“Several Questions and Answers” – One Who Knows – 4.6.17

“Several Questions and Answers” – One Who Knows – 4.6.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 8:21 PM EDT on April 6, 2017 Several Questions & Answers I got several questions and it is just ea…

“Re: Cobra (A Cautionary Tale)” – One Who Knows – 4.6.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 6:58 PM EDT on April 6, 2017


RE: Cobra (A Cautionary Tale)

I have gotten a lot more questions from my recent posts and comments on Cobra’s statements both for and against. I already addressed this matter with a very short and to the point answer, however, I am going to go into way more detail in this post. Here are the two posts on the matter so far:

The Issue was raised:
“Another Insider’s Perspective” by (Anonymous) – 4.3.17

My First Short Answer:
“Re: Cobra Interview About Dinar & Zim” – One Who Knows – 4.3.17

Cobra’s Recent Statement

Let me start out by commenting on Cobra’s latest statements. It is very interesting and telling that some among us are taking such a hard stand on my position. To restate my stance: “I get that Cobra has bad sources of intel, and that the intel is Cabal orientated, and that he believes it.” He has stated basically that the Dinar and the Zim will “hardly raise up in value, if at all.” If that was not exactly what was said, it was something like that.

If this were true, that would mean that The Dinar in Iraq is still at $1,100 to one against the USD and won’t change. Do you really believe that? So all these reports of the Qi cards and their rates are just lies? Yosef, Bruce, Tank, Zorra, Fisher, Grandfather, VERITAS, and even TNT and Frank are all lying? This means that there is NO GCR, since to have a GCR, Iraq would have to revalue. This would mean that there are no special Zim exchange instructions, and that EVERY other intel source is lying. Basically, these poor misguided souls (Followers of Cobra), are saying that Cobra’s intel carries more weight to them than all these other intel sources put together. I say it DOES NOT.

I Have To Call Out THIS Disinformation

In this case, I have to call it out. This is not just misinformation, it is damaging information. If Cobra quoted low rates, like some are still doing, that just causes people to buy more currency to make up for the lower rates. In that way, it actually works for us. However, when he says something so Wrong as that the Dinar and Zim won’t be revaluing, that keeps people from buying those currencies and maybe even giving up and getting rid of the currencies they do have.

I have a message for Cobra:

Tighten Up, my Friend. I hope for your sake that you do not have any Dinar or Zim yourself, and expect to exchange them with the rest of us. You could be in for a big surprise.” See My Post for more information:

“Guilty of Financial Fraud on Zim?” – One Who Knows – 3.30.17

RE: Cabal Sources

My other point that Cobra’s intel sources were Cabal is easy to understand. No light worker would put out a message that the Dinar and Zim won’t revalue. That is a Cabal agenda all day long. To be fair, I did cut Cobra some slack in that I said I feel that he believed what he was told, and thus saying. The other alternative would be that he was intentionally misleading us, and I don’t think that he is. In these last days, even our most trusted sources could be corrupted and not even realize it.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this is a cautionary tale, and its message is to never follow anyone blindly. Always (In All Ways) decide what makes sense to you. While I get that in these days where a $50 purchase of a Zim bond could become Trillions of dollars, it is hard to really know what makes sense and what does not. Just Start from the big Picture. In this case, it is so easy to work this one out. Do you believe that there will be a GCR, yes or no? If Yes, then Cobra is wrong.

For those who Believe Cobra over everyone else I mentioned, that it is your right. You may do as you please with your own currency. It is not my right to tell you what or who to believe. However, for the record, I feel an obligation to point out bad intel when I see it… And this is a good example of it right here.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


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