Intel SITREP – GCR/RV Update – Monday – April 24, 2017

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Intel SITREP – GCR/RV Update – Monday – April 24, 2017

Received via email at 4:15 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles As of 04:00 EDT Monday morning, nobody and I mean nobody, has a good e…

Intel SITREP – GCR/RV Update – Monday – April 24, 2017

Received via email at 4:15 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

As of 04:00 EDT Monday morning, nobody and I mean nobody, has a good explanation for why the release hasn’t yet commenced this weekend.

AIIB & HSBC both and independently have confirmed the new financial system released in full on Saturday at midnight and the old system 100% eliminated.

So the delay must still be geopolitical in nature.

Screen rates continue to trade up and even escalate rapidly as a kinetic reaction to the system being released internally. That’s a good sign.

Paymasters and couriers are also loaded to the gills with performance ammo and waiting the wheels up signal to begin payouts and drop offs respectively.

Redemption and call staff are sitting around bewildered at this hour. That’s a bad sign as their collective deal fatigue is teetering on dangerous we are told, not dissimilar to us currency redeemers, but at least they are getting paid to endure more waiting.

In preparation for the global release, Zimbabwe has allowed all of its USD reserves to drain out of the country’s money supply creating a massive liquidity crisis.

Plus, there’s just not enough new bond notes to allow the country to economically function comfortably right now–hence why the international ZIM rate is soaring–as technically there is no ZIM international because they haven’t declared the bond notes as new currency… at least not yet.

So yes we’re waiting on the ZIM to RV because it has long RI’d in country with smaller denominations already hitting the streets like the IQD in Iraq.

Remember, France too had that bogus Bush/cabal IQD printing press in country for over 10 years, making France the highest currency holding nation per capita by far.

This maybe one reason why we had to wait on the French election Sunday, as Macron’s win helped stabilized the Euro’s international price before the RV.

Also keep in mind the USA has until Friday April 28th to pass that federal budget to keep the government open (and possibly accept the new gold backed USN), while the French election result doesn’t legally become official until their Constitutional Congress certifies the primary vote on Wednesday April 26th (much like our electoral college process).

If the Elders are going by the strict rule of law, this might explain their Saturday release in the back of the house with perhaps one more Friday to go before May 1st?

Not a popular notion I know, but legally more complete certainly.

Something calendar wise to think about too, the 2017 Chinese New Year was on January 28th, exactly 3 months (1 quarter) from the day our Republic’s legal federal budget is scheduled to be voted on.

Maybe their draining the USA of all its USD like Zimbabwe? It’s a thought anyway.

Coincidence? Not at this point. Nothing is actually. Everything globally is connected if you’re willing to snap the puzzle pieces together.

Again, these SITREPs are more speculation until the actual global release happens in beautiful but invisible view.

Until then do hold out hope… allowing your spiritual knowing that your blessing is upon you right now to be air for your tired lungs.

The RV is real. It’s here. And it’s massive beyond human imagination. It’s just an old sea turtle slowly inching his sandy way out for an ocean swim. Sobeit.

God is with us.

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