Mark: “The Next 32 Minute will Change your Life for Ever! (Godley Laws and Principles) gary larrabee – April 09 2017 & UBUNTU LAND IDEAS

EXCELLENT VIDEO, mind if I add a few things ?

I wrote “THINK POSITIVE” on a note and stuck it on my computer years ago. I have written a few books myself and dropped them to do this mission. When I get them out of storage one day, I will eventually PUBLISH them when I get a HOME again and move my things in.

Another TRICK that works is to make a story board for a visual personal goal which has earned the NAME – VISION BOARDS, that can help with your personal CREATIVE VISUALIZATION SKILLS that is like a scrap book. WE discussed this on this WEBSITE and made a WEBSITE visualization board for with you to show you how it is done for UBUNTU, you can find it somewhere under HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS category.

I also placed on my fridge a little NOTE that said, WHAT have YOU DONE TODAY towards writing YOUR BOOK ?  You could add whatever you want, like what have you done today towards learning the GUITAR ? P.S. DID you know that there are a lot of FREE GUITAR lessons on YOUTUBE ? EVEN videos that show them stringing the guitar from inside the guitar. HOW do I KNOW this ? BECAUSE I researched and tried some of the lessons, for now my guitar is in storage. For the PIANO and SINGING TOO ! What have done today towards getting your HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS ready ? You may THINK that this is a rather unfair question because most of US need large amounts of MONEY to HELP others. But in the meantime, you can research what type of products you need, HOW to BUILD this or THAT, PRICE how much it would cost to buy a MACHINE, you might need like a digger. For larger PROJECTS you just might want to BUY your own construction TRUCKS, are your going to buy them NEW or take your chances with someone’s used rusty old digger ? These are the little things that can be NOW before everything starts to get HAIRY ! DOESN’T hurt to research stuff and we have a list to help you under humanitarian projects which we add to now and then. Once those 6,00 patents are released we will be adding a heck of a lot more. Put that note on YOUR FRIDGE or beside your computer, even if you spend 5 minutes just educating yourself about something, like do you need a permit, where to buy supplies whatever, you have still taken a STEP no matter how small towards your goals. EVERY STEP is ONE STEP CLOSER to your GOAL, even if is JUST some research about products, LAND BUILDING SUPPLIES or GREENHOUSES or what KIND of MONEY or PROPER tools that you NEED. It puts you in that forward motion. I don’t need that “THINK POSITIVE NOTE” anymore, it is pretty much ingrained in my MIND.

EVERY JOB you HAVE is ANOTHER STEP towards the ONE you WANT, but how would YOU know if you NEVER taken that STEP or had what one considers a CRAPPY job or an unfulfilling job? I once made 3,200 in one SATURDAY when I was 19 selling nothing but leather hair bows outside of the EATON’S Centre downtown TORONTO, because I BELIEVED I could. I bought 9 BAGS of LEATHER SCRAPS from the FASHION district of T.O. for 10 DOLLARS per GARBAGE bag as I knew the LADY. THEY were black garbage bags with pieces big enough to make leather hair bows, I paid her 90.00 and took a CAB home. I wasn’t MIND-PROGRAMMED then to TALK myself out of it, or had PEOPLE around me saying NEGATIVE STUFF to me. Today, it would probably cost me about 4,000.00 for that same amount of LEATHER. I SEIZED the OPPORTUNITY and made some money that summer. I also met some pretty COOL friends as well. That is WHERE I would walk by and chat with the OWNER, the SILVER JEWELLERY MAKER, who had an amazing store. I used to say to MYSELF, I wish that was ME. I would go by his store a lot and watch him through the window, he had an AREA where people could watch him create all kinds of beautiful hand made [ONE of a KIND] Jewellery. THAT to ME, is ONE of my DREAM JOBS, which is also MY HOBBY. HAPPINESS is WHEN your “HOBBY becomes your JOB,” and you DO NOT consider it a JOB anymore because you are so COMPASSIONATE about it. I am going to enjoy these HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS because I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE, it’s in my NATURE. To me it will NOT be A JOB, because these ONES that I WISH to DO, I AM absolutely PASSIONATE about about and so WILL the PEOPLE BE , who will help me with them.

EVERY JOB is a STEP towards the ONE YOU REALLY WANT, so WHY NOT take the FIRST STEP and start thinking about WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.

EVERY JOB is a STEPPING STONE to the NEXT ONE, the same with LOVE RELATIONSHIPS. RATHER than thinking LIFE SUCKS, do your JOB with a SMILE and eventually YOU will have what you want, and ENJOY doing it too !

EVENTUALLY, I will do the SILVER HEALING JEWELLERY, actually I started doing some pieces with the wire and then this mission came along which was of the utmost IMPORTANCE. One day in the future I will do WHAT I LOVE for ME, in the meantime I am DOING what I love for others. NOW so I don’t go insane WAITING for the changes, I bought a couple of SPOOLS of copper wire to PRACTICE with and to KEEP me BUSY. I am one of those PEOPLE that just can’t sit there [unless I AM meditating] and DO nothing. I have to always CREATE something with my hands, it is just the way I have always been, I just LOVE to create STUFF.

With the PROJECTS, instead of BUILDING DOLLHOUSES like I have done over the YEARS, [WHICH taught me a lot about WOOD and DESIGN.] I will be BUILDING mini-communities like UBUNTU in CANADA and I will have a BLAST DOING IT as well as the other PROJECTS as WELL. The best part about it WILL be THE CREATIVITY. I can make something BEAUTIFUL for others to ENJOY and they can HELP me and put in some of their OWN creativity as well. That way it is MORE ENJOYABLE for them as well. AFTER ALL, it is FOR them. I will watch over them and make sure CERTAIN IDEAS and neccessities will be BUILT to make everyone’s LIVE easier, and eventually when it is finished it will be handed over as a “SELF SUFFICIENT,” area to HOUSE and HELP the HOMELESS, which is the reason for it being built. There will be indoor and outdoor gardens to FEED them and lots of other things to do so they can have some fun when the day is over as well.

YOU don’t even need to be an ARCHITECT, there are PRE-CUT LOG HOME KITS and PRE-CUT FABRICATED HOMES etc. You could hire an ARCHITECT for something else if YOU NEED to and PUT YOUR own DESIGNS and OTHER PEOPLE’S CREATIVE IDEAS and TOUCHES in there.

There are SO MANY IDEAS of HOW to DO THIS. WHAT YOU will also NEED to consider is, after it is built {and possibly during] HOW will these people CREATE money from this LAND and what is it that I should look for so THEY can be SELF-SUFFICIENT until the MONEY is NO LONGER NEEDED and PEOPLE have EVERYTHING they NEED and can barter in the future if they want to. I want to make SURE PEOPLE have an OPPORTUNITY to CREATE MONEY while on this LAND until BARTERING becomes again, the WAY and WAVE of the FUTURE. BESIDES more people may want to build another cabin, HOME whatever so there has to be THAT INCOME and SPACE to DO THIS as well. I am thinking of the FUTURE when these PROJECTS are finished as well as when they will start-up.

I will give you some IDEAS to get you started, as this is what I WILL be LOOKING FOR MYSELF, and it will all be DEPENDING on HOW much we will get in the CURRENCY EXCHANGE or NESARA, GESARA and or whatever or however this comes out FIRST to US and the PUBLIC.

LAND that is ANYWHERE from 30 – 50 acres or MORE depending on what you need. YOU may want a couple hundred acres. ALWAYS TRY to FIND something on a LAKE or a RIVER, even if the LAKE isn’t that CLEAN or exciting, it will be CLEAN in the FUTURE. YOU have the ADVANTAGE of knowing about this and may get that land a little cheaper.

A WATER feature is what everyone wants as it is CLOSER to NATURE and NATURAL ENERGIES. IF you can’t have the water element and FIND an AMAZING PLACE or PIECE of land, exactly what you want WITHOUT the WATER, well YOU can change that. There are VIDEO’S of PEOPLE who have MADE their OWN lakes, and mini-RIVERS and even, NATURAL SWIMMING POOLS withOUT that horrible CHLORINE in it. A natural pool is like a GIANT POND with little fishes and FROGS if you want and a certain area just for swimming. YOU can make a small lake in a perfect location and add some sand to it. YES, it can really be DONE, so DO NOT give-up an AMAZING piece of land because it has NO water feature as that can be added later and everyone can partake in that or it can be a future project for them, knowledge is power also when it comes for us buying the LAND that we NEED for our projects.

WHAT kind of LAND to LOOK for, what you want to find;

LAND that has an existing HOME, CABIN, FARMHOUSE etc. and a few out-buildings, to LIVE IN until the HOMES are BUILT, YOU could also BUY or RENT TRAILORS to live in until then. EVEN IF you buy your own HOME and LIVE in it others can use the FARMHOUSE to live in. The GREAT THING about having a HAVE DECENT FARMHOUSE or a couple of HOMES is that it can be the COMMUNITY HOUSE, that PEOPLE can SHOWER-In, EAT IN, SLEEP IN, if NEEDED. PUT COMPUTERS In, USE part of it as an OFFICE and PHONES and INTERNET ETC. A DRY SAFE PLACE used as a community space. WHEN other LIVE IN BUILDINGS are MADE, you can make it into the “MAIN HOUSE” or COMMUNITY LODGE, to have meetings and GATHER IN.

If there is a BARN you can get some horses, learn what you NEED to know about looking after them and and set-up HORSE RIDING facilities so people can learn how to ride a horse and your bringing in some money. You can section a COUPLE ROOMS OFF and HAVE A STORE etc. to SELL the EXTRA VEGETABLES or FRUIT that YOU GROW. Or the CRAFTS or HANDMADE JEWELLERY or BLANKETS or SWEATERS people KNIT and PUT that TOWARDS the BILL and GROCERIES that YOU CANNOT GROW and OTHER FOOD and SUPPLIES that YOU DO NOT NEED. PEOPLE are VERY TALENTED and MAY LIKE to MAKE a FEW EXTRA BUCKS, and YOU COULD SAY, 50 % goes to the UBUNTU and 50% goes to the people who make it or whatever, but THINK of IT as a ONE TIME BUILD and HOW THEY could GENERATE an INCOME and add NEW things in the FUTURE that THEY may want, like an OUTDOOR MOVIE THEATER, or a HEN HOUSE or maybe some PET RABBITS, whatever.

EXISTING GOLF COURSES or MINI-PUTS, you can also BUILD an INDOOR mini golf course when the weather is lousy. As long as there is ENOUGH land attached to it. I have seen some beautiful golf courses that would generate money, but to be HONEST, they would make REALLY nice UNBUNTU communities as well, instead of 18 holes make it 9 holes and section half of it for ubuntu, and the first nine holes or whatever can be income generating, PLUS almost every half decent golf course, also has a STORE already built in, so you could sell whatever you want as well. YOU can EXPAND that store. You take turns and work 2 days a week at the GOLF course etc.

EXISTING MAPLE SYRUP or BEE COLONY’S where you can SELL the MAPLE SYRUP and HONEY. I live in CANADA so we have a few of those around. PEOPLE retire and don’t want to do it anymore, so YOU may find one with a lot of land as well.

EXISTING FARM that YOU can turn into a MINI-PETTING ZOO with PONY RIDES. MANY people STILL like to take their kids to these and it can generate MONEY. YOU can make the UBUNTU farther away to avoid the NOISE and give you more PRIVACY and close enough to feed and care for the ANIMALS. They can also be rented-out for a COUPLE of hours on Saturday or Sunday for BIRTHDAY PARTIES and if anyone is a CHEF or can make CAKE, you can have the PARTIES  complete with cake or you can also sell drinks and coca and have sleigh rides in the winter. PEOPLE like to do different things for their kids, you could even pay or get someone to dress-up as a clown.

LAND with old trees that would make outdoor BRANCH FURNITURE, and you can also REPLANT after using the DEAD TREES up, and SELL EXTRA TREES. POSIBILITIES are ENDLESS and so is your creativity.

NURSERIES and TREE FARMS even, if there isn’t one, if you BUY enough LAND, you COULD MAKE your own, TREE FARM or NURSERY.

AN existing SAW MILL, or GRAIN BARN with extra LAND. You could turn it into a RESTAURANT and FEED others and sell stuff.

HISTORICAL BUILDING[S] renovate and FIX-IT up and places where PEOPLE may want to visit. CHURCHES, MUSEUMS, CASTLES etc. As long as there is ENOUGH land attached and you can find a way to make an income fro the PEOPLE to do what they LOVE and enjoy etc.

ISLANDS with a few CABINS, ALTHOUGH ISLANDS in the winter time may be a PROBLEM, but you can always purchase a HOVERCRAFT and CHARGE people to RIDE it as extra INCOME or whatever you find exciting and income generating. If they ISLAND is CLOSE, you may consider if ALLOWED to build a small bridge. SOMETIMES you can FIND land with a small island attached with the deal. However real estate companies, many got greedy over the years and those are hard to find, but you may get lucky.

POPULAR BEACHES and TOURIST AREAS, sometimes they have land for sale a couple miles away from a tourist location. You can use a existing building as a bed and breakfast to make an income and build the ubuntu in behind it. Some guy might sell his old fish and chip store with 20 acres or so and you can turn it into a ubuntu and sell FROZEN YOGHURT and ICE-CREAM, FRUIT SMOOTHIES and POPCORN in the EVENING. In the winter HOT COCOA and POPCORN or whatever. BUILD a mini-outdoor theatre in the PARK, it is easy to do. I went to many camps when I was a kid and at the edge of the campground, they had cut like 40 logs straight across and buried them a little in the ground and built a little shelter over the movie projector and screen. We were watching movies all night under the stars. It was such a good experience that I still remember it. Call like a toonie theatre and charge 2 dollars or something.

EXISTING TRAILOR PARKS and CAMPGROUNDS, instant HOUSING for the HOMELESS and YOU can fix them-up if you need to. If it comes with many acres, you can place the ubuntu in a different section and purchase some trailors to live-in, until you build you will have the income coming-in as well.

OLDER HOTELS and MOTELS with LAND attached, seen some of those too. HOMELESS PEOPLE can live in the rooms until the UBUNTU is built is the back or in a more private place at the back of the land, fix-up the motel and rent out the rooms for an income. FREE for the homeless and for those who need a place to stay, they can make some money and generate income.


RIGHT NOW on this PLANET there are MILLIONS of STARVING ANIMALS as WELL who would LOVE someone to LOVE them and TAKE CARE of them etc.


ABANDONED ANIMALS who are either domesticated or NOT, STILL NEED LOVE and FOOD, to SURVIVE, you could incorporate a WAY to do this and a WAY to MAKE MONEY to KEEP them ALIVE and FED.


I must have seen over 200 IDEAL places in CANADA that would make the MOST amazing UBUNTU places, I just NEVER had the INCOME to purchase them and renovate them, so they are OUT there. KEEP your EYES and your mind open when looking. LOOK for water features, but if you find that perfect piece of land without that, then imagine how and where you could put one in the future. obviously you don’t want any swampland, unless you plan on growing cranberries or something. I am amazed how many places can be turned into something that others can enjoy as well.


PERSONALLY, I have found the SECRET to HAPPY life, is DOING “WHAT YOU LOVE,” even if it is just in a HOBBY FORMAT, which I just recently wrote about a few days ago. ALTHOUGH I DO LOVE helping PEOPLE and WRITING, in my FREE TIME, I love to MAKE JEWELLERY, I always HAVE, or USE my sewing machine etc. This is WHY the EARTH SLAVERY SYSTEM of OLD is very limiting to MOST. So many get so BOGGED down and emotionally depressed financially, {the CABAL theft hasn’t helped either} of a LOT of MY MONEY, to be perfectly HONEST here. In the meantime many find ourselves stuck in a JOB we absolutely HATE. USUALLY because we are doing or jobs, something that we either have NO real interest in – JUST to PAY the BILLS and get by OR some kind of JOB that we FEEL stuck at and feeling like there is NO road out. LACK of moving-up or perhaps NO COMPASSION for it or NO “ROOM to MOVE,” up the company etc. WITH NESARA and GESARA and other THINGS HAPPENING, we MAY not need to do too MANY UNBUNTU’s as PEOPLE are going to want to but their OWN home. BUT there is STILL a NEED for it anyway AND in the future. WHY ? As PEOPLE can find themselves all of a sudden NEEDING to find a place to LIVE even temporary as PEOPLE are HOMELESS RIGHT NOW and COUPLES SPLIT-UP, TEENS need a HOME or MAYBE STUDENTS need a PLACE to stay in another country or TOWN. There are all kids of REASONS, and people grow-up. One of the GREATEST THINGS about UBUNTU is the COMMUNITY SPIRIT of BELONGING SOMEWHERE, where SOMEONE CARES and YOU can all do a PART the UPKEEP etc. And it gets PEOPLE off the darn cell-phone and back to LIFE making THINGS and CREATING and SHARING, human interaction instead of human division like the OLD ways did.

EVERYONE is TALENTED and has a CREATION just dying to come out.

Mark: “The Next 32 Minute will Change your Life for Ever! (Godley Laws and Principles)


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