“Death of a Salesmen” by Daughter of Terra – 3.19.17

“Death of a Salesmen” by Daughter of Terra – 3.19.17

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 11:25 AM EDT on March 19, 2017

My Beloved Beautiful Soul Family,

An interesting thought was revealed to me upon listening to a recent conference call.

So you have trillions or more in the bank.
You have your trusts set up.
All of the things your age-old business man and women saught for you have already. You see they saught profit to keep their respective businesses afloat. But when you already have the money what then do you need with profit?
Friends you will acquired.
Support systems all abound.
Affluence for those who need it.
Fanciness all over the place.
Family, even the ones you don’t get along with, will suddenly be there.
Relationship partners will be all around.
The house.
The car.
What more could you possibly need or want?
So why do anything to make a profit.
You give. No cost. No expectation of return. You just give it away.

With this we all become like my mother. To give of yourself completely. But instead of being greedy and causing pollution. Because we are giving with the expressed purpose of helping. You won’t even pollute. You mind, body, soul or our beloved mother. In becoming like her; you learn to love her and understand her. Therefore you will not hurt her. For profit does not motivate you. Love for all that is, is your only motivation.

“…Power corrupts absolutely”. Not when you don’t seek power or control. You seek betterment for others and self sustainability for them as well. In giving power to the people. They empower themselves. If they should recognize you for there new found self-love, pride, or self esteem great. Accept it. And move on. If you so desire your identity to be known. This new paradigm is just that…new. Not much from the old will be able to be sustained. It will be the death of ill health. The death of lack. The death of the suppression of the divine feminine. The death of pollution. The death of greed. The death of ignorance, and finally the death of the salesman or saleswoman.

Daughter of Terra


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