“St. Germain is Asking for our Help” by Harmony – 3.13.17

“St. Germain is Asking for our Help” by Harmony – 3.13.17

Entry Submitted by Harmony at 8:32 AM EST on March 13, 2017

Good afternoon my beautiful soul tribe. Trusting that today finds you well, and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we can feel the Spring and Equinox energies coming on so quickly now. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, perhaps your bodies are beginning to feel the need of rest as Autumn approaches. Yesterday I spent some time with my eternal self, as I do most days, and was engaged in clearing and transmuting all energies that didn’t serve my highest expression. I have many ways that I do this, and each time I trust my eternal self to select the best method, and yesterday I was guided to use St Germain’s violet flame, which is very powerful.

St Germain hung around afterwards, and in fact I could feel him merging more and more with my own energies, such that we were one, you really couldn’t pull us apart. (By the way, I always take steps to protect myself beforehand, so I knew all was well.) He asked me to connect with the energies of abundance for the whole planet, for all its beings, and in particular to the energies of his own financial abundance for us all.

He led me to feel that while the abundance is so ready to be raining down upon us, there are still some blocks to allowing it to flow freely, and had me drawing this energy down to us all. It was incredibly powerful. He then asked me to ask you all to help out here too, as the more of us that work on this, the more that the blocks can be overwhelmed, and it can come to us.

So, whenever you have some time, use whatever methods you normally employ to get into a peaceful meditative state with your own eternal self, and be sure to protect yourself so that other energies aren’t able to get through. And always make sure that you are connected with the love of your heart space as you perform this task. Then ask to connect with St Germain and his violet flame, to transmute all energies that do not serve the highest good of all this will help to clear the way for the financial abundance energies to come through. And then offer yourselves up as a conduit, to draw his financial abundance energies through you, and into Gaia, so that she and we all may benefit. You will begin to feel the flow, and it will be wonderful; allow the energies to flow until you can feel the flow is stopping. The more of us that do this, the stronger the effect.

And he asks that you do this whenever you have a little while, perhaps half an hour each time, until our blessings are with us all. He’s letting me know that we will continue to connect with him afterwards too, to help ensure that we receive the highest guidance as to how best to distribute the blessings, and for further clearing of the energies, to ensure that our work progresses in the best way possible, for the benefit of all.

Thank you St Germain, for your guidance and blessings.

And many many thanks to you all for your essential support in this endeavour!!

Sending much love and many blessings to us all.

Harmony xxx


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