So You Have Currencies” – One Who Believes – 11.25.16

“So You Have Currencies” – One Who Believes – 11.25.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 3:09 PM EST on November 25, 2016

Re-posted (3-28-17) per request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

So You Have CurrenciesThat is not special. Nearly everyone in the World has one currency or another. Having Currency does not give you any rights or special privileges over someone who does not. It doesn’t give you any special rights or claims against the country whose currency you own. In fact, with the currency you hold there isn’t even a guarantee of value now, much less later. The value of your currency could drop overnight, or it could raise. There is literally no basis on which money is valued. That means you have no guarantee of value, and no claim over any country. All you have is what someone will give you for it based on an arbitrary exchange rate, and that could change at any minute.

It Is A Battle Of Giants

Every country in the World is in a battle for currency position. When their currency is low, their exports increase and their standard of living increases. When their currency is high, their exports decrease while their buying power of imported products increases. We complain that China has been lowering their currency value, so that their exports increase and our manufacturing can’t compete. Japan does their best to keep their money low in value so that they keep exporting cars and electronics to us. Our USD money has so much value right now, that we have very little manufacturing left, and we buy everyone else’s products. So it is not that easy to say that everyone should have, and even wants, a more valuable currency. A change in value up or down can wipe out manufacturing in a country overnight. This is truly a battle between giants, meaning countries, special interests, and manufacturing etc. (Not You)

Now The Good Guys Have A Plan

They are not only going to make all the currencies of the World nearly equal with each other, but then they are also going to back them with Gold and assets to guarantee they stay equal. No longer will they be able to alter the World’s commerce by artificially raising or lowering a country’s currency value. This is why Apple and Ford are moving manufacturing back to our country because the advantage in manufacturing costs will be over when this happens. It will cost about the same to manufacture in either country, and then they will still have to pay to ship it. So if they manufacture here instead, they save the shipping costs. This plan is going to change the World. It will be better for every country to manufacture their own products in their own country. The only things that will be imported and exported will be special things, that are only made in one place or the other. It is a great plan and has taken thousands of years to develop.

The Power Was In The Difference

The Cabal Powers that “were,” derived their power by manipulating one country against another. Now with all currencies nearly equal, and guaranteed by Gold and assets to keep them that way, no one country has any power over another country. The Cabal is resisting this change with everything they have down to the last dollar they have, and the last person to be killed. It is an epic battle between good and evil and it has been raging since before you were born, before your parents were born, even before your grand parents were born. And it is not quite over yet.

So What Is Your Demand?

So now you have heard about this leveling of the playing field across the entire World, and you got some country’s currency in your hand. Whoopee Do! So What! This battle has been going on for thousands of years, and many have died protecting the Gold that will back these new currency values. Countless more are dying right now as I write this, in battles with the remaining Cabal, and you have the nerve to say “Get This Done Already! I have currency and I’ve been waiting for 10 Years!” I’ve got news for you, the people who have been hording and protecting the Gold, that you now want, have been waiting for thousands of years, and generations have come and gone, in their wait. AND, were they waiting for themselves? No! They were waiting for you. For the right time to give you the money, (Gold Value) that they spent generations and countless lives protecting. All for you to have a good life and help the World. So forgive me if I am NOT moved, when I hear you saying “I waited so long, and I demand this GCR be done now!” I can hardly feel sorry for you when you are in a better position than 99% of the World. I guarantee you that there are billions of people who would trade places with you in a heartbeat, if only they knew what you know, but they don’t. Lucky you.

It’s Relative

Every time you think you waited a long time, think of those who have waited for thousands of years longer. Every time you think that you have it hard, think of those who have died to bring you this blessing, and those who are dying today, for you to have a better World. Every time you think that someone owes you this because you have currency, realize how ridiculous that sounds in the big picture. Every time you demand your money now, realize that what you are demanding is not “owed” to you, but instead is being “Given” to you as a gift to Humanity. Are you really going to demand a Gift?

You Have The Easy Part

You have nothing to complain about. There is a huge plan that involves all the people of the World. Of all the possible parts to “Play,” you have not only the easiest part, you have the best part. Do you want the part where you protect the Gold for thousands of years and countless generations? No, I don’t think so. How about the part where you have countless members of your family and loved ones dying to keep that Gold safe? No, not that one either. How about the part where you are being held as a captive of the Cabal and/or being killed for disclosing their secrets to the World? No, that is not a great part to play. How about being held in protective custody in a foreign embassy for disclosing Cabal secrets, and being under constant threat of death? No, that is not fun either. How about being a citizen of the US, wondering if there will be war without hope of any relief? No, that is not a good part either.

What Part Do You Have?

You have waited for as much as 10 years, knowing that the World is going to be Free very soon, and with a golden ticket (Currency) in your hand that will give you enough money to support your family for generations to come. Someone else has done the hard waiting for thousands of years. Someone else has done the dying to get these funds to you. Others have put their own lives at risk to disclose Cabal secrets and could be killed for it at any time, while you still remain safe where you are. Billions of others have nothing to look forward to much less hope for, while you hold enough currency in your pocket to support your family for generations.

Just To Be Clear

Of all the other places you could be in this World, you are in the very best place, at the very best time in history, with the very best hope of prosperity and a good life for you and generations of your family. Some say, you are the “Chosen Ones” because the place you are now, in the History of the World, is so good, so important, so valuable, and so special, that you MUST have been chosen by God, to be so lucky, to be where you are right now. You couldn’t be in a better place, in this World, than where you are right now. After thousands of years of planning, waiting, and dying, you are the one who finally gets paid. You are the “Beneficiary” of all their work, efforts and deaths.

It reminds me of a Relay-Race. One person does their part, and then the next person does their part, and on and on and on. Then at the final leg of the race, the culmination of everything millions of people have done over thousands of years, is handed to you in the form of huge cash, and now you must run the last leg of the race to deliver the bounty they have created to the World. That, my friend, is the very best part in this cosmic play. That is the part you were born (Chosen) to play. Just to be clear, your “Part” is to receive this Bountiful Wealth. You have the very best part… Lucky You!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we have no basis or right to make any demands. Holding currency only gives you the right to exchange it at the current rates. It does not give you the right to Demand that they change the rates. You may exchange you currency for USD any time you want to. No one owes you a thing.

Know that you are in the best position that anyone could be in. How lucky are you? Know that others who came before you waited thousands of years longer than you did, and they never got any money. They spent their lives protecting it for you. Honor those who have come before you, by doing your Part, when it is time, the best that you can.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes

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