longer hold onto your building block creations as a kid, you will feel free to separate from your 3d life creations as well.

The Means To An End

Everything now is about raising your Vibrational state. Everything you learn and do now, is only a means to an end. Just like the First (Booster) stage of a rocket, it gets you to where you need to be, and then it is jettisoned and left behind as it no longer is of any use or consequence. We are now in a multi staged sequence designed to raise EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S VIBRATION ON THE PLANET. How will that be accomplished? While I have covered this in other posts, I will briefly explain the basic plan. (If you want to read these other more detailed posts on these subjects and more, go to http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com and use the search feature to search for: One Who Believes or One Who Knows to find all my posts)

#1) Give everyone money and freedom so they no longer feel the lower vibration of Lack.

#2)Give everyone perfect health so they no longer feel the lower vibration of poor health

#3)Build great cities where people live in great harmony and pristine conditions, so that people can feel vibrant and wonderful about their World.

#4)Provide everybody in the World with personal mentors who answer every question and explain in a very personal way, what is going on and what the future has in store for them. This gives them hope, understanding and anticipation of the great future that is coming for them so that they don’t have the low vibration of anxiety and fear of the future.

#5) Lots of other “Techniques” to get people fed, housed, healthy, happy, and informed.

Why Should We Build Now, If It Will Be Destroyed Later?

Like the first (Booster) stage of a rocket, building now is very important to get the World’s Vibrational energy up high enough for us all to ascend to a higher form of life experience. Like a rocket’s first stage, you spend the money and energy building it, knowing that one day, its usefulness will be over. BUT, until then it is extremely important to getting us to where we want to be.

Interesting Point

All this being said, I once asked Zorra, about the buildings and what I should do since they would fall at the time of Earth’s growth spurt and the Gathering. His answer, is different than what I have written above, and was unexpected based on what I understand is to come. He said to build structures based on Pyramids and domes, to make them destruction proof. He said that they have natural strength that would save them in earth quakes etc. This point of view makes me think, that while there may not be new building on the surface of the Planet, there may be some surviving structures that endure as the Pyramids of Egypt and other ancient building sites have. However, there is no need to worry about this right now, as we will be getting much more detailed information after Disclosure comes and that is expected to happen this year of 2017. In the mean time, it is important to you that your buildings and structures are here in a thousand years or more, then you may consider these designs.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are going through a once in “YOUR Eternity” evolution in consciousness to a higher vibration. You have spent thousands of lifetimes getting yourself to this point where you will (Get to) evolve to a higher state of existence. We are in a 26,000 year cycle where this window of opportunity is available and we as a Planet are “Going For It!” Our Solar system is moving to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is moving to the center of the Universe we are currently in. These are amazing times and since it is a time of TRUTH, you should know. When the Mentors arrive, you will be able to find out everything you want to know to get yourself ready to take your very special place as one of the highly advanced beings in this Universe.

As far as your creations go, build them to be your greatest work, because no matter if they are here thousands of years from now, you will hold that experience personally for an eternity, and that is the part that is valuable. Be like you were as a child, build for the fun and joy of it, and worry not, about what the future holds, because when you are there (In the Future), whatever happens will make perfect sense to you. Most importantly, live in Joy today, so that your tomorrows will be Glorious.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Reference Posts:

“Response to Velvet & Steel, KS” by Mobius – 3.9.17

“Velvet & Steel” – Intel SITREP – 21:00 EST – Wednesday – March 8, 2017

“Observation and Question for Yosef and OWK” by KS – 3.8.17


“Observation and Question for Yosef and OWK” by KS – 3.8.17

Entry Submitted by KS at 11:38 PM EST on March 8, 2017

Reading and listening to posts from a few sources about expanding the size of Earth by 1/3 (ostensibly with Earth’s inhabitants in a safe location either inside, above and otherwise off-planet), it would seem reasonable and justified to ask for the greatest exchange possible on the ZIM, as well as the other currencies.

Fixing the planet, its inhabitants and infrastructure will be expensive, and to then expand Earth, destroying the entire infrastructure, and having to replace it again, as I mentioned, IN ITS ENTIRETY; well, to say that would be expensive might be the greatest understatement EVER.

I look at the potential exchange rates for humanitarian / infrastructure / job creation / new entrepreneurship in terms of relative hydration speed; a screen or international rate would be akin to a medicine dropper (it will of course go to all the right places, but would take a much longer time to reach our goals for the people and the planet), as opposed to a firehose, delivering high-volume, high-velocity hydration in FAR LESS TIME.

Time seems to be the item that is not on our side; LIFE itself, and the planet and atmosphere that holds them, is in the balance.

So, Yosef, OWK and really, anyone: Is this kind of thinking valid; does it make sense to convey to our bankers at the ZIM exchange that that the highest exchange rates we can agree upon are warranted? Am I going to explain these kinds of plans, acted on by the Galactics, to a banker with a straight and sincere face??? Would you? Will you?

I think so, just as I am willing to mention the Elders’ and Grandfather’s plans for the lion’s share of the resources created at the point-of-exchange.

Further, that I have faith, along with my bankers to oversee and vet the distribution of these funds worldwide, which the NPTB were going to do regardless; it simply makes our end as transparent as it can be.

The bank will manage most, if not all we have, in both the family trust and humanitarian trust, whether that amount is large or small; seems to me a ZIM exchange rate of $50-125K is a win-win.

The bank may or may not wish to arbitrage a healthy chunk of the exchange rate to improve reserves and invest for itself; I get that, but we all must remember that the world needs the cashflow the interest on the humanitarian accounts generate now and at the highest volume available, and to that end, $125k per ZIM would be ideal.

All I’m saying is maybe should go beyond our comfort zone in asking for “more”, as did Oliver Twist. It might keep our Creator from asking us later WHY we didn’t ask for MORE for HIS PEOPLE.

Personally, I want to answer that I personally asked for it all, negotiated for all I could get, and that he should re-direct HIS question to the banker at the EXCHANGE…

Just sayin’.

Thank you, Patrick and ALL the posters on DC.



“Velvet & Steel” – Intel SITREP – 21:00 EST – Wednesday – March 8, 2017

Received via email at 9:00 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Be on the lookout for a “soft currency” announcement overseas tonight.

From China or Europe or both, and possibly Paul Ryan on Fox TV–but that’s doubtful–way too obvious.

RV currency rates are steadily rising on front screens.

Rates started very low and are working up to their back screen values.

T1, T2, and some select T3 banks now redeeming the ZIM.

Off site redemption centers are still your best bet for obtaining the highest possible rates, along with signing an NDA.

Keep your currency in-hand until you’re in a safe and professional bank redemption situation.

Do not give away or send out your currency for any reason now. Consider it like hard cash.

Remember, you’ve earned the right to receive this blessing due to surrender of self, loyalty of faith and righteousness of purpose.

So go harvest your “God Number” with a clear mind and open heart, and be as strong as steel wrapped in velvet.

Equally confident as you are humble.

God is with us.


“Response to Velvet & Steel, KS” by Mobius – 3.9.17

Entry Submitted by Mobius at 5:06 AM EST on March 9, 2017

“Velvet & Steel” – Intel SITREP – 21:00 EST – Wednesday – March 8, 2017

“Observation and Question for Yosef and OWK” by KS – 3.8.17


I understand your question, I had the same but it had more variables than Size vs $.

When I heard about the ZIM, it was said it would revalue at 0.000008 / Zim. So I bought the note according to that rate., knowing that I was doing this only to help the world around me. My strategy was and still is, to keep the VND & IQD for myself/familly and give away the Zim or the money from the Zim post exchange.

When I counted my notes, I was about at 1 Billion $ (post exchange) and I could not fathom how I could spend all of that. Then, then rate started “rising”. The more it did, the more I had to wrap my mind around that possibility. Then, at some point, I’ve let go.

Why did I let go ?

Because, like you, I red or listened to more & more info about the ascension process and what was available for us once it’s done, plus, I understood that by having so much money to my charge, I had to do something with it. At some point, I was wondering post ascension, if in fact we would need less?

– 5D: Once in 5D, we will be reconnected to Source + we will have our mentors to guide us. We will be busy dealing with this new fact because as far as I know, we will be able to manifest our reality faster & easier. That’s when I understood that I have to train my thinking and clean-up my house (my mind) so I end up where I wanted to be. Meaning, in 5D, there are octaves and I wanted to reach the highest available.

– Unity Consciousness: That’s a new feeling & concept ! I had the opportunity of experiencing (7 times so far) knowing, feeling what it’s like to not feel seperated anymore and knowing I was part of the Whole. The shortest amount of time it hapend was 1 hour, the longest was about 4 to 5 hours. Once i was in that “zone”, the last thing I was thinking was about my problems. I was extatic (without the hippie psychadelic image that some may have when using that word). It’s 100% different and I could not nor wanted to use my 3D mind to explain it. It was just too cool of a feeling. Being one with stars, plants, rocks, people, etc… It was a different point of view.

– Earth being 1/3 larger: Like you, I also learned about that fact and trying to image what it ment. The bases of that is that we are Moving from Carbone base to Crystalin base.

Vibrating at a faster pace ment (at least to me) that earth would expand in size & so would we. I can’t explain all of it but imagine you keep the same size but your atoms vibrating way much faster… you would burn up ! Too much energy in a restricted space, therefore we have to grow in size. Which bring me back to your comment about the earth being bigger therefore, having more to do ! I think we will grow relative to the planet growth. Proportions will be kept. (Only my little personal 2 cents about that concept).

– Tech tools: At some time, we will be introduced to the new tech that will render money to a less important role which is, a trading tool, an exchange ustensil. Once we get free energy devises, anti-gravity devises, health devises, replicator devises, one can only imagine that life will have a different meaning since many areas of our current lives will not be linked or depend on money. If you can think it, you will get it.

To me, the money we invested in a tool to get rid of lack in people’s mind. At the moment, we have a 3D way of explaning a 5D concept. 5D is not linear like 5D meaning, in our mind, we need to get to get to 2 to get to 3 and to 3 to get to 4. In 5D, all the numbers are available at the same time. No filters there to keep us in a linear way of processing things.

Money: Now, I call money… A STEPPING STONE. also kind of a training tool to remove lack of people’s lives.

Seeing is believing (3D) vs Believing is seeing (5D)

Here is my point of view. At the moment, we have currencies. We know the rates are high (7 digits higher then I was told at the begining) so in our mind, apart from stressing about the “when”, we are already making a better word in our minds, projecting our collective vision on the new reality we wish for the planet. Since we are a bunch in Zimland (45 millions from what I red) that is that many morethat are at work, conceiving the new earth… and we don’t have the money yet. Do you get my point ? Without these currencies in our pocket, having these visions in a constant way is helping us trainourselves (at this moment) till it’s time to do it.

Without the currencies we think more as individuals living from paycheck to paycheck.

With the currencies, we think as a community where there is so much money for everybody, we still could finance another planet going on it’s own ascension ! :-).

– In short: So, size is not everthing (1/3 bigger) and I realize that our imagination is limitless and “size” will just be a concept that gets in our way until, we find a way around it… and once we do, obsticals will be made of something else.

100 Trillion at 1$ is 100 T $. In my mind I tried to spend as much as I could. No matter what, I still have some change left in my pocket for at least 2,000 lives… and we are more or less 45 millions (plus bank interests).

So I say, no worries. All is well.

Perfection is not expected of us but our best is and there are no 2 identical bests… so we should not hit yourself on the head at all with that concept , we should only relax into it. We have enough pressure & stress in this life, it’s useless to bring it in 5D.

It’s no longer about Owning something, the game now is, Sharing something… cuz We Are Plenty.

Mobius (As about, so bellow)


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