“Change” – Geopolitical Op-Ed – Saturday – April 29, 2017

“Change” – Geopolitical Op-Ed – Saturday – April 29, 2017

Received via email at 10;44 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The 2017 US Federal Budget was to be certified on October 1, 2016 per normal budgeting mandates, but got pushed to December 16, 2016 and pushed again to April 28, 2017, and now pushed again to May 5, 2017… all just to reach a budget that gets us to September 30, 2017.

Yet keeps us 20T in debt… is this reality given all we know about GESARA and the gold standard?

No. It’s not.

What’s real is something Buckminister Fuller said years ago, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

If you accept that the entire system has already been switched out, that would mean out current financial, political, military and diplomatic constructs are all obsolete.

Everything. And now.

Yet here we are, living and working in the old false reality as something brand new, abundantly different and radically evolutionary is blended into society until it ultimately replaces the consciousness of scarcity that has created the mess we’re in now.

This is why there’s so much upset and confusion in Dinarland–there’s no past base of reference and certainty around these implementing changes–yet we can all feel them occurring daily, even hourly now.

We’re all scared. IAM. Aren’t you deep down?

So instead of fessing up, we lash out or clam up, but everyone’s looking for a way to cope.

Some post, some lurk, some criticize, some scold, some insult, while most just ignore or worse deny change is upon us.

But we’re all reacting whether we know it or not. Because we’re all in this crazy thing called life together, and yes, the RV.

Best to look at how we ourselves have participated versus judging how others have acted or remained inactive.

In the end, the real value of all of this was the divine opportunity for our souls to experience such an event together, in fellowship. As to experience such a thing in form coming from spirit is truly the highest form of ascension.

This why true GCR/RV is a transition not a transaction. And why the spiritual fruit falling off this tree of life is far greater than just some date or rate.

It’s ancient wisdom.

Thus, the GCR/RV is a crash course in mastery. And precisely why Christ was called “The Master,” as He alone reset the world the first time around — now it is our turn, our responsibility, to reset it in harmony with Him — as Masters within the Master.

Making the true meaning of the much prophesied second coming of Christ a work in progress through us versus for us.

And why I end most of these posts with “God is with us.” As the Christ in me is acknowledging the Christ within you.


God is with us.


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