“Re: Cobra = Cabal” by Mayan Guy – 4.23.17



“Re: Cobra = Cabal” by Mayan Guy – 4.23.17

Entry Submitted by Mayan Guy at 6:27 AM EDT on April 23, 2017

“Cobra = Cabal” – One Who Knows – 4.23.17

Ive lost all faith in Cobra’s intel, Cobra is cabal. That is becoming clear in these end times games, clever i admit.

I started scratching my head when he stated in an earlier report that marijuana has nanites in it that artificial intelligence can control. Vapes and oils included according to Cobra. Really, a natural plant grows mechanistic nano tech? No, this magical plant grows beautiful buds pushing lovely resin that crystallises for our bodies endocrine systems to interact with naturally. It is a natural biological function working in HARMONY with our bodies and entire nervous system creating balance, not imbalance.

The cabal don’t want people to use marijuana because then their energy technologies don’t work on us, the mind control programs deprogram when marijuana is used. Think about it. THC also protects neurotransmitters from harmful frequencies surrendering their technology useless. Now we know why marijuana was really illegal, one of many reasons. 

I find it interesting that one of the top marijuana seed producers and advocates of marijuana; Franco Loja has suddenly died on 2 January 2017 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is claimed he passed from malaria. I’m also aware that Monsanto wish to genetically modify marijuana, or have already mastered it, would make sense to take their main competition out. I’m not convinced Franco died of malaria. 

More info on Franco Loja’s death: http://hightimes.com/news/cannabis-world-mourns-untimely-death-of-strain-hunter-franco-loja/

Cobra also always speaks of vibrational cracks and weak points energetically around the Congo area, where allegedly huge Achorn/Replitian invasions took place in 1996. From other sources i have heard the Pindar left in 1996. Many contradictions. What is really going on in the Congo? Why would they want us to think there are so many lizzy’s still around? Would it make the cabal look powerful still? Toplet bombs and all? Oh, and there is also no one of the higher realms that know how to dismantle these toplet bombs…in the entire Universe! That’s what Cobra claimed yes. Apparently fully conscious beings don’t have higher understandings of physics. 

Regarding the cintamani stones. Cobra always pushes those. I love stones and rocks myself, orgonite included. He claims it is important for these cintamani stones to be placed strategically around the world to strengthen the energy grid anomalies around the planet from dark influence over the years, to help heal the energy grid. A lovely sentiment it seems on the surface. But wait a minute, why if you are the light forces and have access to anti gravity craft that can go anywhere in a moment, fully cloaked; why not just place the stones strategically yourself? If it is so important for the liberation of Gaia? Or do you just need money Cobra? Whats going on here? Not being paid any more by your masters? You seem to be the only entity who has access to these stones as well. Another interesting point. It has to be bought through you and only you. 

The frequency output (energy) i get from Cobra is fear, not love, trying to disguise it as love. Cobra is a artificial construct again. Name noted too, no such thing as coincidence, you always hide it in plain sight, because you have to.

F.E.A.R = False Evidence Appearing Real

Always choose Love, not fear.

It seems like Cobra wishes to “implant” fear into the collective again so the cabal can psy-opp the consciousness that way. It’s about destabilizing peoples vibration, you are knocked down to a lower vibration so that you can be controlled again. No thanks. 

Another point to consider is that satanic luciferian folks think that lucifer is the light and the way. They call themselves illuminati thinking they are illuminated when in fact there is a total lack of light, hence them choosing to be dark. They are known to use semantic deceit, using pure, good words, inverting them, twisting it and perversing it to suit their agendas. If a luciferian says victory to the light, it means victory to lucifer. They use the same terminology, but it has a totally different meaning to them = semantic deceit. Doesn’t surprise me.

It’s Sunday, a good day to make contact with the ancestors. Now where did i put my weed?

Ah, there is my peace pipe too!

I am another yourself 
Mayan Guy
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