“9/10” – Geopolitical Op-Ed – Monday – April 17, 2017

“9/10” – Geopolitical Op-Ed – Monday – April 17, 2017

Received via email at 11:12 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Imagine knowing what would be happening on Tuesday morning 9/11/2001 back on Monday night 9/10/2001?

Imagine knowing that every worldwide sovereign family leader and government, plus all militaries and banks, media and diplomats, were secretly awaiting a once in a lifetime, massive financial transition in some “Lord of the Ring” type passing of the torch to peacefully transfer control of mankind… only to wake up to the horror of the attacks at 8am EDT.

As 9/11 was the exact same day (and 8am the time) the world was to loving transition control from dark to light … and sadly did not.

Imagine knowing who was behind the devastation, the planning, the reasoning and the misery that was sure to follow as the former torch bearers refused to surrender their global monetary throne no matter what was pre-negotiated and agreed to years and decades earlier.

The cabal just backed out. Just like that. And started an invisible currency war in its place. Done in plain sight for all the world to witness, yet only a select and privileged few knew who, what, where, when or why.

Flash forward 16 plus years and the financial system again finds itself on the eve of such a colossal transition, very differently this time, but none-the-less exactly the same.

And this time you’re part of the select and privileged few that know what’s coming.

Tonight is your 9/10 moment of knowing what is in store tomorrow before the rest of the world has nary a clue.

You know what tomorrow brings because you have prepared for it, some for years, some for decades, but all to emotionally be ready and intellectually trained to accommodate the infinite flow of mercy with the remainder of your living days.


Imagine tonight what the future might hold for you and all of humanity tomorrow? It’s quite a dynamic moment in your life if you believe it so. Do you believe?

Because that’s where we stand tonight, 4/17/17, awaiting this indescribable blessing to come 4/18/17, when all the western banks and markets open together and begin the international business week post Easter (final book keeping 2016).

Never forget 9/11 is why 4/18 took so long, and all were made to wait until it was safe.

God is with us.


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