“The Silent War Between Israel & China” – Geopolitical Op-Ed – Tuesday – March 14, 2017

“The Silent War Between Israel & China” – Geopolitical Op-Ed – Tuesday – March 14, 2017

Re-posted (5-4-17) by request of the author. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Comment added by the author:

“This is what you’re all waiting on.”

This report of advanced Russian build up in the Middle East is most likely true and done to reinforce an existential military threat against the nation of Israel…


Meaning Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Iran have all joined forces and actively surround Israel’s small military now…


The Chinese Elders have quietly gained control of the entire region utilizing the size and strength of Russian, Turkish, Syrian and Iranian military forces against Israel.

All by controlling the new global financial system and demanding one simple mandate… either be with the Elders (humanity) or be against them (humanity)… no exceptions…

The exact same military realty can be found in the Ukraine, the true home of Ashkenazi / Khazarian / cabal crime family members… for humanity or against humanity… their choice…


And this is why Israel will suddenly and miraculously settle with Palestine, and come to a lasting peace between two sovereign nation states that recognize one another diplomatically…


Otherwise the Zionist nation that is Israel, with recent origins only going back to 1917, will be completely annihilated and it’s holdings and territory fully returned to the Palestinian Authority…


Because the Elders want lasting peace they prepared for perpetual war should the Israelis/Ukrainians/Khazarians ever feel the need to dominate world affairs again…

And the masses of global population are none the wiser… this is not a display of soft power, it’s an invisible declaration of absolute power to avoid another world war…


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