Horus: Many Shifts Taking Place – MAY 04 2017

Horus: Many Shifts Taking Place

horusConnecting with my Higher Self in the Presence of my beloved Main Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you all.

Blessed Ones, we interweave and we are woven coming together as ONE. In love and in harmony we come together bringing forth the Diamond Light on to the Earth Mother at this time.

The Sisterhood of the Rose has been initiated working in partnership with The Order of Melchizedek and the Brotherhood that have come forth at this time those whom served King Arthurs Court and overseeing the Holy Grail.

Behold the Camillia flower – the Rose of Beloved Venus Planet from which we bring forth the Unconditional Love – Our Rose brings forth the magic of the mathematical ‘Phi’: Heaven on Earth.

As this is now happening on your earth, many of you are becoming accustomed to sounds, to colour, to number frequencies and synchronicity as we are aligning your energy, your cellular memory and DNA structure.

Behold many shifts are taking place on your earth as you are all increasing your vibration at this time.

Be Blessed and Be of Love
We Shine the Divine Diamond Ray upon thee
Shining Bright as the Rays of the Sun
Be enveloped with the Pink Ray of Unconditional Love
Shining forth to your Hearts…
Receive now the abundance flow of Healing and of Grace…
Activate your Mer Ka Ba with the knowing
Of your Wisdom and Light

I bring this forth to you now in the Almighty I AM that I AM So it is, So it is done.

I AM Het Heru (Hathor) and I speak through Elaine this day.

Source: http://www.EraOfLight.com – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Horus: Many Shifts Taking Place

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