Historical Bonds & Zim Bonds by One Who Knows – Gary Larrabee – APRIL 09 2017

Historical Bonds & Zim Bonds by One Who Knows

Published on Apr 9, 2017


I have gotten questions on both of these today and I will address each of them in turn.  First the Historical Bonds.
Historical Bonds

The Historical Bonds are old debt instruments from way back in the day.  Here is a link to get more information on what some of these bonds looked like:


Some of these type bonds were packed in little Boxes called “Baby Boxes”  See Picture:
Then these small boxes were packed in a larger box called “Mamma Boxes”

The main point of all this is that they were supposed to be registered a long time ago.  If you had these Bonds or any of the other Historical bonds, you should have already made a claim with official paper work as well.   I don’t know the exact procedures for that since I never had any of these, nor do I know anyone personally who does.
Today I got a question from someone who wanted to know how to “Exchange” them.  I felt bad since it was already past due to make your claims on them, but I checked with my sources to verify what to do…
Good News!

The good news is that the “Elders” and NPTB have already made plans for this type of situation.  You will wait until the GCR starts, just like all the currency holders.  Then when you call the first 800#, just like the currency holders, you tell them the currencies you have, and if you have any of the Historical Bonds, you tell them about them as well.  They will give you EXACT instructions on how to proceed with the Bonds and who to call.  In short, call the 800# that the currency holders are calling, and tell them about your bonds and, follow instructions from there.
Zim Bonds & All Others
I got a question about Zim that actually applies to all of the currencies.  The question was about circulated currency and non circulated.  The answer it that does not matter if the currency is circulated or non circulated.  Just like the money in your wallet, if it is wrinkled it is still worth just as much as a new bill that has never been circulated.  Money is money, wrinkled or not.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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